Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Dubbo With Placements

Digital Marketing is currently one of the most rapidly advancing professions in the world and Dubbo is no exception. At present, becoming a digital marketing expert can be extremely advantageous. Consumer habits are fast changing and increasingly rely on digital platforms for their every buying decision, hence the need for digital marketing by all business entities, big or small has become indispensable. In here, you will find the top 7 institutes offering digital marketing courses in Dubbo. This compilation of digital marketing courses in Dubbo comprises all the essential information you require to select the institution that suits best your needs.

List of best digital marketing courses in Dubbo


Digital Marketing Opportunities in Dubbo

Traditionally Dubbo is an agricultural-based economy and has largely relied on agriculture, meat export business house, and services sector for the majority of its employment. However, there has been a marked shift in recent years and keen enthusiasm shown towards internet and technology-based firms.

Many digital marketing agencies have also sprung up in recent years generating profound curiosity among local businesses to explore the endless opportunities the internet and digital world provides to increase their reach.

From Café Delissio, the small dine-in and Takeaway in Dubbo to the large Orana Mall at Windsor Parade, Dubbo, everyone is promoting themselves online through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc., through online local listing, online Ads, and so on.

All this is being done by some digital marketing experts which highlights the need for digital marketing professionals in Dubbo, Australia and this demand is ever-increasing. Hence, there will be abundant digital marketing work opportunities locally in Dubbo itself.


Demand for Digital Marketing

High-speed internet access is no longer limited to large cities, even the remotest of places have easy and affordable access to high-speed internet. Moreover, over the past decade, the penetration of 4G/5G smartphones even in the interior areas has led to a significant shift in the way businesses handle their marketing process.

This has led to a strong demand for digital marketing professionals and this demand in all likelihood will keep on increasing in the immediate future. Every business is increasing its investment in digital marketing to effectively publicize its products or services online to reach its target customers.

The unexpected pandemic in 2019 caused a sudden and unavoidable shift towards an online communication ecosystem that has not only accelerated the demand but also somewhat ensured that this demand for digital marketing is here to stay. As per Statistical data of February 2023, a whopping 88% of the Australian population is actively using the internet.

Such lofty figures have made Australian businesses realize the mammoth potential digital marketing will have on their profitability figures. In order to stay relevant to the current trends, the demand for digital marketing has doubled in Australia over the last few years. Clearly, there seems to be a very promising future for the digital marketing field and digital marketing specialists in Australia.


Digital Marketing as a Career Option

Digital marketing offers a variety of job opportunities like social media management, Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, content management, PPC advertising, and many more. This variety helps you to find a suitable role as per your passion and skill set. You can either become a specialist in one of these fields or handle multiple roles as per the need or your liking.

Every day new technologies and digital trends are born these days, this makes this field very exciting and it never gets monotonous, it keeps on evolving swiftly. This also means you have to continuously keep learning as new technologies come in, old ones quickly become redundant.

For instance, the advent of ChatGPT in November 2022 has completely transformed the entire online space with almost every business and every digital fragment trying to integrate itself with AI (artificial intelligence). It is noteworthy to mention here that digital marketing courses in Dubbo are now incorporating AI tools and techniques into their training modules.

One good thing about digital marketing jobs is that they offer the flexibility of working remotely from home and adaptable working hours. Many professionals these days prioritize work-life balance or who want to work remotely as they have some necessary commitments, prefer such flexible jobs. According to the Australian Computer Society, there has been a 60% growth in the demand for people with skills in the Information Technology and Communication sector over the past five years.

This growth represents excellent news for individuals looking to pursue a career in Digital Marketing in Dubbo, Australia. Likewise, a LinkedIn report published last year ranked digital marketing among the top 15 most sought-after skills globally. The same report suggested that the digital marketing specialist roles were among the top 10 fastest-growing job titles in the world.

So, if you are planning to move out of Dubbo or even Australia, digital marketing talents can easily help you land a job in a favored foreign destination. A recent survey by LinkedIn reported that there were about 2.3 million job vacancies for digital marketing experts in major cities of the US alone. Clearly, the career outlook for this field looks very positive, a digital marketing job can be exceedingly fruitful and accomplishing.


Types of Career Options in Digital Marketing

Before moving on to the list of institutes offering digital marketing courses in Dubbo, let’s take a brief look at a few specializations within this field. Digital marketing includes several diverse job roles, each role demands a specific skill set to be mastered. Here are a few types of career possibilities in digital marketing to give you a broad idea about this field:


Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing, an integral component of digital marketing uses social media platforms and websites to promote their commodities. Social Media Managers play a very significant part in digital marketing by devising campaign strategies, researching the latest trends, and managing entire brand promotions through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, X, Reddit, etc. targeting the right demographics.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Every website and every content in the online space is simply ineffective if it is not discovered by the target audience. It’s an SEO specialist who enables this discovery online with his mastery of SEO aspects. In the digital marketing field, SEO specialists are highly in demand.   


Copywriting – Copywriters play a very important role in the digital marketing field, their job is to get the attention of the target customers. In this world full of distractions this requires exceptional imaginative skills. Work involves a range of activities like writing product descriptions, marketing emails, video scripts, social media taglines, and attractive CTAs (call to action). Hence, copywriters need sound and creative writing skills.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – While the objective of SEO is to use tools to emerge organically on search results, SEM managers use paid strategies, research keywords, and bid on highly ranked terms to make sure the desired pages appear at the top of search results. The role combines elements of both SEO and advertising to drive website traffic. Success in SEM requires compelling analytical and data-driven skills.


Email Marketing – While it looks as simple as sending emails to target customers, it definitely isn’t. Marketing emails are easily identified and can be ignored, they need specialized skills to target customers with precision, understand the importance of the subject lines, and hold the attention of buyers for a fruitful engagement.


Content Writing – While content writing may look similar to copywriting there is a stark difference in their activities. The content writer creates longer-form write-ups like blog posts, articles, white papers, eBooks, etc., the intention is to provide more detailed information on products and services to drive sales and promote loyalty of the target audience through regular engagement.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Specialist – Search engines like Google and Bing use a model where they auction top spots in search results for popular keywords using a PPC model. PPC experts advise on how to maximize the results of such paid advertisements to drive targeted traffic.


Affiliate Marketing – This has become a popular side hustle to generate additional income. It involves building relationships with affiliate partners to sell their products or services and earn a certain percentage as commissions on each sale.


Influencer Marketing – The Internet is full of influencers in almost all fields, Influencer marketers have to carefully choose and collaborate with influencers aligned to their brand to promote products or services to their followers.


The above list is limited, it will however give you an idea about some primary job profiles in the digital marketing field. As new technologies keep emerging constantly and the behavior of consumers keeps altering by the day, new roles in this field will keep on building, and the existing ones are also bound to transform. You should choose a specialization in line with your interests and skills. This you should keep in mind while browsing through our list of digital marketing courses in Dubbo.


Salary Trends for a Digital Marketing Professional in Dubbo

Digital marketing salaries in Australia significantly vary depending on various factors like experience, advanced skills, company, and proven track record. In Australia the average salary of a digital marketing professional is AU$ 137,080 per annum, this comes to about AU$ 70.50 per hour.

Entry-level roles earn up to AU$ 113,263 per annum and workers with experience earn up to AU$ 187,999 per annum. (Source: website). Also, pay packages are usually higher in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane than in Dubbo. To remain competitive in this field, it’s important to stay updated with the current trends and continuously keep upgrading your skills.

Here is a list of institutes offering the top 7 Digital Marketing courses in Dubbo. The list is compiled based on various factors and criteria to assist you in making a well-informed decision regarding the most appropriate digital marketing course suitable to you.



IIM SKILLS is a prominent global online educational institution offering a wide range of digital E-learning programs in accordance with the current demands. IIM SKILLS is the preferred choice for individuals worldwide with regard to a number of online courses, a substantial number of people from Australia enroll in these courses as well.

The digital marketing course offered by IIM SKILLS named Master Digital Marketing Course is an extensive and all-inclusive course that provides students with an in-depth understanding of all fundamental modules of digital marketing, enabling them to achieve mastery in the subject. The institute imparts live interactive training classes online covering over 40 core digital marketing modules.

It’s an action-oriented course where the students will be given regular practical assignments covering all facets of digital marketing and will be regularly assessed by industry experts, who will also routinely provide feedback. Students will also get lifetime access to all the training material and class recordings online on their portal.

IIM SKILLS also boasts of an impressive 100% placement record. Moreover, among all the institutes we analyzed IIM SKILLS offers this course at a very affordable rate. It is also noteworthy that they keep on upgrading their course modules, like now they have also started integrating AI (artificial intelligence) based learning into their digital marketing modules to keep up with the current market trends.

The students will also get to work with tools worth AU$ 1500 during the course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a coveted master’s certificate from IIM SKILLS which is well accepted by the industry.

The institute also trains students for 15 additional global certifications from Google, Facebook, Hubspot, etc. When evaluating institutions that provide digital marketing courses in Dubbo, IIM SKILLS is ranked at the top as it provides a comprehensive digital marketing curriculum, at a very affordable rate with a guarantee to provide 100% placement assistance.


Key Features of the Course:

Course Name
§  Master Digital Marketing Course
§  5 Months (3 Months Program and 2 Months Paid Internship)
Mode of Study
§  Online Interactive
§  There are no formal requirements to do the course. It is open to all with an interest in learning digital marketing
§  Introduction to Digital Marketing

§  Web Development at WordPress

§  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

§  Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)

§  Email Marketing

§  Social Media Marketing

§  Inbound Marketing, Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

§  Web Analytics

§  Online Reputation Management (ORM)

§  Ecommerce Marketing, Quora Marketing

§  Graphic Designing, Content Writing, and Advanced Blogging

§  Media buying and planning

§  Affiliate Marketing, Video Marketing

§  Marketing Automation, Digital Infographics

§  AU$ 666  (includes Exam Fees)
Contact for more information
§  Phone: +91-9580740740

§  Email: [email protected]


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Adventure digital marketing agency, Located in Dubbo offers a specific trademarked digital marketing training program, known as The Digital Ascent. This course is largely tailor-made for small businesses but is definitely not limited to businesses alone, it will be beneficial to students, job seekers, business proprietors, and marketing experts seeking to enhance their skills, communication specialists, and anyone with a passion for learning new techniques to do things.

The program is designed to equip students with essential tools and strategies to enhance their understanding of digital marketing and lead them to become experts in the domain. It’s an 8-week course, offered virtually, and includes weekly master classes, Q & A sessions, abundant resources, and 2 individual sessions, initially to personally understand your needs and work towards that specific goal.

During the course, practical and proven methods will be shared to help students better comprehend the application of these strategies in attaining real business objectives.

This course promises to give a thorough, inspiring, and engaging introduction to the field of digital marketing. Students from Dubbo can go personally check the institute for more details, they are also bound to get personalized support as the institute is situated in Dubbo itself. The Digital Ascent course ranks very high on our list of digital marketing courses in Dubbo.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  The Digital Ascent
§  8 weeks
Mode of Study
§  Online
§  Open to all with an interest in digital marketing
§  Module 1 – Base Camp (1:1 sessions to understand of your needs)

§  Module 2 – Digital Ecosystem

§  Module 3 – Web elements

§  Module 4 – Social

§  Module 5 – Content Marketing

§  Module 6 – Search Marketing

§  Module 7 – Personal Branding

§  Module 8 – Digital Strategy

§  AU$ 1297 (includes GST) for Australian students/clients; OR

§  AU$ 100 per week plan

Contact for more information
§  Dubbo Office Address: 174B Darling St, Dubbo, NSW 2830

§  Phone: 02 5500 7002

§  Email: [email protected]



IT Masters in collaboration with Charles Sturt University (CSU) offers a very coveted course named Master of Applied Digital Marketing. Charles Sturt University (CSU) is highly renowned as the largest provider of postgraduate degrees in the field of information technology to Australian students since 2009. The Applied Digital Marketing course offers you an in-depth understanding and specialized skills to accomplish career objectives in the field of digital marketing.

The focus of the course is to provide students with a detailed study of analytics and a thorough understanding of all the major digital marketing channels such as social media, search engines, email, and websites. You will also be prepared for a range of international certifications in the digital marketing field.

The course also provides a professional internship opportunity to better prepare for real-world jobs. This course is highly recommended for fresh college graduates and working professionals to upgrade their job prospects in the field of digital marketing.

Alternatively, as this course makes you eligible for higher studies, you can also pursue a doctoral program in the digital marketing field. It is noteworthy that the degree you will be conferred with will be by Charles Sturt University (CSU) which is fully accredited by the Australian Government Qualifications Framework.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Master of Applied Digital Marketing
§  2 Years (Part-Time) – 6 Sessions
Mode of Study
§  Online
§  Undergraduate degree or equivalent; OR

§  Professional work experience

§  Digital and social media marketing

§  Marketing For managers

§  A deeper dive into marketing practice

§  Big Data and Marketing Analysis

§  Digital marketing analytics

§  Social platform marketing

§  Digital Social Selling

§  Digital social selling

§  Search Marketing

§  Project management fundamentals

§  AU$ 3600 (per subject) for Australian Students
Contact for more information
§  Phone: 1300 885 685

§  International: + 61 3 9581 2600

§  E-mail: [email protected]



General Assembly has since its inception in 2011 shaped the careers of more than 97,000 students with their innovative and experience-based education model encompassing in-demand skills. The digital marketing course being offered has an acclaimed curriculum that has been well-received by the industry. This comprehensive program comprises 40 hours of expert-led training to help develop a strong foundation in digital marketing.

The course is available both in physical classrooms and through online platforms. The coursework is vigorous, featuring precisely crafted lesson materials, innovative project toolkits, and an objective-based framework to provide in-depth insights into the digital marketing landscape. One key highlight of this digital marketing course is a real-world multichannel marketing campaign that you will plan yourself and execute with the help of your instructor.

Also, you are bound to benefit from regular personalized feedback and assistance during the course from a dedicated team of instructors and teaching assistants. They provide continuous mentorship and provide constant support during your professional journey. You will also forge a lasting connection within a 97,000-plus global GA alumni community that will provide the required support and guidance to thrive in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing.

A certificate of completion will be awarded by GA after successful completion of the course which is well regarded by many top global employers. Among the digital marketing courses in Dubbo, this course is very coveted due to its enormous global reach and acceptance by the industry.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Digital Marketing Course
§  2 Months (Part-Time)
Mode of Study
§  Both In-class and Online options
§  A beginner program is available with no prerequisites
In-Class Curriculum broadly includes

§  Tools for executing digital marketing strategies

§  Digital Marketing channels and tactics for effective campaigns

§  Experience with social media, search strategy, conversion optimization, and Google Analytics

§  Introduction to the digital marketing landscape

§  Objective-first marketing

§  The conversion funnel.

§  Application of digital marketing techniques to identify and overcome actual business growth challenges

§  A real-world multichannel campaign

A detailed syllabus will be available on request.

§  Variable, Available on Request, Financing options available
Contact for more information
§  Address: The Podium Building, 01 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

§  Phone: + 61 1800845068

§  E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]



The Australian Academy of Digital Marketing stands at the forefront in offering digital marketing courses in Dubbo, Australia, whether it is a home-based study or in traditional classroom settings. Their core philosophy is to make sure high-standard quality education reaches every corner of Australia. The idea is to make it possible for people to pursue their passions while learning.

The digital marketing course offered by the Australian Academy of Digital Marketing is shaped for people who are excited about this field and are eager to dive into this stimulating subject. The course will begin with fundamental techniques of digital marketing and then through practical assignments develop an incremental understanding of the industry ways.

The course will be classroom-based where you will be personally taught by industry professionals in digital marketing. The students will also have complete access to online resources which include course material carefully crafted by industry experts. These include written material, videos on various concepts, and work assignments.

The students will also receive valuable feedback from tutors throughout the course regarding their progress. The prestigious Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office in Australia has accredited The Australian Academy of Digital Marketing giving recognition to its valuable work. This course is one of the most comprehensive courses in digital marketing providing a strong grasp of essential digital marketing principles and their application in actual businesses.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Certificate (Digital Marketing)
§  Approximately 3 months
Mode of Study
§  Classroom Based (Online option for Home Study available)
§  Minimum 18 years old
§  Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

§  Marketing principles

§  The marketing process

§  Segmentation, targeting, positioning

§  The influence of digital technology

§  The digital consumer

§  The marketing mix

§  FSWOT analysis

§  Porter’s Five Forces

§  Practical Skills and Techniques

§  AU$ 2970 (Easy-pay plan available)
Contact for more information

§  03 8658 3955

§  [email protected]


§  02 8074 1598

§  [email protected]


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6. RMIT Online

RMIT Online offers digital marketing courses in Dubbo, Australia at par with international education standards, and helps in developing skills authenticated by the industry to make students work-ready and build a successful career in digital marketing. Supported and built with top industry people, RMIT presents both short-term certificate and degree courses online.

The digital marketing strategy course is a flexible course designed with industry experts to create future-ready careers. The course will make you adept at the latest digital marketing tools and interactive technologies presently being applied in real-world scenarios.

This course will help you build skills and know-how about various digital marketing strategies, campaigns, and methods to advance your career.

After successful completion of this RMIT digital marketing strategy course, you will receive a well-regarded digital credential from Credly, which is an industry leader in providing digital credentials. If you are a beginner and interested in the digital marketing field then this six-week course is recommended for you to set foot into the field of digital marketing zone.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Digital Marketing Strategy
§  6 weeks full-time (8-10 hours per week)
Mode of Study
§  Online
§  There are no formal requirements to do the course
§  What is digital marketing?

§  Know your customer

§  Situational analysis and customer behavior

§  The marketing mix

§  Unique selling proposition

§  Marketing funnels

§  Build your content

§  Campaign objectives

§  SEO and SEM

§  Email marketing

§  Display advertising

§  PR and partnerships

§  Intro to RACE model

§  Reach channels and tactics

§  Act channels and tactics

§  Conversion channels and tactics

§  Engagement channels and tactics

§  Measurement tools and tech

§  AU$ 1883 (incl. GST)
Contact for more information
§  Phone: +61 399252000

§  Email: [email protected]



The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) is put seventh on our list of institutes offering digital marketing courses in Dubbo, last but definitely not least. This association is the principal industry body in Australia for data-driven marketing and advertising. ADMA is a powerful organization and the final authority and go-to specialist for efficient and imaginative data-driven marketing solutions delivering innovative ideas for the digital marketing industry.

ADMA represents a massive 600 global brands. The digital marketing certificate course by ADMA is a very reputed and sought-after course. What sets it apart from other digital marketing courses in Dubbo is that it is an advanced learning course. It requires some amount of profaneity in the field of digital marketing to excel in this course. Accordingly, it is the most expensive course, especially for non-members of ADMA.

The course is designed to meet the current digital marketing needs of businesses and it encompasses the complete digital marketing life cycle. It’s a 10-week course, where every week you will progressively develop your own digital marketing strategy to be implemented in real-world scenarios.

In Australia, it is the only digital marketing course where CMOs of top organizations deliver guest lectures. After completing the course you will earn Australia’s highly regarded and most sought-after ADMA digital marketing certificate which is very renowned in the industry.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Digital Marketing Certificate
§  10 Weeks
Mode of Study
§  Online
§  It is at an Advanced Learning Level Course. A fundamental understanding of digital marketing is necessary.
§  Digital marketing landscape

§  Digital Marketing Future trends

§  Digital strategic framework

§  Journey mapping

§  Content marketing

§  Paid – display, programmatic

§  Paid and owned Search

§  Paid/Earned – influencers

§  Email and SMS

§  Platforms – landing pages, mobile, apps

§  Implementation – Martech

§  Implementation – automation

§  Google Analytics

§  Conversion rate optimization

§  ADMA Member

§  AU$ 5480 Per Person (including GST)

§  Non-Member

§  AU$ 7284 Per Person (including GST)

Contact for more information
§  Phone: 1300 885 685

§  International: + 61 3 9581 2600

§  E-mail: [email protected]


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q 1. Are online interactive remote classes suitable for Digital Marketing?

Yes, absolutely, live interactive online classroom teaching (like IIM SKILLS) delivers more value these days as compared to other modes of study. You get access to the best in class faculty from anywhere in the world and learn at flexible hours from the comfort of your home. You also get mentored and trained by industry experts personally getting constant feedback about your progress and exposure to real-world digital marketing campaigns. The best part is you get lifetime access to video on demand for all the classes to easily go back and revise whenever required. This way you don’t have to worry about missing any class.


Q 2. Is there any guarantee of Job Placements?

Yes, most institutes will guide you on how to find jobs and also give you some assurance of job placement. However, a few Institutes like IIM SKILLS give a 100% Job placement guarantee, in fact, they also provide you with post-placement support with their courses. Moreover, during the course itself, they provide you with a paid internship opportunity and help you get real-world job experience, which prepares you for your future job undertakings.


Q 3. Is a digital marketing course appropriate for women homemakers who want to work from home?

It is definitely suitable for homemakers, especially for women. The majority of digital marketing work is mostly done on a computer with internet access. This provides ample work opportunities to even people who cannot attend to a full-time job in an office. Many companies offer part-time or full-time remote work-from-home opportunities and there is also an alternative path to work as a freelancer. Institutes like IIM SKILLS actually ask your job preference like whether you prefer to work full time or as a freelancer and from the very beginning, train you accordingly and guide you to all the probable remote or freelance work options available.


Q 4. Is it possible for me to pursue this course while working a full-time job or studying?

It is definitely possible but if you choose an institute offering online interactive classroom digital marketing courses like IIM SKILLS. Such institutes offer you the flexibility of time schedule and constant support to enable you to complete the curriculum in a comprehensive manner. You have to dedicate just about two hours every day to complete the course. Remember, these additional qualifications on your resume will put you ahead of your peers in the job market.


Q 5. What are the eligibility criteria for Digital Marketing Courses in Dubbo?

Generally, institutes in Dubbo do not demand any specific eligibility criteria in terms of educational qualification for doing a digital marketing course. But it certainly needs prerequisites like proficiency in the English language, awareness of business marketing insights, basic computer knowledge, and internet skills. This is mostly true for institutes that only provide short-term certification courses. However, you need to be a high school graduate to be eligible to do a full-time graduate program in digital marketing.


Q 6. Is a digital marketing course costly?

Generally, the cost of these courses varies depending on various factors like duration, curriculum, location, etc. and honestly most are not very pocket-friendly.  However, IIM SKILLS offers this course at a very affordable rate of approximately AU$ 666. This is very reasonable, especially if you compare this with the next best-priced course which is offered at almost double this price. Besides, IIM SKILLS also provides an option to pay the amount in 7 easy installments, which means you just have to pay about 95 AUD per month.



As the future unfolds, the application of digital marketing best practices will become vital for every business to grow efficiently. This will inevitably lead to a consistent growth in demand for digital marketing professionals and core specialists in this ever-evolving field. All the above-listed institutes offering digital marketing courses in Dubbo will ensure that you prosper in the digital marketing career path through the development of required skills and hands-on training by experts.

While a number of institutes are offering digital marketing courses in Dubbo, the purpose of this article is to help you make an informed choice about selecting the best institute among all that aligns with your needs and interests. Your arrival at this point shows that you possess a keen interest in doing this course, yet it’s important to emphasize that selecting the right institute is just as crucial as the course itself. Earnestly I hope that this compilation assists you in finding the best-suited course paving the way for your future pursuits to becoming a successful digital marketer.

A Guide To The Data Analytics For Finance Professionals

Financial institutions have been performing data analysis for ages but since the arrival of big data and the availability of some really handy data analytics tools, businesses are shifting their focus to take advantage of these tools to dig out valuable information from the vast data resources to arrive at meaningful conclusions for important decision making. This makes the need for data analytics for finance professionals literally indispensable. All professionals in the field of finance must learn these tools and techniques if they want to flourish and grow in this field. This article in a structured manner throws light on all the important aspects of data analytics for finance professionals and its importance for them to gain better work opportunities and move ahead in their careers.

A guide to data analytics for finance professionals

In the present era, data has become one of the most important resources available for business organizations and Governments around the world to make many important decisions. Data is more important for financial institutions as most of their businesses run on decisions arrived at through analysis of data.

Here is a guide to Data Analytics and Data Science

Understanding Data Analytics

In simple terms, data analytics refers to the process of analyzing and converting raw data into an organized form to derive meaningful conclusions from the same.

The raw data is transformed using certain tools, techniques, and methodologies into valuable information, which helps organizations predict future market trends, get valuable insights about consumer behavior, solve problems, and improve decision-making in various fields.

It is an extensive field involving several types of diverse data being subjected to various data analytics techniques to arrive at actionable findings. In a real-world context, the scope and importance of data analytics become evident through instances such as the ad promotion of a mobile phone that you searched on Google appearing on various other random apps on your mobile.

This happens because Google tracks your online and offline movements through search data, location data, voice data, and smart device activities to suggest Ads through the use of data analytical tools.

As data analytics holds the key to generating better returns for every organization by improving overall productivity and efficiency, it has become a top priority for virtually every business establishment.

In today’s world, one of the most valuable commodities is data, which is also very abundantly available. We often come across an analogy where data is compared to oil, on the same lines it needs to be understood that raw data is like crude oil, which needs to be refined before it can become useful in different ways, hence, raw data needs to be refined through analytics before it becomes useful.

Thus, analytics can be considered as a refinery for the raw data. That is why the role of a data analyst is becoming increasingly essential in business organizations.

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Data Analytics in the Field of Finance 

Data analytics has become an essential component of the finance field. Given the enormously available and ever-increasing flow of data and the nature of financial transactions becoming increasingly complex, financial organizations that are looking to make well-informed decisions now see data analytics as a vital tool.

Financial institutions, such as banks, investment firms, NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Companies), insurance companies, and brokerage firms make use of data analytics to gain a competitive edge in their operations by improving their decision-making processes.

Finance professionals analyze financial data through the use of statistical and computational techniques, and identify patterns, trends, and inconsistencies to extract meaningful insights from data.

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Roles and Responsibilities of Finance Professionals in Data Analytics 

Before moving towards the importance of data analytics for finance professionals, let us first take a look at the specific roles and responsibilities outlined in data analytics for finance professionals in an actual financial institution to present a fair idea about their work profile. To begin with, here are the four important roles they typically engage in a systematic order:


  1. Data Collection: Finance professionals start by collecting financial data from various sources such as market data, transaction history, accounting records, etc., and convert all this data into a common format. They have to ensure that the data is accurate and not fudged, also that it is complete without any holes. This part usually takes some time.
  2. Data Cleaning and Organizing: They then clean the collected data to make it more meaningful, addressing issues relating to inconsistencies in data and missing values. The collected data is stored in a database and organized in a suitable format for analysis. SQL is a favored tool used for this step.
  3. Data Analysis: The cleaned data is then analyzed using analytical and statistical tools like Python or specialized software like R to inspect the data. Typically, risk assessment, financial modeling, and trend analysis techniques are applied to draw meaningful conclusions from the data to make well-informed financial decisions.
  4. Data Presentation and Decision-Making: After analyzing the cleaned data, the results need to be shared in an easy-to-understand manner with the people in the company who make decisions and at times also for other stakeholders. This is done through financial reports, dashboards, and visualizations generally by using Power BI and Tableau software. The results presented help in making important investment decisions, risk management, financial operations, and strategic planning for overall profitable achievements.

The above steps are fundamental in data analytics for finance professionals, ensuring they capitalize on data effectively for the optimum financial performance of an organization.

You should know the most important Data Analyst Interview Questions


Next is a list of primary responsibilities that financial professionals are expected to effectively fulfill through the application of data analytics.

Financial Forecasting: Data analytics in finance is used to create precise financial models that help in forecasting future financial performance. This helps finance professionals identify future risks and opportunities to formulate strategies accordingly. Stock brokerage firms make use of such financial models to decide on their investments based on the generated forecast.

Risk Management: By analyzing historical data, finance professionals can identify potential risks and develop strategies to manage and reduce foreseeable risks. Like, the banking sector uses data analytics to assess credit risk using CIBIL scores which include borrowers’ credit history, income levels, and other important financial indicators to determine the likelihood of default.

They carry out a risk prediction analysis to determine probable defaults by customers, this helps banks reduce their non-performing assets (NPAs).

Interestingly, with changing data dynamics, Kreditch, a German fintech company has started making use of big data such as online buying habits, location data, social media activities, etc. to profile people and decide on lending by determining which individual is more likely to default on payments.

Fraud Detection: Data analytics for finance professionals can be helpful in identifying unusual patterns or inconsistencies in financial transactions that help in fraud detection. Through analysis of financial data financial institutions can identify suspicious activities to take preventive measures.

In India, The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) by monitoring trading patterns and analyzing market data, can detect suspicious and fraudulent activities like stock manipulation and insider trading to take corrective action.

Cost Optimization: With the help of data analytics, finance professionals can identify areas where resources can be utilized more judiciously to reduce overall costs. This helps an organization stabilize finances and increase its profits. For example, various audit firms use data analytics to optimize their overall financial operations. They reduce their operational expenses and improve profits by analyzing data on project costs, resource allocation, and overall productivity of the firm.

Learn more about:


Portfolio Management: Finance professionals use data analytics to identify growth and diversification opportunities to create investment portfolios and for data-oriented decision-making to maximize their profits. They analyze a number of investment options, past performance, and other risk elements before making important investment decisions.

Mutual fund companies are an ideal example, they use various data analytics techniques to optimize returns on their investment portfolios. They analyze past stock data, the financial performance of the company, and macroeconomic indicators to make investment decisions that generate optimum returns with low-risk probability.

Customer Segmentation: Finance professionals use data analytics to categorize customers into various groups based on their demographic data, behavioral aspects, etc. This helps financial institutions in creating products and services as per the needs and preferences of their customers. For instance, credit card companies, use this technique to provide custom-made products and services for their customers.

It also helps them decide on marketing strategies to differentiate between customer groups based on factors such as their spending habits, income levels, residential location, and usage patterns. Based on analytics they create marketing campaigns to target specific customer groups, design card products like a credit affiliated with an E-commerce firm, offer variable interest rates based on CIBIL, and decide credit limits for various groups.

This helps to cater to their various customer groups efficiently.

Decision-making: Finance professionals nowadays heavily rely on data analytics for decision-making based on a plethora of data. This helps them make informed decisions. A basic example can be how a bank decides to advance a loan to a customer based on his income, employment, credit history, and so on.

Banks use data analytics to find out the creditworthiness of an applicant. It helps them make an informed decision which is beneficial to the banks as it reduces the risk of default and to the customers of the bank as well, as the bank will make steady profits.

Performance analysis: This is another area where data analytics for finance professionals comes in very handy. Data analytics helps institutions regularly analyze the performance of their asset portfolio and important financial investments.

This helps them to decide on their future initiatives, which are based on the performance of these existing investments. Investment banks usually evaluate the performance of their portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other investments using data analytics. This helps them make appropriate decisions to optimize returns for their clients.

Looking for the best practical-oriented courses to become a professional data analyst? Check here the top-ranked:


Importance of Data Analytics for Finance Professionals 

All finance professionals be it CA, ACCAs, MBA Finance, CPAs, CFAs, CMAs, etc. need to learn data analytics to remain relevant in their fields. Highest paymasters like management consultancies, investment banks, and Big 4 Audit companies demand these skills.

They expect you to know these skills. So finance professionals must learn these skills or they will see others move ahead in competition. According to research conducted by management consulting firm McKinsey and Company on the use of data analytics by companies.

It was learned that companies using data analytics acquired customers 23 times more than the companies that didn’t, they also retained their customers 9 times more than the ones that didn’t.

Understandably, this skill is in high demand, and accordingly, data analytics for finance professionals have some important professional and individual benefits which are listed below:

Progress in Career: For finance professionals aspiring to excel in their field, data analytical skills serve as a stepping stone to move forward in their careers. Every employer nowadays actively seeks candidates with strong skills and aptitude for data analytics, making such skills a valuable asset that will help distinguish you from your peers.

Improved Job Performance: Even in job roles where data analytics is not needed directly, upgrading to these skills offers substantial benefits. A better understanding of data sets allows finance professionals to effectively utilize all the available resources, thus boosting job performance and adding more value to the organization.

Intellectually Stimulating: Data analytics for finance professionals will provide them with an opportunity to learn and grow not just professionally but also personally, as data analytics is like a workout of your mind that can be really stimulating and satisfying due to the challenges it throws at you. The application of data analytics will test and refine one’s intellectual abilities.

Future Ready: Data analytics for finance professionals serves as a crucial tool to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the future given its ever-evolving landscape. By refining intellectual skills through data analytics one acquires the adaptability required to thrive in the future, it will empower you to stay ahead of the curve and remain future-ready.

Better Lifestyle: Also as these skills will provide impetus to your job growth, it will lead to a higher pay package. With an improved income, you gain the financial means to move to a better lifestyle. This can include access to better medical facilities, education, travel, and the ability to invest in your personal and professional development. In essence, data analytics can pave the way for a more prosperous and fulfilling life.


Essential Financial Data Analytics Tools and Programming Languages to Acquire

There are some important data analytical tools and programming language skills that financial professionals must acquire to do well in this field. These tools and programming languages can be divided into three stages as per the work classification of a data analyst, which are briefly explained below.

In the first stage as data is collected, taking out sensible information from the same is essential. This requires the knowledge of programming languages like Python, R, and SQL which are commonly used in the industry. These are principal programming languages that have exceptional features for data modeling and extraction.

Python: Python quickly creates and manages large data volumes, making it easy to analyze and manipulate intricate data sets. Python also has an extensive set of libraries and tools that help in processing data quickly and effectively. Python is easy to learn and understand with simple syntax features.

R: R is another highly-ranked programming language used for statistics analysis and data mining. It is usually used in data analytics to identify trends, and patterns and create practical models.

SQL: SQL (Structured Query Language) is a must-have skill for every data analyst. SQL helps in retrieving precise pieces of data from a database, allows existing data to be updated and deleted, and adds new data to the existing database. There are also inbuilt powerful tools for performing complex calculations, sorting and filtering of data, and aggregation of large data sets.

In the next stage, data is analyzed to arrive at meaningful conclusions. For this knowledge of Excel and Advanced Excel is essential. Excel is invaluable in the field of financial analysis.

You should check here the best:


Excel: For data analysts, Microsoft Excel is one of the principal tools and the built-in feature of Pivot Table is certainly one of the best analytical tools available out there. It has many useful capabilities like plugins, macros, V-lookup, mathematical functions, etc. that can be used to generate valuable insights in minutes. Advanced skills in Excel are a must for finance professionals aspiring to venture into data analytics.

In the final stage, the entire analyzed data is to be presented visually on dashboards. For this, it is important to acquire expertise in tools like Power BI and Tableau

Power BI: Power BI is essentially a cloud-based analysis service that transforms complex data into understandable insights and dashboards. It is an ideal choice for financial modeling and forecasting as it has a wide variety of in-built financial templates and visualizations. Power BI plays a significant role in data analytics for financial professionals and is a must-learn for all analysts.

Tableau: Tableau is famous for its data exploration and visualization abilities. Tableau is essentially an end-to-end data analytics platform that allows analysis, collaboration, and sharing of big data insights. It helps data analysts to be more productive by saving time and effort as it makes it easier to explore and visualize data.


The above compilation is limited and there are many other useful tools and software out there especially for data analytics for finance professionals, they can also be explored as you advance in this field but this list is sufficient and comprises of most important ones.

Here, it is also necessary to bear in mind that a finance professional working in data analytics does not need in-depth knowledge of programming languages, you just require reasonable literacy in the languages mentioned above.

Job Demand and Salary

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for financial analysts is projected to grow at 8% YOY from 2022 to 2032, it is faster than the average percentage increase for all occupations.

In actual figures, about 27,400 job vacancies for financial analysts are projected for each year, on average, over the coming decade. The demand outlook for financial analysts in India is no different.

A simple search on Google reveals that at this moment there are about 10,000 plus vacancies for financial analysts on various job portals in India. With data analytics getting a lot of attention in the financial industry, this demand for finance professionals with these skills is only expected to soar in the coming future.

It is also important to keep in mind that this field is highly competitive, with mid-level or even senior most of finance professionals also pursuing these skills. As for the salary estimates the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report suggests that the median annual wage for a financial analyst was $95,080 in May 2022 and the median annual wage for a financial risk specialist was $102,120 in May 2022.

Similarly, as per Payscale, the average salary of a financial expert with data analytics skills ranges from $54,000 to $84,000 per annum. The Indian salaries for beginners in this field as per the assessment of Payscale is an average of INR 4 lakh per annum, which can go up to INR 9.93 lakh per annum depending upon a range of factors, such as your specialization, geographical location, and company.

However, experienced and highly qualified finance professionals can expect about 15 to 20 Lakhs per annum as a starting salary.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is the eligibility required to do a course on data analytics for finance professionals? 

To pursue data analytics courses for finance professionals, candidates will certainly require some specific educational qualifications and/or experience in the fields of finance, accounting, statistics, or related disciplines, as these are advanced courses and are not recommended for rank beginners. Moreover, candidates with prior experience in basic data analysis and financial planning will have an edge while doing these courses. Additionally, strong quantitative abilities, an aptitude for logical thinking, and above-average communication skills will help students to excel in these programs.

Q 2. What is the cost and time required to do an online data analytics course?

The cost and time required to do a data analytics course online can vary widely. It will depend on certain factors such as the length of the course, whether it is beginner or advanced and the institute offering it. A comprehensive certification program online covering all important modules, live training, internship, and placement support will however take at least six to eight months to complete and it will cost about INR 50,000 plus taxes. Check Data Analytics Master Course, India’s top data analytics online course offered by IIM SKILLS.

Q 3. What is the difference between data science, data analytics, and data analysis?

Data science, data analytics, and data analysis all look much the same due to their overlapping nature of work, but these interconnected concepts are fairly distinct from each other. Data science is an extensive field that includes both data analytics and data analysis as essential components, it uses algorithms, scientific methods, processes, and systems to extract valuable insights and knowledge from structured and unstructured data.

Data analytics, on the other hand, is a broad field that includes a range of activities like data collection, data cleansing, preparing visual dashboards, and application of statistical and financial modeling techniques to gain valuable insights from the available data for effective business decisions. In comparison, data analysis is a smaller field that only focuses on specific actions within data analytics. Data analysis is a subfield of data analytics which is again a subfield of data science, while these three terms are related, they are not the same.

Q 4. Can I do a data analytics course along with my work or studies?

Yes, It is possible to do data analytics online certificate courses without having to leave your present job or regular studies, you can learn these skills side by side pursuing your present commitments and adding valuable skills to move ahead in your career. In fact, it is recommended to undertake these certification courses on the side to upgrade your skills and boost your CV as these skills will act as a springboard to add additional support to your present qualifications and catapult your career.

Q 5. Which is the best data analytics course online for finance professionals?

There are several data analytics courses online offered by various institutes that are suitable for finance professionals. All the institutes have their own merits and shortcomings. You need to choose the course which aligns with your current needs as per your profile. Personally, I will recommend the “Data Analytics Master Course” offered by IIM SKILLS Online. It is ranked as one of the top data analytics courses online and offers one of the most comprehensive programs including almost all the essential aspects of data analytics particularly suitable for individuals with a finance background.

The mode of study is a live interactive classroom format. It is a 6-month course including live training and a 2-month non-paid internship. Further, it consists of 160 hours of lectures, 100+ hours of practical assignments, and hands-on tool-based learning. That is not all, the course additionally provides opportunities to work on 7 plus live projects and 10 plus case studies. This course is highly recommended as it helps master the use of all essential tools like Excel, SQL, Python, R, Power BI, Tableau, and more.

Remember these were highlighted in this article as the most fundamental tools necessary to be learned by finance professionals. The institute also guarantees a 100% assured internship. They offer all this at a very reasonable fee of INR 49990 + GST. Students can also pay in 7 interest-free easy EMIs at INR 8411 per month. Upon completion, students receive a Data Analytics Master Certification from IIM SKILLS, recognized by the Government of India.


A staggering volume of estimated 328.77 million terabytes of data is generated every day. It is estimated that about 120 zettabytes (1 zettabyte = 1 billion terabytes) of data is likely to be generated in the year 2023. And to top that, just imagine that 90% of the world’s entire data was generated in the last two years. This shows the abnormal rate at which data is being generated all around the world currently.

This is commonly referred to as big data. All big companies are looking to lay their hands on this data. There is no point in having access to such humongous amounts of data if the same cannot be converted into valuable information that can be used to benefit organizations financially. This is where the role of data analytics becomes a fundamental component for the growth of every organization.

Financial institutions by nature, work with large amounts of data which they convert into meaningful concise reports to make well-informed decisions. Thus capability in data analytics for finance professionals becomes pretty much indispensable. So not acquiring data analytics can put you behind your competition.

This article has shed some light on this important factor by providing all the necessary information required for aspirants who are still undecided on their future course of action and acts as a guiding factor to reinforce the importance of data analytics for financial professionals by providing some meaningful insights in this field.

Top 5 Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

Investment Banking has long played a very important role in shaping the business landscape of our burgeoning economy. Investment bankers’ job is highly esteemed and equally challenging as they carry out large complex financial transactions for various organizations. Today, Bangalore is among the biggest Information Technology hubs in India with over 67,000 registered IT companies. For individuals looking to foray into this preferred sector, this article provides a list of the top 5 investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement.

List of best investment banking professional courses in Bangalore

India’s global technology companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro have their corporate offices located in the city. Bangalore has also become the start-up capital of India, with a presence of more than 10,000 start-ups.

The IT sector of Bangalore is estimated to be more than $100 billion, and the same is expected to cross $250 billion by the year 2025. Understandably there is a significant presence of all the large investment banking firms in the city.

What Is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a specific segment of banking that helps companies raise money through complicated heavy financial transactions like asset management, wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering (IPO) underwriting, reorganization, trading and sales, etc. It also provides valuable advice regarding the offering and placement of stock.

Every corporation planning such large and complex financial transactions employs the services of investment bankers to plan their investment strategies to utilize their time and resources in the best manner possible and reduce the risks associated with such transactions.

Investment banks should not be mistaken for corporate banks, which are very different and mainly deal with the regular financial activities of a company and aim to increase the valuation of the organization for its stakeholders.

Some of the top investment banks operating in India are Barclays Bank PLC, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse Securities (India) Private Ltd., Deutsche Equities India Private Ltd., JP Morgan India Private Ltd., and SBI Capital Markets Ltd. These are mostly affiliated with or are subsidiaries of larger banking institutions.

Other best courses in Bangalore:


Role of Investment Banker

An investment banker uses his expertise, analytical skills, experience, and negotiation capabilities to help organizations raise funds. Essentially, investment bankers stay closely attuned and are well-informed about the current investment climate and trends in the markets as well as the economy.

Business organizations look to investment bankers for advice on their development strategies. Investment bankers, after due assessment of the present economic condition of the organization, give recommendations and help them navigate through the intricate sphere of large finance using their expertise in the field.

Moreover, before a company moves forward with a particular project, it consults an investment banker to identify the risks associated with it to help save its resources. An investment banker also helps businesses with their regulatory framework and financial instruments pricing.

Responsibilities of Investment Bankers

Primarily Investment banking functions can be divided into two main functions, one known as the buy side, where investment bankers provide mainly advisory services, like giving suggestions on which securities to buy or invest in to meet their financial returns goals and the second one is sell side where their role is to facilitate the sale of securities, for which they are responsible to find investors to buy the securities to raise funds for their client. A few regular responsibilities of investment bankers include:

·        Initial public offering (IPO): Helping their client become a publicly traded company from a private company.

·        Mergers and acquisitions (M&A): facilitating interested companies in either merging into one; buying, or taking over another company through assisting with the process and the transaction.

·        Underwriting: It is the process of raising capital by investment banks in the form of debt or equity for their clients.

·        Prospectus drafting: It involves drafting a document with complete details about an investment offer including the objectives and the risks involved in the investment.

·        Issuing and selling securities: It is the process of creating assets that can be tradable like stocks, bonds, and options, and marketing the same to raise funds.

Look at these most opted:


·        Equity research: Gather useful insights from the market by analyzing the trends and patterns to help investors make informed decisions.

·        Asset management: Managing the portfolio of assets of an institution or a high net-worth individual and guiding them on their financial decisions.

·        Corporate restructuring: It is advising companies on various options to change the financial plan to help increase their capital.

·        Book building: It is the process in which an investment banker decides on the share price of an IPO (Initial Public Offer).

·        Issuing and selling securities: It is the process of creating assets that can be tradable like stocks, bonds, and options, and marketing the same to raise funds.


Why You Should Think About Becoming an Investment Banker?

Investment bankers do extremely challenging and mentally stimulating work. The exposure and the opportunities the work provides along with high pay packages are what draws many individuals to this job. A few key reasons are elaborated below:

Challenging work – As an investment banker you deal with very complicated financial modeling tasks from the very beginning and this provides a very mentally stimulating work environment. As you progress in your career, the work becomes even more challenging and paves the way for many opportunities. These significant factors should be prime reasons to influence you to become an investment banker.

Specialized work – While you are most likely to start your work with basic investment banking, you will eventually move into specialized fields like mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, trading, sales, etc. These specialized skills not only make you a domain expert but also are in high demand in organizations.

Constant improvement – Investment banking is a very suitable career for anyone who is extremely passionate about the finance field. You get to learn something new each day as this field is very dynamic in nature. A new learning curve is created for you with each new client as their needs and portfolio are very different from each other.

Networking prospects – Investment banking offers prospects to interact and work with prominent heads of several organizations from diverse areas of operation. These networking chances usually open up much further learning and growing opportunities in the investment banking sector.

High Pay Packages – The pay packages of investment bankers are usually very high in comparison to their peers in other financial profiles. Apart from this whenever they close a big deal they are showered with bonuses and lucrative perks. This is a big reason why a lot of individuals want to enter this field.

You should check out these top-ranked:


Investment Banking Opportunities in Bangalore

Over the last two decades, Bangalore has seen a positive shift in investment banking scenario in the city. Bangalore is home to numerous top multinational companies and has a presence of more than ten thousand information technology start-up companies with top IT global giants like Infosys, Wipro, and TCS sitting pretty there. It is also proudly referred to as Indian Silicon Valley.

Understandably, it is a very sought-after destination for investment banking firms as there is a high demand for their services there. Bangalore has the presence of almost all top global and Indian investment banking firms in the city. At present, there are more than 76 Investment Banks in Bangalore.

The sector is consistently rising in the city and has witnessed new trends like the rise of a new class of assets and the innovation of digital investment banks. Naturally, there is a significant rise in the demand for investment banking professionals and experts in Bangalore.

Currently, all these big and small business organizations in Bangalore are actively seeking investment banking services for various activities like raising funds, expansion of organization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, asset management, etc.

This has propelled the need for investment banking experts in the city and accordingly, there is a surge in job opportunities in this field in the city. These investment banks are only going to thrive in Bangalore owing to the city’s dynamic business ecosystem which includes the massive presence of large information technology firms in the city.

Hence, it is indeed a very opportune time for individuals looking to get into the investment banking field in Bangalore with opportunities galore.

Keeping this in view the list of top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement has been curated to help individuals seeking to enter this field, make a more informed choice. Before moving to the list, let’s take a look at salary trends in this field.

Must know about these top recommended:


Salary Trends for an Investment Banker in Bangalore

The salary of an investment banker in Bangalore may vary depending on various factors such as educational qualifications, experience, location, skill set, and company he works for. Investment banker at entry level who is just starting or has experience of less than a year can expect an average total package of ₹1.52 lakhs per annum as per Payscale.

If the investment banker has1 to 4 years of experience, he earns an average total package of ₹7.90 lakhs per annum, similarly an investment banker with 5 to 9 years of experience earns an average total package of ₹15.87 lakhs per annum as per Payscale.

Glassdoor paints a similar picture through its survey. It is estimated that an investment banker earns about ₹14.43 lakhs per annum in Bangalore (Bengaluru) city, with an average earnings of about ₹7.98 lakhs per annum.

This is basically a range of estimated salaries through the data collected from the users of Glassdoor. It is further estimated that investment bankers earn additional income of around ₹6.45 lakhs per annum which is mainly through bonuses, commission, and profit sharing.


List of Top Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Now, let us take a look at 5 top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement. The list is carefully prepared after analyzing a number of factors like the curriculum, live training, placement assistance, certification, fees, etc. of numerous courses being offered in Bangalore for investment banking.

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Rank #1. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore


A prominent global online educational institution IIM SKILL is our first choice in all the available investment banking professional courses in Bangalore. IIM SKILLS has been a market leader in providing online professional courses since 2015.

They have designed a comprehensive investment banking course that has been broadly categorized into 8 main modules that cover all the important fields. The curriculum includes a perfect mix of theory and practical training sessions.


The course which has been aptly named a Certified Investment Banking Course includes more than 70 hours of live training, over 100 hours of practical assignments, 20 plus hours of problem-solving, real-life case studies, and even a mock interview preparation.

That’s not all the investment banking course offered by IIM SKILLS provides students with real investment banking industry insights through well-qualified mentors and trainers who prepare them for real job market situations.

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They also promise 100% placement support and a guaranteed job interview. Moreover, among all the institutes we analysed IIM Skills offers this course at a very affordable rate of about INR 47,000 including GST.

Moreover, on successful completion of this course, students will earn a master’s certificate which is well-recognized and accepted by the industry.

A professional internship opportunity is also provided after completion of the three-month program to better prepare students for real-world jobs. This course is highly recommended for students, fresh graduates, and working professionals wanting to enter this highly coveted sector.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Certified Investment Banking Master Course
§  4 Months (3 Months Program and 1 Month Internship)
Mode of Study
§  Online Interactive Live Classroom
  • Graduates
  • Finance professionals
  • B.Tech graduates/ Engineers etc.
The course is divided into 8 extensive modules broadly categorized into:

  • Module 1 – MS PowerPoint
  • Module 2 – MS Excel
  • Module 3 – Fundamentals of Financial System and Financial Markets
  • Module-4 – Derivatives Market
  • Module 5 – Investment Banking Technicals
  • Module 6 – Different Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 7 – Financial Modeling Technicals
  • Module 8 – Business Valuation
§  100% Job Support

§  100% Interview Guarantee

§  Master Investment Banking Certification by IIM SKILLS (Recognized by MSME, Govt. of India).
§  INR 47,000  (including GST) with the option to pay 7 interest-free EMIs of INR 6726/Month
Contact for more information
§  Phone: +91-9580740740

§  Email: [email protected]



Explore here the other in-demand courses for career development:


Rank #2. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

2. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool has a robust presence in India with more than ten branches in all major cities delivering excellent career-oriented professional courses. The Bangalore branch located on MG Road is among the top professional training institutes in India.

Proschool has trained more than 1500 professionals and students successfully in the fields of financial modeling, CFA, CIMA, CFP, data science, digital marketing, and more.

IMS Proschool’s postgraduate course in Investment Banking Operations is an all-inclusive one-year program offering thorough exposure to all the relevant necessary skills in the sphere of investment banking. All this puts IMS Proschool as the second most preferred institute in our list of investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement.

The course is taught by experts in the domain with a combined industry experience of more than thirty years. The course provides case studies of multiple industries, which the mentors help solve, preparing them for the actual job environment. Students are given 100% placement assurance and can expect a starting average compensation of 3 to 9 lakhs per annum.

The course helps you understand the basics and lays a strong foundation in the finance field to help you easily clear and upgrade to CFA. After the successful completion of the course, you get an option to appear for AIMA’s AICTE-approved postgraduate exams and to get a PGCM in Investment Banking.

A highly regarded investment banking certificate is awarded from NSDC & IMS Proschool upon completion of the course. Students who can invest a considerable amount of time and are looking for classroom-based learning can prefer this course.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  PG Certificate In Investment Banking Course
§  12 months (divided into two terms)
Mode of Study
§  Traditional Classroom Based
§  21 years old

§  Final year undergraduate students – Preferred fields are Business Administration (BBA), Commerce (B.Com), or Accounting and Finance (BAF)

§  Professionals with 0-3 years of experience in any field but preferably finance and banking field

Categorized into 6 sections:

§  Excel for Finance

§  Equity, Debt Markets

§  Forex and Derivatives

§  IB Operations

§  Settlement & Risk

§  OTC Products

§  100% Job Assurance
§  Certificate in Investment Banking Operations
§  Total – INR 120,000 (Course Training – INR 70,000, Placement Services – INR 20,000 and AIMA’s PG Exam – INR 30,000.
Contact for more information
§  Address: 24 MG Road, 1st floor, Ulsoor Road cross, hear BEML office, Bengaluru – 560042

§  Phone: 7892295842

§  Email: [email protected]


Looking for financial modeling courses? Here are the best ones for you:


Rank #3. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

3. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning ranks third in our list of the top five investment banking professional courses in Bangalore. Imarticus established in 2012 is an internationally recognized E-learning platform offering a wide range of courses in finance, banking, technology, analytics, and more.

The professional courses offered by Imarticus in finance help provide useful insights into the world of investment banking. The investment banker certification course offered by Imarticus is internationally recognized and accredited by CISI.

The institute offers a flagship course known as Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) which is well-accepted by the industry. This program is most suitable for students with zero to three years of experience.


It’s an extensive 2-month full-time program that promises to transform students into an expert in the field of investment banking. The course covers all the fundamentals of financial markets, in-depth know-how of trade life cycles, risk management, derivatives, and equity markets, and regulatory framework to enable students to be job-ready.

The course is offered with an impressive 100% Job Assurance. The institute guarantees at least ten job interviews with 500 top-tier partner organizations hiring investment banking professionals. They have an 80% placement success rate presently.

On completion of the course, students will earn an Investment Banking Operations Professional Program certificate that will add significant value to their professional profile and drive their careers in the right direction. The course is highly recommended and it will definitely enhance your profile making you a preferred choice among recruiters.

Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional
§  2-month full-time on weekdays or a 3-month part-time done on the weekends.
Mode of Study
§  Classroom or Online Training
§  Fresher graduates with 0-3 years of experience from a background in finance and business management streams only

§  Applicants with a justified gap of up to one year may also apply

Topics include:

§  Introduction to Investment Banking

§  Introduction to Financial Systems

§  Types of Financial Markets

§  Cash Equities and Fixed Income

§  Foreign Exchange and Money Markets

§  Derivatives Markets

§  Job Readiness

§  Trade Life Cycle

§  Risk Management

§  100% Job Assurance
§  Professional Certificate in Investment Banking
§  ₹ 1,40,000 (Inclusive of All Taxes)
Contact for more information
§  Address: 421, 2nd & 3rd Floor, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

§  Phone: Koramangala – 9953981060, Marathahalli – 9953961020

§  E-mail: [email protected]


Rank #4. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

4. Intellipaat – E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

Investment banking industry experts Intellipaat offers an investment banking course in Bangalore which is an extensive course for advanced certification that is specifically designed by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, as part of an education program of MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India).

The course helps students learn necessary investment banking skills like risk management, asset management, stock lending, trade life cycle, IPO fundamentals, etc., through vigorous classes and real-life case studies. It is a very coveted course and ranks fourth in our list of top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement.

Individuals with bachelor’s degrees can apply for this course, which is taught by industry and academic experts. This course will help students land a good position in the investment banking sector.

The important features of the course include five months of online live training by Industry professionals, group projects, and discussions for interactive learning, one-to-one mock interview sessions, essential training for required soft skills, and career support services through industry partners.

Intellipaat promises 100% job assistance upon completion of the course. A certification from EICT, IIT Guwahati well recognized by the industry will also be awarded by the institute.

Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Investment Banking Course
§  5 Months
Mode of Study
§  Online
§  Graduates in any field.

§  Graduate Students pursuing a BA in finance or economics.

§  BBA (finance)

§  CFA (Chartered financial analyst)

§  Fundamentals of investment banking

§  Foreign exchange and money market

§  Cash equities and fixed income

§  Derivative market

§  Corporate actions

§  Introduction to ISDA and Reconciliation

§  Stock Borrow Lending and related concepts

§  Trade life cycle

§  Regulatory environment and risk management

§  Money laundering case study

§  Placement opportunities provided, exposure to 400+ hiring partners.
§  Certificate from IIT Guwahati EICT Academy
§  ₹98,040
Contact for more information
§  Phone: +91-7022374614

§  Email: [email protected]


Rank #5. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore


FINXL is a renowned investment banking training institute in Bangalore. FINXL has custom-designed the certification course in Investment Banking to impart the required practical knowledge and exposure through training to deal with various roles and responsibilities of investment banking.

This Finxl offering is one of the most sought-after among all the Investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement, it deals with all the fundamental areas of investment banking which include asset management, underwriting, mergers & acquisitions, portfolio management, advisory to equity investors, HNIs, UHINs and so on.

Individuals who desire to start a fresh career or switch from their present field to the investment banking field can do so with this course as the course focuses on teaching all basic and core concepts from scratch and also provides practical exposure to industry resources.

Through this, FINXL enables students to become well knowledgeable and have hands-on practical training on all the important areas of investment banking, so that they can easily adjust to the real work world. Upon completing the course, students will be awarded three certificates separately, a financial modeling certificate, an equity research certificate, and an advanced Excel certificate.

Students will also get a 4-month Internship opportunity with an Investment banking firm. Finxl also assures 100% job assistance with real-time technical interview preparation by Investment bankers. Finxl’s impressive offerings get it fifth place in our list of top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Investment Banking (IB)
§  4.5 Months
Mode of Study
§  Online
§  MBA, B.E., CA, CMA, CFA, BBA, BCA, M.Com or B.Com

§  Basic knowledge of Finance / Accounting/ Excel will be preferred but not compulsory

§  MS Excel expert

§  Data collection and modeling

§  Financial modeling & valuations

§  M&A, LBO model

§  Regulators & market requirement

§  Market and investor requirements

§  Initial public offering IPO process

§  Presentations, real-world case studies

§  Mock interviews and soft skills

  • 100% Job Assistance
§  3 Certifications given Separately – Financial Modelling Certificate, Equity Research Certificate, and Advance Excel Certificate
§  INR 30,000
Contact for more information
§  Phone: +91 8109130909, +91 9158882688, +91 8459024539

§  E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1. Which institute gives a guarantee of Job Placement in investment banking professional courses in Bangalore?

Almost all the Investment banking professional courses in Bangalore provide you with 100% job placement support and accordingly guide you to find a suitable job in the industry. All the institutes have hiring partnerships with reputed investment banking firms and these connections ensure job placements to suitable candidates. Notably, IMS Proschool and Imarticus give you 100% job assurance, but IMS Proschool charges a fee of INR 20,000 to provide placement services. The fee structure of both these institutes is very similar to other institutes.

Q 2. What are the eligibility criteria to register for investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement?

Most institutes offering investment banking professional courses in Bangalore require some eligibility conditions to be filled, as these are advanced finance courses not suitable for rank beginners. Most institutes demand a degree in finance or accounting background like MBA Finance, CS, CIMA, B.E., CFA, BCA, BBA, M.Com, B.Com etc. Some make it compulsory and some state it as a preferable criterion. Experience in the finance industry is also preferable. However, IIM SKILLS and Intellipaat offer this course to graduates in any discipline as they offer a comprehensive course, beginning from the fundamentals of investment banking.

Q 3. Are investment banking jobs well-regarded and highly paid jobs in the Finance industry?

Yes, jobs in the investment banking sector are not only the highest-paying jobs but also highly regarded in the finance industry as well. As in any industry, the pay packages vary depending on your educational qualifications, skills, experience, area, institute you have done your course from, company, etc. Entry-level to mid-level employees can expect salaries from about 7 lakhs per annum to 15 lakhs per annum. Your total compensation also depends on your role. Investment bankers make a lot of additional income through commissions, bonuses, and profit sharing. An investment banker with 15-20 years of experience easily earns up to 50 lakhs per annum. Investment banker’s job is also much respected in the industry due to their work profile and they also get to hobnob with top industry and other business leaders from the early stage of their career, which helps them to network and build opportunities to move ahead in their career.

Q 4. Is an Investment Banking course expensive?

The cost of investment banking professional courses in Bangalore varies depending on factors like duration of the course, curriculum covered, location, placement support, etc. and a bit are on the expensive side.  However, IIM Skills and Finxl offer their investment banking courses at affordable rates. If compared with other investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement, which do not offer any value addition, these rates are very reasonable. Also, IIM Skills offers an option to pay the entire amount in 7 interest-free EMIs to reduce a one-time payment burden.


India is currently the fifth-largest economy in the world and undoubtedly, a global financial powerhouse. As India emerges as a crucial global financial market player, the investment banking industry has gained significant momentum and stability within the country. The investment banking industry has seen substantial growth, propelled by strong economic development, increasing FDI, and a conducive regulatory atmosphere.

This has led to large financial organizations, MNCs, and local companies pursuing expertise in the field of investment banking. Thus the investment banking landscape in the country has opened up a wide range of job opportunities across numerous roles and activities. All the major players in this sector have a large presence in Bangalore, as it’s a hub for all major IT companies and start-ups.

Understandably, the investment banking sector has become a particularly promising and active field offering lucrative career opportunities to individuals seeking to enter this field. This list of top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement is an effort to throw some useful insights into the world of investment banking and act as a guiding beam to those looking for a suitable path to join this field.

IIM SKILLS vs HICM Investment Banking Course Review

The Investment Banking industry has come a long way in India experiencing significant growth, owing to our brisk economic development, ever-increasing capital market activities, and our pro-active Government initiatives.  As a profession Investment banking is extremely challenging and highly honored, they primarily carry out enormous complex financial transactions for numerous organizations. This mammoth industry size along with the challenging opportunities the sector provides, makes it one of the most sought-after professions today. There is a significant presence of almost all the large domestic and foreign investment banking firms in India, which have laid down a large variety of investment banking roles across the nation. For individuals seeking to enter this highly esteemed field of work, this article provides a comprehensive comparison assessment between IIM Skills and HICM (Hindustan Institute of Capital Market), two of the best-known institutes presently offering investment banking courses in India. Now, let’s take a look at IIM SKILLS vs HICM Investment Banking Course Review.




What Is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a specific sector of the banking industry that helps business organizations raise funds through complex heavy financial transactions like wealth management, asset management, initial public offering (IPO) underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, trading and sales, reorganization, etc. It also provides important guidance on the subject of the offering and placement of stock. All corporations planning such complex and large financial transactions employ the services of investment bankers to plan their investment strategies to use their time and resources in the best possible manner and help reduce the risks associated with such transactions. Some of the topmost investment banks operating in India are BNP Paribas, Barclays Bank PLC, Deutsche Equities India Private Ltd., Credit Suisse Securities (India) Private Ltd., JP Morgan India Private Ltd., and SBI Capital Markets Ltd.


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Role of Investment Banker


An investment banker uses his expert knowledge, analytical capabilities, experience, and negotiation skills to assist organizations in raising funds. The fundamental function of investment bankers is to stay tuned and be well-informed about the present investment climate and ongoing trends in the markets along with the economy. Businesses look towards investment bankers regularly for their advice and expert opinions on their future development strategies. After completely assessing the present economic condition of the organization, investment bankers, give recommendations and help them traverse through the complicated field of large finance utilizing their know-how in the field. Moreover, before a company goes ahead with a specific project, it consults an investment banker to recognize the risks associated with it to help save its wealth and resources. Businesses also seek the help of investment banker with their financial instruments’ pricing and regulatory framework.


Responsibilities of Investment Bankers


Principally, Investment banking functions can be segregated into two main functions, one is the buy side function, where investment bankers mainly give advisory services, like suggesting which securities to invest in or buy to meet the financial returns objectives of the company and the second is the sell side where their role is to enable the securities sale, for which they are given the responsibility to find suitable investors to buy the securities to raise the required funds for their client.

A few standard responsibilities of investment bankers include:

  • Conducting tactical research and thorough investigations
  • Issuing of debt and selling equity to raise capital
  • Managing IPOs and private equity assignments
  • Discovering and finalizing potential investors
  • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions
  • Assisting with corporate restructuring
  • Analyzing risk factors and providing financial advice


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Benefits of an Investment Banking Course


Investment bankers’ work is highly challenging and mentally elating work. The opportunities it presents and the exposure the work provides along with high remuneration are what draws many people to this job. A few important reasons are elaborated below:

  • Diverse Career Opportunities: Investment banking offers diverse career possibilities in different groups of finance fields wealth management, private equity, corporate finance, asset management, and much more. With abundant options available, aspirants are certain to find an appropriate career path as per their interests and objectives.
  • Challenging and Rewarding Prospects:  Enrolling in an investment banking course would certainly be a fruitful investment as with the true skills, knowledge, and some sort of accreditation, a successful career in investment banking can be launched and it guarantees access to a world of challenging and rewarding prospects.
  • Hefty Remuneration: It is well known that investment banking is a moneymaking industry that presents lofty salary promises. Strengthening your knowledge base and expertise in this field will enable you to land rewarding positions with high-pay packages in reputed organizations.
  • Certification: Almost all reputed investment banking organizations prefer professionals who possess industry-recognized reputed certifications in the investment banking field. A valuable investment banking course can refine your expertise and propel your career prospects among your peers.


Salary Trends for an Investment Banker


The salary of an investment banker in India varies depending upon various factors like advanced educational qualifications, industry experience, current location, overall skill set, and the organization recruiting itself. At entry level, an investment banker who is just a beginner or has work experience of less than one year can ideally expect an average total pay package of ₹1.52 lakhs per annum as per Payscale. If the candidate has one to four years of experience, on average he earns a total package of ₹7.90 lakhs per annum, but if an investment banker has five to nine years of experience, he earns an average total package of ₹15.87 lakhs per annum as per Payscale.


Glassdoor portrays a comparable picture through its independent survey. As per their survey estimates, an investment banker makes about ₹14.50 lakhs per annum in India, with an average earnings of about ₹8.00 lakhs per annum. This is a general range of estimated salaries through the data collected from the existing current user base of Glassdoor. Further, it is estimated that investment bankers earn added income of at least ₹6.50 lakhs per annum which is primarily through commissions, bonuses, and profit sharing.


IIM SKILLS vs HICM Investment Banking Course Review in Detail


Now, let us take a look at how two of the most well-known institutes IIM Skills and HICM, offering investment banking courses fare in comparison to each other. We take a broad look at what the courses offer analyzing several factors such as the course curriculum, live training sessions, post-course placement support, certification, fees, etc. of both the courses being offered in investment banking.

Now moving on to the IIM SKILLS vs HICM investment banking course review:




IIM SKILLS is a market leader and prominent globally renowned online educational institution providing online professional courses since 2015. The institute has designed a thorough investment banking course that has been broadly classified into 8 main modules that cover all the important investment banking fields. The curriculum includes a perfect blend of theoretical lessons and practical training sessions. The course has been suitably titled the Certified Investment Banking Master Course. Let’s now examine in detail what the course offers.


Course Name, Duration, and Mode of Study


The Investment Banking Course is a short-term course and the duration of the course is 4 months in total. 3 months of study program and training plus 1 month of non-paid in-house internship. The internship is designed to give you a feel of an actual work environment. The mode of study will be online live interactive classes, these can be taken from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. If for some reason you miss the classes, the recorded session of the same will be made available the next day, so you don’t miss out on anything and these recordings are available to you for a lifetime so that you can come back and brush up anytime.




IIM SKILLS offers a comprehensive Investment Banking program, which is designed by subject matter and industry experts, who have carefully curated the program in such a way that every topic from basic to advanced levels, aligns and progresses systematically.  The course curriculum’s main objective is to make you job-ready as soon as you complete the investment banking course. It is one of the best investment banking courses in India for a truly successful career as it creates an accord between the best practices followed in the industry and real industry conceptualizations.


The Course is Divided Into 8 All-inclusive Modules Broadly Categorized Into:

  • Module 1 – MS PowerPoint
  • Module 2 – MS Excel
  • Module 3 – Fundamentals of Financial System and Market
  • Module-4 – Derivatives Market
  • Module 5 – Technicals of Investment Banking
  • Module 6 – Different Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 7 – Technicals of Financial Modeling
  • Module 8 – Business Valuation


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On successful completion of the course, the students will receive an industry-recognized, highly reputed Master Investment Banking Certification, which is also recognized by the MSME Govt of India. The certificate is well recognized by the industry and will enable students to land a job comfortably.


Eligibility and Suitability


As such there are no eligibility criteria for doing this course, anyone with a thirst for knowledge and a keen interest in investment banking can join this course. However, having a bachelor’s degree in commerce, accounting, business administration or a related field will be beneficial for the course. Also, enthusiasm to work in the investment banking industry plus fundamental knowledge of finance and statistics can be a great asset for doing the course. The course would be an ideal choice if you are a Graduate, CA/ CFA/ FRM/ MBA, Finance professional, Engineer, etc.


This comprehensive online investment banking course can benefit both freshers and working professionals alike. Fresh graduates can use it to launch their careers in the field of investment banking. Similarly, working professionals can further their professional ambitions by doing this course and attract better career options. So, anyone planning for a career in the field of investment banking can benefit from this course. It is one of the top investment banking courses in India.


Placement Support


IIM SKILLS is well connected to the industry and promises an impressive 100% placement Support, they also give you a 100% guarantee to land you in an Interview once you complete the course.



The total course fee is ₹ 39,900 + 18% GST which comes to about INR 47,000 (including GST) with the attractive option to pay in 7 interest-free EMIs of INR 6726/Month. The fees are very reasonable in comparison to other courses in the same bracket and to ease the burden of one-time payment, an easy EMI option is also made available to the students.


Contact Information

IIM SKILLS, H B Twin Towers, 8th Floor.

Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura,

New Delhi, Delhi 110034

Phone: +91-9580740740

Email: [email protected]



Since its inception in 2015, IIM Skills has trained more than 35000 candidates with various in-demand professional courses and helped develop the requisite skills to land a lucrative job or climb the corporate ladder. Their commitment to providing comprehensive theoretical learning along with practical training at very reasonable budget-friendly fees sets them apart from the rest. The institute is a renowned global online education platform, and a go-to place for students, freshers, and working professionals in India and abroad.


Whether one wants to start a career, move to a new field, or upskill their present career in finance, digital marketing, or writing fields, IIM SKILLS is just the right landing spot. In today’s era, employment opportunities are heavily dependent on skill development, current trends, and knowledge of the latest tools. Hence, it is extremely crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest skills and industry. IIM SKILLS provides an excellent environment for aspirants to learn and grow with advanced knowledge and acquisitions.


As regards the Investment Banking course, it has all that takes to get candidates through in the industry as a thriving performer. Starting with basic tools like MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, the expert mentors walk students through the essentials of financial systems, markets, and derivatives. Once these topics are thoroughly aced, they move ahead to advanced concepts like the more intriguing technicals of investment banking, marketing collaterals, financial modelling, and business valuation.


The course makes you thorough with the practical as well as theoretical aspects of the investment banking field. Further, they focus on developing the soft skills of the students, making them more financially savvy professionals and job-ready as soon as the course is completed. All this makes it a complete package, and one of the best Investment Banking Courses in India.


Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


HICM (Hindustan Institute of Capital Market)


HICM (Hindustan Institute of Capital Market) is one of India’s leading Investment Banking, Fund Accounting, and stock market educational institutes in India. HICM essentially provides training for many finance and capital market courses such as Investment Banking, Stock Market, Intraday trading, Fund Accounting, Technical and fundamental analysis, Financial Analyst, Futures and Options trading, Robot Trading, Wealth Management, Banking, Portfolio Manager, Mutual Funds, and Business Analyst. The efforts are to impart the highest standards of education, striving to drive students to a successful career path aligning with their objectives be it a traditional job or profits through investment in the stock markets. Their investment banking course is very sought after by the aspirants, the course is well structured as per the need of the industry and designed by industry experts, and the certification provided upon completion of the course is well accepted and recognized by the investment banking industry in India and global markets.


Course Name, Duration, and Mode of Study


The HICM investment banking course is an industry-integrated program titled Certified Investment Banking. The total duration of the course is 162 hours spread over two months in total. The first month includes 12 hours of teaching and training plus 50 hours of assignments. The second month includes 100 hours of company internship spread over four weeks. The students have the option to choose between both online and offline classes.



Broadly the students will be taught the following concepts –

  • How to raise capital for high net-worth individuals and businesses by debt issuing and equity selling
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Investment research
  • Preparation of legal and financial documents
  • Preparation of legal and financial records to complete investments
  • Risk assessment and financial advisory services
  • Foundation to conduct financial research and review information
  • Creation and implementation of financial models, Reviewing deals, and determining profits
  • Training in front, middle, and back office operations work
  • A strong foundation to perform fund accountant tasks
  • Resolve complex breaks by reconciling statements
  • Knowledge of Domestic & MNC Banking
  • Live training of Capital Market
  • BFSI Industry opportunities


Eligibility and Suitability

To do this course the candidate must have cleared the 12th class examination or currently be pursuing a Bachelor Program in any stream of at least a minimum duration of 3 years from a UGC Recognized University.


As per the suitability, the course is suitable for  Fresher’s who are looking to build a promising career in the Capital Markets, Market participants who desire to gain a structured knowledge of stock trading techniques and stock dealers, Sub-Brokers, CA, CFA, MBA Aspirants, and even budding Entrepreneurs.



The students are awarded a coveted Investment banking certificate upon completion of the course, which is well-recognized and accepted by the investment banking industry.


Placement Support

On successful completion of the course and the training, HICM provides students with all the support they need for placement. They get support from resume preparation, and portfolio building to mock interviews. HICM also has very good industry tie-ups where students are given preference for placement.



The total fee for the course is INR 25000. However, students get a 5% discount for an offline classroom-based study and a 10% discount if they choose to go for the online mode of study. They also provide an easy EMI-based payment facility.


Contact Information

HICM Institute

House No. 9, Kasra Number-649, Konark Residency,

3rd floor, Burari, 110084 – New Delhi

Mobile no 9718235132

Email: [email protected]



HICM is a reputed institute and their courses are well-recognized by the industry. They have carefully curated an investment banking course with the help of industry experts to suit the current investment banking industry needs. Apart from theoretical learning, they focus mainly on live training to help students gain real-world work experience. The course is designed to suit all stakeholders like students, working professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and traders. The course is taught by experienced subject matter experts and is offered both online as live interactive classes and in traditional classroom mode. One month of in-house internship will give students an idea of a real work environment. The certification provided after completion of the course has much weightage in the industry and with the support of the institute, placement is well assured. All in all, HICM would be a very good option to do a short-term investment banking certification course.


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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q 1. Which institute gives a guarantee of Job Placement in investment banking professional courses in India?


Almost every institute provides students with 100% placement support and guides them accordingly to find an appropriate job in the industry. All the institutes have tie-ups and placement alliances with reputed investment banking firms and these relations help suitable students in getting job placements. In here when it comes to IIM Skills vs HICM investment banking course, both institutes have healthy relations in the industry and provide 100% job support.


Q 2. What are the eligibility criteria to register for investment banking professional courses in India with placement?


Most institutes offering investment banking courses in India require some basic eligibility criteria to be fulfilled, as these courses are a little advanced and usually not suitable for rank beginners. Most institutes require a degree in finance and/or accounting field like MBA in Finance, CA, CFA, CS, CIMA, B.E., BBA, BCA, B.Com, M.Com, etc. But most institutes make it a preferable criterion rather than compulsory.


Q 3. Is an Investment Banking course costly in India?

The cost of short-term professional investment banking courses in India varies depending on elements like course duration, overall curriculum covered, internship opportunity, location, job placement support, etc., and are usually priced very reasonably. Also, most institutes usually offer an option to pay the fee in interest-free EMIs to help reduce a single payment burden.



Presently, India is the fifth-largest economy in the world and certainly, a global financial center. As India transpires as an important financial market player worldwide, the investment banking industry too has gained substantial momentum and steadiness in the country. The investment banking industry is experiencing substantial growth, pushed by sturdy economic development, increasing FDI, and a favorable regulatory ambiance. This has led to MNCs, big financial organizations, and domestic players pursuing expertise in the area of investment banking. Enabling the investment banking landscape in India to open up and offer a wide range of job prospects across several roles and activities. Naturally, the investment banking sector has presently become a particularly promising field extending lucrative career opportunities to prospective candidates looking to enter this field.


When it comes to IIM Skills vs HICM Investment Banking Course Review, a broad analysis has been done of all the important factors of both the courses like curriculum, duration, fee structure, training, and placement support. Both the institutes are equally reputed in the field of Ed Tech and both offer a very comprehensively packaged investment banking course. This article makes an honest effort to throw some useful insights into both the courses of investment banking and believes to act as a guiding light to help those looking to join one of these courses. Now, as a detailed view and all necessary information have been placed in a well-defined manner for both the courses, the course that most appropriately aligns with your interests and goals should be your ideal choice.