Author: Kusuma Raj Krishna

Top 5 Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

Investment Banking has long played a very important role in shaping the business landscape of our burgeoning economy. Investment bankers’ job is highly esteemed and equally challenging as they carry out large complex financial transactions for various organizations. Today, Bangalore is among the biggest Information Technology hubs in India with over 67,000 registered IT companies. For individuals looking to foray

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A Complete Guide To The Data Analytics For Finance Professionals

In the present era, data has become one of the most important resources available for business organizations and Governments around the world to make many important decisions. Data is more important for financial institutions as most of their businesses run on decisions arrived at through analysis of data. Financial institutions have been doing this for ages but since the arrival

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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Dubbo With Placements

Digital Marketing is currently one of the most rapidly advancing professions in the world and Dubbo is no exception. At present, becoming a digital marketing expert can be extremely advantageous. Consumer habits are fast changing and increasingly rely on digital platforms for their every buying decision, hence the need for digital marketing by all business entities, big or small has

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