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Top 5 Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

Investment Banking has long played a very important role in shaping the business landscape of our burgeoning economy. Investment bankers’ job is highly esteemed and equally challenging as they carry out large complex financial transactions for various organizations. Today, Bangalore is among the biggest Information Technology hubs in India with over 67,000 registered IT companies. For individuals looking to foray into this preferred sector, this article provides a list of the top 5 investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement.

List of best investment banking professional courses in Bangalore

India’s global technology companies like Infosys, TCS, and Wipro have their corporate offices located in the city. Bangalore has also become the start-up capital of India, with a presence of more than 10,000 start-ups.

The IT sector of Bangalore is estimated to be more than $100 billion, and the same is expected to cross $250 billion by the year 2025. Understandably there is a significant presence of all the large investment banking firms in the city.

What Is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a specific segment of banking that helps companies raise money through complicated heavy financial transactions like asset management, wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering (IPO) underwriting, reorganization, trading and sales, etc. It also provides valuable advice regarding the offering and placement of stock.

Every corporation planning such large and complex financial transactions employs the services of investment bankers to plan their investment strategies to utilize their time and resources in the best manner possible and reduce the risks associated with such transactions.

Investment banks should not be mistaken for corporate banks, which are very different and mainly deal with the regular financial activities of a company and aim to increase the valuation of the organization for its stakeholders.

Some of the top investment banks operating in India are Barclays Bank PLC, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse Securities (India) Private Ltd., Deutsche Equities India Private Ltd., JP Morgan India Private Ltd., and SBI Capital Markets Ltd. These are mostly affiliated with or are subsidiaries of larger banking institutions.

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Role of Investment Banker

An investment banker uses his expertise, analytical skills, experience, and negotiation capabilities to help organizations raise funds. Essentially, investment bankers stay closely attuned and are well-informed about the current investment climate and trends in the markets as well as the economy.

Business organizations look to investment bankers for advice on their development strategies. Investment bankers, after due assessment of the present economic condition of the organization, give recommendations and help them navigate through the intricate sphere of large finance using their expertise in the field.

Moreover, before a company moves forward with a particular project, it consults an investment banker to identify the risks associated with it to help save its resources. An investment banker also helps businesses with their regulatory framework and financial instruments pricing.

Responsibilities of Investment Bankers

Primarily Investment banking functions can be divided into two main functions, one known as the buy side, where investment bankers provide mainly advisory services, like giving suggestions on which securities to buy or invest in to meet their financial returns goals and the second one is sell side where their role is to facilitate the sale of securities, for which they are responsible to find investors to buy the securities to raise funds for their client. A few regular responsibilities of investment bankers include:

·        Initial public offering (IPO): Helping their client become a publicly traded company from a private company.

·        Mergers and acquisitions (M&A): facilitating interested companies in either merging into one; buying, or taking over another company through assisting with the process and the transaction.

·        Underwriting: It is the process of raising capital by investment banks in the form of debt or equity for their clients.

·        Prospectus drafting: It involves drafting a document with complete details about an investment offer including the objectives and the risks involved in the investment.

·        Issuing and selling securities: It is the process of creating assets that can be tradable like stocks, bonds, and options, and marketing the same to raise funds.

Look at these most opted:


·        Equity research: Gather useful insights from the market by analyzing the trends and patterns to help investors make informed decisions.

·        Asset management: Managing the portfolio of assets of an institution or a high net-worth individual and guiding them on their financial decisions.

·        Corporate restructuring: It is advising companies on various options to change the financial plan to help increase their capital.

·        Book building: It is the process in which an investment banker decides on the share price of an IPO (Initial Public Offer).

·        Issuing and selling securities: It is the process of creating assets that can be tradable like stocks, bonds, and options, and marketing the same to raise funds.


Why You Should Think About Becoming an Investment Banker?

Investment bankers do extremely challenging and mentally stimulating work. The exposure and the opportunities the work provides along with high pay packages are what draws many individuals to this job. A few key reasons are elaborated below:

Challenging work – As an investment banker you deal with very complicated financial modeling tasks from the very beginning and this provides a very mentally stimulating work environment. As you progress in your career, the work becomes even more challenging and paves the way for many opportunities. These significant factors should be prime reasons to influence you to become an investment banker.

Specialized work – While you are most likely to start your work with basic investment banking, you will eventually move into specialized fields like mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, trading, sales, etc. These specialized skills not only make you a domain expert but also are in high demand in organizations.

Constant improvement – Investment banking is a very suitable career for anyone who is extremely passionate about the finance field. You get to learn something new each day as this field is very dynamic in nature. A new learning curve is created for you with each new client as their needs and portfolio are very different from each other.

Networking prospects – Investment banking offers prospects to interact and work with prominent heads of several organizations from diverse areas of operation. These networking chances usually open up much further learning and growing opportunities in the investment banking sector.

High Pay Packages – The pay packages of investment bankers are usually very high in comparison to their peers in other financial profiles. Apart from this whenever they close a big deal they are showered with bonuses and lucrative perks. This is a big reason why a lot of individuals want to enter this field.

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Investment Banking Opportunities in Bangalore

Over the last two decades, Bangalore has seen a positive shift in investment banking scenario in the city. Bangalore is home to numerous top multinational companies and has a presence of more than ten thousand information technology start-up companies with top IT global giants like Infosys, Wipro, and TCS sitting pretty there. It is also proudly referred to as Indian Silicon Valley.

Understandably, it is a very sought-after destination for investment banking firms as there is a high demand for their services there. Bangalore has the presence of almost all top global and Indian investment banking firms in the city. At present, there are more than 76 Investment Banks in Bangalore.

The sector is consistently rising in the city and has witnessed new trends like the rise of a new class of assets and the innovation of digital investment banks. Naturally, there is a significant rise in the demand for investment banking professionals and experts in Bangalore.

Currently, all these big and small business organizations in Bangalore are actively seeking investment banking services for various activities like raising funds, expansion of organization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, asset management, etc.

This has propelled the need for investment banking experts in the city and accordingly, there is a surge in job opportunities in this field in the city. These investment banks are only going to thrive in Bangalore owing to the city’s dynamic business ecosystem which includes the massive presence of large information technology firms in the city.

Hence, it is indeed a very opportune time for individuals looking to get into the investment banking field in Bangalore with opportunities galore.

Keeping this in view the list of top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement has been curated to help individuals seeking to enter this field, make a more informed choice. Before moving to the list, let’s take a look at salary trends in this field.

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Salary Trends for an Investment Banker in Bangalore

The salary of an investment banker in Bangalore may vary depending on various factors such as educational qualifications, experience, location, skill set, and company he works for. Investment banker at entry level who is just starting or has experience of less than a year can expect an average total package of ₹1.52 lakhs per annum as per Payscale.

If the investment banker has1 to 4 years of experience, he earns an average total package of ₹7.90 lakhs per annum, similarly an investment banker with 5 to 9 years of experience earns an average total package of ₹15.87 lakhs per annum as per Payscale.

Glassdoor paints a similar picture through its survey. It is estimated that an investment banker earns about ₹14.43 lakhs per annum in Bangalore (Bengaluru) city, with an average earnings of about ₹7.98 lakhs per annum.

This is basically a range of estimated salaries through the data collected from the users of Glassdoor. It is further estimated that investment bankers earn additional income of around ₹6.45 lakhs per annum which is mainly through bonuses, commission, and profit sharing.


List of Top Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Now, let us take a look at 5 top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement. The list is carefully prepared after analyzing a number of factors like the curriculum, live training, placement assistance, certification, fees, etc. of numerous courses being offered in Bangalore for investment banking.

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Rank #1. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore


A prominent global online educational institution IIM SKILL is our first choice in all the available investment banking professional courses in Bangalore. IIM SKILLS has been a market leader in providing online professional courses since 2015.

They have designed a comprehensive investment banking course that has been broadly categorized into 8 main modules that cover all the important fields. The curriculum includes a perfect mix of theory and practical training sessions.


The course which has been aptly named a Certified Investment Banking Course includes more than 70 hours of live training, over 100 hours of practical assignments, 20 plus hours of problem-solving, real-life case studies, and even a mock interview preparation.

That’s not all the investment banking course offered by IIM SKILLS provides students with real investment banking industry insights through well-qualified mentors and trainers who prepare them for real job market situations.

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They also promise 100% placement support and a guaranteed job interview. Moreover, among all the institutes we analysed IIM Skills offers this course at a very affordable rate of about INR 47,000 including GST.

Moreover, on successful completion of this course, students will earn a master’s certificate which is well-recognized and accepted by the industry.

A professional internship opportunity is also provided after completion of the three-month program to better prepare students for real-world jobs. This course is highly recommended for students, fresh graduates, and working professionals wanting to enter this highly coveted sector.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Certified Investment Banking Master Course
§  4 Months (3 Months Program and 1 Month Internship)
Mode of Study
§  Online Interactive Live Classroom
  • Graduates
  • Finance professionals
  • B.Tech graduates/ Engineers etc.
The course is divided into 8 extensive modules broadly categorized into:

  • Module 1 – MS PowerPoint
  • Module 2 – MS Excel
  • Module 3 – Fundamentals of Financial System and Financial Markets
  • Module-4 – Derivatives Market
  • Module 5 – Investment Banking Technicals
  • Module 6 – Different Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 7 – Financial Modeling Technicals
  • Module 8 – Business Valuation
§  100% Job Support

§  100% Interview Guarantee

§  Master Investment Banking Certification by IIM SKILLS (Recognized by MSME, Govt. of India).
§  INR 47,000  (including GST) with the option to pay 7 interest-free EMIs of INR 6726/Month
Contact for more information
§  Phone: +91-9580740740

§  Email: [email protected]



Explore here the other in-demand courses for career development:


Rank #2. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

2. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool has a robust presence in India with more than ten branches in all major cities delivering excellent career-oriented professional courses. The Bangalore branch located on MG Road is among the top professional training institutes in India.

Proschool has trained more than 1500 professionals and students successfully in the fields of financial modeling, CFA, CIMA, CFP, data science, digital marketing, and more.

IMS Proschool’s postgraduate course in Investment Banking Operations is an all-inclusive one-year program offering thorough exposure to all the relevant necessary skills in the sphere of investment banking. All this puts IMS Proschool as the second most preferred institute in our list of investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement.

The course is taught by experts in the domain with a combined industry experience of more than thirty years. The course provides case studies of multiple industries, which the mentors help solve, preparing them for the actual job environment. Students are given 100% placement assurance and can expect a starting average compensation of 3 to 9 lakhs per annum.

The course helps you understand the basics and lays a strong foundation in the finance field to help you easily clear and upgrade to CFA. After the successful completion of the course, you get an option to appear for AIMA’s AICTE-approved postgraduate exams and to get a PGCM in Investment Banking.

A highly regarded investment banking certificate is awarded from NSDC & IMS Proschool upon completion of the course. Students who can invest a considerable amount of time and are looking for classroom-based learning can prefer this course.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  PG Certificate In Investment Banking Course
§  12 months (divided into two terms)
Mode of Study
§  Traditional Classroom Based
§  21 years old

§  Final year undergraduate students – Preferred fields are Business Administration (BBA), Commerce (B.Com), or Accounting and Finance (BAF)

§  Professionals with 0-3 years of experience in any field but preferably finance and banking field

Categorized into 6 sections:

§  Excel for Finance

§  Equity, Debt Markets

§  Forex and Derivatives

§  IB Operations

§  Settlement & Risk

§  OTC Products

§  100% Job Assurance
§  Certificate in Investment Banking Operations
§  Total – INR 120,000 (Course Training – INR 70,000, Placement Services – INR 20,000 and AIMA’s PG Exam – INR 30,000.
Contact for more information
§  Address: 24 MG Road, 1st floor, Ulsoor Road cross, hear BEML office, Bengaluru – 560042

§  Phone: 7892295842

§  Email: [email protected]


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Rank #3. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

3. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning ranks third in our list of the top five investment banking professional courses in Bangalore. Imarticus established in 2012 is an internationally recognized E-learning platform offering a wide range of courses in finance, banking, technology, analytics, and more.

The professional courses offered by Imarticus in finance help provide useful insights into the world of investment banking. The investment banker certification course offered by Imarticus is internationally recognized and accredited by CISI.

The institute offers a flagship course known as Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional (CIBOP) which is well-accepted by the industry. This program is most suitable for students with zero to three years of experience.


It’s an extensive 2-month full-time program that promises to transform students into an expert in the field of investment banking. The course covers all the fundamentals of financial markets, in-depth know-how of trade life cycles, risk management, derivatives, and equity markets, and regulatory framework to enable students to be job-ready.

The course is offered with an impressive 100% Job Assurance. The institute guarantees at least ten job interviews with 500 top-tier partner organizations hiring investment banking professionals. They have an 80% placement success rate presently.

On completion of the course, students will earn an Investment Banking Operations Professional Program certificate that will add significant value to their professional profile and drive their careers in the right direction. The course is highly recommended and it will definitely enhance your profile making you a preferred choice among recruiters.

Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional
§  2-month full-time on weekdays or a 3-month part-time done on the weekends.
Mode of Study
§  Classroom or Online Training
§  Fresher graduates with 0-3 years of experience from a background in finance and business management streams only

§  Applicants with a justified gap of up to one year may also apply

Topics include:

§  Introduction to Investment Banking

§  Introduction to Financial Systems

§  Types of Financial Markets

§  Cash Equities and Fixed Income

§  Foreign Exchange and Money Markets

§  Derivatives Markets

§  Job Readiness

§  Trade Life Cycle

§  Risk Management

§  100% Job Assurance
§  Professional Certificate in Investment Banking
§  ₹ 1,40,000 (Inclusive of All Taxes)
Contact for more information
§  Address: 421, 2nd & 3rd Floor, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore

§  Phone: Koramangala – 9953981060, Marathahalli – 9953961020

§  E-mail: [email protected]


Rank #4. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore

4. Intellipaat – E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati

Investment banking industry experts Intellipaat offers an investment banking course in Bangalore which is an extensive course for advanced certification that is specifically designed by E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati, as part of an education program of MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India).

The course helps students learn necessary investment banking skills like risk management, asset management, stock lending, trade life cycle, IPO fundamentals, etc., through vigorous classes and real-life case studies. It is a very coveted course and ranks fourth in our list of top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement.

Individuals with bachelor’s degrees can apply for this course, which is taught by industry and academic experts. This course will help students land a good position in the investment banking sector.

The important features of the course include five months of online live training by Industry professionals, group projects, and discussions for interactive learning, one-to-one mock interview sessions, essential training for required soft skills, and career support services through industry partners.

Intellipaat promises 100% job assistance upon completion of the course. A certification from EICT, IIT Guwahati well recognized by the industry will also be awarded by the institute.

Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Investment Banking Course
§  5 Months
Mode of Study
§  Online
§  Graduates in any field.

§  Graduate Students pursuing a BA in finance or economics.

§  BBA (finance)

§  CFA (Chartered financial analyst)

§  Fundamentals of investment banking

§  Foreign exchange and money market

§  Cash equities and fixed income

§  Derivative market

§  Corporate actions

§  Introduction to ISDA and Reconciliation

§  Stock Borrow Lending and related concepts

§  Trade life cycle

§  Regulatory environment and risk management

§  Money laundering case study

§  Placement opportunities provided, exposure to 400+ hiring partners.
§  Certificate from IIT Guwahati EICT Academy
§  ₹98,040
Contact for more information
§  Phone: +91-7022374614

§  Email: [email protected]


Rank #5. Investment Banking Professional Courses in Bangalore


FINXL is a renowned investment banking training institute in Bangalore. FINXL has custom-designed the certification course in Investment Banking to impart the required practical knowledge and exposure through training to deal with various roles and responsibilities of investment banking.

This Finxl offering is one of the most sought-after among all the Investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement, it deals with all the fundamental areas of investment banking which include asset management, underwriting, mergers & acquisitions, portfolio management, advisory to equity investors, HNIs, UHINs and so on.

Individuals who desire to start a fresh career or switch from their present field to the investment banking field can do so with this course as the course focuses on teaching all basic and core concepts from scratch and also provides practical exposure to industry resources.

Through this, FINXL enables students to become well knowledgeable and have hands-on practical training on all the important areas of investment banking, so that they can easily adjust to the real work world. Upon completing the course, students will be awarded three certificates separately, a financial modeling certificate, an equity research certificate, and an advanced Excel certificate.

Students will also get a 4-month Internship opportunity with an Investment banking firm. Finxl also assures 100% job assistance with real-time technical interview preparation by Investment bankers. Finxl’s impressive offerings get it fifth place in our list of top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement.


Key features of the course:

Course Name
§  Investment Banking (IB)
§  4.5 Months
Mode of Study
§  Online
§  MBA, B.E., CA, CMA, CFA, BBA, BCA, M.Com or B.Com

§  Basic knowledge of Finance / Accounting/ Excel will be preferred but not compulsory

§  MS Excel expert

§  Data collection and modeling

§  Financial modeling & valuations

§  M&A, LBO model

§  Regulators & market requirement

§  Market and investor requirements

§  Initial public offering IPO process

§  Presentations, real-world case studies

§  Mock interviews and soft skills

  • 100% Job Assistance
§  3 Certifications given Separately – Financial Modelling Certificate, Equity Research Certificate, and Advance Excel Certificate
§  INR 30,000
Contact for more information
§  Phone: +91 8109130909, +91 9158882688, +91 8459024539

§  E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]


FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1. Which institute gives a guarantee of Job Placement in investment banking professional courses in Bangalore?

Almost all the Investment banking professional courses in Bangalore provide you with 100% job placement support and accordingly guide you to find a suitable job in the industry. All the institutes have hiring partnerships with reputed investment banking firms and these connections ensure job placements to suitable candidates. Notably, IMS Proschool and Imarticus give you 100% job assurance, but IMS Proschool charges a fee of INR 20,000 to provide placement services. The fee structure of both these institutes is very similar to other institutes.

Q 2. What are the eligibility criteria to register for investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement?

Most institutes offering investment banking professional courses in Bangalore require some eligibility conditions to be filled, as these are advanced finance courses not suitable for rank beginners. Most institutes demand a degree in finance or accounting background like MBA Finance, CS, CIMA, B.E., CFA, BCA, BBA, M.Com, B.Com etc. Some make it compulsory and some state it as a preferable criterion. Experience in the finance industry is also preferable. However, IIM SKILLS and Intellipaat offer this course to graduates in any discipline as they offer a comprehensive course, beginning from the fundamentals of investment banking.

Q 3. Are investment banking jobs well-regarded and highly paid jobs in the Finance industry?

Yes, jobs in the investment banking sector are not only the highest-paying jobs but also highly regarded in the finance industry as well. As in any industry, the pay packages vary depending on your educational qualifications, skills, experience, area, institute you have done your course from, company, etc. Entry-level to mid-level employees can expect salaries from about 7 lakhs per annum to 15 lakhs per annum. Your total compensation also depends on your role. Investment bankers make a lot of additional income through commissions, bonuses, and profit sharing. An investment banker with 15-20 years of experience easily earns up to 50 lakhs per annum. Investment banker’s job is also much respected in the industry due to their work profile and they also get to hobnob with top industry and other business leaders from the early stage of their career, which helps them to network and build opportunities to move ahead in their career.

Q 4. Is an Investment Banking course expensive?

The cost of investment banking professional courses in Bangalore varies depending on factors like duration of the course, curriculum covered, location, placement support, etc. and a bit are on the expensive side.  However, IIM Skills and Finxl offer their investment banking courses at affordable rates. If compared with other investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement, which do not offer any value addition, these rates are very reasonable. Also, IIM Skills offers an option to pay the entire amount in 7 interest-free EMIs to reduce a one-time payment burden.


India is currently the fifth-largest economy in the world and undoubtedly, a global financial powerhouse. As India emerges as a crucial global financial market player, the investment banking industry has gained significant momentum and stability within the country. The investment banking industry has seen substantial growth, propelled by strong economic development, increasing FDI, and a conducive regulatory atmosphere.

This has led to large financial organizations, MNCs, and local companies pursuing expertise in the field of investment banking. Thus the investment banking landscape in the country has opened up a wide range of job opportunities across numerous roles and activities. All the major players in this sector have a large presence in Bangalore, as it’s a hub for all major IT companies and start-ups.

Understandably, the investment banking sector has become a particularly promising and active field offering lucrative career opportunities to individuals seeking to enter this field. This list of top investment banking professional courses in Bangalore with placement is an effort to throw some useful insights into the world of investment banking and act as a guiding beam to those looking for a suitable path to join this field.

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