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IIM SKILLS vs HICM Investment Banking Course Review

The Investment Banking industry has come a long way in India experiencing significant growth, owing to our brisk economic development, ever-increasing capital market activities, and our pro-active Government initiatives.  As a profession Investment banking is extremely challenging and highly honored, they primarily carry out enormous complex financial transactions for numerous organizations. This mammoth industry size along with the challenging opportunities the sector provides, makes it one of the most sought-after professions today. There is a significant presence of almost all the large domestic and foreign investment banking firms in India, which have laid down a large variety of investment banking roles across the nation. For individuals seeking to enter this highly esteemed field of work, this article provides a comprehensive comparison assessment between IIM Skills and HICM (Hindustan Institute of Capital Market), two of the best-known institutes presently offering investment banking courses in India. Now, let’s take a look at IIM SKILLS vs HICM Investment Banking Course Review.




What Is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a specific sector of the banking industry that helps business organizations raise funds through complex heavy financial transactions like wealth management, asset management, initial public offering (IPO) underwriting, mergers and acquisitions, trading and sales, reorganization, etc. It also provides important guidance on the subject of the offering and placement of stock. All corporations planning such complex and large financial transactions employ the services of investment bankers to plan their investment strategies to use their time and resources in the best possible manner and help reduce the risks associated with such transactions. Some of the topmost investment banks operating in India are BNP Paribas, Barclays Bank PLC, Deutsche Equities India Private Ltd., Credit Suisse Securities (India) Private Ltd., JP Morgan India Private Ltd., and SBI Capital Markets Ltd.


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Role of Investment Banker


An investment banker uses his expert knowledge, analytical capabilities, experience, and negotiation skills to assist organizations in raising funds. The fundamental function of investment bankers is to stay tuned and be well-informed about the present investment climate and ongoing trends in the markets along with the economy. Businesses look towards investment bankers regularly for their advice and expert opinions on their future development strategies. After completely assessing the present economic condition of the organization, investment bankers, give recommendations and help them traverse through the complicated field of large finance utilizing their know-how in the field. Moreover, before a company goes ahead with a specific project, it consults an investment banker to recognize the risks associated with it to help save its wealth and resources. Businesses also seek the help of investment banker with their financial instruments’ pricing and regulatory framework.


Responsibilities of Investment Bankers


Principally, Investment banking functions can be segregated into two main functions, one is the buy side function, where investment bankers mainly give advisory services, like suggesting which securities to invest in or buy to meet the financial returns objectives of the company and the second is the sell side where their role is to enable the securities sale, for which they are given the responsibility to find suitable investors to buy the securities to raise the required funds for their client.

A few standard responsibilities of investment bankers include:

  • Conducting tactical research and thorough investigations
  • Issuing of debt and selling equity to raise capital
  • Managing IPOs and private equity assignments
  • Discovering and finalizing potential investors
  • Facilitating mergers and acquisitions
  • Assisting with corporate restructuring
  • Analyzing risk factors and providing financial advice


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Benefits of an Investment Banking Course


Investment bankers’ work is highly challenging and mentally elating work. The opportunities it presents and the exposure the work provides along with high remuneration are what draws many people to this job. A few important reasons are elaborated below:

  • Diverse Career Opportunities: Investment banking offers diverse career possibilities in different groups of finance fields wealth management, private equity, corporate finance, asset management, and much more. With abundant options available, aspirants are certain to find an appropriate career path as per their interests and objectives.
  • Challenging and Rewarding Prospects:  Enrolling in an investment banking course would certainly be a fruitful investment as with the true skills, knowledge, and some sort of accreditation, a successful career in investment banking can be launched and it guarantees access to a world of challenging and rewarding prospects.
  • Hefty Remuneration: It is well known that investment banking is a moneymaking industry that presents lofty salary promises. Strengthening your knowledge base and expertise in this field will enable you to land rewarding positions with high-pay packages in reputed organizations.
  • Certification: Almost all reputed investment banking organizations prefer professionals who possess industry-recognized reputed certifications in the investment banking field. A valuable investment banking course can refine your expertise and propel your career prospects among your peers.


Salary Trends for an Investment Banker


The salary of an investment banker in India varies depending upon various factors like advanced educational qualifications, industry experience, current location, overall skill set, and the organization recruiting itself. At entry level, an investment banker who is just a beginner or has work experience of less than one year can ideally expect an average total pay package of ₹1.52 lakhs per annum as per Payscale. If the candidate has one to four years of experience, on average he earns a total package of ₹7.90 lakhs per annum, but if an investment banker has five to nine years of experience, he earns an average total package of ₹15.87 lakhs per annum as per Payscale.


Glassdoor portrays a comparable picture through its independent survey. As per their survey estimates, an investment banker makes about ₹14.50 lakhs per annum in India, with an average earnings of about ₹8.00 lakhs per annum. This is a general range of estimated salaries through the data collected from the existing current user base of Glassdoor. Further, it is estimated that investment bankers earn added income of at least ₹6.50 lakhs per annum which is primarily through commissions, bonuses, and profit sharing.


IIM SKILLS vs HICM Investment Banking Course Review in Detail


Now, let us take a look at how two of the most well-known institutes IIM Skills and HICM, offering investment banking courses fare in comparison to each other. We take a broad look at what the courses offer analyzing several factors such as the course curriculum, live training sessions, post-course placement support, certification, fees, etc. of both the courses being offered in investment banking.

Now moving on to the IIM SKILLS vs HICM investment banking course review:




IIM SKILLS is a market leader and prominent globally renowned online educational institution providing online professional courses since 2015. The institute has designed a thorough investment banking course that has been broadly classified into 8 main modules that cover all the important investment banking fields. The curriculum includes a perfect blend of theoretical lessons and practical training sessions. The course has been suitably titled the Certified Investment Banking Master Course. Let’s now examine in detail what the course offers.


Course Name, Duration, and Mode of Study


The Investment Banking Course is a short-term course and the duration of the course is 4 months in total. 3 months of study program and training plus 1 month of non-paid in-house internship. The internship is designed to give you a feel of an actual work environment. The mode of study will be online live interactive classes, these can be taken from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. If for some reason you miss the classes, the recorded session of the same will be made available the next day, so you don’t miss out on anything and these recordings are available to you for a lifetime so that you can come back and brush up anytime.




IIM SKILLS offers a comprehensive Investment Banking program, which is designed by subject matter and industry experts, who have carefully curated the program in such a way that every topic from basic to advanced levels, aligns and progresses systematically.  The course curriculum’s main objective is to make you job-ready as soon as you complete the investment banking course. It is one of the best investment banking courses in India for a truly successful career as it creates an accord between the best practices followed in the industry and real industry conceptualizations.


The Course is Divided Into 8 All-inclusive Modules Broadly Categorized Into:

  • Module 1 – MS PowerPoint
  • Module 2 – MS Excel
  • Module 3 – Fundamentals of Financial System and Market
  • Module-4 – Derivatives Market
  • Module 5 – Technicals of Investment Banking
  • Module 6 – Different Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 7 – Technicals of Financial Modeling
  • Module 8 – Business Valuation


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On successful completion of the course, the students will receive an industry-recognized, highly reputed Master Investment Banking Certification, which is also recognized by the MSME Govt of India. The certificate is well recognized by the industry and will enable students to land a job comfortably.


Eligibility and Suitability


As such there are no eligibility criteria for doing this course, anyone with a thirst for knowledge and a keen interest in investment banking can join this course. However, having a bachelor’s degree in commerce, accounting, business administration or a related field will be beneficial for the course. Also, enthusiasm to work in the investment banking industry plus fundamental knowledge of finance and statistics can be a great asset for doing the course. The course would be an ideal choice if you are a Graduate, CA/ CFA/ FRM/ MBA, Finance professional, Engineer, etc.


This comprehensive online investment banking course can benefit both freshers and working professionals alike. Fresh graduates can use it to launch their careers in the field of investment banking. Similarly, working professionals can further their professional ambitions by doing this course and attract better career options. So, anyone planning for a career in the field of investment banking can benefit from this course. It is one of the top investment banking courses in India.


Placement Support


IIM SKILLS is well connected to the industry and promises an impressive 100% placement Support, they also give you a 100% guarantee to land you in an Interview once you complete the course.



The total course fee is ₹ 39,900 + 18% GST which comes to about INR 47,000 (including GST) with the attractive option to pay in 7 interest-free EMIs of INR 6726/Month. The fees are very reasonable in comparison to other courses in the same bracket and to ease the burden of one-time payment, an easy EMI option is also made available to the students.


Contact Information

IIM SKILLS, H B Twin Towers, 8th Floor.

Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura,

New Delhi, Delhi 110034

Phone: +91-9580740740

Email: [email protected]



Since its inception in 2015, IIM Skills has trained more than 35000 candidates with various in-demand professional courses and helped develop the requisite skills to land a lucrative job or climb the corporate ladder. Their commitment to providing comprehensive theoretical learning along with practical training at very reasonable budget-friendly fees sets them apart from the rest. The institute is a renowned global online education platform, and a go-to place for students, freshers, and working professionals in India and abroad.


Whether one wants to start a career, move to a new field, or upskill their present career in finance, digital marketing, or writing fields, IIM SKILLS is just the right landing spot. In today’s era, employment opportunities are heavily dependent on skill development, current trends, and knowledge of the latest tools. Hence, it is extremely crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest skills and industry. IIM SKILLS provides an excellent environment for aspirants to learn and grow with advanced knowledge and acquisitions.


As regards the Investment Banking course, it has all that takes to get candidates through in the industry as a thriving performer. Starting with basic tools like MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, the expert mentors walk students through the essentials of financial systems, markets, and derivatives. Once these topics are thoroughly aced, they move ahead to advanced concepts like the more intriguing technicals of investment banking, marketing collaterals, financial modelling, and business valuation.


The course makes you thorough with the practical as well as theoretical aspects of the investment banking field. Further, they focus on developing the soft skills of the students, making them more financially savvy professionals and job-ready as soon as the course is completed. All this makes it a complete package, and one of the best Investment Banking Courses in India.


Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


HICM (Hindustan Institute of Capital Market)


HICM (Hindustan Institute of Capital Market) is one of India’s leading Investment Banking, Fund Accounting, and stock market educational institutes in India. HICM essentially provides training for many finance and capital market courses such as Investment Banking, Stock Market, Intraday trading, Fund Accounting, Technical and fundamental analysis, Financial Analyst, Futures and Options trading, Robot Trading, Wealth Management, Banking, Portfolio Manager, Mutual Funds, and Business Analyst. The efforts are to impart the highest standards of education, striving to drive students to a successful career path aligning with their objectives be it a traditional job or profits through investment in the stock markets. Their investment banking course is very sought after by the aspirants, the course is well structured as per the need of the industry and designed by industry experts, and the certification provided upon completion of the course is well accepted and recognized by the investment banking industry in India and global markets.


Course Name, Duration, and Mode of Study


The HICM investment banking course is an industry-integrated program titled Certified Investment Banking. The total duration of the course is 162 hours spread over two months in total. The first month includes 12 hours of teaching and training plus 50 hours of assignments. The second month includes 100 hours of company internship spread over four weeks. The students have the option to choose between both online and offline classes.



Broadly the students will be taught the following concepts –

  • How to raise capital for high net-worth individuals and businesses by debt issuing and equity selling
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Investment research
  • Preparation of legal and financial documents
  • Preparation of legal and financial records to complete investments
  • Risk assessment and financial advisory services
  • Foundation to conduct financial research and review information
  • Creation and implementation of financial models, Reviewing deals, and determining profits
  • Training in front, middle, and back office operations work
  • A strong foundation to perform fund accountant tasks
  • Resolve complex breaks by reconciling statements
  • Knowledge of Domestic & MNC Banking
  • Live training of Capital Market
  • BFSI Industry opportunities


Eligibility and Suitability

To do this course the candidate must have cleared the 12th class examination or currently be pursuing a Bachelor Program in any stream of at least a minimum duration of 3 years from a UGC Recognized University.


As per the suitability, the course is suitable for  Fresher’s who are looking to build a promising career in the Capital Markets, Market participants who desire to gain a structured knowledge of stock trading techniques and stock dealers, Sub-Brokers, CA, CFA, MBA Aspirants, and even budding Entrepreneurs.



The students are awarded a coveted Investment banking certificate upon completion of the course, which is well-recognized and accepted by the investment banking industry.


Placement Support

On successful completion of the course and the training, HICM provides students with all the support they need for placement. They get support from resume preparation, and portfolio building to mock interviews. HICM also has very good industry tie-ups where students are given preference for placement.



The total fee for the course is INR 25000. However, students get a 5% discount for an offline classroom-based study and a 10% discount if they choose to go for the online mode of study. They also provide an easy EMI-based payment facility.


Contact Information

HICM Institute

House No. 9, Kasra Number-649, Konark Residency,

3rd floor, Burari, 110084 – New Delhi

Mobile no 9718235132

Email: [email protected]



HICM is a reputed institute and their courses are well-recognized by the industry. They have carefully curated an investment banking course with the help of industry experts to suit the current investment banking industry needs. Apart from theoretical learning, they focus mainly on live training to help students gain real-world work experience. The course is designed to suit all stakeholders like students, working professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and traders. The course is taught by experienced subject matter experts and is offered both online as live interactive classes and in traditional classroom mode. One month of in-house internship will give students an idea of a real work environment. The certification provided after completion of the course has much weightage in the industry and with the support of the institute, placement is well assured. All in all, HICM would be a very good option to do a short-term investment banking certification course.


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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q 1. Which institute gives a guarantee of Job Placement in investment banking professional courses in India?


Almost every institute provides students with 100% placement support and guides them accordingly to find an appropriate job in the industry. All the institutes have tie-ups and placement alliances with reputed investment banking firms and these relations help suitable students in getting job placements. In here when it comes to IIM Skills vs HICM investment banking course, both institutes have healthy relations in the industry and provide 100% job support.


Q 2. What are the eligibility criteria to register for investment banking professional courses in India with placement?


Most institutes offering investment banking courses in India require some basic eligibility criteria to be fulfilled, as these courses are a little advanced and usually not suitable for rank beginners. Most institutes require a degree in finance and/or accounting field like MBA in Finance, CA, CFA, CS, CIMA, B.E., BBA, BCA, B.Com, M.Com, etc. But most institutes make it a preferable criterion rather than compulsory.


Q 3. Is an Investment Banking course costly in India?

The cost of short-term professional investment banking courses in India varies depending on elements like course duration, overall curriculum covered, internship opportunity, location, job placement support, etc., and are usually priced very reasonably. Also, most institutes usually offer an option to pay the fee in interest-free EMIs to help reduce a single payment burden.



Presently, India is the fifth-largest economy in the world and certainly, a global financial center. As India transpires as an important financial market player worldwide, the investment banking industry too has gained substantial momentum and steadiness in the country. The investment banking industry is experiencing substantial growth, pushed by sturdy economic development, increasing FDI, and a favorable regulatory ambiance. This has led to MNCs, big financial organizations, and domestic players pursuing expertise in the area of investment banking. Enabling the investment banking landscape in India to open up and offer a wide range of job prospects across several roles and activities. Naturally, the investment banking sector has presently become a particularly promising field extending lucrative career opportunities to prospective candidates looking to enter this field.


When it comes to IIM Skills vs HICM Investment Banking Course Review, a broad analysis has been done of all the important factors of both the courses like curriculum, duration, fee structure, training, and placement support. Both the institutes are equally reputed in the field of Ed Tech and both offer a very comprehensively packaged investment banking course. This article makes an honest effort to throw some useful insights into both the courses of investment banking and believes to act as a guiding light to help those looking to join one of these courses. Now, as a detailed view and all necessary information have been placed in a well-defined manner for both the courses, the course that most appropriately aligns with your interests and goals should be your ideal choice.


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