Top 8 Investment Banking Courses in Colombia

Today in the era of globalization, investment banking is one of the most in-demand industries. It offers a lucrative career option and is gaining vast popularity. It is a rewarding profession with scope for huge financial success although, demands high expertise in the art of strong effective social networks. Hence, a course in investment banking shall bolster you with the knowledge and necessary skills to be an ace investment professional. So, let us quickly dive into investment banking courses in Colombia starting with the world of investment banking.

List of best investment banking courses in Colombia

Investment Banking in a Nutshell

Investment banking is a type of financial service that organizes large, complex financial transactions and helps organizations, governments, and individuals raise capital and manage their financial portfolios.

These banks provide services like underwriting, asset management, security trading, risk management, mergers and acquisitions. They also manage a company’s Initial public offering (IPO). They also conduct intensive research and analysis on companies and help in finding potential investors.

Investment bankers as brokers or financial consultants need to sense the pulse of the current financial market and investment scenario to advise their clients on crucial financial transactions and other investment-related decisions.

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Investment Banking as a Career

For an investment banker career, you start with financial institutions that offer investment banking services to their clients. Usually, you start as an Analyst conducting research and producing analytical reports for the seniors in the hierarchy.

As you move ahead, Associate, Vice-President, Senior Vice-President, and Managing Director is what the corporate ladder looks like. Working for a hedge fund, wealth management firm, or other financial corporation needs sharp financial acumen.

While investment banking as a career could be extremely demanding, it comes with its perks like a highly-paid job with a fast career advancement that is directly linked to your performance.

However, your success will also be largely backed by your ability to work under extreme pressure, excellent numerical and analytical skills, good negotiation power, and impressive soft skills.

Some of the reputed investment companies like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Corporation, Morgan Stanley, and CitiGroup Inc. are where investment bankers can have flourishing careers in areas like venture capital, wealth management, and financial advisory services to name a few.

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Investment Banking Skills:

Here are the must-have investment banking skills:

1) Research & Analysis

A significant part of investment bankers involve a thorough research of the financials. They have to stay abreast of all the latest developments in the financial markets and the overall economy. Collating and scrutinizing data, forecasting future market trends, and evaluating the risk factors associated with it are essential. An intense study of investment opportunity and its feasibility is crucial for sound decision-making.

2) Financial Modelling

Financial modeling is a key skill required by investment professionals. It enables us to forecast a company’s health in the future by studying the past and present financial history of the company. It helps in creating M&A models, valuation of the company, profit and loss statements, and other relevant financial reports. In short, financial modeling determines the company’s current worth.

3) Valuation Analysis

This is one of the major parts of investment banking especially involved in M&A deals. It considers the flaws in the M&A process to bring about transaction fairness for post-transaction shareholder litigation. Some of the investment banking valuations are Comparable Company Analysis, Precedent Transaction Analysis, Discount Cash Flow Analysis, and Recap Analysis.

4) Sales and trading, and Equity Research

Sales and trading, and Equity research are crucial roles in investment banking. The investment banker has to be skilled in this to help individual investor clients or institutional investors with trading ideas – buying and selling and repeating profits.

5) Networking

Networking is another important skill in investment banking. It helps investment professionals stay well-connected in the industry and provides access to critical information, competitive intelligence, and other market insights that enable them to make informed investment decisions. Also, networking helps in developing strong client relationships and also leads to new opportunities and potential deals.

6) Negotiation

Negotiation is an art that forms an integral part of deal structuring, valuation and pricing, competitive bidding, and pitching and winning clients or business. Investment professionals need to negotiate with various government bodies and authorities during regulatory compliance and due diligence for financial transactions. Also, only a seasoned negotiator can peacefully resolve conflicts and lead to successful deal closure.

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Investment Banking in Colombia

Colombia as a country has an appealing human capital: it has a well-educated population with advanced degrees. Post-pandemic the country is now recovering and in full swing gravitating interest from foreign direct investors. Its location also offers huge benefits as it has good connectivity with the United States of America.

Investment banking in Colombia encompasses a plethora of financial services including investment banking services to mid-market companies and financial institutions that contribute significantly to the country’s capital markets.

Reputed financial institutions in Colombia provide an array of investment banking services to mid-market companies and financial institutions, private equity, and institutional investors across South America.

As per international firms ranking 2024, some of the reputed global firms like BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan have made it to their recommended ranking list in Colombia in the merger and acquisition space.

As of January 2022, having a career in investment banking in Colombia looks promising and can begin with Investment Banking Courses in Colombia. For investment professionals there are abundant job prospects available in major financial centers like Bogota’, the country’s capital which also happens to be the primary hub for financial services.

These investment banking jobs can be in areas like mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and corporate finance to name a few, both in domestic firms and international banks with their presence in Colombia.

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Top 8 Investment Banking Courses in Colombia



IIM SKILLS is a premiere online institute and offers various online courses both for freshers and working professionals. On successful completion of the course, it provides 100% job assistance as it has 1,000+ international recruiting partners.

  • Course Name – Certified Investment Banking Master Course 
  • Course Duration – 3 Months of Training + 1 Month Guaranteed Internship
  • Course Fee – 39,900 INR + 18% Taxes


For Investment Banking Courses in Colombia, the Investment Banking program by IIM SKILLS aligns with the current financial industry concepts and best practices making you an absolute pro with the job market requirements and hence the most suitable candidate for this role.

The curriculum is structured by subject matter experts assuring you are introduced to every aspect of that domain in particular. The Certified Investment Banking Master Course with IIM SKILLS is a 3-month instructor-led online program that comprises 8 Modules plus a 1-month guaranteed internship.

You can also have a look at the IIM SKILLS Investment Banking Course Review to gain deep insights into the course.


In these 3 months, they provide a total of 70+ hours of lectures of which 50+ hours of training and 20+ hours of doubt-solving and answering queries. With 100+ hours of practical assignments, 10+ templates, and 5+ case studies you are sure to be a pro if you are seriously committed.

Also, IIM SKILLS has a Learning Management System (LMS) tool with past lecture recordings and course materials accessible to the students throughout that comes in handy for reference and revision.

IIM SKILLS with an incredible reputation in the market has a strong clientele of several renowned international firms as recruiting partners that help IIM SKILLS students to find appropriate job opportunities and to build their careers through the placement assistance provided by them.


Hence, if you are looking for Investment Banking Courses in Colombia, you need not look any further.

Other Finance Courses by IIM SKILLS:

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Imarticus Learning is another reputed ed-tech firm that started off in 2012 as an investment banking training institute. Today it has earned a reputation as one of the leading institutes for offering online Investment Banking Courses that deal in Finance, Analytics, Technology, Marketing, and Management.

They offer live online training modules by seasoned industry players with a robust curriculum and hands-on training methods and with constant support, whether you are a beginner or a working professional.

The curriculum is a good blend that involves fundamentals of financial markets, risk management, and other aspects that also help you gain practical knowledge.

Since their program comes with 100% job assurance with 10 guaranteed interviews at over 500 top-tier organizations they partner with, you have a fair chance to be hired as an investment banking professional with their premier clients.


Some of them are Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Capgemini, and Genpact, just to name a few. The credibility they hold makes them one of the best online institutes for Investment Banking Courses in Colombia.

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3) New York Institute of Finance (NYIF)

Another great option is to look at the Investment Banking Certificate(IBC) a professional certification in business and finance by the New York Institute of Finance(NYIF).

Investment Banking certification is an online 70-hour program, a self-paced online module that can be done from the comfort of your home. This is a learning course designed by industry experts, and seasoned market practitioners regarding investment banking, finance, and valuation.

In this comprehensive program, you will learn necessary skills relating to Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions(M&A), Fund Management, and Capital Markets which apply to investment banking in areas of equity and fixed income capital markets, risk management, and acquisition advisory.

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4) Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

Corporate Finance Institute is a reputed online training institute known for bolstering the knowledge and skills of banking and finance professionals through various certification courses in valuation, financial modeling, and corporate finance.

For Investment Banking Courses in Colombia, one of the most sorted courses with CFI is the Certificate in Investment Banking and Research(CIBR). This self-paced online course helps you to build skill sets for investment banking jobs.


Also under this program, you learn Financial Modeling and Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Fund Raising, Industry Analysis, and Equity Research. CFI is the official global provider of the certification program Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA), which is of great relevance for investment banking training.

It consists of 41 courses, 200+ interactive classes, and a Blockchain certificate. This comprehensive course by CFI is conducted by expert instructors live online or classroom training.

It is project-based learning but self-paced and provides detailed study material and recorded lectures making it a great choice for Investment Banking Courses in Colombia.

Corporate Finance Institute offers 100% placement assistance with reputed firms like KPMG, WNS, and PWC to name a few assuring you a job opportunity.

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5) The WallStreet School (TWSS):

The WallStreet School (TWSS) is known to offer a series of the best Investment Banking Courses in Colombia, both classroom boot camp and online courses. The Investment Banking Course is formulated by investment bankers and industry experts to help you with the practical application of the theoretical concepts learned in the course.

This course encompasses a comprehensive understanding of capital markets, investment banking techniques, and equity research. This Investment Banking Course consists of 10 modules of 60+ hours of videos and assessment tests including mock interviews and resume edits.

This self-paced online course clubbed with experiential learning can be done from the comfort of your home.

TWSS has a strong corporate placement network across 250+ leading global firms and on successful completion of the course and assessments, you are provided placement assistance to kick start your career with some renowned firms like PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, Wipro, and Grant Thorton among the others.

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IIM Ranchi is a renowned institute in India and its online Investment Banking Course happens to make it one of the most reputed Investment Banking Courses in Colombia. The skills and knowledge imparted under this course are good to make you job-ready and will earn you an edge over others.

This Investment Banking Course comprises 80+ Live sessions across 9 months by seasoned IIM experts as faculty. The curriculum is comprehensive and covers all aspects of capital markets, and investment banking from financial modeling, and valuation to mergers and acquisitions.

You will also be skilled in financial markets, equity research, quantitative techniques, and strategic investments.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certification from IIM Ranchi followed by placement assistance and 3 guaranteed interviews from world-class reputed organizations like Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust, and JP Morgan Chase to name a few with whom you may start your bright career.

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7) Coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular and reputable online learning platforms that offer a spectrum of courses, degrees, and specializations in different fields from technology, healthcare, data science, social sciences, arts, business, finance, and more.

This education provider partners with various global universities, colleges, and educational institutions provides both free and paid courses, and also awards you with a certificate of completion for a fee.

For Investment Banking Courses in Colombia, the Investment Banking: M&A and Initial Public Offerings course offered by Coursera partnered with the University of Illinois, is an intermediate-level course structured by industry experts.


This is a self-paced free course of approximately 15 hours that helps to develop job-relevant skills with hands-on projects and earns you a shareable certificate on completion of the course.

This course has 5 modules and helps in the application of financial analysis and valuation techniques in the investment banking space. Whether you are a banker, investor, strategist, or consultant, you will learn how to analyze a private equity firm, analysis of leveraged buyout and merger consequences, and about valuation and consideration of initial public offering.

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8) Udemy 

Udemy is a well-known online platform for individuals to acquire new skills, upgrade their expertise, and go up their corporate ladder. It provides a diverse choice of courses on various aspects like digital marketing, business, finance, and others.

The Complete Investment Banking Course 2023 by Udemy is interactive and dynamic. This course comprises 11 hours of recorded videos with 26 PDF and 32 Excel files.

The curriculum also has 12 challenges, and 22 quiz questions. You will also have 2 valuation models from scratch. On successful course completion, you earn a certificate.

Under this course, you will be introduced to four main areas of investment banking – Capital Markets, Trading and Brokerage, Advisory, and Asset Management, which makes Udemy a great option for Investment Banking Courses in Colombia.

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FAQs About Investment Banking Courses in Colombia

What skills are required to be a successful investment banker? 

Investment banking is a high-profile career and requires a great deal of mathematical, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Hence, a good financial experience or background training in finance would definitely help. Also, strong interpersonal, communication, and networking skills are a bonus.

What are some key points to consider before choosing Investment Banking courses in Colombia? 

Selecting the right investment banking course is paramount and a series of factors need to be well evaluated before you make a decision. Primarily research the reputation and credibility of the institute and the instructor through reviews and testimonials. Check course content and format align with your professional goals and accreditation of the courses as accredited courses add more value to your CV. Placement assistance, career support, and networking opportunities through alumni are crucial for professional connections. Lastly, know about the course fee, availability of financial aid, and if it offers a good value for investment.

Are there institutes that offer free Investment Banking courses in Colombia? 

Yes, there are several platforms where you can access free online courses from reputable sources on various topics including investment banking. Some of the popular ones are Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera, edX, MIT OpenCourseWare, Investopedia, and YouTube to name a few. While some offer free access to course materials, earning a certificate of completion may come with a fee.

Do investment bankers work for long hours? 

Investment bankers are highly paid but their typical week is around 80 work hours per week but can easily stretch beyond 100 hours due to the high-intensity job demands.

How can I switch to an investment banking career? 

Start off by learning the basis of financial analysis, equity research, and financial modeling by enrolling for a certification course in Investment banking or Financial modeling from a reliable reputed institute. While placement assistance services by the institute would be great, you too can look for entry-level internships or investment banking jobs.

What are investment banking types?

Investment banks broadly can be classified into three main categories: boutique banks, middle-market banks, and bulge bracket banks. Boutique banks generally focus on niche areas like mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, private equity, or specific industries. Middle-market banks as the name suggests cater to the needs of middle-market companies. Bulge bracket banks are big players in the investment banking industry with substantial international presence and typically deal with high-profile mergers and acquisitions(M&A), initial public offerings (IPOs), and large-scale debt and equity issuances.


Overall, there is a plethora of opportunities in investment banking as a career that can be intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding although demanding. Being an investment banker opens up various other roles in finance, consulting, or at a management level in the corporate world. So, if you are someone who is a go-getter, with an appetite for challenges and knows the art of balancing one’s personal and professional life, this could be a great career choice.

Top 6 Investment Banking Books That Will Pay Off

Book reading plays a key role in your intellectual, personal, and social development. Non-fictional books, in particular, improve critical thinking by presenting facts figures, and data with evidence which helps you evaluate the information, and thereby make informed decisions. Hence, if investment banking interests you, reading the best investment banking books will introduce you to the world of investment banking, financial markets, and other intricacies of investment banking. 


While there is a plethora of books and authors to choose from, choosing the best read is crucial. While picking an investment banking book, consider your specific area of interest and remember your current level of expertise in that particular domain.

If you are just starting, look for books that are highly recommended by subject matter experts or professionals in that field. While introductory books will cover the basics and provide a strong foundation for beginners, investment bankers can pick books for advanced reading with case studies and practical exercises.


Top 6 Highly Recommended Investment Banking Books

Below are the must-read investment banking books listed.


1. Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions by Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pear

This book is considered a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of investment banking. It is often read as a bible in the world of finance and is a valuable resource for professionals in the investment banking field.

Key Topics Covered: 


This book will you through the essential methods like Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis, Comparable Company Analysis (CCA), Precedent Transactions Analysis (PTA), and a few others to explain the valuation of the companies.

 Financial Modeling:

This book explains financial modeling through practical scenarios and provides inputs for building financial models.

 Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs):

The author covers LBO deal structuring and the Intricacies of LBOs, which is a common transaction in investment banking. This book provides valuable insights into the mechanics and strategies that are involved in leveraged buyouts.

 Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A):

This book in detail covers the entire M&A process – deal sourcing, due diligence, deal structuring, and execution, and also explains different types of M&A transactions.

If you need in-depth learning, must enroll in these best Online Investment Banking Courses

 Deal Analysis & Industry Insights:

In this book, the author highlights industry insights to explain how valuation and deal-making practices vary across sectors. Case studies explain how to apply the concepts in real life for actual deals.

The Style of Writing and The Feel of the Book: 

The author has taken great care to explain complex financial concepts most simplistically by putting theory into practical examples making it easily understandable to a layman. The book provides the clarity needed to apply investment banking concepts.


Who is this book for?

The simplistic approach used in the books makes it a good read both for beginners who seek a strong foundation in investment banking and also a must for investment banking working professionals for a deeper understanding of the concepts, in-depth technical knowledge or specific segments of investment banking.

This book is considered to be one of the ‘go-to’ investment banking books for investment banking fundamentals and deals with the intricacies of investment banking with a technical outlook.

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2. Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity

As the title suggests, this book mainly covers key components of investment banking like, investment banking, hedge funds, and Private Equity (PE) firms. Thus, in a nutshell, this book provides a comprehensive overview of investment banking.

Key Topics Covered: 

Investment Banking:

The author starts by giving an overview of the financial markets and the roles of various components involved. He then explains the functioning of investment banks in the financial ecosystem explaining capital raising, underwriting, and mergers and acquisitions.

 Hedge Funds:

The author explains what hedge funds are and how they are strategically structured. The book also covers the role and importance of risk management, compliance with key regulatory considerations, and how they impact investment banking activities.

Private Equity (PE):

The book talks about the role of private equity in the capital markets and the investment process in private companies. Also the author in detail covers various other topics like venture capital along with Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) about private equity.

Investment Strategies:

The importance of investment strategies and how they influence decision-making, risk management, and advising clients in financial success is in detail in the book.

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Regulatory Environment:

This book outlines the regulatory frameworks that govern investment banks and also includes recent regulations and how they impact the investment banking industry on the whole.

 Case Studies:

For a good reader experience, the author includes case studies from the real world which involve practical application of the concepts. With some notable case studies, this book serves as an investment banking textbook to its readers.


The Style of Writing and The Feel of the Book: 

The clear and accessible writing style makes this a great choice among investment banking books. Stowel certainly knows how to blend theory with practical applications and gifts a beautiful learning experience to his readers.

Who is this book for?

This book has a practical approach. It portrays real-life cases with spreadsheets that help you design your analytical frameworks that boost your decision-making skills regarding financial analysis. Due to its simplistic approach, this book has a broader audience base from students to finance professionals. So, whether you are just entering into an investment banking career or working in finance, this book gives you an edge over others.

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3. Investment Banking For Dummies by Matthew Krantz

This is a user-friendly guide for an overall understanding of investment banking and its fundamental concepts. So, if you are new to the world of finances, this is sure to become one of your favorite books.

Key Topics Covered:

Introduction to Investment Banking: 

As the title suggests, author Matthew Krantz begins by giving you an idea about the financial industry and slowly introduces you to the realm of investment banking, its functions, etc.

 Financial Markets and Instruments: 

The book further explains all about financial markets and various investment instruments traded in the markets. This section educates the readers about financial markets in depth. Some of the key functions of investment banks like capital raising, Mergers and Acquisitions(M&A), and advisory services are systematically explained section-wise to educate the readers regarding the workings of investment bank’s financial transactions.


Also, Krantz explains how the valuation of the companies is done by investment bankers using various valuation techniques and the basics of investment banking risk management. This book also gives an overview of financial modeling and how insights help in the creation of financial models.

Investment Banking Career Paths and Success Tips:

The authors go the extra mile to guide the readers about different career paths within the investment banking sector and the progression of various roles and responsibilities in the financial domain. This book leaves no stone unturned when it comes to sharing key skills an investment banker needs like negotiation, networking, and staying abreast about the new industry trends.

The Style of Writing and The Feel of the Book: 

This book is from the ‘For Dummies’ series and follows the flair and the conversation flavor in line with other books in the series. Hence, the readers do not feel overwhelmed by the complexities of the financial world as the book seamlessly flows from one concept to another through its approachable writing style.

Who is this book for?

This is one of the best books for beginners in investment banking, easy to understand even without knowledge about how the financial market works. It covers definitions of the core concepts and practices followed in the financial world. Hence, this book proves to be a valuable resource for those wanting to build a strong financial foundation and are exploring potential prospects in this field.

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4. Investment Banking Explained: An Insider’s Guide to the Industry written by Michel Fleuriet

This book written by Michael Fleuriet, is an investment banking bible that gives an overview of the inner workings, functions, and dynamics of the investment banking industry. A must-read for both, freshers and working professionals in the investment banking space.

Key Topics Covered:

Investment Banking and Functions of Investment Banks:

The author begins by introducing the concepts of investment banking and how it impacts the financial markets and the economy as a whole. He goes on to explain the array of functions and services provided by investment banks.

Financial Instruments and Valuation Techniques:

Fleuriet talks about the various financial instruments in investment banking. Various valuation techniques like Discounted Cash Flow(DCF) Analysis and Comparable Company Analysis (CCA) are dealt with in depth in the book.

Deal Sourcing, Risk Management, and Regulatory Compliance:

Also, as you progress further in the book, the author covers the entire deal process starting from deal sourcing to deal execution with practical insights that help investment bankers complete successful transactions. Risk management in investment banking and regulatory complexities of the financial world is also comprehensively covered in the book.

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Career Insights: 

The author Michel Fleuiret, a seasoned investment banker, shares his valuable insights about investment banking career, networking tips, and skill advancement that will bolster you to deal with the challenges of the investment banking industry.

The Style of Writing and The Feel of the Book: 

The content of the book is informative and Fleuriet covers the complex subject of investment banking with ease and in a concise manner making it a good read for the readers.

Who is this book for?

This book covers the topic of investment banking in a holistic way – operations, risk management, and strategies, and thus proves to be a real gem for readers in the financial domain. For the simplicity of the content has an audience across varying levels of expertise in finance making this one of the most accessible books.


5. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham 

This book is written by Benjamin Graham, a renowned economist and professor, and is considered to be the cornerstone of value investing. It holds secrets for successful long-term investing by giving you insights into sound investment strategy.

Key Topics Covered:

Value Investing:

The author introduces the concept of value investing by highlighting buying stocks at a discounted price and the key is not to evaluate the company’s value through short-term market fluctuations but by the company’s strong fundamentals.

The Margin of Safety:

Graham explains alleviating the risk by making careful investments where the intrinsic value assures a good margin of safety against the market price. He mentions, that investors should not let their buy and sell decisions be influenced by the market’s unpredictable and erratic changes but should be smart to understand when to invest.


Defensive vs. Enterprising Investors:

The author beautifully chalks out investors into two categories depending on their temperaments – defensive and enterprising. Defensive investors are the ones who focus on low-cost index funds and are passive in their approach. Conversely, Enterprising investors focus on individual stocks due to their active aggressive approach.

Mr. Market Analogy:

Graham cleverly explains the erratic movements of the stock market using the metaphor of “Mr. Market”. He advises that investors should make practical rational decisions about investments and not blindly follow the emotional swings of ups and downs experienced by Mr. Market. Both, being overly optimistic or overly pessimist can cloud your investment judgments.

Investment Vs Speculation and Market Fluctuations:

Graham highlights the crucial difference between investment and speculation. He says, investment is when investors focus on the long-term, and that involves a thorough study of the company fundamentals and an understanding of the market behavior. Speculation is when investors focus only on short-term market movements that are not necessarily backed by research of the market scenario.

However, he says, investors need to look at market fluctuations as opportunities rather than threats, and especially disciplined investors who believe patience is a virtue, can greatly benefit during a market downturn.

The Permanent Portfolio:

When it comes to investing, Graham explains the importance of diversification and managing risk by maintaining a balanced portfolio that has a good mix of both stocks and bonds to maintain financial stability.

The Style of Writing and The Feel of the Book: 

Among the investment domain, this book is known to be a classic and is considered to be one of the greatest investment books of all time for simplifying concepts with clarity and for its layman’s approachability.

Who is this book for?

With no complicated security analysis formulas, this book sets the foundation for investment in the most simplistic format that is easily understood by a layman. Although first published in 1949, this remains one of the best investment banking books applicable to modern-day finance professionals and everyday investors. The Intelligent Investor is one of the must-reads for anyone who wants to educate themselves about investment or picking stocks.


6. Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle by John Rolfe and Peter Troob 

This book written by John Rolfe and Peter Troob successfully takes us behind the scenes of Wall Street and shows us the challenges, and culture in the context of investment banking.

Key Topics Covered:

Entry into the World Of Investment Banking:

The authors begin their journey into the highly competitive investment banking domain and share their views and inputs into the rigorous interview process of the investment banking industry.

Culture of Wall Street and the Work-Life Balance Challenge:

With the humor element, the authors narrate the never-ending demands of this high-pressure job and the absurd expectations from investment banking professionals. Working round the clock, tight deadlines, and tough competition all make work-life balance almost impractical.

Deal-Making and Other Functions:

The author talks about the significance of deal-making, his work on mergers and acquisitions, client interactions, and as an investment banker his everyday roles and responsibilities.


The Internal Race and Office Politics:

Candidly but with a pinch of humor, the authors highlight the cut-throat competition prevalent in the industry and how the rate race to get to the top makes the workplace a political ground.

The Style of Writing and The Feel of the Book: 

The “Monkey Business” as the name suggests has a humorous tinge even with a topic like investment banking but equally informative. The authors use wit and a candid approach to narrate their experiences of working in the high-pressure world of investment banking. The authors’ engaging storytelling makes this book a lively and entertaining piece through anecdotes and experiences in the financial industry.

Who is this book for?

The authors keep the readers engaged with their candid portrayal of the investment banking realm which purely reflects his perspectives and observations of the financial world. This ranks as one of the most recommended books for investment banking if you enjoy the human side of finance.

Other Best Books For Investment Bankers

  • Barbarians at the Gate by Brian Burrough and John Helyar
  • Principles by Ray Dalio
  • Investment Banking: Institutions, Politics and Law by Allan Morrison and William J. Wilhelm
  • The Business of Investment Banking: A Comprehensive Overview by K.Liaw
  • Liar’s Poker: Rising through the Wreckage on Wall Street written by Michael Lewis
  • The Dark Side of Valuation by Aswath Damodaran
  • How to Be an Investment Banker: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Landing the Job Written by Andrew Gutmann
  • The Investment Banking Handbook by J.P.Morgan


 Q. Which are the best investment banking books for someone new to this field?

For newbies, Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions” by Rosenbaum and Pearl would be a great choice. Also a book that is easy and casual in approach would be, Investment Banking For Dummies” by Matthew Krantz.

Q. Which books are essential for learning financial modeling in investment banking?

You may opt for Financial Modeling and Valuation: A Practical Guide to Investment Banking and Private Equity” by Paul Pignataro, a book that comprehensively covers financial modeling, and also talks about valuation and private equity transactions. Another book that is highly recommended for financial modeling is Investment Banking: Valuation, Leveraged Buyouts, and Mergers & Acquisitions by Rosenbaum and Pearl.

Q. Can you name books on investment banking by Indian authors?

Looking at investment banking from an Indian context, the books you may want to consider, are Investment Banking: Principles & Practices by P. N. Varshney and Investment Banking and Security Market Operations. Also in the context of financial modeling, Financial Modeling using Excel and VBA by Chandan Sengupta has a more advanced approach.

Q. Are there books on the impact of technology on investment banking?

Well, while there may not be any particular book addressing the impact of technology on the financial market, you could resort to reliable financial news journals and other sources to keep yourself updated on the evolving technology and the new trends in the financial industry and the economy as a whole.

Q. Are there books on investment banking interviews and recruitment?

The book, The Vault Guide to Finance Interviews by D. Bhatawedekhar, gives a clear picture of what to expect in investment banking interviews and shares valuable resources and tips on how one can successfully prepare for interviews in the financial domain.


Investment banking books are invaluable resources of knowledge and come in handy for anyone to understand the world of finance. It offers basic skills and knowledge that are pre-requisite for investment banking and also presents the readers with different perspectives within the field.

However, books alone can not do complete justice for an aspiring investment banker as the financial industry is dynamic and constantly changing. Thus finance professionals need to be continuously learning and it demands one to stay abreast with the latest concepts and best practices within the financial market and to stay updated and books alone might not be sufficient. This is where enrolling for investment banking courses with renowned educational institutes like IIM SKILLS is highly recommended as it provides hands-on training, a certificate, and even internships with placement assistance.


Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Birmingham

Content is king, we all know! And when we say that, it is a sum of various factors. However, a key ingredient determines how glued your readers are to your content i.e., how creative your content is. Even simple information presented creatively makes a huge difference. Perhaps we could say, creativity is the soul of the content. While some are innately blessed with an artistic bent for writing, creative writing is a skill that can be easily learned and cultivated. This article guides you into aspects of creative writing and some of the top creative writing courses in Birmingham.


Creative Writing in a Nutshell

Creative writing as the name suggests, is structuring the words in a fashion that resonates with the readers by evoking an emotional response. We humans are emotional beings and our decisions are majorly driven by pleasure or pain.

Through your written piece, if you can express your thoughts and ideas in a fashion that strikes a chord with your readers, you can call yourself a successful creative writer. Creative writing is different from academic or technical writing, where creative writers enjoy the freedom of self-expression through flowery language, metaphors, symbolism, similes, etc.

They are not bound by a particular format or structure and that helps them to infuse life into the character or central theme of their write-up. One of the key elements of creative writing is that the writers can share their opinions, feelings, or personal insights into their content.

Hence creative writing is majorly used in non-factual, entertaining pieces although not confined to merely writing non-fiction books, novels, or poetry.

Especially in this digital era where businesses are online, catching the audience’s attention is paramount and so how creative one can get especially with their content, their ad campaigns on social media, to a great extent undoubtedly contributes to the overall success of the organization.

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Creative Writing is Divided Into:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction

What is Fiction Writing?

Anything that is pure imagination, your creation is written for entertainment to grasp the reader’s attention or simply to express your point of view. Fiction writing is generally non-historical writing and need not be necessarily backed by factual data. Creative writing is thus easily an essence in fiction writing.

Some Forms of Fiction Writing:

  • Playwriting: Playwriting has a dramatic structure, and consists of dialogues – monologues, soliloquies, and stage directions that guide artists, directors, and the technicians involved in the play.
  • Short Story: This is a brief work of fiction that has fewer characters and where the entire story orbits around a single plot or theme.
  • Novella: It is longer than a short story but more concise than a novel and generally is anywhere between 20,000 to 40,000 words.
  • Novel: It comes under the long form of writing with over 40,000 words and multiple characters, plots, and subplots.
  • Script-writing: It is also known as screenplay. You will see this form of writing for creating scripts for television media, radio, theater, and films. A good script-writing makes a story come alive.
  • Poetry: It is a form of literary expression that evokes feelings through the use of emotional language, metaphors, etc. It sometimes rhymes and has a rhythmic feel to it.

Check These Few More Creative Writing Courses For Skill Development:

What is Non-Fiction Writing?

Non-fiction writing is content that comprises real events and actual people. Its main objective is to inform, educate, or persuade the readers by providing accurate factual information that is verifiable. Each one of us has had the experience of some form of non-fiction writing in a lifetime, for example, school essays, journaling, diary writing, official emails, etc.

The Four Main Components of Non-fiction Writing Are:

Expository: The main purpose of this kind of writing is to state facts and give logical explanations to the readers. The author needs to do thorough research, gather factual data, and has to have a clear understanding of the subject. Textbooks, instruction manuals, academic books, etc. are good examples of expository writing.  

Narrative: Here, the author puts forward facts in the form of a story or a sequence of events or topic-wise. Narrative writing can be seen in stories, novels, short essays, etc.

Persuasive: In this form of writing, the author aims to convince or persuade the readers to accept a particular point of view or persuade them to take a particular action. This form of writing is quite compelling and presents arguments or strong evidence. Some examples of persuasive writing are editorials, advertisements, speeches, etc.

Descriptive: The main objective of this form of writing is to give readers a holistic experience by engaging all their senses. Descriptive writing uses sensory language and good examples are travel guides, cookbooks, poetries, etc. However, one ought to understand that there is certain non-fictional literature that can also be considered to be a part of creative writing, although they are categorized under non-fiction.

Here Are a Few Examples of Creative Non-fiction Writing: 

Memoir:  It is subjective and is written from the first-person perspective. It is an autobiographical form of writing where the author shares incidents and experiences from his or her life.

Biographies and Autobiographies: A Biography is a life story of a person written by someone else, while an autobiography is when someone pens down their own life and relevant incidents.

Journalism: Journalism aims at reporting factual information and real current events and issues. Investigative reports and new articles are classic examples.

Political Writing and Humour Writing:

Writing political essays that analyze social and political systems and ideologies, political satire, etc. are also forms of creative non-fiction writing.

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Scope of Creative Writing

In the world of uncertainty, it is understandable one might be apprehensive about the future of creative writers. But the good news is, that the world today is highly influenced by technological advancements and the future of the digital world is only evolving.

The majority of the world has moved from its primitive way to online. This provides a golden opportunity for creative writers to showcase their talent by creating engaging content on digital platforms. Besides, as a creative writer, you can work from any remote location and even work as a freelancer.

Some Key Skills Needed to be a Successful Creative Writer:

  • Language proficiency
  • Basic Technological understanding
  • Research skills
  • Imagination and Creativity
  • Good observation
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm

 Creative Writing in Birmingham

Birmingham is a major vibrant city in the West Midland region of England. This dynamic city has abundant opportunities for creative writers due to its flourishing literary community. Birmingham is the second largest city in the United Kingdom has various literary events and festivals which give aspiring writers various creative writing opportunities to explore and hone their writing skills.

Birmingham Writers’ Guild and similar organizations regularly conduct events and workshops that provide a platform to network with other writers. Also, several local educational institutions and community centers in Birmingham offer courses and writing workshops for creative writers to improve their craft. Thus, one can easily make a career as a creative writer by enrolling in creative writing courses in Birmingham.

What Career Options Are Available for a Creative Writer?

In this era of social media, there are a plethora of opportunities available for a Creative Writer. Hence, on successful completion of your creative writing courses in Birmingham, you will have the freedom to choose diverse career paths across industries depending on your writing skills. Some Roles You Could Explore Are:

  • Copywriter (Digital Copywriter or Advertising Copywriter)
  • Content Writer
  • Web Content Manager
  • Proofreader
  • Internal Communication Specialist
  • Social Media Expert
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Academic Librarian
  • Columnist
  • Ghostwriter
  • Script Writer for films, TV shows, etc.

Now, having learned about the job market for creative writers in the United Kingdom, let us quickly explore creative writing courses in Birmingham.

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Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Birmingham for Success



IIM SKILLS is one of the most trusted brands in the education industry with its online presence. It has attracted students from around the globe. Their reputation is the product of their dedication and continuous efforts at delivering the best skill development training programs from industry experts themselves. While they provide a host of courses, their flagship course is the writing course.

Hence, if you are someone who aspires to be a creative writer, you cannot afford to miss IIM SKILLS. Although IIM SKILLS doesn’t offer a creative writing course separately, they cover it in depth under the Creative Writing module within their Content Writing course.

Thus, you not only learn about creative writing but also have the advantage of learning different styles of writing when you enroll in their Content Writing course. The Content Writing Master Course at IIM SKILLS is a 4 weeks live classroom online program with a 3-month guaranteed internship.

In the 30 hours of training, you will learn Article Writing, Blogging, E-book, Book Writing, Press Release, Copywriting, Legal Papers, Business Listing, and many more.

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As part of creative writing, you will learn to write the first draft of your book and attempt a short story, both fiction and non-fiction. The Learning Management System (LMS) at IIM SKILLS is a handy tool that gives you lifetime access to the latest content.

Also, you get over 14 hours of Internship lectures along with 50+ hours of Internship assignments. Real-life case studies and practical assignments make you job-ready and give you an edge over others.

The Master Certification from IIM SKILLS is globally accredited. Also, their job assistance services allow you to be hired by their renowned recruiting partners which include big media houses, top writing agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

With all this put together, IIM SKILLS offers one of the best creative writing courses in Birmingham.

Course Title – Content Writing Course

Course Duration – 1 Month Training + 3 Month Guaranteed Internship

Course Fee – 16,900 INR + 18% Taxes

Free Job Placement Assistance

For further details, please visit:

or email at: [email protected]  

You may also want to look at other Professional Courses at IIM SKILLS


2. MAC Midlands Arts Centre

Midlands Arts Centre is set in Birmingham amidst the magnificent surroundings of Cannon Hill Park. Since May 2010 it has emerged as a hub of creativity and learning in the Midlands. It is a great place for aspiring creative writers of all age groups from children, and young people to adults with over 150 creative courses and workshops to choose from.

Among several other Creative Writing and Literature courses offered by MAC, the Introduction to Creative Writing course is one of the most popular creative writing courses in Birmingham. This course is open to anyone over 18 years and requires no previous creative writing experience.

Also, if you are someone who hasn’t indulged in creative writing for long, this course is sure to be a game changer. In this program, you will start with an understanding of free writing and Clustering and learn to apply that in your writing.

Proceeding further, you will master different techniques of writing like Poetic Writing, Diary Writing, Film Premise, Characterisation, Archetypes, etc. which you will be able to sync in your write-ups and make your writing an exemplary piece.

The importance of collaborative writing is emphasized in this course by encouraging students to work in groups. Also, periodic constructive feedback and handouts are provided to students enabling them to understand their areas of improvement in their creative writing.

Key Takeaway from this Course:

  • Different genres that are used in creative writing
  • Different styles of writing
  • Secret techniques used by published writers and how to use them in your writing
  • Enhance your understanding and knowledge of others’ writing styles through group work

Thus, for beginners who want to enroll in creative writing courses in Birmingham, this course is sure to kick-start your creative writing journey.

Course Title – Introduction to Creative Writing

Course Duration – 11 weeks for 2 hours each, every Monday

Some other courses offered by MAC:

  • Introduction to Poetry and Poetic Writing
  • Creative Writing Improvers
  • Creative Writing Beginners
  • The Writing Factory
  • Introduction to Life Writing
  • Writers Reading Group

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3. Writer’s Digest University

Writer’s Digest is quite well known in the world of writers and since 1920 has been catering to writers through its magazine. It has a host of comprehensive writing courses for both beginners and experienced writers. If you are looking for creative writing courses in Birmingham, you need not look beyond the Creative Writing 101 course offered by Writer’s Digest University.

This course is designed in a fashion that not only motivates you to write but also helps you learn the intricacies of creative writing. The structured program enables you to sketch the plot of the story along with the characterization of the archetypes.

Creative Writing 101 not only teaches the key elements of good storytelling but also combines the development of the protagonist making it a complete program on creative writing. The classes are conducted by award-winning instructors who make sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Also, various concerns and challenges that you may face while writing a story are addressed in detail during the sessions. You will also receive instructor feedback on written assignments.

Key Takeaway From This Course: 

  • How to define your story
  • Creating the order of the story
  • How to create obstacles
  • How to select a point of view
  • Dialogue writing
  • Making the content more visual
  • How to plan the hook and the ending

This course is an ideal course for beginners with a strong penchant for writing but without a sense of direction. Also, serves as a refresher course for individuals.

Course Name – Creative Writing 101

Course Duration – 12 Sessions

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4. Coursera

Coursera is a popular reliable online learning platform that offers a host of courses and specializations in various subjects. It partners with top universities and educational institutions around the globe to provide access to premium quality educational content.

While Coursera offers a wide range of creative writing courses in Birmingham, you can start with the one that best caters to your needs. One of the most popular writing courses with Coursera is, The Creative Writing Specialization by Wesleyan University.

This course is a beginner level and requires no creative writing experience. The specialization is a 5 course series giving you the flexibility to choose these courses in any order. With a focus on key aspects of writing, you will be trained in three major creative writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir.

By the end of the course, you will be a refined writer but with critique writing. It is a self-paced course with access to recorded sessions. You will be given assignments that will help you gauge your work through peer reviews.

Key Takeaway From the 5 Series Course:

  • Learn techniques to write a compelling story
  • Creating a plot
  • Framing memorable characters
  • A Descriptive style that is refreshing
  • Complete a story

This course is suitable for aspiring writers to get a deep understanding and in-depth knowledge of the subject. Course Title – Creative Writing Specialization Course Duration – 3 to 6 months

5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an institute associated with Henry Harvin Education and offers professional certification courses in content writing, digital marketing, data sciences, and others. It ranks among the top 500 Global EdTech companies with an enviable recognition for its Certified Creative Writing Specialist course.

The creative writing course comprises 16 hours of live interactive classroom sessions and 8 hours of writing assignments that are conducted by subject matter experts from the industry.

The syllabus is well-designed, involves practical-based training, and makes you job-ready on the completion of the course. By the end of the course, the participants gain mastery in all 4 genres of creative writing – fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry.

In addition, this course offers its students a One-year gold membership with Henry Harvin Academy with access to post-training follow-ups. Due to its flexible schedule and tailor-made training, this course is suitable for students, content writers, digital marketing professionals, and even housewives who enjoy writing with a good understanding of the language.

Course Title – Creative Writing Course

A 3-month paid Internship

guaranteed Job support on course completion

6. Bangor University

Bangor University in Wales is a prestigious public university established way back in 1884 and happens to be a good choice for creative writing courses in Birmingham. It offers more than 490 programs both undergraduate and postgraduate courses ranging from Arts, Environmental Sciences, and Human Sciences etc.

It is one of the best public research universities and welcomes nearly 2,000 international students from across the globe. Bangor University offers various full-time undergraduate courses in creative writing. Each student gets personal attention as the teaching and lectures are conducted in small groups by the subject matter experts.

One-to-one supervision helps the students to understand the concepts better and seek proper guidance with the queries resolved satisfactorily. Also, on completion of these courses, the student has an option to avail international exposure – either to study or work abroad for one additional year.

The alumni are impressive with a lot of former students making their mark in media and various literary fields through their writing and work published. This course is for anyone who wishes to explore career options in the creative industry as a digital content creator, editor, and publisher to name a few.

Course Title – Creative Writing

Course Duration – 3 to 4 years


7. EdX

EdX is a popular online learning platform founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It provides a wide spectrum of programs, courses, and professional certificates on diverse subjects like languages, humanities, business, and others.

Over the years, it has partnered with world-renowned institutions and universities to offer top-class online education to students across the globe. EdX offers various creative writing courses in Birmingham that include writing poetry, novel writing, fictional writing, screenplay write-ups, and many more.

These courses are held online and are self-paced which gives students the flexibility to study from remote locations or the comfort of their homes. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to start as a creative writer.


8. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford in Oxford, England is one of the most prestigious and renowned universities in the world and holds huge credibility, especially for courses in English language and literature. Oxford University holds various programs like Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and short-term courses in creative writing.

The Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing is a two-year part-time course and students can choose either online or classroom teaching. This program allows you to specialize in the genre of your choice. Under the two-year part-time Postgraduate program, students get two guided retreats and the highlight of this program is one placement over two years.

Their short courses in creative writing are comprehensive and cover all genres like poetry, drama, fiction, creative nonfiction, memoir, and writing for young adults. The students have the flexibility to choose online sessions or classroom training at their convenience.

Also, Oxford University holds a week-long creative writing summer camp. These courses offered by Oxford University are suitable both for beginners and experienced creative writers making it a great choice among the best creative writing courses in Birmingham.

Course Title – Creative Writing

Mode of Instruction – Option available for virtual or classroom training


9. British Council

The British Council is an international organization that promotes cultural relations and educational opportunities mainly in the English language making it an ideal choice for creative writing courses in Birmingham.

Their Creative Writing Module-1 course involves 36 hours of online classes while 14 hours of interactive sessions will happen through their online learning platform. The course carefully covers plot, characters, and other elements of fiction writing.

You will learn various forms of writing including memoirs, screenwriting, Experimental writing, Travel writing, children’s fiction, etc. Also, this course will help you differentiate between reports, articles, news, newspaper columns, etc.

The module is structured by seasoned trainers to guide and enable you to write creatively and is useful for anyone wishing to emerge as a successful creative writer.

Course Title – Creative Writing for Adults – Module 1

Course Duration – 9 weeks of online classes


10. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online learning platform that provides a variety of creative writing courses in Birmingham with its paramount focus being on creative skills. It attracts students from all over and trains students in various subjects like marketing, business, writing, graphic designing, etc.

The courses are pragmatically structured and conducted by subject matter experts. It offers various creative writing classes to develop and enhance various writing skills like personal writing, self-publishing a book, etc.

As per your liking, you can look for courses on Creative Nonfiction writing, fiction writing, Screenwriting, Novel Writing, Storytelling, poetry, and others that are available online with Skillshare. These courses train creative writer aspirants on better imagination and how to create interesting characters etc. This course is suitable both for newbies and prospective creative writers.

Best Creative Writing Books for a year

  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King
  • Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Goldberg
  • Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott
  • The Art of Fiction, by John Gardner
  • Zen in the Art of Writing, a book by Ray Bradbury
  • The Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White
  • Into The Woods: How Stories Work and Why Well Tell Them, by John Yorke
  • The story, by Robert McKee
  • Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • On Poetry, by Jonathan Davidson
  • The Elements of Eloquence, by Mark Forsyth
  • The Nighttime Novelist, by Joseph Bates



Q. Who can learn creative writing?

There is no age bar to learn creative writing. All you need is an open mind, creative and buzzing with ideas, and a passion for writing. However, when you enroll with any institute for creative writing courses in Birmingham, you can check the website before applying for any prerequisites.

Q. What formal education is required to be a creative writer?

No education requirement bars you from being a creative writer. Although some are innately blessed with writing skills, creative writing can be honed through courses and degrees.

Q. Is an online creative writing course valued in the job market?

We have seen many reputed online platforms like Udemy, and Domestika offer creative writing courses in Birmingham. Also, reputed institutes like IIM SKILLS offer job assistance to their students on completion of creative writing courses. Ex-alumni of IIM are placed with reputed publishing houses and media moguls.

Q. Can I freelance as a creative writer?

You can work as a freelancer after completing creative writing courses in Birmingham. However, freelancing has its challenges. You have to be aggressive and consistent in building and upgrading your portfolio. Focus on diversification of your portfolio by specializing in 2 -3 niches to impress your client with your wide spectrum of work. Knowing how to market yourself online is something you ought to learn to get noticed and attract leads. Also, strong networking skills, good communication, and negotiation skills will help you to convert your potential leads into prospective clients.


As shared, creative writing courses in Birmingham offer abundant job opportunities to unlock your creativity and enhance your writing skills. However, just doing a course online or classroom training will not suffice. Although it offers a structured learning environment, you as an aspiring writer will have to leverage your skills through extensive reading, writing, and self-discovery. Keeping the passion for story-telling and connecting with your readers through your writing is extremely important as this is what will make you a distinguished successful creative writer.