Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Thailand

Are you willing to study financial modeling courses in Thailand? Then go through this blog to get detailed information about the top financial modeling institutions providing this course. In the past couple of years, Thailand has witnessed the demand for financial modeling analysts who help in estimating the valuation of a business or making comparisons in the industry, performing analysis of financial data and transactions as well as providing financial advice in several businesses.


What is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a representation of some or all aspects of a company’s operations in numerical forms that are being used to estimate the valuation of a business or to compare the valuation of companies to their market competitors.

Various models exist that produce a variety of results that company executives use to estimate the costs and project the profits of a proposed new project. A financial model is used for decision-making and financial analysis in which a firm creates a financial model that includes the need to raise the business, sell or divest, budget, forecast, or value a business.

Financial analysts use this financial model to predict the consequences of events on a company’s stock, from internal factors such as a business model to external factors such as a change in economic policy through a financial model that comprises the list of all expenses and revenue and using this information to forecast financial performance and improve decision skills and outcomes.

Explore This In-Demand Courses in Thailand:


The Uses of Financial Modeling

 Some Common Uses of Financial Modeling Include:

Valuation: For estimating a company’s value such as stocks, bonds, or real estate.

Forecasting: Using forecast line items such as expenses, future revenue, and cash flows.

Budgeting: Assist in building budgets and allocating resources based on projections.

Risk management: Assessing market operational risks.

The 5 Types of Financial Modeling and Valuation

3-statement Model

 This 3- 3-statement model presents a company’s income and cash flow statement, and its balance sheet which shows the revenue, expenses, and profit of the company over a given period whereas the balance sheet comprises the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity.

The cash flow statement shows the company’s inflows and outflows, these statements are interconnected and impact one another, so this three-statement model is used to estimate the revenue, expenses, profits, assets, liabilities, and cash flows.

Discounted cash flow (DCF)

Discounted cash flow estimates the company’s value based on its future cash flows.

The analysis of DCF takes the time value of money and predicts the cash flows that are discounted to their current value. The model makes you make assumptions about a company’s future growth, discount rate, and cash flows. Even it helps in estimating the company’s future revenue and discounts them back to their present value.

Check These very Popular Financial Modeling Courses Near You:



Mergers and acquisitions represent the financial results, it considers cash flows and valuations of both the acquiring and target companies. It helps analysts and investors to determine whether an M&A makes financial sense.

Initial Public Offering

Estimation of the fair value of a company’s shares when it goes public. It considers the company’s financials, market conditions, and growth prospects. It helps investors and underwriters to determine the offer price of the shares. It helps in estimating the fair value of the company’s shares and considers the financials, growth prospects, and market conditions.

Option pricing model

It determines the fair value of options, which gives the right to the holder to buy or sell an asset. It is the asset’s price, volatility, depreciation, and interest rates, used by traders and investors to make trading decisions.

A Few More Financial Modeling Courses That You Should Explore:


Careers in Financial Modeling and Valuation

Skill Required to Develop in Financial Modeling and Valuation

  • Economics & Accounting
  • Valuation
  • Mathematical and Quantitative Skills
  • Knowledge of Excel
  • Financial and Business Acumen
  • Reading comprehension
  • Critical Thinking
  • Complex Problems Solving
  • System Analysis

Types of Analyst Positions

  • Budgeting
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Control
  • Accounting
  • Equity Research
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Start-Ups
  • Financial Operations
  • Business Modeling
  • Private Equity


Top 5 Financial Modeling Courses in Thailand With Placements



The comprehensive financial modeling courses in Thailand provided by IIM SKILLS are unparalleled. The course is well-designed and examined by industry experts to make learners competent at developing strong and structured financial models to evaluate financial analysis leading to effective decision-making.

The IIM SKILLS trainers will equip learners with the aptitude and skills to excel in global standard financial markets. After the course completion, learners will be able to create a financial model from scratch and conduct business valuation.

Attain a clear conception of financial modeling and financial statements and learn to create smooth effective robust financial models to analyze historical data, and predict future projections, financial statements, key ratios, and outputs.

The panoramic Financial modeling courses in Thailand led by the seasoned faculty members of IIM SKILLS, train learners from the basic to advanced level of the subject to bring out realistic financial models tackling real-world business problems.

Apart from this, learners will obtain the knowledge of conducting analysis and casting recommendations. They evolved to investigate company records for calculating business ventures and alternate ways to compute financial parameters.

Course Details:

Name: Financial Modeling Course

Fees: 17296.69 Thai Bhat + Taxes

Course duration – 3 Months

The Key Highlights of the IIM SKILLS Course

  • 3 MonthsOnline Financial Modeling Course
  • 170+ Hours Training
  • 50+ Hours Lectures
  • 20+ Hours of Doubt Solving Sessions
  • 100+ Hours Practical Assignments
  • 10+ Templates
  • 2 Months Internships
  • 100% Placement Support
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • LinkedIn Profile Building
  • Community Support

The Core Curriculum of the Modules

  • Leveraging functions like Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Match, Sumifs, Offset.
  • Rules of conditional formatting
  • Font and number formatting
  • Key accounting fundamental concepts
  • Accrual vs Cash reporting
  • Double Entry Bookkeeping
  • Law of Going Concern
  • Law of Prudence
  • Accounting Period Concept
  • Full Disclosure Concept
  • Business Entity Concept.
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
  • Revenue, Direct Costs, Operating Costs, EBITDA, Depreciation
  • Shareholders’ Equity, Minority Interest, Other Equity
  • Capital Expenditures and Deferred Revenue.
  • Liquidity Ratios including Current Ratio and Quick Ratio.
  • Cash Ratio, Defensive Interval, and Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Creating scenarios using different ways including Index
  • IS, BS, and CFS
  • Building detailed revenue and cost drivers for different business types including real estate, e-commerce, utility, business service, etc.
  • Different Types of Financial Models
  • Introduction to the Structure of a Financial Model
  • LBO Model
  • Concept of Leveraged Buyout Deal
  • Assumptions for an LBO deal model
  • Building Pro-Forma Financial Statements
  • Business Valuation
  • Trading and Transaction
  • Difference between GPC and GTM
  • Deal Value and Transaction Value
  • Criteria to screen peers
  • Valuation multiples to be used
  • Enterprise Values calculations using Equity

Why should you join the IIM SKILLS Program?

  • Capstone projects during the internship.
  • 5 assignments to gain in-depth knowledge of the curriculum.
  • Industry exposure by working with our partner firms during the internship.
  • With no specific prerequisites, anyone can join this course.
  • Constantly up-to-date curriculum and resource material and ebooks.
  • Small and flexible batches as well as career counselling and guidance.
  • Lifetime access to LMS and course material to the participants.
  • Interview preparation, and placement assistance.
  • Post-training mentorship is one major highlight of IIM SKILLS  financial modeling courses in Thailand.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact information

[email protected]


In Case You Are Looking For the Data Analytics Courses, Then You Should Explore These:


2. Quint Edge  

If you want to expand your knowledge in the field of financial modeling and valuation, Quint Edge is one of the leading institutions offering financial modeling courses in Thailand through its engaging and interactive case studies.

Quint Edge study materials break down the most complex subjects into simpler ones and make the study sessions more efficient and effective. Along with academic teaching, their e-learning platform engages students with quizzes and discussions that make the learning process more innovative and interactive, boosting conceptual clarity and retention of the students.

The self-paced courses are structured to provide access to learning to students anytime, anywhere with mobile apps. One must have basic accounting knowledge to join this program, for Quint Edge provides pre-lecture study material to clear the basic concepts delivered in the class.

Apart from this, Peer and Tutor Forums for query resolution will be 24/7 available for learners, Mock Interviews with the Job like difficulty and course updates with time to match the demand of the market, internship opportunities will be presented to learners along with real-world case studies and examples from notable deals makes quint edge unparalleled financial modeling courses in Thailand.

Course Duration – 3 Months

The Core Curriculum of the Program

  • Basic Excel formulas such as sum, product, and division.
  • Sorting Data and using advanced filters
  • Using conditional formatting
  • Transpose
  • VlookUp/Hlookup
  • Match, Index/ Offset Function
  • Multiple functions in a problem of Vlook +Match
  • If, ifs, and nested function
  • Present value calculation
  • CAGR Calculation
  • Financial Modeling Fundamentals
  • Basic 3-statement model case study 1
  • Basic 3-statement model case study 2
  • Advanced 3-statement model
  • Advanced 3-statement model
  • 3 Statement model of a public company
  • Fundamentals of Accounting for Financial Modeling
  • P&L account
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Annual reports and Quarterly report
  • Earnings reports and Proxy statements
  • Inventory
  • Working capital
  • Deferred tax asset / Deferred tax liability
  • MS PowerPoint in Investment Banking
  • DCF Valuation
  • Valuation of a Banking Company
  • Trading Comparable
  • Trading Comparable
  • Transaction Comparable
  • Football Field Analysis
  • Leverage Buyout
  • Merger Model
  • Real-estate Model
  • Pre-sold condo development model
  • Hotel acquisition and renovation model
  • Office acquisition and renovation model
  • Oil & gas company

Why should you join the Quint Edge Program?

Their proven study plan based on 1000+ students’ assessments provides a clear path to walk upon.

Quint Edge practice exams match the real test environment, guiding students to adapt to the real pressure and format of the actual Interview.

Quint Edge has exclusive doubt-clearing sessions to ensure that concepts are fully understood by the students.

Quint Edge continuously updates the course materials to align with the latest methods & Syllabus according to the industry demand.

Live case studies to equip learners with a practical understanding of concepts and foster critical thinking.

Live webinars hosted by Accounting experts to provide Finance insights and interview Tips.


3. UpGrad

UpGrad offers financial modeling courses in Thailand with a holistic approach to facilitate students with comprehensive learning and intensive training. The course is designed keeping in mind that it matches the mind of every learner whether a beginner or an experienced professional and flourishes them with the skills and necessary knowledge to analyze and interpret data, create visualization, and make data-driven decisions.

Each Project upgrade will be accompanied by Live Masterclasses with PwC India professionals and cover core concepts of financial modeling courses in areas like Forecasting, Valuation, Budgeting, Analysis, and more. It is structured to set a strong fundamental foundation for anyone looking to build a career in finance and for that, all the basics one needs to know will be taught by the experts.

Their faculty members consist of PwC India and other industry professionals who have gained expertise over the years in their respective domains. The Upgrade Financial Modelling and Analysis course gives you hands-on practice with new-age tools like Tableau, GenAI, Power BI, and advanced Excel.

These tools will upgrade the profile of the resume with the confined skills that are currently in demand by top financial institutions and get recruited by the same.

Moreover, every week students will get 1:1 doubt-solving sessions with dedicated Teaching members who will answer the queries and place a strong foundation for the core financial concepts of students along with a month-long placement training program that will give students 3 assured job interview opportunities.

The batch mentor will regularly check the progress of students during the entire program to ensure that learners are always on track. These features make upgrading financial modeling courses in Thailand a great choice.

The Key Highlights of the Course

  • 80+ Live Hours with PwC India & Industry Experts
  • 4 months of training in Financial Modelling & Analysis
  • 60+ hours of Placement Training
  • Learn Budgeting, Valuation, Financial Statements with AI
  • 3 Hands-on Projects by PwC India

The Core Module of the Curriculum

  • Outline of finance
  • Crucial Entities
  • Financial Transactions in Real Estate
  • Crucial Records
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • Financial Modeling Types and Construction Procedures
  • Excel for Financial Modeling
  • Net Operating Revenue
  • The Cap Rate Description
  • Cap Rate Formulation and Interpretation
  • Application of Internal Rate of Return
  • Calculation and Planning
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Real Estate Modeling
  • Sale Data Calculation for Debt Repayment



4. IMS Proschool

IMS Proschool offers one of the best financial modeling courses in Thailand which delivers out-of-box thinking professionals to the industry, led by faculty members via online one-to-one classes during weekdays and weekends for the participants.

At IMS Proschool, they have a dedicated placement team that schedules recruitment drives where the companies hand-pick the students.

The IMS Financial Modeling courses in Thailand equip learners with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills needed in financial modeling, Liquidity Ratios including Current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Cash Ratio, Defensive Interval and Cash Conversion Cycle and business valuation, etc through case studies, practical methods & problem-solving.

In Addition to the IMS Proschool certification, the NSE Financial Modeling Course Certification, or NCFM, program is an online testing and certification that is available on their website for minimal payment.

The Core Content of the Courses.

  • Financial Modeling and Valuation
  • Complete overview of the DCF Valuation Model
  • Financial Modeling- Startups or Small Businesses
  • The Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • Financial Modeling & Fundamental Analysis
  • Financial Modeling in Project Finance & Infrastructure
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Forecasting In Excel

Why Should You Join The IMS Preschool Program?

  • Learning From Finance experts having mastery in the field with an experience of 30+ years.
  • Placement-Oriented Case Studies.
  • Students get to be involved in solving case studies from multiple industries assisting them prepare for their interviews.
  • Growth support mentors will be there to guide students to improve learning and enhance career aspirations.
  • IMS Pro School gives 6 months to learn all the CFA subjects and 3 months to revise all the subjects.


5. Imarticus

 Imarticus is one of the leading online Institutes providing valuable Certification in financial modeling courses in Thailand which includes comprehensive coverage of all intricacies of Financial Modeling and Valuation and covers the core corporate finance concepts, Modeling & Forecasting, the three financial statements, equity & enterprise value.

Imarticus program comprises 8 weeks of functional skill-building program in which learners will gain an in-depth knowledge of how to build dynamic financial models with a focus on forecasting and Industry Research while mastering Excel for Corporate Finance.

Their industry curriculum is conducted online by Instructors via virtual classes to cater to the maximum learning The Americus Financial Modeling courses in Thailand provide an edge through their unique case study methodology that aims to evaluate real business scenarios.

Each module will be centered around one of 6 in-depth real-life cases to ensure practical learning. The Certification in Financial Modeling will enhance skills to uplift careers in Corporate Finance across various Financial Services

roles such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity Research, Business Analysis, Business Modeling, Budgeting, Financial Control and Financial Operations.

The Modules of the Americus program.

  • Overview of Financial Modeling
  • Practical Application of Modeling
  • Hands-on Practice with Basic Modeling
  • Profit Metrics
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Modeling Cash Expenses
  • Modeling Capex
  • Funding Decision
  • Modeling Repayments
  • Modeling Interest Expenses
  • Modeling Current Tax and Deferred Tax
  • FX, Risk, and Hedging Associates Extraordinary Expense
  • Below the Line Adjustments
  • Basic vs Diluted EPS
  • Identifying Dilutive EPS and Modeling
  • Dividend Decisions and Modeling
  • Working Capital Ratios
  • Forecasting Working Capital
  • Pension Obligation and Equity
  • Indirect Method of Cash Flow Calculation Direct Method of Cash Flow Calculation
  • Case Study on Publicly Realistic Company
  • Basic Approaches to Valuation
  • Relative Valuation
  • DCF and Other Intrinsic Valuation
  • Trading Comps and Peer Valuation
  • DCF Valuation
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Valuation Challenges
  • Creating Pro Forma Financials
  • Private Equity and Deal Structuring
  • Leveraged Buyout
  • Modeling Pay-in and Pay-outs in LBO
  • Funding Options for Project Finance Structuring Project Finance Transaction Project
  • Cash Flows vs Equity Cash Flows
  • Modeling Project Timelines and Project Execution
  • Modeling Cash Flow Waterfall
  • Excel Best Practices
  • Vlookup And index and Match
  • Introduction to Visual Representation
  • Creating Basic Charts
  • Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Waterfall and Charts and Football Field

Why Should You Join the Imarticus Program?

Upon course completion, learners will receive the industry-endorsed certification and the optional CISI Corporate Finance Technical Foundations certification makes the imarticus a top-picking Institute for financial modeling.

The assistance team provides learners guidance throughout the program and rewards them with the best career opportunities.


1. How can one learn and join financial modeling courses in Thailand?

One can enroll in online financial modeling courses to balance both academic and professional life while upskilling the profile. During this course, one will be trained efficiently which will eventually provide them an edge in the financial industry.

2. Which company will give the placement for the individual who has pursued Financial modeling courses in Thailand?

Many successful top Global Firms and Financial industries will hire the individual after completion of the financial modeling and valuation course

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Barclays
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Copal Partners
  • BNP Paribas
  • Crisil
  • American Appraisal
  • D E Shaw
  • Axience
  • Standard Chartered
  • RBS
  • Probe
  • Tres Vista
  • Avendus
  • o3 Capital
  • Integreon

3. What are some jobs available after completing financial modeling courses in Thailand?

There are a variety of job options available after course completion. Some of them are counted below:

  • Business Finance Analyst
  • Syndicated Loan Analyst
  • Financial Planning Analyst
  • Financial adviser
  • Senior Associate Assistant
  • Senior Manager Accounts Executive
  • Deputy General Manager
  • Accounting Faculty Member

 4. How much do Financial modeling-related jobs pay in Thailand?

The estimated average pay for a Financial Analyst in Thailand is THB 50,425 per month with a median salary of THB 45,000 per month.


 Financial modeling requires various skills and knowledge, such as accounting principles, financial statements, valuation methods, functions, and Excel formulas to excel in this domain. This course offers a variety of career options to choose from. To make yourself competent enough for Financial Modeling jobs, you must go further to pursue courses in this area of concentration to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

Top 12 Digital Marketing Courses in Tamworth With Placements

Are you willing to study digital marketing courses in Tamworth? Then go through the shortlisted top digital marketing courses designed for you. When Tamworth itself is called the “ First Town of LIGHTS, “ why are you delaying illuminating yourself? In the past couple of years, Tamworth has witnessed an unexpected surge in the field of digital marketing. The demand for digital marketing courses has immensely escalated and it is not going to shrink anywhere in upcoming years.


List of best digital marketing courses in Tamworth


Why There is Demand for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing products or brands through digital platforms like websites, social media channels, SEO, email, etc. with the use of the Internet. In this era of digital media individuals from all age groups across the world spend most of their time on the Internet.

There is a quantum leap from offline mediums like TV, Newspaper, and radio to online mediums like blogs, YouTube, email marketing, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for marketing the brands and products to ensure the connection of larger audiences globally which helps in accelerating engagement, increasing revenue, and scaling up the business. To become well-versed in this particular program, you can enroll in any digital marketing courses in Tamworth.


Scope of Digital Marketing in Tamworth

Digital marketing is the next frontier as it not only provides better career growth and employment but will also facilitate your skills for advanced opportunities as well. Whenever a product is launched, a campaign is required to reach the right target audience at the right time. To accomplish the campaign there is a prerequisite to interact and understand the audience and advertise based on their action and preferences.

With the advent of shorts and reels the audience’s attention span has comparatively reduced. People are no longer interested in lengthy and boring advertisements. Digital marketing is the way you can psychologically convince the potential customer within a short period. Digital marketing routes the narrowing of the gap between company and customer. It is beneficial for the company and equally favorable for the customer to shop at their home without any hassle.


Career Options in Digital Marketing in Tamworth 

Career options after doing digital marketing courses in Tamworth are skyrocketing. You will get hired as a digital marketing Assistant, Digital Marketing Coordinator, digital media manager, e-commerce, administration, marketing executive, SEO specialist, content creator, social media marketer, and email marketer. You will be the one who can Elevate the company’s growth by aligning with its business goal. You can even successfully establish your own business from local to multinational by branding your stories and aims with great precision.


Salary in the Digital Marketing Profession

After completion of digital marketing courses in Tamworth, you may expect a salary between AUD 48073 to 75378 with an average salary of AUD 26580. At entry level, you get a salary of around AUD 33000 which n will increase with experience with an expected salary of AUD 78906. This is about the job Sky’s limit for business income in digital  marketing


Top 10 Places Where You Can Learn Digital Marketing in Tamworth

Digital marketing is booming and expanding as a new trend and a necessity for a business in today’s world. You too can give wings to your career and explore your strengths as well as a digital marketer.  You can enroll yourself in any of these institutes and transform your life.


1. Digital Marketing Courses by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS has grown immensely as an online platform that has groomed the learners with their variety of courses with certifications along with other preparation with Google, Facebook(meta)& HubSpot. Digital Marketing Master Course is among the outstanding courses, comprising 5 months, and 180 hours of training conducted live with 10+ case studies.

Moreover, it offers free toll worth 79000+ and lifetime access (LMS) to the material. You will get hands-on assignments every week as well as feedback on the submitted task. You will get to learn about brand building, digital audience aggregation, etc.


  • Course duration – 3-month program with 2 months paid internship.


Web development at WordPressWeb analyticsMedia buying and planning
Search engine optimizationOnline reputation managementAffiliate marketing
Email marketingE-commerce MarketingVideo Marketing
Inbound MarketingQuora marketingMarketing automation
Social media marketingGraphic DesigningDigital infographic creation
Integrated digital marketing strategyContent writing and advanced bloggingSearch engine marketing


  • The program includes– a paid virtual internship, a certificate of completion from IIM SKILLS, lifetime access, and placement support.

What can you expect after the course– solid portfolio, build a social media calendar for Starbucks and a professional blog on WordPress, can write your first SEO-friendly article on

  • Course fee– AUD 546.34


2. Digital Marketing Courses by Udemy

Udemy is one of the top picks for digital marketing courses in Tamworth. The course type is online with over 20 hours of training and practical steps which will pave your path to a career in digital marketing. Various topics of digital marketing are well explained by the trainers, combined in a single course. Sign up for this course to gain clarity on the digital media market. Highly recommended for a beginner who is looking forward to a job or thinking of starting their own business.


  • Course duration- 22h43min with over 247 lectures.


  • Modules covered –
Market researchYouTube marketingInstagram marketing
Make a websiteFacebook marketingLinkedIn marketing
Email marketingTwitter marketingFacebook Ads
copywritingQuora marketingApp Marketing
Search engine optimizationGoogle adsSearch engine marketing


  • The program includes- Udemy certificate of completion, lifetime access to course updates
  • What can you expect after the course- knowledge of marketing strategies across online marketing channels, and website owners to drive traffic and sales.


• Course fee- AUD 60.27


3. Digital Marketing Courses by University of Liverpool, U.K.

Do you want an offline digital marketing course then the University of Liverpool offers programs like an MSc in digital marketing, a PG Diploma, and a PG Certificate based on the credits. A well-designed course will incorporate theoretical knowledge and practical application, preparing you for the industry with required skills such as consumer behavior, digital communication, social media marketing, brand creation, and core business skills.


  • Course duration- 30 months part-time and online
  • Entry requirement- minimum of a 2:1 in any subject of bachelor’s degree.

                                    professional work in a related field

IELTS Score-6.5.


  • Modules covered- digital marketing strategy and practice, becoming a leader, ethical and sustainable business practice, finance and data analysis for the manager, digital communication, social media, marketing, brand creation, and management research methods.
  • What can you expect after the course- well equipped with knowledge, skills, and confidence to become an effective manager to align and influence an organization’s strategy and practice?
  • Course fee- MSc-AUD 16,065

                      PGDip-AUD 10,710

PGCert-AUD 5,355

  • Contact info-+44(0)1517942000


4. Digital Marketing Courses by Coursera

Coursera is an online institute that provides 6 courses for digital marketing specialization. It consists of a variety yet the finest digital marketing courses, taught by industry experts, which one can select according to one preferences. The convenient part for you is you can learn at your own pace. Their designed modules help you to push forward your acquired knowledge of digital marketing.


  • Course duration for this program is- 3 months at 10 hours a week
  • Modules covered-
Fundamental of digital marketingContent brandingTwitter marketing
Market researchSales psychologyQuora marketing
Setting up your websiteCopywritingFreelance Projects
Email marketingDigital marketing channelsSearch engine marketing
Google AnalyticsGoogle adsWordPress SEO
Search engine optimizationYouTube and Facebook AdsLinkedin marketing
Digital marketing strategySocial media channel marketingSocial media campaign


  • What can you expect after the course career certificate, learn in-demand skills, master the tool and deep understanding of concepts, and experience on hands-on projects?

• Course fee-AUD 76.77


5. Digital Marketing Courses by IIDE

IIDE is one of Tamworth’s finest online ed tech institutes that provides digital marketing courses with AI-powered training supply hand learning in key areas of digital marketing, suitable for anyone be it freshers, small businesses, owners, influencers, freelancers, or working professionals. IIDE offer two type of digital marketing course- Post graduation in digital marketing and a certificate advanced online digital marketing course as well.

Their MBA-level program will help you understand the nuts and bolts of the core principle of digital marketing. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to deliver a variety of range of skills and aims within digital media..


  • Course duration- 4 months for Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and 6 months for Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy.


  • Modules covered
COURSE-1Marketing fundamentals

Introduction to agencies and department

COURSE-2Website basics

Search engine optimization

Google Ads


Corporate soft skills

Reporting and excel training

COURSE-3Social media organic

Brand reputation management

Social media paid

Influencer marketing

Resume & LinkedIn building

COURSE-4Lead generation & nurturing

Google Analytics

Capstone project

COURSE-5Media planning

Conversion rate optimization

Customer relationship management

Blogging, AdSense

Freelancing economics

Personal brand building


COURSE-6Art of pitching

Client servicing

Campaign planning

Project management

Multimedia case studies

Conflict resolution skills


  • What can you expect after the course- 100% placement assistance, prepare you for demanding industry jobs like SEO associate, campaign manager, social media associate, content writer, etc.
  • Course fee-AUD 2166.51 to AUD 3014.28


6. Digital Marketing Courses by Simplilearn

Master the concept of digital marketing with Simplilearn at your convenience, which will furnish you with a skillful and well-versed digital marketer. Simplilearn offers digital marketing courses to suit experimental needs and make their student industry-ready. Simplilearn course will help to create a strong foundation in brand strategy skills within the digital landscape.

  • Courses duration- 12 months access self-paced course
  • Modules covered- mastering SEO, content marketing, PPC, digital analytics, Mastering Social Media, Mobile Marketing, advanced web analytics, advanced SEO, digital marketing capstone
  • What can you expect after the course- boost your career and business, specific insight into analytical topics, job assistance program.
  • Course fee- AUD 1209.48


7. Digital Marketing Courses by UpGrad Campus

UpGrad Campus is a class apart from engaging online digital marketing courses in Tamworth.  Sign in to get in-depth knowledge and practical tools to navigate the various aspects of digital marketing.

They have thoughtfully designed the curriculum to keep the demand of the market, hence incorporating generative AI Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc. in the module of digital marketing courses.


• Course duration- 5 months

  • Modules covered- digital marketing channels and metrics. Blog creation project, remarketing. SMM, SEM, web analytics, designing and building web presence, 20+ case studies.
  • What can you expect after the course- networking opportunities, freelancing and communication skills, upgrading your resume, ready for a job?

• Course fee- AUD 753.57


8. Digital Marketing Courses by Hubspot Academy 

To fuel your digital marketing skills Hubspot Academy is the best place for online digital marketing courses in Tamworth, from developing skills to creating content and everything that you need to excel in your career. Their courses comprise search engine optimization, ranking websites organically, advertisement strategy for the growth of the business, and many more are available in their library with access to free tools.


• Courses duration – 5:25 hours

  • Modules covered
Content managementSearch engine optimization strategy for business promotionVideo marketing strategy
Content marketingInbound MarketingPay per click
Email marketingEnhancing website performanceAdvertisement skill
Lead generationWriting top-quality blogsRanking strategy for website


  • What can you expect after the course- you will be able to create a successful video marketing strategy. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded with globally recognized certification.
  • Course fee-free registration with AUD 200 and AUD 99 per month.


Recommended Reads:


9. Digital Marketing Courses by Udacity

The City Nano degree program is one of the leading online digital marketing courses in Tamworth which masters your skill and elevates your technology career with no prerequisite knowledge.

Udacity courses provide a wide range of in-depth knowledge in Marketing fundamentals, marketing data, and technology such as Google Analytics, social media marketing, SEO essential, SEM essential, digital advertising, and email marketing topics.


• Courses duration- 3 months

  • Modules covered-


Fundamentals of marketingContent marketing and strategy
Social media marketingSEO optimization
Google Ads & Google AnalyticsEmail marketing
Display advertisingMeasuring and optimizing results.


  • What can you expect after the course- advance your career and help in landing high-paying roles, prepare you as an entrepreneur.

• Course fee- AUD 290.12


10. Digital Marketing Courses by ClickMinded

ClickMinded is a well-designed online digital marketing course that will train any beginner for a job as well as owners to drive and grow traffic. This course is flexible, you can manage your prior commitments and work life as well. Moreover, convenient for expanding the depth and breadth of the knowledge. The mentor will guide you to the invaluable clarity of the digital marketing domain. After completion of the course, you will receive the digital marketing certification.


• Course duration- 3-6 hours

  • Modules covered- SEO Course, Web Analytics Course, email marketing course, sales funnels course, paid advertising course, and social media course.


  • What can you expect after the course- Transformational Growth in Career? Certification after finishing the course and passing the final exam, train to build a system that makes money.


  • Course fee- AUD 1000


11. Digital Marketing Courses by ALISON

Sign in Alison digital marketing courses in Tamworth that offer different courses in various disciplines like diploma courses, certificate courses, and short-term certification. They provide certification in different categories like marketing health, business management, etc.

It has more than 20 million learners and 3000+ courses will help to flourish skills related to fundamental and advanced digital market domain. They will not just teach you but make you ready for industry jobs with real-time project training.


Course duration- a few hours

Modules covered– fundamentals of marketing

marketing management

social media marketing

digital advertising

email marketing

online marketing.


What can you expect after the course- free certification and furnishing you to create compact marketing strategies and ideas?

Course fee- free


12. Digital Marketing Courses by ISB

ISB- expand your skills with in-demand digital marketing courses in Tamworth, an online platform with real-world experience,  guide you to develop target content strategies, create stimulated campaigns, optimize key performance metrics, and manage campaign budget.

This program is especially for marketers looking for more ROI, employees seeking to make a comeback after a significant break from a career, and entrepreneurs looking for expansion of their business.

You will get the chance to sharpen your skills, evolving as a digital marketer with their extensive and innovative course material.

  • Course duration-12 weeks online/ 4-6 hours/ week
  • Who can apply– any graduation/diploma holder


Modules covered under the course

Module -1 Marketing in the Digital World

▪        Growth and benefits

▪        Traditional marketing

▪        4Ps of marketing

▪        The long-tail effects

Module -6- email and social media ad campaign

▪        Building an engaging social media

▪        Analyse strategies

Module-2 Customer in the Digital World

▪        Role of peer influence

▪        Easy access to information

▪        Case study

Module -7– metrics, and ROI

▪        Analyse metrics of a campaign

▪        Key KPIs, financial understanding of challenges

▪         Trade-offs between short-term and long-term.

Module -3 Customer Journey

▪        Digital marketing funnel

▪        Customer persona

Module -8- digital strategy and analytics

▪        Optimizing campaigns using Data Analytics

Module -4- Reaching and engaging the customer

▪        Exploring the  – paid, owned, and earned, media domain


Module-9- Strategy, planning and execution

▪         Content production

▪        Launching effective campaign

Module -5- Making Digital Work Strategies

▪        Planning framework for paid ad campaigns

▪        Ideas in PPC

Module -10 – emerging technologies

▪        IoT and Robotics

▪        Impact of artificial intelligence




Is a digital marketing course best for online or offline?

Online and offline courses are equally good Online provide flexibility and are beneficial for working people whereas offline give structured guidance but will require investment of your time. So search for the best available digital marketing courses in Tamworth and choose according to your convenience.


Any prior qualifications required to take a digital marketing course. 

No prerequisite qualifications or experience are required to take this course. Anyone can unlock their new skill at any time. You just need to have that willingness to learn and conquer a completely new domain.


Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing is an impressive career in today’s time where the whole world is floating online. You can expect an exceptional career uplift and lucrative employment even after completing any digital marketing courses in Tamworth.  Digital marketing is the gateway of numerous available jobs with decent pay scales.


What is the scope of digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is trending as one of the Sought professions, allowing you to become an entrepreneur, scaling your business by reaching specific target groups from specific niches.  In this time from shopping to dining, people use the internet, and digital marketing is the stepping stone to creating and selling yourself in the market.


Which is better: MBA or Digital marketing? 

No doubt the MBA program is a remunerative course across the globe to facilitate a stable job and high income whereas the Digital marketing courses in Tamworth is a short span course of 3-4 months that prepares you readymade for the jobs.


How to choose the best digital marketing courses in Tamworth?

Check the shortlisted top digital marketing courses. Go through their website, compare the modules, course duration, fees, and reviews, and choose the one that suits you best.



Digital marketing is an emerging field that equips you with enormous opportunities and massive rewards. Knowing the needs of the audience and presenting the best possible invention before the world proves to be beneficial for both the giver and receiver, to scale up your business as well as to make hassle-free life of the audience. The make and break of any brand, industry, or organization are on the shoulders of digital marketers to showcase their marketing skills in creative ways, to boost traffic and increase engagement with mobile customers. Reward yourself with a well-established career in a digital marketing generation. Learn the roadmap and sign up for digital marketing courses in Tamworth.

Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Thailand

Acquiring knowledge of the market and finance is the stepping stone in the real- world of business and investment banking. Many opportunities and paths are available in this area of concentration. We have designed this article with a compilation of the best investment banking courses in Thailand with all the valuable details. If you are looking to get into this domain, must read the full guide.


What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a special segment of banking operations that is an intermediary between organizations, assisting in raising capital and providing financial consultancy services to them.

They provide clarity guide security issuers and investors and help new firms to go public. They either buy all the shares available at a price estimated by their expert members and resell them to the public or sell shares on behalf of the issuer and take a commission on each share.

Investment banking assembles complex financial transactions such as a merger, acquisitions, tenders, leveraged buyouts, consolidations, etc. Even they organize fluent sales of security, brokering, trading, and creation as well as raising capital for other companies as well as for the government.

Shortly or more easily to understand the role of investment banking is when a company purchases another company, the responsibility of the deal is on the shoulders of investment banking. Investment banking works as a mediator between the two companies, corporate or government institutions.

Looking for other advanced options? Must Check:


Investment banking provides services that include managing capital flows, company estimation, risk management, buy and sell agreements in terms of financial and security material, supervising finance, creating an excellent portfolio for the client to convince for maximum return of risk, building an efficient research department where research on securities and work helps the sale department and to come up with innovative and profitable ideas.

The term mergers and acquisitions (M&A) refers to the coalition of companies and the major business assets through financial transactions between companies.

A company can purchase and absorb another company outright, merge with the company to create a new company, acquire some or all of its major assets, make a tender offer, or a hostile takeover.

Must Check: Investment Banking Courses in the World

There Are 4 Types of Investment Banks

  • Bulge Bracket
  • Regional Boutique
  • Middle Market
  • Elite Boutique

The Division of Investment Banking is as Follows

  • Corporate finance
  • Capital market
  • Equity capital market
  • Debt capital market
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Real estate
  • Leveraged finance

Future of Investment Banking

In the upcoming era, investment banking will emerge as a domain with vast necessity from now on. The collaboration of industries and engagement in decision-making and problem-solving will further intervene in the utilities and demand which lead to the ultimate creation of innovation and adoption of new ideas and technology.

Apart from this, modifying customer expectations, and upgrading the investment model will overcome all the obstacles. With the advent of digitalization and perceiving the power of artificial intelligence, the introduction of blockchain technology not only makes the work of keeping a record of transactions easier but also facilitates verification traceability.

It also helps keep the records of cryptocurrency which seems to originate as the new medium of investment in banking.

Must read about the best:

Scope and Career in Investment Banking Courses in Thailand

With the global investment banking domain skyrocketing, it plays an important role in promoting capital flows, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and equity to corporations and governments.

The demand for investment bankers is at its peak with a decent pay scale and compensation packages along with responsibilities from structuring plans to reaching and helping out clients. As the most sought-after and trendy potential of investment banking, it proves to provide alluring and lucrative choices.

The Top Career Opportunities After Completion of Investment Banking Courses in Thailand

  • Investment writer
  • Investment banker
  • Merger and acquisitions analyst
  • Capital markets analyst
  • Corporate finance analyst
  • Asset management
  • Equity research analyst
  • Relationship manager
  • Investment banking associate
  • Investment banking vice president
  • Investment banking director

The Role and Work Profile of an Investment Banker

  • Creation and analysis of the financial model and statements
  • Delve into the core problem, think about the options available, and reach solutions
  • Valuation of complex transaction
  • Supervising the execution of transactions by meeting multiple stakeholders
  • Recommend better financial advisory, capital raising, and equity sales
  • Supervise financing and risk management service
  • Lead the mastery of all trade
  • IPO deal proceedings
  • Valuation of company offering price

Top Investment Banks of Thailand

  • AFIFORUM – Asia Financial Institutions Forum
  • BOITHAI: Consulting for the Thai Board Of Investment / BOI Thailand
  • Advisory Alliance & Partners
  • Bangkok Capital Asset Management
  • Beacon Venture Capital
  • Bualuang Ventures
  • Capital A Ventures
  • Dreamaker Equity Crowdfunding
  • Finansa Securities Limited

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Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Thailand With Placements



IIM SKILLS is an outstanding online education institute that imparts abundant knowledge and skills with its investment banking master course. They train the learner for real industry experience at a very nominal price proven through live classes led by the experts.

The students learn through innovative and informative interactive sessions with faculty members who engage you with every section from basic to advanced.

Their investment banking course includes lifetime access to the learning management system, classes with presentations as well as free designed tools to explore your career path as a beginner and upgrade the existing professional profile as well.

This cohesive course is exceptionally designed to acquire an in-depth understanding of MS Excel, its vital functions, formulas, conditional formatting, and a lot more. Participants will get familiar with the fundamentals of the financial system and market.

The expert Faculty members will delve the participants deep into the understanding of the stock exchange, financial centers, forex, quotes, and trades. At IIM SKILLS, one will get the opportunity to learn and explore the technicalities of investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, equity, venture capital, etc.

Apart from this, attainment of knowledge of everything about the buy-side, sell-side, due diligence, and marketing collaterals, such as NDAs, investor lists, pitchbooks, financial models, etc. They will cover every core of investment banking courses in Thailand to enhance the ability and capability of the participants.

Course Name:

Investment Banking Course

Course Duration

3 months of online course + 1 month internship

Eligibility Requirements

Anyone keenly interested in investment banking can apply but having a Bachelor’s degree in BBA, or commerce would be beneficial, along with having a basic knowledge of finance and statistics.

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The Highlight of the Investment Banking Master Course of IIM SKILLS

  • 3 Months of Instructor-led Online Course
  • 170+ Hours Training
  • 50+ Hours Lectures
  • 20+ Hours of Doubt Solving Sessions
  • 100+ Hours Practical Assignments
  • 10+ Investment Banking Templates
  • 2 Month Guaranteed Internships
  • 100% Placement Support

Modules Covered 

  • Introduction to MS PowerPoint and the Ribbon
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating, managing, and designing the slides
  • Adding transitions and animations
  • Formatting by using themes
  • Creating the Slide Master
  • Inserting Pictures, links, and editing
  • MS Excel
  • Fundamentals of Financial System and Market
  • Different Kinds of Financial Markets
  • Market Participants and Regulators
  • Stock Exchanges and Financial Centres
  • Types of Shares – Equity and Preference Shares
  • Understanding of Long and Short positions
  • Meaning of Depository Receipts
  • Derivatives Market
  • Forwards, Futures and Options
  • Discussion of Call and Put Options
  • Different types of Payoffs and Pricing in Derivative Markets
  • Concept of Swaps and its Types
  • Meaning of Hedging and Speculation
  • Overview of Credit Default Swaps
  • Technicals of Investment Banking


  • Role of Investment Bankers
  • Types of Investment Banks
  • Bulge Bracket, Mid-Market and Boutique
  • Investment Bank vs Commercial Bank
  • Buy-Side and Sell-Side of Business
  • Investment Bank, Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • Concepts of Mergers and Acquisition, Joint Venture
  • Spin-off and Capital Raise
  • Vertical and Horizontal Mergers
  • Technicals of Financial Modeling
  • Creating scenarios using different ways including Index
  • subscription-based firms, conglomerate businesses, etc
  • Preparation of different schedules including equity, debt, working capital, fixed assets, etc.
  • Financial modeling practices
  • Error tracking trick
  • Different Marketing Collaterals

The Key Features of IIM SKILLS

  • Capstone Projects With Top Investment Banks
  • IBMC course with internship
  • 3 Case Studies on BharatPe Teaser & Industry Report, Rocking Investment Deck, and Colgate Valuation Model
  • 6 Assignments to test the curriculum learnings
  • through classroom collaboration
  • 2 Internships non-paid to get industry exposure by working with their partner firms 500+ Hiring Partners of IIM SKILLS that will provide career opportunities through the IIM SKILLS job portal.

Course Fees –

17,255.81 Thai Baht

 Contact Information


Explore the top-ranked:


2. Quint Edge 

Gain unparalleled insights into the art of Investment Banking with Quint Edge, one of the best investment banking courses in Thailand. With Personalised study plans and Real-time forums, projects, and live Q&A sessions to tailor the participant’s strengths and weaknesses.

The investment banking courses in Thailand comprise detailed dashboards to track, analyze, and improve the investment banking learning journey. Engaging modules with simulations, gamified elements, and interactive case studies is another highlight of the course.

The flexible course is designed to provide self-paced learning to participants anytime, anywhere with mobile apps. To pursue this course, one must have basic accounting knowledge.

That’s why Quint Edge provides pre-lecture study material so that participants get a stronghold of the concepts delivered in the class.

On top of this, 24/7 Peer and Tutor Forums for immediate query resolution will be available for learners, exclusive industry insights with current market trends, Length Mock Interviews with the Job like difficulty and continuous course updates to match the demand of the market, access to global finance job boards & internship opportunities will be provided to learners, real-world case studies and examples from notable deals makes quint edge one of the top picking investment banking courses in Thailand.

Course Duration – 3 Months

The Key Features of Quint Edge

  • Fully Practical Approach while learning Financial Modeling and valuation from a real-world perspective
  • Highly Credible Trainers of Investment having extensive experience in core finance.
  • The most detailed across the Investment Banking training industry
  • 100% Placement Assistance after the course completion
  • The most detailed curriculum, concept-driven and industry-relevant.

Modules Covered Under This Course

  • Basic to Advanced Excel & VBA
  • Fundamentals of Accounting for Financial Modeling
  • P&L account
  • Balance sheet
  • Cash flow statement
  • Annual reports, Quarterly reports, Earnings reports, Proxy statements
  • Inventory and Working capital
  • Deferred tax asset
  • Fixed assets
  • Contingent liabilities
  • Financial Modeling Fundamentals
  • MS PowerPoint in Investment Banking
  • DCF Valuation
  • Valuation of a Banking Company
  • Trading Comparable
  • Transaction Comparable
  • Football Field Analysis
  • Leverage Buyout
  • Merger Model
  • Real-estate Model
  • Oil & gas company model
  • Real-World Valuation Case Studies of Leading Innovators

What Else Quint Edge Will Provide to the Participants

  • Delving into OTT subscriber growth and content investment
  • Innovation-driven valuation and the technology impact on market capitalization
  • Working with revenue models, growth trajectories, and the AI role in market disruption
  • Understanding Pricing models and the telecommunications impact bon sector’s valuation
  • Comprehensive Investment Banking Toolkit
  • The Investment Banking Handbook covers every core concept of investment banking, from basic to advanced strategies.
  • The Financial Model Template is structurally designed keeping in view the real-world
  • Mobile App With full-fledged Resources providing instant access to all the study materials.

Is finance your niche? Here are the best courses for you:


3. Chulalongkorn University

BBA International Program is the first and foremost graduate-level program that is conducted entirely in English at Chulalongkorn University. BBA International Program is well-designed to cater to graduates in specific areas of the domain.

The International Business Management major, which focuses on understanding the development of trade and the diversity of culture, is bifurcated into two fields of study: International Business and Financial Analysis and Investment which is considered as one of the best investment banking courses in Thailand.

The program also emphasizes how to efficiently manage financial modeling in this competitive environment. The Accounting major has been kept in the curriculum to impart students with extensive knowledge of international accounting practices for modern business management.

Students will get numerous opportunities to interact with students from other nations/countries and could select an internship with multinational firms and organizations.

There are two ways to join internships, either students choose to fulfill the courses by spending a period abroad as exchange students, or can select a study tour arranged by the investment banking courses in the Thailand Program. A minimum of 137 credit hours is mandatory to be undertaken for this Program.

The Curriculum of this Program

  • Financial Analysis and Investment course
  • General Education Course (Social Science)
  • General Education Course (Sciences and Mathematics)
  • Introduction to Information Technology and Information Systems
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Business Written Communication
  • Business Report Writing
  • Business Oral Communication
  • Calculus for Business
  • Using Spreadsheet Software for Business Principles of Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting MNGL
  • Management and Organization
  • Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Production/Operations Management
  • Comparative International Business Management
  • Principles of International Business Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Economic
  • Business Finance
  • Principles of Marketing Economics
  • Business Law
  • Taxation Law
  • International Business Law
  • Essential English for Business
  • Calculus for Business
  • Financial Intermediation
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Principle of Investment
  • Principle of Equity Analysis
  • Ethics for Financial Professionals
  • Analysis of Financial Reports
  • Advanced Business Finance
  • International Financial Management
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Computer Applications in Financial Management
  • Advanced Topics in Finance
  • Bank Management
  • Current Issues in Finance Venture Capital
  • Feasibility Study and Project Evaluation International Economics
  • Fixed Income Security Analysis

Contact Information

+662 218 6113, +662 218 5840

+662 251 3718

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4. Imarticus Learning 

Flourish your career as an investment banker with the highly exclusive certified investment banking courses in Thailand with the Imarticus certified Investment Banking Operation Program (CIBOP), an approved program where learners will be trained effectively by an expert faculty.

Participants will acquire everything from the trade life cycle to risk management and regulation.

The CIBOP investment banking courses in Thailand program consist of a 150-hour online training program that fosters learners with an in-depth understanding of products, trade, processes, and operations as well as vigorously prepares them to take on roles in investment banking.

Imarticus learning focuses on giving learners an integrated learning experience.

Course Duration

2 months program when it will pursue full-time time 3 months program if pursue part-time on the weekend

Eligibility Requirements

Recent Graduates/Freshers from fields of Finance and business management streams only.

Applicants with a gap of up to 1 year are eligible to apply.

The Core Curriculum of the Imarticus Learning

  • Introduction to Investment Banking and Financial Systems
  • Types of Financial Market
  • Cash Equities and Fixed Income
  • Equity & Preference Shares
  • Depository Receipts
  • Primary & Secondary Market
  • Stock Exchanges & Financial Centres
  • Bonds –Characteristics, Securitization & Types
  • Interest, Bond Price and Yield
  • Yield to Maturity
  • Foreign Exchange and Money Markets
  • Forex & Features of Forex
  • Market Participants
  • Quotes and Trades
  • Forex Future & Options
  • Money Market Basics
  • Instruments of Money Market
  • Difference between Capital & Money Markets
  • Derivatives Markets
  • Introduction to Derivatives
  • Exchange Traded and Over the Counter Derivative
  • Forwards, Futures and Options
  • Payoffs and Pricing
  • Hedging & Speculation
  • Credit Default Swap and Credit Event
  • Reference Data Management
  • Introduction & Role
  • Static Data & Dynamic Data
  • Securities Identification
  • Corporate Action
  • Role & Purpose of Corporate Action
  • Types of Corporate Action
  • Corporate Action Life
  • Asset Management
  • Structure of Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds
  • Roles & Activities
  • Reconciliation
  • Role in the Trade Life Cycle
  • Process, Risk & Integrity Framework
  • Role of ISDA
  • Architecture & Hierarchy
  • ISDA Master Agreement
  • Stock, Borrow & Lending
  • Participants & Securities Traded
  • Collateral Management
  • Fundamentals of Collateral
  • Participants, Process & Risk Management

The Major Highlight of this Course

  • 100% Job Assurance with 7 guaranteed interviews with 500 top-tier partner organizations that are exceptionally hiring investment banking professionals.
  • Extensive Career Support that helps learners achieve career goals through placement preparation, resume-building, and mock interviews.
  • Industry-recognized certification to upgrade the professional profile.
  • Live Training Modules
  • Hands-on training methods


5. Udemy

Udemy is the leading online platform for investment banking courses in Thailand which includes IPOs, Bonds, M&A, TRADING, and LBOs, perfectly designed to train and integrate learners with efficient skills that will help to land a job across the globe, structurally designed to educate the learners without any prerequisite knowledge of finance and investment banking.

The Key features one will acquire after completing this investment banking course in Thailand are how to build financial models from scratch and valuation models like DCF, LBO, and multiples, Explanation of the mechanics of an Initial Public Offering, Understanding how pricing is determined in an IPO, mechanics of a bond offering, why companies raise public debt about loan syndication, and who participates in the syndicate.

Apart from this, a basic understanding of securitization, why companies buy other companies, Identification of successful M&A transactions, Financial and Corporate buyers, and the different payment options in an M&A deal.

Eligibility Requirements

No such eligibility requirements are there to apply for this course.

Course Duration

13.5 hours of on-demand video with 210 lectures

Modules Covered under this Program

  • The ascendance of investment banking services
  • The four key areas of investment banking activity
  • Capital market- equity and debt capital market
  • Advisory- mergers and acquisitions & restructuring
  • Trading and Brokerage
  • DCF Valuation- forecasting key and balance sheet
  • Tesla valuation
  • Leveraged buyouts
  • LBO Valuation
  • Triangulating DCF results with multiple
  • Building a comprehensive LBO model
  • Interview Preparation



Q. How can I join the course of investment banking and become an investment banker in Thailand?

There are ample classroom as well as online investment banking courses in Thailand available with experts in the field of investment banking to make aspirants well-versed in terms of investment in a bank. Aspirants will be trained effectively which will eventually give you an edge in this cutthroat competition seen in the field of management of the financial industry. Aspirants at least need a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, and statistics for management and can improve their professional graph with a master’s degree or can join any master’s or certified course of investment banking, get certified, and join the industry as an investment banker.

Q. Which company will hire an investment banker? 

Many successful top investment banks in Thailand will recruit individuals as soon as they complete investment banking courses in Thailand such as:

AFIFORUM – Asia Financial Institutions Forum

Advisory Alliance & Partners

BOITHAI: Consulting for the Thai Board of Investment

Bangkok Capital Asset Management

Beacon Venture Capital

Bualuang Ventures

Capital A Ventures


Dreamaker Equity Crowdfunding


Finansa Securities Limited


Hunters Investments Ltd.

Kasikorn Asset Management

Khronos Advisory Limited

Kiatnakin Bank


Kuvera Capital Company Limited

MFC Asset Management

Maybank Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited


These companies will hire investment banking course graduates for different posts such as financial analyst, Investment banking associate, Risk management consultant, Money market analyst, Global finance researcher, Anti-money laundering specialist,

Capital market operations consultant,

Executive director in clearing services,

Regulatory analyst, banking operation lead, and financial market advisor.

Q. Is doing investment banking courses in Thailand worth it?

Thailand is one of the most growing countries in terms of employment hence even people from other countries immigrate to Thailand in search of better opportunities as investment bankers. With a lucrative job position and decent pay scale, Thailand is the most sought-after country in matters of investment banking.


Every organization and business depends on investment banking to make crucial business decisions about analyzing the financial risk of the market, merger and acquisition, trading valuation and investment, bonds, equity, and market participation. Henceforth, there is a strong need for investment bankers to examine all the data and information that is accessible and assist the market for smooth investment.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand

In the dynamic landscape of Thailand, digital marketing is thriving and growing exponentially with the expansion of internet usage making digital marketing the significant tool used to promote and connect to their target audience. Hence, Thailand witnessed a high demand for digital marketers. This article comprises the list of top digital marketing courses in Thailand with all the details.

List of best digital marketing courses in Thailand

Why is There a Demand for Digital Marketing?

In this era where the world is evolving digitally, every single process has shifted to digital media. The skill and ability to design and launch ideas to grab the attention of the audience within a minute is a strong need.

Students and job seekers are in search of more employment options in today’s time because most want to explore new options but do not have enough skills that industries are looking for.

Digital marketing will give individuals a platform to switch to the digital realm and give a boost to their professional lives. Moreover, to make oneself ready for the high-potential industry of digital marketing, one should go for digital marketing courses in Thailand.

Entrepreneurs are also availing all options of digitalization to increase the view appearance and market of their business and create the traffic audience with correct marketing and advertising.

According to Researchers and surveys estimation, there will be more than 20-30 lakh jobs available in the domain of digital marketing. Therefore, this upsurge in demand for digital marketers in Thailand is not going to shrink anywhere in the coming years.

The realm of marketing has evolved drastically in recent times and the usage of digital channels has become an important source for accomplishing successful campaigns. Companies, Startups, industries, and all kinds of businesses are leveraging digital marketing to obtain a competitive edge, boost brand visibility, and drive revenue growth.

Must check here the best:


Digital marketing is an important and effective tool for reaching and engaging with the audience. In today’s digital era, every startup is harnessing the potential of digital marketing to reach, engage, and target their target audience.

Using digital marketing is not merely a trend but a necessity of time for staying updated and famous to excel and establish their position in this competitive marketplace.

Digital marketing is a powerful field using different social media channels to reach and engage potential customers.

There are many ways to address this digital marketing campaign such as Influencer marketing where a company uses the popularity and trust of the top social media influencers to promote their brand and product. Influencer marketing can dramatically increase brand awareness, generate leads, and boost conversions.

Another way of the campaign is Video marketing, where short, engaging, and informative videos are recorded by the influencer or celebrity and subsequently uploaded on YouTube, TikTok,  Instagram, or other social media channels to grab the attention and interest of the audience within a short span of time.

It can elevate brand recognition and drive customer traffic with loyalty. Overall, every component of digital marketing will help marketers analyze large amounts of data, optimize campaigns, and understand customer behavior.

The Composition of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization-  SEO means search engine optimization is precisely used to boost online visibility. The importance of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine results in pages and its work in attracting organic traffic cannot be described in words. When you search for “best digital marketing courses in Thailand,” the results you see at the top of the page have aced their SEO tool.

Content Marketing – No doubt Content is king which comprises valuable, relevant, and consistent content to engage and retain their target audience. Blog posts, videos, shorts, and captions are among the content marketing strategies. They consistently upload informative and valuable content that educates their audience attracts leads, and nurtures them into customers.

Email Marketing – Companies have strong knowledge to leverage email to nurture leads, build relationships, and drive conversions. to analyze the browsing and purchasing history to send product recommendations to the target audience and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising – PPC is an advertising tool and technique, where businesses pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. Look at Google Ads. When you search for anything like the best digital marketing courses in Thailand, the top results are often PPC ads. Companies rely on keywords to increase the appearance and display of their ads to users.

Online reputation management – Using online reputation management (ORM), marketers concentrate on the Compilation of favorable online reviews and promoting them. Reviewing the services/goods of a company will make other customers visit the respective website. Websites that publish these reviews offer local advertising so that any individual who promotes their business can use it by advertising on the profiles of the competitors.

Social media marketing (SMM)- SMM is another vital component of digital marketing. Digital marketers use popular social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. They avail paid avenues to connect with prospective customers by using sponsored advertising campaigns on these popular trendy channels to reach a wider audience.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand



The specialized Digital Marketing courses in Thailand with advanced certification led by the IIM SKILLS have kept their vision clear to equip the learners with basic to advanced level skills that are a crucial element in the digital marketing field.

The institute aims to embark learners on the fundamental concept of Digital Marketing Course and impart the core concept knowledge about its other Intricacies.

Through the consistent efforts of expert faculty members of IIM SKILLS during the training period of students, they polished each skill of digital marketing and indulged that in the students to make them able to handle every role within the digital marketing arena.

Apart from this, the students also get a deep insight into the essential techniques and tools that drive online marketing and its related businesses. Weekly assignments will be assigned to students based on various modules for gathering in-depth understanding and hands-on experience with Tools.

The learning management system of IIMSKILLS will upload videos of recorded classes regularly to watch the class according to one’s schedule,  making it a flexible course.

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Course duration

3 Months Training

2 Months Paid Internship

The Key Highlights of the IIM SKILLS

  • A well-structured online course provides 180 hours of intense live classes
  • Exclusive training classes with projects and case studies
  • Deep learning in topics related to SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, web marketing as well as Affiliate Marketing.
  • Free tools worth 80K and lifetime access to LMS material will be provided to participants
  • Participants will receive a Digital Marketing Completion Certificate from IIM SKILLS, and 13 other certificates With Google, Facebook, and HubSpot.

The Core Modules of IIM SKILLS

  • Web development at WordPress
  • WordPress customization
  • SSL for your Website and Yoast SEO
  • Sucuri Security, Cloudflare, and many more.
  • Search Engine Optimisation- On-page and off- page Optimization, SEO influence through GMB
  • Search Engine Marketing- Running Ads campaign, PPC, Remarketing.
  • Email Marketing- Email Automation, SMTP server
  • Inbound Marketing- Landing Page Optimization, Web visitor Engagement
  • Social Media Marketing- ORM, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Ads
  • Content Writing & Advanced Blogging
  • Digital Infographics Resume Creation
  • Media Buying & Planning
  • Market Automation and Affiliate Marketing

Course Fees

12,940.38 Thai Baht

Contact Information

[email protected]

Phone No. – +919580740740

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ACTE is the growing digital marketing Institute that provides the best training in Digital Marketing courses in Thailand and gives Digital Marketing Certification at an affordable price and with 100% placement help.

This course is well-designed keeping in mind the students and professionals to provide Digital Marketing classes for students, corporates, and professionals. ACTE Digital Marketing courses in Thailand are constructed and conducted by experts who have more than 12 years of experience in this field.

ACTE trains the learners with real-world Training and projects during weekday and weekend sessions.

They offer a high-quality practice that emphasizes essential expertise of a hands-on approach and makes the students grasp the center standards, coupled with numerous equipment and technologies required in Digital Marketing consisting of search engine marketing auditing, pay-per-click, net analytics, social media method and planning, cell advertising, content material advent, and marketing, factors of email marketing, Digital Marketing method, etc.

Become industry-ready through ACTE digital marketing course in Thailand by mastering the modern equipment, running on real-international projects, and attending Masterclasses from the Facebook team.

Learners will comprehend the wide array of disciplines under advanced showcasing, like inbound marketing, paid Marketing, web-based media Marketing, and web examination.

The Key Features of ACTE

  • Get Trained from scratch to Advanced Level classes.
  • Learn and practice the industry-oriented Concepts.
  • Best Organised Course Content with Modest Prices.
  • 10400+ Students Trained & 350+ Recruiting Clients.
  • Delivered by 9+ years of Digital Marketing Certified Expert.
  • Get Unlimited access to the Student’s Portal, Study Materials, and Videos Lectures.
  • Best curriculum Designed by Industrial Digital Marketing Expert with low cost
  • 40 Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Syllabus of Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand by ACTE

Module 1: Inbound Marketing

  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • Inbound Marketing strategy?
  • Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Role in Inbound Marketing

Module 2: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to online digital marketing
  • Importance of digital marketing
  • How does Internet marketing work?
  • Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing
  • Significance of online marketing in the real world
  • Increasing visibility
  • Visitors’ engagement
  • Bringing targeted traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Converting leads
  • Performance evaluation

Module 3: Website Planning and Maintenance

  • Understanding Internet and websites
  • Domain names and extensions
  • Web server and its types
  • What is web hosting?
  • Types of websites – dynamic & and static
  • Planning and conceptualization of a website
  • Understanding the web pages, their structure, and navigation
  • Making a blueprint of the website

Module 4: Create a Website Using WordPress

  • WordPress Website?
  • Install WordPress Theme?
  • Create Page
  • Create Post
  • SEO Plug-in
  • Tag Manager Plug-in

Module 5: Business Trends Research

  • What is Google Trends
  • How to Use Google Trends
  • Trends and Analysis

Module 6: Keyword Planning and Mapping

Market research

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • SWOT analysis of a website
  • Types of keywords
  • Tools used for keyword research
  • Localized keyword research
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Choosing the right keywords for the project

Module 7: Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

How Search Engines Work?

  • SEO fundamentals & concepts
  • Understanding the SERP

Module 8: On-Page Optimization

  • Metadata optimization
  • URL optimization
  • Internal linking
  • 301 Redirection
  • 404 error pages
  • Canonical implementation
  • H1, H2, H3 tags optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Optimize SEO content

Module 10: SEO Updates and Analysis

Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird algorithm

  • How to recover your website from Google penalties
  • Webmaster and analytics tools
  • Competitor website analysis and backlinks building
  • SEO tools for website analysis and optimization
  • Backlinks tracking, monitoring, and reporting

Module 11: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Understanding the past and present
  • How can social media influence marketing strategies?

Course Fees


Contact Information

+91-8376 802 119

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3. TBS

TBS is a well-known digital marketing Institute established in Thailand, that offers six-month master’s advanced digital marketing courses in Thailand to equip students with exclusive learning journeys. TBS Digital Marketing Course strives to foster outstanding Training that combines a solid basic core grasp of key topics in a hands-on environment.

Their placement cell is intended to give helping hands to the user to obtain a full grasp of all Digital Marketing equipment tools, techniques, and concepts, from beginners to advanced stage procedures.

The primary responsibility of the faculty members is to educate students on how to efficiently manage a classroom while creating a classroom curriculum and delivering online Training to teachers from a variety of backgrounds.

The Digital Marketing Trainers of TBS analyze the present level of the capabilities of the Beginners and build programs based on that information.

The Trainer evaluates the key areas for development and Upgrades on the areas for improvement. TBS Digital Marketing training Mentors are well-organized and work with students to help them become Digital Marketing experts and trainers.

The Core Syllabus of the course

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Advanced Sales Funnels
  • Domain Hosting
  • CMS Systems
  • Blog Creation & Marketing
  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • Business Listing & Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • With Live Projects
  • E-commerce Development & Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Campaign Planning & Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Strategies & Revisions
  • Social Media Optimization & Marketing
  • Affiliates Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Introduction to Social Media Networks
  • Types of social media websites
  • Social Media Optimization Concepts
  • Facebook Page, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest.
  • Hashtags and Mentions
  • Image optimization and networking
  • Mico Blogs for Businesses
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Promoting Brand Awareness
  • Brand Building Tools & Apps
  • Positive Negative Brand Building
  • Rebuilding Brand Image
  • Writing compelling content
  • Keyword research
  • Unique ways to write eye-catchy content
  • Template creation for content
  • Optimizing content for search engine
  • Content distribution to increase traffic & and sales
  • What is blogging?
  • What is an AdSense program?
  • How to earn money through blogging?
  • Tricks to get AdSense approved by Google
  • Google AdSense account setup and integration with analytics

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4. Udemy

Udemy, founded in 2010 is the ultimate platform with wide sections of courses on every single topic available on the Udemy led by the experts of that concentrate domain. Udemy is one of the finest online digital marketing courses in Thailand that fosters a detailed knowledge of all intricacies related to digital marketing.

Udemy also provides effective learning subjects covering every department from science, and commerce to management, health, and technology in multiple languages including English and Hindi.

These well-defined courses focus on crucial and needed skill development that is required to establish a place in the industry and shape individuals to unlock their full potential. Learners will receive course completion certificates after completing their digital marketing courses in Thailand and elevate the professional experience of learners to upgrade their resumes.

The course consists of sharpening topics from basic to advanced level with 20 hours of training as well as check and tested practical steps that will be taught to the learner which makes their path easier to achieve exceptional career growth in digital marketing.

Course duration

22 hours and 43 min with over 247 lectures.

The Modules covered under digital marketing courses of IIM SKILLS

  • Market Research
  • WordPress
  • email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • social media
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • An introductory session
  • Learning Market Research
  • Making a Website
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics

Program Includes in Udemy

  • Udemy certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to course updates
  • Interaction with hiring partners like Eventbrite, Box, NetApp, and so on
  • Course materials can be easily accessible on mobile and other electronic devices
  • Knowledge of building marketing strategies across online marketing channels
  • Tactics and strategies provided to Website owners to drive traffic and sales.

Course Fees

3,199 INR


5. ExcelR

ExcelR is one of the leading digital marketing institutes providing the finest digital marketing courses in Thailand. This course has been thoughtfully designed to match the latest industry trends and pace up the training process and updation of syllabus according to that.

Trainers are experts in the industry with valuable experience of more than 10 years. ExcelR is a beacon of digital marketing institutions and consulting firms with its global presence in Houston, Texas, USA.

The course will be conducted by experts and certified trainers who are considered some of the best trainers in the industry, and present an innovative and interactive learning experience. This course comprises hands-on assessments on each module while covering during the training.

Apart from the training, ExcelR offers a 1-year e-learning access, awarded 8 global certifications from Google, Hubspot, etc. Placement assistance will be provided to each learner to prepare them for a real interview. Many ExcelR alumni are currently working for various companies as digital marketers.

The Major Highlights of ExcelR

  • ExcelR DevOps training
  • Our industry-relevant practical exposure along with the theory.
  • ExcelR Data Analyst training
  • Real-life Projects and Bootcamps
  • Guaranteed job interviews

The Course Curriculum

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • SEO On-Page SEO
  • SEO – Content Writing & Marketing
  • SEO Technical SEO
  • SEO Off-Page SEO
  • SEO Off-Page SEO/ Website Audit 10 Analytics Google Search Console
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing

Course Fees

Rs 29,999

Contact Information



Is Studying Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand worth it?

This Digital Marketing Courses Program gives a point-by-point comprehension of Digital Marketing key ideas, methodologies, managing and leveraging tools and techniques, and execution, including arranging a site, site advancement, email, and Search Engine Optimization missions which are necessary equipment of Digital Marketing to train the learners to grab a job in the digital marketing industry.

How much can a digital marketer earn in Thailand?

Digital marketing is a demanding field in Thailand, with many companies looking to invest in digital marketing campaigns to reach their target audience. As such, there are ample opportunities for digital marketers to earn competitive salaries in Thailand and elevate their careers in this field.

According to the data, the average salary a digital marketer can expect in Thailand is around THB 45,000 to THB 80,000 per month. However, this can vary significantly based on factors such as the level of experience, specific job duties, and the company or industry one works.

What are the Job Opportunities after completing Certified digital marketing courses in Thailand?

With a digital marketing certificate, learners will get hired for the following jobs:

Digital Marketing Executive.

Digital Marketing Intern.

SEO Executive.

Digital Marketing Analyst.

Digital Marketing-Campaign Manager.

Digital Marketing Sales Manager

Social media manager


SEO Specialist

Email marketing specialist

Content manager

eCommerce Specialist

Graphic designer

The instructor of Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand will help and train students to accomplish SEO principles underpinned by many techniques utilized in PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing and a dedicated placement cell will be intended to assist students in grabbing such positions/roles in the digital Marketing domain.


From beginners to experienced professionals, the main motivation for enrolling in digital marketing courses is to accelerate their career progression, as digital marketing is a hot field with enormous opportunities that play an essential role in the sales profile. The best part is no prerequisite skill is required to study this course, anyone can switch their current job profile to digital marketing.

Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Thailand With Placement

With the expansion of markets and industries in Thailand, there has been an unforeseen demand for data analysts to understand the complex technical aspects of leveraging large volumes of data. As per the fact, In the 21st century, data analytics will be counted among the most trending jobs with a lucrative salary not only in Thailand but across the globe. We have designed the list of best institutes offering data analytics courses in Thailand for your convenience.

List of best data analytics courses in Thailand

Understanding Data Analytics

Data analytics means analyzing raw data to get information that would certainly assist in solving problems and decision-making that help in arriving at conclusions about information.

The data analytics process has many components that can present a variety of initiatives with the use of tools and techniques with processes of data analytics which are automated into mechanical processes and algorithms.

Data analytics techniques uncover the trends and metrics of the current situation, this larger piece of information provides an expansion process to elevate the overall efficiency of a business, boost performance, maximize profit, or make more strategically-based decisions.

It relies on a variety of mechanisms and tools including data visualization, spreadsheets, data mining programs, and open-source languages for data manipulation, and involves disciplines like Excel programming, computer programming, statistics, accounting, finance, and Mathematics.

The data analytics work on models of programming languages like Excel, Python, Scala, R, Structured Query Language (SQL), Tableau, C++, Java, etc.

These are the most vital and powerful tools typically used to create Worksheets (spreadsheets) to store and do financial analysis as well as organize data in a table format in Rows as well as Columns which assist in storing, processing, analyzing, and presenting the data most simply.

The Major features of these programming tools include Data entry, Financial Analysis, Data management, Accounting, Charting and graphing, financial analysis, Time management, Data functions, formulas, shortcuts, and anything that needs to be organized to enhance the management of a task and its functionality, it is then tested and examined again and again until the model works as intended.

Must check out here the best:


Data analytics construct many qualities in the financial sector for performing complex calculations. Data analytics has many salient tasks in the industry of finance and banking where it is used to diligence market trends and assess risk, simultaneously preventing fraud to boost performance and reduce the risk for financial institutions.

Data analytics is the center point that gives crucial information for healthcare domains such as patient outcomes and improving diagnostic techniques, crime prevention, and environmental protection. Whether it is the pharmaceutical industry or machine learning, data analytics is transforming the leading industries realm.

Types of Data Analytics

Descriptive Analytics

In descriptive analytics, Data reveals what is happening, summarising data into concise statistics and presenting them into visualizations. For example, any company or industry wants to understand the web traffic history in the previous years.

Diagnostic Analysis

It explains why certain things are happening or happened by understanding patterns in the data. For example, we want to know why a certain product on a production line has failed.

Predictive Analytics

To analyze the data around similar products in association with ongoing social trends to make predictions about demands and sales numbers. For example, a company may want to acquire the data on how many users will want to purchase a new product item.

Prescriptive Analytics

They make statements about what actions should be taken to approve or deny the transactions like taking fraud detection in a banking system. Analyzing a customer’s past behavior along with many data points around a transaction.

Check These Popular Courses in Thailand:


Programming Languages of Data Analytics

Excel –

With the help of Excel, one can process data in Strings, Dates, or into different types of data in the Excel Cells and Save the Files for performing calculations to Developing Tools and Dashboards as well as interacting with Other Applications.

Excel helps in leveraging tools, adding data to Excel, and analyzing data to understand data to access patterns, trends, and summaries to predict the ongoing customer mindset.


It has the highest demand due to its wide range of uses. It delves into a wide range of tasks such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other popular forms of technology.

Some of the popular data analytics libraries include Keras, Scikit-Learn, matplotlib, and tensorflow. Python’s work is to process crucial automation tasks, such as data collection, modeling, visualization, and analysis which are all key factors to work within big data.

JavaScript –

It is the prime programming language to learn which is commonly used for web development as it has great capability to build rich and interactive web pages to create visualizations, an excellent way to convey big data.


This is one of the top programming languages that has been used in industries for securing enterprise development and is used in performing tasks involving data analysis along with data mining and machine learning to construct advanced applications from scratch and can deliver results much quicker than other languages.

Java breaks down complicated tasks into a simple manner that involves data analysis, deep learning, natural language processing, and data mining. Most languages delete themselves upon elimination but Java is a garbage collector which makes it far more efficient.

Explore more about the in-demand:


R Language –

It is quickly rising in demand due to its ease in learning language that provides an optimum background for statistical computing and graphics making it the most popular programming language for data science. R is an impressive scripting language because R can handle large and complex data sets and is significantly used when performing statistical operations.

C/C++ –

C/C++ are useful programming tools for data science, due to their ability to compile data quickly over a gigabyte within a short period. This allows programmers and developers to dive deep into the application to have a much broader command of the applications. It is mostly used for projects with massive scalability and performance requirements.


SQL is used in handling structured data. It provides programmers access to data and statistics which makes it an impactful resource for data science. Another key feature of SQL is its use as a database language, anyone dealing with larger data will need to have a sound knowledge of SQL to resolve query databases.

SQL is a non-procedural language used for relational databases, which means there is no need for the use of traditional programming logic. This quality makes SQL much easier as one doesn’t have to be an expert coder.

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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Thailand With Placements



IIM SKILLS is one of the best institutes offering cohesive Data Analytics Courses in Thailand. They have designed the exclusive road map of this demanding program which helps the learner to dive deep into this field of concentration and construct the required industry-relevant skills to help them achieve excellence over other competitors.

The expert faculty members of IIM SKILLS prepare learners to facilitate business analytical tasks such as cleansing, pulling, manipulating, and analyzing data.

Moreover, to get a crucial understanding of statistical analysis which further enhances the business decision-making processes. This course is well designed as per the level of both freshers as well as professionals.

The requisite skills learners will be equipped with after the IIM SKILLS training process are statistical concepts, Excel at SQL concepts like SQL, mastery of  Python concepts, acquiring competence in knowledge of K means, DBSCAN, and Tableau model, etc.

If any aspirant wants to obtain valuable insight into a data analyst’s work and journey as well as wants to get well-trained in the same, then Data Analytics Courses of IIM SKILLS will be the ultimate choice.

IIM SKILLS assists learners in leveraging data using the best of their abilities to bring real revolution in the business industry. They guide the learners on how to extract, refine, and turn data into useful learning outcomes.

There are no prerequisite skills required to pursue this program, an IT field background is not necessary to join this course, and a graduate degree is enough to enroll in Data Analytics Courses in Thailand.

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Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Course/ 2 Months of Non-Paid internship

Fees: 21688.62 Thai Baht + Taxes

The Major Highlights of IIM SKILLS

  • A master certification in Data Analysis will be awarded after successful completion of the course
  • Lifetime access to the program material via the learning management system
  • Sound knowledge of statistical domains like dispersion and regression
  • Guaranteed internship
  • Job placement
  • 160 Hours of Lectures
  • 100+ Hours Practical Assignments Hands-On Tool Based Learning
  • 7+ Live Projects
  • 10+ Case Studies
  • Master 7+ Tools

Contact Information:


[email protected]

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2. ExcelR

ExcelR is one of the growing training institutes and consulting firms with its branches in countries like Houston, Texas, USA as the global headquarters. In Addition, It has opened its offices in Australia, Malaysia for the ASEAN market, Canada, the UK, and Romania which are carefully looking after Eastern Europe and South Africa.

ExcelR in collaboration with Tech Conglomerate IBM has laid the stone for Data analytics courses in Thailand to provide the possibility of upskilling the quality tech professionalism and incorporating the seed of data analytics in the freshers.

The course has been structured in a way that bridges the demand between learner and industry needs with their modern course Curriculum. They offer a blended Training Model with live online and e-learning recorded sessions to acquire the concepts of Data analytics courses in Thailand.

The course has a Data Analyst Project Life Cycle which is further divided into three phases – Data collection, Data preparation, Insight Generation, and Dashboard Building.

Moreover, Hands-on work on real-life data projects like loans of customers, analysis of Patient Data, Employee Retention, Industrial Combustion Energy, Olist store Analysis, etc will be assigned to the students.

The highlight of the course is its dedicated Faculty with Experts carrying more than 12 years of experience, practical exposure along with the theory concepts, real-life projects, and boot camps to elevate the understanding of this domain, prepare for the job and mock interview will be the add-on in this course program.

Course Duration

150+ hrs/6 Months

Core Modules Covered Under the Course

  • Excel Basic to Advance
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Business Statistics
  • Probabilities and Normal Distribution
  • Data Cleaning and Insight
  • Fundamentals of R
  • Joins, dplyr and ggplot2
  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn
  • Chatgpt and AI

Other Features of ExcelR

  • Hands-on assignment
  • Lifetime eLearning Access
  • Knowledge of Database Concepts
  • Functions charts & Slicers
  • Pass to attend unlimited live online classes for 1 year
  • Steinbeis Certification

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3. Asian School of Technology Thailand

The Master/ M.Sc. in Business Analytics and Digital Transformation (M.Sc. BADT) is a program offered by the Department of the School of Management in the Asian School of Technology considered one of the most confined and innovative data analytics courses in Thailand.

They have designed this outstanding program to facilitate students with the dynamic skills and in-depth knowledge to leverage data analytics to be able to contribute to business change in the world and work as a catalyst for successful digital transformation.

They prepared AIT graduates to take on leadership roles across industries and sectors. They precisely focus more on the application and interpretation parts of data analytics courses in Thailand rather than expertise in statistics or analytics

This is a flexible program with a choice for those who want to take daytime courses on the main campus and for working aspirants who want to study at weekends (Friday afternoon-Sunday about once per month) and some evenings at the Bangkok city campus or via Zoom.

Course Duration

  • One Year- [36 Credits Masters]
  • Two Years- [48 Credits Msc]
  • Flexible-mode- [36 or 48 Credits Flexible Masters]

Course Content

  • Big Data Analytics
  • The Business of Frontier Technologies
  • Global Data Management
  • Industry 4.0
  • Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • Communication skills
  • Change Management
  • Fin-Tech
  • Developing Leadership Skills for the Digital Workplace
  • Responsible and Sustainable Management Decision-Making
  • Change Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Agile Thinking for Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing and Consumer Analytics

Employment Opportunity

After completing this program, students will be prepared for such job opportunities:

  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Digital sales manager
  • Consultant
  • Marketing, HR, finance, and other functional areas

Program Feature

  • Internships
  • Minor
  • Project
  • Exchange

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent degree with a minimum 2.75 GPA out of 4.
  • English proficiency: IELTS 5; TOEFL 173; I
  • TOEFL 60; if English is not the native language.

The Core Curriculum of this Course

  • Apply big data method
  • Examine big data and handling management processes
  • Explain how datasets can provide useful business intelligence of a volume, manage, process, and analyze the data using data processing tools
  • Develop an idea about how these techniques continue to grow with new applications being developed every day
  • Types of Big Data Analytics
  • Characteristics of Big Data
  • Domain Specific Big Data
  • Analytics Flow for Big Data
  • Big Data Patterns
  • analytics architecture components and design
  • Time Analysis and Data Visualisation.
  • Approaches to ethical decision-making
  • The rise of ‘ESG’ (environmental, social, governance)
  • Decision-making mechanisms in the context of applied business ethics
  • Responsible management initiatives in business school education
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Systems thinking and scenario planning
  • The core domains of digital transformation
  • Understanding and leveraging customer networks
  • Focusing on Platforms rather than products; Data as an asset
  • Innovating like a start-up
  • Value Proposition & Mastering Disruptive Business Models.


 4. Saint Leo University Thailand

Begin an exciting career with data analytics courses in Thailand with Saint Leo University’s online MBA program. Saint Leo’s MBA programs come with a specialization in Data Analytics that integrates core business administration concepts with advanced data science skills, making the students strongly competitive in diverse industries.

In today’s technology-driven phase of the world, data analysis and the capability to wrangle large data sets play a vital role in decision-making.

Instead of traditional MBA or MS programs in data analytics, this university offers a unique online program with a blend of business administration principles and technical data analysis. Grab the opportunity to pursue an MBA in data analytics courses in Thailand at Saint Leo University.

A data analytics-focused MBA embarks on the journey of individuals to excel in a dynamic business landscape driven by data. After completing the course, individuals will gain the necessary skills to acquire the complex technical aspects of leveraging large volumes of data.

This program equips learners with expertise in handling diverse databases, organizing and compiling data, and analyzing and examining it for valuable insights that inform strategic business decisions.

Contents of Subjects

  • Data Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Statistics
  • Web Analytics
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing
  • Professional opportunities

Why Study an Online Data Analytics Course at Saint Leo University?

  • Innovative Online Education With an extensive experience of 22 years in online education.
  • Virtual programs have been crafted according to the same quality and academic excellence as our on-campus offerings.
  • Through an interactive virtual classroom that is accessible 24/7 and 6 program start dates, students can start their learning on their terms without compromising on personal or professional commitments.


5. DataMites Global Training Institute

DataMites will be the ultimate choice for you if you want to study data analytics courses in Thailand as you will acquire the abundant knowledge and training necessary to handle cutting-edge analytics tools through their certification programs that have a curriculum well-crafted to assist learners with the best instructor team from the data industry.

They offer learning alternatives to the aspirants such as classroom training and online data analytics courses in Thailand. Their curriculum is approved by the IABAC, a framework for the European Union.

DataMites presents a four-month data analytics training program through three phases- Phase 1 will be the initial stage, during which students will be ready with the required readings, access to videos, and tools for self-study.

Phase 2 is considered the mid-level stage comprising the IABAC Data Analytics Credential, practical capstone projects, and a worldwide certificate. Phase 3 consists of Projects and internships for further upskilling for employment.

Course Duration

4 Months

The Core Syllabus of the Course

  • Data Science Foundation
  • Data Analysis Associate
  • Business Analytics Model
  • Data Reliability and Validity
  • Optimization Models
  • Predictive Analysis with Regression
  • Decision Modelling of Internet Plans
  • Version Control with GIT
  • SQL and MongoDB
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundation
  • Certified BI analytics

Course Fees

INR 60,900

Contact Information



1. Is Data Analytics in High Demand in Thailand?

Yes, in today’s technology-driven world where every single process has taken a transformation and converted into digitalization, there is a vast online process occurring that generates large amounts of data; hence data analysts are required in strong numbers in Thailand to handle and interpret this data. To acquire such skills to be competent to handle the position of a data analyst, one must join any good data analytics courses in Thailand.

2. Is coding required in data analytics courses?

No, Coding is not required in Data Analytics courses in Thailand. But a sound knowledge of Excel and Statistics will be required.

3. What is the minimum salary for a data analyst in Thailand?

According to the recent details, the minimum average salary for data analysts in Thailand will be THB 34,000 to THB 96,000.


With the demand of time and Cut-throat level of competition, to understand the trend of the market, predict the behavior of customers, and come up with innovative ideas to establish the place of a business and industry, data analytics has become a necessity. Every department of companies, including the crime department, healthcare department, finance department, IT sectors, the HR team, and many more needs data analysis. Learn the concepts of data analytics courses in Thailand from industry experts and give acceleration to the career.