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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand

In the dynamic landscape of Thailand, digital marketing is thriving and growing exponentially with the expansion of internet usage making digital marketing the significant tool used to promote and connect to their target audience. Hence, Thailand witnessed a high demand for digital marketers. This article comprises the list of top digital marketing courses in Thailand with all the details.

List of best digital marketing courses in Thailand

Why is There a Demand for Digital Marketing?

In this era where the world is evolving digitally, every single process has shifted to digital media. The skill and ability to design and launch ideas to grab the attention of the audience within a minute is a strong need.

Students and job seekers are in search of more employment options in today’s time because most want to explore new options but do not have enough skills that industries are looking for.

Digital marketing will give individuals a platform to switch to the digital realm and give a boost to their professional lives. Moreover, to make oneself ready for the high-potential industry of digital marketing, one should go for digital marketing courses in Thailand.

Entrepreneurs are also availing all options of digitalization to increase the view appearance and market of their business and create the traffic audience with correct marketing and advertising.

According to Researchers and surveys estimation, there will be more than 20-30 lakh jobs available in the domain of digital marketing. Therefore, this upsurge in demand for digital marketers in Thailand is not going to shrink anywhere in the coming years.

The realm of marketing has evolved drastically in recent times and the usage of digital channels has become an important source for accomplishing successful campaigns. Companies, Startups, industries, and all kinds of businesses are leveraging digital marketing to obtain a competitive edge, boost brand visibility, and drive revenue growth.

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Digital marketing is an important and effective tool for reaching and engaging with the audience. In today’s digital era, every startup is harnessing the potential of digital marketing to reach, engage, and target their target audience.

Using digital marketing is not merely a trend but a necessity of time for staying updated and famous to excel and establish their position in this competitive marketplace.

Digital marketing is a powerful field using different social media channels to reach and engage potential customers.

There are many ways to address this digital marketing campaign such as Influencer marketing where a company uses the popularity and trust of the top social media influencers to promote their brand and product. Influencer marketing can dramatically increase brand awareness, generate leads, and boost conversions.

Another way of the campaign is Video marketing, where short, engaging, and informative videos are recorded by the influencer or celebrity and subsequently uploaded on YouTube, TikTok,  Instagram, or other social media channels to grab the attention and interest of the audience within a short span of time.

It can elevate brand recognition and drive customer traffic with loyalty. Overall, every component of digital marketing will help marketers analyze large amounts of data, optimize campaigns, and understand customer behavior.

The Composition of Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization-  SEO means search engine optimization is precisely used to boost online visibility. The importance of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine results in pages and its work in attracting organic traffic cannot be described in words. When you search for “best digital marketing courses in Thailand,” the results you see at the top of the page have aced their SEO tool.

Content Marketing – No doubt Content is king which comprises valuable, relevant, and consistent content to engage and retain their target audience. Blog posts, videos, shorts, and captions are among the content marketing strategies. They consistently upload informative and valuable content that educates their audience attracts leads, and nurtures them into customers.

Email Marketing – Companies have strong knowledge to leverage email to nurture leads, build relationships, and drive conversions. to analyze the browsing and purchasing history to send product recommendations to the target audience and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising – PPC is an advertising tool and technique, where businesses pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. Look at Google Ads. When you search for anything like the best digital marketing courses in Thailand, the top results are often PPC ads. Companies rely on keywords to increase the appearance and display of their ads to users.

Online reputation management – Using online reputation management (ORM), marketers concentrate on the Compilation of favorable online reviews and promoting them. Reviewing the services/goods of a company will make other customers visit the respective website. Websites that publish these reviews offer local advertising so that any individual who promotes their business can use it by advertising on the profiles of the competitors.

Social media marketing (SMM)- SMM is another vital component of digital marketing. Digital marketers use popular social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. They avail paid avenues to connect with prospective customers by using sponsored advertising campaigns on these popular trendy channels to reach a wider audience.

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Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand



The specialized Digital Marketing courses in Thailand with advanced certification led by the IIM SKILLS have kept their vision clear to equip the learners with basic to advanced level skills that are a crucial element in the digital marketing field.

The institute aims to embark learners on the fundamental concept of Digital Marketing Course and impart the core concept knowledge about its other Intricacies.

Through the consistent efforts of expert faculty members of IIM SKILLS during the training period of students, they polished each skill of digital marketing and indulged that in the students to make them able to handle every role within the digital marketing arena.

Apart from this, the students also get a deep insight into the essential techniques and tools that drive online marketing and its related businesses. Weekly assignments will be assigned to students based on various modules for gathering in-depth understanding and hands-on experience with Tools.

The learning management system of IIMSKILLS will upload videos of recorded classes regularly to watch the class according to one’s schedule,  making it a flexible course.

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Course duration

3 Months Training

2 Months Paid Internship

The Key Highlights of the IIM SKILLS

  • A well-structured online course provides 180 hours of intense live classes
  • Exclusive training classes with projects and case studies
  • Deep learning in topics related to SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, web marketing as well as Affiliate Marketing.
  • Free tools worth 80K and lifetime access to LMS material will be provided to participants
  • Participants will receive a Digital Marketing Completion Certificate from IIM SKILLS, and 13 other certificates With Google, Facebook, and HubSpot.

The Core Modules of IIM SKILLS

  • Web development at WordPress
  • WordPress customization
  • SSL for your Website and Yoast SEO
  • Sucuri Security, Cloudflare, and many more.
  • Search Engine Optimisation- On-page and off- page Optimization, SEO influence through GMB
  • Search Engine Marketing- Running Ads campaign, PPC, Remarketing.
  • Email Marketing- Email Automation, SMTP server
  • Inbound Marketing- Landing Page Optimization, Web visitor Engagement
  • Social Media Marketing- ORM, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Ads
  • Content Writing & Advanced Blogging
  • Digital Infographics Resume Creation
  • Media Buying & Planning
  • Market Automation and Affiliate Marketing

Course Fees

12,940.38 Thai Baht

Contact Information

[email protected]

Phone No. – +919580740740

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ACTE is the growing digital marketing Institute that provides the best training in Digital Marketing courses in Thailand and gives Digital Marketing Certification at an affordable price and with 100% placement help.

This course is well-designed keeping in mind the students and professionals to provide Digital Marketing classes for students, corporates, and professionals. ACTE Digital Marketing courses in Thailand are constructed and conducted by experts who have more than 12 years of experience in this field.

ACTE trains the learners with real-world Training and projects during weekday and weekend sessions.

They offer a high-quality practice that emphasizes essential expertise of a hands-on approach and makes the students grasp the center standards, coupled with numerous equipment and technologies required in Digital Marketing consisting of search engine marketing auditing, pay-per-click, net analytics, social media method and planning, cell advertising, content material advent, and marketing, factors of email marketing, Digital Marketing method, etc.

Become industry-ready through ACTE digital marketing course in Thailand by mastering the modern equipment, running on real-international projects, and attending Masterclasses from the Facebook team.

Learners will comprehend the wide array of disciplines under advanced showcasing, like inbound marketing, paid Marketing, web-based media Marketing, and web examination.

The Key Features of ACTE

  • Get Trained from scratch to Advanced Level classes.
  • Learn and practice the industry-oriented Concepts.
  • Best Organised Course Content with Modest Prices.
  • 10400+ Students Trained & 350+ Recruiting Clients.
  • Delivered by 9+ years of Digital Marketing Certified Expert.
  • Get Unlimited access to the Student’s Portal, Study Materials, and Videos Lectures.
  • Best curriculum Designed by Industrial Digital Marketing Expert with low cost
  • 40 Hours Course Duration
  • 100% Job Oriented Training
  • Industry Expert Faculties
  • Free Demo Class Available
  • Completed 500+ Batches
  • Certification Guidance

Syllabus of Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand by ACTE

Module 1: Inbound Marketing

  • What is Inbound Marketing?
  • Inbound Marketing strategy?
  • Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Role in Inbound Marketing

Module 2: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Introduction to online digital marketing
  • Importance of digital marketing
  • How does Internet marketing work?
  • Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing
  • Significance of online marketing in the real world
  • Increasing visibility
  • Visitors’ engagement
  • Bringing targeted traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Converting leads
  • Performance evaluation

Module 3: Website Planning and Maintenance

  • Understanding Internet and websites
  • Domain names and extensions
  • Web server and its types
  • What is web hosting?
  • Types of websites – dynamic & and static
  • Planning and conceptualization of a website
  • Understanding the web pages, their structure, and navigation
  • Making a blueprint of the website

Module 4: Create a Website Using WordPress

  • WordPress Website?
  • Install WordPress Theme?
  • Create Page
  • Create Post
  • SEO Plug-in
  • Tag Manager Plug-in

Module 5: Business Trends Research

  • What is Google Trends
  • How to Use Google Trends
  • Trends and Analysis

Module 6: Keyword Planning and Mapping

Market research

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • SWOT analysis of a website
  • Types of keywords
  • Tools used for keyword research
  • Localized keyword research
  • Competitor website analysis
  • Choosing the right keywords for the project

Module 7: Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

How Search Engines Work?

  • SEO fundamentals & concepts
  • Understanding the SERP

Module 8: On-Page Optimization

  • Metadata optimization
  • URL optimization
  • Internal linking
  • 301 Redirection
  • 404 error pages
  • Canonical implementation
  • H1, H2, H3 tags optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Optimize SEO content

Module 10: SEO Updates and Analysis

Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird algorithm

  • How to recover your website from Google penalties
  • Webmaster and analytics tools
  • Competitor website analysis and backlinks building
  • SEO tools for website analysis and optimization
  • Backlinks tracking, monitoring, and reporting

Module 11: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Introduction to social media marketing
  • Understanding the past and present
  • How can social media influence marketing strategies?

Course Fees


Contact Information

+91-8376 802 119

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3. TBS

TBS is a well-known digital marketing Institute established in Thailand, that offers six-month master’s advanced digital marketing courses in Thailand to equip students with exclusive learning journeys. TBS Digital Marketing Course strives to foster outstanding Training that combines a solid basic core grasp of key topics in a hands-on environment.

Their placement cell is intended to give helping hands to the user to obtain a full grasp of all Digital Marketing equipment tools, techniques, and concepts, from beginners to advanced stage procedures.

The primary responsibility of the faculty members is to educate students on how to efficiently manage a classroom while creating a classroom curriculum and delivering online Training to teachers from a variety of backgrounds.

The Digital Marketing Trainers of TBS analyze the present level of the capabilities of the Beginners and build programs based on that information.

The Trainer evaluates the key areas for development and Upgrades on the areas for improvement. TBS Digital Marketing training Mentors are well-organized and work with students to help them become Digital Marketing experts and trainers.

The Core Syllabus of the course

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • Advanced Sales Funnels
  • Domain Hosting
  • CMS Systems
  • Blog Creation & Marketing
  • Email Marketing Strategies
  • Business Listing & Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • With Live Projects
  • E-commerce Development & Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Campaign Planning & Marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Strategies & Revisions
  • Social Media Optimization & Marketing
  • Affiliates Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Introduction to Social Media Networks
  • Types of social media websites
  • Social Media Optimization Concepts
  • Facebook Page, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest.
  • Hashtags and Mentions
  • Image optimization and networking
  • Mico Blogs for Businesses
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Promoting Brand Awareness
  • Brand Building Tools & Apps
  • Positive Negative Brand Building
  • Rebuilding Brand Image
  • Writing compelling content
  • Keyword research
  • Unique ways to write eye-catchy content
  • Template creation for content
  • Optimizing content for search engine
  • Content distribution to increase traffic & and sales
  • What is blogging?
  • What is an AdSense program?
  • How to earn money through blogging?
  • Tricks to get AdSense approved by Google
  • Google AdSense account setup and integration with analytics

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4. Udemy

Udemy, founded in 2010 is the ultimate platform with wide sections of courses on every single topic available on the Udemy led by the experts of that concentrate domain. Udemy is one of the finest online digital marketing courses in Thailand that fosters a detailed knowledge of all intricacies related to digital marketing.

Udemy also provides effective learning subjects covering every department from science, and commerce to management, health, and technology in multiple languages including English and Hindi.

These well-defined courses focus on crucial and needed skill development that is required to establish a place in the industry and shape individuals to unlock their full potential. Learners will receive course completion certificates after completing their digital marketing courses in Thailand and elevate the professional experience of learners to upgrade their resumes.

The course consists of sharpening topics from basic to advanced level with 20 hours of training as well as check and tested practical steps that will be taught to the learner which makes their path easier to achieve exceptional career growth in digital marketing.

Course duration

22 hours and 43 min with over 247 lectures.

The Modules covered under digital marketing courses of IIM SKILLS

  • Market Research
  • WordPress
  • email marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook ads
  • Google ads
  • social media
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • An introductory session
  • Learning Market Research
  • Making a Website
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics

Program Includes in Udemy

  • Udemy certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access to course updates
  • Interaction with hiring partners like Eventbrite, Box, NetApp, and so on
  • Course materials can be easily accessible on mobile and other electronic devices
  • Knowledge of building marketing strategies across online marketing channels
  • Tactics and strategies provided to Website owners to drive traffic and sales.

Course Fees

3,199 INR


5. ExcelR

ExcelR is one of the leading digital marketing institutes providing the finest digital marketing courses in Thailand. This course has been thoughtfully designed to match the latest industry trends and pace up the training process and updation of syllabus according to that.

Trainers are experts in the industry with valuable experience of more than 10 years. ExcelR is a beacon of digital marketing institutions and consulting firms with its global presence in Houston, Texas, USA.

The course will be conducted by experts and certified trainers who are considered some of the best trainers in the industry, and present an innovative and interactive learning experience. This course comprises hands-on assessments on each module while covering during the training.

Apart from the training, ExcelR offers a 1-year e-learning access, awarded 8 global certifications from Google, Hubspot, etc. Placement assistance will be provided to each learner to prepare them for a real interview. Many ExcelR alumni are currently working for various companies as digital marketers.

The Major Highlights of ExcelR

  • ExcelR DevOps training
  • Our industry-relevant practical exposure along with the theory.
  • ExcelR Data Analyst training
  • Real-life Projects and Bootcamps
  • Guaranteed job interviews

The Course Curriculum

  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • SEO On-Page SEO
  • SEO – Content Writing & Marketing
  • SEO Technical SEO
  • SEO Off-Page SEO
  • SEO Off-Page SEO/ Website Audit 10 Analytics Google Search Console
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing

Course Fees

Rs 29,999

Contact Information



Is Studying Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand worth it?

This Digital Marketing Courses Program gives a point-by-point comprehension of Digital Marketing key ideas, methodologies, managing and leveraging tools and techniques, and execution, including arranging a site, site advancement, email, and Search Engine Optimization missions which are necessary equipment of Digital Marketing to train the learners to grab a job in the digital marketing industry.

How much can a digital marketer earn in Thailand?

Digital marketing is a demanding field in Thailand, with many companies looking to invest in digital marketing campaigns to reach their target audience. As such, there are ample opportunities for digital marketers to earn competitive salaries in Thailand and elevate their careers in this field.

According to the data, the average salary a digital marketer can expect in Thailand is around THB 45,000 to THB 80,000 per month. However, this can vary significantly based on factors such as the level of experience, specific job duties, and the company or industry one works.

What are the Job Opportunities after completing Certified digital marketing courses in Thailand?

With a digital marketing certificate, learners will get hired for the following jobs:

Digital Marketing Executive.

Digital Marketing Intern.

SEO Executive.

Digital Marketing Analyst.

Digital Marketing-Campaign Manager.

Digital Marketing Sales Manager

Social media manager


SEO Specialist

Email marketing specialist

Content manager

eCommerce Specialist

Graphic designer

The instructor of Digital Marketing Courses in Thailand will help and train students to accomplish SEO principles underpinned by many techniques utilized in PPC, content marketing, and social media marketing and a dedicated placement cell will be intended to assist students in grabbing such positions/roles in the digital Marketing domain.


From beginners to experienced professionals, the main motivation for enrolling in digital marketing courses is to accelerate their career progression, as digital marketing is a hot field with enormous opportunities that play an essential role in the sales profile. The best part is no prerequisite skill is required to study this course, anyone can switch their current job profile to digital marketing.

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