Top 10 SEO Courses in Nagpur With Practical Training

Have you ever thought about why some blogs or websites attract an audience so fast? How does everyone know about specific blogs or websites? Do you also want to revive your existing website? Great! And one of the ways to keep people on your website is with SEO. Do you wish to learn how SEO is beneficial for your websites/blogs’ online presence but are confused about where you can find the best course of it? Well, look no further here you will find the answer to all your queries. This post covers the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. But, before going through the top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur, first, take some essential key points of SEO.


List of best SEO courses in Nagpur


What is SEO?


SEO stands for search engine optimization. In more straightforward language, SEO is the practice of improving your site to increase its online presence when people search for products/services related to your business in any search engine. It means that SEO takes your content and optimizes it, so people will be more likely to come across your website when they search for products/services related to your business.


It focuses on improving the ranking of your websites in an organic manner. If you have a blog/website and you want to grow more audiences, there’s no doubt that you need SEO for marketing. You can understand it this way, Suppose you are selling handmade soy candles, and when someone searches “handmade candles” into Google.


You’d probably want your website to come on top of his search. And for this, you need to rank above all the other websites for handmade candles. It’s not easy to be on the top of the search, but that’s where SEO marketing works.


To get a good online presence, you must understand three core components:


  • What kind of contents search engines do users and your audiences want/need.
  • How search engines work to serve content in search engine result pages.
  • How to properly optimize your website to come on top ranking in search results.


Google algorithms


Google’s algorithm defines how high each result’s ranks would be. SEO gives some crucial insights into ranking factors, although Google’s algorithms would remain secret, and these ranking factors can be divided into two categories:


  • On-page SEO factors


On-page SEO factors are the things on your website that have a direct influence on your audiences. There are several on-page SEO factors that are crucial to working on, including content richness, the structure of your website or your site speed, and your page ranking is partly determined by them.



Your page rankings are also determined by a few off-page SEO factors, which include social media attention, links from other websites, and other marketing actions that take place outside of your website. The most dominant among these factors is the number and quality of links pointing towards your website.


The more authentic sites link to your website, the higher your ranking in Google searches will be. To better understand how you can improve the ranking of your content in search engines, you need first to understand how SEO works.


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How does SEO work?


When it comes to an understanding of how SEO works, let’s understand by taking an example of website A and website B. Website A is not so user friendly, which means users have a tough time navigating and using the website on tablets or mobile phones. Website B, however, is responsive, which means users have a better experience using the website.


So ultimately Google will navigate the search user and bring the traffic on website B. Search engines try to give the best services to their users. In order to do this, search engines use bots to go from page to page, collect information about those pages and store them in one place, use complex algorithms to organize and rank content.


It helps to deliver more relevant results. Search engines will inspect the site to understand how painless it is to read and navigate and give rewards to user-friendly websites with high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The page you see after you search on search engines by entering different keywords is called SERP.


SERP that shows in front of you is called “organic results” as well as “pay-per-click-ads” (PPC). PPC ads are paid for, and SEO influences the organic results. You don’t pay any search engines to place a position in the organic results. However, they make their money by showing ads on the page.


So better they navigate you to desired results, the more likely you use that search engines again. And more the search engine is user-friendly, the more money it can make by showing more ads.


Differences between Paid Search and Organic Search


It’s crucial first to get the idea of the differences between paid search and organic search with SEO. There are mainly five key differences:


1. Position


The organic results appear bottom of search engine result pages, while paid search results appear at the top of them.


2. Time


With PPCs, you get instant results, sometimes in a few minutes, whereas, with organic searches, results take weeks, months, or even years. In this case, you have to play a medium to long-term keywords game with organic searches.


3. Payment


If you do Pay-per-click (PPC) for your website works on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. It means that you pay a certain fee every time a user clicks on your ad. To get instant results, instead of relying on organic results, you buy traffic to bring the audiences for your web pages.


So, whenever a user searches for your keyword, your web pages show at the top of search engines pages. For organic search, traffic is free, but it requires an investment of both resources and time.


4. ROI


ROI or return on investment is just easier to measure with paid search than organic search. This is because Google shares more keyword data that you can capture in Google Analytics. However, ROI can be standing over time with paid search; on the other hand, ROI is hard to measure in organic search, but it improves with time. Organic search can offer an outstanding ROI with time.


5. Share of traffic


When we talk about to share of traffic, the study reveals that approx. 70% to 80% of users click on organic results, while 20% to 30% of users click on paid results. So a significant share of clicks is toward SEO results.


Similarities between Paid and Organic Search


1. Traffic


Bringing traffic is a primary goal of both organic and paid searches. Both paid and organic search most importantly included audience purpose. When a user searches using the keyword on different search engines, It is more probably that the user is more likely to take click-based action once the user finds desired information related to the keyword.


2. Keyword Research


Both paid and organic search uses a search engine and requires entering a keyword. And for this, you need to do keyword research in both cases.


3. Landing pages


Organic and paid search both require you to generate landing pages. The landing page demands to be connected to your website in SEO; on the other hand, for paid search, it can be precisely the same landing page you use for organic, or it can be a completely separate page that sits off your page.



The three pillars of SEO


You should know how to get your website, brand, or company found by searchers. While SEO makes some slight changes frequently, you must understand how SEO is involved with time to retain you at the top of search engine ranking. There are three essential factors you need to be familiar with and take action on a regular basis.


  1. Off-page Optimization


Off-page Optimization is the process to improve your website rankings on search engine pages. It is due to activities outside the website and driven by backlinks, help to build the page’s reputation among users.


  1. On-page Optimization


On-page Optimization is the process to make sure content on your site provides a fantastic user experience. That includes targeting the right keywords within your niche and can be processed through a content management system like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Expression engine, etc.


  1. Technical Optimization


Technical Optimization is the process that is not related to content but completing activities on your page to improve SEO optimization. It generally happens behind the scene.


SEO Strategies: Black Hat Vs White Hat


  • White Hat


White Hat SEO is the technique or strategy that targets a human audience. Keywords, keyword analysis, doing research, etc., are the techniques used in White Hat SEO to make relevant for your search users. Creating quality content may be time taking, but it is essential because it shows to different search engines your site is audience-targeted. Using short and long-tail keywords for your niche is equally important.


  • Black Hat


Black Hat SEO is the technique or strategy in which people implement keyword stuffing and link scrapping to rank on the top of search engine pages. It might work for a while, but the consequences of it would be Google or other search engines ends up penalizing or blacklisting your website so you’ll never rank.


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Importance of SEO in Business Growth


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a principal tool for your business growth because it can help to increase the online presence of your company’s website. It leads to more user landing on your website page, more conversion rates, and ultimately leads to higher profits.


A company can use SEO to improve its ranking on search engine pages. Google looks for content relevant to the user’s query, but the reader also trusts that. You have to do more than targeting the right keywords to generate leads from searches and create a positive user experience.


You need to understand search user content and develop content per user needs. Once you understand your targeted audience’s search intent, you will develop content that solves your user’s problems and is optimized for search engines to discover on top of search engines pages.


When your content ranks highly on SERP, it has a much higher chance of attracting clicks and attention than the content that ranks lower on SERP. Nowadays, SEO has become a crucial factor in a business’s online success. If you want to build a strong online presence, you need to learn SEO and become a domain expert.


Hence, these are benefits of SEO for your business growth:


1) Your website can bring more online presence by improving SEO.

2) By creating SEO-focused content, you can bring more traffic and potential customers to your page.


Best free SEO Tools


  • Google Webmaster
  • Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Studio
  • Search Console
  • Keyword Hero
  • MozCast
  • Penguin Tool
  • Redirect path
  • SEOlyzer
  • Answer the Public
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Keyword planner


TOP 10 SEO Courses in Nagpur


Many coaching centers are providing SEO courses these days. The ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’ are listed here.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur that provides multiple features along with their advanced SEO course curriculum. The online live sessions are interactive to make sure a better understanding of each and every concept without any confusion. Now, let us learn about the compelling course curriculum and other important features of IIM Skill’s SEO courses in Nagpur.


Key features


  • Certified trainers from IIT Delhi
  • 4 weeks of training, 16 hours of Lecture
  • Free Demo Classes
  • Lifetime access to recorded lectures
  • Learn how to use powerful SEO tools
  • Learn Google analytics and content writing
  • Learn web development
  • work with Times of India
  • 8 weeks of Internship
  • Certification and letter of recommendation
  • Placement guidance



Other Course


2. Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing (IIDM)


IIDM will teach you the overall idea of SEO and how can you bring traffic to your website. It comes in the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of the Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing are as follows:


Key features


  • Training on popular SEO tools
  • Highly qualified experts
  • Learn marketing strategies & tools
  • Learn how the search engine works
  • Helps to boost internet marketing skills
  • Learn Content marketing
  • Work on live projects
  • 3 months internship
  • Create your portfolio
  • Placement Assistant


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3. Prima Think


Prima Think is SEO online program in Nagpur, and it includes in ‘Top 10 courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of Prima Think are as follows:


Key features 


  • Learn from Industry experts
  • Real-time project training
  • Coaching on live projects
  • Learn Google Analytics
  • website setup
  • Learn Content Marketing
  • 4 weeks of Internship
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Opportunities to work as a freelancer with different agencies

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

4. iClass Nagpur


iClass provides basic to advanced level SEO training with a choice of different training locations as per your comfort in Nagpur. Key features of the SEO courses in  Nagpur are as follows:


Key features


  • More than 5 years of experience as certified trainers
  • Learn the foundation of SEO
  • Deep learning of how search engines work
  • Learn SEO for Ecommerce
  • Flexible Timings
  • Practical guidance
  • Outstanding lab facility
  • SEO Resume preparation
  • 100% job guarantee
  • SEO certification


5. Quick Xpert Infotech


Quick Xpert Infotech is of the Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur. It provides digital marketing courses and training in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Key features of the SEO course of the Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing are as follows:


Key features


  • Training from Experts
  • Affordable course fees
  • Job oriented Course
  • Learn from Basic to Advanced level
  • Learn SEO, SCM, PPC, Page optimization techniques, Social Media Campaigns, etc
  • Live Projects
  • Interview prepare sessions
  • Free Demo classes
  • Resume building
  • Course certification


6. SEO and Digital Marketing Institute


SEO and Digital Marketing Institute is a software training institute in Nagpur. It includes on the list of ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of the SEO and Digital Marketing Institute are as follows:


Key features


  • Certified trainers
  • Affordable course fees
  • Live projects
  • Learn from Basic to Advanced level
  • Learn Content Marketing
  • Real-time project training
  • SEO certification


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7. ECHO Education


ECHO education is Nagpur’s first agency-based Digital Marketing course. It is included in the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of the ECHO Education are as follows:


Key features


  • Experienced trainers
  • In-depth knowledge of search engine optimization
  • Job oriented course
  • Learn personal branding
  • Learn content writing and WordPress management
  • Latest trends as per industry needs
  • Learn with live projects
  • SEO certification

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

8. Arena Animation


Arena Animation provides a digital marketing course in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is included on the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’ list. Key features of the SEO course of Arena Animation are as follows:


Key features 


  • Learn from experts
  • Job oriented course
  • Learn from basics
  • SEO Training
  • Affordable course fees
  • Digital Marketing job training
  • Animation and Multimedia training
  • Real-time project training
  • Practical guidance
  • Grab the certificate at the end of the course




NSDM INDIA has provided a digital marketing course for 9 years in Nagpur. It is included on the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’ list. Key features of the SEO course of the NSDM INDIA are as follows:


Key features


  • Certified experts
  • SEO training
  • Digital marketing job training
  • Data Science training
  • Business Analysis training
  • Learn from basic to advanced level
  • Job oriented course
  • Learn Google Analytics
  • SEO certification


10. Rilah Technologies Pvt Ltd


Rilah Technologies Pvt Ltd provides SEO training courses. It is included in the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of the Rilah Technologies Pvt Ltd are as follows:


Key features


  • Experienced professionals
  • Affordable course fees
  • SEO training
  • Engineering and technician job training
  • Banking, finance, and GST job training
  • Oriented Job course
  • Live projects
  • Learn Internet marketing
  • Practical guidance
  • Grab your certificate at the end of the course




1. What skills are required to learn search engine optimization (SEO)?

Ans: You need writing skills, technical and programming skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking to learn search engine optimization.


2. Who can learn SEO courses?

Ans: Anyone passionate about SEO and making a career in it. It is also beneficial for someone who owns a website or business and wants to bring audiences to their page.


3. Does SEO require coding?

Ans: No, SEO typically doesn’t require coding. You can learn SEO and make a career in it without learning to code.


4. How much you can earn after SEO training?

Ans: The average salary of SEO professionals in India is 4,50,000 per annum. Experienced professionals can earn 11,000,000 per annum easily.


5. How to choose a keyword for SEO?

Ans: 5 tips to choose the right keyword:

  1. Identifying your target audience
  2. Studying the competition
  3. Understanding the long tail keyword
  4. Using the keyword research tools
  5. Analyzing the results




So these are the ‘Top 10 SEO training in Nagpur’. I hope you got the basic idea of SEO and courses. Choose any course out of 10 as per your requirement and become an SEO expert. The most crucial thing to remember about SEO is you need to go the extra mile, and there are no shortcuts to stand out. Feel free to ask any queries in the comment and if you like this article, share it with your friends.

Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Goa With Placements

In the digital era where everyone is online, no matter what your business is, you have to be there where your customers spend most of the time. You need to keep in touch and interact with them with engaging content.  Nowadays, content writing can be seen as one of the best career opportunities. This article is for someone who lives in Goa and wants to thrive in his career. This article is about the top 7 content writing courses in Goa. But before going there, let’s first glance at what content writing is all about.

List of best content writing courses in Goa

Writing blog posts, articles, and articles for platforms, such as Twitter, Quora, or Reddit are, all come under content writing, and with time, the demand for content writers has increased manifold.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing refers to creating content for the online audience and professional marketing purposes. Content includes a piece of information in different forms such as videos, digital, advertisements, brochures, emails, podcasts, etc. The business can attract leads and convert visitors to customers with engaging content.

What Is the Role of a Content Writer?

Content writers are professionals at creating encouraging content for online audiences. Some writers are proficient in various writing styles and topics, whereas others specialize in writing for a precise niche. A content writer should keep these in mind to become successful in the content marketing industry:

  • Expertise in different forms of writing.
  • Always proofread before publishing the content.
  • Searching for a topic to learn more about its context.
  • Working with customers to define content needs
  • Meeting deadlines to build trust in the market.
  • Have basic knowledge of SEO, HTML, and WordPress to understand the mixture of these factors.
  • Basic social media marketing knowledge.


We Aso Recommend You These Other Courses That Are Available in Goa:


Types of Content Writer

Content writers work in various kinds of niches. Either they are employed by private industries or government organizations, or even work themselves as freelancers. Below are the most common types of content writers:

  • Blog Writer

Blog writers are often called bloggers, and often write their opinions on their blogs. They are masters of creating engaging content, and exactly know how to write content that speaks to the intended audience and keeps them reading.

They know how to make articles filled with humor and other forms of entertainment. Engaging blogs brings organic traffic to their blogs. Companies that hire professional blog writers who implement search engine optimization (SEO) find a significant increase in traffic to their websites.

Moreover, like journalists, blog writers also perform intensive research before writing the high-quality content people want. They understand that premium copy ranks high on search engine result pages (SERP).

  • Copywriter

Copywriters are proficient writers who write clear and concise copy for ads, marketing tools, and websites for any client or industry. They’re well-versed in numerous topics and strategies designed to engage a specific audience.

Their written content aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. Copywriters often assume the role of many writers because they are so versatile and take the job in bulk and do it pretty well.

  • Brand Journalist

A brand journalist’s job is to enhance a brand’s image using storytelling. Using storytelling, they ensure that press releases, customer testimonials, brand stories, and human interest stories engage readers with the brand. They do intensive research on the company to share a brand’s story.

  • Ghost Writer

Ghostwriters usually take on writing projects that companies, business owners, or authors do not have time to do and are officially credited to another person as the author. They are highly experienced in writing in the tone of authors or CEOs.

  • Technical Writer

Technical writers differ from other types of content writers, and they are subject matter experts in math, science, or technology-related concepts. They’re proficient in turning highly technical topics into simplified copy. Technical writers are comprehensive and systematic in their approach to creating articles, guides, manuals, and FAQs.

  • Email Writer

E-mail writers use their knowledge of human behavior and psychology to create content that encourages people to take action. They work for companies and brands that want their customers to do things like sign up for newsletters, leverage sales, enter contests, and take surveys. They implement a call to action that urges people to follow their lead.

  • Scriptwriter

A scriptwriter is a writer who writes screenplays on which mass media, such as films and television programs, are based. They are multi-media writers who excel at storytelling. They view the overall vision and write texts that align with that image in videos and podcasts. Their messages live in video & podcast scripts, radio ads, and motion graphics scripts.

  • Social Media Writer

Social media writers write, edit, and publish engaging content for various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, encouraging likes, comments, shares, and follows.

The aim is to create exciting content that brings increased traffic and sales. They need to keep up to date on the latest trends and changes to social media to do their job well.

Look for the other top-ranked courses:


Skills Need to Become a Content Writer

Every career demands a particular set of skills for someone to be successful in their field. No matter the specialty, all content writers should possess the following:

  • Excellent grammar and style
  • In-depth researching methods
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Knowledge of various tones and structures
  • Expertise in a particular field or industry
  • Knowledge of keyword research
  • Creativity that fuels engaging content
  • Proficient communication
  • Great editing skills
  • Basic understanding of SEO
  • Social media know-how


Where Can You Work

  • Web Content
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Ad and Sales Copy
  • Industry-specific Writing
  • Journalistic and Public Relations Writing
  • Creative Writing


How Do You Become a Content Writer?

  • Start with a love of books.
  • Gain experience writing different types of content
  • Earn a Bachelor’s degree
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques
  • Join Writer’s group

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Let Me Dive You Through the Top 7 Content Writing Courses in Goa.



One of the finest institutes in Goa that offers content writing courses is IIM SKILLS. Their program will make you a specialist in the field of content writing. They provide in-depth courses on both content writing & content marketing that will help you improve your content writing skills.


This course is best suited for students, working professionals, homemakers, or entrepreneurs. You can sit at home and learn from your comfort zone.



Module 1) Introduction to Content WritingModule 2) WordPress Web Development
Module 3) Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Web Pages)Module 4) Copywriting
Module 5) Marketing CollateralsModule 6) Email Writing
Module 7 Social Media Writing & Video ScriptsModule 8) Creative Writing
Module 9) SOP & Business ListingModule 10) Legal Writing
Module 11) Technical Writing 101Module 12) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Module 13) Content MarketingModule 14) Affiliate Marketing & AdSense
Module 15) Freelance Content WritingModule 16) Resume Writing


IIM SKILLS is ranked 1 in the top content writing courses in Goa. IIM Skills has an excellent team of certified professionals to make your content writing easier.

Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: 16,900 + 18% GST

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2. Skills Upgrader

Skills Upgrader is a well-known institute in Goa that provides content writing classes. They give the most distinctive course which is the right blend of content writing and content marketing, rewarding positions in Goa that are exceptionally popular for content writing.

Skills Upgrader is a well-known institute in Goa that provides content writing classes. They give the most distinctive course which is the right blend of content writing and content marketing, rewarding positions in Goa that are exceptionally popular for content writing.

Course Curriculum:

Module 1 – Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2 – Web Hosting

Module 3 – In this module, you will learn Content Marketing & UI/UX

Module 4 – In module 4, they will teach Website Creation

Module 5 – You will get to know the Understanding of the Writing Process

Module 6 – You will learn about Search Engine Optimization in this section

Module 7 – You will get to have an idea about the Keyword Research

Module 8 – In module 8, you will learn to write SEO Optimized Content

Module 9 – You will learn about the Content Creation

Module 10 – They will teach you Content Marketing Using Social Media

Module 11 – In module 11, they will teach you the Call To Action

Module 12 – You will learn Content Marketing Strategy in this module.

Module 13 – In module 13, they will teach Lead Generation Using Content Marketing

Module 14 – Email Marketing

Module 15 – Freelance Content Marketing


Special Features:

  • 16+ hours of live virtual online training
  • 70+ hours of practical assignments
  • Three months of guaranteed internship
  • Get certified from Skills Upgrader and Hubspot Academy is provided


Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: Rs.6,999 + 18% GST

Explore more about the best:


3. Newcent Training Academy

Newcent Training Academy is a leading training institute offering content writing classes in Goa. NTA offers job-oriented content writing courses in Goa. NTA also intends to research the latest industry trends, norms, and innovations.

Course Curriculum: 

  1. SEO Writing
  2. SMO Writing
  3. Copywriting
  4. Advertisement Writing
  5. News Writing
  6. Creative Writing
  7. Freelance Content Writing


They provide courses

  • Direct Certification

Course Duration: 1-2 Weeks

Course Fee: Rs.10,800

  • Distance Learning

Course Duration: 8 Weeks

Course Fee:  Rs.15,000

  • Classroom Course

Course Duration: 8 Weeks or more

Course Fee: Rs.28,000

Must have a look at the world-class:


4. Spiti Infotech

Spiti Infotech is a leading digital marketing association in the field of digital marketing that extends employment opportunities in content writing in Goa, including the best content writing courses in Goa. Mentors are certified professionals who work to the best of their ability to prepare students for job-ready.

Course Curriculum:

  1. SEO Writing
  2. SMO Writing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. PPC ads
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Facebook Advertising

A few more in-demand courses for career development:


5. Spark Academy

The Spark Academy offers training on content writing courses in Goa. In the modern-day, content is necessary for every business.

Administrators, entrepreneurs, leaders, and designers working in data organizations like Information Technology, Publishing, or Communications are best suited for this course.

The course is organized to allow students to explicitly adjust their exercises without interfering with their real working hours.


6. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab offers effective content writing courses in Goa as online readers have a far more extensive selection of information to consume. Online audiences act differently online than they do in person.

Hence, there is a need to serve content that stands out while simultaneously delivering value to readers. They have excellent exposure in terms of industry partners.


Their highly certified mentor will teach you the fundamentals of creating exciting web content. It comes under one of the best content writing courses in Goa.

Their free courses comprise:

  • An introduction to content writing (4-5 hours live online).
  • Digital marketing introduction (12-13 hours).
  • An introduction to the media platform (4-5 hrs).
  • Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (3-4 hrs).
  • An introduction to online marketing, also known as PPC (3-4 hours).
  • An introduction to web analysis (3-4 hrs).
  • AWS affirmed cloud expert (5-6 hours).


There are short-term intensive training courses as well as regular in-class and online courses. Being in the industry and offering types of services, Online Idea Lab furthermore offers exceptionally best content writing courses in Goa.

This course is divided into various levels like foundation, advanced, copywriting, technical writing, and specialized writing.

 The content writing foundation course includes:

  • Computerized marketing fundamentals
  • Basic competitive analysis.
  • Reading and examining content.
  • Common grammatical error
  • Content composition and morals.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Writing viral content
  • Editing and altering.
  • Freelancing as a content writer.

The live online courses are for a cost of INR 8900 for a month. There are 12 two-hour classes every Monday to Friday. Finally, the Online Idea Lab also offers position support, an active alumni network, and lifetime mentoring support.


7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is another famous coaching comes in rank 2 in the top 10 content writing courses in Goa. They provide very valuable content writing courses from industry experts. They offer both live virtual training as well as self-paced classes.

Students work on live projects to gain insight into various topics. In addition, for the convenience of students, an accessible EMI facility is also available to help students pursue their dream courses.

Courses Modules:

Module 1: Language Skills – The language skills module is divided into three sections: firstly, the basics and jargon; secondly, grammatical skills; and third, presentation skills.

Module 2: Internet Skills – The Internet skills module will cover six topics: research skills, graphic skills, data and reporting, editing skills, legal know-how, spinning software, blogging, creative commons, and articles.

Module 3: Business and Marketing Writing- The applicant will be proficient in developing search engine optimization, landing pages, blogs, and social media. In this business writing and marketing module, students will also learn how to write an ebook, magazine, and newsletter, along with a press release, book, and product reviews.

Module 4: Content Strategy – The candidate will learn the challenges of effectively writing content and creating content for social media.

Module 5: Technical and Research Writing –  The candidate will learn the foundation of technical writing, such as medical writing, and knowledge of research papers, thesis, project reports, grant writing, and user manuals.

Module 6: Academic Writing – In this academic writing module, the student’s master’s topics such as study material, academic guides, rubrics, question banks, tutorials, e-learning, instructional design, and workbooks, will enable the students to write effectively.

Module 7: Creative Writing – The candidate will learn creative writing in this module, including dialogue writing, scriptwriting, fiction writing, and article writing.

Module 8: Copywriting – In this session, the candidate will learn the fundamentals of copywriting, the basics of conducting research, and writing clear and compelling copy.

Module 9: Email Writing – This session will teach the candidate to develop their expertise in email writing and how to compose effective emails.

Module 10: Earn Online and Get International Projects – This session will teach you how to monetize your writing skills and get international projects.

Module 11: Simulated Content Writing Projects –  1) Content Writing 2) SEO Writing 3) Creative Writing


Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fee: offline class – Rs.13,500

 Live Online Classroom – Rs.15,000


1. How do I prepare for content writing?

Ans: 7 effective tips for content writing:

  • Write a Head-Turning Headline. The title determines if the public will read the remainder of your work.
  • Create a hook that catches the audience’s interest.
  • Do your in-depth research.
  • Concentrate on one objective.
  • Write in a Unique Voice.
  • Leverage digital content.
  • Edit Your Work.

2. How much does a newbie content writer make?

Ans: Newbies can look forward to earning between Rs 8,000 and Rs 10,000 every month. Experienced content writers could earn between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000 each month. With 0-2 years of industry/freelance experience, the income of an online content writer should range from 3.5 lakhs to 4.0 lakhs a year. A content author with 2-5 years of experience can earn a good salary of around 5 to 8 lakh a year.

3. Is content writing a potential career option?

Ans: Being a content writer offers a lot of opportunities, especially as the demand for market content increases. Freelance writing and content writing are great ways to earn money while maintaining a flexible calendar.


The demand for content writing courses in Goa has increased significantly over the past few years. Since there are good job opportunities for content writers, it is, therefore, essential to obtain better guidance for detailed content writing. There are several online content writing courses in Goa, but the mentioned seven are most preferred for content writing courses in Goa. You should participate in the top-class content writing course in case you want to build your future in this field and get familiar with the content writing abilities needed to become an outstanding content writer in Goa.

7 Techniques for Digital Marketing for Small Business

When small businesses are launched, they often focus on getting the first clients. They may rely on a variety of traditional forms of advertising, such as print ads, coupon codes, or even television advertising. Businesses may think that since they provide a good product/service, it’s only a matter of time until customers find their way towards them. Although that strategy may bring a business to exude, there is an easier and better way, you should consider the global online prospect market and take advantage of their traditional and digital marketing for small business.


techniques for digital marketing for small business


As new as it is, no small company should neglect digital channels to generate prospects and convert them into customers. The potential prospects you can find online are far more numerous than you will ever be able to attract locally. You can reach a wide range of audiences in a cost-efficient, scalable and measurable manner by using digital marketing techniques.


To get visibility online digital marketing strategy is important for small businesses. However, With endless facilities of using strategies for digital marketing for small business, it may seem not very comforting if you’ve never used it before. When you apply digital marketing for small businesses, you may think they don’t have the time or money to compete online with other well-set-up businesses.


Hence, many prefer to take things slowly and stick with the traditional way, assuming that their business will evolve as time passes. But the reality is that the market is competitive, and while customer recommendations or word of mouth may help bring traffic, customers will have a hard time finding your business unless you show up where they spend most of their time.


In this era, where 4.6 billion people use the internet for many reasons, It is necessary to have digital marketing for small business. Therefore, delaying establishing an online presence is not an efficient approach. The best way to be successful is to promote your business globally and use targeting to attract potential prospects who are interested in your service or product.


Here is a Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing


First, let’s move forward and have a brief idea about how is the impact of digital marketing on small business:


Customer Communication – Social media allow straightforward and instant communication between the brand and the audience. And the best part is, it helps to get in touch with the global audience.


Content Distribution –  The volume of content distributed via digital marketing is vast. Every day, a business can share huge content with the public via social media, emails, applications, newsletters, etc. It allows marketers to reach a broad audience easily.


Customer Information – Through technology, companies can track customer data. Data analysis can help your company learn about customer preferences. On this basis, you can take vital business decisions. For example, you want to introduce a new product then you refer to client info. Knowing the model data can be tracked will allow you to know which product will work and which will not.


Transparent information – Customer information is vital to the company. In the same way, today, the customers are also keen on everything about the company they purchase from. If the brand shares its information and discloses its true personality online, customers think that the brand is transparent. As a result, the customers get more liable towards brand loyalty.


Encourage innovation – Digital marketing provides a platform to reach customers in a creative way. It is an innovative approach that helps brands to stand out when the competition in the market is so high.


Digital Marketing 101


What is digital marketing? It is often regarded as “online marketing,” but it goes way beyond Internet marketing. It refers to any marketers who use digital channels to reach potential customers. Digital marketing techniques include email marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, search engine marketing, etc.


Also, read the most useful Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners


7  Techniques for Digital Marketing for Small Business


1. Your Business Website


The website is one of the basic digital marketing techniques for small businesses. There is no substitute for a business website, no matter how active you are on social media. Your online website is the digital home of your business, and this is the only place online where you have total control over messages for your customers. 


Your website is a chance to show what your brand is all about and connect with customers on your home turf precisely. Here’s where you want your customers to go for information of valuable content and purchase your products. More people are ditching desktop computers for phones, so your website doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to work on any device.


2. Search Engine Optimization (Seo)


One of the best ways to connect with new customers is to ensure your website appears when your customers look for answers to their problems on google. You do so through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)- optimizing your site in the right way to improve the ranking of your results when people search for terms related associated with your market.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases traffic to the website using organic (unpaid) search results on search engines. There are various moving parts to SEO, including the use of the right keywords in your website, your presence on social media, references to your website from external websites, and much more.


The complexity of SEO is a reason only 44% of companies currently invest in SEO, says Clutch. And the good news is, being one of that 44% can put you ahead of your competitors. That’s why it is one of the important digital marketing for small business.


When checking the content of your site, make sure that it:


 Relevant – update it regularly and use the same words that people want to find your product or service.

• Easy to read – do not use images as a title and ensure correct image or video description labels.

• Credible – if another website is linked to yours, it’s a vote for your site’s favor. So if other people have acknowledged that expertise by linking back, that will help.

• Honest – Likewise, if you attempt to load your site with keywords or links on hidden pages that are meant to be seen by crawlers but not customers, which counts as deception and may incur a ranking penalty.

 Well built – if people can navigate easily, Google will probably like it. Make sure that links to your sub-pages are logically named, and minimize add-ons like auto-playing videos or pop-ups asking for email addresses. You must also make sure that your site loads fastly.

 Accurate — Google doesn’t like spelling errors or broken links like most people. They can count more than you might think.

• Optimized for mobile — Nowadays, more people search on mobile rather than desktop. As a result, more mobile-friendly sites are rewarded over those which are not.


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3. On-Page SEO Audit


An On-page SEO audit will provide you with a comprehensive insight into your website’s SEO-friendly. 


You can do this as follows:

• Get a list of your pages.

• Export all pages on your site into a spreadsheet and sort them according to the most frequent pages.

• Once you’ve completed your keyword research, take your keyword categories and see which match best on-page. Add this category in a column by the name of the page.

• Include another column for keywords that are not yet covered.


This is where your content comes into the picture. You will need to work on these keywords on your priority web pages, especially within your metadata. The metadata tells the search engines what content it is. Metadata consists of things like your pages:


• Titles

• Descriptions

• Headings & Content

• Images Titles & Alt Text

• URLs


Good customer experience on your website basics:


 Update content regularly to ensure your page remains relevant.

• Ensure your pages load quickly – every second counts when it comes to keeping a person’s attention. It is better to have fewer features or a simpler design to keep pages loading fast.

• Ensure your calls to action – signups for the newsletter buy buttons for products are emphasized through attractive, logical design

• More people are switching from desktop computers via phone or tablet to get online. so make sure your website can automatically resize for smaller screens and works well with tapping, swiping, and one-handed operation



You can also explore the different professional courses to understand what your interests are and what courses will be suited to you best.


4. Email Marketing


Email marketing has become one of the popular digital marketing for small business. Almost 7 out of 10 businesses use email marketing, making it the third most popular digital marketing method. More people are ditching desktop computers for phones, so your website doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to work on any device.


When developing email marketing messages, think about mobile-first. Keep your emails brief, include a clear call to action, design in a single-column format, and use plenty of white space in your email so that it is easy to links in the email. In building your business, building new customers is important just like nurturing the already established relationships with customers.


Keep in touch with your loyal subscribers with emails that go beyond advertising new products. Instead, build connections with customers by:


• Newsletters – increase brand awareness and traffic with what’s new on your site for the audience.

• Seasonal emails – stay tuned for your customers’ radar with Christmas or birthday emails

• Exclusive offers – ensure loyal customers feel special thanks to a discount or gift.

• Reminders – if a customer subscription is ending, drop a friendly email

• Flash announcements – drive sales with flash discounts, like a 48-hour sale


5. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising


Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing runs online advertisements on google or different social media channels where the company pays only if the ad has been clicked on. There are various online ads, including those listed above and the sides of a search, or ads that appear while browsing online.


The most commonplace for pay-per-click ads are on Google using Google AdWords. The cost of PPC marketing may vary significantly depending on how much the business is willing to invest in online advertising. Pricing of ads is based mainly on keyword competition—popular keywords with high competition will be more expensive.


Some advantages of PPC marketing are that the business only pays for results and that ads can be targeted to a specific geographical location.


6. Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is about building a relationship with your clients, not just selling to them all the time. Use this platform to listen and engage with our customers online. Creating a solid social media strategy that is one of digital marketing for small business requires considerable speculation in your marketing plan.


A bit of planning can bring social media success that goes a long way. Fast consumer adoption of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram makes it almost impossible for businesses to ignore social media. You can deal with potential clients in various ways on these platforms.


People spend on average 145 minutes a day on social networking sites! It is a tremendous opportunity for you to capture the attention of potential customers. The success of social media is not dependent on the number of followers. Instead, it depends on the engagement of the customers.


Here are a few reasons why small businesses can be more successful on social media than big businesses:


●     Small businesses are community and individual focussed

Small businesses tend to be more community- and individual-oriented than large businesses. Many small businesses choose to be strongly involved in their communities, which leads to a relationship with clients. When using social media, small businesses can communicate with their clients online.


Small businesses tend to respond to their customers more than large businesses. As a small business, you can easily manage the influx of customer comments, so be sure to respond quickly. Social media provides an excellent way for people to talk about products or services. To increase customer participation, have them post photos on social media along with the company product.


And welcome customer comments, questions, comments, and concerns. You can easily promote relationships with people through social media as a small business owner. A business that provides timely responses can bring more respect and appreciation from current and potential customers.


●       Pocket-friendly Advertising

Although you may pay for some advertising features, such as on Facebook, social media is free. You can target these ads to reach people within a certain radius of your business. This means that you will not end up paying for advertising outside your local customer base.,Social media is an excellent advertising tool without paying for the additional features.


You can easily update your followers on promotions, sales, or new products. You can advertise to your current customers with different social media channels. However, you also can advertise to potential customers by getting your brand out there. Your existing customers also serve as great brand ambassadors.


●     Joint Social Media Marketing Efforts

Several small businesses can contribute to social media marketing strategies. You can work with nearby small businesses (not competitors) that target individuals in your niche as a small business owner. For instance, you can post on your Twitter that customers can get a 20% coupon to another small business if they purchase from you and vice versa or partner with a neighboring company for a social media giveaway.


Winners may receive a prize that includes both companies’ products. You could even highlight promotions from your neighboring business on your social media sites to show camaraderie. By partnering, you and your other small business can increase brand awareness and encourage individuals to purchase from both companies.


●     Personalized Attention

Small businesses are a matter of personalization, and for some, shopping in small businesses is a good purchase experience. According to one survey, 53% of consumers want to shop in small businesses because they love the personal service they receive. You can take the time to build relationships with individuals when customers are at your business.


You can answer queries regarding products like where your products come from or where you got the inspiration to start your business. A big company that sells throughout the country does not have time to give a personalized response to each customer.


But a small business may have the opportunity to write an authentic response directly in response to the customer’s situation. The direct connection between consumers and brands gives small businesses to take advantage of social media marketing.


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7. Content Marketing


If you own a small company, content marketing is one of the effective techniques for digital marketing for small business to expand your audience base and increase brand recognition. Content marketing refers to creating and disseminating online material that increases traffic to your website.


Content types may include blogs, infographics, and whitepapers that generate interest in your products or offerings.  This technique for digital marketing for small business involves giving potential customers information about your product or service and information in general. Everybody is trying to sell, but those who can inform are more likely to have sales.


People assign a certain level of expertise to a business, creating consumer confidence. Seven steps that every business owner should undertake to put in place a successful content marketing strategy for small businesses.


● Start a blog

● Create a social media presence on the social media channels your audience uses

● Start an email newsletter

● Create content corresponding to a primary customer sales funnel

● Build a content calendar

● Create a variety of content types

● Customer reviews and testimonials


Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs)


1. What is a website domain name?

Ans: A domain name is simply your website’s address on the Internet.


2. How are keywords and SEO related?

Ans: Keywords are intrinsically linked. Keywords are the words and phrases your customers use to find the goods, services, or brands they want. For example, they may search for “SEO company in India” or “local plumber in India”. If you have such valuable keywords terms and words in your content, it increases the probability of your website ranking higher in search engine results.


3. How can I increase my click-through rate?

Ans: By placing a call to action in your email, specifically asking subscribers to “click here” or “buy now,” you will see a hike in your click-through rate.


4. What are the tools you should use for digital marketing for small business?

Ans: There are various tools you can use for digital marketing for small business like Ahref, Moz, BuzSumo, Google Alerts, etc.



You need to take the above areas of digital marketing for small business if you want to have excellent visibility online. Develop a plan and work it into your other marketing efforts. According to your business, some of these marketing areas will be more important and efficient. You may have professionals to help you or outsource if you do not have the workforce to manage internal marketing obligations.

Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Surat With Placements

Technical writing is about creating a document on technical information in a simplified manner. This type involves the preparation of technical manuals, handbooks, documents, and many more about technology or tech-related drafts. It has been acknowledged as a profession since the 1940s, and it has grown exponentially with the spread of technology during the second half of the 20th century. If you were searching for the best technical writing courses in Surat, you have landed right. 

List of best best technical writing courses in Surat

Historically, technical writing has focused on documenting processes, including instruction manuals. However, it is now more broadly described. Forms of technical writing can include whitepapers, instructional manuals, manuals, and product descriptions. Some suggest that technical writing may also include media releases, briefs, reports, and business proposals.

That could certainly need some technical input. However, they are not generally written by technical writers. In this article, you will explore the best technical writing courses in Surat in 2022. Before that, let’s have a brief idea about different aspects of technical writing. 


Content writing is a flourishing career that has the potential to grow the business with small efforts. If you want to opt for this, enroll in these best Content Writing Courses in Surat.

Skills Needed for Technical Writing

If you are looking for technical writing courses in Surat, you should have an idea of the skills required for a good technical writer. Here are some of these common skills needed to be successful:

  • Research:

Research is one of the first baby steps in technical writing. After getting an assignment, you have to collect the data from authentic sources and turn it into relevant information.

Research may come from a variety of places, including:

● On-Site Data

● Online and Intranet Publications

● Interviews

● Libraries and Research Databases

After you have researched, you will begin planning your document organization and work on your first draft.

  • Audience Perception:

The information that you research for technical writing and gather has to be shaped for audience interest and understanding. Technical writers often need to communicate highly technical information to the general public. Hence, It is essential to analyze your audience carefully in the early steps of the effective technical writing process so you can match information to their needs.

  • Communication Skills:

Communication skills are vital to being a successful technical writer. It is essential to have good written communication skills, mainly to express complex information in simpler language and to write very clearly. You will probably work with multiple teams and people from different roles. Your listening, recording, and communication skills will matter.

  • Technical skills:

Many technical writers have academic experience in the specific topic they are writing about, and many technical writers have job titles of engineer, geologist, or business analyst. They occupy technical positions and must synthesize information from a cross-functional perspective to other business sectors.

Technical writing is a bit easier if you come from a technical point of view and learn to write. It is sometimes more complicated if your training is in writing and you attempt to write the technical content.

  • Writing:

Excellent writing skills allow your documents to be readable and error-free. Writing encompasses many other skills from that list. It is important that you have the right tone, style, and format for your document. Often, those rules are described in a style guide by the employing organization.

  • Document design:

You can be responsible for the addition of graphs to complement your document. You should also be proficient in formatting documents. The formatting needs to be professional and help the reader navigate the document. Headlines should be easy to navigate, and content should be organized in a logical way.

A poorly designed document will make it harder for the reader to understand the content. Documentation design is a crucial element of technical writing.

  • Fluency with Digital Tools:

Today, writers are required to use multiple tools during the technical drafting process. It often extends beyond basic text editors. It is expected that technical writers can create graphics, annotate images and screen captures, extract data from Excel and transmit this data into charts and tables. Additionally, they can utilize business writers’ planning, writing, and editing tools. 

Industries That Use Technical Writing

Today, technology has grown in all aspects of the company. Companies continue to develop more and more technical processes for increased efficiency and profit. The following is a list of industries in which strong technical writing is required.

● Biotech & Pharmacy

● Consulting

● Energy and Chemical

● Engineering

● Information Technology

● Financial Services

● Government & Nonprofit

● Insurance

● Manufacturing

● Supply Chain


If writing doesn’t suit you, another rewarding career you can look for is without any doubt “Digital Marketing”. Check here for the rewarding Digital Marketing Courses in Surat

Documents Written by a Technical Writer:

Your job and industry will determine precisely what type of material you will write. The following is a list of documents that you may be required to prepare in a technical manner:

● Technical Reports

● Emails conveying technical information

● Memos

● User Interface Text

● Guides and User Manuals

● Press Releases

● White Papers & Case Studies

● Executive Summaries

● Balanced Scorecards

● Product Descriptions

● Proposals

● Reports

● Websites

The Job of a Technical Writer

The work of a technical writer will vary depending on the industry and the company they work for. They often work in multi-disciplinary teams that mediate between the more technical staff and the less technical reader.

They will work closely with them in the development of a communications strategy. Their responsibilities often go beyond just writing. They must understand the whole project, from high-level goals to the subtleties of implementation.

Looking for a career change? Check here for the best GST Certification Courses in Surat


Top Technical Writing Courses in Surat



IIM SKILLS Institute offers the best technical writing courses in Surat. It is a leading institute that provides a variety of upgrading courses relevant to the job market. With a motto to provide affordable yet high-quality training, IIM SKILLS is your best choice for technical writing classes.

Friendly and attentive mentors, a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum with frequent updates, and a focus on practical rather than theoretical aspects make the institute an ideal choice. Since the humble beginnings of a blog, the institute has become one of the prominent ed-tech institutes.


 Their technical writing courses in Surat provide valuable industry-oriented training to bridge the skills gap and create an employable workforce. The Technical Writing Master Course covers all the essential points of technical writing.

All courses on the IIM Skills are taught by top industry experts and are available online. The good part is they come with flexibility in batch timings, enabling you to learn at your pace. Another benefit to the IIM Skills courses is their lifetime validity.

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The LMS is the online resource library for your course and is updated from time to time to ensure the syllabus is relevant. Internships are another essential feature of the courses at IIM Skills. It offers trainees the opportunity to put their skills to work. It helps them build knowledge and confidence before they begin a new career.

Batch/Mode: Exclusively online. You can connect from any device or anywhere to attend virtual sessions.

Technical Writing Course syllabus:

● An introduction to technical writing

● How to research and write

● Technical reports

● White papers 

● Journals


● Conversational writing

● API documentation

● Review and publishing

● User manuals and data sheets

● Effective writing

● Medical writing 

● Case studies

You will learn various formats and types of technical writing, including research documents, manuals, guides, etc. The course is also tool-oriented and includes all the essential software and tools that professional technical writers need.


Internship and Placement: There is 1 month-long internship that strengthens the fundamentals of the participants. Eligible candidates who get internships can publish their first white paper or publish their first-ever technical writing blog.

Certification: Like all its other courses, the technical writing course is accompanied by a master’s certificate from the institute.

Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

Course Fee: The course is highly affordable at just INR 14,900 + 18% GST

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2. Udemy 

Udemy is an online learning place where you get the opportunity to take technical writing courses in Surat. Here is one of the best technical writing courses in Surat:

What you will learn:

● You will be in a position to draft clear and concise communications.

● You can improve your documents’ readability.

● You can better organize your ideas and thoughts.

● You will be able to create more efficient e-mails.

● You will be in a position to increase the speed and productivity of digital, written, and oral communication.

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction & Overview

Module 2: Analyze the objective

Module 3: Analyze the audience

Module 4: Drafting the Purpose Statement

Module 5: Information Collection

Module 6: Write the outline of the sentence

Module 7: Drafting

Module 8: Review the content and organization

Module 9: Coherence check

Module 10: Change for more clarity

Module 11: Editing for economy

Module 12: Checking for readability

Module 13: Conclusion and final thoughts


3. Academy

In every career, you should be able to communicate effectively and clearly if you want to succeed. Academy will provide you with practical training in technical writing required for today’s work.

Their technical writing courses in Surat focus on internal workplace communications, how to use visuals effectively, how to write clear instructions and deal with documents, and how to use social media effectively.

Learn technical writing at your own pace without any deadlines, using free courses from Saylor Academy that comes under the best technical writing courses in Surat.

Course curriculum:

Module 1: Audience Analysis

Module 2: Internal Communication: Writing Memos and Emails

Module 3: External Communication: Formal Letters

Module 4: Using Visuals to Convey Information

Module 5: Process Documentation

Module 6: Writing Proposals

Module 7: Communicating on the Internet

If you have good knowledge of numbers and are looking for the high paying career options, you should opt for the Data Analytics Courses in Surat


4. TechnoKraft

TechnoKraft, which comes under the best technical writing courses in Surat, helps you understand a solution and describe the information in a simple and easy way for end-users to understand. It provides robust, high-quality tutorials prepared by qualified technical writers with vast writing experience.

The tutorial has been redesigned and redesigned to meet industry specifications and requirements based on inputs and feedback received.

Course Curriculum

● There is a strong emphasis on concepts and tools. The training involves a thorough understanding of the technical writing concepts and theories of instructional design and the constructive application of these concepts in the tools.

● Emphasis is also placed on the use of English as well as grammar.

● Assignments are evaluated according to industry standards.

● Presentation on any topic to increase their public speaking and presentation skills.

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5. Education and Career Times (ECT)

The ECT institute has become a privileged place for technical writing learning. This organization has spread its wings to numerous areas in India through its mentoring methods. Similarly, ECT also comes on the list of institutes for technical writing courses in Surat in many known cities.

Course curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing

Module 2: Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing

Module 3: Information Architecture

Module 4: Master a Markdown Language

Module 5: Learn XML

Module 6: JSON

Module 7: DITA

Module 8: Document Authoring Tool

Module 9: Technical Authoring Tool

Module 10: API Documentation

Module 11: Agile Documentation Strategy

Module 12: Careers in Technical Writing

Module 13: Open Source Projects

Module 14: Beginner-Friendly Tools

Key Features:

Below are some of the key characteristics of ECT institutes throughout this course.

● Lifetime support by the institute

● Lifetime access to all videos and study material 

● Live projects 

Fee: INR 16,949 + GST

Duration: 3 Months

The overall period of the course includes 32 hours of classroom/ live training and 50 hours of eLearning.

Here we bring to you the best SEO Courses in Surat. If you want to master SEO, do check out here the details. 


6. Digital Academy 360

With the mission of providing quality-based education, Digital Academy 360 has been successfully established for over 10 years. Training students with their faculty, Digital Academy launched their support at numerous locations in India, namely Surat, Bangalore, Chennai, and Surat. Digital Academy 360 provides one of Surat’s best technical writing courses.

Course Structure

The following section outlines the content writing course offered by Digital Academy 360.

Part 1: Introduction to Content Writing

Part 2: Understanding the writing cycle

Part 3: SEO and Its Concepts

Part 4: WordPress & Website Development

Part 5: Creative Writing

Part 6: Article Writing

Part 7: Research Writing

Part 8: Scientific Writing

Part 9: Blogging

Part 10: Copy Writing

Part 11: Social Media Content Writing

Part 12: Email Writing

Part 13: Web Content Writing

Part 14: White Paper Writing

Part 15: Press release

Part 16: Testimonial & Case Studies

Part 17: Technical Writing

Part 18: eBook & Self-Publishing

Part 19: Content Marketing Strategies

After completing the above course, you will be familiar with different forms of writing content, how to edit content and SEO concepts. You would know how to build their website, publish their book, and various forms of writing.


Key Features:

Below are some of the main features provided by Digital Academy 360 institutions with this course:

● Dedicated Mentor

● Lifetime support by the institute

● Exposure to live projects.

Duration: The overall duration of the course would be approximately two months.


7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin comes under the best technical writing courses in Surat. They provide well-trained subject matter experts with 10+ years of experience in technical writing training. You will get the opportunity to polish your technical writing skills and boost your career.

In addition, you will get on live and in-demand technical writing projects. At the end of this course, Henry Harvin will provide a certificate for this technical writing course.


Course Features: 

● 16 hrs Classroom training

● 24 hrs Live online training

● 50 hrs E-learning access


Batches: Weekdays/Weekends 

Certificate: On successful completion of the course

Program Fees: Rs 12,500 + GST

Online or Offline: Online


Who Should Enroll

Enroll in this course if you are:

● You are trying to bring your career to the next level.

● Upgrade your technical writing skills.

● Freshers, graduates, seasoned writers, or subject experts looking to enhance career career

● Housewives



● Enhance your grammar and editing skills.

● Familiarize yourself with technical writing software tools.

● Write a thesis and research papers and develop complete research proposals.

● Create efficient technical document templates.

● The course consists of two complementary modules on soft skills development and resume writing


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do we need a college degree in technical writing?

Ans: No, while there are many valuable formal education programs in this discipline, there are no direct requirements for a college degree to become a technical writer.

2. How to write a good technical draft?

Ans: Like any other form of writing, technical writing has its own particular style:

1) Simplicity and conciseness

2) Accuracy

3) Audience-focussed

4) Careful consideration of design issues

3. Which tools do we need as technical writers?

Ans: WordPress, Msword, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Frame Maker, Adobe ++, etc.


We need technical writers to bridge the gap between technical experts and the general public, and to explain technology in simple terms. The Development of the skills, you need to be a technical writer may well be a good investment in your future. Overall, the article would end, hoping it would help the aspiring students of Surat find some of the best technical writing courses in Surat.