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Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Surat With Placements

Technical writing is about creating a document on technical information in a simplified manner. This type involves the preparation of technical manuals, handbooks, documents, and many more about technology or tech-related drafts. It has been acknowledged as a profession since the 1940s, and it has grown exponentially with the spread of technology during the second half of the 20th century. If you were searching for the best technical writing courses in Surat, you have landed right. 

List of best best technical writing courses in Surat

Historically, technical writing has focused on documenting processes, including instruction manuals. However, it is now more broadly described. Forms of technical writing can include whitepapers, instructional manuals, manuals, and product descriptions. Some suggest that technical writing may also include media releases, briefs, reports, and business proposals.

That could certainly need some technical input. However, they are not generally written by technical writers. In this article, you will explore the best technical writing courses in Surat in 2022. Before that, let’s have a brief idea about different aspects of technical writing. 


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Skills Needed for Technical Writing

If you are looking for technical writing courses in Surat, you should have an idea of the skills required for a good technical writer. Here are some of these common skills needed to be successful:

  • Research:

Research is one of the first baby steps in technical writing. After getting an assignment, you have to collect the data from authentic sources and turn it into relevant information.

Research may come from a variety of places, including:

● On-Site Data

● Online and Intranet Publications

● Interviews

● Libraries and Research Databases

After you have researched, you will begin planning your document organization and work on your first draft.

  • Audience Perception:

The information that you research for technical writing and gather has to be shaped for audience interest and understanding. Technical writers often need to communicate highly technical information to the general public. Hence, It is essential to analyze your audience carefully in the early steps of the effective technical writing process so you can match information to their needs.

  • Communication Skills:

Communication skills are vital to being a successful technical writer. It is essential to have good written communication skills, mainly to express complex information in simpler language and to write very clearly. You will probably work with multiple teams and people from different roles. Your listening, recording, and communication skills will matter.

  • Technical skills:

Many technical writers have academic experience in the specific topic they are writing about, and many technical writers have job titles of engineer, geologist, or business analyst. They occupy technical positions and must synthesize information from a cross-functional perspective to other business sectors.

Technical writing is a bit easier if you come from a technical point of view and learn to write. It is sometimes more complicated if your training is in writing and you attempt to write the technical content.

  • Writing:

Excellent writing skills allow your documents to be readable and error-free. Writing encompasses many other skills from that list. It is important that you have the right tone, style, and format for your document. Often, those rules are described in a style guide by the employing organization.

  • Document design:

You can be responsible for the addition of graphs to complement your document. You should also be proficient in formatting documents. The formatting needs to be professional and help the reader navigate the document. Headlines should be easy to navigate, and content should be organized in a logical way.

A poorly designed document will make it harder for the reader to understand the content. Documentation design is a crucial element of technical writing.

  • Fluency with Digital Tools:

Today, writers are required to use multiple tools during the technical drafting process. It often extends beyond basic text editors. It is expected that technical writers can create graphics, annotate images and screen captures, extract data from Excel and transmit this data into charts and tables. Additionally, they can utilize business writers’ planning, writing, and editing tools. 

Industries That Use Technical Writing

Today, technology has grown in all aspects of the company. Companies continue to develop more and more technical processes for increased efficiency and profit. The following is a list of industries in which strong technical writing is required.

● Biotech & Pharmacy

● Consulting

● Energy and Chemical

● Engineering

● Information Technology

● Financial Services

● Government & Nonprofit

● Insurance

● Manufacturing

● Supply Chain


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Documents Written by a Technical Writer:

Your job and industry will determine precisely what type of material you will write. The following is a list of documents that you may be required to prepare in a technical manner:

● Technical Reports

● Emails conveying technical information

● Memos

● User Interface Text

● Guides and User Manuals

● Press Releases

● White Papers & Case Studies

● Executive Summaries

● Balanced Scorecards

● Product Descriptions

● Proposals

● Reports

● Websites

The Job of a Technical Writer

The work of a technical writer will vary depending on the industry and the company they work for. They often work in multi-disciplinary teams that mediate between the more technical staff and the less technical reader.

They will work closely with them in the development of a communications strategy. Their responsibilities often go beyond just writing. They must understand the whole project, from high-level goals to the subtleties of implementation.

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Top Technical Writing Courses in Surat



IIM SKILLS Institute offers the best technical writing courses in Surat. It is a leading institute that provides a variety of upgrading courses relevant to the job market. With a motto to provide affordable yet high-quality training, IIM SKILLS is your best choice for technical writing classes.

Friendly and attentive mentors, a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum with frequent updates, and a focus on practical rather than theoretical aspects make the institute an ideal choice. Since the humble beginnings of a blog, the institute has become one of the prominent ed-tech institutes.


 Their technical writing courses in Surat provide valuable industry-oriented training to bridge the skills gap and create an employable workforce. The Technical Writing Master Course covers all the essential points of technical writing.

All courses on the IIM Skills are taught by top industry experts and are available online. The good part is they come with flexibility in batch timings, enabling you to learn at your pace. Another benefit to the IIM Skills courses is their lifetime validity.

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The LMS is the online resource library for your course and is updated from time to time to ensure the syllabus is relevant. Internships are another essential feature of the courses at IIM Skills. It offers trainees the opportunity to put their skills to work. It helps them build knowledge and confidence before they begin a new career.

Batch/Mode: Exclusively online. You can connect from any device or anywhere to attend virtual sessions.

Technical Writing Course syllabus:

● An introduction to technical writing

● How to research and write

● Technical reports

● White papers 

● Journals


● Conversational writing

● API documentation

● Review and publishing

● User manuals and data sheets

● Effective writing

● Medical writing 

● Case studies

You will learn various formats and types of technical writing, including research documents, manuals, guides, etc. The course is also tool-oriented and includes all the essential software and tools that professional technical writers need.


Internship and Placement: There is 1 month-long internship that strengthens the fundamentals of the participants. Eligible candidates who get internships can publish their first white paper or publish their first-ever technical writing blog.

Certification: Like all its other courses, the technical writing course is accompanied by a master’s certificate from the institute.

Course Name: Technical Writing Master Course

Course Fee: The course is highly affordable at just INR 14,900 + 18% GST

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2. Udemy 

Udemy is an online learning place where you get the opportunity to take technical writing courses in Surat. Here is one of the best technical writing courses in Surat:

What you will learn:

● You will be in a position to draft clear and concise communications.

● You can improve your documents’ readability.

● You can better organize your ideas and thoughts.

● You will be able to create more efficient e-mails.

● You will be in a position to increase the speed and productivity of digital, written, and oral communication.

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction & Overview

Module 2: Analyze the objective

Module 3: Analyze the audience

Module 4: Drafting the Purpose Statement

Module 5: Information Collection

Module 6: Write the outline of the sentence

Module 7: Drafting

Module 8: Review the content and organization

Module 9: Coherence check

Module 10: Change for more clarity

Module 11: Editing for economy

Module 12: Checking for readability

Module 13: Conclusion and final thoughts


3. Saylor.org Academy

In every career, you should be able to communicate effectively and clearly if you want to succeed. Saylor.org Academy will provide you with practical training in technical writing required for today’s work.

Their technical writing courses in Surat focus on internal workplace communications, how to use visuals effectively, how to write clear instructions and deal with documents, and how to use social media effectively.

Learn technical writing at your own pace without any deadlines, using free courses from Saylor Academy that comes under the best technical writing courses in Surat.

Course curriculum:

Module 1: Audience Analysis

Module 2: Internal Communication: Writing Memos and Emails

Module 3: External Communication: Formal Letters

Module 4: Using Visuals to Convey Information

Module 5: Process Documentation

Module 6: Writing Proposals

Module 7: Communicating on the Internet

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4. TechnoKraft

TechnoKraft, which comes under the best technical writing courses in Surat, helps you understand a solution and describe the information in a simple and easy way for end-users to understand. It provides robust, high-quality tutorials prepared by qualified technical writers with vast writing experience.

The tutorial has been redesigned and redesigned to meet industry specifications and requirements based on inputs and feedback received.

Course Curriculum

● There is a strong emphasis on concepts and tools. The training involves a thorough understanding of the technical writing concepts and theories of instructional design and the constructive application of these concepts in the tools.

● Emphasis is also placed on the use of English as well as grammar.

● Assignments are evaluated according to industry standards.

● Presentation on any topic to increase their public speaking and presentation skills.

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5. Education and Career Times (ECT)

The ECT institute has become a privileged place for technical writing learning. This organization has spread its wings to numerous areas in India through its mentoring methods. Similarly, ECT also comes on the list of institutes for technical writing courses in Surat in many known cities.

Course curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction to Technical Writing

Module 2: Grammar & Styling in Technical Writing

Module 3: Information Architecture

Module 4: Master a Markdown Language

Module 5: Learn XML

Module 6: JSON

Module 7: DITA

Module 8: Document Authoring Tool

Module 9: Technical Authoring Tool

Module 10: API Documentation

Module 11: Agile Documentation Strategy

Module 12: Careers in Technical Writing

Module 13: Open Source Projects

Module 14: Beginner-Friendly Tools

Key Features:

Below are some of the key characteristics of ECT institutes throughout this course.

● Lifetime support by the institute

● Lifetime access to all videos and study material 

● Live projects 

Fee: INR 16,949 + GST

Duration: 3 Months

The overall period of the course includes 32 hours of classroom/ live training and 50 hours of eLearning.

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6. Digital Academy 360

With the mission of providing quality-based education, Digital Academy 360 has been successfully established for over 10 years. Training students with their faculty, Digital Academy launched their support at numerous locations in India, namely Surat, Bangalore, Chennai, and Surat. Digital Academy 360 provides one of Surat’s best technical writing courses.

Course Structure

The following section outlines the content writing course offered by Digital Academy 360.

Part 1: Introduction to Content Writing

Part 2: Understanding the writing cycle

Part 3: SEO and Its Concepts

Part 4: WordPress & Website Development

Part 5: Creative Writing

Part 6: Article Writing

Part 7: Research Writing

Part 8: Scientific Writing

Part 9: Blogging

Part 10: Copy Writing

Part 11: Social Media Content Writing

Part 12: Email Writing

Part 13: Web Content Writing

Part 14: White Paper Writing

Part 15: Press release

Part 16: Testimonial & Case Studies

Part 17: Technical Writing

Part 18: eBook & Self-Publishing

Part 19: Content Marketing Strategies

After completing the above course, you will be familiar with different forms of writing content, how to edit content and SEO concepts. You would know how to build their website, publish their book, and various forms of writing.


Key Features:

Below are some of the main features provided by Digital Academy 360 institutions with this course:

● Dedicated Mentor

● Lifetime support by the institute

● Exposure to live projects.

Duration: The overall duration of the course would be approximately two months.


7. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin comes under the best technical writing courses in Surat. They provide well-trained subject matter experts with 10+ years of experience in technical writing training. You will get the opportunity to polish your technical writing skills and boost your career.

In addition, you will get on live and in-demand technical writing projects. At the end of this course, Henry Harvin will provide a certificate for this technical writing course.


Course Features: 

● 16 hrs Classroom training

● 24 hrs Live online training

● 50 hrs E-learning access


Batches: Weekdays/Weekends 

Certificate: On successful completion of the course

Program Fees: Rs 12,500 + GST

Online or Offline: Online


Who Should Enroll

Enroll in this course if you are:

● You are trying to bring your career to the next level.

● Upgrade your technical writing skills.

● Freshers, graduates, seasoned writers, or subject experts looking to enhance career career

● Housewives



● Enhance your grammar and editing skills.

● Familiarize yourself with technical writing software tools.

● Write a thesis and research papers and develop complete research proposals.

● Create efficient technical document templates.

● The course consists of two complementary modules on soft skills development and resume writing


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do we need a college degree in technical writing?

Ans: No, while there are many valuable formal education programs in this discipline, there are no direct requirements for a college degree to become a technical writer.

2. How to write a good technical draft?

Ans: Like any other form of writing, technical writing has its own particular style:

1) Simplicity and conciseness

2) Accuracy

3) Audience-focussed

4) Careful consideration of design issues

3. Which tools do we need as technical writers?

Ans: WordPress, Msword, Microsoft Visio, Adobe Frame Maker, Adobe ++, etc.


We need technical writers to bridge the gap between technical experts and the general public, and to explain technology in simple terms. The Development of the skills, you need to be a technical writer may well be a good investment in your future. Overall, the article would end, hoping it would help the aspiring students of Surat find some of the best technical writing courses in Surat.

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