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Top 10 SEO Courses in Nagpur With Practical Training

Have you ever thought about why some blogs or websites attract an audience so fast? How does everyone know about specific blogs or websites? Do you also want to revive your existing website? Great! And one of the ways to keep people on your website is with SEO. Do you wish to learn how SEO is beneficial for your websites/blogs’ online presence but are confused about where you can find the best course of it? Well, look no further here you will find the answer to all your queries. This post covers the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. But, before going through the top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur, first, take some essential key points of SEO.


List of best SEO courses in Nagpur


What is SEO?


SEO stands for search engine optimization. In more straightforward language, SEO is the practice of improving your site to increase its online presence when people search for products/services related to your business in any search engine. It means that SEO takes your content and optimizes it, so people will be more likely to come across your website when they search for products/services related to your business.


It focuses on improving the ranking of your websites in an organic manner. If you have a blog/website and you want to grow more audiences, there’s no doubt that you need SEO for marketing. You can understand it this way, Suppose you are selling handmade soy candles, and when someone searches “handmade candles” into Google.


You’d probably want your website to come on top of his search. And for this, you need to rank above all the other websites for handmade candles. It’s not easy to be on the top of the search, but that’s where SEO marketing works.


To get a good online presence, you must understand three core components:


  • What kind of contents search engines do users and your audiences want/need.
  • How search engines work to serve content in search engine result pages.
  • How to properly optimize your website to come on top ranking in search results.


Google algorithms


Google’s algorithm defines how high each result’s ranks would be. SEO gives some crucial insights into ranking factors, although Google’s algorithms would remain secret, and these ranking factors can be divided into two categories:


  • On-page SEO factors


On-page SEO factors are the things on your website that have a direct influence on your audiences. There are several on-page SEO factors that are crucial to working on, including content richness, the structure of your website or your site speed, and your page ranking is partly determined by them.



Your page rankings are also determined by a few off-page SEO factors, which include social media attention, links from other websites, and other marketing actions that take place outside of your website. The most dominant among these factors is the number and quality of links pointing towards your website.


The more authentic sites link to your website, the higher your ranking in Google searches will be. To better understand how you can improve the ranking of your content in search engines, you need first to understand how SEO works.


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How does SEO work?


When it comes to an understanding of how SEO works, let’s understand by taking an example of website A and website B. Website A is not so user friendly, which means users have a tough time navigating and using the website on tablets or mobile phones. Website B, however, is responsive, which means users have a better experience using the website.


So ultimately Google will navigate the search user and bring the traffic on website B. Search engines try to give the best services to their users. In order to do this, search engines use bots to go from page to page, collect information about those pages and store them in one place, use complex algorithms to organize and rank content.


It helps to deliver more relevant results. Search engines will inspect the site to understand how painless it is to read and navigate and give rewards to user-friendly websites with high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The page you see after you search on search engines by entering different keywords is called SERP.


SERP that shows in front of you is called “organic results” as well as “pay-per-click-ads” (PPC). PPC ads are paid for, and SEO influences the organic results. You don’t pay any search engines to place a position in the organic results. However, they make their money by showing ads on the page.


So better they navigate you to desired results, the more likely you use that search engines again. And more the search engine is user-friendly, the more money it can make by showing more ads.


Differences between Paid Search and Organic Search


It’s crucial first to get the idea of the differences between paid search and organic search with SEO. There are mainly five key differences:


1. Position


The organic results appear bottom of search engine result pages, while paid search results appear at the top of them.


2. Time


With PPCs, you get instant results, sometimes in a few minutes, whereas, with organic searches, results take weeks, months, or even years. In this case, you have to play a medium to long-term keywords game with organic searches.


3. Payment


If you do Pay-per-click (PPC) for your website works on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. It means that you pay a certain fee every time a user clicks on your ad. To get instant results, instead of relying on organic results, you buy traffic to bring the audiences for your web pages.


So, whenever a user searches for your keyword, your web pages show at the top of search engines pages. For organic search, traffic is free, but it requires an investment of both resources and time.


4. ROI


ROI or return on investment is just easier to measure with paid search than organic search. This is because Google shares more keyword data that you can capture in Google Analytics. However, ROI can be standing over time with paid search; on the other hand, ROI is hard to measure in organic search, but it improves with time. Organic search can offer an outstanding ROI with time.


5. Share of traffic


When we talk about to share of traffic, the study reveals that approx. 70% to 80% of users click on organic results, while 20% to 30% of users click on paid results. So a significant share of clicks is toward SEO results.


Similarities between Paid and Organic Search


1. Traffic


Bringing traffic is a primary goal of both organic and paid searches. Both paid and organic search most importantly included audience purpose. When a user searches using the keyword on different search engines, It is more probably that the user is more likely to take click-based action once the user finds desired information related to the keyword.


2. Keyword Research


Both paid and organic search uses a search engine and requires entering a keyword. And for this, you need to do keyword research in both cases.


3. Landing pages


Organic and paid search both require you to generate landing pages. The landing page demands to be connected to your website in SEO; on the other hand, for paid search, it can be precisely the same landing page you use for organic, or it can be a completely separate page that sits off your page.



The three pillars of SEO


You should know how to get your website, brand, or company found by searchers. While SEO makes some slight changes frequently, you must understand how SEO is involved with time to retain you at the top of search engine ranking. There are three essential factors you need to be familiar with and take action on a regular basis.


  1. Off-page Optimization


Off-page Optimization is the process to improve your website rankings on search engine pages. It is due to activities outside the website and driven by backlinks, help to build the page’s reputation among users.


  1. On-page Optimization


On-page Optimization is the process to make sure content on your site provides a fantastic user experience. That includes targeting the right keywords within your niche and can be processed through a content management system like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Expression engine, etc.


  1. Technical Optimization


Technical Optimization is the process that is not related to content but completing activities on your page to improve SEO optimization. It generally happens behind the scene.


SEO Strategies: Black Hat Vs White Hat


  • White Hat


White Hat SEO is the technique or strategy that targets a human audience. Keywords, keyword analysis, doing research, etc., are the techniques used in White Hat SEO to make relevant for your search users. Creating quality content may be time taking, but it is essential because it shows to different search engines your site is audience-targeted. Using short and long-tail keywords for your niche is equally important.


  • Black Hat


Black Hat SEO is the technique or strategy in which people implement keyword stuffing and link scrapping to rank on the top of search engine pages. It might work for a while, but the consequences of it would be Google or other search engines ends up penalizing or blacklisting your website so you’ll never rank.


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Importance of SEO in Business Growth


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a principal tool for your business growth because it can help to increase the online presence of your company’s website. It leads to more user landing on your website page, more conversion rates, and ultimately leads to higher profits.


A company can use SEO to improve its ranking on search engine pages. Google looks for content relevant to the user’s query, but the reader also trusts that. You have to do more than targeting the right keywords to generate leads from searches and create a positive user experience.


You need to understand search user content and develop content per user needs. Once you understand your targeted audience’s search intent, you will develop content that solves your user’s problems and is optimized for search engines to discover on top of search engines pages.


When your content ranks highly on SERP, it has a much higher chance of attracting clicks and attention than the content that ranks lower on SERP. Nowadays, SEO has become a crucial factor in a business’s online success. If you want to build a strong online presence, you need to learn SEO and become a domain expert.


Hence, these are benefits of SEO for your business growth:


1) Your website can bring more online presence by improving SEO.

2) By creating SEO-focused content, you can bring more traffic and potential customers to your page.


Best free SEO Tools


  • Google Webmaster
  • Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations
  • Google Analytics
  • Data Studio
  • Search Console
  • Keyword Hero
  • MozCast
  • Penguin Tool
  • Redirect path
  • SEOlyzer
  • Answer the Public
  • Keyword Shitter
  • Keyword planner


TOP 10 SEO Courses in Nagpur


Many coaching centers are providing SEO courses these days. The ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’ are listed here.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur that provides multiple features along with their advanced SEO course curriculum. The online live sessions are interactive to make sure a better understanding of each and every concept without any confusion. Now, let us learn about the compelling course curriculum and other important features of IIM Skill’s SEO courses in Nagpur.


Key features


  • Certified trainers from IIT Delhi
  • 4 weeks of training, 16 hours of Lecture
  • Free Demo Classes
  • Lifetime access to recorded lectures
  • Learn how to use powerful SEO tools
  • Learn Google analytics and content writing
  • Learn web development
  • work with Times of India
  • 8 weeks of Internship
  • Certification and letter of recommendation
  • Placement guidance



Other Course


2. Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing (IIDM)


IIDM will teach you the overall idea of SEO and how can you bring traffic to your website. It comes in the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of the Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing are as follows:


Key features


  • Training on popular SEO tools
  • Highly qualified experts
  • Learn marketing strategies & tools
  • Learn how the search engine works
  • Helps to boost internet marketing skills
  • Learn Content marketing
  • Work on live projects
  • 3 months internship
  • Create your portfolio
  • Placement Assistant


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3. Prima Think


Prima Think is SEO online program in Nagpur, and it includes in ‘Top 10 courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of Prima Think are as follows:


Key features 


  • Learn from Industry experts
  • Real-time project training
  • Coaching on live projects
  • Learn Google Analytics
  • website setup
  • Learn Content Marketing
  • 4 weeks of Internship
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Opportunities to work as a freelancer with different agencies

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

4. iClass Nagpur


iClass provides basic to advanced level SEO training with a choice of different training locations as per your comfort in Nagpur. Key features of the SEO courses in  Nagpur are as follows:


Key features


  • More than 5 years of experience as certified trainers
  • Learn the foundation of SEO
  • Deep learning of how search engines work
  • Learn SEO for Ecommerce
  • Flexible Timings
  • Practical guidance
  • Outstanding lab facility
  • SEO Resume preparation
  • 100% job guarantee
  • SEO certification


5. Quick Xpert Infotech


Quick Xpert Infotech is of the Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur. It provides digital marketing courses and training in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Key features of the SEO course of the Institute of Integrated Digital Marketing are as follows:


Key features


  • Training from Experts
  • Affordable course fees
  • Job oriented Course
  • Learn from Basic to Advanced level
  • Learn SEO, SCM, PPC, Page optimization techniques, Social Media Campaigns, etc
  • Live Projects
  • Interview prepare sessions
  • Free Demo classes
  • Resume building
  • Course certification


6. SEO and Digital Marketing Institute


SEO and Digital Marketing Institute is a software training institute in Nagpur. It includes on the list of ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of the SEO and Digital Marketing Institute are as follows:


Key features


  • Certified trainers
  • Affordable course fees
  • Live projects
  • Learn from Basic to Advanced level
  • Learn Content Marketing
  • Real-time project training
  • SEO certification


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7. ECHO Education


ECHO education is Nagpur’s first agency-based Digital Marketing course. It is included in the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of the ECHO Education are as follows:


Key features


  • Experienced trainers
  • In-depth knowledge of search engine optimization
  • Job oriented course
  • Learn personal branding
  • Learn content writing and WordPress management
  • Latest trends as per industry needs
  • Learn with live projects
  • SEO certification

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

8. Arena Animation


Arena Animation provides a digital marketing course in Nagpur, Maharashtra. It is included on the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’ list. Key features of the SEO course of Arena Animation are as follows:


Key features 


  • Learn from experts
  • Job oriented course
  • Learn from basics
  • SEO Training
  • Affordable course fees
  • Digital Marketing job training
  • Animation and Multimedia training
  • Real-time project training
  • Practical guidance
  • Grab the certificate at the end of the course




NSDM INDIA has provided a digital marketing course for 9 years in Nagpur. It is included on the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’ list. Key features of the SEO course of the NSDM INDIA are as follows:


Key features


  • Certified experts
  • SEO training
  • Digital marketing job training
  • Data Science training
  • Business Analysis training
  • Learn from basic to advanced level
  • Job oriented course
  • Learn Google Analytics
  • SEO certification


10. Rilah Technologies Pvt Ltd


Rilah Technologies Pvt Ltd provides SEO training courses. It is included in the ‘Top 10 SEO courses in Nagpur’. Key features of the SEO course of the Rilah Technologies Pvt Ltd are as follows:


Key features


  • Experienced professionals
  • Affordable course fees
  • SEO training
  • Engineering and technician job training
  • Banking, finance, and GST job training
  • Oriented Job course
  • Live projects
  • Learn Internet marketing
  • Practical guidance
  • Grab your certificate at the end of the course




1. What skills are required to learn search engine optimization (SEO)?

Ans: You need writing skills, technical and programming skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking to learn search engine optimization.


2. Who can learn SEO courses?

Ans: Anyone passionate about SEO and making a career in it. It is also beneficial for someone who owns a website or business and wants to bring audiences to their page.


3. Does SEO require coding?

Ans: No, SEO typically doesn’t require coding. You can learn SEO and make a career in it without learning to code.


4. How much you can earn after SEO training?

Ans: The average salary of SEO professionals in India is 4,50,000 per annum. Experienced professionals can earn 11,000,000 per annum easily.


5. How to choose a keyword for SEO?

Ans: 5 tips to choose the right keyword:

  1. Identifying your target audience
  2. Studying the competition
  3. Understanding the long tail keyword
  4. Using the keyword research tools
  5. Analyzing the results




So these are the ‘Top 10 SEO training in Nagpur’. I hope you got the basic idea of SEO and courses. Choose any course out of 10 as per your requirement and become an SEO expert. The most crucial thing to remember about SEO is you need to go the extra mile, and there are no shortcuts to stand out. Feel free to ask any queries in the comment and if you like this article, share it with your friends.

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