Top 5 Data Analytics Courses In Maldives With Placements

In the twenty-first century, where civilization is sitting at the pinnacle of technology, growth and development if one has not heard the phrase ‘data analytics’ then they are living under a rock. Data analytics is one of the most sought-after careers in today’s time and Data Analytics Courses in Maldives is one of the most googled courses. With a lucrative job profile and an attractive salary package, data analysts are living a dynamic life by not only contributing towards the ever-growing space of science and technological innovations but at the same time living a life of comfort and luxury.



But before we dive into the list of top institutes for data analytics courses in Maldives and the various prospects, it becomes very important to understand the meaning of the phrase ‘data analytics’ first.


Data Analytics

Data analysis, as the very phrase suggests, analysis of the data. This raw data when analyzed, will give meaningful results that can provide deeper, more efficient insights into the working of various domains and at the same time help in various decision-making based on the results of the analysis.

Keeping all this in mind this ever-growing field has become a linchpin for ensuring work efficiency and optimum utilization of resources, attracting more people into this field of work. As data analytics takes the world by storm, we cannot forget the several advantages that data analytics have in all our lives, encompassing the various facets of our lives starting from business to entertainment to healthcare and much more.

Data analytics are required in various walks of life. As data analysis makes life a lot easier, it helps in the effective flow of business organizations that rely on the result of large amounts of data for understanding their market- their individual growth and expansion as well as their competitors, these analyses of data help them in realizing and planning their future goals.

Data analysis is also used by various financial institutions to understand the growth of their clients’ works and finances, at the same time helping them guide through various investment decisions and management risks. Nowadays, even various educational institutions have inculcated data analysis in their process of teaching to monitor the individual growth of their students and enhance their teaching management and techniques.

This has by extension led to the holistic growth and development of the institute. The entertainment industry is also not far behind in utilizing data analysis in their work profile.

The box office collections, the success or failure rate of a movie, the amounts of tickets sold, the net profit or loss or even recommendations and future predictions of the film are all governed and managed through the utilization of data analytics. It is not just utilized in all walks of life but its utilization has made work in particular and life in general so much simpler.

With such a dynamic, interesting and universally applicable utilization of the method, more and more students and youth these days are showing interest in this field. Data analytics courses in Maldives have already created a buzz in the work market but now, as more people are showing interest in this particular industry, even the employment pool of data analysts is becoming extremely competitive.

So to up the game of people interested in data analytics, there are many institutes both online and offline that give individuals to understand, learn, apply and start a career as profoundly skilled data analysts.



Importance of Data Analytics Courses in Maldives

Like every part of the world, Maldives is a country that has taken data analytics in much serious consideration to ensure work optimization and efficiency. As people from all around the world are showing interest in data analytics, the people of Maldives are not behind. Various ministries and sectors in Maldives are hiring highly efficient and talented data analysts to manage their workflow.

As an island country whose economy heavily depends on tourism, data analysis is a highly applied concept in this space. Tourism boosts the Maldivian economy and data analytics acts as an instrument to understand and utilize the growing tourists’ needs, demands, tastes and preferences. Keeping all this in mind, data analytics is utilized by the tourism industry to get knowledge of the latest trends and changes that are needed or applied for the further growth of the industry.

In the Maldives, the various other industries, as well, are connected primarily to the tourism industry itself, even the significant climate changes over the years or the impact of changing environmental conditions on coral reefs are some of the factors that can be monitored and checked upon through proper data analysis.

Monitoring the changes in biodiversity through the implementation of data analytics, identifying areas of improvement and changes and suitably forming plans for sustainable management are some of the key areas in how data analytics can improve the quality of nature, and by extension of life.

Keeping all these factors in mind as well as the growing dire need for data analytics courses in Maldives in our day-to-day life, it has become very crucial to encourage students more and more into this field.

As the industry is ever growing and has no possibility of ceasing anytime in future and promises only individual and social growth in leaps and bounds, it is important to allow the Maldivian people to be exposed to this area of the profession, giving the best of the faculty and Data Analytics Courses in Maldives to the students.

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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses In Maldives With Placements

Given below is the list of the top five Data Analytics Courses in Maldives that provide the best of the data analytics courses to its people. From information related to the institute to details about the courses (the Syllabus, duration, fees, placements etc.), this article will cover what are the places one can register if they have a knack for data analytics.

Not only will the various courses make a student well-versed and competent in the field of data analysis and data management but also at the same time motivate and guide the students to land their dream jobs:



A growing and thriving ed-tech platform, one of the top Data Analytics Courses in Maldives, that offers its students from a plethora of courses to choose and learn from according to their area of interest, IIM SKILLS, founded in 2015 and headquartered in New Delhi, India has already within a decade of its debut, has become an international brand.

With the exhaustive course modules, impartial and efficient teaching and a faculty of practising and qualified mentors of the field, IIM SKILLS is the most chosen and applied for an online institute providing formal training and internship programs for their students, along with proper placement assistance.

Data Analytics is a much sought-after course in IIM SKILLS that people select to enhance their skills and abilities in this particular field. More number of people have shown interest in studying data analytics in the past few years, and if someone is looking for a course in the comfort of their house that not only gives them proper training but also professional assistance, IIM SKILLS should be their destination stop.

Course Details:

Course NameData Analytics Course
Duration6 Months of Training + 2 Months Internship (Optional)
Mode of TrainingOnline
Course Fees9202.42 Maldivian Rufiyaa + Taxes
EMI AvailabilityInterest-Free


Module 1: Basic and Advanced Excel

  1. Introduction to Data Handling
  2. Data Manipulation Using Functions
  3. Data Analysis and Reporting
  4. Data Visualization in Excel
  5. Overview of Dashboards

Module 2: Visual Basic Application

  1. Introduction of VBA
  2. Working of VBA with Excel
  3. Programming Language: Key Components
  4. VBA and Programming Constructs
  5. VBA: Functions and Procedures
  6. VBA: Memory Management and Objects
  7. Handling Errors
  8. Code Controlling and Accessibility
  9. User Communication

Module 3: SQL

  1. RDBMS: Basic Concepts
  2. Utilization of Object Explorer
  3. DDL Commands
  4. DML Commands
  5. Data Access using SELECT
  6. Work Optimization

Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Service

  1. SSRS: Basic Concepts
  2. Creating the Parameters
  3. Visualization
  4. Using SSRS to Learn Visualization

Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services

  1. SSIS: Basic Concepts
  2. Learning Packages
  3. Learning Packages for integration
  4. Handling Projects using SSIS

Module 4: Power BI

  1. Basic Introduction
  2. Data Handling: Preparation and Modeling
  3. Data Analysis Expressions
  4. Development of Reports

Module 5: Using Python in Data Analytics

  1. Basic Statistics
  2. Mathematical Foundations
  3. Data Science and Analytics: Basic Concepts
  4. Python Essentials
  5. Understanding the Operations of Numerical Python
  6. Pandas
  7. Using Python for Cleansing Data
  8. Using Python for Data Analysis
  9. Using Python for Data Visualization
  10. Statistics and Hypothesis Testing

Module 6: Tableau

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Learning Data Handling
  3. Learning Visuals in Tableau

Module 7: R and Data Science

  1. Importing and Exporting data
  2. Data Manipulation
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Using R in Data Bases
  5. R and Data Visualization
  6. Statistics: An Introduction
  7. Linear Regression and Problem Solving

Module 8: Alteryx

  1. Alteryx: Basics and Fundamental Concepts
  2. Select tool
  3. Alteryx Settings and User Environment
  4. Learning Data Processing and Filtering
  5. Learning Merging Data from different sources
  6. Cleansing Data
  7. Impute Values
  8. Random Sampling

With the facility of recorded classes, assignments, and doubt-solving sessions, using a live and interactive session, students will be taught from the basic to the advanced nitty-gritty of data science and data analytics. After the training period is over, interested students can opt for internship opportunities. The institute also helps in building portfolios and resumes for further job assistance.

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


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2. Spoclearn

With ‘Spoc’ meaning ‘the single point of contact’, Spoclearn is one of the fast-growing international Data Analytics Courses in Maldives that is expanding significantly in its diverse courses and extremely experienced and highly qualified faculty members. Living up to its nomenclature, Spoclearn provides a one-stop solution, catering to the various interests of the students and data analytics is one of them.

With an expansive Syllabus and qualified educators from the industry, data analytics is one of the most applied for and selected fields of the institute. Using the latest and most advanced technologies and methods, more than 200 faculty members impart knowledge to the students over a wide range of subjects.

In data analytics, practical projects, interactive sessions, and hands-on experience are a few of the techniques to teach Data Analysis, Data Visualization, concepts around Statistics and much more. They are exposed to workspace experiences that help them learn how to make instant decisions. Helping in resume making and assisting in multiple projects, the data analytics course in Maldive here provides soft skills training as well.







Topics Covered

Data Analytics and Python: An Introduction
Exploring Data Analysis
Data Wrangling
Learning SQL and NoSQL Databases
Different Techniques of Data Analytics
Data Visualization
Career Preparation
Course Fees950 USD
DurationFor 4 to 6 Months

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3. CRYX College

One of the leading and brilliant institutes which provide Data Analytics Courses in Maldives, CRYX College has been at the pinnacle of academia and learning, now for many decades. One of Maldive’s most popular private educational institutions and Asia’s fourth-best Business school, CRYX College provides a variety of courses for students. Established in 1993, the college was meant for students keenly interested in science, information technology, mathematics and other technical fields.

It is trusted and believed to be one of the best institutes to learn data analytics courses in Maldives. From learning about the basic concepts in this field to getting hands-on knowledge, the course here covers a lot of topics to expand the horizon of the students in the field of data analytics, making them competent data analysts.

As this institute is globally affiliated, students from all over the world can take admission here and get a chance to learn and get hands-on experience in the nuances of data analytics.

Name of the Course: Big Data Analytics and Data Science







Information Technology and Enterprise Governance
Information Technology and Security Management
Handling Professional Issues in Information Technology
Learning Big Data and Data Science
Learning R in Data Science
Research Based Projects
Duration of Course1 Year
Course FeesMrf 52,500


4. Leoron

Providing one of the best data analytics courses in Maldives and having a family of over 1000 instructors, Leoron is a high-quality training and development institute that provides advanced learning experiences to all its students. Highly efficient and qualified trainers are available to provide the latest industry-based training to each of the students.

However, the main attraction of studying in Leoron is its facility of even having a customized course according to the interest of the student which will help them assess, develop and learn various attributes and facets of data science and analytics, helping them to think of solutions to vast scale of problems.

With a full offline mode of learning experience, not only will the students get a chance to directly have a face-to-face interaction with the industry experts and clear their doubts but also get a chance to expand their network, understand the competition and get a holistic and comprehensive training in the field of their interest. This would help in boosting their morale and at the same time get a clear picture of the reality.

Having the facility of attending the classes at the convenience of the student, Leoron provides an interactive and engaging atmosphere to all its students so that they can utilize and showcase the best of their skills and abilities. This makes Leoron stand apart from the rest of its contemporary institutes.

Course Name: Data Analysis and Reporting using Power BI

Topics Covered:

  • Learning and working on Pivot Tables
  • Learning the infrastructure to build a dashboard
  • Creating dashboards in PowerPivot.

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5. Unichrone

Expanded over more than 150 countries, Unichrone is a training institute that provides certificate training for various courses to students from all over the globe. This training program of one of the most demanded data analytics courses in Maldives could be customized according to the preferences of the students.

From business-related skills to live training experiences, the institute promises to offer a wide range of services to its clients to make them pioneers in their respective fields.

The option of customization of their courses has allowed them to practice their preferred skill set and expand in their area of interest. The data analytics course in Maldives and especially the one in Unichrone offers holistic training in the program, making the students learn the various facets of data analysis.

The course is taught to them through a variety of industry-based practices and case studies. This helps them understand the domain of data science more efficiently and understand the career of data analyst closely.

Course Name: Power BI Data Analyst Certification Training in Maldives





Introduction to Microsoft Data Analytics
Data Preparation for Analysis
Power BI and Modeling Data
Power BI and Visualizing Data
Power BI and Data analysis
Using Power BI to Learn Datasets and Manage Workspaces
Course Duration3 Days
Course FeesUsd 165




Are there any prerequisite criteria to learn or know before enrolling for a data analytics course?

Data analytics is a multi-faceted career option that encompasses many other streams of academia like mathematics, economics, statistics, information technology, computer science etc. Previous knowledge in this field can be a bonus but when one learns a course from the very basics, they are taught even the basic details of this field. So although some knowledge could be beneficial even those with no prior knowledge in the field can successfully be a part of this course. So anyone interested in the field can always apply to the Data Analytics Courses in Maldives.

Which kind of candidates can apply for a course in data analytics?

People with an interest in the area of data science, have a knack for analytics, statistics and mathematics, keen on learning many facets of technology and web development can apply for the data analytics course.

Is having an internship important for students of data analytics?

Any kind of prior work experience is beneficial for the candidate as they get a chance to utilize their theoretical knowledge in a practical scenario. Not only that, they learn the ethics of a working environment, harbour decision-making skills and as far as their job profile is concerned, they learn the minutest details of their career by physically being present in an office and carrying out a function. So, whether it is the role of a data analyst or any other work for that matter of fact, a significant amount of experience is always appreciated.

What is the average salary of a data analyst in Maldives?

Maldives, as an economy is a perfect mixture of nature and business. Its natural beauty is its main asset and the tourists that the place attracts because of the same, form the backbone of the economy. Keeping that in mind, when data analysts are appointed in such a diverse space, a great responsibility for economy-related affairs is on their shoulders. Therefore, data analysts are paid quite well in Maldives. Their average salary is around 230,000MVR per year. The salary could increase with more experience.

What is the scope of this career shortly?

Data analytics is such a field that it will never go out of business. With the extreme advancement of scientific development and so many diverse areas of interest, career-wise, are coming in the forefront that data science and analytics as a career option become one of the most sought-after paths for people. People who enjoy organizing, analyzing, applying rules, crafting various methods to finalize a solution and think that they have an analytical mind with a deep interest in calculations and statistics are the perfect people to try their shot at data analytics.



Data Analytics Courses in Maldives, as a field of study, in the past few years have taken the market by storm. Because of the complex, dynamic and interesting work profile that the field provides, more people are showing their interest in accepting the role of a data analyst.

From around $350 billion in 2024, the data science market is assumed to grow much more in the next fifty years, touching something around $400 billion. Hospitality, banking, healthcare, education, banking, and entertainment, are so many fields that are slowly but steadily taking data analytics in their day-to-day working.

It not only makes life easier but also more effective. Proper data analysis helps in finding proper solutions to big life problems. For a place like Maldives, data analytics can come in handy.

The various certificate Data Analytics Courses in Maldives provided by each of the institutes help in gaining a proper knowledge of the field, encouraging more students to apply for it.

With big companies applying data analytics in their workflow, skilled people can get a chance to showcase their talents and help in work optimization. Hence pursuing a career in data analytics in Maldives is a quite lucrative option in today’s time.