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IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Investment Banking Course Review

Deciding on a good career path can be tough when there are a variety of courses available, with just one click. Since the advent of online courses, students have preferred it over regular courses due to multiple reasons like low cost, no distance, flexibility, and so on. Hence, there are many PG and professional courses available on Investment banking, each focused on helping their learners grow in this domain. So, if you’re looking for the best investment banking course, you’ve come to the right place. Read on, to learn more about IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Investment Banking Course.




Before We Get Started, Let Us Understand the Term Investment Banking:


To comprehend the meaning of Investment Banking, we should imagine what would happen if no one was equipped to manage huge financial transactions professionally. Large corporations would find it difficult to safely manage their finances and conduct crucial financial operations, that keep the economy functioning. That is when Investment bankers come into context.


As an investment banker, you’re expected to perform several functions. Some such activities are Mergers and Acquisitions, known as M&A, which deals with the ownership of major organizations and corporations, allowing such massive companies to either expand or downsize.


Another important function is Underwriting services, which ensures reimbursement of funds in the event of a financial loss. One such instance can be Insurance policies, thus the effective handling of finances is possible because of Investment banks and Investment bankers.


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IIM SKILLS vs IMS Preschool Investment Banking Course Review – Overview


1. IIM SKILLS vs IMS Preschool Investment Banking Course – Overview


Introduction – IIM SKILLS 

IIM SKILLS is an online course-providing Ed-tech company, founded by Mr Vaibhav Kakkar. It has been providing low-cost courses since 2015, spanning various subject areas. Each course is curated carefully with prior research on industry trends, tools, and techniques. Courses at IIM SKILLScan help you develop professional skills for your dream career path.


The Ed-tech company was initially started with a Content Writing Master Course, before being widely recognized and trusted by students from over 35 countries across Asia, and top industry leaders. So far they have trained more than 35,000 students and successfully placed them with big firms.


Talk to an expert: +91 9580 740 740


Introduction – IMS Proschool


The Preschool platform was created under the IMS and founded by Mr Sanjay Chaudhary. The institution has worked towards framing a successful career for each student, since 1977. Their ultimate aim is to help students realize their potential by mentoring them. It has at least 15 centers across India and is considered the fourth-best Analytics Institute.


Students here can get assistance with career guidance and learn from over 100 expert tutors. The institute currently provides programs in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Analytics to graduates. More than 25,000 students have benefitted from its courses and become successful in the future.


Talk to an expert: +91 771 0044 425


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2. IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Investment Banking Course – Details of the Course




Listed below are some important details of the investment banking course:


  • Course name- Certified Investment Banking Course
  • The faculty is highly trained and experienced in what they are teaching
  • You can experience 50+ hours of intensive training directly from the faculty. There is no extra charge for it, as it’s included in the course.
  • Students are given priority and encouraged to ask questions. The dedicated faculty takes out time to answer each question.
  • Overall, more than 20 hours are allotted for doubt-clearing sessions after classes so that all queries are answered before the course ends.
  • The company has partnerships with big firms to aid their students in placement. Some of these are Goldman Sachs, TCS and Accenture.
  • You will be assisted in your journey to become a certified investment banker. Internships are provided to help you learn through experience and practice your skills.


IMS Proschool –


Listed below are some important details of this investment banking course:


  • Course name: Investment Banking Course with PG Certificate
  • You’ll be trained with skills that make you job-ready like working on communication and interview skills.
  • The faculty will assist you in building a public profile and upgrading your CV.
  • You can further work on improving your aptitude score.
  • The trainers are experienced and the learning environment provides the advantage of live classrooms.
  • The course is recognized by AICTE and has top credentials.
  • Every student is assured of placements and access to over 100 curated jobs in the field of investment banking.
  • The institute believes in providing courses with practical knowledge and relevant skills that are demanded by employers.


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3. IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Investment Banking Course – Features of the Course



Some highlights of the course that you should know about are listed below:

  • The ed-tech company provides all its courses online including their Investment Banking course.
  • Access to all digital resources, study materials and video recordings is granted to students before and after the course.
  • The schedule for the curriculum is flexible, thus allowing learners to study at their own pace and immerse themselves in their learning journey.
  • Batches are provided in Weekend or Weekday classes, enabling not just students but working individuals to participate in their learning programmes.
  • The course is updated frequently to include a new syllabus for the students.
  • Master certifications are provided to every student after completion of the course, with a minimum 50% score in the exams.
  • The certificates are recognized by the Govt of India, MSME and are well-reputed among big firms.


IMS Proschool

Some highlights of the course that you should know about are listed below:

  • The institute offers a comprehensive program that can teach you all the relevant skills
  • Students who enrolled for the Postgraduate IBO course are usually offered a package of 3-9 LPA
  • The course comes with placement-oriented case studies. Solving real-world case studies from multiple industries can help students prepare for their future
  • Most investment banks prefer hiring employees who are CFA-qualified for front-office roles. This course provides just that and helps you build a solid foundation in the finance domain
  • After completion of the course, students are given the option to appear for the AICTE-approved PG exams. This qualifies the students to open doors for the 1 year MBA program
  • The course provides you with comprehensive skill training in financial markets, forex, derivatives and so on
  • The company has ties with big firms like Capgemini, Deloitte, Accenture, J.P.Morgan, Hindustan Times


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4. IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Investment Banking Course – Eligibility


IMS Proschool:

  • Applicants who are currently pursuing undergraduate courses, specifically fields such as Business Administration, Commerce or Accounting are preferred.
  • There is no age restriction as such. Working professionals with 0-3 years of experience in any field are accepted. Other than that, students with a keen interest in finance or investment banking can join because this course will greatly benefit them.



  • Students from all backgrounds are accepted, considering they have a degree.
  • It is preferable if the student has a background in commerce or finance or anything related to this domain.
  • All applicants for the course should have prior knowledge of the topics that are covered. It is preferred if they know a few basics and concepts.
  • Lastly, they must be motivated and curious to learn more. They should have an interest in the course.


5. IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Investment Banking Course – Fees and Duration


The investment banking course at IIM SKILLS is available for 39,900 INR for three whole months. There is an additional 18% GST which covers the certificate and exam fees.


IMS Proschool

The combined fee for this PG course sums up to 1,20,000 INR, as it includes the cost of training, placement and AIMA’s PG exam. The terms are divided into two, spanning almost a year. Hardworking students can start applying for jobs, before starting the second term.


6. IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Investment Banking Course – Curriculum of the Course



Module 1: MS PowerPoint

  • Introduction to MS PowerPoint and understanding the basics
  • The important keyboard shortcuts are taught
  • Basic Creation, Designing and Management of slides
  • Adding slide animations and slide transitions
  • Using different themes for formatting slides and applying colour schemes
  • Understanding shape tools and learning to insert pictures
  • Adding graphs and charts like Histograms, Bar graphs, Line graphs and so on


Module 2: MS Excel

  • Getting started with Excel basics and keyboard shortcuts
  • Insight on common features like Index, Offset and other combinations
  • Practising font/number formatting and other important formatting guidelines
  • Concept of Rows, Columns and Cells
  • Learning Excel tools and formulas for filtering and validating data
  • Using Pivot Tables, Slicers and Charts
  • Introduction of Macros, Dynamic dashboards and Sparklines
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Insight on terms like NPER, RATE, PMT, FV and PV
  • Using Data Tables for Analysis which can be used with Scenario Manager and Goal Search


Module 3: Financial System and Markets

  • Financial System foundation and insight into Market Regulation
  • Different types of Financial Markets
  • Distinct characteristics of Exchange-traded securities
  • Knowledge of Preference shares and Equity
  • Concepts of Yield, Interest and Bond Price
  • Knowledge of short and long positions and understanding of Selling short


Module 4: The Derivative Market

  • Presentation of Derivatives
  • Learning to trade of long and short
  • Concepts and basic understanding of Options, Futures and Forwards
  • Concepts of Hedging and Speculating
  • Swaps, Swap concepts and different types of the same
  • Learning different Calls and Putting options
  • Understanding various categories of Price Structures, Payoffs and more


Module 5: Technical side of Investment Banking

  • Functions of investment bankers and introduction to investment banking
  • Investment banking- types
  • Differentiating between Merchant banks, Commercial banks and Investment banks
  • Understanding the Buy Side and Sell Side of business
  • Venture capital and Investment banks- concepts related to it
  • Insight on terms like Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Raising, Joint Ventures and Spinoffs
  • Understanding Book-building strategies and Underwriting
  • Investment- Types and stages
  • Terms like Private placement, Rights Issue, Seed rounds and Initial Public Offerings and their dealings
  • Insight on Corporate Turnaround and Restructuring


Module 6: Types of Marketing Collaterals

  • Concepts related to Investors and Buyers
  • Gaining knowledge of Teaser and Non-disclosure contracts
  • Understanding of Financial Models
  • Memorandum of confidential information


Module 7: Technical Side of Financial Modelling

  • Insight on Financial Model construction
  • Development of Scenarios like Index and Choice
  • Opportunities to work on projects
  • Predicting the CFS Financial Statements, IS and BS
  • Creating schedules of fixed assets, working debt capital and more
  • Building In-depth revenues, as well as, Drivers of businesses of all kinds
  • Updating students on best practices for Financial Modelling and Error-tracing methods
  • Necessary Formatting tricks like Print Set-up forms and Financial Summaries


Module 8: Business Valuation

  • Understanding the link between FCFF and FCFE and calculations related to it
  • Gaining insight on terms like CAPEX Variation, NOPAT and Working Capital Changes
  • Learning Complex Cost Computations like multi-factor models and CAPM
  • Different types of risk concepts and ways to include them in Valuation calculations
  • A proper understanding of Beta determination methods along with Leveraged and Unleveraged Beta concepts
  • Different ways to calculate Terminal value
  • Learning about the H model, the Gorgon growth model or the Perpetual growth model
  • Insight on Mid-period appraisal and the Sensitivity charts



The Popularity of Investment Banking as a Career Option

Investment Banking offers a bright future in terms of individual growth and skill acquisition. In today’s day and age, investment banking is a highly rewarding career option in India and other parts of the world. Below are some reasons why Investment banking is popular:


  • Better Earning Potential – Banking and Finance domains, like Science, can lead to a prosperous career path for the future. But first, you must improve your communication skills and be keen on forming connections with new people. It could serve as a perfect opportunity for you to earn profits while staying updated with changing trends.


  • Networking Opportunities – Networking is a key life tip that can lead to success in any field. It is crucial to build a consistent professional network for an investment banker, to get accomplished in their regular tasks. Learning from your superiors is a wonderful approach to increasing your professionalism, while solid relationships with colleagues can help when you are starting. Therefore, networking is a great way to obtain more expertise in this domain.


  • Continuous growth and development – In the Investment banking industry, it can get exhausting for you at times and you may often find yourself working overtime. However, nothing comes easily without hard work, so an investment banker who works more than 80 hours per week improves their skills and earns higher profits. In this domain, one should be upbeat and ready to face obstacles head-on. Taking up new tasks and responsibilities can greatly improve your problem-solving abilities. Investment banking courses can provide you with numerous prospects for growth and development.


  • Time Management Abilities – It is considered an essential talent in anyone seeking employment. Effective time management can assist you in prioritising key tasks while minimizing workload, by identifying tasks that require immediate attention. Investment bankers must understand that every hour matters and possessing time management skills may be of huge help. Another method to use this ability is to plan your work schedule ahead of time and set goals. This enables you to concentrate on moving forward more efficiently.


  • Transferable Skills – You will most likely gain certain fundamental abilities, such as research, analysis, communication and problem-solving, which will apply to a variety of work domains. These are adaptable skills that can be learned through investment banking courses and internships. Your abilities alone give you a competitive advantage in various job spheres.


IMS Proschool

Excel for Finance:

  • Function of Excel
  • SumIf and CountIf
  • Time Value of Money
  • Pivot table
  • Basic PowerPoint
  • Case studies included in the module

Equity, Debt Markets:

  • Markets Organization and Structure
  • Participants
  • Types and Characteristics of Equity, Debt and Pooled
  • Risks and Returns

Forex and Derivatives:

  • Forex Markets
  • Commodities
  • Characteristics of Futures
  • Forwards
  • Options and Swaps
  • Margins
  • Pricing

IB Operations:

  • Introduction to Investment banking and other concepts
  • Corporate Actions
  • Trade Life Cycle
  • Operations of the Front Office and Back Office

Settlement and Risk:

  • Settlement and clearing
  • Reconciliation
  • Regulation
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Dealing with Investor Grievances

OTC Products:

  • Comparison between Over the Counter (OTC) vs Exchange Traded (ET) products
  • Introduction to OTC Products
  • Trade Life Cycle and Reconciliation


Types of Investment Banks


There are three types of investment banks as listed below:

Boutique Investment Banks

Although they are sometimes retail, these banks specialise in corporate finance. Boutique banks offer consultancy and advising services but do not offer financing services. These banks can work with minor contracts, supporting the buy and sell sides in Mergers and Acquisition transactions, or specific industries such as healthcare, media, industrials and technology. Regional and Elite Boutique banks are two main types of Boutique banks:


  • Regional is the smallest in size and operations delivering specialised services in the market sector such as conducting Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Conversely, due to the monetary value of their transactions, Elite Boutique banks differ from the Regional and closely resemble Bulge Bracket banks.


Middle-Market Banks:

These banks are those that offer commercial banking services to non-profit organisations, local government services and agencies with revenues ranging from $50 million to $1 billion. Middle-market banks fall somewhere in between high-profit investment banks and tiny regional banks. These investment banks have a more significant presence than regional banks despite not having the same multinational scope as bulk bracket banks.


Bulge Bracket Banks:

These banks are a generic term for large global investment banks. Their reach extends widely in terms of workers and firm outlets, as well as managing many liberal business clients and agreements. Bulge Bracket investment bank professionals are required to be committed to long working hours, securing financial transactions and maintaining the bank’s revenues.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What are some Investment banking companies in India?

Investment banking firms gain accessibility to the industry’s top talents. As a result, they guarantee their employees to be well compensated with some of the highest salaries available in India. If you are working in the field of Investment banking, there are some great companies for you to work at like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Barclays Bank, Axis Capital Limited, HSBC, IDBI Capital, Edelweiss Financial Services etc.


Q) What are some job opportunities for Investment banking graduates?

Graduates are eligible for investment banking job roles as long as they are hard-working. After completing a bachelor’s degree, it is important to apply for various internship roles that provide sufficient exposure. Even better are the investment banking courses that include these internship opportunities. Graduating with mathematics, management, finance, and economy degrees are well suited for investment banking.


Q) What is an Investment banking trade life cycle?

In Investment banking, the trade life cycle refers to the sequence of phases and procedures involving financial transactions from start to finish. It consists of numerous steps like implementation, inception, exoneration, resolution, reconciliation, inception and archiving. Some important stages in the Trade life cycle are Pre-trade prep, beginning and execution of the trade, trade capture, trade settlement, termination and risk management.



We can conclude that both institutions are leading providers of investment banking courses. Investment banks the only difference is, that IIM SKILLS functions in an online platform, while IMS Proschool is a provider of courses in both online and offline platforms. Investment banking courses have a good reputation in the education sphere, aiding students with a promising future in the long run. We hope this article on IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Investment Banking Course was of help to you and helps you make apt decisions regarding your career and course of study.

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