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Top 8 Data Analytics Courses In Uruguay With Placements

DATA! As simple as these four words sound, they have tremendous depth. Organizations store enormous amounts of customer data and analyze it to make calculated business decisions. Along with setting their brand apart, it assists in skyrocketing sales as well. As of 2024 data analytics is a gold mine for modern businesses. With the whole world being run on data, it is the backbone of organizations, which unlocks an ocean of opportunities. Want to become a data analyst in 2024, we hear you! Here is a list of the top Data Analytics courses in Uruguay to get you started. 


Let us begin to explore the top data analytics courses in Uruguay.


Importance of Data Analytics

Before we delve deeper into the list of Data Analytics Courses in Uruguay, let us break down their importance. To keep it simple data analytics can prove to be extremely beneficial depending on its usage and purpose. From identifying potential errors within a business to providing complete data as to what sector is lacking in fulfilling its potential, it can do anything you want it to. A qualified IT expert can collect and analyze the data, converting it into a quantitative format that can be scrutinized to rectify the gaps that exist.

Explore more about the in-demand:

For further understanding look at it from the angle of a business with over 20 retail stores. Despite so many outlets they are not getting adequate sales, so what can be the reason for it. This is where data analytics comes into play. Gather customer data and study it in depth.

What does the customer like, what are they buying, when are they buying and how much does a particular customer spend on your products per visit? Once the organization has this data, they can use it to plan their next step accordingly. Turns out they needed to spend more on their marketing.

Focusing on data concerning expenditure on marketing can help the organization devise a better plan with an appropriate budget to get their sales back on track.

This a very simple and brief example, but a powerful one. This shows that data can turn the tide in your favour when used effectively. Neglecting it can cost organizations in the long run. That’s why the sector demands qualified professionals more than ever. Learning data analytics and adequate skills can help you land the job you always wanted. All the more reason to go through the list of data analytics courses in Uruguay.



Top 8 Data Analytics Courses In Uruguay With Placements



The norm is one course, one certificate, right? Well, IIM Skills offers a 7 certificate program within 1 course. Learn from the finest experts who have curated this course in alignment with industry standards to prepare you for the corporate world like never before.

Engage in flexible classes packed with knowledge and learn to apply it firsthand with assignments based on all that is taught. Become a part of the most diverse curriculum covered in an online course. Get access to your very own student dashboard with not just recording of the live classes, but real-life case studies and capstone projects to give that perfect boost to your knowledge. Have a look at the module covered and the amenities that you will have access to.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest-Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 22944.41 Peso Uruguayo + Taxes


Hands-on ProjectIndustry-Based Practical Curriculum
ExcelData Analytics using advanced Excel
VBAData Analytics using VBA
SQLData Analytics using SQL
PythonData Analytics using Power Bi
Power BiData Analytics using Python
TableauData Analytics using Tableau
RR for Data Science
AlteryxData Analytics using Alteryx
Doubt ClearancePlacement Guidance


The course is covered over 6 months including classes, tasks, 7 live projects, and internship opportunities with companies like PWC and TCS. if this isn’t enough, you get job support as well as further assistance which is available even after the course is completed. Overall, it is a full-fledged program leaving no stone unturned in converting your passion for data into a high-paying career. We couldn’t find a better way to start this list of Data Analytics courses in Uruguay. Visit their website and download the brochure for further details and get started before they run out of seats for the next batch.

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

2. NobleProg Consulting

Learn at your own pace and comfort with NobleProg, offering a wide variety of courses within the field of data analytics. Opt for a module suitable to you, whether it’s online or learning at one of their centres in Uruguay.

Learn From Over 11 Subcategories Which Are –

Business intelligence
Data visualization
Microsoft Power Platform
Business Analysis
System Monitoring
Data Clearing
Spatial Analysis
Web Analytics
IBM SPSS Modeler

Choose from a diverse model and learn from scratch. The courses they provide are suitable for all, from freshers to industry experts. You will get to learn something new and apply it in the real world. Decide amongst a public, private, or online-led course. Check out their website for further details on all the perks would you be able to access depending on the learning method you select. As per previous batches of testimonials, it is one of the best data analytics courses in Uruguay, which will equip you with all the necessary knowledge required to start or uplift your career as a data analyst or a data scientist.

Course Info:

Check the website for getting accurate module, duration, and fee details for your course.

Duration: Depends on course and specialization

Contact Info:

Phone: +52 55 84 21 32 20

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3. UpGrad 

This platform offers a master’s Program in Data Science which is in online mode. The course is compiled by industry-trained experts and alumni from top institutes like IIT and LMJU. Get yourself a globally recognized certificate in 18 months of learning. Apart from a 500-hour+ learning module that incorporates live case studies and industry-oriented projects, you get access to a complimentary Python boot camp.

You Get to Choose From Among 5 Modules That You Wish to Specialize in Which Are:

Deep Learning
Natural Learning Processing

Business Analytics
Data Engineering
Business Intelligence/Data Analytics

Make sure to check out their website and download the free brochure which will provide you with a detailed description of what the course is about. Besides a general and specified curriculum, the platform is associated with some of the top companies in the world.

This provides you with a unique opportunity to connect with leaders and experts within the field. Also, you get a 1:1 counselling session and placement support. Associated with more than 300 hiring partners unlocks global access to job opportunities. Taking it a step further the platform helps you prepare for interviews through their JIT services.

These are targeted from the perspective of an individual student and based on real-time feedback so that you can get a better chance at getting your dream job. When we think about Data Analytics courses in Uruguay this might be the only one offering interview and resume-building assistance.

Course Info:

Fees: Check the website and download the brochure or speak to their executive for further details. 

Duration: 18 Months

Contact Info:

Phone: +918045604032


4. Simplilearn

Partnered with IBM, the platform has come up with the Data Analyst Master’s Program. The module promises to instil all the core knowledge of data analytics tools and techniques that would be applicable in the real world. The course covers some core tools like Python, SQL, and many more, from basic to advanced learning.

Apart from their course, you will get specialized access to exclusive hackathons conducted by IMB and Job assists which help you get noticed by top companies.

Data Analyst 
Business Analytics with Excel 
Programming Foundation with Data Analytics and Python
R Programming for Data Science 
Data Analytics with R 
Tableau Training 
Data Analyst Capstone 

Course Info:

Fees: Check website

Duration: 11 Months

Contact Info:

Phone: +1-844-532-7688 (International) 844-532-7688 (National)

Website: simplilearn.com

A Must Check,


5. Coursera

Data analytics is nice and all, but where do you start? Which programming language do you want to learn? You have a basic background of what data is and all about that, so how should you multiply your knowledge? Or are you a complete beginner who is dipping your toes in the lake of data for the first time? Worry not, Coursera has the answer to all your questions.

After all, they have more than hundreds of courses to choose from with finely curated models that focus on one thing at a time. Not convinced? How about learning this course at your own pace, in over 22 languages, and with a certificate that you can flex on LinkedIn? Ah Right! Impressed now, are we?  With more than 500,000 students already enrolled in their Introduction to Data Analytics course, this is one of those that you don’t want to miss out on. A beginner-level course with over 14k reviews and a rating of 4.8/5 speaks loads about their credentials.

Introduction to Data Analytics 
What is Data Analysis
The Data Ecosystem
Gathering and Wrangeling Data
Mining and Visualizing Data and Communicating Results 
Career Opportunities and Data Analysis in Action  

With over 18 quizzes throughout the course and professionals guiding you at every step of the way, you have nothing to worry about. Trust the process and just go ahead with it. Once done with the basics, check out the plethora of other courses they have to offer. Never stop growing and learn more than ever. Rest assured, students can’t get enough of this data analytics course in Uruguay.

Course Info:

Fees: check out their website for further details.


6. Udemy

Thinking about taking yourself from zero to hero in data analytics? Then Udemy is the place for you. Get their Data Analyst Skillpath: Zero to Hero in Excel, SQL & Python course for just 251.16 pesos. Well, hold on to your seats while we discuss a few more perks about the course.

Get access to up to 22 hours of learning material along with 107 downloadable resources with lifetime access to the same. 58 coding exercises combined with the learning material ensure that you become proficient in Excel, python, and several other programming essential tools covered by the course.

Given Below is a List of the Modules That Would Be Covered in the Above-mentioned Course. 

Excel basics 
Essential formulas 
XLookup – only for Excel 2019 and Microsoft 365 users 
Data tools
Excel charts 
Pivot tables and Pivot charts
Analyze data – optional in Excel – only for Microsoft 365 users
Using ChatGPT with Excel 

Out of all the data analytics courses in Uruguay, this is the only one with more than 32 modules in one course. If we were to mention all of them here, the list would be endless. So go and check it for yourself. Their discounts and lower prices definitely make them an attractive choice for thousands of students and learning professionals wanting to upskill themselves.

Course Info:

Fees: 261 Pesos

Duration: 22.5 hours

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7. Coding Ninjas

With coding ninjas, you can get years ahead in your career within a time frame of 6 months. A 100% live class-based structure based on a weekly schedule to give you the best learning experience. Dedicated placement cell with a 95% accuracy and 1:1 doubt-solving session. The curriculum is designed by renowned experts from IIT and Stanford to make you job-ready towards the end of this course. Get a hang of the most prominent tools required to become a successful data analyst and work on projects based on Netflix and Analysis of World Economic Data.

Below is the Module for Your Reference:

Introduction to Data Analytics
Data Analytics with Excel
Data Analytics with SQL
Python Programming
Data Types
Python Data Libraries
Exploratory Data Analysis 
Data Visualization
Machine Learning 

Still not feeling the course is for you? Worry not, as they have a 14-day course cancellation policy, where you can quit within the first 14 days whilst getting a full refund of your amount. This course is crafted to enable you to work in the IT sector, irrespective of your previous background. As per Data Analytics courses in Uruguay, this one stands out on its terms.

Course Info:

Fees: 68,430

Duration: 6 months


8. GeeksforGeeks

Get a 360-degree learning experience with the Complete Machine Learning and Data Science Program offered by GeeksforGeeks. Get access to course content that covers everything in detail and is designed to take you from basic to advanced levels of learning and skill.

Learn from industry experts and work on more than 40 live projects to strengthen your ability to apply learned skills practically. The course also takes the perspective of students and working professionals within their content. Apart from the general course, you get an additional program on soft skills essential at the workplace.

Whether we talk about data analytics courses in Uruguay or any other place, this is an essential skill that often gets neglected. However, being provided this along with data analytics will contribute to overall character development, which makes it a big plus.

Make sure, to check it out for yourself.

Introducing Python
Data Toolkit
Data Analysis with Python
Web Scraping
Machine Learning and AI
Image Processing
Deep Learning
Live Projects

Course Info:

Fees:  2736 pesos

Duration: 26 weeks

Contact Info:

Website: GeeksforGeeks.com

Phone: +91 9350419687



Q1. Can I do Data Analytics without maths?

Many websites and professionals might claim that without a strong background in mathematics, it is impossible to become a data analyst. However, this is not true. Saying that anyone who is from a mathematical or science background and has a substantial amount of knowledge of numbers would find it easier to become a data analyst.

Most of the data involves quantitative techniques in getting to a concrete conclusion so they might pick it up faster as compared to someone who is not equipped with numbers. Saying that, if you have the determination and adequate skill set you can do anything you want to, including data analytics.

More than numbers it is about coding and learning the tools like Excel, Python, SQL, Tableau, and others that form the core front of data analytics. Once you are comfortable with these tools and reached the industry standards, you can start applying for entry-level jobs. From there it is all up to you as to how far you wish to go.

A combination of teamwork, productivity, and utilization of soft skills can get you ahead in your career. All the more reason we came up with the list of Data Analytics courses in Uruguay. Browse through the above-mentioned platforms and have a look at the modules yourself.

Q2. Is Data more valuable than gold?

The digital era has come up with a term that states (Data is the new gold). We certainly, would like to emphasize, that data is more valuable than gold. Think about it. Open your mailbox right now and see the amount of brand mail you will find there. Have a look at your SMS to see more than 1000 messages from endless companies trying to reach you and make a sale.

Now, think a bit and be honest with yourself about how many times you have clicked on a notification to order food, clothes, and other accessories. Get our point? The world thrives on data. Having a vast amount of customer data holds the potential to turn the game around for any struggling brand.

From identifying shortcomings to predicting futuristic trends, there is nothing that data is not capable of. Once predicted accurately a brand can finetune its marketing strategies accordingly so that it reaches the right target audience and within the right budget.

When you look at all these factors from a broader point of view, the realization will hit you like a truck how important data has become in today’s date. Want to know more make sure to check out the importance of data analytics mentioned before the list of Data Analytics courses in Uruguay.

Q3. Do I need a degree to become a data analyst?

Traditionally, a bachelor’s degree in data science is required to become a data analyst or a data scientist. But if we talk about 2024, there are endless ways that you can still pursue the path of a data analyst if you want to without prior background.

If you have read till here, you are familiar with the point that the skill is very much in demand, so how shall you go about it? Get certified. Go through the above list of data analytics courses in Uruguay and find the course that appeals to you the most. Once you have the necessary knowledge and have become familiar with the industry-level and in-demand tools, start building your portfolio.

Work on real-life case studies, assignments, and other tasks that allow you to apply theoretical skills in a practical sense. Connect with other data analysts on LinkedIn and other platforms. Ask them about their experience or any other question that you might have and they will be able to guide you as per their abilities.

Once all your skills are in place you can start applying for entry-level/fresher jobs. Make sure your previous work and portfolio highlight the skills that you have acquired and the work that you have done. All the Best!



As a closing note, we would just like to mention the vastness that data analytics has to offer as a field. Its futuristic approach and high demand make it a golden ticket that allows to you explore global opportunities and be a part of something bigger. Not just from a career point of view, but think about the knowledge you will be exposed to and the influential people you will get to meet.

Moreover, you can gain insight into how the top players in the world have reached where they are, thanks to data analytics. Now, our audience is smart enough to decide what is best for them. Just remember if ever you want to take the first step towards change, remember to circle back to Data Analytics courses in Uruguay.

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