Author: Gaylin Coutinho

Top 6 Tally ERP Courses With Practical Training

“If I ask you to name some chocolate brands, can you miss Cadbury?” “Or can you skip the name Bisleri in the case of bottled water brands?” “Certainly not!” “This is what Tally is to Accounts”. Initially launched as accounting software, it is now far more than that. It helps a business record financial transactions and performs operational and analytical

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Top 7 Business Analytics Courses in Coimbatore With Practical Training

Are you wondering how OTT platforms know how to personalize a list of movies or TV shows for you? Or how online sites can make recommendations of products for you? It isn’t magic, it is Business Analytics! By analyzing your watch history or shopping history and with algorithms, companies can customize your experience and thus increase the likelihood of their

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6 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Chesterfield

Nowadays, we find that social media pages have more ads than feeds. “Do you also feel the same?” This is all thanks to digital marketing. Digital marketing is the practice of marketing products via online digital mediums such as social media, email, and social apps. So, why is digital marketing gaining popularity? Simply because social media garners more eyeballs today

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