Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata

Are you looking for top-ranking job opportunities in Kolkata? Then these top 5 business analytics courses in Kolkata are just the ones for you. They will help you to understand the core concepts and certify you as a professional business analyst. Business analytics is one of the most growing and promising careers in the world and it has been in demand since its inception.


List of best business analytics courses in Kolkata


As a posh metropolitan city, Kolkata offers some of the best Business Analytics Courses- the details of which you can find here and it will also help you to choose among the best courses according to your needs.


Introduction to Business Analytics


Business Analytics is a newly formed discipline that is used to find solutions for various business problems using the quantitative tools of data analysis and statistical analysis. Through the use of methods, the problems are explored by an organization with an emphasis on aiding the decision-making ability of the business.


For any company, their raw data functions like their asset and therefore needs to be organized in respective formats to gain a clear perspective. It is a combination of applying the various technologies available along with the understanding of how to interpret data, which makes a proper and successful business analysis.


With the world of business getting completely transformed into a data-driven world, the demand for business analysts is increasing every day and so is the demand for business analytics courses in Kolkata. Data modeling is now used to provide key insights into the business through the use of the analysis of data.


It is an amalgamation of business along with modern technology which is an approachable career for programmers as well as for students from the fields of statistics and business management. However, anyone willing to learn business analytics can do so by completing the various courses and can become a professional business analyst.


Why is Business Analytics Important in Today’s World?


Business Analytics has become the primary need of every business in today’s world. In this era, the competition among businesses is growing rapidly and for the same reason, the businesses are undergoing continuous pressure to bring innovation and better themselves in every respect.


Therefore, it can be said that business analytics is the survival tool for businesses that helps them to keep a track of the forces that drive the market and enhances their capability of decision-making in equal respect. It also helps businesses to stand out from their other competitors by magnifying their accurate selling strategies.  In this article, the top 5 business analytics courses in Kolkata are mentioned.


Some of the other reasons why Business Analytics is important in the current scenario of business development are as follows:


  • Business Analytics tools are helping employers to assess their employee’s capabilities in terms of their alignment with the business ideals. It also facilitates a tracker with records for a better understanding of the same.
  • Prediction is a lot sharper with the use of Business Analytics tools and that is helping to shape the future of many entrepreneurs.
  • With the introduction of analytics in business search marketing has taken over the traditional format of business development and it is also aiding businesses to be more and more cost-efficient.
  • Business Analysts are the ones who determine and analyze the competition faced by businesses and it is on that basis, that new strategies and offers are employed by the company in the market.


What Are the Prerequisites to Becoming a Business Analyst?


In general, there are no specific criteria that can determine one’s ability to become an analyst of business.  The prerequisites stated here include the build-up skills that are required to deliver the responsibility of a business analyst with confidence. Some data analyst skills are mentioned as:


  • Ability to Communicate Clearly: Communication is a very important factor that has to be kept in mind while aspiring to become a business analyst. It is so because the job of an analyst requires compressing the raw data and generating effective solutions that are brief and accurate in nature. Therefore, both written and oral communication skills are required for the presentation of the data in a concrete manner.


  • Capability to Solve Problems With the Use of Analytical Methods: For a business analyst solving problems with respect to the huge amount of data that needs to be analyzed is seen as a primary function. In order to do so, one must be able to comprehend the problem with detailed accuracy and provide a solution based on the use of analytical methods and tools to obtain the best possible solution.


  • The Idea About Recent Developments in Technology: The technology around businesses is growing rapidly and changes are introduced every day. The role of a business analyst demands the capability to keep in mind and remain updated with the recent changes and introduction of new technologies relating to the base of analysis. This also includes a fair share of knowledge about different databases and how they function.


  • Organizational Skills and Analysis of Cost: Cost analysis depends on the ability to understand the use of money in appropriate situations and also relates to its curbing depending on the budget of a particular project. Therefore, a business analyst must have the organizational skill to achieve a balance between Quality delivery of projects and reduction of costs at the same time.


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What Are the Types of Business Analytics?


There are mainly five different types of Business Analytics available in the current market:


Descriptive Analytics: The descriptive type of business analysis is the simplest of all types. It allows for condensing large chunks of data into smaller and more brief and effective information which is the most important part of analysis presentation. It reflects on a summative assessment of the past behavior of a business concerning the culmination of the outcome of records and provides an agreeable solution of how it can affect the future of the business.


Diagnostic Analytics: As the name suggests, diagnostic Analytics relates to focusing on the factors responsible for the formation of the records of a company or a business. It involves a thorough check and a deeper level of understanding of the reason what the various events that have led to the growth as well as the downfall of the business. It also gives an understanding regarding any particular pattern that has been gained by the business in the process over the years. A special Emphasis on the cause-and-effect relationship between events in a business is provided by Diagnostic Analytics.


Predictive Analytics: This kind of analytics revolves around the prediction based on the gathered data and its deeper analysis for future purposes. Predictive Analytics provide insights that help in the formulation of effective decisions for any business. It does look into the previous patterns and trends as well as the current need of the business and after evaluating and balancing both these fronts, help in achieving a judgment regarding what might be the best possible option for the future.


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Prescriptive Analysis: Prescriptive analytics provides the solution to the problem that has been predicted by predictive Analytics. It is the state of outcome and its kind that is decided through the help of prescriptive analytics. It can be seen as a problem-solving aspect that is heavily regarded in any business. The organizational skills are put to their best use in this kind of Analytics. It is also crucial in nature because there is always more than one kind of outcome that can be expected and according to that solutions and further actions have to be decided.


Cognitive Analytics: The most advanced kind of analytics is cognitive Analytics because it is a combination of human and artificial intelligence which provides for a completely different set of algorithms. It is mainly used to provide decisions based on human capability but interpreted by the system. It is one of the most transitional and effective analytics because it reduces human labor to a greater extent. It is a very beneficial way of Analytics because it focuses on real-time data and helps in instant decision-making.


Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata


Rank# 1. Business Analysis Courses in Kolkata


1. Executive MBA Business Analytics


University: Techno India University, Kolkata

Course Duration: 2 years


Executive MBA in business analytics is one of the finest courses among the top 5 business analytics courses in Kolkata. It is offered by a private University called Techno India University and is listed among the best courses in business analytics. The University lists this course under their partner courses section and is a specialization that is open to applications from all students.


In this course duration of 2 years, a certified MBA degree is obtained and one can become a professional in business analytics with the help of the degree. The program has been fabricated by the veterans present in the industry of business analytics in order to shape the students for this competitive field of business analytics.


The curriculum of this business is designed with respect to the latest requirements of this industry and practical and approachable learning is followed for the same which has helped this institution achieve a level in the top 5 business analytics courses in Kolkata. The program is based on the use of data with the help of various Statistical Techniques and methods of modeling data to extract the brief and best information required for Business.


The course of business analytics is a vast course and therefore this syllabus insures a total comprehensive knowledge inclusion in terms of learning about this new data analyst career path. The entire program has been divided into 4 different segments across 2 years for valuable focus on each of the segments.


The first segment consists of a brief introduction to what is business analytics and why is it important to learn in today’s world. Then it goes on to explain the effectiveness of business analytics along with the specification of the role and responsibilities of a business analyst. While learning a course, it is also important to know why is it standardized in the world of business and what are the methods of its adaptability, therefore these are also constituents of this segment.


The method of analysis of requirements of a business and understanding the various needs of the business is also a part of this segment. The second segment consists of understanding the use of analytical tools to get stakeholders and also makes one learn about the feedback analysis and verification and validation of the same.


Apart from this process, flow models and data inquiry is also included in the second segment. The third segment of the course includes understanding the rules of business and learning about the various types of businesses along with their specificity of the kind of analysis required, there are various purposes of validation and also to find out the faults in the process of analysis.


The fourth segment consists of management realization along with communication experiences and practical hands-on experience under a program that mandates a particular form of membership. It also includes details of vast enterprise analysis.


Rank# 2. Business Analysis Courses in Kolkata


2. MBA in Business Analytics and Data Science


University: Bengal Institute of Business Studies, Vidyasagar University

Course Duration: 2 years


This course ranks among the best business analytics courses in Kolkata. The college is directly affiliated with Vidyasagar University and has a curriculum that focuses on the beginner-level training of candidates to become successful business analysts. Among the top six courses offered by this college, the business analytics course is the most in demand.


For admission into their MBA program, a student should clear the CAT exam, and only on verification of the score can one get themselves enrolled. The course fee amounts to 5.98 lakhs. The curriculum includes learning as well as the application of all the processes that are taught to the students.


There is also a dedicated placement cell that recruits the passing candidates into respective roles as both business analysts and data scientists. In their curriculum, a vast array of tools as well as methods are taught and they include business statistics as a major course altogether. As the curriculum is divided into different parts, each part focuses on one or the other tool and provides mastery over the same.


SQL, Tableau, and Power Bi are some of the most trending system tools that need to be understood and learned by people aspiring to become business analysts. As the program is already integrated with data science therefore aspects of graphical techniques, box plots and descriptive statistics are also present in their curriculum.


Not only this but programming languages like python are also talked about in this course. This makes them one of the finest business analytics courses in Kolkata. Among a few others, there is analysis like correlation analysis which is very much beneficial for business analysts and is also included in the curriculum here.


Rank# 3. Business Analysis Courses in Kolkata


3. Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics


University: Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

Course Duration: 2.5 years


Indian Statistical Institute is one of the most high-ranking institutes in India which offers Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata. It is among the most trusted organizations which assure the best placements for candidates. Indian Statistical Institute is located in Kolkata and provides one of the best courses for business analytics.


The total course fee is around 24 lacs and comes with a placement opportunity. The candidate is expected from any technical background with at least a 60% grade. It is a government institution and the curriculum is effectively planned by individuals from the background of business as is their faculty.


The priority of the business analytics course here is to make maximum out of the communication ability of the candidate and to keep them updated with the latest trends in business which they have included in their curriculum topics such as business communication and business analyst competencies.


Candidates here are also taught various kinds of problem-solving skills as well as leadership qualities are also enhanced. Stakeholder analysis is given a major emphasis. Communication, Management, and Organisation in the requirements sector are also taught to the candidates.


One of the highlights of the course is that they not only teach students about the theoretical behavior expected but they also give an overview of the IT company and the way it functions in the real world by providing them with practical opportunities to test themselves during the time of the course. Because it provides such benefits, it is listed among the top business analytics courses in Kolkata.


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Rank# 4. Business Analysis Courses in Kolkata


4. MBA Business Analytics


University: MCKV Institute of Engineering, Howrah

Course Duration: 3 years


It is a NAAC Accredited institution that provides business analytics courses in Kolkata. It is a private institution and has been ranked earlier among the top institutions in terms of its faculty. The student-oriented program regarding business analytics provides thorough training on how to become a business analyst and work with data.


The combined curriculum of this institution makes sure that the student is up to date with the latest technologies in the market and is also known for providing high-grade equipment and tools that are required for learning business analytics. It’s a friendly 3 Year program which is assured to make beginners into professionals within no time.


The curriculum mainly focuses on case studies which give the student a different hands-on experience and also allow studying from a practical problem-solving approach. The curriculum has over 80 plus assignments and the faculty provides 24 x 7 support, along with organizing webinars and seminars for the students to learn directly from individuals who are practicing in the field of business.


From Imputation techniques to scatter diagrams to sorting tables and filtering data with the Ml strategy, everything is included in the curriculum for the maximum benefit of the student and the process of delivering information is pace oriented and adaptable to the student. Such as Google Docs, SQL, and Microsoft Access are given completely open access to the students to learn better from their supporting peers as well.


After a certain point in the curriculum, the practitioner is made to undergo a test that monitors the capability of a candidate in terms of fulfilling responsibilities like budgeting, forecasting, pricing, reporting, defining business requirements, and more. In this manner communication and the ability to formulate data and present them are developed, and also the core of business analytics becomes stronger.


Rank# 5. Business Analysis Courses in Kolkata


5. Business Analytics Course Training Program


Platform: ExcelR (online)

Course Duration: 180+ hours


ExcelR has a certified course on business analytics that is provided online and people from Kolkata accept it very easily. It consists of 180 + hours of training on various topics such as my SQL, basic and advanced Excel, power bi, Agile and more. Any graduate from any background can apply and get into the course and it is also for professionals who are willing to learn more about business analytics, therefore providing a great range of stability to all kinds of individuals in terms of learning from a professional atmosphere.


The trainers of the program belong to various MNCs and they also introduce capstone projects which help in the growth of individuals on the professional front. The platform is already under a well-devised network with 350 + corporate companies making it easier for their performers to get placed into good agencies. This certification also entails IBM certification.


From descriptive statistics to Probability to inferential statistics and data cleaning along with basics of R and computing languages like Python, everything is provided to the student with detailed videos which are guaranteed with lifetime access and can be referred to you anytime wished.


There is also post-training support available for the students along with the opportunity to work on live projects, which enhance the experience of learning for the student. Even though the online platform, ExcelR has become one of the best business analytics courses in Kolkata.




1. Does the completion of the business analytics courses in Kolkata guarantee placement?

In some cases, the courses are directed towards placement opportunities and in some cases, they are not. It completely depends on the caliber of the individual and the performance exhibited in interviews and tests based on the learning that has been obtained from the different types of courses that ensures a good job in this industry.


2. Can a person without prior knowledge learn Business Analytics?

Yes, a person without any prior knowledge about business or business analytics can learn the process of becoming a business analyst by studying through the courses that offer from beginner-level programming to professional-level programming. Also, in this case, it depends on the individual to choose the correct course for themselves which suits their pace of learning and mode of adaptability in terms of beginner-level understanding.


3. Is Business Analytics a good career option?

Business analytics is ranked as the fourth most booming industry in the world at this current date. As IT is growing faster every day, the opportunities to become a part of great businesses are increasing simultaneously. Therefore, the job of a business analyst will not be outdated even in the coming decades. Therefore, using business analytics as a career option is a very wise decision.


4. What is the estimated income of a Business Analyst in India?

A business analyst in India earns approximately 8 to 9 lacs a year. However, the earnings depend on the skill and capability of the individual and also on the experience gained in this industry.


5. Is Business Analytics a promising career in India?

In India, the IT industry and business development in terms of entrepreneurship skin the largest amount of development in the past decade. Business analytics has become four components of the strategy and planning along with visualization of a business. Therefore, it can be said that yes business analytics is definitely a promising career in India.




If you are from Kolkata and looking for opportunities to become a business analyst, then these top 5 business analytics courses in Kolkata are your correct destination. You can choose any one from them and learn about business analytics in a detailed and practical form and be placement ready in no time. Business analytics is one of the most booming careers in today’s world and people who already have the minimum knowledge in this field can ace it with a little help from these courses. If you are a person who loves dealing with data and wants to have a prosperous career in business, business analytics courses in Kolkata adjust the right choice for you.

Top 10 Certified Digital Marketing Courses in Germany

Are you looking for certified digital marketing courses in Germany? Courses that will help you learn digital marketing right from scratch are available in the online and offline market but it is difficult to choose the best from them. These 10 best digital marketing courses are comprehensive and will help you become a successful digital marketer in no time. Germany is a country with emerging opportunities in the arena of digital marketing and this article will guide you to pick the most suitable course for you. 


List of best digital marketing courses in Germany


Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the kind of online implementation of strategies to market products through the internet in a way that benefits both the organizations involved in the process of marketing as well as those who are the potential customers. It is also known as online marketing and helps in advertising through different channels to promote various kinds of brands through the use of the techniques of digital communication and the use of digital tools.

Some examples are social media, search engines, websites, mobile apps, emails, etc. Campaigns of marketing are held across these digital platforms by the use of certain strategies that helps in building a brand and its promotion. It is a completely online-based service that is now heavily in demand in the market and requires an understanding of the search engine’s function, its Optimisation techniques, and the procedures of online marketing.

All of this can be learned through the help of courses that are provided by various institutions and in this article, digital marketing courses in Germany are specified for helping out people who find it difficult to choose from a vast number of options.


Why is Digital Marketing So Much in Demand?

Digital marketing is very new to the market in terms of its expertise level but in no time has it made its importance prevalent to the entire population on the internet and the reason is that it is the fastest way of growing a network among netizens and the easiest marketing method available in the digital market in today’s world.

Digital marketing not only allows marketers to sell their products to a good number of customers but also allows them to collect data regarding the behavior of their audience and generate meaningful insights that help a business study audience behavior and increase the engagement of customers. 

Research of the current digital market has shown that organizations that have developed omnichannel strategies of engagement for their customers have shown a larger retention rate of 90% of all their customers. This is a signifier of the functioning of digital marketing and its extent of valuable strategy implementation that results in the positive delivery of services by creating new opportunities in the market.

The best part about digital marketing and its growth is that it is evolving with each passing day due to the ever-changing rules of the functioning of the search engines as well as the web of the internet as an entirety. Therefore, learning digital marketing through digital marketing courses in Germany is a lucrative stance for any person wanting a successful career. 


Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in today’s world has multiple advantages. It helps in knowing the audience and knowing the current status of the digital market. Here are some of the major advantages of digital marketing are listed below: 


Audience Engagement Understanding:

Earlier in marketing, there was no option to know when and how the customers prefer to be made to know no about a certain service or product. But nowadays digital marketing has rendered it possible through the help of the tracking of online audience engagement. Audience engagement refers to an analysis of their preferred methods and timings collected in the process of digital marketing.

It also helps in setting one’s business apart from that of others by simply approaching the customers according to their comfortable apprehensions. There Digital Marketing in one way or another helps businesses to connect with their customers in a much more compact manner.


Cost Effective:

Marketing is always considered to be a part of the business which equally requires investment. But this concept has completely changed. Digital marketing proves to be the most cost-effective solution for any business. It is cheap and readily available and can help any organization or business to reach their potential customers at once within no time.


Flexible Marketing Opportunities:

The growth of any business depends on the amount of reach that can be held within a stipulated time. Digital marketing comes with the added advantage of being able to process large information into small bits for every potential customer within no time. The marketing can be done from anywhere to anywhere and the reach extends not only to the local market but to the world as an entirety. This also helped many businesses to spontaneously expand their course within a very short duration of time.


Personalization is an Option:

As in this article, the option of personalization from the digital marketing courses in Germany is available, similarly, in the process of digital marketing itself, the option of personalization always remains open. There is a functionality called the cross-channel functionality which can be availed through digital marketing and in the process, various social media platforms can help a business to meet its marketing strategy with the help of personalization of presentation and imagery.


Advantages of Tracking Campaigns:

Marketing already requires a great deal of focus on where and how the products are to be marketed. With digital marketing the advantage of tracking how each campaign functions are also available. It provides a vast variety of metrics, and data full of insights based on that and on how effective are the campaigns that are held out for marketing. 


Methods of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very broad subject and there are many methods through which digital marketing can be done. A list of some of them has been included in this article.


Email Marketing:

Email marketing is known to be the easiest way of digital marketing. It is so because email marketing is done through software that sends customized emails to potential customers. The advantage of email marketing is that it raises awareness about the brand and creates a constant brand image for the customer by appearing and reappearing through emails.

The personalization of the email is the most attractive feature of this kind of marketing because each email is designed specifically for the customer and therefore grabs their attention for a longer duration of time.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimisation forms the most technical part of digital marketing as it relates to the strategy of marketing that is used for ranking the websites of businesses on a search engine. It is obvious that the website which ranks first gets the most attention from digital customers and therefore a constant struggle of marketers goes into placing their business website at the top.

It also requires an analysis of the priorities of the targeted audience and also an insight into the analysis of the search engine which measures the demand of the business along with its availability and need of the customers.


Content Marketing by Creators:

Content marketing as a part of digital marketing is evolving as a separate career altogether. It is because of the emergence of content creators that branding has gotten a rather large significance in the field of marketing. Content creation can be of any type from video, audio, and speech to images and more.

It involves the significance of keywords and developing engagement that helps the customers to stick to the website and not wonder about the entire search engine. Content marketing requires a specialized method of attending to the potential customers in a way of surfacing the best possible opportunities for the customer to stay on the website.


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Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay per click as the name suggests refers to the payment for The Clicks done on a particular link of a website. It is one of the most effective ways of digital marketing and it is a technique that involves advertisements featuring the link to the websites, which generates clicks, and in turn, payment is produced.


Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is the fastest method of digital marketing. It includes the promotions of brands on different social media pages and also creating social media pages for websites and brands and therefore, helps in marketing to a large population over the internet by making posts and posting offers about products and services.

Also, the call-to-action feature included in posts helps marketers to gain the immediate attention of the customers as well as helps the customers to take action immediately which is also a benefit of Digital Marketing. 


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing refers to the conjoint efforts of more than one marketer where various other channels and websites are paid to increase the visibility of a specific product or service or website. It is one of the most rapidly growing markets in the field of digital marketing and affiliates do this work for other marketers in the digital space. 


Top 10 Certified Digital Marketing Courses in Germany




Duration: 3 Months + 2 Months Internship

Fees: 425.15 Euro + GST

One of the top online organizations that help professionals get knowledge in in-demand fields is IIM SKILLS. They educate business leaders and students in a variety of professional fields, including digital marketing. It is one of the top private institutions in the world and provides the greatest content writing and digital marketing courses.

Following course completion, students are invited to participate in an internship with the organization to gain experience and knowledge in line with market demands. Because IIM SKILLS graduates have practical experience from their internships, their services are highly sought after and valued by businesses.


Some of the Highlights of The Digital Marketing Course Are:

  • Digital marketing basics
  • Creation of Content
  • SEO tactics for promoting businesses
  • Enhancing the efficiency of websites
  • Create blogs of the highest caliber to draw readers.
  • Video marketing technique
  • Using social media
  • Cost Per Click
  • Email advertising



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2. Quadriga Hochschule Berlin University


Duration: 18-30 Months

Fees: 29000€

The university, which is authorized and private, emphasizes multidisciplinary training. It provides executive training in a variety of areas, including politics, public affairs, human resources, communication, and sales & marketing. You will participate in transdisciplinary knowledge exchange, application-focused research, and professional networking for job advancement if you attend this university to study.

It offers MBA programs for digital marketing courses in Germany. The purpose of an MBA in digital marketing is to give students the leadership skills and marketing knowledge they need to use to solve problems for various businesses. Additionally, it fosters the development of interpersonal communication skills. The FIBAA has recognized and accredited the course in digital marketing. Both English and German are used as the instruction languages.


The Course Includes:

  • Social Media Optimization
  • marketing with videos on YouTube
  • Writing and marketing of content
  • Making A Website
  • Quora Advertising
  • Twitter Promotion
  •  Linkedin


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Duration: 36 Months

Fees: 5500€.

It is one of the top private universities offering international-level education, hence known as one of the best digital marketing courses in Germany. Since English is a universal language, it is used in all educational programs. For all courses, IUBH provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

With the introduction of the Internet, the marketplace underwent a paradigm shift that is causing rapid change. Businesses and business houses are dealing with new difficulties in better serving their market. IUBH has created a course in digital marketing for students after understanding the aforementioned issues.


The Syllabus of the Course Includes:

  • Basics Of Digital Marketing
  • Market Analysis
  • Configuring Your Website
  • Email Promotion
  • Internet Analytics
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Strategy for Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Content Promotion


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


4. HMKW University of Applied Sciences


Duration: 24 Months

Fees: 8040€

The council of science and humanities, an organization of the government, gave HMKW, a private university, its approval. All of the University’s Digital Marketing Courses in Germany have received FIBAA approval. There are three campuses, one each in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Cologne, where students can enroll.

However, the institution feels that by combining theory with a real-world business endeavor, students should gain practical experience. Students become prepared for jobs through this. Despite being a private institution, it strives to draw in international students, which is why its master’s degrees are offered in English alone.

Its master’s program includes a course in digital marketing. The curriculum seeks to prepare students for professional work in a variety of cutting-edge communication channels. The curriculum details are as follows:

  • Retail Psychology
  • Copywriting
  • Channels for Digital Marketing
  • Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ads
  • Freelance Projects for Social Media Channel Marketing
  • SEO for WordPress


5. XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences


Duration: 3 years

Fees: 21990€

It holds the distinction of being the first university in Germany to primarily emphasize technology and digital marketing courses in Germany. It is situated in Postdam. 2018 saw XU receive accreditation from the Ministry of Science. The university focuses on novel concepts and how they can be applied in the real world.

The university places a strong emphasis on preparing students to handle the business difficulties of today, where every interaction is going digital. It provides degrees in digital marketing at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The lessons are offered in English. The course includes:

  • World Wide Web Marketing
  • Customers in the Digital World
  • Customer Experience
  • How To Make Your Consumers Feel Welcome Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Advertising, marketing, and optimization on social media
  • Income From Investment
  • Digital Analytics and Strategy
  • Planning, implementing, and carrying out online marketing


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6. Ludwig-Maximilians


Duration: 24 Months

Fees: Almost Free

It has the distinction of being Germany’s first university. Munich saw the founding of LMU 500 years ago. It has a reputation for being one of the top institutions in the world, drawing students from all over the top institution in Europe in terms of both teaching and research quality.

The Institute offers a wide range of academic programs in everything from the scientific and social sciences to the humanities, economics, and law. It has one of Germany’s best libraries. There are approximately 50,000 students, and 15% of them are international. It provides master’s programs in media, management, and digital technologies.


The Curriculum of the Course Includes:

  • Marketing Online and Technology
  • SEO Techniques
  • Social Media Advocacy
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour, Business Goals and Objectives, and Return on Investment
  • Acquiring Knowledge of Digital Marketing Funnels
  • Making the Most of Paid Ads to Increase Your Reach, Engagement, Conversions, and Impressions
  • Best Digital Marketing Practices


7. Berlin School of Economics and Law


Duration: 24 Months

Fees: 14,800€

It is one of Germany’s largest universities for applied science. There are over 11000 students enrolled in 60 different courses. One of the largest public universities in Germany is the Berlin School of Economics and Law. In the fields of business, administration, and other different streams, it provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. In their course details, it is mentioned that they include topics of digital marketing such as:


  • Planning, implementing, and executing Digital Marketing Frameworks
  • Network of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence’s Influence on Marketing Changes in The Online World
  • Robotic Marketing’s Future
  • Using Traditional Marketing While Integrating Digital Strategy
  • Investigating and Identifying the Various Media Channels to Reach Your Clients, Among Others


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8. ICN Business School


Duration: 1 year

Fees: 12 720 €

Its four campuses include one each in China and Germany as well as two in France (Nancy and Paris) (Shanghai). Its state-of-the-art infrastructure offers students and executives a cutting-edge education that is great and prepared them to enter the workforce as responsible professionals.

Of the roughly 3000 students who attend the various campuses, 38% are international students. The university is exceptional in producing managers with a multidisciplinary perspective who are creative. You must enroll in the MSc in Digital Transformation Management at the ICN Business School if you choose to take a digital marketing course there.


The Course Details Include:

  • Email Marketing Course
  • Content Marketing
  • Web analytics training
  • paid advertising training
  • sales funnel training
  • social media marketing training


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


9. CBS International Business School


Duration: Semesters 4

Fees: 1255€

One of the greatest private business schools in Germany, CBS is privately owned and offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the fields of marketing, finance, psychology, and other related fields. It additionally provides certificate programs. The university is quite well-known; 1900 international students from 75 different countries are enrolled in a variety of programs.

Its classes are worthwhile. The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Science and the Wissenschaftsrat (German Science Council) both provide their approval to the university. On behalf of the German Accreditation Council, FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) routinely accredits all of its study programs.

There is a certificate program in digital marketing at the university, of course, if you want to take a course there. The details of their specified curriculum are as follows:

  • Marketing administration
  • Social Networking and Media
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Online marketing and advertising in its entirety
  • Online Marketing Techniques using Email


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10. GISMA Business School


Duration: One year

Fees: 16000€/year

It is a privately owned university that is situated in Hannover, Germany. According to, the top 100 global MBA programs exist. It provides more than 100 German-language courses in finance, human resources, and digital marketing. Both undergraduate and graduate students may enroll in the courses.

There, you must attend the lectures for the MSc in Digital Marketing program. You will acquire online access facilities from the universities arranged by financial time and professional bodies. The course’s attractiveness is that it offers you several real-world tasks in addition to its theoretical content, helping you to become more industry-ready.

You may stay current with market developments by having online access. You will have every chance of receiving job offers by the time you complete your MSc. in Digital Marketing degree program.  In their course, they include:

  • SEO Techniques
  • Social Media Advocacy
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour, Business Goals and Objectives, and Return on Investment
  • Acquiring Knowledge of Digital Marketing Funnels
  • Making the Most of Paid Ads to Increase Your Reach, Engagement, Conversions, and     Impressions


FAQs About Digital Marketing Courses in Germany


Q1. Who can apply to study Digital Marketing courses in Germany?

There are no such prerequisites set for studying a Digital Marketing Course and therefore, anyone with an interest in the field can take up any of the digital marketing courses in Germany. However, if one wishes to apply for any Master’s Program then Bachelor’s from the same background might be important, depending on the chosen University. 


Q2. Do all Digital Marketing Courses in Germany provide a guaranteed Internship?

No, not every Digital Marketing course comes with Internship Opportunities in Germany. Digital Marketing Courses in Germany are designed to train students as well as professionals about the recent methods of Digital Marketing and therefore depending on the University and the duration of the program the Internships are offered by only some institutions. 


Q3. Are there any free certified digital marketing courses in Germany?

Yes, there are some free Digital Marketing Courses in Germany. One of them has been included in this article and that is Ludwig-Maximilians University’s Course.


Q4. What is the scope of the Job after completing the Digital Marketing Course?

There are ample opportunities for a person who becomes a certified Digital Marketer. A person can apply for the job of a web developer, Data Analyst, Web Designer, Pay Per Click SEM, and more. 


Q5. What is the annual salary of a Digital Marketer?

The annual salary of a Digital Marketer starts from €30,000 and can go up to €70,000 depending on Experience and Expertise.



Germany is a hub of opportunities in the sector of Digital Marketing. The enlisted Digital Marketing Courses in Germany can help anyone become a professional in the field of Digital Marketing. The article provides a detailed format of all the curriculums of the courses which can help anyone choose the best course according to their comfort. 

Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Scotland

Are you a person with the ability to weave words into stories, poems, or general write-ups? Are you passionate about articulating your talents and presenting them to the World? Then, these top 10 creative writing courses in Scotland are just the right search for you. These courses are designed to channel your capability and mold your talent in the correct direction of applied methods which will not only support your passion but will also help you in developing a career on this path.


List of best creative writing courses in Scotland


These courses are certified and each of their curricula is bifurcated into various segments to address the needs of various specifics of Creative Writing. Before proceeding into the intricacies of the Courses and the details associated with them, it is important for beginners with a passion to understand what constitutes the realm of Creative Writing and how is it structured further in the form of courses. Therefore, firstly it is important to look at the idea of Creative Writing and what constitutes Creative Writing.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing is the most effortless form of development in the process of Writing. Individuals with imaginative power possess the capability to join thoughts and weave words to develop pieces of writing such as stories and poems. However, it can also be non-fiction in nature.

The most important thing about Creative Writing is that there are no defined rules that govern the existence of Creative Writing. It is individually unique and has no relation with copying or aping someone else’s work. There is a total contrast that can be drawn between Creative Writing and all other forms of Writing.

It is because all other forms of writing are adhered to a specific code of their type and are mainly technical or factual based whereas creative writing has no compulsion for any such specifics. In this article, all creative writing courses in Scotland bear reference to the beginner-level aspect of creative writing.


Different Forms of Creative Writing

As it has been mentioned earlier, Creative writing does not comprise any boundaries. It is free-flowing and can take multiple forms depending on the essential talents of different Individuals. Before learning about the Creative Writing Courses in Scotland, it is important to take a look at this sector. In this segment the various forms of Creative Writing will be discussed as follows:


1. Poetry: Poetry is the strongest of all types of Creative Writing. It cannot be induced and generally develops out of one’s innate nature to write something and define it using elements that are beautiful in terms of presentation.

Poetry is not free of rules though, and it has a set of elements that are required to be understood in order to provide a better grip over the rhythm, tone, rhyme, and type of poetry that one wishes to specialize in.

It is mainly short in nature however there is no limit set on the length of poetry. It is extremely organic and unique in nature and it is considered the direct overflow of powerful emotions.


2. Short Fiction/ Non-Fiction Writing: Short Fiction writing refers to the documentation of the imaginative elements whereby stories are created. Short fiction can include short stories or even smaller write-ups that represent a particular thought, moral, or simply the feeling of the person writing them.

Stories can be developed around any topic and this necessarily doesn’t have to be fictional writing. It can be non-fiction as well. Short fiction writing mainly tries to address an important belief or a realization that the person has access to and tries to weave it into the form of a pleasant experience by giving it the form of a story.


3. Speeches: This is the most encouraged form of creative writing that is taught in Schools. Being unaware of the origin of the phase of creative writing, the art of writing speeches is imbibed in most individuals and it forms the most authentic base for formulating a presentation that matches what the individual wishes to tell and is written in the most formal tone possible.


4. Personal Essays: Personal Essays refer to essays that are written in diaries or written about specific incidents or instances. Even Diary entries can be included in a form of a personal essay. It is lucid and free from any measures or rules of writing. No defined length is attached to the format of the personal essay. It is mostly descriptive in nature.


5. Journaling: Journaling is another very significant form of non-fictional creative writing. It is purely out of interest that one starts to journal their experiences or starts to pen down creative notes from their imagination. It is currently getting a lot of importance with the coming of social media and the apps that help in journaling.

There are many people who love to journal while traveling and, in most cases, it consists of write-ups that are revelatory in nature. Creative Writing Courses in Scotland also provide opportunities for this segment.


6. Novels: Novels are an elevated form of Creative Writing. This kind of writing definitely requires a lot of practice, as well as precision, and novels, are generally long-term writing projects. These are the best examples of fictional writing and can be from various genres.


7. Blogs: Blogs are like digital diaries where information is put out by the author for others to read. Most blogs are opinionated as well as informative and specifically cater to the needs of subjects that are important. Blogs are methodical and do require a little bit of knowledge about the web in order to stand out and can only comprise original content.


8. Script Writing: Scriptwriting refers to the interchange of dialogues that are creatively written down for any scene or act in a drama mainly. It is a very unique method of creative writing because it involves the penning down of conversations and deciding their course in order to articulate them according to a scene.


9. Sketch Writing: Sketch Writing is the art of associating narrative with that sketches. It is also called illustrative writing sometimes. It is a creative method of combining art with writing and mainly pertains to the genre of comics or anime. Many Individuals also enjoy associating dialogues with their created characters and that enhances their creative power and ability to imagine as well. Among the few creative writing courses in Scotland, this segment of creative expression forms an important part.


10. Autobiographies: Autobiographies need not always be fictional. They are mostly based on the life history of a particular person and involve narration of all incidents but particularly those that had an impact on their lives. An autobiography is definitely a much higher form of Creative Writing and requires a good deal of experience to be turned into a piece of work.


Why Should One Learn Creative Writing?

Creative Writing is one of the easiest ways of exhibiting one’s creative talents but there is a grave misconception that there is no point in learning this because it evolves naturally. It is a myth that has strongly made its impression in so many minds and exists even today.

The courses that are going to be discussed further in this article also are important from the perspective that they are making people more confident and aware of their ability to master their talent of Creative Writing. The most important thing to be included in this segment is the importance of the fact that it is actually a way to make one’s own career a significant one in this field.


Here is a list of reasons why should one pursue or learn Creative Writing:

1. Sharing the Writer’s perspective: A writer understands and addresses multiple thoughts that go on in the imaginative realm and also helps in dissolving feelings according to the perceived emotions and putting them on paper for people to relate to their lives. Therefore, sharing the perspective of the writer is one of the strongest reasons to learn about creative writing.

Also, it has a great career option of authoring books as well as blogs and becoming someone famous and known to the people. Nowadays, the opportunities in this field are also increasing and more and more platforms are therefore getting introduced for the same reason.

2. Inform and Persuade Readers: Creative Writing can also be considered as an opportunity for writers to inform their readers about boring data and facts in the process of something interesting like that of a story or rhythmic verse.

It is also beneficial to persuade the thoughts of the masses based on the belief system that is adopted by an entire generation. Creative Writing courses in Scotland also enhance the power of the readers to harbor their own capability to weave through words.

3. To narrate a Story: The art of creative writing is a full-time employment opportunity these days. It is also because there are certain facts and important events that are best understood when narrated like a story. It also helps in grasping the attention of the readers as can be seen in the selling strategy of “based on a true story”. Therefore, one of its major purposes is also to simply narrate a story so that it is known by the general public.


Must check the best Creative Writing Courses in the UK


Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Scotland




IIM SKILLS is one of the best-known names in the field, mainly because they guarantee 100% placement support in addition to offering a comprehensive program in creative and content writing. In order to put the training to use and finally turn a profit with it, we must have the proper guidance and pertinent opportunities.

One of the most promising jobs today is creative writing, but it is undeniable that a writer needs to be at a higher level in terms of skill and experience. There, the appropriate institution can make a difference. IIM SKILLS helps in gaining access to Creative Writing Courses in Scotland.

A globally recognized certification in Content Writing Course is offered by IIM SKILLS, and its course material aims to close the achievement-aspiration gap. The four-week course is effectively organized to teach 30 different sorts of writing skills and includes a three-month internship that is intended to improve the writer’s versatility.

IIM SKILLS’ emphasis on the complete growth of the creative writer by giving them practical assignments and teaching them about the numerous significant tools that are crucial in the present digital age is the main factor driving them to the top of the list of creative writing courses in Scotland.



This creative writing curriculum encourages aspiring authors to identify their lucrative niche and maximize engagement via social connections. As the name of the course implies, they assist you in mastering the writing genres that are increasingly important in today’s marketplace: articles, blogs, e-books, ads, business listings, scripts for videos, product descriptions, web pages, emails, social media posts, and digital infographics.

Even if a writer may be aware of their writing skills, the journey can seem difficult without the right support and understanding of current industry trends and requirements.

Therefore, it is essential to spend time developing the best method that gives a sure result. IIM SKILLS should be one of your top alternatives for creative writing courses in Scotland because it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and fruitful testimonies.


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2. Udemy


One of the top educational websites, Udemy provides a huge selection of online courses. They impart to aspiring authors the craft of descriptive writing as well as the ability to keep the reader’s interest. For beginners and intermediate writers who are either trying to harness their purpose and inspiration or seeking a fresher functional outcome with existing writing skills, Creative Writing 101 is recommended among their other creative writing courses in Scotland.

All four writing genres—fiction, drama, poetry, and creative nonfiction—are covered in The Complete Creative Writing Course. Anyone who believes they can write is more than capable of doing so if they possess the appropriate techniques, literary devices, and specialized knowledge. Udemy, one of Scotland’s top providers of creative writing courses, steps in at this point.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. De Montfort University in Leicester


The well-known university DMU offers a wide range of classes, including beginner-level, undergraduate, and graduate courses. They provide a two-week, short-term course called “Creative Writing: An Introduction to Craft and Community” that teaches the foundational skills necessary to kick off a writer’s creative journey.

The English and Creative Writing BA (Hons) investigates the evolution of the English language together with critical analysis and investigation of English literature, but people who are devoted to writing and do not have time restrictions must take this into consideration.

One of the top creative writing courses in Scotland, their advantages include cross-genre approaches, cross-cultural philosophy, and the development of the craft.


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4. Moniack Mhor


A highland paradise for writers: Scotland should be taken advantage of for its undeniable beauty due to the classic geography and scenery it offers. If you’re in Scotland or the surrounding area, you must check out this writing retreat. Nothing is more opulent than writing combined with nature.

Sitting in the heart of the Alps, synchronizing your creativity with the beauty that this location displays in front of you, it may be quite liberating to learn what you want. Located a few miles north of Inverness, Moniack Mhor has spent more than 20 years assisting aspiring and established authors with their craft.

It is indeed among the best creative writing courses in Scotland. Their writing curriculum currently covers playwriting, songwriting, nature writing, science fiction, poetry, and fiction. Their creative writing classes in Scotland offer a completely different approach to learning.

This independent writing facility offers two essential components to writers: time and space. Any writer has to be motivated and drenched in order to convey their ideas onto paper; simply said, this breath-taking getaway sets the mood. Their creative writing programs are offered in Scotland from Thursday through Sunday, and they also plan one-day seminars and a number of evening activities to emphasize the publishing and agency aspects of writing.


5. CITY, University of London


This 10-month course at CITY is a terrific choice for aspiring writers who are searching for quick courses to improve their writing skills. In order to inculcate the joy of writing and provide essential instruction on how to start your creative path, it must be the first choice for novices who have no prior experience in content writing.

Every Tuesday, they offer a distance learning course called “An approach to creative writing.” As you gain writing skills, you will eventually revise and edit your own work. Rosa Rogers, a doctor of philosophy in the contemporary novel: practice as research, is the instructor. It is considered one of the finest Creative Writing courses in Scotland.


6. University of Dundee


According to the National Student Survey from 2022, their creative writing courses in Scotland are ranked first in the UK for creative writing and second in Scotland for English in particular. In the MA Honors program, the university has integrated the study of English literature (from the Middle Ages to the Present) and creative writing.

The trip here will be nothing short of fascinating because their four-year, first-ever creative writing programs in Scotland will be undertaken at the Dundee City Campus. The writer’s creativity is preserved for future generations, thanks to the combination of literature.

They train you to evaluate any work objectively and to review the book or poem accordingly. You’ll work on writing essays, poetry, journalism, books, stories, and monologues on a regular basis. You’ll also evaluate theatre and write for it.


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7. Coursera


A course concentrating on creative writing is available through Coursera. In essence, they instruct you on how to create a story of your own that will captivate the reader from start to finish. This course covers the three main types of writing—short story, narrative essay, and memoir—and is primarily designed for authors who fall into at least one of the aforementioned categories.

These genres learn how to work around the story, which is the core of any narration, and are thus better equipped to constantly redefine and revise their writing. One of the greatest creative writing programs, their 6-month program is offered in a number of languages, including English, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Hungarian, and Polish.


8. University of Aberdeen


The creative writing course from this University includes modules that cover all the segments that are needed from the point of view of employment. Here the programs include both Bachelor’s well as Master and therefore the time duration taken together can be estimated to be around 4 years.

Many good bloggers and creative aspirants have found this curriculum supportive and the University also marks as a school of trust. There are also certain opportunities available to work with some already established creative writers during the end of this course.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


9. The University of Edinburg


The University of Edinburg marks one of the best places to learn creative writing courses. It is so because their curriculum is extremely methodical and their course is also not for a very long duration of time.

The University believes in a much more practical approach and therefore the students find it much easier to learn directly from faculties who are experienced in this field and are also practicing at the current time.

The greatest thing about the course here is that they take responsibility for the students and get them placed with recommendation letters depending on their performance on the final tests. From Fiction to Non-fiction, all the concepts are given prime importance in this course.


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10. University of St. Andrews


It is also one of the most popular institutes in Scotland and provides summer as well as spring courses for creative writing. The syllabus as mentioned in all the earlier institutes resembles that of this institute as well. However, the placement opportunity is not available here.

Other than that, the duration of the course here can be estimated as hardly one and a half years and is mostly treated as an additional course. Their Curriculum includes short fiction, long fiction, and mainly the methods on how to develop the art of creative writing.




1) Will studying Creative Writing generate Employment in any sector?

Yes, Creative Writing is recognized as one of the components that help in generating employment for the people who learn it correctly. It is known to be a part of a number of sectors such as bloggers, copywriters, authors of books, journalists, Literary agents, Web Content Writers, and many more.


2) How is learning Creative Writing Online different from learning it Offline?

It does not have any difference as such. There is not much practical experience to be gained in this sector and therefore the medium of learning does not affect the course of learning. The online courses are equally effective as the offline ones.


3)  What are the different careers that can be chosen based on Creative Writing?

The different careers that can be chosen based on the field of Creative Writing include Academic careers such as teaching, and writing and Online Careers such as Web Content Writers, bloggers along with careers that are personally driven such as personal poets or authors, and many more.


4) Does Creative Writing help in Academics?

Yes, Creative Writing does help in Academics because it enhances the capability of the individual to put imagination into words and also helps in expressing their creativity with the help of words.


5) What is the role of talent in Creative Writing?

Talent is definitely required in the course of learning Creative Writing but it is equally important to understand the methods of developing the habit of creative Writing in order to work with it and make a career out of it.



The above article covers all the Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Scotland along with their details. The various aspects of Creative Writing are also discussed here for a better understanding of the individuals and for helping them to make an informed decision about which course they want to choose.