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Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Scotland

Are you a person with the ability to weave words into stories, poems, or general write-ups? Are you passionate about articulating your talents and presenting them to the World? Then, these top 10 creative writing courses in Scotland are just the right search for you. These courses are designed to channel your capability and mold your talent in the correct direction of applied methods which will not only support your passion but will also help you in developing a career on this path.


List of best creative writing courses in Scotland


These courses are certified and each of their curricula is bifurcated into various segments to address the needs of various specifics of Creative Writing. Before proceeding into the intricacies of the Courses and the details associated with them, it is important for beginners with a passion to understand what constitutes the realm of Creative Writing and how is it structured further in the form of courses. Therefore, firstly it is important to look at the idea of Creative Writing and what constitutes Creative Writing.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative Writing is the most effortless form of development in the process of Writing. Individuals with imaginative power possess the capability to join thoughts and weave words to develop pieces of writing such as stories and poems. However, it can also be non-fiction in nature.

The most important thing about Creative Writing is that there are no defined rules that govern the existence of Creative Writing. It is individually unique and has no relation with copying or aping someone else’s work. There is a total contrast that can be drawn between Creative Writing and all other forms of Writing.

It is because all other forms of writing are adhered to a specific code of their type and are mainly technical or factual based whereas creative writing has no compulsion for any such specifics. In this article, all creative writing courses in Scotland bear reference to the beginner-level aspect of creative writing.


Different Forms of Creative Writing

As it has been mentioned earlier, Creative writing does not comprise any boundaries. It is free-flowing and can take multiple forms depending on the essential talents of different Individuals. Before learning about the Creative Writing Courses in Scotland, it is important to take a look at this sector. In this segment the various forms of Creative Writing will be discussed as follows:


1. Poetry: Poetry is the strongest of all types of Creative Writing. It cannot be induced and generally develops out of one’s innate nature to write something and define it using elements that are beautiful in terms of presentation.

Poetry is not free of rules though, and it has a set of elements that are required to be understood in order to provide a better grip over the rhythm, tone, rhyme, and type of poetry that one wishes to specialize in.

It is mainly short in nature however there is no limit set on the length of poetry. It is extremely organic and unique in nature and it is considered the direct overflow of powerful emotions.


2. Short Fiction/ Non-Fiction Writing: Short Fiction writing refers to the documentation of the imaginative elements whereby stories are created. Short fiction can include short stories or even smaller write-ups that represent a particular thought, moral, or simply the feeling of the person writing them.

Stories can be developed around any topic and this necessarily doesn’t have to be fictional writing. It can be non-fiction as well. Short fiction writing mainly tries to address an important belief or a realization that the person has access to and tries to weave it into the form of a pleasant experience by giving it the form of a story.


3. Speeches: This is the most encouraged form of creative writing that is taught in Schools. Being unaware of the origin of the phase of creative writing, the art of writing speeches is imbibed in most individuals and it forms the most authentic base for formulating a presentation that matches what the individual wishes to tell and is written in the most formal tone possible.


4. Personal Essays: Personal Essays refer to essays that are written in diaries or written about specific incidents or instances. Even Diary entries can be included in a form of a personal essay. It is lucid and free from any measures or rules of writing. No defined length is attached to the format of the personal essay. It is mostly descriptive in nature.


5. Journaling: Journaling is another very significant form of non-fictional creative writing. It is purely out of interest that one starts to journal their experiences or starts to pen down creative notes from their imagination. It is currently getting a lot of importance with the coming of social media and the apps that help in journaling.

There are many people who love to journal while traveling and, in most cases, it consists of write-ups that are revelatory in nature. Creative Writing Courses in Scotland also provide opportunities for this segment.


6. Novels: Novels are an elevated form of Creative Writing. This kind of writing definitely requires a lot of practice, as well as precision, and novels, are generally long-term writing projects. These are the best examples of fictional writing and can be from various genres.


7. Blogs: Blogs are like digital diaries where information is put out by the author for others to read. Most blogs are opinionated as well as informative and specifically cater to the needs of subjects that are important. Blogs are methodical and do require a little bit of knowledge about the web in order to stand out and can only comprise original content.


8. Script Writing: Scriptwriting refers to the interchange of dialogues that are creatively written down for any scene or act in a drama mainly. It is a very unique method of creative writing because it involves the penning down of conversations and deciding their course in order to articulate them according to a scene.


9. Sketch Writing: Sketch Writing is the art of associating narrative with that sketches. It is also called illustrative writing sometimes. It is a creative method of combining art with writing and mainly pertains to the genre of comics or anime. Many Individuals also enjoy associating dialogues with their created characters and that enhances their creative power and ability to imagine as well. Among the few creative writing courses in Scotland, this segment of creative expression forms an important part.


10. Autobiographies: Autobiographies need not always be fictional. They are mostly based on the life history of a particular person and involve narration of all incidents but particularly those that had an impact on their lives. An autobiography is definitely a much higher form of Creative Writing and requires a good deal of experience to be turned into a piece of work.


Why Should One Learn Creative Writing?

Creative Writing is one of the easiest ways of exhibiting one’s creative talents but there is a grave misconception that there is no point in learning this because it evolves naturally. It is a myth that has strongly made its impression in so many minds and exists even today.

The courses that are going to be discussed further in this article also are important from the perspective that they are making people more confident and aware of their ability to master their talent of Creative Writing. The most important thing to be included in this segment is the importance of the fact that it is actually a way to make one’s own career a significant one in this field.


Here is a list of reasons why should one pursue or learn Creative Writing:

1. Sharing the Writer’s perspective: A writer understands and addresses multiple thoughts that go on in the imaginative realm and also helps in dissolving feelings according to the perceived emotions and putting them on paper for people to relate to their lives. Therefore, sharing the perspective of the writer is one of the strongest reasons to learn about creative writing.

Also, it has a great career option of authoring books as well as blogs and becoming someone famous and known to the people. Nowadays, the opportunities in this field are also increasing and more and more platforms are therefore getting introduced for the same reason.

2. Inform and Persuade Readers: Creative Writing can also be considered as an opportunity for writers to inform their readers about boring data and facts in the process of something interesting like that of a story or rhythmic verse.

It is also beneficial to persuade the thoughts of the masses based on the belief system that is adopted by an entire generation. Creative Writing courses in Scotland also enhance the power of the readers to harbor their own capability to weave through words.

3. To narrate a Story: The art of creative writing is a full-time employment opportunity these days. It is also because there are certain facts and important events that are best understood when narrated like a story. It also helps in grasping the attention of the readers as can be seen in the selling strategy of “based on a true story”. Therefore, one of its major purposes is also to simply narrate a story so that it is known by the general public.


Must check the best Creative Writing Courses in the UK


Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Scotland




IIM SKILLS is one of the best-known names in the field, mainly because they guarantee 100% placement support in addition to offering a comprehensive program in creative and content writing. In order to put the training to use and finally turn a profit with it, we must have the proper guidance and pertinent opportunities.

One of the most promising jobs today is creative writing, but it is undeniable that a writer needs to be at a higher level in terms of skill and experience. There, the appropriate institution can make a difference. IIM SKILLS helps in gaining access to Creative Writing Courses in Scotland.

A globally recognized certification in Content Writing Course is offered by IIM SKILLS, and its course material aims to close the achievement-aspiration gap. The four-week course is effectively organized to teach 30 different sorts of writing skills and includes a three-month internship that is intended to improve the writer’s versatility.

IIM SKILLS’ emphasis on the complete growth of the creative writer by giving them practical assignments and teaching them about the numerous significant tools that are crucial in the present digital age is the main factor driving them to the top of the list of creative writing courses in Scotland.



This creative writing curriculum encourages aspiring authors to identify their lucrative niche and maximize engagement via social connections. As the name of the course implies, they assist you in mastering the writing genres that are increasingly important in today’s marketplace: articles, blogs, e-books, ads, business listings, scripts for videos, product descriptions, web pages, emails, social media posts, and digital infographics.

Even if a writer may be aware of their writing skills, the journey can seem difficult without the right support and understanding of current industry trends and requirements.

Therefore, it is essential to spend time developing the best method that gives a sure result. IIM SKILLS should be one of your top alternatives for creative writing courses in Scotland because it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and fruitful testimonies.


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2. Udemy


One of the top educational websites, Udemy provides a huge selection of online courses. They impart to aspiring authors the craft of descriptive writing as well as the ability to keep the reader’s interest. For beginners and intermediate writers who are either trying to harness their purpose and inspiration or seeking a fresher functional outcome with existing writing skills, Creative Writing 101 is recommended among their other creative writing courses in Scotland.

All four writing genres—fiction, drama, poetry, and creative nonfiction—are covered in The Complete Creative Writing Course. Anyone who believes they can write is more than capable of doing so if they possess the appropriate techniques, literary devices, and specialized knowledge. Udemy, one of Scotland’s top providers of creative writing courses, steps in at this point.


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3. De Montfort University in Leicester


The well-known university DMU offers a wide range of classes, including beginner-level, undergraduate, and graduate courses. They provide a two-week, short-term course called “Creative Writing: An Introduction to Craft and Community” that teaches the foundational skills necessary to kick off a writer’s creative journey.

The English and Creative Writing BA (Hons) investigates the evolution of the English language together with critical analysis and investigation of English literature, but people who are devoted to writing and do not have time restrictions must take this into consideration.

One of the top creative writing courses in Scotland, their advantages include cross-genre approaches, cross-cultural philosophy, and the development of the craft.


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4. Moniack Mhor


A highland paradise for writers: Scotland should be taken advantage of for its undeniable beauty due to the classic geography and scenery it offers. If you’re in Scotland or the surrounding area, you must check out this writing retreat. Nothing is more opulent than writing combined with nature.

Sitting in the heart of the Alps, synchronizing your creativity with the beauty that this location displays in front of you, it may be quite liberating to learn what you want. Located a few miles north of Inverness, Moniack Mhor has spent more than 20 years assisting aspiring and established authors with their craft.

It is indeed among the best creative writing courses in Scotland. Their writing curriculum currently covers playwriting, songwriting, nature writing, science fiction, poetry, and fiction. Their creative writing classes in Scotland offer a completely different approach to learning.

This independent writing facility offers two essential components to writers: time and space. Any writer has to be motivated and drenched in order to convey their ideas onto paper; simply said, this breath-taking getaway sets the mood. Their creative writing programs are offered in Scotland from Thursday through Sunday, and they also plan one-day seminars and a number of evening activities to emphasize the publishing and agency aspects of writing.


5. CITY, University of London


This 10-month course at CITY is a terrific choice for aspiring writers who are searching for quick courses to improve their writing skills. In order to inculcate the joy of writing and provide essential instruction on how to start your creative path, it must be the first choice for novices who have no prior experience in content writing.

Every Tuesday, they offer a distance learning course called “An approach to creative writing.” As you gain writing skills, you will eventually revise and edit your own work. Rosa Rogers, a doctor of philosophy in the contemporary novel: practice as research, is the instructor. It is considered one of the finest Creative Writing courses in Scotland.


6. University of Dundee


According to the National Student Survey from 2022, their creative writing courses in Scotland are ranked first in the UK for creative writing and second in Scotland for English in particular. In the MA Honors program, the university has integrated the study of English literature (from the Middle Ages to the Present) and creative writing.

The trip here will be nothing short of fascinating because their four-year, first-ever creative writing programs in Scotland will be undertaken at the Dundee City Campus. The writer’s creativity is preserved for future generations, thanks to the combination of literature.

They train you to evaluate any work objectively and to review the book or poem accordingly. You’ll work on writing essays, poetry, journalism, books, stories, and monologues on a regular basis. You’ll also evaluate theatre and write for it.


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7. Coursera


A course concentrating on creative writing is available through Coursera. In essence, they instruct you on how to create a story of your own that will captivate the reader from start to finish. This course covers the three main types of writing—short story, narrative essay, and memoir—and is primarily designed for authors who fall into at least one of the aforementioned categories.

These genres learn how to work around the story, which is the core of any narration, and are thus better equipped to constantly redefine and revise their writing. One of the greatest creative writing programs, their 6-month program is offered in a number of languages, including English, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Hungarian, and Polish.


8. University of Aberdeen


The creative writing course from this University includes modules that cover all the segments that are needed from the point of view of employment. Here the programs include both Bachelor’s well as Master and therefore the time duration taken together can be estimated to be around 4 years.

Many good bloggers and creative aspirants have found this curriculum supportive and the University also marks as a school of trust. There are also certain opportunities available to work with some already established creative writers during the end of this course.


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9. The University of Edinburg


The University of Edinburg marks one of the best places to learn creative writing courses. It is so because their curriculum is extremely methodical and their course is also not for a very long duration of time.

The University believes in a much more practical approach and therefore the students find it much easier to learn directly from faculties who are experienced in this field and are also practicing at the current time.

The greatest thing about the course here is that they take responsibility for the students and get them placed with recommendation letters depending on their performance on the final tests. From Fiction to Non-fiction, all the concepts are given prime importance in this course.


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10. University of St. Andrews


It is also one of the most popular institutes in Scotland and provides summer as well as spring courses for creative writing. The syllabus as mentioned in all the earlier institutes resembles that of this institute as well. However, the placement opportunity is not available here.

Other than that, the duration of the course here can be estimated as hardly one and a half years and is mostly treated as an additional course. Their Curriculum includes short fiction, long fiction, and mainly the methods on how to develop the art of creative writing.




1) Will studying Creative Writing generate Employment in any sector?

Yes, Creative Writing is recognized as one of the components that help in generating employment for the people who learn it correctly. It is known to be a part of a number of sectors such as bloggers, copywriters, authors of books, journalists, Literary agents, Web Content Writers, and many more.


2) How is learning Creative Writing Online different from learning it Offline?

It does not have any difference as such. There is not much practical experience to be gained in this sector and therefore the medium of learning does not affect the course of learning. The online courses are equally effective as the offline ones.


3)  What are the different careers that can be chosen based on Creative Writing?

The different careers that can be chosen based on the field of Creative Writing include Academic careers such as teaching, and writing and Online Careers such as Web Content Writers, bloggers along with careers that are personally driven such as personal poets or authors, and many more.


4) Does Creative Writing help in Academics?

Yes, Creative Writing does help in Academics because it enhances the capability of the individual to put imagination into words and also helps in expressing their creativity with the help of words.


5) What is the role of talent in Creative Writing?

Talent is definitely required in the course of learning Creative Writing but it is equally important to understand the methods of developing the habit of creative Writing in order to work with it and make a career out of it.



The above article covers all the Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Scotland along with their details. The various aspects of Creative Writing are also discussed here for a better understanding of the individuals and for helping them to make an informed decision about which course they want to choose.

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