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Top 10 Certified Digital Marketing Courses in Germany

Are you looking for certified digital marketing courses in Germany? Courses that will help you learn digital marketing right from scratch are available in the online and offline market but it is difficult to choose the best from them. These 10 best digital marketing courses are comprehensive and will help you become a successful digital marketer in no time. Germany is a country with emerging opportunities in the arena of digital marketing and this article will guide you to pick the most suitable course for you. 


List of best digital marketing courses in Germany


Introduction to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to the kind of online implementation of strategies to market products through the internet in a way that benefits both the organizations involved in the process of marketing as well as those who are the potential customers. It is also known as online marketing and helps in advertising through different channels to promote various kinds of brands through the use of the techniques of digital communication and the use of digital tools.

Some examples are social media, search engines, websites, mobile apps, emails, etc. Campaigns of marketing are held across these digital platforms by the use of certain strategies that helps in building a brand and its promotion. It is a completely online-based service that is now heavily in demand in the market and requires an understanding of the search engine’s function, its Optimisation techniques, and the procedures of online marketing.

All of this can be learned through the help of courses that are provided by various institutions and in this article, digital marketing courses in Germany are specified for helping out people who find it difficult to choose from a vast number of options.


Why is Digital Marketing So Much in Demand?

Digital marketing is very new to the market in terms of its expertise level but in no time has it made its importance prevalent to the entire population on the internet and the reason is that it is the fastest way of growing a network among netizens and the easiest marketing method available in the digital market in today’s world.

Digital marketing not only allows marketers to sell their products to a good number of customers but also allows them to collect data regarding the behavior of their audience and generate meaningful insights that help a business study audience behavior and increase the engagement of customers. 

Research of the current digital market has shown that organizations that have developed omnichannel strategies of engagement for their customers have shown a larger retention rate of 90% of all their customers. This is a signifier of the functioning of digital marketing and its extent of valuable strategy implementation that results in the positive delivery of services by creating new opportunities in the market.

The best part about digital marketing and its growth is that it is evolving with each passing day due to the ever-changing rules of the functioning of the search engines as well as the web of the internet as an entirety. Therefore, learning digital marketing through digital marketing courses in Germany is a lucrative stance for any person wanting a successful career. 


Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in today’s world has multiple advantages. It helps in knowing the audience and knowing the current status of the digital market. Here are some of the major advantages of digital marketing are listed below: 


Audience Engagement Understanding:

Earlier in marketing, there was no option to know when and how the customers prefer to be made to know no about a certain service or product. But nowadays digital marketing has rendered it possible through the help of the tracking of online audience engagement. Audience engagement refers to an analysis of their preferred methods and timings collected in the process of digital marketing.

It also helps in setting one’s business apart from that of others by simply approaching the customers according to their comfortable apprehensions. There Digital Marketing in one way or another helps businesses to connect with their customers in a much more compact manner.


Cost Effective:

Marketing is always considered to be a part of the business which equally requires investment. But this concept has completely changed. Digital marketing proves to be the most cost-effective solution for any business. It is cheap and readily available and can help any organization or business to reach their potential customers at once within no time.


Flexible Marketing Opportunities:

The growth of any business depends on the amount of reach that can be held within a stipulated time. Digital marketing comes with the added advantage of being able to process large information into small bits for every potential customer within no time. The marketing can be done from anywhere to anywhere and the reach extends not only to the local market but to the world as an entirety. This also helped many businesses to spontaneously expand their course within a very short duration of time.


Personalization is an Option:

As in this article, the option of personalization from the digital marketing courses in Germany is available, similarly, in the process of digital marketing itself, the option of personalization always remains open. There is a functionality called the cross-channel functionality which can be availed through digital marketing and in the process, various social media platforms can help a business to meet its marketing strategy with the help of personalization of presentation and imagery.


Advantages of Tracking Campaigns:

Marketing already requires a great deal of focus on where and how the products are to be marketed. With digital marketing the advantage of tracking how each campaign functions are also available. It provides a vast variety of metrics, and data full of insights based on that and on how effective are the campaigns that are held out for marketing. 


Methods of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very broad subject and there are many methods through which digital marketing can be done. A list of some of them has been included in this article.


Email Marketing:

Email marketing is known to be the easiest way of digital marketing. It is so because email marketing is done through software that sends customized emails to potential customers. The advantage of email marketing is that it raises awareness about the brand and creates a constant brand image for the customer by appearing and reappearing through emails.

The personalization of the email is the most attractive feature of this kind of marketing because each email is designed specifically for the customer and therefore grabs their attention for a longer duration of time.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimisation forms the most technical part of digital marketing as it relates to the strategy of marketing that is used for ranking the websites of businesses on a search engine. It is obvious that the website which ranks first gets the most attention from digital customers and therefore a constant struggle of marketers goes into placing their business website at the top.

It also requires an analysis of the priorities of the targeted audience and also an insight into the analysis of the search engine which measures the demand of the business along with its availability and need of the customers.


Content Marketing by Creators:

Content marketing as a part of digital marketing is evolving as a separate career altogether. It is because of the emergence of content creators that branding has gotten a rather large significance in the field of marketing. Content creation can be of any type from video, audio, and speech to images and more.

It involves the significance of keywords and developing engagement that helps the customers to stick to the website and not wonder about the entire search engine. Content marketing requires a specialized method of attending to the potential customers in a way of surfacing the best possible opportunities for the customer to stay on the website.


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Pay Per Click (PPC):

Pay per click as the name suggests refers to the payment for The Clicks done on a particular link of a website. It is one of the most effective ways of digital marketing and it is a technique that involves advertisements featuring the link to the websites, which generates clicks, and in turn, payment is produced.


Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing is the fastest method of digital marketing. It includes the promotions of brands on different social media pages and also creating social media pages for websites and brands and therefore, helps in marketing to a large population over the internet by making posts and posting offers about products and services.

Also, the call-to-action feature included in posts helps marketers to gain the immediate attention of the customers as well as helps the customers to take action immediately which is also a benefit of Digital Marketing. 


Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing refers to the conjoint efforts of more than one marketer where various other channels and websites are paid to increase the visibility of a specific product or service or website. It is one of the most rapidly growing markets in the field of digital marketing and affiliates do this work for other marketers in the digital space. 


Top 10 Certified Digital Marketing Courses in Germany




Duration: 3 Months + 2 Months Internship

Fees: 425.15 Euro + GST

One of the top online organizations that help professionals get knowledge in in-demand fields is IIM SKILLS. They educate business leaders and students in a variety of professional fields, including digital marketing. It is one of the top private institutions in the world and provides the greatest content writing and digital marketing courses.

Following course completion, students are invited to participate in an internship with the organization to gain experience and knowledge in line with market demands. Because IIM SKILLS graduates have practical experience from their internships, their services are highly sought after and valued by businesses.


Some of the Highlights of The Digital Marketing Course Are:

  • Digital marketing basics
  • Creation of Content
  • SEO tactics for promoting businesses
  • Enhancing the efficiency of websites
  • Create blogs of the highest caliber to draw readers.
  • Video marketing technique
  • Using social media
  • Cost Per Click
  • Email advertising



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2. Quadriga Hochschule Berlin University


Duration: 18-30 Months

Fees: 29000€

The university, which is authorized and private, emphasizes multidisciplinary training. It provides executive training in a variety of areas, including politics, public affairs, human resources, communication, and sales & marketing. You will participate in transdisciplinary knowledge exchange, application-focused research, and professional networking for job advancement if you attend this university to study.

It offers MBA programs for digital marketing courses in Germany. The purpose of an MBA in digital marketing is to give students the leadership skills and marketing knowledge they need to use to solve problems for various businesses. Additionally, it fosters the development of interpersonal communication skills. The FIBAA has recognized and accredited the course in digital marketing. Both English and German are used as the instruction languages.


The Course Includes:

  • Social Media Optimization
  • marketing with videos on YouTube
  • Writing and marketing of content
  • Making A Website
  • Quora Advertising
  • Twitter Promotion
  •  Linkedin


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Duration: 36 Months

Fees: 5500€.

It is one of the top private universities offering international-level education, hence known as one of the best digital marketing courses in Germany. Since English is a universal language, it is used in all educational programs. For all courses, IUBH provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

With the introduction of the Internet, the marketplace underwent a paradigm shift that is causing rapid change. Businesses and business houses are dealing with new difficulties in better serving their market. IUBH has created a course in digital marketing for students after understanding the aforementioned issues.


The Syllabus of the Course Includes:

  • Basics Of Digital Marketing
  • Market Analysis
  • Configuring Your Website
  • Email Promotion
  • Internet Analytics
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Strategy for Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Content Promotion


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


4. HMKW University of Applied Sciences


Duration: 24 Months

Fees: 8040€

The council of science and humanities, an organization of the government, gave HMKW, a private university, its approval. All of the University’s Digital Marketing Courses in Germany have received FIBAA approval. There are three campuses, one each in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Cologne, where students can enroll.

However, the institution feels that by combining theory with a real-world business endeavor, students should gain practical experience. Students become prepared for jobs through this. Despite being a private institution, it strives to draw in international students, which is why its master’s degrees are offered in English alone.

Its master’s program includes a course in digital marketing. The curriculum seeks to prepare students for professional work in a variety of cutting-edge communication channels. The curriculum details are as follows:

  • Retail Psychology
  • Copywriting
  • Channels for Digital Marketing
  • Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ads
  • Freelance Projects for Social Media Channel Marketing
  • SEO for WordPress


5. XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences


Duration: 3 years

Fees: 21990€

It holds the distinction of being the first university in Germany to primarily emphasize technology and digital marketing courses in Germany. It is situated in Postdam. 2018 saw XU receive accreditation from the Ministry of Science. The university focuses on novel concepts and how they can be applied in the real world.

The university places a strong emphasis on preparing students to handle the business difficulties of today, where every interaction is going digital. It provides degrees in digital marketing at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The lessons are offered in English. The course includes:

  • World Wide Web Marketing
  • Customers in the Digital World
  • Customer Experience
  • How To Make Your Consumers Feel Welcome Paid Ad Campaigns
  • Advertising, marketing, and optimization on social media
  • Income From Investment
  • Digital Analytics and Strategy
  • Planning, implementing, and carrying out online marketing


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6. Ludwig-Maximilians


Duration: 24 Months

Fees: Almost Free

It has the distinction of being Germany’s first university. Munich saw the founding of LMU 500 years ago. It has a reputation for being one of the top institutions in the world, drawing students from all over the top institution in Europe in terms of both teaching and research quality.

The Institute offers a wide range of academic programs in everything from the scientific and social sciences to the humanities, economics, and law. It has one of Germany’s best libraries. There are approximately 50,000 students, and 15% of them are international. It provides master’s programs in media, management, and digital technologies.


The Curriculum of the Course Includes:

  • Marketing Online and Technology
  • SEO Techniques
  • Social Media Advocacy
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour, Business Goals and Objectives, and Return on Investment
  • Acquiring Knowledge of Digital Marketing Funnels
  • Making the Most of Paid Ads to Increase Your Reach, Engagement, Conversions, and Impressions
  • Best Digital Marketing Practices


7. Berlin School of Economics and Law


Duration: 24 Months

Fees: 14,800€

It is one of Germany’s largest universities for applied science. There are over 11000 students enrolled in 60 different courses. One of the largest public universities in Germany is the Berlin School of Economics and Law. In the fields of business, administration, and other different streams, it provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. In their course details, it is mentioned that they include topics of digital marketing such as:


  • Planning, implementing, and executing Digital Marketing Frameworks
  • Network of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence’s Influence on Marketing Changes in The Online World
  • Robotic Marketing’s Future
  • Using Traditional Marketing While Integrating Digital Strategy
  • Investigating and Identifying the Various Media Channels to Reach Your Clients, Among Others


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8. ICN Business School


Duration: 1 year

Fees: 12 720 €

Its four campuses include one each in China and Germany as well as two in France (Nancy and Paris) (Shanghai). Its state-of-the-art infrastructure offers students and executives a cutting-edge education that is great and prepared them to enter the workforce as responsible professionals.

Of the roughly 3000 students who attend the various campuses, 38% are international students. The university is exceptional in producing managers with a multidisciplinary perspective who are creative. You must enroll in the MSc in Digital Transformation Management at the ICN Business School if you choose to take a digital marketing course there.


The Course Details Include:

  • Email Marketing Course
  • Content Marketing
  • Web analytics training
  • paid advertising training
  • sales funnel training
  • social media marketing training


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9. CBS International Business School


Duration: Semesters 4

Fees: 1255€

One of the greatest private business schools in Germany, CBS is privately owned and offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the fields of marketing, finance, psychology, and other related fields. It additionally provides certificate programs. The university is quite well-known; 1900 international students from 75 different countries are enrolled in a variety of programs.

Its classes are worthwhile. The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Science and the Wissenschaftsrat (German Science Council) both provide their approval to the university. On behalf of the German Accreditation Council, FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) routinely accredits all of its study programs.

There is a certificate program in digital marketing at the university, of course, if you want to take a course there. The details of their specified curriculum are as follows:

  • Marketing administration
  • Social Networking and Media
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Online marketing and advertising in its entirety
  • Online Marketing Techniques using Email


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10. GISMA Business School


Duration: One year

Fees: 16000€/year

It is a privately owned university that is situated in Hannover, Germany. According to Ranking.ft.com, the top 100 global MBA programs exist. It provides more than 100 German-language courses in finance, human resources, and digital marketing. Both undergraduate and graduate students may enroll in the courses.

There, you must attend the lectures for the MSc in Digital Marketing program. You will acquire online access facilities from the universities arranged by financial time and professional bodies. The course’s attractiveness is that it offers you several real-world tasks in addition to its theoretical content, helping you to become more industry-ready.

You may stay current with market developments by having online access. You will have every chance of receiving job offers by the time you complete your MSc. in Digital Marketing degree program.  In their course, they include:

  • SEO Techniques
  • Social Media Advocacy
  • Understanding Customer Behaviour, Business Goals and Objectives, and Return on Investment
  • Acquiring Knowledge of Digital Marketing Funnels
  • Making the Most of Paid Ads to Increase Your Reach, Engagement, Conversions, and     Impressions


FAQs About Digital Marketing Courses in Germany


Q1. Who can apply to study Digital Marketing courses in Germany?

There are no such prerequisites set for studying a Digital Marketing Course and therefore, anyone with an interest in the field can take up any of the digital marketing courses in Germany. However, if one wishes to apply for any Master’s Program then Bachelor’s from the same background might be important, depending on the chosen University. 


Q2. Do all Digital Marketing Courses in Germany provide a guaranteed Internship?

No, not every Digital Marketing course comes with Internship Opportunities in Germany. Digital Marketing Courses in Germany are designed to train students as well as professionals about the recent methods of Digital Marketing and therefore depending on the University and the duration of the program the Internships are offered by only some institutions. 


Q3. Are there any free certified digital marketing courses in Germany?

Yes, there are some free Digital Marketing Courses in Germany. One of them has been included in this article and that is Ludwig-Maximilians University’s Course.


Q4. What is the scope of the Job after completing the Digital Marketing Course?

There are ample opportunities for a person who becomes a certified Digital Marketer. A person can apply for the job of a web developer, Data Analyst, Web Designer, Pay Per Click SEM, and more. 


Q5. What is the annual salary of a Digital Marketer?

The annual salary of a Digital Marketer starts from €30,000 and can go up to €70,000 depending on Experience and Expertise.



Germany is a hub of opportunities in the sector of Digital Marketing. The enlisted Digital Marketing Courses in Germany can help anyone become a professional in the field of Digital Marketing. The article provides a detailed format of all the curriculums of the courses which can help anyone choose the best course according to their comfort. 

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