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Top 7 Financial Modeling Courses in India With Placements

Most recently, financial modeling skills have created a buzz in and around the ever-growing finance sector. As HRs and employers are evidently looking for financial modeling skills, more and more individuals have come up to attend courses and workshops to achieve this skill set. If you are on the bandwagon to acquire this expertise, then we have the best institutes offering financial modeling courses in India here in this article. Read on to find out the most suitable course for yourself.

Financial Modeling Courses in India

Before we venture into financial modeling courses in India, let’s look at the benefits of doing financial modeling courses. Let’s begin!

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What is Financial Modeling?

Financial Modeling is the art and science of creating dynamic financial models that further aid in various business-related decision-making processes. To name a few, tracking the company’s overall performance, analyzing financial statements, making valuations and assessments, forecasting, and budgeting.

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Benefits of Doing Financial Modeling

The reason for the popularity of financial modeling is the immense benefits that it brings to the individuals and the companies that they are working for. Let’s know more about its benefits:

  • Better and Extensive View of Business

Financial Models are created based on a deep-seated view and insights about the business. When analysts evaluate various factors contributing to the business, and other factors that could impact the business, they acquire a better view and functionality of the business. This gives them an upper hand in managing adversities and unpredictable circumstances.

  • Business Valuation

Business valuations are pivotal to big companies with investors and shareholders. Besides, companies that want to restructure themselves by selling stakes to outsider parties or investors profit from business valuations. Having a fair idea of their business value by determining free cash flows, and other useful assets that accrue to the business at different times, they are better prepared to make business decisions.

  • Risk Minimizations

The more you know the depths of your business, the better you can handle the risks and liabilities. Don’t you agree? Let’s understand it a bit more.

Financial models help in due diligence by suggesting the impacts of activities and decisions. Thus, it can help in minimizing the risks in the business. Take, for example, if a business wants to make a new venture, financial models can direct and guide costs, price changes, market rates, marketing effects, etc. Thus, minimizing the chances of risks that could come forth in the absence of this analysis.

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  • Generate Quick Outputs

Without the presence of financial models, making finance-related decisions can be an overhauling task. Finding answers to financial questions and calculating their impact on the business can take days for correct evaluations. But, with financial models, generating quick outputs can be a lot easier. Since the financial models already have the requisite data in a systemized manner, decisions can be made quickly and efficiently.

  • Periodic Performance Review

First things first, financial models help in deciding budgets and forecasts. For that matter, financial models help in carrying out variance analysis by comparing budgets with the actual business results. This periodic review when done periodically can give the manifested feedback on the business operations and workings.

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Top 7 Institutes Offering Financial Modeling Courses in India



IIM SKILLS is a leading institute that provides the best financial modeling courses in India. Speaking of the institute, IIM Skills is an all-around ed-tech firm with a wide spectrum of courses in finance, taxation, marketing, writing, etc. All of its courses are upskilling courses relevant to the industry type and job.

With an aim to provide cost-effective yet high-quality training, IIM Skills is an ideal choice for online learning. All its course programs are instructor-led and taken up online with one-on-one interactions. Instructors are not only experts in their subject but also friendly and approachable.

An extensive and up-to-date curriculum that undergoes constant changes and upgradation as per the new trends makes it your best bet. Moreover, a major focus is put on the practical aspects of training rather than just age-old theoretical practices that have little say in the real world.

Practical acquisition with skill polishing helps you cement your knowledge to enter the corporate world. The programs come with flexibility in terms of schedules, given that, even working professionals can take up these courses.

Another bonus feature is their lifetime LMS validity. LMS or Learning Management System is the online library of resources, and the best part is that it is regularly updated to keep the syllabus relevant.

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration: 3-4 months

Course Fee: 39,900 +GST

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Key Highlights of Financial Modeling Courses in India:

  • Mode: Absolutely Online. You can log in and attend the virtual sessions using any device from anywhere around the world.
  • Curriculum: The all-inclusive curriculum covers the depths of all the vital elements of financial modeling and valuations. It includes:
    • Basic and Advanced Excel
    • Accounting concepts
    • Financial Statements
    • Ratio/KPI Analysis
    • Financial Modeling Fundamentals
    • Types of Financial Modeling
    • Business Valuation
  • You will get hands-on training in Excel and PowerPoint, which are the core tools for financial modeling.
  • Certification: On successful course completion, you get a globally accredited Master’s certification from IIM Skills.
  • Get help with resume writing and interview preparation.

  • Placement Assistance: Their dedicated placement cell provides placement assistance to get you job interviews.
  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to all the resource material (present and updated) throughout your life.
  • Post-Training Mentorship: Even after course culmination, if you ever face a dilemma in your career, you can seek guidance and support from your mentors. They are more than happy to help you.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740

Email Id: [email protected]

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2. CFI

CFI, Corporate Finance Institute is a specialized finance training provider offering the best financial modeling courses in India. The institute brings real-market skills to the professionals for a remarkable career ahead in their lives.

The institute provides high-quality finance training thanks to excellent mentors, innovative courseware designers, and cutting-edge technical methodologies. Experts innovatively design the curriculum to provide all the requisite abilities, tactics, and resources required to become a world-class financial professional.

What sets their courses apart from the heard are the topic-based short courses. One can choose as per their area of expertise and move towards specialization in that particular field. For instance, financial modeling itself has 29 courses, of which one can choose 14 to acquire the FMVA certification.

Basically, there are 5 steps to becoming a certified FMVA (Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst). Beginning with the 7 prep courses, one may or may not take them as they are optional. Next, there are 11 core courses to strengthen the bedrock of financial modeling and valuation.

In the third step, you get to choose a minimum of 3 out of 11 elective courses to build on your expertise and specializations. The fourth step is to appear for the FMVA examination, and the final step is to receive the FMVA certification.

This wholesome course teaches you to perform proper financial analysis with a major focus on the practical elements of study. That’s why it is counted as one of the best financial modeling courses in India.

Course Name: Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst

Course Fee:

Fees for the self-study program are $497 / per year

Fees for the full immersion program are $847 / per year

Key Highlights of Financial Modeling Courses in India:

  • Mode: Online
  • Curriculum: The course covers the following topics in detail:
  1. Accounting
  2. Excel
  3. Finance
  4. Financial Modeling
  5. Valuation
  6. Budgeting and Forecasting
  7. Presentation & Visuals
  8. Strategy
  • Explore career options in Investment banking, equity research, corporate development, private equity, and financial planning & analysis.
  • Get 170+ interactive exercises and guided simulations
  • Certification: Acquire a blockchain digital certificate. A hard copy is also available on demand.

Contact Details:

Ph. No: 1-(800)-817-7539

Email ID: [email protected]

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3. The Wall Street School (TWSS)

Another big name in the list of the best financial modeling courses in India is none other than TWSS. Having already trained more than 8000 candidates, it is one of the most recognized and respected training entities in the domain of finance.

Their online courses and boot camps are expertly designed for students and working professionals to equip them with the requisite skills to meet the demands of the investment banking and corporate finance world.

With rank-holding instructors and mentors, they claim to use cutting-edge technologies and techniques to help delegates become job-ready. Their USP lies in their placement guarantees, for which they do charge an additional fee. At the initial enrolment, they charge a nominal 40% fee of INR 40,000.

Post course completion, they provide placement opportunities to all candidates Those interested are well-groomed for interviews. Once they get placed through their portal and accept the offer, they charge the remaining 60% of the fee, which is INR75,000.

Course Name: Financial Modelling and Valuation

Course Fee:

6 weeks training₹ 40,000 +GST* (on enrolment)

2.5 months of weekend training- ₹ 40,000 +GST*

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Mode: Both online and offline training is available.
  • Curriculum: Structured by investment bankers and experts, the courseware fathoms the depths of investment banking, equity research, and corporate finance. It includes:
    • Basic and Intermediate Excel
    • Advanced Excel & PowerPoint
    • Finance concepts
    • Financial Modeling
    • Comparable Company Analysis
    • Transaction Analysis
    • DCF valuation
    • Merger model
    • Leveraged buyout
  • Eligibility: It is purely merit-based eligibility. You have to appear for an interview for the same to get selected.
  • Placement Support: Get 100% placement support and guarantee
  • Certification: Get industry-recognized certifications from TWSS.

Contact Details

Ph. No: +91-9953729651

Email ID: [email protected]


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4. EduPristine

EduPristine is a new-age finance and taxation skill provider. Founded in 2009 by 4 working professionals from top MNCs like Goldman Sachs, Accenture, S& P, and Standard Chartered, the institute has become a well-established name today.

Over a decade of experience, they have refined and modified their training strategies to render an impactful learning experience to their delegates. They provide customized learning solutions for both online and classroom training experiences.

While they have CPA, CMA, ACCA, and BAT courses under the accounts section, they also have CFA, FM, and FRM courses in the finance sector. With high-quality training, practical focus, 24*7 access to online course material, and expert instructors, they ensure the holistic development of learning aspirants.

At the same time, they further contribute to your growth via soft skills training, placement assistance, and career help. All these staggering features make their FM program one of the best financial modeling courses in India.

Course Name:  Financial Modelling Course

Course Duration: 14 days or 70 hours

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Mode: Online as well as classroom training options.
  • Curriculum: They have a comprehensive curriculum that exhausts the concepts of Excel, and finances. Additionally, they provide two case studies to help to understand the real financial market trends. These include:
  1. Excel Tips
  2. Case Study of FMCG
  3. Merger and Acquisitions
  4. Macros, Charting, and Project Finance
  5. Case Study of Accenture
  • Certification: Get joint certification from Edu Pristine and BSE Institute Ltd.
  • You get downloadable resource material and 24*7 access to online LMS.
  • Dedicated discussion forums to put forward your doubts and speculations
  • After course Engagement: After you complete the course, get help with placements, and career services.

Contact Details

Ph. No: 1800 200 5835

Email ID: [email protected]


5. Finance Edge

Next on our list of the best financial modeling courses in India is the Finance Edge Institute. Driven by technical expertise and innovation, the institute aims to provide top-tier learning solutions in the domain of finance.

With a qualified team of 9 leading instructors with an accumulated wealth of experience, the institute guarantees world-class education. To make learners’ journey a breeze, they have a tech and operations team for smooth program delivery.

With offices in London, New York, and Asia-Pacific, and as a quick response to Covid’s situation, they offer cutting-edge learning solutions both in-person and online. They pride themselves on being the most flexible financial training benefactor.

Course Name: The Investment Banker

Course Duration: 43.5 hours

Course Fee: INR 20,649 (inc. tax)


Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Mode: Both online and offline training options are available. You can choose as per your availability of time and presence.
  • It is a micro-degree program.
  • Curriculum: They have an extensive curriculum that covers the fundamentals of investment banking techniques, valuations, financial modeling, and more. Topics included are as follows:
    • Accounting
    • Financial Modeling
    • Valuation
    • Discounted Cash Flow and WACC
    • M&A
    • LBO Analysis
  • Practical Exercises: There are over 263 exercises to get hands-on learning.
  • Lifetime Access: You can access the material throughout your life and reap the full benefits of the program.

Contact Details: Visit the website for contact details.


6. Udemy

Udemy, as we all know, is an online learning platform with a wide customer base. Well-known for its short-term and affordable certification courses, the platform is a win-all for anyone wanting to learn new in-demand skills at pocket-friendly prices.

Self-paced learning programs with easy access and query submissions let you learn at any time and from anywhere around the world. If you want to learn at your own pace and get recognized validation, then Udemy can be your best bet.

Many of the top instructors have chartered out specialized financial modeling courses available at Udemy. While there are innumerable options to choose from, we have listed the best-seller choices to help you narrow down your list. The list is as enumerated:

  1. Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modelling and Valuation
  2. Financial Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel Complete Course
  3. Financial Modelling for Business Analysts and Consultants
  4. Financial Modelling: Build a Complete DCF Valuation Model
  5. Introduction to Financial Modelling for Beginners

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Mode: Entirely online and self-paced. All that is left to be done is log in, pay, and access the video lessons for an easy-going learning experience.
  • Curriculum: Each course has specific topics and specializations covered. You can pick and choose the one that adds more to your learning curve.
  • Certifications: On successful completion of the course, you get shareable certifications from Udemy.


Contact Details: Visit www.udemy.com to contact them.


7. Coursera

Coursera is yet another online self-learning platform promoting the education for all motto. Following the trail of their mission, they strive to make learning accessible to all, so that anyone can transform their lives and climb up the ladder of success.

Having fostered partnerships with over 2000 companies and universities, they are constantly soaring as an online learning platform. In finance alone, they have over 100+ programs from beginner to advanced levels. You can visit their website to pick and choose the course as per your level of choice and expertise.

The Best Options for Financial Modeling courses in India at Coursera are:

  1. Business and Financial Modelling
  2. Finance and Quantitative Modelling for Analyst
  3. Fundamentals of Quantitative Modelling
  4. Wharton Business and Financial Modelling Capstone
  5. Advanced Valuation & Strategy- M&A, Private Equity, and Venture Capital

Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Mode: Purely online and self-paced programs.
  • Curriculum: Each course unravels the specifics of a particular topic or area of expertise. Choose and pay only for the specializations that you are interested in.
  • Certifications: Get online certifications from Coursera to add to your resume and social media profiles.

Contact Details: Visit www.coursera.org/in to know the course specifics and more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which financial modeling course is best in India?

The best financial modeling courses in India are as follows:

  1. IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course
  2. CFI Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification
  3. The Wall Street School Financial Modelling and Valuation course
  4. Edu Pristine Financial Modeling Course
  5. Finance Edge The Investment Banker Course

Q2. Who is eligible for financial modeling?

The basic eligibility criteria to learn financial modeling are a 10+2 certification and a graduate degree, preferably in the commerce and finance discipline. As there are no set rules, individuals from any stream can enroll in this course. Also, there are some prerequisites like basic knowledge of Excel and an understanding of the fundamentals of the finance domain.

Q3. Can I get a job after financial modeling courses in India?

Yes, definitely! Financial modeling opens up many doors in the finance domain. Most of the job opportunities after the financial modeling course are in the finance sector. You can get jobs in industries like equity research companies, government organizations, private finance corporations, non-profit organizations, etc.

Some of the popular job roles after the financial modeling course are investment banking, equity research, merger & acquisitions, corporate development, project finance, portfolio managers, etc.

Q4. Is the financial Modelling course useful?

The financial modeling course is certainly most useful for startup founders and small business owners. They can use financial modeling skills to compare pricing models, compute capital requirements, understand the demographics for investments, and extrapolate business decisions.

Apart from them, individuals seeking a career in finance or finance professionals can equally benefit from the course. They can leverage the skills to launch their career or climb up their career ladder in terms of promotions and salary hikes.

Concluding Thoughts

These were the best finance institutes that offer the most comprehensive financial modeling courses in India. Since we have already narrowed down your list of course options, all that is left to be done is to match these options with your individual preferences and requirements.

Doing financial modeling courses from any of these top-notch institutes will add weight to your resume and career. It would be a great accomplishment to showcase to your prospective employers and clients. Thus, increasing your chances of job selection and promotions manifold.

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