IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review (Updated)

Technical writing has evolved tremendously over the years to become a coveted career choice. If you are eyeing technical writing as a career option, opting for the best technical writing course is your first step. While hunting for the best technical writing courses, you must have pounded upon the Technical Writing Course by IIM Skills. Here in this article, we will analyze and provide you with the granulated IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review. We assure you that, by the end of the article, you will be able to make a rational choice. 


IIM Skills Technical Writing Course review


Now, before we unearth the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review; we will illuminate you about few-related questions:


  • what technical writing is, 
  • is technical writing the right choice for you, 
  • does it pay well? 


Feel free to skip this section if you have already done your research on the technical writing career. 


What is Technical Writing? 


Technical writing refers to the art and science of turning complex jargon into simple, lucid language. Technical writing includes but is not limited to technical reports, business writing, documentation, and user manuals. 


Technical writers who write these manuals and documents act as the bridge between the technology-makers and end-users. Let’s get this straight with an example. 


Whenever you buy a new gadget or machine; what is the first thing you check? The tad user manual explains the usage, warnings, and other aspects of the product. Isn’t it? That is the job of a technical writer to convert complex functions and operations into concise, understandable, and coherent writing. 


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Why Technical Writers?


With technology booming at an alarming rate, one cannot overlook the importance of technical writers. Nowadays, technology has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives. Most significantly, technology plays a vital role in IT, communication, medicine, manufacturing, security, entertainment, education, and other relevant industries. 


Apparently, technology is the future, and technical communication is crucial. That is why there is visible demand for technical writers. If you want to be a part of this growing technical writer community, then just go for it.


Is technical writing the right career choice for you? 


Technical writing has lighted up new avenues for tech-savvy individuals. The term, which remained under the sheets for a long time, now has developed into one of the highest-paying jobs. More and more people have instrumentalized this as a career opportunity. 


If you are a logical thinker with good communication skills, then bring it on! This is an apt career choice for you. If researching, creating, and curating content is your thing, then this career is cut out just for you! Indeed, if you hail from a technical background on a quest to switch careers, then hit the technical writing career road. 


For writers, engineers, homemakers, or anyone with an inclination towards technology and writing, in particular, technical writing is an excellent option. 


To cap it all, researches show that the employment of technical writers is projected to grow at a rate of 12% from 2020 to 2030. Clearly, there is massive demand. All that is required is your perception of yourself as a part of this technical writer community.  


Does technical writing pay well? 


Do technical writers get paid suitably? The short answer is YES! Technical writers receive lucrative payments for their hard work and skills. The starting salary of a technical writer is ₹2.7 Lakhs per year (22.5k per month), as per Ambition Box. As you grow professionally and acquire expertise, the salary increases manifold. 


As per PayScale, the average salary of a technical writer in India is ₹507762. Understandably, technical writing is a money-making career option with enormous demand. 


Now, that we have canvassed a clear picture of the technical writing industry, skills, and salary, let’s get to the best institute that offers a technical writing course. Yes, you are right, we are talking about the IIM Skills institute. 


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An introduction to IIM Skills Institute


IIM Skills is a one-of-a-kind ed-tech institute that believes in high-quality training for skill development. Headquartered in Delhi, IIM Skills is a pioneer of online learning in varied in-demand courses. Counting from 2015 till today, the institute has a list of 25000+ happy graduates.


With over years of experience, the institute has carved a steady reputation and prestige not only at a national but international level. People from all over the world chip in for their didactic learning programs. 


So far, IIM Skills offers competent courses in the domains of marketing, writing, and finance; these include:


Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Advanced SEO Course

GST Certification Course


In the upcoming years, the institute envisions spreading its wings across these domains:


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence


Time and again, the institute caught the eye of the media houses like The Times of India, The Statesman, Prime Time, Mid-day, etc. Above all, many educational blogs have ranked their courses as No.1 in the market. Altogether, IIM Skills is a well-known and prominent name in the world of online learning. 


About the Technical Writing Course


Before passing on the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review, let us know about this course in brief. 


The technical writing training at IIM Skills is a one-month-long all-inclusive course program. This one-month is carefully assorted into 20 hours of live interactive lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments. 


Along with the 5-week training, there is an optional internship for the same duration. Together with, it is a 2-months program with lots of practical learning exposure. 


In close proximity to the set standards by Google, the courseware is developed organically. The exhaustive courseware is cut out into digestible module chunks for easy comprehension. Here is an insight into the defined course structure:


  • Introduction
  • How to Write
  • Content Creation
  • Technical Reports
  • White Papers or Journals
  • DDLC & Versioning
  • Conversational Writing
  • Reviewing and Publishing
  • API Documentation
  • Datasheets and User Manuals
  • Effective Writing
  • Medical Writing
  • Case Studies


Clearly depicted, the courseware covers all the technical aspects intrinsic to technical communication. In addition, the program constitutes the usability and application of the relevant technical tools like Scribus, MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Canva, etc. 


All this extensive curriculum, tools knowledge, and practical application come at a reasonable cost price of INR 14,900+ GST. 



Who can Benefit from this course? 


Industry experts suggest that this course is an excellent fit for anyone who has a flair for technology and writing. With no specific pre-requisites, this course can accommodate newbies, content writers, or existing technical writers. 


On a broader scale, the course is an excellent fit for you if you fall into any of these categories:


  • Content Writer

Being a content writer, you are already a well-bred writer. With this advanced technical writing training, you can flex your career into a skillful technical writer. 


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  • Working Technical Writer

As a working technical writer, you can take up this program to enhance your skillset, update your knowledge spectrum, and learn about new tools. 


  • Marketing Professional

Having established your mark as a marketing professional, you have full knowledge about the target audience, selling points, and strategies. Taking up technical writing training can fuel you into gaining prominence in the tech field, which is, by the way, a growing field. 


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  • Technical Documentation Engineer

As a technical documentation engineer, you are well versed in computer design software to document product specifications. Since you already possess the basics skills like communication, documentation, and designing, this course can be an ideal fit for you. 


  • Development Engineer

Possessing the finesse of research, design, and development of the product, a development engineer can aptly fit into the shoes of a technical writer. The plus point here is that you already have the expertise in product specifications so you can explain the processes from scratch. 


  • Hardware Engineers

Hardware engineers are again at ease with the elements of products, which makes a technical writing career a befitting choice for you. 


  • Software Engineers

Well-grounded software engineers have an upper hand in terms of the technicalities of products and software. As a result, many software engineers take the technical writing route and bud into pro technical writers. 


Whether you fall into the aforementioned categories or you have an intrinsic desire to be a technical writer; in both cases, you can assent into this career trail. 


Key Highlights of the Course


In this section, let us scrutinize the charming factors that form the core of the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review. These factors are the roots that strengthen the program as a whole:


Industry Veterans as Mentors

The course is imparted by industry veterans who have been working in the technical writing industry for a long time. These industry insiders have true knowledge of the best practices of technical writing, which they imbue in the candidates like you. 

Not only do they train you with the ins and outs of technical writing in general, but also cement you with tips and tricks. 


Courseware in Alignment with Google

Promising you the best knowledge, the courseware is strictly designed as per the Google standards. That said, you will receive the updated and most useful training in alignment with Google.   


Tools-driven Training

Technical writing training is incomplete without instrumental knowledge of tools and software. Thereby, the technical writing training at IIM Skills is absolutely tools-driven. The program explores the usage of tools like MS Project, MS Viso, Git, Scribus, Canva to lift the heavy lifting. As a result, you learn to speed up the processes, chalk out enchanting designs, and maximize productivity. 


Gain First-hand Learning Experience

In the wake of new-age skills-based employment, practical experience is all that matters. Moving along those lines, the IIM Skills TWMC program gives you plenty of chances to acquire first-hand experience. 

As an incumbent of the program, you can expect to:


  • Create and Publish your First White Paper

After learning the art and science of defining and curating white papers, you will venture to create your own white paper. Moreover, you will go on the publish the same, which will further add up to your portfolio. 


  • Write and Publish Scholarly Article

On another level, you will work on a scholarly article. From writing to publishing the same on live platforms, you will again have an in-hand experience. 


  • Publish First Technical Blog at Times of India

Among other things, you will try your luck at writing a technical blog. The best part about this is you will get to publish the same at the Times of India blog, which is itself a fringe benefit. 


Flexible Learning Schedules

Another striking feature of the program is the flexible learning schedules. You don’t have to miss out on college learning or the job front to acquire a new skill. 

With both weekday and weekend batches available, you can squeeze up your learning time along with your jobs or colleges. Moreover, with any time anywhere access, you can learn from any part of the world. 


Assembled Backup available

At any point in time, due to unforeseen circumstances, if you miss any class, class backups are always available. To cap it all, there is a simple navigation system, called LMS, with which you can access all the resource material and class recordings 24*7. 

This access stays with you forever. You can come back and log in to revise your knowledge at any later point in your career. 


Lifetime Support

IIM Skills institute provides lifetime support for both consultation and technical aspects. What it means is that you can reach out to the institute for support and guidance as and when required. They will be more than happy to lead you in the right direction. 


Some Additional Benefits

  • Job Referrals

The dedicated placement support brings you the best job referrals for you. Since technical writing has a vast scope, you can go on to work in any industry and grow yourself. 


  • Interview grooming

Apart from job referrals, you also get interview grooming sessions. You will learn the do’s and dont’s of interviews. With the interview support sessions, you will learn to flag the interview and get your desired dream jobs. 


  • Post-training support

Post-training support lets you have support even after your course is complete. If you have trouble finding jobs, want to kick-start your own agency or blog, or foster freelancing, you can seek guidance from the mentors. 


Connecting all the dots, the TWMC is an affluent program enriched with spot-on features. These characteristics will help you bring out the best in you and make a steady career in the field of technical writing. Coming along, let’s drill down at the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review. 


Alumna Reviews


Anubhav Bhandari from Kolkata, who works at ICICI Bank Ltd. says the following about the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course review: 


Anubhav's review on Technical writing course


Bhumika Sharma, a senior editor at Hinduja Group Mumbai says the following about the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course review:


Bhumika's review on Technical writing course


Nishant Jha, a Senior Associate at Fidelity, Gurgaon finds the course best among all the courses available in the market. Here is what he says:


Nishant's review on Technical writing course


IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review- End Verdict


Based on the alumna review, authentic research, and all other reasonable factors, IIM Skills is the best institute for a technical writing course. The program is all-encompassing with all suitable elements of an excellent technical writing course. 


Developed and delivered by the industry veterans, the course is desirable for anyone and everyone who wants to learn technical writing. To add to it, the state-of-the-art teaching methodologies fuel the learning. 


While many institutes deliver pre-recorded sessions, the IIM Skills TWMC program is live and interactive. You can interact with students and mentors, pose doubts, and seek advice at the same time. All the doubts are cleared at an instance. 


More than anything, the lifetime access to both resource material and training makes it all the more worthwhile. Counting on the freebies, you get a free demo, free backup classes, interview preparation, and job referrals. Inferring from it, the program is well-expansive as it covers everything from the basics to the day you find your career alley.


In a nutshell, the IIM Skills Technical Writing course Review suggests that if you want to become a professional technical writer, this is the best choice for you. Go ahead without a shadow of a doubt. 


FAQs Related to IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review


Q1. What is the best technical writing course?

A1. With an equal focus on theoretical and practical acquisition, IIM Skills Technical Writing Master Course is the best technical writing course. It serves all the purposes by imparting updated knowledge, tools learning, and post-training assistance. 

The one-of-its-kind course is customized to meet the requirements of all aspiring technical writing. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, the course benefits you to become a better technical writer. 


Q2. What can I expect from a technical writing course?

A2.  A technical writing course equips you with all the necessities and intricacies of technical communication. In this course, you learn about the entire technical writing process- beginning with planning, writing, editing to formatting, designing graphics to assessing user requirements. 


Q3. What are the examples of technical writing?

A3.  Here is a list of examples of technical writing, which are included but not limited to the technical writing industry:

  • Press Releases
  • Technical Reports 
  • Memos
  • Business Proposals
  • Datasheets
  • Product Descriptions and Specifications
  • White Papers
  • API Documentation
  • User manuals
  • Resumes


Q4. What skills should a technical writer have?

A4. A good technical writer must have these 7 vital skills:

  • Ability to write
  • Understanding about technology (area of expertise)
  • Ability to write in clear, concise, and understandable language
  • The knack to depict ideas in a graphical manner
  • Patience for problem-solving and troubleshooting
  • Aptitude to interact with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Good knowledge of the available tools


Q5. Is a technical writer a good career?

A5. Technical writing is a promising career option that pays well. Research suggests that the demand for technical writers expect to increase by 12% from 2020 to 2025, which is the highest among all the professions. 

If you are passionate about technical writing and willing to adapt to the challenges of this rapidly growing field, this could be an excellent career opportunity. 


Summing Up!


Coming to the end of the IIM Skills Technical Writing Course Review on a positive note, the program is worth a shot. We hope that we answered all your queries and doubts in this post. If there is anything more that you want to know, feel free to mention it in the comment section.


Or else, you can ask for assistance with the counselors at IIM Skills to guide you down the road. You also have the option to take a free demo before investing your money in this program. 


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


We wish you all the best for your tech writer journey!

IIM Skills SEO Course Review: A Detailed Analysis

In the wake of digital marketing, SEO has emerged as a hot and desired skill. If you also covet SEO skills and have finally come up with a decision to enroll in an SEO course, you must be thriving to find the most suitable course. Thus, here we bring you the review of one of the most advanced and practically-oriented SEO courses. Grab a seat and a cup of coffee, and read on about the IIM Skills SEO Course Review. We are sure, by the end of the article, you will be in a good position to make an informed decision. 


IIM Skills SEO Course Review


Now, before we roll up our sleeves to plunge into the IIM Skills SEO Course Review, let’s have a quick discussion about SEO. Feel free to skip to the next part, if you have a working knowledge of SEO.


What is SEO? 


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It involves working on varied factors to drive organic and free traffic to your website. In simpler terms, it is the art of improving your site’s visibility when people search for a query or term.


How Does Search Engines Work? 


Search engines work in infinitely surreptitious ways. Broadly speaking, there are over 200+ factors that Google uses to rank pages on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).


Let’s break it up to learn how a search engine works. Fundamentally, search engines use 3 processes, namely:


  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking



Search Engines like Google or Bing set out crawlers or bots to crawl and collect information from the web. They discover and re-discover new sites or pages, updated content, changes to existing sites, or dead links.



Indexing is similar to bookkeeping in a library. In this process, the accumulated information is organized in the giant webserver to enable a super-fast response to search queries.



The ranking is the process used by search engines to place web pages on the SERP. As mentioned before, there are numerous elements that determine the place or position of a particular page on a search engine.


That reminds us of the famous writer’s joke. If you want to hide a dead body, mask it on the second page of Google. Why? Because no one visits the second page of search engines.


Check out the SEO courses in popular cities:

SEO Courses in Bangalore

SEO Courses in Delhi 

SEO Courses in Mumbai


Moving along, let’s find out more about the importance of SEO.


Why is SEO important? 


The paradigm shift in marketing to online marketing standards has made SEO more than ever important.


As per a study conducted by Search Engine Journal, 49% of marketers claim that organic search brings the highest ROI among all the digital marketing channels.


While that speak volumes of the impact of SEO on digital marketing, yet here we look at some more benefits of SEO:

  • Optimized visibility that brings in more clientele.
  • Nurture credibility and trust with the audience
  • Increased website traffic
  • Power-up user-experience
  • Foster growth of the Brand
  • Local SEO encourages traffic, engagement, and conversions
  • influences buying cycle
  • Cost-effective method
  • Leads to increased ROIs


That’s all about the basics of SEO. Now, it’s time to take a plunge at the glorious institute offering phenomenal courses.


Unveiling IIM Skills Institute


In the ed-tech space, IIM Skills is a pre-eminent name for its efficient and competent courses. Headquartered in New Delhi, the institute has spread its wings and blurred the lines nationally and internationally. Counting the numbers, they have reached 35 countries and trained more than 25000 students. With a proven track record, IIM Skills is a leading name in online education providers.


The mission of this renowned institute is to provide world-class education at affordable pricing. And, truth be told, they have achieved it to a large extent. Moving along the same lines, they are in perpetual search of in-demand professional courses to fulfill the needs of professionals to upskill themselves.


One of the main reasons why IIM Skills prides itself and accumulates immense praises is the brilliant faculty. They are the real asset of the institute with expertise and experience to teach the subject matter. They are subject-matter experts and qualified as industry leaders in the market.



Courses Offered By IIM Skills


The prestigious institute is prevalent among the masses for its high-quality mastery-level courses. What makes them the best in the market is their full coverage- from basics to advanced wisdom. All the courses are exquisitely designed to cater to the needs of aspirants from all walks of life.


Unfolding the list of the courses, here we have:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Advanced SEO Course

GST Certification Course


Each of the courses is considered best in the market for its state-of-the-art techniques and ingenious learning methodology.


With an accelerated growth rate, the institute aims to launch new courses in 2022 and beyond:


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence


IIM Skills SEO Course


The Advanced SEO Course by IIM Skills is a masterpiece that is cut out for people with a verve to learn SEO best practices. The 4-week SEO training comes up with 16 hours of live lectures and 2 live projects. Besides, practical assignments and weekly assessments are a part of the program to provide enough hands-on learning.


After the culmination of the one-month course, there is a 2-month paid internship with a fixed stipend of 6K. The “Learn as you earn” approach makes it a coveted choice among the masses.


Continuing on the premises of curriculum, it embodies A to Z of the SEO world. The courseware is cut out into module-sized pieces for easy comprehension and quantifiable learning. Let’s unravel each of them one by one:


Module 1: Introduction to SEO

This introductory module orients about SEO, its types, its effectiveness in the world of digital marketing. Moreover, it familiarizes the time required by SEO to show valid results.


Module 2: Setting Up Niche

This module is a forerunner in the area of niche. Learn about the perfect niche for your website; understand website credibility, user interface, and user experience.


Module 3: On-page SEO

This is an eye-opener for all the on-page optimizations techniques beginning with keywords, meta descriptions, pillar content, image optimizations, canonical URL, redirects, and what not!


Module 4: Off-page SEO

Learn about backlinks, their types, and generating quality backlinks; more about content marketing strategy, Google my Business, Local SEO, Guest blogging, etc.


Module 5: Technical SEO

This particular module is technical and takes up all the intricacies of technical SEO. These include HTTP and HTTPS servers, CDN, XML sitemap, speed optimization, 301 redirect, 404 errors, permalinks, broken links, schema, internal and external links.


Module 6: Search Console

Beginning with the registration process of the search console to its benefits, usage, and implementation- all come under the umbrella of the Search console module. Among other things, it covers URL inspection, site coverage, site map, disavows links, etc.


Module 7: Google Analytics

Learn all about Google analytics, custom reports, audience geography and overview, acquisitions, and traffic behavior.


Module 8: Reporting in SEO


As the name suggests, the module takes up SEO reports- both weekly and monthly, and progressions.


Module 9: Bonus


Last but not the least, the bonus module endeavors to groom you for job preparation. Career planning, interview preparation, resume, etc come under this unit.



Prevalent Reasons to Choose IIM Skills SEO Course


Proficient Mentors


The well-qualified expert mentors are the real gem of the institute. Not only are they subject matter experts, but also possess the requisite skills to impart education in a comprehensible manner. As a result, aspirants benefit the most from the course.


Absolute Live Virtual Training


Unlike other institutes that offer pre-recorded video lectures, IIM Skills tyrants the online ed-tech space. Why? That is because of their live interactive sessions where students are not only passive receptors of knowledge. They eventually participate in the learning process and acquire experiential knowledge.


Flexible Batches


With all the hustle-bustle in fast-track lives, taking out time to study becomes almost impossible. Whether you are a college student or a working professional, learning something new seems out of the league. To resolve this pertinent issue, IIM Skills provides flexible batches. You can learn at your own pace, attend weekend batches, and even request backup classes.


User-friendly LMS


Online learning is no rocket science, especially with a user-friendly LMS. Learning Management System or LMS is a no-brainer, which anyone can use conveniently. All you have to do is log in, and all the resource material, tools, and recorded lectures are available in a systemized manner.


Practical Exposure


The new-age skills like digital marketing, SEO, SMM are all practically-oriented. Theoretical knowledge of these skills will lead you nowhere. Keeping that in mind, IIM Skills SEO Course is 100% practical-focussed with practical assignments, weekly assessments, case studies, and live projects. It makes the course a significant player in the market and justifies the IIM Skills SEO Course Review.


Paid Internship


Additionally, the 1-month course is seasoned with a 2-months paid internship program. The stipend is fixed at 3K. In this internship program, you get to choose your specialization and get the working knowledge of the same. Whatever you learn throughout the program is put to use, thus accentuating your learning curve. Besides, this adds up to your portfolio and resume as well.


Free Tools


If all of that was not enough to convince you, the SEO program provides free tools worth INR 20K. The apparent tools in the toolkit are Google Search Console, Ubersuggest, KWfinder, GTMetrix, SEMRush, Backlink Auditor, and more.


Lifetime Access and Support


It is tricky to get all things settled up in the brain at once and forever. So, you might want to revamp your knowledge bucket. For that purpose, IIM Skills provide lifetime access to LMS. What it means is that you can simply log in and get access to recorded sessions, updated knowledge, and all the resource material.


The benefits don’t end here. The way they offer lifetime access; likewise, they provide lifetime support. In simpler terms, you can reach out to mentors for support, guidance, and aid at any point in your life. They will enlighten you with the best possible path at no extra cost.


Master Certifications


What has made IIM Skills a globalized institute is its master certification, which is recognized all around the world. Post the one-month training program, you get to take an online-based MCQ examination, clearing which will accolade you with the Master Certifications. These certifications are a big plus to your resume and add stars to your LinkedIn profiles.


Placement and Interview Support


These skill development courses have one thing in common; they don’t end with the learning. In fact, the tail-end of the program is just the beginning of a career arc. That being the case, IIM Skills offers both placement support, interview preparation, and resume preparation. Thus, ultimately, getting you ready for the real-world market. Thus, it adds up more stars to the IIM Skills SEO Course Review.


Here are some of the top-rated companies that IIM Skills has trusted tie-ups with:


Trusted brand partners of IIM Skills


With a dedicated placement cell, IIM Skills provide placement support. More so, they brace you up for the threatening interviews. Along different lines, if you wish to set up your own SEO agency or website, they hand-hold you with all the necessary steps.


Acquired Skillset


This section forms an integral part of the IIM Skills SEO Course Review. Why? That is because modern-age learning is incomplete without skill acquisition. Hence, in this section, we will discuss the requisite skills that you will embrace in this SEO learning program:


  • Research proficiency: Thoughtful research is intrinsic to an effective SEO-based strategy. IIM Skills Advanced SOE course teaches you this art of proper research to get an upper hand over your competitors.
  • Writing Prowess: This course polishes your SEO-writing skills for copywriting, social media marketing, SEO writing, and blog writing.
  • Critical Thinking and Analytical Mindset: It brushes your inherent skills to analyze, determine, and resolve problems efficiently. Moreover, it arms you with the requisite analytical mindset to make rational decisions.
  • Technical Skills: To make you a tech-savvy SEO specialist, the program ingrains HTML and CSS skills.
  • Data Insights: You will learn to accumulate relevant data and turn it into actionable insights to maximize productivity.
  • Learn to Adapt: SEO is an ever-changing field with new algorithms coming up time and again. Learn the techniques to keep abreast of the latest SEO trends and updates.


SEO fundamentals-check, institute knowledge-check, course awareness-check, inherent features-check, now it’s time to drill down the IIM Skills SEO Course Review. Let’s get started!


Alumna Reviews on the Course- IIM Skills SEO Course Review


In this section, we will have a look over the alumna reviews, who have taken the course and provide their relevant words for the new aspirants.


Surya Pratap Singh, an SEO Executive at EaseMyTrip summarizes the IIM Skills SEO Course Review as:

SEO course review by Surya Pratap


Another alumna, Aarti Bhasin, who is designated as SEO lead in Muthoot Finance Ltd, Bangalore appreciates the course in the following review:

SEO course review by Aarti Bhasin


Vinay Sharma, who hails from New Delhi, and is the founder of TheDigitalVerve is now successfully able to manage his website. He thanks IIM Skills in the following manner:

SEO course review by Vinay


IIM Skills SEO Course Review


After witnessing the praiseworthy messages from the alumna, and thorough research about the course, we conclude the IIM Skills SEO Course Review. The course is a true benefactor for anyone with a zest to chip in their SEO skillset.


On a scale of 5, we would give them 4.9 stars. Why? Let’s go down memory lane. Qualified mentors, up-to-date curriculum, state-of-the-art teaching methodologies strengthen the core of the course. What makes it super-fun is the live interactive sessions with a tint of humor and lots of learning. The IIM Skills SEO Course Review doesn’t end here.


Another thing that makes it paradigmatic is that equal focus is laid on theoretical as well as practical learning. The theory adds up to your arsenal of knowledge, and practical exposure in terms of projects, assignments, and tasks reinforces your real-time learning.


While the courseware is engineered to suit the needs of people from all walks of life, the flexible batches even make it accessible. No one has to cut down their college hours or working hours. You can manage both with their customized SEO training. Not to mention, avail backup classes and class recordings at no extra penny.


Indeed, the true highlight of the program is the PAID internship. You can earn and learn side by side, and make way to jump straight into the industry.


Then, there are additional perks accounted for in form of free tools, resources, job referrals, interview preparation, etc. Nonetheless, learn about the SEO hacks and trends to outpace your competitors and stay ahead in the market.


Culminating the IIM Skills SEO Course Review, the course is highly recommended for anyone ushering SEO career, SEO agency, or management of their own website.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to IIM Skills SEO Course Review


Q1. Is SEO a good career?


Yes, SEO has emerged as a good career option, being the most in-demand career in the field of digital marketing. As digital marketing is rapidly growing, so is the demand for SEO professionals.


More and more organizations are hiring SEO professionals to amp up organic traffic, acquire qualified leads, and increase ROIs. Moreover, SEO opens up the doors to international organizations as well.


Q2. What is the best course on SEO?


The Advanced SEO Course by IIM Skills is the best course available on SEO. With innumerable benefits in terms of a paid internship, practical learning, and live projects, the program gives you a cutting edge.


Moreover, free tools, placements, interview preparation, and industry best practices (hacks) make it a one-of-a-kind course ideal for all SEO aspirants.


Q3. Is it hard to learn SEO?


With all the fuss about SEO, people often make it seem like a hard nut to crack. However, in reality, SEO is not simply exceptionally hard to learn. With zest and determination, anyone can master the aspects of SEO and get ranked.


Keyword research, competitive analysis, and derivation of actionable insights can lead you to win the long game. Patience and relentless determination are the key factors that can get you top-ranking places.


Q4. Can I learn SEO on my own?


Yes, you can learn SEO on your own. However, that will be a long process, plus you will not any certification to prove your knowledge acquisition. Thus, enrolling in a certification course program like the one offered by IIM Skills is always a better option.


Investing in an SEO program will assist you in learning comprehensively. Simultaneously, it will save a whole lot of time and save you from irrelevant facts.


Q5. Is SEO a long-term career?


SEO is a viable career option for long-term benefits. Today, all types of businesses covet online presence to do marketing, sales and drive traffic. At the same time, competition is shooting up, as a result, every business needs SEO experts to get ahead of the competition.


In the near future, digital marketing is expected to turn soar and SEO will become difficult. Hence, there will be an immense demand for SEO experts.


Author’s Word


This brings us to the end of our IIM Skills SEO Course Review. We hope you found valuable insights and information pertinent to making an informed choice.


Even if there is a hue of doubt left in your mind, you can book yourself a free demo seat for the orientation session. Attend the session, learn about the teaching methodologies, and other factors before making a final call.

Nevertheless, you can even talk to a consulting professional and see if things fall into place.


On our end, we strongly recommend this particular course to reap the benefits of an unbeatable SEO career. Rest the decision lies in your hands. All the best!

IIM Skills GST Course Review- An Deep-seated View

Reviews are intrinsic to making a rational decision for a purchase. In that light, here in this article, we provide you with a rooted IIM Skills GST Course Review. This review takes a dig at the ins and outs of this particular course, giving you ample room to make an informed decision. Trust us, by the end of this review; you will have a clear sight of whether to buy this course or not!


IIM Skills GST Course Review


GST, or Goods and Services Tax created abuzz since the talks about it clouded the nation, and the clamor only turned up with the implementation of GST in India. But look on the brighter side, the introduction of GST opened up a plethora of new avenues. It soon became a new-age skill and an incredible source of employment for many. 


If this is a significant career option for you, then let’s explore the world of GST before moving on to the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


Let’s just get started!


What is GST? 


Expanding the abbreviation GST, it stands for Goods and Services Tax. This expansion gives a fair idea that GST is related to the tax imposed on the purchase of goods and services. It pretty much sums up the crux of GST. 


In other words, GST stands for the unified taxation system in India that applies to the domestic purchase of all goods and services in India. Breaking away from the shackles of indirect and direct taxes with amplitude of names, GST comes strong as an integrated tax. 


Being a citizen of India, you must be aware that there were varied taxes, namely VAT, service tax, luxury tax, road tax, etc in the former taxation system of India. The inherent problem with this taxation was the overlapping of the taxes that resulted in an increased burden on the end-user. 


On the contrary, non-discriminatory GST applies to all at the same level, leaving no room for tax theft. Moreover, the customers get to claim GST returns. 


Check out the Best Online GST Courses


An Overview: IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a leading ed-tech company that is popular among the masses for its career upliftment and skill development courses. Headquartered in New Delhi, IIM Skills is well-renowned pan India and extends its scope to over 35 countries. 


Being a dominant online course provider, the institute provides the perfect destination to begin a new career or even career advancements. The best part about the courses at IIM Skills is they are comprehensively designed taking into account people from all walks of life. That means irrespective of your background as a graduate, college dropout, housemaker, retired officer, or working professional, you can learn and grow at this institute. 


To bridge the gap between the soaring industry requirements and skilled working professionals, IIM Skills offers various in-demand courses. These courses come out from prevalent domains such as marketing, writing, finance, taxation, and business. 


All of these courses are industry-aligned with a special focus to make you job-ready as soon as you finish up the course. That is to say, the courses are highly job-oriented and arm you with the intricacies of the industry requirements. 


We will have a look at the course offering at IIM Skills in the next section; before we jump onto our IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


Courses Offered by IIM Skills Institute


The top-rated institute for online learning, IIM Skills is the hotspot for umpteen in-demand courses. These courses include:


Other popular professional courses offered by IIM Skills:

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

Advanced SEO Course

GST Certification Course


Apart from these well-liked courses, IIM Skills is an exclusive CAT Coaching provider for aspiring MBA candidates. 

All of these professional courses and coaching are online-format via Zoom sessions. Anyone can assess and learn from anywhere at any time. 

Know about the Top GST Courses in India


GST Course by IIM Skills


Course Name: GST Practitioner Certification Course

Course Duration: 1-month course

Course Fees: INR 9900 + GST


The online GST Certification Course at IIM Skills is a mastery-level course that has a well-defined curriculum. Beginning with the fundamentals of the GST industry, it plunges deep into the advanced concepts of GST. 


The best part about the course is the perfect blend of theory and practical concepts. Learn and practice at an equal pace to become a refined GST Practitioner. 16 hours of self-study lectures, practical assignments, and weekly assessments form the heart of the program. 


Now, let us have a close look at the course modules:

Origin of GST and its impact on businesses

GST Structure and Framework

GST Registration

GST Invoicing

GST Returns Filing

Composition Scheme Under GST

Reverse Charge Mechanism

E-way Bill Under GST

Input Tax Credit & GST Payments


With 24*7 Support, you get an extensive working knowledge of GST invoicing tools and software. Among other things, learners get free ebooks on GST for self-study. Upon successful completion of the course and examination, aspirants are awarded Master Certifications from IIM Skills. They are living proof of your learning development and you can attach them to your resume to flaunt to prospective clients and employers. 



Before we get to the IIM Skills GST Course Review, find out if the GST course is a precise fit for you. 


Who can Do this GST Course?


Anyone with a strong grit to acquire the concepts of GST can take up this particular course, however ideally this is meant for:


Students and Graduates: People with a commerce background, or most specifically degrees in B.com, BBA, BA, M.com, banking, law, finance, etc, can jump in for this course. Apart from that, CS and CA graduates can also develop their skills with this course. 

Existing Finance Professionals: Working professionals who want to upskill themselves or are seeking a career switch from finance to tax department can enroll in this course. 

Working Accountants: Working professionals who want to uplift their career with the knowledge acquisition of the latest taxation system must be willing to join this course. 

Business People: Head people from business fields like business heads, CEO, CFO, SMEs, and tax and finance directors can make their way up with the GST course. 

Start-ups owners: Those who want to set up their own agency or start-up can definitely get a head start with this course. 


IIM Skills GST Course free demo invite


Distinguishing Features of GST Certification Course:


In this section, we will count on the striking features of this GST program which add up to the positiveness of the IIM Skills GST Course Review. These attributes provide you with the true reasons why you must consider this course as a top priority:


Self-paced Learning: 

The busy lives of the modern world don’t give you an ample amount of time to learn and manage college studies or office work together. Hence, the option of self-paced learning is in your best interest to learn when you feel the most productive for skill acquisition. 


Exceptional Mentors as Guiding Forces:

IIM Skills expert mentors with a wealth of experience provide you with an immersive learning experience. Inducing a 360-degree learning approach, they update you with all the aspects of GST in-depth. At the same time, you learn through case studies and hands-on training. 


Refined Learning Methodologies:

Employing the researched and effective teaching methodologies, the mentors ensure you understand the depth of each and every concept. For ease of comprehension, they break down complex concepts into understandable chunks of knowledge. 


Try Before You Buy:

IIM Skills gives you a free demo to have a trial of mentors and their teaching methodologies at IIM Skills. You can attend this FREE demo before you make up your mind to add this product to your cart and hop onto a lifelong learning journey. This is definitely a thumbs up for the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


Interactive Learning:

Unlike many other institutes that offer pre-recorded lecture sessions, the IIM Skills GST Course is purely live and interactive. You can interact with your mentors and peers to understand each topic before moving on to the next one. 


Instant Doubt Clearance:

Another prominent feature is instant doubt clearance. As a part of the interactive sessions, you can pose your doubts to get instant answers and acquire a clear conception. Even after the session, if you have any doubts, you can mail the same to your mentors and team. They are always willing to iron out all your doubts. 


Skill Development:

Barely theoretical knowledge is insufficient to land you any good jobs. Employers and HRs look for practical skills to consider you as an ideal fit for any job. IIM Skills GST Course arm you with the requisite skills to make you GST-ready and shine in the eyes of employers. 


Comprehensive Curriculum:

Apparently, courseware forms the heart of any good course. The GST course curriculum is sculpted by expert professionals who have years of experience in the field. Keeping in mind the latest developments in the GST domain, the curriculum is constantly updated and regulated. 


Tools and Software:

Learning the relevant tools and software is a wonderful means to simplify and speed up any process. In contemporary times, one can’t imagine doing all the manual work by themselves. At IIM Skills, the mentors help you discern the role and usefulness of the most relevant tools to streamline your work process. 


Practical Application:

The online GST program at IIM Skills puts up equal focus on theory and practical application. With the hands-on training, you get to learn the functionality of GST-related activities and compliances. This practical learning further helps you land into the real-world market with ease. 


Master Certifications:

Once you are done with the course completion and examination, you receive a master certification from IIM Skills. A shareable certificate is a must-add to your LinkedIn profile and resume. It will help you get clients and lucrative job offers to make your way toward a promising career.


Free Career Counselling:

Career decisions are usually the tough ones, and you might yearn for expert guidance to guide you along the right path. IIM Skills team offers you career counseling from experts at absolutely no cost. You can enjoy this free benefit to make a rational decision about your career slope. 


Pocket-friendly Pricing:

The main highlight is the pricing of the course. You get to learn A to Z of GST concepts without getting a hole in your pocket. The pricing is absolutely pocket friendly, and the benefits are highly appealing for such a low price the course. 


LMS Support:

User-friendly LMS or Learning Management System support lets you access the resource materials, free ebooks, and session recordings all at once place. All you have to do is simply log in and all the course-related items are just a click away. 


Session Backup:

Unforeseen circumstances and predicaments are unavoidable at times. But, that won’t be a reason for your gap in learning as IIM Skills provide free backup session recordings. You can watch, and re-watch the session and ask your doubts regarding the same to your mentors. Such relief isn’t it!


Lifetime Access:

With this instrumental lifetime access trait, you can visit and re-learn your fundamentals to keep your knowledge in check. Even if you forget a piece or two, you can come back and remind yourself. Moreover, you also get access to updated knowledge all through this LMS. 


Money-back Guarantee:

After the first session, if you feel reluctant to continue with the course, you can claim 100% money back. That surely is a brazen move by IIM Skills, yet highly effective for the learners who can make the best out of their money. 


Provisions for Coveted Internships:

IIM Skills do have special provisions for Internship options ( 3-months) with the institute and other reputed firms. However, only candidates who qualify for the interview are eligible to relish the benefits of the internship program. It further adds plus points to the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


IIM Skills Trusted Brand Partner Firms


IIM Skills brand partners


Alumna Review


Glorifying the institute and its efficient methodologies, look at what these alumnae have to say about IIM Skills:


Meenakshi Jha, designated as Finance Executive at India Bulls from Kolkata says:


GST course review by Meenakshi


Divya Sharma, designated as Finance Executive at Barclays India Pvt. Ltd. from Bangalore says:


GST course review by Divya


Deepanshu from Delhi founded DWebXpert says the following about the IIM Skills GST Course Review:


GST course review by Deepanshu


Each and every one of the alumnae of IIM Skills institute has only got something positive to say about the institute. Clearly, this validates the prevalence of the IIM Skills GST Course Review. 


The Final Call: IIM Skills GST Course Review


Coming over to the most-awaited section of fact-finding about the IIM Skills GST Course Review, let us bring forth the final verdict on this course. With all the striking features of the course program, undeniably, IIM Skills ticks all the boxes of the best GST Course. 


For both students as well as working professionals, the course is highly beneficial as bestows the flexibility of batches. You can opt for a weekday or weekend batch at your convenience. 


The short-term course contributes immense benefits to make you GST-ready in no time. Whether you want to set the bedrock for a GST Practitioner career or develop your skills for career upliftment, both can equally benefit from this program. 


Interactive sessions, session backups, handy LMS, unparalleled faculty, and exhaustive curriculum- all make it the best place to study GST. A wealth of exposure to practical assignments, case studies, and weekly assessments keeps a check on your learning curve. All making it a worthwhile course with enormous blessings. 


On a concluding note, the reviews by alumna, stellar facilities, and features make IIM Skills GST Course Review a big success. It is an absolute choice for anyone wanting to pursue a GST course.

Scope of GST In India 


Since the stern obligation of GST law came into effect on 1st July 2017, the demand for finance and tax experts with GST knowledge soared. As per reports, there was a 60% rise in demand for finance professionals in the year 2017. 


With all that, it is evident that the scope of GST as a career in India is massive. Almost every sector manufacturing, finance, banking, commerce, logistics, retail requires finance experts, tax consultants, tax advisors, and finance executives. Its scope extends to every other sector because every business or company comes under the unified GST law of India. 


In order to fill the wide gap in the requirement of skilled GST practitioners, there are chances of a 20-25% salary hike. Moreover, the top finance firms EY, PWC. KPMG and Deloitte have around 25,000 experts dealing in GST. 


Career Options after GST Course


The GST course unfurls a world of opportunities for people to explore varied job profiles and fields. Some of the topmost coveted job profiles are listed below:

  • GST Practitioners
  • Accountant or E-accountant
  • Finance or Account head
  • Internal Audit GST Executive
  • Finance Manager
  • Tax consultants


Not to overlook, finance executives and managers who validate themselves with the improved cognizance of GST are far more inclined to be promoted to high authority jobs. Undoubtedly, there is a widespread window for growth and upliftment. 


FAQs related to the IIM Skills GST Course Review


Q1. Which course is best for GST?

IIM Skills is the best course to learn GST and its related compliances at a pocket-friendly price. Covering all the aspects of GST, the curriculum is expertly curated as per the industry standards by the experts. 

Highly proficient mentors combined with state-of-the-art teaching methodologies make this course a masterpiece. Lifetime validity, career counseling, resume, and interview preparation tips are among other things that give this course a significant score above other institutes. 


Q2. What is the salary of a GST practitioner?

The average salary of a GST Practitioner accountant is INR 2.3 lakhs per annum for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 7 years of experience. 

The salary packet here depends on varied factors such as the type of company, location, skills, experience, etc. As you gain experience, the salary is expected to increase gradually. 


Q3. Is GST practitioner a good career?

With the rising demand for skilled GST Practitioners by companies- both big and small, GST practitioner is a great career choice! There are ample growth opportunities and options to choose from. One can choose to join a top-notch MNC or lay the grounds for their own GST agency. 

Moreover, GST skills enrich your chances of a hike in salary up to 15-20%. With experience, it is expected to grow more. 


Closing Down the IIM Skills GST Course Review!


GST has come up as a flourishing field over the years. Anyone who wants to build up a career in finance, taxation, or auditory must seek a worthwhile GST Course to upgrade their skills. 


We hope this IIM Skills GST Course Review acted as an eye-opener to help you make informed and timely discretion for your career. We highly recommend you go and enroll for a FREE DEMO to check if GST is an ideal course option for you and if IIM Skills is the precise choice of institute to bring you closer to your dream. 


IIM Skills GST Course free demo invite


Go ahead, enroll for a free demo and begin your journey toward a promising career in GST taxation. 

IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review: A Close Scrutiny

MBA is a competitive domain. Apparently, getting admission to one of the most reputed MBA colleges like IIMs or B-schools is no cakewalk. Then, what does it take to get yourself out there? Yes, you guessed it, right- CAT Coaching. That being the case, in this article, we will unwind the IIM Skills CAT Coaching review to help you discern if this is the right choice to prepare for the CAT examination. 


IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review


Before we get immersed in the IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review, let us know more about CAT Examination, its syllabus, marketing scheme, and pattern. 


What is the CAT exam? 


In case you don’t know, CAT stands for Common Admission Test. As is clear from the name itself, the CAT examination is a common test pre-admission test to acquire an admission seat into top IIMs and business schools in India. 


Undoubtedly, MBA is a dream career for many. That being the case, CAT acts as a qualification conduit to get admission into the most reputable management schools in India. Conducted by the IIMs across 156 cities in India, the CAT examination is your entry ticket to the MBA world. This exam is a CBT or computer-based test inclusive of both MCQs and non-MCQs. 


Why is it so popular? 


As per Wikipedia, 2,30,000 registered for the CAT exam, out of which 1,93,000 appeared for the CAT exam in the year 2021. The stats say it all; people are racy to get into the leading IIMs pan India. 


MBA has always been one of the coveted courses among the Millenials. That’s because it opens up umpteen career opportunities like human resource, finance, market- all of which offer lucrative, long-term careers. With MBA being a dream job for many, CAT is a high-end examination for which people start preparing as soon as they jump out of school. 


Another question that comes to mind is why opt for CAT coaching when you can find free resource material on the web? Did it click your mind? Then, let us see why?


When you buy coaching, you are not investing the money in only information but a lot more than that into the expert trainers. The trainers have a wealth of experience and know the MBA world in and out. They know the inherent tips and tactics to get you to sail across the exam. With their intelligent-based training and defined courseware material, you can take up the high road. It’s always worth investing in such trainers to achieve what you wouldn’t have achieved otherwise. 


Eligibility Criteria for CAT Exam


CAT is an eminent examination that comes with a set standard of rules to be followed. Here, have a look over the rules and see if you fit in for the exam:


  • Firstly, a Bachelor’s degree with 50% and above is the basic requirement. Aspirants belonging to the reserved category of SC, ST, and OBC caste get a rebate of 5%, which makes the minimum score 45%. 
  • Secondly, there is a 3% reservation for PWD or persons with disability. Yet, the minimum score remains consistent at 45%. 
  • Thirdly, the bachelor’s degree must be from a recognized UGC-accredited college or deemed university. 
  • Lastly, final-year students can also apply. However, once selected, they must submit the certificate signed by the college authority stating that they have accomplished all the requirements to acquire the degree from the college within the stipulated provision period. 


Now, that you have a fair idea of the eligibility criteria, let us discuss the examination pattern, marking scheme, and syllabus. Then, we will straight away proceed to the IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review. 


CAT Examination Pattern

MODE OF EXAMCBT or Computer Based Test
DURATION OF EXAM2 hours or 120 minutes


An Insight into CAT Syllabus and Sectional-Time Limit


CAT Exam categorizes into 3 sub-sections, each consisting of a number of questions. There is this catch that the exam must be attempted chronologically. In layman’s terms, you can only switch over to the next section once you have finished the first one, and there is no provision to come back and amend any answers.  


Let us now take a dig at the CAT syllabus sections and the topics covered under each section:


Quantitative AptitudeNumber System, Geometry, Time and Work, Mensuration, Algebra, ArithmeticMCQ- 19


Logical Reasoning and Data InterpretationPuzzles, Syllogism, Blood relation, Seating Arrangement, Coding and Decoding Tables, Data Caseletes, Graphs.MCQ- 15


Verbal Ability and Reading ComprehensionPara summary, Para Jumbles, Reading Comprehension, Odd Sentence, Verbal AbilityMCQ- 14



Each section comes with a ticking clock of 40-minutes, after which you automatically switch over to the next section. The same time limit applies to the second and third sections. Under any given circumstances, there are no provisions to go back and make amends in the previous section. Indeed, time resolve, calmness, and mindfulness are the key to cracking this examination. 


Marking Scheme for CAT Exam


Undoubtedly, the marking scheme is the fundamental determinant to interpret the manner of preparation. It indeed gives you the points to follow while attempting the exam. Here, we have chalked out the marking scheme, read on:


  • Plus 3 marks for every correct answer. 
  • Minus 1 for every incorrect answer (applicable only for MCQs)
  • No-negative marking for non-MCQ-based questions. 


Recommended Read: Top CAT Coaching Institutes in India


An Overview of IIM Skills Institute


Having fathomed the depths of the CAT exam, let us talk about our concerned institute. The IIM Skills institute. IIM Skills is an ed-tech company that deals in online in-demand courses and coaching. Headquartered in New Delhi, the institute provides coaching and training pan India across varied domains. 


Since its inception in 2015, the institute has had over 25000+ successful and happy graduates, who all have something good to say about the institute and its exceptional mentors. The happy graduates from IIM Skills are working in renowned MNCs like KPMG, Amazon, Flipkart, Accenture, etc. 


Talking about its courses, IIM Skills offers tenacious professional courses in the field of marketing, writing, finance, and business domains. The courses are enumerated below:

Digital Marketing Course

Advanced SEO Course

Content Writing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course


Apart from that, IIM Skills put forward online CAT Coaching for all the MBA aspirants seeking admission to the top management schools. 


More About Online CAT Coaching by IIM Skills


It feels essential to know about the CAT Coaching program before digging deeper into the IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review. 


The CAT Coaching at IIM Skills is a one-of-its-kind specialized training that teaches the ins and outs to clear the CAT exam. In view of extensive CAT preparation, the online CAT coaching takes into account A to Z syllabus skillfully curated by industry veterans. 


Fundamentally, there are two options for the CAT Coaching program. The first one is self-paced, for the ones who have the grit to learn alone; the second one is Instructor-led CAT Coaching for those who desire instructor support to lead them in the right direction. 


Let us dig into the details for each one of them to get a glimpse of what entails inside each coaching program:


Coaching Name: Self-PAced CAT Coaching with Monthly Webinars

Fees: INR 2999 (inclusive of taxes)


Self-Paced Learning:

The busy lives of the modern-day world don’t give you many opportunities to learn something new. With something coming up now and again, it becomes difficult to put yourself into an offline course program. Breaking free from the brick-and-mortar institute learning process, IIM Skills lets you learn at your own pace. With a stable internet connection and a device to play on, you can learn Anytime, Anywhere as per your convenience. 


Industry-aligned Resource Material:

Resource material forms the backbone of any coaching. At IIM Skills, the resource material is well-curated by industry veterans with exceptional experience. Ebooks, video lectures, and practice questions- including VARC, DILR, And Quants questions all in one place. 


Course Video Access Through LMS:

LMS which stands for Learning Management System is the storehouse for all resource materials, mock tests, and question banks. All you have to do is log in and access the material to study and learn. 

At such affordable pricing, the LMS support access limits to a time period of 14-months. In the given period, you can view and access the material as many times as you want to without any limitations of views. It definitely adds up more to the IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review. 


Rich Question Bank: 

Another prominent point of their CAT Coaching is the incredible question bank that lets you keep a track of your progress. There are umpteen questions available, which you can give a shot to assess your learning curve. Besides, it gives you a fair idea of how much more preparation is required on your part. 


Self Assessments Through Mock Tests:

The more self-assessments you take, the better it is for your preparation. By exposing yourself to mock tests, you can get a first-hand experience of what it will be like in the real examination. More so, you can plan out your preparation chart accordingly. 


Monthly Webinars by Connoisseurs:

The best part about this CAT Coaching is the monthly webinars by the industry experts and alumna from IIMs and other reputed firms. These professionals can lead you to success with their innate tricks, tips, and hacks. 


Support for Non-CAT Examinations:

And the benefits just don’t end here. There is more to it. You get support for non-CAT exams. 

Undeniably, the program is fairly priced at INR 2999. Whatsoever, if you want a cutting-edge, you can go for the instructor-led program with high-end benefits. Let’s dig in more about it. 


Recommended Read: CAT Coaching Institutes in Delhi


Coaching Name: Instructor-led CAT Coaching

Fees: INR 24999 (inclusive of taxes)


Self-Paced Learning:

With the hierarchal blessings, this CAT coaching comprises all the perks of the fundamental self-paced course. In simpler terms, you get each and every benefit of the self-paced CAT coaching course. 


Topic-wise Industry Aligned Resource Material:

No one can really deny the essentiality of resource material when it comes to the preparation for an exam. CAT exam coaching is no different. Designed by adroit experts, you get chronological topic-wise resource material. 


Technology-driven Training:

Modern-day training has transcended beyond the scope of traditional instructing methods. Unlike conventional techniques, training today is driven by technology. Each and everything is just a click away. Resource material, ebooks, mentors, peers- whosoever you need.


Weekly Webinars by Connoisseurs:

Who can better guide you to nail the exam other than the alumna who has been there? No one! Alumna from top IIMs and reputed firms take up weekly webinar sessions. They speculate and discuss the real-time challenges, tips, and hacks to acquire a satisfactory scorecard. 


Small and Flexible Batches:

Individualized attention not only lets you feel privileged, but also shower better chances for comprehension. With small batches, you get just that! You can indulge in discourse with your mentors and peers to understand things better. 

Moreover, the flexible batches let you juggle between your academic and professional life with CAT coaching. 


LMS Support:

With a user-friendly LMS strategy, you can enjoy a hassle-free learning process. The whole bit of resource material, ebooks, and recordings are available in a systematized and organized manner in the LMS. Indeed, it is a major plus to the IIM Skills CAT Coaching review without a shadow of a doubt.


Lifetime Access and Validity:

Reality-check! Not everyone clears the exam in a single shot. Sometimes a person has to re-attempt the exam to acquire good results. The bigger shock comes when you have to spend again on coaching. 

However, IIM Skills CAT coaching lets you enjoy full benefits for a lifetime. The lifetime access and validity feature let you savor everything unless you breeze out through the exam. 


Group Discussion Forum:

Another notable thing about this coaching is being able to consort through an elite Group Discussion Forum. As you become a part of this GD forum, you can raise doubts, share bits of advice, and consult other members for suggestions. 


GDPI Preparation:

World-class management schools do not suffice with your 90 above something percentile. They upswing you based on group discussions and interviews, which again requires practice on your part. 

IIM Skills coaching again scores high and beyond with its GD and Interview preparation support. One more box ticked in the IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review. 


Support for Non-CAT Examinations:

Akin to the self-paced CAT Coaching program, you get full support for non-CAT examinations.  


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Alumna Reviews about IIM Skills CAT Coaching

Many have woken up to the quality coaching at IIM Skills. Check out what some of the alumnae have to say about their experience at IIM Skills:  


Nishant Kumar achieved a 99.83 percentile. He has the following to contribute to the IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review:


Rishab Bajpayee achieved a 98.5 percentile. See what he has to say about the CAT Coaching:


Akash Anand achieved a 97.91 percentile. He has the following to contribute to the IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review:


IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review: A Brief Statement


Coming over to the most awaited section of the article that unfurls the IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review. With all the distinctive plus points of coaching and alumna reviews, it is not hard to conclude that IIM Skills set the stage right for the best CAT Coaching. 


Based on alumna’s reviews, it is clear that the mock test, question bank, and relevant tips are all in sync with the CAT exam. Delivered by remarkable experts, they are sure-fire gun points to ace the exam making it the most promising CAT Coaching. 


With both bespoke training options and flexible batch schedules, anyone can fully reap the benefits of the coaching to the farthest. Along those lines, they have lifetime validity and access to the course material, which is a dealbreaker concept. 


The road to success in the CAT exam does go through IIM Skills CAT Coaching. Sheer determination, practice, and hard work can cultivate phenomenal results. 


More or less, it outlines our IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review. You can process the information and make a rational discretion accordingly. 


Frequently Asked Questions about IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review


Q1. Which CAT coaching is best?

IIM Skills is considered the best CAT coaching with promising results. The question bank and mock tests included in the coaching are in close sync with the actual CAT exam. Flexible batches, lifetime validity, and IIMs alumna webinars make it the perfect spot for CAT preparation. 


Q2. Is CAT online coaching worth it?

Online CAT Coaching is absolutely worth the shot, especially for college students and working professionals. Online CAT Coaching like the one at IIM Skills is live and interactive making online learning as good as a real-time institute experience. At the same time, you save your energy and time.

The LMS support makes the learning process a hassle-free procedure. So, there is no need for compromise on the work front or academic front. 


Q3. How much score is required for IIM?

The Top IIMs like the IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Kozhikode, and IIM Lucknow have cut-offs generally above 90 percentile. Simultaneously, for new IIMs the cutoffs range between 70-80 percentile.  


Q4. How do I maximize my CAT score?

The following can be done to maximize the CAT score:

  • Take mock tests to assess yourself. 
  • Avoid attempting questions for which you aren’t 100% sure. 
  • Attempt all questions for which you have a full surety.
  • Take as many practice questions and mock tests as possible.  


Curtain Down on IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review


CAT Coaching is definitely your first step towards your dream job after the MBA course. You must get it right! Hence, we have written this detailed IIM Skills CAT Coaching Review to open your mind about the CAT exam, CAT coaching, and IIM Skills institute. 


We hope this review facilitated you to make an informed choice about the CAT preparation. In case, you need some sincere advice or counseling, you can talk to the MBA advisor. 


IIM Skills institute does provide a “BOOK A CALL” option. You can visit the site and book your seat with the MBA advisor to get some deep insights. 

IIM SKILLS Content Writing Master Course Review

Have you heard a lot about the best Content writing course worldwide – the IIM Skills Content Writing Master Course? Yet before becoming an entrant, you want to be double-sure if it’s worth a dime. Then, you have come over to the right place. This article unfurls the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review point-by-point to bring you an X-ray copy of the course. 


So, let’s get started with the IIM Skills Content writing Course Review.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review


Content Writing- An Overview


According to CMI research, 91% of the B2B respondents use content marketing to reach the target audience. 


Conceiving the above metrics, it is not hard to say that content marketing is the way to accelerate website traffic, drive more sales, and ultimately increase ROI.


Content marketing is a systematic and strategic approach to create and curate relevant, valuable, and consistent content to magnetize the target audience. Here comes the indispensable role of content writing.


Content writing refers to writing professional content or copy to fulfill specific marketing objectives. The content becomes the brand face and helps garner brand trust and brand authority from the online audience.


Once you have established yourself as a Brand, Google, and thus, audience, gives more value to your content. All of this becomes possible due to seasoned content on your platform.


Content Writing as a Career


Of all the buzz around the content writing industry, content writing has flared as one of the most promising career options. Witnessing the expansive demand for content writing in the last 5 years, more and more Gen-Z are treading it as a full-time career.


The predictions around the exponential growth of the content and digital industry further strengthen the credibility of this career prospect.


Even more, what makes it attractive is the umpteen career prospects with little investment. Here, check out the diverse career options post content writing course:


  1. Blog writer/ article writer
  2. Social media writer
  3. Content marketer
  4. Product description writer
  5. Ghostwriter
  6. Scriptwriter
  7. Technical writer
  8. Academic writer
  9. Freelancer


Nonetheless, you can also choose to be a niche-specific writer, most likely, travel writer, lifestyle writer, review writer, to name a few.


IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course invite


Pay Check- A wide-eye expectation


Let’s be honest here- salary brackets do have a say in your career choice. No one wants a career without rewarding paychecks. Thus, before you bring your content writing goal to life, get some insights about what you can make from it.


As per Glassdoor statistics, the average salary of a content writer in a metropolitan city like New Delhi is INR 20,944. Further additional cash compensation stands up to INR 34,425.


As for any other profession, the salary packet of a content writer keeps on seeing a vertical rise based on the following factors:


  1. Experience
  2. Skillset
  3. Location
  4. Company size


Now that you have a fair idea of what the content writing industry entails, we can proceed toward the IIM Skills Content Writing Course review.


More about IIM Skills


Based out of New Delhi, IIM Skills is a well-established ed-tech institution. With its high-quality premium courses, IIM Skills dominates the world as a global leader in professional coaching.


The first course by the institute was the Content Writing Master Course, which became an instant success. All thanks to its well-defined curriculum structure, exceptional delivery, and global recognition.


Soon, IIM Skills launched the next big course- Digital Marketing Course. The program manifested to bridge the gap between the demand and supply for digital marketing professionals. Over the top, IIM Skills houses GST certification courses to produce equipped GST practitioners. Further, IIM Skills plans to come up with more in-demand courses to meet the industry demand for professionals.


Recommended Read: Top 10 Digital Marketing courses in India


Before heading on to the comprehensive IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review, knowing about the details and features of the course is a must!


 Content Writing Master Course (CWMC)


As the name resonates, the CWMC is a mastery-level course unleashed to help students acquire the knack of content creation. The thought-out program is perfectly defined to suit the needs of students, homemakers, bloggers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, traditional marketers, budding content writers, and anyone wanting to step into this field. Out and about, the course is a one-size-fits-all type of program. Thus, it is considered one of the best content writing courses in India.


Duration: 4 weeks (1 month)

Fees: 14,900+18% GST


The 4- week period mindfully assorts into 16 hours of lectures and 60-hours of practical assignments. The notable feature here is that IIM Skills exercises the learn-by-doing approach. Conforming to that profound approach, the course administers weekly assignments. Moreover, trainees undergo quick to-do tasks in between lectures to gauge their learning curve.


Not to overlook, the CWMC acquires No.1 rankings by renowned media houses, agencies, and educational blogs like Careers360, CourseDekho, Write-Right, Naukri Learning, Contentholic, and more.



Salient Features of the Online Content Writing Course


The staggered characteristics of the course form the core part of the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review. Let us drill down the vividness of each feature one-by-one to know what makes it the top-ranked among the top 25 online content writing courses.


Online Learning


As the world was hard-hit by the pandemic, offline learning took a back seat. Since then, by and large, online education has surpassed traditional learning strategies.


How is online training beneficial?


Online learning comes with manifold benefits like anywhere access, time-efficiency, and convenience. That said, doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in right now, you can join this course.


Synergic Learning


Considering the online prospect of learning, don’t think you will be a passive receiver without any fun. Alternatively, being synergistic- the program is more of a brainstorming session, which calls for everybody’s attention and say.


In simpler terms, the fuel-efficient course offers immersive learning exposure to you, where you actually participate and determine. Sounds fun, huh? This way, you not only learn content writing but acquire teaming capabilities as well.


Brilliant and experienced faculty


The IIM Skills Content Writing Course review is incomplete- without mentioning the excellent, experienced and, disciplined faculty. It may come out as a surprise to you, but the founder, Mr Vaibhav Kakkar, himself is your coach for the course.


Along with him, another experienced ma’am Roma Malhotra takes up the non-technical aspects of the course. Both of them have over and above experience of 10+ years.


And that’s not all! The techniques and methodical pedagogy used by them add value to your schooling. They deliberately break down the complex subject matter into digestible chunks and couple it with a pinch of humour to make your overall experience a thing to remember.



Industry-aligned Curriculum


Much ingenuity has been shown in curating a systematic and streamlined curriculum aligned with industry requirements. Moreover, the well-thought-out curriculum undergoes regular updates.


Here have a look at what they have got to offer you:


Module 1: Web development

Module 2: UX/UI interface

Module 3: Content writing

Module 4: Keyword research

Module 5: Content writing practice

Module 6: Content writing tools

Module 7: Plagiarism checker

Module 8: Content distribution via email

Module 9: Google local page setup

Module 10: Social media marketing

Module 11: Social media marketing

Module 12: Freelance content writing


Besides, it will equip you with the art of master creation of a plethora of content: both long-form and short-form content. From a compelling blog to a viral social media post writing- they cover it all. See what all you will learn to produce:


  • blogs
  • articles
  • e-book
  • ads copy
  • academic writing
  • ads copy
  • press release
  • business writing
  • product description
  • video script
  • web pages
  • emails
  • brochure
  • digital media infographics
  • social media posts


3-month Guaranteed Internship Program


After the course, you have the option to become a part of the 3-month internship program, where you proceed to write and publish content. The internship program unfolds a lot more practical acquisitions.


In addition, the internship programs walk you along the path of monetizing your content writing skills. Altogether, it becomes one of the core components of the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review.


Write your First TOI blog


Would you want to write for The Times of India blog? Well, who wouldn’t? IIM Skills CWMC lets you scale up your portfolio with an interesting TOI blog on a topic of your own choice.


Create your own E-book


The CWMC gives you an added advantage to create your own E-book. The coach guides and directs you with all the things to keep in mind and later on assist you in publishing the book on E-kindle.


Easy Access


With online learning comes the benefit of easy access. That means you don’t need to wake up early, reschedule your work tasks, or commute to a far-land institute.


Surprisingly, all you got to do is switch on your computer and laptop, type in your login credentials, and attend the classes from the comfort of your sofa. Internet connection and an electrical device like a mobile, computer, or laptop are sufficient to fortify your mind and develop content writing skills.


Flexible Batches


A stubborn problem faced by anyone in this bustling schedule is time management. Do you face that issues too? Fret not! IIM Skills has got multiple batches for you to choose from as per your availability.


Bringing in flexible batches, IIM Skills ensures you are able to squeeze all the juices of the course. And even though you miss a class, they have provisions for supplementary missed-class backups.


So, there is no chance that your hard-earned money gets wasted. You will reap the full benefits of your incredible investment.


IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course invite


Personalized Attention


The next big thing that deserves a special mention in the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review is personalized attention. Small batches account for individualized attention and qualitative learning.


To bring your content writing goal to life, they follow a student-centric pedagogy. They try to elicit responses from you and get a quick check-in via tad tasks to know if you follow.


Practical Orientation – assignments learn-by doing


All theory and no application make Jack a dull boy. That’s the new-world mantra. Stuffed theory knowledge is of no use if you don’t have the prowess to apply it. Taking into consideration this factor, IIM Skills puts a hard emphasis on practical application.


Intermittent class assignments are one thing. Other than that, you receive weekly assignments, followed by feedback. Thus, giving you ample scope for improvement.


Free Tools 


Professional content writing is incomplete without the much-needed aid of tools and software. These tools not only assist you in writing but also makes your write-up more effective and efficient. IIM Skills is all-in to teach you how to leverage these tools to the best of your use.


The icing on the cake is these tools are absolutely free. Yes, you read it right, the tools worth rupees 35,000/- are free.


To name a few tools:


  • Grammarly
  • Plagiarism checker
  • GTMetrix
  • Google Keyword planner
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google my business
  • Wordcounter


Free Demo Session


It’s time for another freebie!


Trying before buying is the new trend-in. IIM Skills lets you do the same thing. You have the option to attend a complimentary demo session unconditionally- free of cost.


Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar himself takes the orientation session where he clears the air as to what awaits you in the course. Apparently, it gives you a good understanding of his expertise and teaching methodologies.


Post this free session- you can deliberate and choose if you want to give it a green signal and become a part of one of the most coveted programs.


Money-back guarantee


Another noticeable element is the money-back guarantee. IIM Skills gives you full leverage to claim back your money if you don’t find it worth a dime post the first session.


This is a fascinating feature because it gives you solid faith in them. You know, if they are ready to pay you back, that means the program is worth the price.


International Certifications


What makes the content writing course a worldwide success is an international certification that comes bundled with the course.


Once you are thorough with the fundamentals, you are deemed to appear for an online examination. Clearing the examination will earn you a Master’s certification that is globally recognized. That means you can apply for jobs-both domestic and international.


And that’s not all! You get another highly-recognized certification from Hubspot Academy. Again, you have to pass out an examination for the certification.


Adding these certifications to your resume will give you a good head-start to find lucrative jobs and clients. Moreover, you can showcase the same on LinkedIn and other social profiles.


Post-course Assistance


The journey with IIM Skills doesn’t end with the course. Post-course, you can seek assistance to get your first gig for freelancing, resume preparation, or even set up your own agency.


Wherever you find yourself in a dilemma, the IIM Skills team is there to pull you through it. So, you get hand-holding throughout your career.


Placement Guidance


For job-seekers, placement assistance is one of the considerable options to choose a course. And why not- you would want a steady future if you are investing in a course.


IIM Skills team keeps you in the loop with good placement opportunities. As and when there is an impressive opening, they update you with the same.


Some of the top Brands partners of IIM Skills that hire its Alumna

The image states the trusted brand partners of IIM Skills


Affordable Pricing


Taking into account all the attributes and provisions offered, the pricing is positively pocket-friendly. Indeed. IIM Skills maneuvers to give delightful features at a sensible price packet. Why? Because the founder is aware that people with diverse backgrounds opt for the course, hence the fee is kept economical.


Further, you happen to have the benefit of paying the fees in installments as well. So, you can strike off the budget from your list when it comes to IIM Skills as a course choice.




As soon as you become a part of the course, you promptly receive your login credentials for LMS, or should we say Learning Management System.


LMS act as a repository where all your learning and recorded sessions get saved up. Additionally, it simplifies the possibility of Lifetime Access, which we will penetrate in a moment.


Lifetime Access


Another thing that deserves a special mention in the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review is the lifetime access characteristic. Lifetime access allows you to come back and view the class recordings as many times as you wish.


Most significantly, this is the USP of this course because no one wants to worn-out their learning. You always want to keep traction in life with lifelong learning. And you can do just that with this course.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review- Final Verdict


Dropping the final verdict on IIM Skills Content Writing Course, the program deserves a big thumbs up! Why? That is because the course manifests a standardized curriculum, holistic learning, and empirical growth of learners.


From your first step to the last, IIM Skills professionals ensure you walk a steady race. Ironing out any doubts that trigger your mind, they believe in the fortification of knowledge.


Besides, the interactive traction of the sessions keeps you on the go, leaving out any chances of boredom. The fun-filled program serves freebies and trains you in its tool usage to help you sculpt your best works.


Another remarkable feature worth a mention in the IIM Skills Content Writing course is the sneak-peak into digital marketing tactics. Then comes the in-depth analysis of SEO- from on-page to off-page.


Once the course ends, the 3-month guaranteed internship not only gives you additional knowledge on SEO and affiliate marketing techniques but helps you build on a portfolio. That begins your preparation for the real world. Thus, IIM Skills withholds your hands until you actualize your goals of maybe freelancing, job, or agency- that too with a promise to guide you whenever you need guidance throughout your life.


All of this together makes IIM Skills Content Writing course a go-to-place for anyone with an ambition to become a reputable writer.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Is IIM skills good for content writing?

IIM Skills is a definite choice for the content writing course. The power-packed course offers a broad understanding of various aspects of professional content writing. It has become a widely popular choice owing to refined faculty, up-to-date curriculum, and experiential learning.


  1. Which is best for the content writing course Henry Harvin vs IIM skills?

Weighing the pros and cons of both institutes, IIM Skills is the best choice for a content writing course. While both have their specialties, IIM Skills outweighs Henry Harvin in terms of industry-aligned curriculum and practical orientated learning.


  1. Is the content writing course worth it?

If writing is your passion, and you are determined to turn it into a profession, then the content writing course is worth your time and money. The course equips you with the intricacies of the content industry to help you make your space in the industry.


  1. What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing refers to the combined practices like targeting a keyword, meta descriptions, alt images, linking, etc to increase organic visibility, SERP ranking, and website traffic. The best technique for SEO content is to target keywords and couple them with a high-quality piece.


  1. Is Content Writing a good career?

Yes, content writing is a great career choice in the digital era. There is immense scope for budding content writers and aspirants to not only make a living but to build a dignified profession out of it.




Before bidding adieu to meaningful readers of the IIM Skills Content writing Course Review, we would want you to have a look at what the course alumna has to say about their experience.


The image reflects the IIM Skills content writing course reviews by students


The reviews and testimonials do speak volumes of the impact of the course and play a vital role in the decision-making process. For more reviews, you can also scrutinize Quora reviews.


On that note, we put an end to the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review. We did our best to give you an overview of what you are putting yourself into; now, the ball is in your court. Weigh down your choices and preferences, and go for it if it triggers your mind.


Farewell suggestion: Don’t put too much time thinking; sometimes it’s better to call out to know something.