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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Ukraine With Placements

Companies use data analytics to understand customer behaviour, review their market scenario, and make proper decisions in their business which in turn can benefit the growth of the company. Data analytics is a highly promising career option for individuals, as it is evident from the last few years that there is an increased demand for the data analyst role. Due to the surge in demand for this role, many institutes have started providing data analytics courses in Ukraine.



Let us begin to explore the best data analytics courses in Ukraine.

Students planning to pursue a career in data analytics can enrol themselves in any of the top data analytics courses in Ukraine to thrive in this booming industry. Going ahead, get to know more about data analytics and also about the top 10 data analytics training institutes in Ukraine.

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What is Data analytics?

In data analytics, raw data is analyzed to derive some conclusion about that information. Various types of data analysis, tools, and technologies are used in data analytics to identify trends and arrive at some conclusions to improve the efficiency of the business.



Why is Data Analytics important?

With the help of data analytics, businesses can get better insights into their processes and take the necessary steps to improve their industry value. Data analytics is vital for the following reasons:

  • By analyzing the data obtained from the targeted market, companies can easily identify the trends and keep an account of them.
  • Decision-making is much easier with the help of data analytics.
  • By using data analytics businesses can implement solutions that will maximize their profit without compromising customer satisfaction.
  • Provide new solutions to the customers based on data analyzed to meet their needs.
  • Create and implement marketing strategies to ensure that your audience benefits from the services provided to them.


What Are the Steps in Data Analysis?

  • Data Collection

In this step, data is collected using the ETL or ELT process.

ETL(Exact Transform Load) – In ETL data is first transformed into a standard format and then sent for storage

ELT(Exact Load Transform)- Here first data is loaded into storage and then transformed into the required format.

  • Data Storage

Data can be stored either in a data warehouse or in data lakes based on how complex the data is. With the help of business intelligence tools, these data can be easily accessed when required.

  • Data Processing

The various data processing methods include batch processing, distributed processing, real-time processing, and centralized processing.

  • Data Cleansing

In data cleansing any unwanted data, wrongly formatted data, redundant, and duplicate data is removed.

  • Data Analysis

In this step, raw data is analyzed to obtain accurate results about that information.

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What Are the Different Types of Data Analysis?

  • Descriptive Analysis

In descriptive analysis, data is analyzed to understand what has happened during the past period.

  • Diagnostic Analysis

Diagnostic analysis is used to figure out why something has happened in the past.

  • Predictive Analysis

In predictive analysis, data is analyzed to predict what is going to happen shortly.

  • Prescriptive Analysis

Prescriptive analysis suggests the best course of action to be taken.


What Are the Various Data Analytics Techniques?

The most common data analytics techniques are:

  • Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis includes the process of understanding the behaviour of a specific group of people to gain more insights into the customer’s needs.

  • Regression Analysis

It involves the process of understanding the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables.

  • Content Analysis

It is a data analytics technique that analyzes contents in different formats such as text, audio, video, or images.

  • Time Series Analysis

The time series data analysis method involves analyzing data collected over a specific period.

  • Text Analysis

Text analysis, also known as text mining, is used to identify the trends in data in the form of text.


What Are Different Data Analytics Tools?

Data analytics tools are software programs or applications used to analyze data. This data is used to get meaningful insights about the target market which can improve the efficiency of the business overall. A Few among them are:

  1. Rapidminer
  2. KNIME
  3. Tableau
  4. Microsoft Excel
  5. Power BI
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Spotfire


Applications of Data Analytics

A few applications of Data Analytics are listed below:

  • Healthcare – By analyzing the patient data with the help of data analytics we can diagnose and suggest treatment options.
  • Education – The features of data analytics can be used in the education domain to provide a better learning experience for students. It can be used to improve the existing curriculum. By analyzing the data obtained from the student community, the management can efficiently reform the education system.
  • Banking and Finance – The objectives behind using data analytics in the banking and financial industry are to prevent fraud transactions and to manage the risks involved with the banking services
  • Manufacturing – In the manufacturing sector, data analytics can be used to improve operational efficiency by providing insightful information about the machinery, and different stages involved in the production, and suggesting cost-saving methods
  • Logistics – In logistics the application of data analytics entails route optimization which ensures timely delivery, demand prediction, and efficient fleet management.


What Does a Data Analyst Do?

A data analyst is a person who is primarily responsible for collecting raw data and converting it into useful information for use in the business. This job role offers openings in various domains including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, and government.

The Responsibilities of a Data Analyst Include:

  • Collecting data from the relevant source.
  • Cleaning the obtained raw data to ensure nothing wrong is fed as input for the upcoming stages.
  • Categorizing the data and modeling it in a format that aids in the easy use of the data.
  • Identify the patterns or trends to provide a solution.
  • Present the outcome you produced with the management.


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Ukraine With Placements

Given below are some of the best data analytics training institutes in Ukraine in which aspirants can enrol:



IIM SKILLS is a globally recognized educational institution based in Delhi, India that provides various online training programs for individuals to upskill in their professional lives.

Students planning to pursue data analytics courses in Ukraine can undoubtedly enroll in the Data Analytics Master Course by IIM SKILLS as its curriculum is well structured, thereby making them industry-ready by the end of the course.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 23513.49 Ukrainian hryvnia + Taxes

Details of Data Analytics Master Course:

  • 6 Months Live Data Analyst Course | 2 Months Non-Paid Internship.
  • 160 Hours Lectures | 100+ Hours Practical Assignments
  • Hands-On Tool Based Learning
  • 100% Assured Internship | Interview Guarantee
  • Preparation for Google Data Analytics Certification.

Key Features of the Data Analytics Master Course

The salient features of the IIM SKILLS data analytics master course that make it distinctive from other data analytics courses in Ukraine are:

  • Lifetime access from anywhere and anytime to the training resources, tools, and session recordings.
  • Detailed and well-structured curriculum.
  • Provide 24*7 support for the students.
  • 100% practical training.
  • Earn highly valuable and trusted internship certificates and course completion certificates.
  • Flexible weekdays and weekend batches to cater to the needs of different student categories.
  • Option to participate in a free demo class before you decide on going further with the course.
  • Complimentary services provided include speaking with your mentors, and support in resume preparation and placement.
  • Highly skilled faculties to train students with many years of experience in their domain.

Course Deliverables of IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Master Course

  • Data analytics using advanced Excel
  • Data analytics using VBA
  • Data analytics using SQL
  • Data analytics using Power BI
  • Data analytics using advanced Python
  • Data analytics using advanced Tableau
  • R for Data Science
  • Data analytics using Alteryx

Objectives of IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Master Course

  • Introduce the concepts of Data Analysis, Types of Data Analysis, and data mining etc to students
  • To expand the knowledge of learners in various data analytics tools like Tableau, Excel, Power BI
  • To leverage the Python language
  • To enable students to learn various business analytics tasks
  • To gain knowledge in Statistical Data Analysis

Eligibility Criteria for IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Master Course

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Having a fundamental knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics subjects is beneficial

Who Should Enroll for the IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Courses in Ukraine?

The Data Analysis course is suitably meant for aspirants from these fields:

  1. Fresh Graduates
  2. UG/PG Students
  3. IT Professionals
  4. Banking and Finance Professionals
  5. Sales Professionals
  6. Supply chain network managers

How to Enrol in the IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Master Course

  1. After successfully registering for the course by filling out the basic details followed by course fee payment students can access LMS.
  2. Select the batch you wish to join based on your convenience.
  3. Attend the classes regularly or watch the session recordings. If a minimum of 70% attendance is not secured, failing students will not be allowed to attend the examination.
  4. After the completion of the course, students need to appear for the examination which should be passed with a minimum of 50% marks to earn the certificate.
  5. Get industry-trusted certificates delivered to your email ID within 15 days of appearing for the exam.
  6. Participate in the internship program to put your knowledge into practice.
  7. A dedicated placement cell will help in your interview strategies.
  8. Finally, you become a certified data analyst with a bright career ahead.

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

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2. Spoclearn

Spoclearn as the name implies, is a single point of contact for all learning needs. It provides training and certification in various courses including data analytics courses in Ukraine. Spoclearn offers an intensive Data analytics training program in Ukraine spanning 4 – to 6 months.

Key Features of the Spoclearn Data Analytics Course

  • Training handled by experts in data analysis.
  • Job assistance- 100%.
  • Multiple projects for beginner, intermediate, and advanced categories.
  • Includes case studies with real-world examples.
  • Other industry-recognized certificates as add-ons.
  • Support for resume preparation, interview preparation, soft skills training, and doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Course material prepared by SMEs.

The Intended Audience for Data Analytics Courses in Ukraine Can Be Any of the Following:

  • Aspiring Data Analysts
  • College Students
  • IT professionals
  • Self-learners and continuous learners
  • Managers
  • Data-driven professionals
  • Data Visualization Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Analysts

Prerequisites for the Course:

Spoclearn does not specify any prerequisites for the data analytics training program in Ukraine. But some common prerequisites that can be beneficial while pursuing this course are listed below:

  • Basic Computer knowledge
  • Problem-solving skills
  • SQL knowledge
  • Fundamental knowledge in Maths, Statistics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Programming knowledge
  • Spreadsheet skills

Exam Format for Spocleran Data Analytics Course

In this course, assessment is carried out in the form of mock tests and weekly tests conducted by the trainer.

Course Agenda of Spocleran Data Analytics Training Program in Ukraine

  • Week 1-2: Data Analytics and Python introduction
  • Week 3-4: Data Wrangling
  • Week 5-6: Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Week 7-9: SQL and NoSQL Databases
  • Week 10-13: Data Analytics Techniques
  • Week 14-16: Big Data Analytics
  • Week 17-18: Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Week 19-24: Capstone Project and Career Preparation

How to Enroll in the Spoclearn Data Analytics Training Program in Ukraine?

By following the below steps, unlock your journey to the world of data analytics:

  1. Choose the schedule for the Data Analyst course and make the payment.
  2. Prepare yourself for the training with the pre-reading materials provided by Spoclearn.
  3. Attend the classes and clear your doubts.
  4. Make sure to take up Add-on courses, including Soft Skills, Mock Interviews, Resume Building, LinkedIn profile creation, and more.
  5. Attend several interviews from our Hiring Partners to get placed.

Course Fees: EUR 1050

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3. Coursera

Coursera is yet another globally recognized online learning platform that partners with various universities and companies to provide online courses and degrees. Anyone looking for Data analytics training institutes in Ukraine can check out their website for the course details. Coursera ideally offers 3 courses for data analytics which includes

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  • Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  • Professional Certification in IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R

Students can visit the website of Coursera to learn more about these data analytics courses and pick the right one for them.


4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online learning website that offers many postgraduate programs, master programs, and various other courses including a data analytics training program in Ukraine. The Data Analytics course by Simplilearn is conducted in collaboration with IBM, so you can listen to masterclasses delivered by IBM experts. During this 11-month course duration, you get to work on real-world projects and learn the latest data analytics tools and techniques.

Key Features of the Course:

  • Classes led by IBM experts
  • Simplilearn Job Assist feature to help you get noticed by hiring companies
  • Live sessions by industry expert faculties
  • IBM certificates for IBM course
  • Lifetime access to the learning content
  • Certificate from Simplilearn
  • Hackathons organized by IBM
  • Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions with IBM leadership
  • 20+ projects and Capstone from 3 domains
  • Start your career as a data analyst

Modules Covered Include:

  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • SQL Certification Course
  • Basics of Programming and Data Analytics with Python
  • R programming for data science
  • Data analytics with R
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Analyst Master’s Capstone

Total Admission Fees: ₹ 57,000


5. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known online learning and teaching platform that offers more than 1 lakh courses online. Most of the Udemy courses consist of short video classes which are divided into modules, and quizzes are provided at the end of each module.

Students searching for data analytics courses in Ukraine can browse Udemy’s website which lists more than 10,000 courses on the topic “Data Analytics”. They can choose the right course which suits them and start learning.

6. Edubridge

Edubridge is another organization that offers more than 100 skill development programs both offline and online. The certification program in data analytics by Edubridge is another good choice for students looking for data analytics courses in Ukraine.

Skills Taught in This Course Include:

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Python Programming
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Manipulation
  • Predictive Analytics Modelling
  • Advanced Machine Learning

Course Highlights:

  • Session delivered by industry experts in the data analytics domain
  • Covers the various tools and techniques related to the topic making the students industry-ready
  • Work on 20+ case studies and projects
  • Sessions for doubt clearing on weekends with SMEs
  • A comprehensive curriculum
  • A completely free course on aptitude skills
  • Certificates delivered on completion of the course

Course fees: ₹ 65,000


7. Intellipath

Intellipath is an online training institute that offers professional certification courses led by industry experts. Aspirants aiming to enroll in data analytics courses in Ukraine can check the website of Intellipath to learn more about their Data Analytics Course by iHUB IIT Roorkee.

Key Highlights of Data Analytics Course by iHUB IIT Roorkee:

  • 50 + live sessions within 7 months
  • 200 hrs of projects and exercises
  • One- on -one consultation with mentors
  • 218 hrs self-paced videos
  • EMI option
  • Learn from IIT faculties
  • 24*7 support from the Intellipath team
  • Resume preparation assistance and LinkedIn profile review
  • Data Analyst Course certification from Intellipaat and iHUB IIT Roorkee after completing the Data Analyst Course

Data Analytics Course Syllabus Modules:

  • Module 1 – SQL
  • Module 2 – Python
  • Module 3 – Statistics and probability
  • Module 4 – Machine Learning
  • Module 5 – Performance Metrics
  • Module 6- Time series forecasting
  • Module 7 – Business Problem solving, insights, and Data Storytelling
  • Module 8 – Data modeling
  • Module 9 – Capstone project
  • Module 10 – Business Case Studies

Course Fees: ₹70,053


8. TCS iON Career Creator

It is another destination to learn courses online and get certified. With the help of TCS iON Career Creator, we can learn courses at our own pace, discuss with experts, and earn certificates.

Students looking to enroll in data analytics courses in Ukraine can have a look at the data analytics course delivered by TCSiON Career Creator.

The 3 Different Course Options Available for the Students to Choose Are:

  • Getting Started with Data Analysis
  • Getting Ahead with Data Analysis
  • Become an Expert in Data Analysis

The course offers self-paced video classes, hands-on practice to apply the learned knowledge, online assessment, and digital certificates.


9. Udacity

Udacity is an online learning platform that provides courses in programming, digital marketing, data science, artificial intelligence, and more. It provides multiple courses for data analytics which also includes an Introduction to Data Analytics course. It is a beginner level 4-week duration course. The course entails the fundamental concepts of data analytics and other topics which beginner students can easily understand thus making it one of the best data analytics courses in Ukraine.

Course Lessons:

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Lesson 2 – Data Analytics Life Cycle
  • Lesson 3 – Data Integrity
  • Lesson 4 – Types of Data Analytics & Statistics
  • Lesson 5 – Power BI Overview
  • Lesson 6 • Project – Out of the Box Analytics
  • Lesson 7 – Microsoft PowerBI Workspace


10. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn which offers video courses in various categories like business, technology, creative, and certifications. This online learning platform offers plenty of courses in data analytics making it easy for the students to choose from a wide range of courses based on their need. Anyone looking for Data Analytics courses in Ukraine can browse LinkedIn Learning and find the course that suits them.



Q1. What are the career options one can take up after completing data analytics courses in Ukraine?

The different job roles that can be taken after completing the data analytics course include data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, business analyst, risk analyst, consultant, financial analyst, and more.

Q2. What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a data analytics training institutes in Ukraine?

To learn data analytics courses in Ukraine, having basic knowledge of programming languages like Python, SQL, and R is advised. It is beneficial to have foundation knowledge in subjects like mathematics, and statistics. Familiaring data visualization tools like Google Charts is advantageous.

Q3. Are data analytics courses still in demand?

Yes, Data Analytics courses have been widely pursued by students in recent years because it is a sought-after career position that lacks skilled professionals.

Q4. Is coding required for data analytics?

Yes, programming knowledge in languages like Python, SQL, and R is suggested

Q5. What is the average salary of a data analyst?

Many factors influence the salaries paid to data analysts which include:

  • Industry-specific
  • Company size and location
  • Employee educational qualification and work experience
  • Demand for the skills and expertise

The Average annual salary in some of the countries around the world is given below:

India: Over ₹9,00,000

USA: Over $60,000

United Kingdom: Over £26000

Canada: Over C$55000

Australia: A$81K

Singapore: S$54K

Germany: €44000

Denmark: DKK 87,000

Malaysia: RM 44000

Please note these salaries are taken for the countries as a whole, which can vary based on the city.



Data analytics is the process of converting raw data into meaningful insights which helps the organization to perform efficiently, thereby accelerating its growth. As companies realized the importance of data analytics in their growth the demand for skilled professionals is at an all-time high.

Having a highly valued skill in data analytics will be an advantage for those candidates looking to grab an opportunity in this data-driven field. Therefore, pursuing Data Analytics courses in Ukraine presents amazing job opportunities and a bright future.

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