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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In The UAE With Placements

Which techniques are crucial for businesses to survive and thrive in today’s competitive environment? The answer to this question is Data Analytics. It has become the most sought-after course for students and young professionals. Some people are looking for a career change while others are looking for a challenging and fulfilling role at their current organization. Working on Data can be a rewarding career as it gives you a chance to make a difference. The world in the 21st century is quite volatile and certain geopolitical situations pose threats to stability and peace. Businesses are very vulnerable to such tensions, so they need to be resilient. In this article, we will delve deep into the Data Analytics courses in the UAE which offer practical experience.



Before we dive into the top data analytics courses in the UAE, let us understand what is data analytics.


What is Data Analytics?

This branch of science deals with the collection and analysis of raw data to identify trends, understand the factors influencing growth rates, and make accurate business decisions. In this competitive world, minimizing risks and maximizing profit is paramount.

Data analytics involves steps and techniques to transform raw data into understandable and applicable information. It is a field that has a strong presence in almost every sector like Healthcare, Entertainment, Finance, Tourism, and E-commerce. Watch this video to get a glimpse of the wonderful field of Data.



Data Analytics Courses in the UAE –

This sector is growing worldwide and the UAE is not an exception. UAE, especially Dubai is a hub of diverse businesses and a melting pot of immigrants from different backgrounds. As a result, Data Analysts are in high demand. Globally, this sector is predicted to rise to USD 114877.14 million by the start of the next decade.

The UAE provides excellent opportunities for students and youngsters for career growth. So, if you want a lucrative career opportunity that sharpens your intellect, then working on data is the right option to choose.


How Can Data Analytics Courses In The UAE Transform Businesses?

  • Analyzing the data collected using various sources can be instrumental in determining the trends and gaps in the market. It helps businesses make well-informed decisions.
  • The entertainment industry collects a lot of data on user choices and time spent on various platforms. Data analysis can reveal the audience’s preferences and help platforms increase their viewership.
  • The Government can cater to the increasing demands of the citizens by using different Data analysis methods and boosting economic growth.
  • Due to the penetration of the internet, the world is getting increasingly digitized. Data analysis can help in digital transformation in the UAE.

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What Are the Stages in Data Analytics?

  • Setting the Objective or Discovery Phase – One can reach a destination only if one knows where to go. Setting the objectives is crucial for good, reliable results. In this phase, analysts decide the objectives by understanding various issues faced by the companies. They have to go through sources and case studies to develop a hypothesis.
  • Data Collection and Processing – After setting the objectives, the next step is data collection using reliable external and internal sources. Collecting high-quality data is essential for success. Analysts use an analytical sandbar for Data processing. Hadoop and Alpine Miner are some other tools used in this phase.
  • Designing a Model – In this step, analysts need to study the relationship between variables and data points. By doing this, they can design a suitable model according to their objectives. Tools like MATLAB and STASTICA are used in this phase.
  • Building the Model – In this phase, analysts focus on creating datasets for testing, training, and production. Rand PL/R, Octave, and WEKA are the necessary tools for building a model. It is also checked if there are any shortcomings in the model and these shortcomings are rectified.
  • Results – The results of the data analysis suggest whether the project will be a success or not. This is a very important phase and analysts need to properly communicate their findings with various stakeholders. Often these stakeholders are not from technical backgrounds. Hence, it is beneficial to have great communication skills.
  • Assessing the Effectiveness – This final stage operates on a broader level where data is transported to a real environment to check whether the outcomes are in alignment with the objectives of the business. Analysts present a thorough report of all the technical aspects and findings to businesses. If there are any discrepancies in the conclusion and objectives, then analysts can trace back to the steps in the process and change certain inputs.

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Applications in Various Fields –

Data Analysis is used in diverse sectors; from healthcare to entertainment. After completing Data Analytics courses in the UAE, you can work in one of these sectors.

  • Healthcare Sector – The healthcare industry has grown many-fold in the last few decades. Due to scientific advancement, many new drugs and treatments are coming onto the market. Hospitals and healthcare centers are gathering huge amounts of data on patients, treatments, safety and efficacy of drugs, etc. Hence it is essential to process this data for the betterment and wellbeing of the patients. Various techniques in data analysis can aid in medical research, prediction of future pandemics/outbreaks, and increased effectiveness of treatments. Furthermore, it can lower the costs of new drugs and treatments, which can be beneficial for pharmaceutical companies and patients.
  • Financial Sector – Digital payment is the fastest and easiest method of bill payment and it has revolutionized the financial sector. Due to the increased number of transactions and financial activity, it is very important to collect and analyze data. Data analysts can help companies learn more about their customers and their purchasing preferences. It can give businesses insights into cash flow and help them make well-informed financial decisions. Data analytics can mitigate financial risks and detect fraudulent financial activities.
  • Entertainment Sector – Gone are the days when we used to switch on the T.V. for some news or entertainment. Nowadays, viewers prefer to watch shows and movies on Platforms like Netflix; hence, these platforms depend on Data to increase their revenues. Media companies track viewer preferences by studying traffic and conducting surveys. This can be helpful while making predictions about the success of a web series or a movie. Factors like release dates, genre, and star cast greatly influence the viewership. Using analysis techniques producers can make best-possible predictions about the response their work might get.
  • E-Commerce Sector – The e-commerce sector is booming and is expected to increase in the coming years. Therefore, Companies like Amazon must study the purchasing trends of customers. This helps them understand the behaviour of customers and tailor their marketing strategies. On the other hand, customers also seek a hassle-free and pleasant shopping experience. So, Data analysis can be used for personalization and to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Safety and Security – safety and security are paramount for any individual or organization. Hence, organizations as well as governments are using data analysis to foresee and tackle potential threats. Cybercrimes are rapidly increasing, making systems very vulnerable. So, these techniques can be useful in detecting malware or dubious links. The intrusion detection system immediately detects any attacks on the system and can secure their space.


Which Skills Do You Need to Study Data Analytics Courses in the UAE?

  • Programming languages – Data analysis involves working with different programming languages like Python, and R.
  • Analytical mind – One needs to understand problems to solve them. Data analysts must have the analytical mind to understand and define problems and develop solutions.
  • Statistical skills – You should know the basic concepts in statistics like measures of central tendencies. You should have sound knowledge of advanced Excel.
  • Additionally, you need to learn query languages like SQL and data visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau.
  • Communication skills – A data analyst must talk to various stakeholders and engage with clients from non-technical backgrounds. You should be able to explain the problems and analysis clearly and concisely.
  • Eye for details – The devil lies in details. You need clarity and attention to detail to reach the exact root cause of the problem.


Career Opportunities After Completing Data Analytics Courses in the UAE–

  • Data analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Risk analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Marketing analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Business analyst


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In The UAE With Placements



Are you looking for one of the best Data Analytics courses in the UAE that will offer you placement assistance? Then look no further. The Data Analytics Master course by IIM SKILLS is the ideal training for freshers and young professionals. This 6-month course is tailor-made to fulfil the expectations of the learners.

The modules focus on practical training, interactive sessions, and live projects, which equips learners with the best working experience. IIM SKILLS has tied up with topmost companies like J. P. Morgan, Accenture, Capgemini, and Cognizant for placements.

Often, we need to brush up on a few things before the start of a new project or before an important interview. The biggest merit of the course is its lifetime support and access to the course material. Additionally, you can undertake a two-month internship to gain experience.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 2200.30 United Arab Emirates Dirham + Taxes

The Course Structure is as Follows –

Advance ExcelIntroduction to Data Handling
 Data Visualisation in Excel
 Data Analysis and Reporting
 Data Manipulation Using Functions
 Overview of Dashboards
 Create Dashboards in Excel
Visual Base ApplicationIntroduction to VBA
 How VBA Works with Excel
 Key Components of programming language
 Communicating with Your Users
 Programming Constructs
 Objects & Memory Management
 Functions & Procedures in VBA
 Other Skills
SQLBasics RDBMS Concepts
 Utilizing the Object Explorer
 Data-Based Objects Creation
 SQL Server Integration
 SQL Server Reporting Services
 Data Manipulation
 Other skills
Power BIIntroduction Power BI
 Data Analysis Expressions
 Data Preparation & Modelling
 Reports Development
 Rows and Columns
PythonIntroduction to Basic Statistics
 Mathematical foundations
 Analytics & Data Science
 Python Essentials (Core)
 Overview of Pandas
 Operations with NumPy
 Data Analysis using Python
 Data Visualization with Python
 Cleansing Data with Python
 Advanced Visualization Tools
 Basic Visualization Tools
 Statistical Methods and Hypothesis
 Visualizing Geospatial Data
TableauBasics of Tableau
 Data Handling & Summaries
 Building Reports/ Map
 Table Calculations
 Calculated Fields
 Data Handling & Summaries
R for Data ScienceData Importing/Exporting
 Data Manipulation
 Data Visualization with R
 Data analysis
 Using R with Databases
 Introduction to Statistics
 Linear Regression

Additional Benefits –

  • Apart from the Certificate, you get additional certifications like a Google Data Analytics certificate and a Microsoft certificate as a data analyst associate.
  • If you do not wish to continue the class after the first session, you get 100% cashback.
  • If you register with 3 of your friends, then you are eligible for a 10% group discount.

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com


2. LearnBay –

LearnBay is an Indian institute that successfully conducts Data Analytics courses in the UAE and other countries. It offers a Data Analytics Course for professionals with limited experience in this field. The course is designed and conducted in collaboration with IBM. The schedule is quite flexible and you can opt for weekday or weekend batches. You can attend their coding courses if you do not have prior coding knowledge.

The Structure is as Follows:

Module 1Preparatory Classes (Programming + Maths)
Module 2Python Programming (Basic + Advance)
Module 3Statistics & Basic Machine Learning
Module 4Tools
Module 5Excel
Module 7AI Generative Tools and Future Trends
Module 8Python Bootcamp for AI
Module 9Build Your Interview Assistant
Module 10Large Language Models (LLM)
Module 11Visual AI for eCommerce
Module 12Intelligent News Aggregator
Module 13Customer Support Bot – HelpMate Pro
Module 14Knowledge Discovery Bot
Module 15Azure OpenAI Integration
Module 16The Future & Ethics of Generative AI
Module 17Capstone Project

Course Details –

Mode – Online

Fees: 3737 United Arab Emirates Dirham

Duration: 6 months

Contact: +91 77956 87988


3. SimpliLearn –

If you are looking for long-term Data Analytics courses in the UAE that will upgrade your career and skills, then Simplilearn’s Data Analyst course is the one for you. The course is conducted in collaboration with IBM, increasing your certification’s value. It is a self-paced course and you get lifetime access to all the study material.

You can get plenty of hands-on experience while working on life projects. Additionally, you get access to the IBM Hackathon to sharpen your skills.

The Course Design is as Follows:

Business Analytics with Excel
Programming Foundation and Python
R Programming
Data Analysis with R
Tableau Training
Data Analyst Capstone
Power BI
Industry Masterclass

Course Details:

Mode: Online

Fees: $ 1,299 or 4771 United Arab Emirates Dirham

Duration: 11 months

Contact: +65 31 585082

Look no further to find the Advanced:


4. Intellipat –

Intellipat has collaborated with IIT Roorkee to conduct a Data Analytics Course, which is ranked the No.1 Course by the Economic Times. The highlight of the course is the additional certifications you get, which include Certifications from IBM, Microsoft, and IIT. The course is suitable for freshers as well as professionals from technical and non-technical backgrounds. You have the option to book a demo session before signing up for this course.

The Structure is as Follows:

Module 1SQL
Module 2Python
Module 3Statistics and probability
Module 4Machine Learning
Module 5Performance Metrics
Module 6Time Series Forecasting
Module 7Business Problem Solving, Insights and Storytelling
Module 8Data Modeling
Module 9Capstone Project
Module 10Business Case Studies
Module 11 (Electives)Microsoft Excel
Visualizations using PowerBI
Job Readiness

Course Details –

Mode – Online

Duration – 7 months

Fees – 3081 United Arab Emirates Dirham


5. Imarticus Learning –

This institute is a great option for students to pursue Data Analytics courses in the UAE and India. It offers a Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Analytics for graduates and young professionals. It is a comprehensive 6-month course available online which provides 100% job assurance. The alumni work at prestigious companies like Deloitte, Infosys, Goldman Sachs, and Cognizant.

The Structure is as Follows –

Foundation CourseBasic Programming
Core trackExcel
Statistics for Data Science
Machine Learning
Data Visualization with Tableau and Power BI
Specialization Track

Course Details-

Mode – Online/ Offline

Duration – 6 months

Fees – 8714.15 United Arab Emirates Dirham

Contact – You can request a call back using the website.

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6. Edoxi Training Institute, Dubai –

Edoxi & KHDA offer Data Analytics Courses in online and offline mode. Learners who have passed the 12th grade and understand basic mathematics and statistics can sign up for it. You can get plenty of Hands-on experience through case studies and live projects.

The Course Structure is as Follows:

Module 1Python Fundamentals
Module 2Python Advanced Concepts
Module 3MySQL Database Management
Module 4 Power BI 
Module 5 Statistics for Data Science
Module 6Case study



7. PWC’s Academy of Middle East –

PWC’s Academy of Middle East offers a Data Analytics and Visualization Course. This is one of the best Data Analytics courses in the UAE, for early career professionals. For this course, you do not need to have a technical background, just the passion. The alumni network of this institute is quite strong and gives people plenty of networking opportunities for professional growth.

The Course Structure is as Follows:


  • Concepts
  • Data analytics use cases and examples
  • Framework
  • Big data
  • Machine learning and deep learning
  • Predictive analytics

Analysing Data with Excel

  • Data wrangling process
  • Descriptive analytics
  • Formulas, functions, and pivot tables
  • Excel charts and visual analytics

Advanced Data Analytics with Excel

  • Loading big data to Excel
  • Power Pivot Table and Pivot Chart
  • Power Suite
  • Data Wrangling with Power Query editor and M language
  • Data Modelling with Power Pivot and DAX language

Data visualization with Power BI

  • Getting data
  • Applying data transformation and reshaping
  • Data modeling
  • Interactive Data Visualisations with Power BI
  • Designing a report using the built-in visuals
  • Importing new visuals from AppSource
  • Creating real-time dashboards
  • Formatting and layout
  • Creating a mobile layout

Course Details –

Fill out the form on the website to learn more about the course.

Contact – +971 54 995 2987


8. Zabeel International Institute of Management and Technology –

This top institute from Dubai, UAE was recently awarded the “2023 Regional Top Performer Award’ by IATA. It conducts one of the best Data Analytics courses in the UAE called the Data Analytics and Visualization Associate Training Course. It is suitable for students and professionals who want to kickstart their career in data analysis. This course covers all basic concepts in Big Data and Machine learning, Excel, and Power BI.

The Structure is as Follows –

1: Introduction

  • Concepts and Framework
  • Big Data and its Impact
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning Concepts
  • Predictive Analytics and Applications

2: Analyzing Data with Excel

  • Data Wrangling and Preparation Techniques
  • Descriptive Analytics and Data Summarization
  • Mastering Excel Formulas, Functions, and Pivot Tables
  • Basic Visual Analytics using Excel

3: Data Visualization with Power BI

  • Data Transformation and Reshaping
  • Effective Data Modeling
  • Interactive Data Visualization Techniques
  • Report Designing and Dashboard Creation

4: Advanced Analysis with Excel

  • Handling Large Datasets
  • Exploring Power Pivot Tables and Power Query Editor
  • Advanced data modeling with Power Pivot and DAX

5: Advanced Visual Analytics with Power BI

  • Advanced-Data Transformation
  • Implementing Calculations using DAX
  • Dynamic Visualization Techniques
  • Storytelling and Data Narratives

Optional Tools

  • Tableau
  • Google Data Studio
  • Alteryx
  • QlikView

Course Details –

Mode – Online and offline

Duration – 18 hours excluding the time required for optional tools

Contact – +971 4 3974905

Email – [email protected]


9. ExcelR –

ExcelR is a leading Indian Training centre that helps students around the globe build their careers in the field of Data. The Data Analyst Certification Course Training in Dubai is the ultimate course for a successful career in this field. It is a 6-month online course that is taught by industry experts.

The course is ideal for freshers with analytical skills or professionals who have logical skills. People from fields like finance, management, and BPO or graduates from non-technical fields can apply for this course. As a learner, you need to work on real-life projects which are from diverse domains. You will learn everything from Excel to data visualization tools.

The Course Structure is as Follows-

Module 1Excel – Basic to Advanced
Module 2MySQL
Module 3Tableau
Module 4Power BI
Module 5Business Statistics
Module 6Fundamentals of R programming
Module 7Fundamentals of Python
Module 8SAS (Self-Paced)
Module 9ChatGPT

Course Details –

Duration – 6 months

Mode – Online

Fees – 3489.28 United Arab Emirates Dirham or $ 950

Contact – 18002122121


10. Datamites Global Training Institute –

Datamites is a leading training centre that provides quality education in technical fields like Data science and machine learning, at a reasonable price. The Data Analyst Course by Datamites is a popular course that equips learners with the best skills in the field. Anyone with a keen interest in this field can apply for this course.

It does not require any prior experience. If you are a working professional, looking for a job switch, then you can undertake this course. There is a facility called Flexipass which allows students to revise and attend sessions again in three months.

The Course Structure is as Follows –

Module 1Data Analysis Foundation
Module 2Python Foundation
Module 3Statistics Essentials
Module 4Data Analysis Associate
Module 5Advanced Data Analytics
Module 6Predictive Analysis with ML
Module 7Version Control with GIT
Module 8Database: SQL and MONGODB
Module 9Big Data Foundation
Module 10Certified BI Analyst

Course Details For Their Data Analytics Courses in the UAE –

Mode – Online

Fees: 3,863 United Arab Emirates Dirham

Duration: 6 months

Contact: 1800-313-3434



1.      How to become a data analyst in the UAE?

To be a Data analyst you need to have a sound understanding of programming languages, Data Visualization tools and much more. Firstly, sign up for a course or degree in Data Analysis and gain hands-on experience.

2.      How much do Data Analytics courses in the UAE cost?

Many institutes offer online and offline courses in the UAE. The fees usually depend on the course duration and modules covered. On average the fees range from 1700 AED to 4000 AED.

3.      Is Dubai good for Data Analysts?

Dubai is the city of fulfilled dreams and ambitions. It is a hub of business, tourism and innovation. As data analysis has many applications in diverse fields, Dubai is a great place full of opportunities.

4.      What skills are required to study Data Analytics courses in the UAE?

The beauty of this field is that anyone with a basic understanding of mathematics and statistics can learn it. It is better if you have a degree in a relevant or technical field. However, graduates from other fields can surely sign up for a course.



Many young professionals come to the UAE to fulfil their career aspirations. If you want to have a successful career with amazing growth opportunities, then you should choose one of the Data Analytics courses in the UAE listed in the article. Now is the right time to sign up for a course as the demand for Data analysts is increasing. You can do your share in the growth story of companies and businesses, which is very rewarding. Sign up for the course which is suitable for you and get ready for an exciting career. Good luck!

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