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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Sudan With Placements

Data analytics is the process of examining the data by using various tools and technologies to obtain useful information about the data. With data analytics being used in various fields like healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, government, and more there is no dispute in saying that data analytics is the future. The job requirements of this booming technology bring to light the vast number of career options available to individuals with appropriate skills. Many digital learning platforms and other institutes have started providing data analytics courses in Sudan enabling learners to equip them with this highly demanding skill. Continue reading to know more about data analytics which also lists the top 10 data analytics courses in Sudan.


Data Analytics Courses in Sudan

Let us dive into the top-ranking data analytics courses in Sudan.


Data Analytics and Its Importance

Businesses deal with a huge amount of data daily about their customers, markets, various business operations, and more. They use data analytics as a solution to collect, organize, and manage these data which provides a deeper understanding of the scenario and can help decision-making process easier. Here are a few reasons why data analytics is gaining importance:

  • Data Analytics can be used to improve the operational efficiency of the business.
  • To identify the trends in the data obtained from the market.
  • Provide customers with modifications to any existing solution or introduce new products to satisfy the customer requirements.
  • Ensures faster and more effective decision-making.
  • Implement marketing strategies to reach the intended audience.



Data Analysis Steps

Generally, data analysis involves the following 5 steps:

  1. Identify the Business Question

In this first step of data analysis, the main objective is to determine the various business questions. This step might be time-consuming as it involves identifying the questions that need to be addressed. But this step can turn out to be a crucial one as it can improve the efficiency of the business and can prevent the unnecessary wastage of resources and time.

  1. Collection and Storage of Data

After the business questions are identified, the next step is to collect the data and store it for further processing. Data needs to be collected from internal and external resources. The data collected can be classified into quantitative data and qualitative data. Quantitative data deals with numerical values whereas quantitative data includes text, video, images, and more.

  1. Cleaning and Preparing the Data

The quality of the data can directly have an impact on the next step – data analysis. The data collected is subjected to cleaning to make sure accurate data is given as input for the data analysis. Data cleansing involves removing redundant, incorrect, and duplicate data.

  1. Analysis of the Data

After the collected data is subjected to cleaning, the next step that needs to be carried out is data analysis. With the help of various tools and technologies, the data is analyzed to derive insightful information from the data.

  1. Data Visualization

Sharing the results of the analysis with the intended audience is the last step in data analysis.

Presenting the information in a visual format can easily convey the results of the analysis to the audience.  With charts, graphs, and other data visualization tools the results can be effectively communicated.



Types of Data Analytics

  • Descriptive analysis – In descriptive analysis data is analyzed to determine what has happened earlier
  • Diagnostic analysis – In diagnostic analysis, the reason for the occurrence of a particular event is figured out.
  • Predictive analysis – In predictive analysis data is analyzed to forecast what is expected to happen in the future.
  • Prescriptive analysis – This method suggests a suitable course of action to be taken based on the findings of the predictive analysis.

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Data Analytics Techniques

The most commonly used data analytics techniques are given below:

  • Regression analysis – In regression analysis, the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables is determined.
  • Cohort analysis – In cohort analysis, the primary objective is to understand the behavior of cohorts to gain more understanding of the trends, and needs of the target group.
  • Content analysis – This method involves analyzing the contents delivered in the form of text, audio, video, and more.
  • Text analysis – In text analysis textual data is analyzed.
  • Time series analysis- In this type of analysis data collected over a specific time is subjected to analysis.


Data Analytics Challenges

  • Data From Various Sources

Data can come from multiple sources like social media, emails, websites, and more. This is the most challenging part of data analytics as it becomes more difficult to combine all these data into a single location when the volume of data is too high. If done manually this can be time-consuming and are prone to human errors. This challenge can be resolved if organizations use a centralized system where the employees can access all data from a single point.

  • Data Quality

The quality of the data is something that is directly related to the accuracy of the results obtained after data analysis. The primary reasons that hinder the data quality are the inaccuracy of the input data and the inconsistency of the data. By reducing manual errors and using an integrated system for data processing the quality of the data can be considerably improved.

  • Tool Selection

With a large number of tools available for data analysis, another challenging part is the appropriate tool selection. By understanding the various tools and their uses a data analyst can easily decide which tool to select for data analysis.

  • Collecting Relevant Data for Analysis

With an overwhelming amount of data available for data analysis employees find it difficult to filter the relevant data. With experience, employees start to identify which data is relevant to them and which is not.

  • Security of Data

As the volume of data increases it also poses a risk to the security of the data. To prevent the risk and attacks associated with this data, companies should implement safety strategies to ensure their data is safe.

  • Data Visualization

At the end of data analysis, data analyst needs to communicate their findings with the management. If the outcome is depicted in the form of graphs, and charts it becomes very easy for the intended audience to understand the output of the process. With the help of various data visualization tools, the results of data analysis can be effectively communicated.

  • Cultivating Data Culture Among the Employees

It is important to develop a data culture within the organization as it can significantly affect the success of the business. By encouraging, educating, and training the employees the management can try to build a data culture among them.

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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Sudan With Placements

Aspirants can read further to learn about the various data analytics training institutes in Sudan:


`It is a globally recognized educational institution headquartered in Delhi, India providing training in various fields like digital marketing, content writing, investment banking, financial modeling, and more. The Data Analytics Master Course delivered by IIM SKILLS can be stated as one of the best data analytics courses in Sudan enabling students to become industry-ready data analysts by the completion of the course.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 360027.85 Sudanese Pound + Taxes

Key features of the Data Analytics Master Course:

The major features of the Data Analytics Master course listed below are what it makes unique from other data analytics training institutes in Sudan

  • Course content can be accessed through LMS (Learning Management System) from anywhere and at any time.
  • Flexible weekday and weekend batches for the students to learn the course at their convenience.
  • Free demo is yet another unique feature of this course allowing the learners to get an idea of the course structure before they enrol for the course.
  • Earn a certificate from IIM SKILLS.
  • Gain knowledge in data analytic tools like Python, Tableau, Alteryx, and more.
  • Classes are led by experts in the domain.
  • Well-structured curriculum starting from the basics of the subject and then gradually getting into the core modules.
  • Support from the IIM SKILLS team in resume preparation, interview guidance, and more.


  • Fees: Rs.58882.
  • 6-month live training and 2-month internship(non-paid).
  • 160+ hours lecture, 100+ hours assignment and 10+ case studies.
  • Assured internship and interview.
  • 16+live projects.
  • Google Data Analytics Certification Preparation.


  • Data analytics with Advanced Excel.
  • Data analytics using Visual Basics for Applications.
  • Data analytics using SQL.
  • Data analytics using Power BI.
  • Data analytics using Python.
  • Data analytics using Tableau.
  • R programming language for Data Science.
  • Data analytics using the Alteryx tool.

Course Objectives:

  • To teach students the basics of data analytics like types of data analysis, and data mining.
  • Help students learn the various analytics tasks like manipulation, cleaning, and data analyzing.
  • Gain knowledge in different data analytics tools.
  • Learn Python programming language.
  • To learn statistical data analysis.

Eligibility Criteria for enrolling in the IIM SKILLS Data Analytics training program in Sudan:

  • The ideal candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Must have basic computer skills
  • Fundamental knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics will be beneficial

How to enrol in the IIM SKILLS Data Analytics training program in Sudan?

Step 1- Students can access LMS after the registration and payment procedures are completed.

Step 2- The learner can select the batch at his/her convenience.

Step 3- The next step is to attend the classes regularly or the session recordings must be watched without fail. In case a student doesn’t score 70% minimum attendance, he/she will not be allowed to attend the examination.

Step 4 – After classes are completed, the learner must attend the examination and it should be passed with a minimum of 50% marks.

Step 5 – Earn a Data Analytics course certificate.

Step 6 – Complete the internship and earn the internship certificate.

Step 7 – Attend interviews to get placed.

Step 8 – The start of a prosperous career begins here.

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com


2) Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is a leading online educational website that offers certification programs, degree programs, and job assurance programs in various domains. Anyone looking for data analytics courses in Sudan can check the postgraduate program in data science and analytics which is a 100% job assured program offered by Imarticus.

Features of Data Science and Analytics course by Imarticus:

  • Job oriented curriculum
  • Interactive live learning sessions
  • Work with real-world projects to apply the knowledge gained through the course
  • Career services like support in resume preparation, one-to-one counselling, and workshops are also provided
  • Job assurance with options to attend more than 10 guaranteed interviews
  • 6-month program
  • A very detailed syllabus is provided on the website for students planning to enrol in a data analytics training program in Sudan.

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3) Unichrone

Unichrone is yet another training provider that delivers training sessions in various categories like Project management, cloud computing, cyber security, and more. Power BI Data Analyst Certification Training in Omdurman Sudan is a course that aspirants looking for data analytics courses in Sudan should have a look at.

Key Features of the Course:

  • 3-day live or classroom training sessions
  • Well-designed study material prepared by industry experts
  • Mock tests to attend
  • Classes led by experienced mentors
  • Course adhering to international standard
  • Weekend/Weekday class as per convenience

Benefits of the Course:

  • Upon completion of this certification program, individuals can take up various job roles and gradually excel in their professional life
  • Having this certification will be an added advantage for the individuals to earn a decent salary in their job
  • Highly designed curriculum with well-organized study plans
  • After pursuing the course get a chance to take multiple job roles
  • Train individuals to be industry-ready with the acquired skill set

Topics Covered:

  • Discovering Data Analytics and Getting Started with BI.
  • Preparing data for analysis in Power BI.
  • Modeling data in Power BI.
  • Data visualization using Power BI.
  • Performing data analysis in Power BI.
  • Managing workspaces and datasets in Power BI.

Course Fees:

  • Online Live Training: $1155.
  • Classroom Training in Omdurman: $1372.


4) CloudKampus

CloudKampus is also a widely known educational provider that offers diploma courses, live courses, and internship courses in various fields like digital marketing, project management, CAD, and more. Students planning to enrol in data analytics courses in Sudan can check the website of Cloudkampus to learn about their certified data analyst program.

Course Syllabus:

Module 1: Python Level-1

Module 2: Tableau for BI Level-1

Module 3: Machine Learning

Module 4: SQL basics

Program Fees: Rs.33900


5) Imperial College Business School

The Imperial College Business School Executive Education in collaboration with Emeritus offers a professional certificate in data analytics which can be enrolled by students looking for data analytics courses in Sudan. This is a 25-week online program enabling students to acquire this highly demanded skill with practical exposure to real-world projects.

Program Features:

  • Deeper understanding of the subject.
  • Classes led by experienced mentors.
  • Develop a portfolio of the work to showcase the skills acquired.
  • Support from the team in career guidance and coaching.
  • Gain a better understanding of theoretical knowledge through practical experience.
  • Earn a highly valued certificate from Imperial Executive Education.
  • Capstone project.

Topics Covered:

  • Basics of data analytics.
  • Descriptive analytics and data wrangling.
  • Learning about diagnostic analytics.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Prescriptive analytics.
  • Communicating results of data analysis.

Program fees: £3995

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6) Uniathena

Uniathena is another education services provider with academic programs and short courses in various domains like business administration, engineering management, and more. Aspirants to learn data analytics courses in Sudan can browse the website of Uniathena to learn about their short course – diploma in data analytics.


  • Course spanning 1-2 weeks of learning
  • Learn free of cost
  • Self-paced learning
  • Earn certificate (paid certificate)
  • Topics covered include methods, issues, and challenges related to data analytics


7) Coursera

It is a well-recognized online learning platform that partners with more than 200 universities and companies across the globe to provide job-ready training programs to individuals. With more than 3700 courses available in Coursera on the topic of data analytics, it is easier for students planning to join data analytics courses in Sudan to visit the website of Coursera and select the appropriate course as per their need.


8) Udemy

Udemy is also a prominent destination to learn courses online enabling individuals to learn from anywhere and at any time at an affordable price. There are more than 10,000 courses available on the topic of data analytics with classes led by various instructors across the globe.

Aspirants looking for data analytics courses in Sudan can choose any course of their choice after browsing the website of Udemy. The courses in Udemy can be accessed from a laptop/desktop and mobile app. Most of the courses comprise short video lectures, quizzes, downloadable resources, assignments, and more helping students to easily acquire the knowledge of the subject.


9) Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a learning platform providing post-graduate programs, master programs, learning resources, and training in trending courses including a data analytics training program in Sudan. In Simplilearn data analyst course is delivered in collaboration with IBM.

Features of the Course:

  • Course duration – 11 months.
  • Take advantage of the IBM features including access to IBM expert’s masterclasses, hackathons, and IBM certificates.
  • Learn about the different data analytics tools like Tableau, Power BI, SQL, and more.
  • Classes delivered by expert trainers in adherence to the latest curriculum.
  • Simplilearn’s Job assist feature to help you land your dream job.
  • Lifetime access to the course content.


  • Training in business analytics.
  • SQL course certification.
  • Data analytics using Python language.
  • Learn R programming.
  • Data analytics using R.
  • Tableau certification course.
  • Data analyst master’s capstone project.


10) Skill Up online

Skillup Online is another learning platform for individuals to learn new courses in various domains like cyber security, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more. Aspirants searching for data analytics courses in Sudan can check the Tech Master Certificate Program in Data Analytics by Skillup online. This a 5-month instructor-led virtual training program which consists of 7 courses within it and students get certificates for all these courses within the program.

Features of the Data Analytics Training Program in Sudan:

  • Career Guidance
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Dedicated sessions for doubt clarification
  • Get practical knowledge in the subject through projects and lab sessions

Course fees: Rs 75000+GST



Q1. Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Data analytics training institutes in Sudan?

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in data analytics courses in Sudan. Still, it is recommended to have basic programming skills and knowledge in subjects like Mathematics and Statistics.

Q2. What are the different job roles that can be taken after pursuing Data Analytics Courses in Sudan?

There are a multitude of career options available for a student who completes a data analytics training program in Sudan. Data visualization engineers, risk analysts, logistics analysts, data scientists, data analysts, business analysts, marketing analysts, and finance analysts are a few among them.

Q3. Can AI replace data analysts?

Even though AI is gaining prominence in many fields including data analytics it can be stated that data analysts cannot be replaced shortly. AI can make data processing and analyzing easier but it cannot make effective decisions which can probably be done by humans.

Q4. Is data analytics a good career?

As data analytics is used everywhere in the industry there is a surge in the demand for skilled professionals in this field. With decent pay, chances for career advancements, and diverse job roles it is a highly promising career that can be taken up by individuals.

Q5. How to get started in the field of data analytics?

Aspirants after getting a hold on the subject through the relevant courses, can showcase the portfolio of their work with the hiring companies and acquire entry-level jobs to begin with.



Over the recent years, data analytics has become an inevitable technology for use in the business. With the amount of data being consumed by companies every day, they rely on data analytics to help them organize data, process them, and make better decisions which can subsequently increase the growth of the company.

In this data-driven era, the need for skilled data analytics professionals has increased tremendously and hence the number of institutes offering data analytics has grown high. The future scope and possibilities in this field create an urge in the aspirants to take up this highly promising career. So, students planning to enrol on courses in Data analytics in Sudan can undoubtedly join any of them and excel in their professional lives.

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