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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In North Macedonia With Placements

From the estimates revealed about the data created each day it is stated around 330 million terabytes of data is produced per day. By 2025, the data produced will account for 180 zettabytes. Data is a crucial entity for organizations as it entails innumerable information about their customers, market, and management. By analyzing these data, effective decisions can be taken that ensure the smooth functioning of the organization and as a result, they have a group of satisfied customers as an asset. In this article, we have listed the best data analytics courses in North Macedonia.



Aspirants planning to enrol in data analytics courses in North Macedonia can read further to know more about data analytics and the top 10 data analytics training institutes in North Macedonia.

The role of data analytics is indisputable in this technology-driven era. For this reason, the job market demands skilled professionals in the field of data analytics. Many institutes have started offering data analytics courses in North Macedonia to train individuals to take up this highly promising career.



Definition of Data Analytics

To explain data analytics is the process of analyzing data to obtain perceptive information about the data. Data analytics tools, and techniques are used by organizations to efficiently derive accurate decisions from the countless data they deal with every day.



How important is Data Analytics?

To sustain in the market, companies use data analytics as an effective weapon to understand their market and to implement various strategies that elevate their performance and reputation.

Companies use data analytics to identify the trends in the data obtained from the target market. It also suggests cost-saving strategies to be implemented in the business. Decision-making can be done at a faster pace and new solutions/products can be made available to the customers to satisfy their needs

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How Data is Analyzed?

The different steps involved in data analysis are:

  1. Defining the Problem

This is the first step to be performed as it involves identifying the problem that needs to be resolved.

  1. Data Collection

From the initial step, the objectives and the questions that need to be defined are identified. Following this step data is collected from relevant sources.

  1. Data Cleaning

Data cleaning, also known as data cleansing, is the process of removing redundant, duplicate, and incorrect data.

  1. Data Analysis

With the help of various data analytics tools and techniques, data analysis is carried out.

  1. Data Visualization

This last step involves interpreting the data analyzed into a visually understandable form. This can be done with the help of charts, graphs, or other data visualization tools.


Types of Data Analysis

The 4 Different Types of Data Analysis Are:

  • Descriptive Analysis

In this type of analysis past data is analyzed to determine what has happened

  • Diagnostic Analysis

In Diagnostic Analysis the answer to the question of why something has happened is addressed

  • Predictive Analysis

In this type of analysis, data is analyzed to predict what is expected to happen in the future

  • Prescriptive Analysis

It can suggest the best decision to be taken in the business based on the outcome of the predictive analysis


Data Analytics Techniques

  • Content Analysis

It is a data analytics technique that deals with analyzing content in the form of text, audio, images, and video

  • Time Series Analysis

This method is used to analyze data that is collected over some time.

  • Regression Analysis

In regression analysis, the relationship between a dependent variable and one or more independent variables is evaluated

  • Text Analysis

Text analysis which is also known as text mining is used to analyze large chunks of textual data.

  • Cohort Analysis

A cohort can be defined as a group of people with similar characteristics. So, cohort analysis aims to understand the behaviour of cohorts throughout time.

  • Monte Carlo Simulation

In this data analysis technique, the possible outcomes of an event are determined.

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Challenges of Data Analytics

  • Collecting Relevant Data

With the vast amount of data created every day, organizations find it hard to manage them. So, finding significant data from them can be even more tedious. Here comes the need for a tool to collect and organize data which can help the employees to focus more on analyzing the data rather than using their productive time in merely collecting and sorting this high volume of data. With experience, employees start to understand which data is relevant to them and which is not.

  • Data Visualization

Another challenge in data analytics is representing the findings of data analysis in an easily understandable format. Usually, data visualization is done with the help of charts, graphs, and, infographics. Performing this task manually is time-consuming and, in some cases, the data collected may not be real-time data. With the help of data visualization tools, these problems can be solved

  • Quality of the Data

Any flaws in the quality of data can directly affect the decision-making. When done manually these data are more susceptible to errors leading to incorrect results. Also, data integrity is another factor that poses a risk to data quality. The data should be integrated well to ensure that the same data is updated and used within the organization by different departments. The quality of the data can be maintained by using a centralized system.

  • Data Security

Another important challenge of data analytics is data security. With the implementation of effective security measures organizations can reduce the risk associated with the security of the large volume of data handled every day and prevent attacks to a greater extent.

  • Data From Countless Sources

Yet another challenge involved in data analytics is managing the data from numerous sources. If done manually this time-consuming task will not yield accurate results due to the high volume of data. By creating a centralized system employees will find it easy to gather information from that system.

  • Appropriate Tool Selection

Picking the right tool for data analysis also remains a challenge until you get to know about the different tools available in the market and their uses. This issue can be solved by seeking help from experts in this field, studying the different tools available, and choosing the right one to solve your problem.


Future Trends in Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a constantly evolving field with new advancements introduced very often to meet the requirements or to resolve existing drawbacks. Given below are a few of the future trends to be expected in the upcoming years:

  • Augmented Analytics

In augmented analytics, AI and machine learning are used to make data processing automated thereby keeping it simple to deal with the data and making it easy to make better decisions in the business.

  • Edge Computing

In edge computing, the data transmission is performed at a faster rate as the servers are closely located to the devices. This ensures speedy and real-time data analytics thereby resolving latency issues and controlling networking costs.

  • AI Integration in Data Analytics

Data Analytics when associated with AI, can make data processing a much simpler process and accurate results can be achieved from the same. It can also be used to predict the trends in the market and provide customers with solutions to meet their needs.

  • Quantum Computing

Even though this method is not that popular it is expected to gain significance in the upcoming years. Unlike classical computers, they can solve complex computations more efficiently.


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In North Macedonia With Placements

The details of some of the best data analytics training institutes in North Macedonia are provided below:


IIM is a prominent educational institution providing training programs in Marketing, Finance, Writing, Analytics, and CAT coaching. The Data Analytics Master Course by IIM Skills follows the latest curriculum, with classes led by experienced mentors and offers 24*7 from the team.

All these course features bring IIM Skills to the spotlight, thus making it one of the best data analytics courses in North Macedonia.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 34148.78 Macedonian Denar + Taxes


  • Tool-based learning (Excel, SQL, Power BI, Python, Tableau, R, Alteryx)
  • 6 months live training and 2 months non paid internship
  • 160+ hours lecture, 100+ hours assignment and 10+ case studies
  • 16+live projects
  • Google Data Analytics Certification Preparation

Course Highlights:

The Data Analytics Master Course offered by IIM Skills has many notable features, making it ahead of the list of data analytics training institutes in North Macedonia. Here are a few of the features:

  • IIM Skills offers a free demo class before enrolling in the course to understand how the classes are presented leaving the decision to the learners to continue with the course or not.
  • Access to the course from anywhere and at any time.
  • Flexible class scheduling considering the different student categories enrolling in the course.
  • Complimentary services like support in resume preparation, interview guidance, doubt clearing sessions with mentors are also provided.
  • Earn Internship and Course Certificates
  • A systematic and detailed curriculum
  • Session recordings and other learning materials are all accessible from a single system called LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Highly skilled mentors provide flawless training to the students.


  • Data analytics with Advanced Excel
  • Data analytics using Visual Basics for Applications
  • Data analytics using SQL
  • Data analytics using Power BI
  • Data analytics using Python
  • Data analytics using Tableau
  • R programming language for Data Science
  • Data analytics using the Alteryx tool

Course Objectives:

  • To familiarize students with the basics of the subject like types of data analysis, and methods like data mining.
  • Teach students about the various analytics tasks like manipulation, cleaning, and analyzing the data
  • Provide knowledge to the students about the different data analytics tools
  • Learning Python language
  • To understand statistical data analysis

Eligibility Criteria for enrolling in the IIM Skills Data Analytics training program in North Macedonia:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline as an educational qualification
  • To have basic computer skills
  • Knowing the fundamentals of Mathematics and Statistics will be beneficial

Steps to Follow to Enrol in the IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Course:

  1. After registration and payment of the course are done students can access LMS
  2. Select the batch as per the convenience of the learner

iii. Classes should be attended regularly or the session recordings must be followed. If a student doesn’t score 70% minimum attendance, he/she will not be allowed to attend the exam

  1. After course completion, the examination should be passed with a minimum of 50% marks
  2. Earn a course completion certificate
  3. Join the internship program and acquire an internship certificate

vii. Attend an interview and get placed

viii. Your journey as a successful data analyst begins here

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

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2)     Sprintzeal

Sprintzeal is a globally recognized training provider that offers courses in numerous categories. It is another good choice for students planning to enrol in data analytics courses in North Macedonia. Sprintzeal provides a Big Data Analytics training course in Skopje, Macedonia which is a highly demanded data analytics training program in North Macedonia.

Key Features of Sprintzeal’s Big Data Hadoop Analyst Course:

  • Instructor-led classes spanning 4 days
  • Training material provided as a soft copy
  • Well-designed curriculum for training
  • Provides access to 1year E-learning for Big Data Analyst training
  • 3 modes of training are provided- Online live training, classroom training and corporate training


Online training: MKD7 1163

Classroom training: MKD  351361


3)     Careerera

Careerera is a widely known educational institution that provides online and classroom certification courses in various categories like data science, cyber security, ERP, and more. Aspirants aiming to take data analytics courses in North Macedonia can check their Data Science Analytics Professionals course.

The Important Features of This Course Are:

  • Online live training
  • 120 hours duration
  • Mock tests
  • Video recordings of the training
  • Can attend 3 times within 6 months
  • Career Guidance


  • Chapter 1 – Data Science Introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Business Analytics Introduction
  • Chapter 3 – Python Introduction
  • Chapter 4 – MySQL
  • Chapter 5 – Data Cleaning, Data Manipulation, and Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Chapter 6 – Statistical methods
  • Chapter 7– Machine Learning
  • Chapter 8- Bagging, Boosting: Ensembling techniques
  • Chapter 9 – Sentimental analysis and text mining
  • Chapter 10 – Time Series Analysis
  • Chapter 11– Predictive modeling
  • Chapter 12 – Optimization techniques
  • Chapter 13 – Retail and Marketing Analytics
  • Chapter 14 – Social Media and Web Analytics
  • Chapter 15 – Risk Analytics and Finance Analytics


4)     Simplilearn

Simplilearn is also an online learning platform that offers courses for students in various categories like Cyber Security, DevOps, and Software Development including a data analytics training program in North Macedonia.

Students aiming to join data analytics courses in North Macedonia can join Simplilearn. They provide an exclusive Data Scientist Course in Skopje, Macedonia. This course is a Master’s program delivered in collaboration with IBM.

Main Features of the Course:

  • The benefits of this course include master classes taken by IBM experts, Ask Me Anything(AMA) sessions with the IBM faculties, and IBM certificates for IBM courses
  • Live learning experience
  • Access to 25+ projects
  • Live classes on AI and other trending subjects
  • Simplilearn Data Science Master’s Certificate
  • On completion of the course access to IBM Watson and other applications for practical use

Syllabus of Simplilearn’s Data Scientist Course in Skopje 

Course 1: Essentials of Programming

Course 2: Certification Course in SQL

Course 3: Data Science using Python (by IBM)

Course 4: Applied Data Science

Course 5: Machine Learning

Course 6: Tableau Certification course

Course 7: Capstone Project

Course Fees: €1299

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5)     The knowledge academy

The Knowledge Academy is a globally established training course provider delivering more than 30000 courses including data analytics courses in North Macedonia.

The knowledge academy offers different modes of learning, and highly reliable resources at an affordable price which makes them one of the best data analytics training institutes in North Macedonia.

Syllabus of the Data Analytics with R course:

Module 1 – Data Analysis Overview

Module 2- Analytics and BI

Module 3 – Programming language R

Module 4 – Data importing

Module 5 – Machine Learning

There are 3 ways training is provided for this course:

Online Instructor-led Fees: €2295

Online self-paced Fees: €2295

Classroom Training


6)     PwC

PwC is a company that provides professional services like tax services, HR services, legal services, advisory and more. They also have an academy named PwC Academy where training courses are provided for aspirants.

Students enrolling in Data analytics courses in North Macedonia should have a look at the Data Analytics online academy of PwC. Any prior knowledge is not required to start the course, but it makes them industry-ready by the end of the course.

Topics Covered in the Course:

Data classification

Data visualization

Data storytelling

Data-driven decision making


7)     General Assembly

It was founded in 2011 to bring together both tech companies and skilled candidates. General Assembly offers courses in various fields like Web Development, Digital Marketing, and more.

The data analytics short course provided by the General Assembly is a beginner-friendly course that lays foundation for the data skills. The short courses by the General Assembly are designed for working professionals who work full time and have limited time to study.

Classes are led by industry experts in the data analytics domain. Students planning to enrol in data analytics courses in North Macedonia can visit the website of the General Assembly to learn more about the courses. They also provide boot camps in data analytics and data science other than this short course.

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8)     Ulster University London and Birmingham

The Ulster University offers a full-time postgraduate degree in Data analytics named MSc International Business with Data Analytics. This is a full-time 1-year duration course offered in London and Birmingham locations.

This program is also available in MSc International Business with Data Analytics with Advanced Practice which covers either a project or an internship.

Aspirants wishing to learn data analytics in North Macedonia can browse the website of Ulster University to learn about the entry requirements, fee structure, and other details.


9)     Coursera

Coursera is another widely recognized educational platform that offers courses in collaboration with many universities and companies to provide learners job relevant skills at an affordable price.

Students aiming to join data analytics courses in North Macedonia can browse the website of Coursera and decide on enrolling in the course. Coursera in partnership with Google offers Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

This Certification program consists of 8 series of courses that recommend only a beginner level of knowledge with no prior degree or experience required.

Features of the Course:

  • Understanding the day-to-day job of a junior data analyst
  • Learn how to clean, and organize data and knowledge about tools like SQL, R language, and Spreadsheet.
  • Learn data visualization
  • Experience the professional style of training from Google
  • Certificate from Google
  • Develop a Portfolio to showcase the skills acquired
  • Upon course completion take advantage of features like resume review, interview guidance, and career support


Course 1- Foundation

Course 2- Use of Data in Decision-making

Course 3- Data Exploration

Course 4 – Data Processing

Course 5 – Analyzing the Data

Course 6 – Data Visualization and Its Tools

Course 7 -r Programming Fundamentals

Course 8- Capstone Project


10)     Udacity

Udacity can also be considered for learning courses online as it provides plenty of courses in various subjects like AI, programming, cybersecurity, and much more.

They have a good number of courses on data analytics too which includes an Introduction to Data Analytics course. This beginner level course 4 weeks duration course will equip the students with data analytical skills making them job-ready within no time.

A detailed syllabus is provided on the website of Udacity. Aspirants who wish to join data analytics courses in North Macedonia can browse the website and pick the right one for them.



Q1. What are the various data analytics tools?

Data Analytics tools are software applications used to analyze data to provide insights about the market and to make effective decisions in improving the efficiency of the business. The most common data analytics tools are Microsoft Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Google Analytics, KNIME, and more.

Q2. What are the applications of Data analytics?

There are numerous applications of data analytics of which few of them are listed below:

  • Manufacturing- In the manufacturing sector data analytics is used to provide effective insights about the various processes, and machinery that can improve a business’s overall performance.
  • Banking- Data analytics is used in the finance and banking sector mainly to prevent fraudulent transactions and the risks associated with them.
  • Education- With the data obtained from the students, the management/institutions can bring several reforms in the educational sector
  • Logistics- Route optimization, demand prediction, and systematic fleet management are some of the uses of data analytics in the logistics industry
  • Healthcare- The healthcare industry uses data analytics to analyze patient data through which healthcare professionals can suggest or diagnose remedies for the illness.

Q3. What is a data analyst’s job description?

The job of a data analyst comes with many responsibilities which are listed below:

  • The Initial duty is to collect data from the relevant sources
  • Clean the data obtained by removing redundant, incorrect data
  • Categorizing the data into various types and structuring it in an easily accessible format
  • Deriving conclusions and presenting the outcomes to the higher officials.

Q4. What are the different job roles that can be taken after pursuing Data Analytics Courses in North Macedonia?

The several job roles that are available for a student who completed a data analytics training program in North Macedonia are data engineer, data scientist, data analyst, business analyst, marketing analyst, finance analyst, and more.

Q5. Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Data analytics training institutes in North Macedonia?

As such there are no prerequisites for enrolling in data analytics courses in North Macedonia. However, institutes advise to have basic programming knowledge. Having beginner-intermediate knowledge in subjects like Mathematics and Statistics can be advantageous.



Not a single day passes without data being involved in the life of an individual. So, for organizations the amount of data they handle every day is overwhelming. With the advent of data analytics companies realized how this technology can be used to promote its growth and so the demand for highly skilled professionals also grew high.

So educational institutes started offering courses in Data analytics which can train students to become successful data analysts. On that account pursuing data analytics courses in North Macedonia can open the door to a prosperous professional journey ahead.




















































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