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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Malawi With Placements

You can start your professional journey as a data analyst, or data scientist by taking a data analytics course in Malawi. The Data Analytics Courses in Malawi offer courses that focus on data science with Power BI, Python, SQL databases, and Excel. The data analytics mentors at these institutes will guide you in building a rewarding career in data analytics. These courses cater to all professionals; irrespective of whether you are a layman user of the coding world or an experienced coder.




This article provides you with in-depth knowledge of the Data Analytics Courses in Malawi. You can take up one of the courses and become a successful data analyst in Malawi. With this article, we assist you in choosing the best data analytics course in Malawi.

Data is the oil that fuels any organisation’s progress in the 21st century and will continue to do so in the upcoming centuries. With data becoming the most significant key to any organization’s success, data analytics has gained widespread importance. It is one of the most sought-after careers and many institutes and universities impart specialized training on data analytics.

In today’s world, the demand for data analytics is growing rapidly. The term data analytics refers to collecting, organizing, and transforming data to make decisions, conclude, and draw predictions. Practically, data analytics is leveraged by industries for numerous reasons like analysis of quarterly and yearly results, sales forecasts, customer behaviour studies, demographic analysis, and so on. To analyze data effectively every organization needs data analysts who specialize in tools which handle data. As a result, there is a growing demand for data professionals in today’s world.


Paramount of Data Analytics

The data analytics course in Malawi provides a structured approach that helps you to analyze raw data, process the data, make meaningful decisions from predictions, and provide conclusions.

With technological advancement, people wish to land up in jobs in this field which have unique positions offering attractive salary packages. Data Analytics helps professionals to achieve this goal by providing them with the essential skills required to succeed as a data analyst.

For instance, in a cricketer’s career, data analytics helps them to analyze their strong and weak areas, career statistics, the type of pitches and conditions on which a cricketer struggles, and other loopholes in their skills that they can address and become a better professional.

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Categories of Data Analytics

   Sr.no       Types         Details
      1Descriptive Analytics●      Describes the historical data and informs us as to what happened in the past.

●      Analyze past data and use it for future enhancement.

●      It involves most of the customer and product relationships.

●      Provide reviews like reports and dashboards

      2Diagnostic Analytics●      Why it happened in the past gives reasons.

●      To get the solutions to problems we study historical data.

●      Common techniques used such as Data minimization and correlation

      3Predictive Analytics●      In the future what will happen?

●      It converts data into action.

●      Works by using a variety of techniques like mathematical models and data mining concepts.

      4Perspective Analytics●      How can we implement it to make it happen?

●      Works on future outcomes.

●      The techniques include big data, Mathematics



Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Malawi With Placements



This is one of the institutes that provide Data Analytics Courses in Malawi with a focus on providing a wide range of skills in data science with multiple modules like Power BI, Python, and SQL. Start your career with us by learning and acquiring practical knowledge under top analysts of top MNC companies. For beginners and professionals, this is one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Malawi.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 1035295.13 Malawian Kwacha + Taxes

IIM SKILLS offers online teaching, training, and free demonstration of practicals with IT industries. With this course, you can learn more than five tools while doing an Internship in 3 months.

Course Content

  1. Introduction of Data Visualization
  2. Basics of Data Analytics
  3. Fundamentals of Data Cleaning
  4. Methods of Data cleaning
  5. Machine Learning with Data Science
  6. Sessions on live projects on Power BI


  1. Top Institute in the education sector
  2. Free Demo lectures
  3. Discounts on registration
  4. High-qualified placement cell
  5. Faculties from IT industries

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

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2. Career Foundry

This is one of the top Data Analytics Courses in Malawi. This institute offers you the flexibility to choose between online learning and remote learning. This institute offers a simple structure of teaching to give a better experience of understanding topics related to data analytics.

This course is helpful to graduate and postgraduate students who are looking to build a career as a data analyst. The pillars of data visualization are tools, computers, and data. Course modules are based on pillars. This course delivers weekly assignments, skill-based tasks on Python, and Projects on data science.

Course Details:

Course Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 3 Months of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

Fees: 601.00 United States Dollars

Certification: Yes

Course Content

  1. Data Modelling in Power BI
  2. Data Transformation using Power BI editor-Data, Text, and Number transformation by BI editor, datatype, pivot and unpivot, merge queries.
  3. Basics of Numpy -Array with types, Numpy data types
  4. Indexing and Slicing-Transform array, Swapping by axes
  5. Introduction of Pandas
  6. Machine Learning Modules

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3. Google

Google is one of the brightest institutes bestowed to the list of Data Analytics Courses in Malawi. You can join this course on a full-time or part-time basis and enhance your skills in data mining with training sessions that are designed at your convenience, in either online or offline sessions.

You can attend weekly or daily classes for one 1-month teaching and three-month internships on live projects based on SQL and Tableau.

You can also gain the experience of learning in a demo class which is available every Sunday for 3 hours for free, upon registration on the given registration link on their website.

With this course, you can develop your portfolio on data visualization tools through Google with learning.

Course Content

  1. Fundamentals and examples on Matplotlib and Seaborn
  2. Practicals on Plot, Charts with their types -Bar, Scatter, subplots, surface, Density plots, cat, and distribution plots
  3. Pandas-Panda Series, operations on Dataframes
  4. Filtering and sorting of data
  5. Summering data using Statistics
  6. Working on SQL with Excel sheets
  7. Power BI report building
  8. Case Studies-Employee Management, Banking Sections and Finance Departments

What is SAS?

SAS stands for Statistical analysis software. SAS is used in Data Visualization. Nontechnical professionals can also analyze and visualize the data. SaaS performs its operations in three steps: Sourcing of data, processing of data, and final result in the form of result. SAS supports editing reports.


4. Coursera

Do you want to become a Data analyst? This is one of the premier institutes offering Data Analytics Courses in Malawi. This course, offered by Coursera, helps you earn an internationally recognized certificate in data analytics.

This course also offers an internship with a one-to-one mentor guide during the internship period. With this course, the institute also delivers videos and study materials for learning and skill development. You can gain practical knowledge through top projects.

Course Content

  1. Introduction of data science with lifecycle
  2. Data science roles with stages
  3. What is BI and its uses
  4. Power BI architecture
  5. Steps of Power BI installation
  6. RDBMS concepts
  7. Basics of Numpy with the operation
  8. Demo session on Python
  9. Business intelligence applications
  10. Risk management

Course Features

  1. Installment plans for student and loan facilities
  2. 120 hours of online session teaching and training
  3. Verified digital certificates
  4. Demo lecture for beginners
  5. Question Answer sessions with mentors


5. Government Certification in Data Analytics

This course was established in 2021 June by the education department of the government. As a beginner, you can apply for this course either in online or offline mode. They have more than 500 alumni spread all across the country.

The bridge between a beginner and to data scientist is to enhance your knowledge of data visualization. This gap is effectively bridged by this course through the government’s top analysts. They train you in different modules like Excel, SQL, and data mining.

It focuses on building your career by developing sample projects on different tools. This course provides job-oriented Data Analytics Courses in Malawi.

Course Content

  1. MongoDB
  2. Tableau
  3. DAX Functions-Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  4. Big Data
  5. Fundamentals of Python
  6. SQL connectivity with Python
  7. Mathematics and Statistics with basic operation
  8. Descriptive analysis
  9. Data Sources-File, Azure, and Excel
  10. Import data from multiple sources

Tools for Data Analytics





Power BI


6. Prisha Foundation

Do you want to become a Data Analyst? If your answer is Yes, then why are you waiting? Enter the world of Data Analytics Courses in Malawi started by the Prisha Foundation. This foundation gives you live training on 20+ project samples and boot camp demo lectures.

Prisha Foundation has partnered with IIM SKILLS to offer a data analytics course in both online and offline ways. You can access multiple integrated labs for training and practical sessions. You will be certified by both institutes which will add a lot of value to your resume.

Course Content

  1. Basics of Python Programming: – Datatypes, hierarchies, and Loops,
  2. Details of maps and charts by Python programming
  3. Economics by Data Science
  4. Data security
  5. Introduction to web analysis
  6. Fundamentals of Data Model
  7. Project Guidance (2 hrs.)
  8. Resume Building

You can learn case studies based on Predictive and Perspective analysis from this data analytics course.

  • Study historical data by methods, and techniques for future enhancement in Predictive analysis.
  • In Perspective mode make decisions as per the manager’s suggestions.


7. Data Capstone

This institute is well recognized as one of the topmost Data Analytics Courses in Malawi. For the upliftment of your career to the topmost level as a data analyst, you can enrol and start learning this course.

Data Capstone is one of the institutes from Malawi that includes teaching SQL, Power BI, Tableau, and Excel worksheets. The motive of this institute is to get the students placed with high-paying jobs in data analytics. The course is scheduled for 90 hours and runs for approximately 4 months.

They provide training, placement details, and internship projects to the students. This institute is tied with multiple IT companies and businesses. This institute provides a live platform with IT companies to provide real-time experience to its students.

Course Content

  1. Introduction of Google Sheets
  2. Data extraction methods
  3. Business intelligence by data visualization
  4. Data warehouse
  5. Introduction to Data Science with Python
  6. Usage of Data Analytics
  7. Projects
  8. Question and Answer sessions on different modules
  9. Preparation for getting a better job

BootCamp Sessions

  1. Correlation and regression problem-solving
  2. Data problems and solutions

Why Must Beginners Choose This Course?

It provides numerous advantages to professionals, employees, and students which are as follows

  • High Salaries
  • Specializations in multiple subjects under one roof
  • Exciting offers on workplace circles
  • Unique content as per needs in companies
  • Job openings in each industry


8. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the leading institutes providing Data Analytics Courses in Malawi. This institute imparts data skills which are shaping the digital era of organizations and professionals. This institute started in 2020. Top data scientists give training to the students on a live platform at this institute.

Brainstorming will guide you in getting job-ready data science skills in modern IT industries. After taking this course, you can communicate by tools and evaluate by formulas through data analysts to get accurate results.

Once you can finish the course, you can also build a portfolio of real-world projects. You must follow the procedure provided during the training sessions for developing projects. At the end of the course, you will complete each phase of data analytics, working of tools, and many more.

Course Content

  1. Python Machine learning
  2. Bootcamp of SQL
  3. Workshop on Python with Data Science
  4. Data Extraction methods
  5. Advancement of Power BI
  6. Excel for business development
  7. Fundamentals of Advanced Excel
  8. Data Conclusions
  9. Universal Function
  10. Boolean Indexing

Advantages of Joining a Data Analytics Stream from top Data Analytics Courses in Malawi

  1. Lifetime access
  2. Free study material
  3. Live recorded videos for study
  4. Support from experts

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9. Ashwath Institute

This institute teaches data analysis, sorting, modifying, and summarizing after finalizing data build charts and matrices for better understanding. With this course, you can learn Dashboard preparation live from top data analysts around the IT industry.

This course helps you understand SQL with Python, SQL with Power BI, and fetching data from SQL to Data visualization using multiple tools like Excel and Tableau. You can apply this knowledge in your analysis of business problems.

Course Content

  1. SQL queries like Insert, Update, and Delete commands for data sorting, merging, and searching.
  2. Steps of SQL database connectivity with Python
  3. Excel Queries
  4. Working on Tableau tools like Data Manipulation
  5. Introduction of Histogram and HeatMap
  6. ErrorBar and 3D Plots
  7. Concepts of reading and writing on text format
  8. Mathematical and statistical formulas of Excel
  9. Examples of Machine Learning
  10. Placement Training

Course Features

  1. Use Big Data for businesses
  2. Explore data by Graphs and charts for more visualizing
  3. Utilize Statistical modelling on Big Data
  4. Apply Security methods to data


10. KnowledgeHub

In Malawi, KnowledgeHub takes care of your corporate-level placements with a resume-building boot camp. You will be a perfectionist in data analytics by doing the course by KnowledgeHub. It is one of the reputed Data Analytics Courses in Malawi.

This institute offers the flexibility to schedule your class at your convenient time such as on weekends and weekdays. The instructor from the institute arranges online tutoring sessions for beginners.

Non-Technical professionals can also enrol in these courses with zero coding knowledge and can start their career path through KnowledgeHub. With this course, you get Video libraries of Data Visualization, Data Science techniques, and SQL queries with Power BI.

Course Content

  1. Advance Data Analytics
  2. Dashboard tiles like adding images and text boxes
  3. Types of Dashboard-Single, Multiple, and organizational dashboards
  4. Basics of KPI, Requirements and Uses of KPI and KPI Visualizations
  5. Services of SQL for preparing Reports
  6. Power BI slicers – Operations of slicers like Add, Apply, Clear, And Delete Slicers, Orientation and Header of Slicers
  7. Live Pages of Reports and Dashboards
  8. Replace, detect Data Types in Data cleaning
  9. Query Editor-Date, Math, and Logical Functions
  10. Case Studies on Marketing Topics

Overview of Data Science, Python, SQL, and Data Visualization Topics

  • Data Science: – Analysis of data by patterns and making predictions for the future. Data science is all about collecting data, analyzing data, and making decisions on that data.

Examples of data science

  • Industries
  • Businesses
  • Daily routine
  • Education

Python: – It is a professional and very popular programming language. Used for Server-side web development, scripting operations, mathematics functions, and developing software.

Python performs tasks like connectivity to the database,

maintaining flows in programs, mathematical calculations on

big data, and object-oriented concepts.

Examples of Python

  • Software development
  • Business intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Module development

SQL: – It is standard Query Language. Used for manipulating data and retrieving data in the database. Performs commands like DML (Data Manipulation Language) commands, and DDL (Data Definition Language) commands.

Examples of SQL

  • Build patient reports
  • Medical departments
  • Health care data
  • Big data

Data Visualization: – The data representation through reports, dashboards, images, charts, and animation videos. Display of information by using visuals for easy understanding. Learn visualization by creating tables in Excel, fetching data from Excel, and loading in Power BI to perform operations and make predictions finally displayed in a visual format.

Examples of Data Visualization

  • Geographical Maps
  • Arts and drawings
  • Animation videos
  • Visualizing Pollution



Q1. What is the eligibility to join Data Analytics Courses in Malawi?

The eligibility criteria vary for each institute. Some institutes offer courses only for professionals who have some coding knowledge. Some institutes offer courses to layman users as well. You must check the course content and get in touch with the institute to check if you are eligible to take up the course offered by the institute.

Q2. How much time is required to get a certification as a data analyst?

There is no fixed timeline. However, approximately four months are required to get certified as a data analyst. Depending on your schedule you can enroll in the course at your convenience.

Sr.NoCourse NameDurationCertification Name
 1Data Analytics courses on Power BI and Python 4 month(1 month teaching +learning and 3 Month internship)data analyst certification
 2Professionals in Data Science6 month(3 month live sessions+2 month training
+1 month interview Preparation)
IIM SKILLS International Certifications

Q3. Which Skills are required to become a Data Analyst?

The table below answers the question:

Fundamentals of DataProgramming in Python
Optimization of dataBasics of SQL
Principles of data toolsDatabase Relations
Coefficient and regressionAlgorithms on machine learning
Logical functionsExamples of data science
Job-ready interview skillsMicrosoft Excel spreadsheets

Q4. What are the tools required for data analytics?

  • Power BI
  • SQL
  • Excel
  • Tableau



A data analytics course in Malawi will enrich you with information and skills required for a career as a data analyst. You can gain complete practical knowledge from live sessions and work on live projects by gaining knowledge through one of the selected courses from the listicle on Data Analytics Courses in Malawi. With live session recording and study material, you can build a dashboard, and prepare reports and portfolios.

Your enrollment in the courses is recommended in this treatise from a list of institutes.






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