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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Congo With Placements

In today’s data-centric world, data is the most essential ingredient for any company to succeed. Companies have realized this fact and are hiring more and more data professionals. The growing demand for data professionals has left graduates and working professionals looking for effective data analytics courses in Congo. In this article, we make the job of such graduates and professionals easy by providing them with the list of the top 10 data analytics courses in Congo.



Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Congo With Placements



This course is one of the most sought-after data analytics courses in Congo. introduces you to data analysis, explains various data analysis methods, and data visualization techniques, and includes practical programming in detail. If you are a beginner in data analytics, this is the right course for you.

Contact Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 1673219.65 Congolese Franc + Taxes


Course Curriculum

Introduction of data modeling:- Analyzing raw data to draw out meaningful, actionable insights.

Data Pre-Processing Overview, Data Cleaning:- Data Integration and Transformation, Data Reduction, Data Discretization, Outlier analysis, Testing, and Training

Basics of Office, SQL, Python, and Power BI:

Install MS Office programs, SQL, Python, and Oracle to set up the lab. Learn how to analyze data that resides in a worksheet or grid, using traditional Excel tools like pivot tables, pivot charts, and slicers.

Learn about queries, create an Excel data model from a single flat table using the Power Query add-on in Excel 2013 and Excel 2010, and more. Learn how to develop an Excel data model using the information from numerous tables imported from an SQL database.

Learn how to create measures that can be used to calculate the values for each cell, how to select the context for calculations, and how to use the sophisticated DAX functions.

Learn how to use MS Excel to create eye-catching visualizations like charts, graphs, heat maps, and so on.

Free classes 5-tutorial classes with 20-minute sessions: These focus on various parts of the data analysis process. The course gives you a better understanding of how to work on data.

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Contact Details

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

Website: www.iimskills.com

Email: [email protected]

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2. Career Guide

This institute has one of the few data analytics courses in Congo that focuses on Power BI. A deep knowledge of Power BI provides a firm foundation for dealing with various types of data using different data visualization techniques.

If you are enthusiastic to build a career as a data scientist or analyst, you must enrol in this program. You can get knowledge of data visualization and Power BI.

Professional players and beginners can learn data analysis through online courses and live training sessions to earn certificates. Data analysis classes are based on the syllabus set as per the industry demands and business requirements.

Course Curriculum

Power BI overview:-What is Business Intelligence, what is Power BI , various BI tools, why Power BI, Introduction to Power BI, Features of Power BI, Power BI Components, Building, Blocks of Power BI, Architecture of Power BI, Power BI Desktop Installation,

Dashboard Creation:-Dashboards, reports, Dashboards versus reports, Reporting Services, Live Dashboard pages, Live report pages.

Data Collection Strategies:- Introduction to Collection of Data, Primary and Secondary Data, Methods of Collecting Primary Data, Methods of Secondary Data, Statistical Errors, Rounding off Data.

Career Guidance (2 hours):- A career in data visualization combines technical and artistic knowledge. Discuss salary, growth, skills, and many more.

Interview preparation:-
Enhance your skills with different tools and attend mock interviews.

Career support:-
Enhance your job search with CareerGuide’s job search engine.

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3. Coursera

Most data analytics courses in Congo do not provide a master’s certification; however, this organization does that. Data analytics can shape decision making, business growth and get wide knowledge for a great future. If you are looking for a career as an analytics manager, this course is for you. Initially, you can attend the free demo class which lasts for an hour, and then take a call.

This course helps you gain an understanding of how to display and represent data on dashboards, and presentations of reports by using powerful visualization platforms.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Data Science:- Evolution of Data Science – Data Science life cycle, Data Science Roles – Stages in a Data Science Project – Applications of Data Science.

Working with Dashboards:- Dashboard tiles – Tile details and custom links, images, text boxes, SQL Server, and mobile-optimized dashboards.

Universal Functions:- Fast element-wise array functions – mathematical and statistical methods – Sorting unique and other set Logic.

Practical Sessions (4-6 hours):- Live practical, interactive training sessions with companies to choose the best platform for the best beginning.


4. 21st CenturyCareer

Most of the data analytics courses in Congo are not technical enough to include the topics on Pandas; but not this institute. This course on data analysis is useful for people who love to code. With this course, you can gain practical experience by using different tools like Python, SQL, MS Excel, and many more. Apart from the theoretical classes, this course also emphasizes practicals.

This course helps you to shape a career in big data analysis. In this program, you’ll learn skills for working with data at your own pace.

Course Curriculum

Introduction of Matplotlib:- Basic plot-line, Bar, scatter, subplot, Statistics plots-box, Histogram, errorbar and pie, 3D plots-scatter, surface, triangular, Heatmap, Density Plots, CatPlot (Categorical Plot), Joint Distribution Plot

Data Collection:- Collect data from data Sources-File Sources, Databases, Azure, and Other Sources, Loading Data-Web Pages, CSV Files, Text Files, XML Files, Excel, Microsoft Access Databases, SQL Server and other databases, Refreshing Data.

Introduction to Pandas: – Series, DataFrame, Creating Data Frame from an Excel, .csv, file, python Dictionary, python List, and Tuples.

Training on Live Platforms (6 hours):- It is one of the best live-streaming courses from the academy. You can attend the online training with case studies to get an experience on a live platform. They have a team of mentors for your help and to make it better in all subjects like Python, BI, and data science.

Look no further to find the Advanced:


5. KnowledgeHub

This is one of the few data analytics courses in Congo focusing on Big Data. With this course, you can acquire skills in Big data dashboard creation and interactive visualizations. KnowledgeHub provides user-friendly big data tools.

It is easy to study and gain knowledge through this course. This is a free course which also offers a certificate.

A changeover is to make your career bigger. KnowledgeHub is committed to helping students, beginners, employees, and businessmen to reach their goals, by providing training from IIT faculties.

Course Curriculum

Big Data:- Data Technologies, Hadoop  for Big Data, Hadoop Stack for Big Data Part 2

Data visualization tools:-The best data visualization tools include Google Charts, Tableau, Grafana, Chartist, FusionCharts, Datawrapper, Infogram

Introduction to NumPy: Arrays and Vectorized Computation- The NumPyn-dimensional arrays- Data Types for n-dimensional arrays- Arithmetic with NumPy Arrays- Basic Indexing and Slicing – Boolean Indexing-Transposing Arrays and Swapping Axes.

Case studies (4-5 hours):-Product Sales Data Analysis, Marketing Campaign Insights Analysis, Financial Performance Analysis, Loan Application Analysis.

ISROData visualization at ISRO is very effective in creating accurate reports, and charts and making decisions with conclusions.


Big Data in HealthcareBig Data is generated by multiple sources and analyzed. It guides decision-making and improves patient outcomes
Marketing Campaign AnalysisLarge data empowers marketers to customer data from various sources like customer databases.

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6. LinkedIn

This is one of the few data analytics courses in Congo that is focused on developers. The future for data analysts looks bright with emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many more. This LinkedIn course helps you get knowledge from fundamentals up to dashboard preparation.

In this course, you can aggressively carve your career journey positively. This resourceful course is designed by the alma mater of IIT graduates. You will be guided by the most knowledgeable and experienced faculty during these online sessions.

You can apply data science concepts in your current job itself or start your career. Start online classes for Data Science through us! Highly demanded course.

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Big Data: – Introduction of Big Data, use cases of big data.

Creation of BI Report: – Reports, Dashboards versus reports, and live reports.

Live Sessions (2 hours):- Live session helps you analyze user’s behaviour, find errors, and increase conversion using session replays and feedback.

Creating a Data Model:- Data Modeling in the Power BI Desktop Environment-The Power BI Desktop DataView, Data Models, Managing Power BI Desktop Data- Manipulating Tables, Manipulating Columns, Power BI Desktop Data Types, Formatting Power BI DesktopData, Currency Formats, Preparing Data for Dashboards, Categorize Data, Apply summarization, Define Sort by Columns, Sorting Data in Power BI Desktop Tables, Adding Hierarchies, Designing a Power BI Desktop Data Model- Data View and Relationship View, Creating and Deleting Relationships Manually and Automatically


7. KnowledgeHut

This institute is one of the few data analytics courses in Congo focusing on non-engineering graduates. The demand for professionals with strong analytical skills is increasing rapidly in this growing data-driven world. IT Industries are moving to data-driven technologies to make accurate decisions.

Knowledge of Data Science and analyzing raw data and transmission into understandable formats in a company is possible by pursuing this course. The study materials, videos, and articles are accessible forever.

The faculty consists of experienced industrialists who will help you effectively understand the need for data science tools and techniques. This is one of the reputed institutes in Congo that you should join for a course.

Course Curriculum

Create Charts:- Charts in Power BI- Types of charts, Maps in Power BI, Table and Matrix in Power BI, Subtotal and Total in Matrix, Cards, and Filters in Power BI, Conditional Formatting,

Decision making:- Data visualization helps to make decisions through reports and tools like Power BI, Bar Chart, HeatMap, and mathematical functions.

Data visualization using Seaborn: Basic plot- 3D plots-scatter, surface,

Triangular, Heatmap, Density Plots, CatPlot (Categorical Plot), Joint Distribution Plot

Machine Learning Course Syllabus: – Certifications

The Machine Learning Syllabus for Specialization Certifications

Module 1 – Introduction to Machine Learning, Linear Regression

Module 2 – Classification and Regression, Decision Tree, Support Vector Machine, Unsupervised Learning

Module 3 – Language Processing and Text Mining, Introduction to Deep Learning.

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8. SeedInfotech

This institute appears first when you Google the term data analytics courses in Congo. This is one of the popular institutes to explore the concepts of data analysis projects with 100% placement assistance, and online training opportunities for beginners. You can easily grasp the data visualization concepts to be a perfectionist in your data analyst role.

It is the systematic analysis of data to extract valuable data, which is a critical skill set. You get strong mathematical skills which are helpful for decision making. This makes advancements to your professional journey more attractive.

Course Curriculum

Data Mining: – Viewing a Full Record, Changing Data Type, Detecting Data Types, Replacing Values, Transforming Column Contents, Minimizing data using different techniques.

Conclusion: – Reporting tool that allows users to create reports and make decisions with conclusions.

Transforming Datasets:- Editing Data After a Data Load, Transforming Data Before Loading, Dataset Shaping-Renaming Columns, Reordering Columns, Removing Columns, Merging Columns, Duplicating Columns, Splitting Columns, Removing Records, Removing Duplicate Records, Sorting Data, Reversing the Row Order

Python (Basics & Advanced):-Algorithmic Python, Data Handling in Python(Pandas & MongoDB), MongoDB, Probability & Statistics with NumPy, Data Visualization in Python, Data Engineering with Python, Data Analysis on Image & Text Data.

Free Coaching (3 hours):-Provides free online coaching to the learners with an introduction, tools, and Dashboard creations. Great Learning offers free coaching that addresses basic to advanced concepts. Enroll in the course that suits your hook through the pool of skills.

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9. Government Section

This is one of the government-sponsored data analytics courses in Congo. It is one of the best free data analytics courses in Congo as the curriculum of this course provides you with the fundamental knowledge and abilities that every data scientist needs to get started in the field or enhance their education. You can register for this course by using the MyGov app.

Some of the Highlights of This Course Are as Follows:

  • Get highly professional training.
  • Develop your ability in portfolio management.
  • Earn an employer-recognized certificate from the government department.
  • Qualify for wish job titles like Data analyst or data Scientist.

Course Curriculum

Big Data:-Big Data, Big Data Enabling Technologies, Hadoop Stack for Big Data, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), Hadoop MapReduce with Example

Mathematics and Statics:-Basics of Aggregations in Measures, Using Multiple Measures, Cross-Table Measures, More Advanced Aggregations, Filtering Data in Measures

Live sessions (4 hours):-Learn qualitative skills on free live sessions to improve data creation and hierarchies. Get knowledge about Python in data science and a free certificate with great learning.


10. Pragati Institute

This institute has one of the few data analytics courses in Congo that applies to both developers and non-developers. You can choose the topics from the curriculum as per your skills. Achieving your dream job as a data analyst, or data scientist is quite easy with Pragati.

Develop your analysis and visualization skills by enrolling in this course on data manipulation by Python, Power BI, and machine learning. You will discover that you have a great command of data analysis with Python, at the end of this course.

Data Analysis is the process of cleansing, transferring, and processing raw data and bringing out useful information that helps businesses, and companies to make informed decisions. It helps companies better understand their customers’ needs, and develop products with precision.

Course Curriculum

Power Query Editor – What is DAX, Different types of DAX functions, Date functions, Logical functions, Math functions, String functions, Trigonometric functions, and other functions.

SQL database in Python:- Design Scripts to connect and query a SQL database from within Python, connect to SQL server, import data from SQL to Python, connect SQL to Python, and handle SQL queries with Python.

Introduction to pandas: Filtering- Function Application and Mapping- Sorting and Ranking.

Demo class (4 hours):-Beginners can attend a demo class based on the fundamentals of Python and make decisions for a bright future. Getting a good knowledge of technologies through online mode from remote areas is possible with us.

Data Analytics Tools:

ToolsWorkingFree installation downloads available?


It is a programming language. it stores and processes data in a database. A relational database stores data  in table  format, with rows and columns representing different data attributes 








Power BI





Gathering, processing, and visualizing data in the form of reports on dashboards.










Initially create a table in MS Excel and make a connection with Power BI to perform operations on that information table.








Create queries by  using syntaxes  and prepare tables to further work with data visualization






Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I become a data analyst through a data analysis course?

Take up a data analyst course and complete the course effectively. Most of the courses offer placement assistance. Give your best shot to crack the interviews and get selected.

  1. Who can do a data analyst course?

Graduate and postgraduate degree students with at least 60% in their academics are eligible.

People such as banking experts, businessmen, and share market professionals can also pursue the course.

  1. What is the future of Data Science courses?

Data analysis is in high demand. They can meet the needs of students as per their demands.

You can build your career by gaining knowledge and gaining government-aided certificates with free online courses.

Live practical sessions increase your confidence in development.

So, there will be a high demand for data analysis courses in the future.

  1. What is the salary of data analysts?

Data Analyst salaries in Congo: – The Minimum salary for a Data Analyst is ₹9, 85,000 per year in the Congo.

The average additional cash compensation for a Data Analyst in the Congo, is  ₹1, 80,000, with a range from ₹1, 00,000 – ₹11, 00,000.

  1. Is Data analysis a good career?

Data analysts are in greatest demand across the IT sector.

It is a good career for those who want to grow up the professional ladder.

Top organizations and businesses require data analysts to help them make better use of their data and work on data.

Data analysts assist organizations in making the right decisions that help them in their business performance and company growth.



Data analytics is one of the high-demand courses in the technology sector. It involves analysis of the raw data and applying the theories and techniques to obtain accurate reports and forecasts which aid in better decision making.

It makes us data-centric in today’s data-driven world. In day-to-day life, data is increasing continuously, and through data analysis, we can manage data using different tools.

Data analytics courses in Congo are a popular gateway to get into a data analyst career. When professionals and students look for data analytics courses in Congo it is cumbersome for them to get the details of all the institutes.

In this article, we explored some of the popular data analytics courses in Congo and provided the details. An FAQ section consisting of common questions for budding data professionals is also included.

Do you have any queries? Please feel free to post questions to us and we will be more than happy to respond!

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