Top 7 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Mangalore

The following article sheds some light on various business accounting and taxation courses in Mangalore. The courses in Business Accounting and Taxation aim to provide students with the basic knowledge of accounting concepts, taxation, wage policies, and the in-built disciplines of economics. Whether you are planning for a career in accounting, finance, or taxation, the BAT courses in Mangalore are designed to familiarize you with the fundamentals of three central aspects of business: business, accounting, and taxation.


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Mangalore


A BAT course comes with a sliver of in-depth knowledge about various intricacies involved in the fields of accounting and finance. Pursuing a bat course could give you essential knowledge and skills to run a business that spans different departments in sales, accounting, and taxation.


A BAT course opens up pathways for graduates to land higher-paying jobs with better prospects since it provides candidates with in-depth insights into Taxation, Financing, Auditing, Analysts, Indirect Taxation, and much more. 


Information About Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Mangalore


Before we go deeper in the course let’s see what Business accounting and taxation mean:


  • Business Accounting:

The systematic recording, evaluation, analysis, and presentation of financial data is known as business accounting. A single individual can handle accounting in a small organization or multiple teams in giant corporations. Accounting is how a company keeps track of its finances.


  • Taxation:

When a taxing authority, usually a government, levies or imposes a financial responsibility on its citizens or residents, this is referred to as taxation. The primary purpose behind taxation is to generate revenue that can be used for the country’s benefit.


The Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Mangalore aim to provide students with a foundational understanding of accounting concepts, taxation, payroll rules, and economics. A BAT training can provide you with the necessary information and skills to manage an organization that spans various divisions such as sales, accounting, and taxation.


It is critical to understand the concepts of business accounting and taxation, which are central to this curriculum, to comprehend what this course entails. So let’s get started and see what the course’s essential aspects are.


What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Doing a Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Mangalore?


Before enrolling for the course, you need to keep in mind a few points such as :


One of the most crucial requirements for taking BAT courses in Mangalore is basic computer expertise. Because most application-based concepts, such as tally, involve the use of a computer, each student should have a basic understanding of how to use one.


Secondly, courses like Business Accounting Taxation fall under business streams undertaken by students who are doing bachelor’s degrees in it. Students of commerce fields generally opt for this course since they typically have a better understanding of the concepts involved. 


Their courses are designed for students who are done with graduation and are ready for further finance & accounting course. The certificate course on Financial Accounting & Taxation is designed to impart comprehensive knowledge to students of niche fields in finance and taxation to apply it to practice in their careers. 


When taken post-graduation, Certificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation programs create a plus edge for students, who can choose their niche fields of finance, taxation, international and domestic taxes, Indian economy, etc.


Students usually choose to take this course after graduation to build better knowledge about accounting and taxation and select their areas of interest for further studies. Certification programs give students opportunities to work in areas surrounding taxation, accounting, finance, marketing, and more.


What Is the Significance of Doing Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Mangalore?


  • With an increasing number of taxes and the lack of experts in this field to carry the scheme and understand its application across various fields, these courses are considered to set the platform for students inclined toward an accounting career. It is a wonderful short-term program for commerce and non-commerce students and one of the best short-term courses after BCom.


  •  These are strictly employment-oriented courses meant for students looking to join either the Accounts Department or Taxation Division or any related fields. BAT graduates are hired by Genpact, Adobe, Bajaj, and other employees.


  • They cover basic principles of both financial and managerial accounting, emphasizing how the information in the books is used by owners, managers, and other stakeholders.


  • The courses offered are designed by experts in the field, providing hands-on accounting instruction equipped with current accounting software.ERP software, MIS reporting, SAP, Quickbooks, audits, learning about payroll, Goods and Services Tax, and so on are some of the essential parts of a business accounting and taxation course.


  • The practical sessions with the proper online work on taxes would help students gain the right knowledge of the Indian tax regime, basics and principles of accounting and taxation, GST calculation, VAT systems, and the various other taxation-related brackets.


  • The courses in accounting and business taxation are available with updated chapters and modules as per the latest industry standards and enable individuals to tackle real-world business problems. The BAT course teaches students about technological accounting systems such as System Application Product (SAP) and aims to train them on par with credentialed CAs and MBAs.


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What Are the Scope and Career Opportunities After Completing Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Mangalore?


With a combined degree in Business Accounting and Taxation, you can pursue a variety of career options. You can choose from a variety of job opportunities in both the public and private sectors. A BAT program also offers students, financial industry knowledge, encouraging a variety of different skills in them. In addition to seeking the profile of a tax accountant, the following are other acceptable career paths for a BAT course graduate:


  • Accounts Executive 
  • Deputy General Manager
  •  Lecturer 
  • Analyst or Senior Associate
  • Assistant or Senior Manager Accounts


Different Roles of Accountants:


  • A Tax Accountant is a profitable and highly rewarding choice to consider after completing a BAT education. 
  • The primary functions and responsibilities of a Tax Accountant are outlined below:
  • Provides the company with the most significant business ideas, investment prospects, and various other advantageous tactics.
  • Responsible for filing and submitting the financial year’s tax paperwork.
  • Calculates and ensures that the group’s or organization’s revenue tax returns are paid on time.
  • Provides financial and tax management advice to the company’s board of directors.


The Following Is the List of Institutions Offering Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Mangalore:


Rank# 1. BAT Courses in Mangalore


1. IIM Skills:


In 2015, IIM Skills began its journey. It is now regarded as one of the top online education platforms offering high-quality instruction by the most experienced trainers in their disciplines. They also provide additional assistance to their students through interactions and question-and-answer sessions. Their business accounting and taxation courses in Bangalore and Mangalore are considered excellent training among others.


The duration of the course is four months with 120+ hours of lectures and 60+ hours of practical training.


Various Modules Undertaken in the BAT Course:

  • Tally Advanced Accounting
  • Business Accounting
  • GST Fundamentals
  • Tally’s GST
  • GST registration
  • TDS Basics TDS in Tally
  • e-filing for TDS/TCS
  • Payroll basics
  • Tally for Payroll
  • Tally Basics for Income Tax
  • Advance Excel
  • MIS reporting and financials Income tax e-filing
  • Tally ERP 9 and Tally prime advance


Advantages of Doing Business Accounting and Taxation Course in Mangalore:


You will learn about all of the tools used in the financial sector. During this course, you will be introduced to some of the most advanced technology. After completing the course and passing the examination, each student will receive a certificate. The pupils would be instructed by an expert who has extensive experience in their particular instruction fields.


Each person taking this course will gain practical experience through their practical assignments. As it is a professional course, the practical aspect is more important than the theoretical one. All students who are interested in the internship program are given the opportunity. Every student receives support with their placement. The institute’s flexible classes make it student-friendly. Every student can schedule their classes during the week or on the weekends.

IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite

More Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Financial Modeling Course

GST Certification Course


Rank# 2. BAT Courses in Mangalore


2. ICA:


ICA provides technologically advanced education to ensure that each student is updated. One of their main course is the BAT course, in which they offer a hands-on training approach. Their program is designed for anyone interested in pursuing a career in accounting or finance. The duration of the course is 6 to 12 months. The teaching method is Classroom/ offline based.


The following are the modules undertaken in ICA :

  • Applications for Business Computers
  • Financial statements 
  • Payroll accounting for businesses
  • GST and direct taxation
  • GST in Tally ERP 9.0
  • Quick Guides


 Advantages of doing Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Mangalore: 


They provide an excellent infrastructure so that you may get the most out of the course. Smart classrooms and well-equipped computer laboratories are available. By contacting the institute, you can take advantage of scholarship opportunities and privileges. As it’s an in-class module, your doubts can be cleared immediately with one-on-one interaction with the faculty.


Along with gaining a theoretical comprehension of knowledge, you will also learn how to apply it in the real world through hands-on training sessions. The institute offers 100% placement aid to its students and regular interactions with industry experts.


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Rank# 3. BAT Courses in Mangalore


3. EduPristine:


It is an experience-based and practical learning program designed to assist students in becoming industry-ready accountants. The program’s lessons are organized, created, and edited by industry specialists with years of experience in accounting and taxation.


The course is designed for students who know the basics and want to further pursue their careers in this field with more profound and specialized knowledge. The duration of the course is a minimum of 4 months. The course is conducted online as well as offline in the classroom. The following are the modules undertaken in EduPristine:


  • Accounting Basics
  • GST in Tally
  • Income Tax in Tally
  • Payroll and its Component
  • MIS using Excel
  • Financial statements completion
  • SAP
  • Soft skills


Advantages of Doing Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Mangalore :

  • After completing the first six sessions, you will receive free soft skills training.
  • You will be introduced to a variety of accounting tools and software that they can utilize at their workplace.
  • You will be provided with well-equipped laboratories where you can learn and utilize what you have learned in practice.


Rank# 4. BAT Courses in Mangalore


4. Finance and Accounting course by A&M Education Home:


This curriculum includes three introductory courses: finance, accounting, and banking and finance, as well as 100 percent placement assistance. The duration, of course, is of 4 months. The mode of training can be online or offline. The following are the modules undertaken in the course :


  • Accounting Theories
  • Banking & Finance GST & TDS
  • Tally (Basics to Advanced)
  • MS Word (Basics to Advanced)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Basics to Advanced)
  • MS Excel (Basics to Advanced)
  • Microsoft Access (Basics to Intermediate)
  • Email Etiquette and Microsoft Outlook
  • Portfolio Development
  •  Interview Preparation
  • Advantages of doing business accounting and taxation courses in Mangalore: 
  • You will receive advanced computer lab and LMS support for a whole year.
  • They will also provide initial financial assistance as well as a graduation certificate.
  • One-on-one interaction is provided in the classroom and online training, so all of your questions can be answered.
  • They will also assist you with all aspects of your job search.


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Rank# 5. BAT Courses in Mangalore


5.  APG learning:


The best thing about the institute is they provide access to some of the most outstanding professional courses. Their programs are designed to meet the needs of today’s students. A basic degree will not provide the necessary abilities for the industry. In such cases, these institutes offer skill-based courses to assist each student in achieving success in their chosen fields. They provide a variety of career-related classes.


The following are the modules undertaken by the institute for the course :


Advantages :

They have a set number of hours to devote to each subject. This allocation aids in the better division of chapters and modules. Complex modules receive more hours of instruction, while comparatively simple modules receive less. The practical approach provides students more confidence in their ability to use their intellect more effectively at work.


They will learn how to solve problems and deal with real-life circumstances. As it is an online certification course, anyone interested in taking it can do so at their leisure. After passing their exams, students receive certificates. Everyone receives placement assistance after the completion of the course.

IIM Skills BAT Course free demo invite

Rank# 6. BAT Courses in Mangalore


6. K-FAT (Keerti Certified Course in Financial Accounting and Taxation) by Keerti Institute :


The course is for commerce students who want to learn skills to meet the current demands of the financial accounting and taxation industries. This course, along with the necessary training, will equip students to perform accounting and taxation activities in all three industries, i.e., manufacturing, trading, and service. It is an online course. The duration of this course is six months.


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Rank# 7. BAT Courses in Mangalore


7. InPAT Pro :


The Institute of Practical Accounting & Taxation is a top accounting school that specializes in “Practical Accounting and Taxation Training.” This means that here they take a practical approach, and they have professors with the best accounting and taxes training in the field. Real-world training and software are included in the Practical Approach, allowing you to learn more effectively and in less time.


It can be done through online/offline mode. They also provide an android app that allows you to learn while on the go as well as search for employment, ask questions, and mark important dates. Their course is divided into two levels as follows:


DPATTM level -1

The basic modules in DPATTM level-I are intended primarily for first-year students and new graduates. This course teaches students how to distinguish between their academic knowledge and its practical applications.


DPATTM level -2

Accounting, Taxation, and Labor Laws are covered in depth in DPATTM level II. To handle accounts on their own, an accountant must be familiar with filing regular returns such as TDS, PF, ESI, PT, and so on. Knowledge of how to evaluate books of accounts, compile financial statements and calculate tax for the company is also essential.



  • It is present in the city’s center, which makes it feasible for all the students to get there.
  • Study materials in books are available containing all the required content.
  • 100%placement assistance is provided to all the students entering the course.
  • An android app containing all the required lecture videos and content is accessible by students anywhere in the world.
  • Certification is provided after completion of the course.
  • Customized courses are also provided for various subjects of accounting and taxation.


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1. How do I Enroll in Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Mangalore?

To apply for the Business Accounting and Taxation course in Mangalore, go to the institute’s official website and download the offline application form or apply online. For some institutes, you must have a bachelor’s degree in a commerce-related discipline or specialization, such as B.Com, BBA, etc. Each institute that provides a BAT course charges differently, and some are available in both online and full-time formats.


2. What is the fundamental difference between accounting and taxation in the business world?

Accounting aids in determining a company’s or individual’s correct profit or loss, as well as the position of assets and liabilities, as of a particular date and for a certain period. The act of deciding what you have to collect or pay taxes is known as taxation. It also entails the submission of tax returns.


3. Is it necessary for me to learn accountancy to comprehend taxation?

To compute taxable income from a business or a professional, one must have a basic understanding of financial accounting, as a company’s revenue and a professional’s salary are derived from Profit and Loss Accounts. Aside from that, account preparation and balance sheet finalization will be necessary.


4. Is it worthwhile to enroll in Business Accounting and taxation courses in Mangalore?

Business accounting and taxation courses in Mangalore seek to familiarise you with the essentials of the three core components of Commerce, namely Business, Accounting, and Taxation, whether you wish to pursue a career in Accounting, Finance, or Taxation. The course was designed to prepare commerce graduates for careers in accounting and taxation, in light of the growing demand for accountants in India. This course will teach you not only accounting but also financial reporting and auditing, broadening your options in the sphere of commerce.


5. What is the payroll offered after the completion of the Business Accounting and Taxation courses in Mangalore?

In India, the pay for a BAT course ranges from 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs INR.




The brilliant structure of the course covers accounting, finance, banking, taxation, human resources, marketing, business laws, and computer applications. Topics covered in this course will include Basics of Accounting; Interpretation of accounting statements using ratios and cash flow statements; Basics of Taxation–Personal Income tax relating to wage and salary income, and taxation of investments. Overall the balance of any of the Business accounting and taxation courses in Mangalore is such that it exposes students to the integrated nature of the business world and the inter-functional relationships in a professional setting so you can go with any one of them and start your professional career with new skill set.

Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

Technical writing is a specialized form of writing which is used to communicate complex information to a specific audience. Technical writers strive to keep their writing brief, as well as using shorter words and sentences, to make documents easier to read. A technical writer is a person who writes detailed instructions. Since technical writing involves dealing with complicated information, a writer needs to have a strong foundation in that subject. If you think that you possess those skills or are ready for development, then dive right into these top 6 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad.

List of best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad

Technical writers create instruction manuals and other supporting documents for communicating complex, technical information for end-users, customers, and manufacturers. Writers are often employed in the fields of science and technology, where they may be required to write user manuals, how-to guides, and other types of documentation.

The technical communication field is complex as it requires writers to be knowledgeable about the subject matter along with having the right technical writing skills. Technical writers must have good writing skills as they must communicate complicated information.

You know that freelance writing jobs require a tech writer whenever there is some technical information being communicated. Companies and organizations provide vast amounts of technical writing to explain internal procedures, develop and manufacture products, execute processes, market products, and services to other businesses, or determine policies.

Since not many writers are comfortable with technical writing and the required professional communication, it is relatively easy to stand out if you have the right knowledge and communication skills.

Being a technical writer, you might need to collaborate with a variety of other people, like software developers, software engineers, HR professionals, product designers, and other subject-matter experts.

Although many of them view technical writing as creating computer and software manuals, technical writing practice occurs in any field or industry in which difficult ideas, concepts, processes, or procedures must be communicated.

Press releases, memos, reports, business proposals, technical sheets, product descriptions and specifications, technical documents, white papers, resumes, and job applications are just some examples of writing that could be considered technical documentation.

While technical writing is typically associated with online reference materials and user guides, the term technical documentation can encompass a broad array of genres and technologies. For instance, a news release might cover a specific technology and may have a simple explanation required, but the goal is to make sure journalists are writing about that technology.

Technical marketing content is technical information presented in an easy-to-digest format to market the product or service. A writer of technical marketing content can assist developers in explaining their products to customers so they can understand the products via different forms of marketing materials.

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What Skills Do You Need to Be a Successful Technical Writer?

Technical writers are expected to have a wide range of skills in addition to excellent writing abilities. These abilities enable them to create work that is both required and appropriate for the audience.

Abilities in Research

Researching abilities aid the writer in producing accurate and ethical content. These abilities go a long way toward simplifying the content written by researching and understanding complex technologies. They must also research a targeted audience and user experience to cater to the various needs of the audiences.

Design Capabilities

Technical writing is the process of making content readable and usable by people with varying IQ levels. Visual representation always makes it easier and faster to consume knowledge and information. They use graphs, charts, and videos to visually represent data. There are numerous design abilities, such as:

  • Excel and Google Sheets are two examples of information design software.
  • Typography and Information Architecture are the fundamentals of graphic design.

Communication Abilities

Technical writers communicate technical information. Their job is to communicate the necessary information to the appropriate audience via text. Here are some communication skills that will help them be more effective at their job:

  • Confidence\Clarity\Purpose\Openness
  • Capability to collaborate with various teams.

Technical Abilities

Mastering Technical abilities are required to create high-quality content. Here are some of the most important technical skills to consider:

  • Project Administration Project Development
  • Marketing User Experience Design Programming Languages

List of Jobs Performed by Various Technical Writers:

A technical financial writer produces informational content, such as financial documents, for banks and insurance agencies, and print, online, and presentations.

The technical writing team is largely responsible both for developing product documentation content as well as helping others while developing content, among other tasks.

Technical Communication Consultants write the information for manuals, user guides, and other help documents, and also design and collect necessary information from a hiring firm or organization.

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Career Opportunities in Technical Writing

Here are some of the best job opportunities after completing technical writing courses in Ahmedabad :

Technical Writer

He or she is a skilled writer who communicates complex information. They create technical documentation for the client or organization, such as instruction manuals, user manuals, journal articles, quick reference guides, and white papers.

INR 5-6 LPA as a starting salary

Required Abilities:

  • Writing abilities
  • Communication abilities
  • Presentation abilities
  • Visualization of Data
  • Pay attention to the details
  • Editor of Technical Content

The job is similar to that of a content writer, but it advances the field. While a technical writer focuses on writing, a content editor is in charge of topic development, proofreading, and making suggestions to writers. They have writing experience and critically examine the written content before providing feedback.

INR 6-7 LPA as a starting salary


Being a freelancer or a blogger is another field with tremendous growth potential. A freelance technical writer works for multiple clients at the same time and is not limited to a single company. Blogger also works on their own and publishes their blogs on any website. The more popular a person becomes, the more money they begin to earn.

INR 3-4 LPA as a starting salary

Required Abilities:

  • Dedication
  • Writing abilities
  • Presentation abilities
  • Communication abilities
  • Presentation abilities
  • Management abilities

Out of all the top 6 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad, a good technical writing course can give proper exposure to various tools required in effective technical writing, which will assist in honing your writing skills, thus helping to establish the technical writer’s reputation of designing and creating technical documents that are persuasive, robust, and supported with facts.

If your role in any industry requires you to take a complicated collection of information and convey it to your audience, then pursuing a course on technical writing makes sense.

Technical Writing certificate courses are for employees who wish to keep working while also learning additional skill sets that may help in advancing in their careers. All Certificate courses in Technical Writing are designed to help you build targeted skills with several courses, all focused on one particular skill.

If so, then these top 6 best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad will upgrade your knowledge and writing skills required for becoming a technical writer. If you think that you possess those skills or are ready for development, then dive right into these top 6 technical writing courses in Ahmedabad.

If you are serious about making writing your passion, then you need to enroll in high-level technical writing courses in Ahmedabad and learn the skills required to be a successful writer.

Top 6 Technical Writing Courses in Ahmedabad



With nearly 12+ years of experience in the field of teaching, IIM SKILLS is one of the best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. IIM SKILLS is a place where you will find one of the best training programs which are conducted online so that anyone can learn from the comfort of their homes with a flexible schedule.

They offer International Certifications and provide online classes to working professionals, students, and entrepreneurs for Content Writing, Technical Writing, Digital Marketing, and GST Practitioner Courses.


For the Technical Writing Master Course, the course fee is ₹14,900 plus 18% GST. It is a 5 week of training that includes a number of tools along with basic to advanced concepts of technical writing. Their course is the best suited for the one looking for hands-on training.

Students are placed with recognized companies with good pay once they complete the course. IIM SKILLS is confident with their quality of training and hence promises the placements of their students.

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Course Specifics:

The duration of the course is 5 weeks of live sessions.

Technical Writing Course Outline:

  • DDLC
  • Fundamentals and Characteristics of Technical Writing
  • Produce technical documentation
  • Recognize the purpose of these documents.
  • Writing technical reports
  • Whitepapers and journals
  • Creating a speech
  • Datasheets and user guides
  • Writing in Conversation
  • Scientific Investigation
  • API documentation proofreading Medical writing Publication
  • Learn how to create case studies.

This technical writing course will cover the following tools:

MS Viso, MS Project, Git, Scribus, MS Viso, Canva, and many more

Highlights of the course:

  • Internship with a one-month guarantee
  • Lifetime Assistance (Consulting & Technical)
  • Creating a Work/Freelance Portfolio
  • Publishing Your First White Paper
  • Book Chapter or Scholarly Article Publication
  • You can publish your technical blog on the Times of India Blog.


IIM SKILLS accreditation

Contact Details

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


2. Udemy’s Technical Writing Course

Udemy’s technical writing course is designed for beginners and covers all the basics of technical writing. The course is self-paced and includes lifetime access, so you can take your time and complete it at your own pace. The course covers topics such as grammar, style, and audience analysis. By the end of the course, you will have the skills you need to produce clear, effective technical writing.

Course Outline:

  • Fundamental concepts
  • Approaches to writing and editing
  • Sections of a document
  • How to Make a Flowchart, a Table, and an Infographic
  • Avoidable Errors
  • Tables used effectively in documentation
  • Creating a project strategy and documentation plan
  • Creating document templates
  • Learn about JavaScript Loops.
  • Discover JavaScript Objects
  • Understand JavaScript Iterators
  • JavaScript Training
  • Modules of JavaScript


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3. ECT

Education and Career Times (ECT) is a government-approved institute that offers online short-term courses. They offer one of the best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. They train students, professionals, and individuals and assist them in launching their professional careers.

They offer two technical writing courses. Option one is a short-term technical writing course for immediate learning. The second option prepares you for a career as a technical writer by teaching you a programming language and technical writing. Technical Writing Course is the name of the course.

Course Fee:

INR 19900 (Including 18 percent GST)

Course Specifics:

Duration of the course: three months

Course Outline:

  • Technical Writing Fundamentals
  • Technical Writing Grammar and Style
  • Master the Markdown Language for Information Architecture
  • Understand JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • API Documentation
  • Learn Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA)
  •  Document Authoring Tool
  • Strategy for Agile Documentation
  • Technical Writing Jobs Contributing to Open-Source Projects
  • Tools for Beginners


Technical Writing Course + HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

The course fee is 39900 INR (including 18 percent GST)

Duration of the Course:

3 to 6 months

Course Outline:

  • Technical Writing Course Syllabus
  • Fundamentals of Web Development Introduction
  • Creating a Development Environment
  • HTML 5 Elements and Structure Training
  • Tables – Learn HTML
  • Forms in HTML
  • HTML with semantics
  • Introduction to JavaScript with CSS
  • Conditionals in JavaScript
  • Functions in JavaScript
  • JavaScript Range
  • Discover JavaScript Arrays
  • JavaScript Errors and Debugging DOM Events with JavaScript Creating Interactive Websites with JavaScript Async JavaScript and HTTP Requests


4. Digital Pundit

This course is offered by Digital Pundit, a company known for its digital marketing courses. The institute strives to provide affordable professional courses and employs instructors with over 12 years of industry experience. The majority of the institute’s courses are currently certified.

Some of the instructors also teach at colleges and universities. To assist trainees in becoming professionals, the institute provides high-quality resources, hands-on project training, and evaluation, as well as additional classes as needed.

It is one of the best technical writing courses in Ahmedabad because it combines one-on-one classroom sessions with practical training under the supervision of skilled instructors.

The Institute also offers advisory services for business owners and freelancers. Even after the course is completed, the institute continues to assist trainees.

The Course Structure Includes:

  • Introduction to Writing
  • Writing Guidelines
  • Types of Writing
  • Writing web content
  • Writing Technically
  • Creative writing


There are no eligibility requirements for enrollment; anyone with basic internet knowledge and computer skills is welcome to apply.

You will receive a course completion certificate.


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5. ibruk

Ibruk Consulting is a high-end training facility. They offer online technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. This institute aims to provide high-quality training with coaches who have 30+ years of industry experience. Their course is jam-packed with theoretical and practical technical writing training.

This course is intended to train students in the creation of user documentation.

Course Title:

Technical Writing Certificate Course

Course Fee:

$30,000 + 18% GST

Course Length:

A one-month online course.

Course Outline:

  • Technical Writing Fundamentals
  • The Lifecycle of Document Development (DDLC)
  • Developing Effective Technical Content Understanding Online Assistance
  • Utilizing Adobe RoboHelp
  • Making Useful Manuals
  • Understanding Microsoft Word
  • Emerging Technical Communication Trends


Check here a few other high-demand courses in Ahmedabad:


6. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin proved to have one of the topmost technical writing courses in Ahmedabad. This course will teach you how to translate complex technical information into simple technical writing. They are a leading online training institute that offers a variety of courses in writing, marketing, and other subjects.

Their courses are affordable, and the instructors are experienced, industry professionals. They also guarantee job placement.

Course Specifics:

The course fee ranges between 13,500 and 15,000 INR (Depending on your choice of course)

Duration of the course:

10+2 modules.


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the Documentation Process for Technical Writing
  • Process of Technical Writing
  • Grammar and proofreading
  • Tools for Technical Writing
  • Technical Document Components
  • Techniques for Technical Writing
  • How to Make a Technical Document Template An Overview of Technical Document Formats
  • Tools for Advanced Technical Writing
  • Development of Soft Skills
  • Writing a Resume

This Technical Writing Course Covers the Following Tools:

  • Openshot
  • Fireshot by Adobe Photoshop
  • Snagit, TechSmith, and many others



1. What distinguishes technical writing from other types of content writing?

Technical writing entails more formal documentation of information based on facts, figures, and data. When necessary, you should consult a specialist or an SME. They are primarily used in the creation of user manuals, journals, and brochures, but other types of content writing are used in marketing for brand awareness and product promotion.

2. Which industry in India makes the most use of technical writing?

Here is a list of industries where technical writing is commonly used

  • The software industry
  • Manufacturing of automobiles.
  • The medical industry
  • The healthcare industry.
  • Sector of education
  • The defense industry
  • The aerospace industry
  • Industry of consumer electronics

3. Is technical writing still in demand in India?

Yes, it is in high demand in India and around the world. The need for technological solutions and advancements, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, will increase the demand for technical writing, as will the types of material.


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