Top 5 Investment Banking Courses In Abu Dhabi With Placements

Wondering about investment banking courses and their scope in Abu Dhabi? Well, Investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi provide numerous upsides for individuals looking to pursue employment in finance. It not only grants entry to future opportunities, but these courses also give access to profitable career options.  It allows one to apply their theoretical knowledge to the real world, through studies that refine their practical skills and provide them with valuable insights from experts refining their knowledge of current market developments and practices. At its core, it is one of the leading choices in today’s dynamic professional sphere.  It is the driving engine of global finance, promoting capital flow and boosting economic expansion.



If pursuing investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi is something on your mind, this article is intended for you. We have covered every necessary detail about investment banking and have included the top five investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi to assist you in making the best decision for your investment banking career.

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What is Investment Banking?

To help you grasp the idea of investment banking here’s a structured breakdown of to understand its concept in simple terms:

What It is:

It is mainly a subset of finance that is specifically concerned with handling complicated financial transactions for institutions, governments, and businesses. It also serves as a go-between for capital-rich investors and organizations in need of assistance.

Its primary objectives include underwriting securities, enabling and assisting mergers and acquisitions along providing financial advisory services to corporations, institutions, and governments.

Its Key Responsibilities:

Capital Raising:

This includes assisting firms with IPOs by purchasing and selling shares and recommending the issuance of new stock or debt securities.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

It majorly involves advising corporations on buying or selling other businesses as well as Negotiating contracts and managing legal complications.

Financial Advisory:

This includes Expert advisory and solutions on financial matters such as restructuring and valuation.

Who are its Clients?

The majority of its top consumers are government agencies, businesses in the public and private sectors, and institutes. Investment banking caters to them by raising funds, managing securities, buying/selling state-owned businesses, developing strategies for growth, delivering investment advice, research, and trade execution.

How Does It Generate Revenue?

One can generate income by receiving payment for services rendered, such as underwriting, advisory, and success fees for mergers and acquisitions.

Another source of income can be from proprietary trading, which is the trading of assets or for their accounts.

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Who is an Investment Banker?

An investment banker mainly serves as a financial counsellor who advises corporations, governments, and other major entities. Their main work is to contribute significantly to their client’s financial health and growth by supporting them with a variety of financial activities.

If suppose, a corporation needs a significant amount of money to expand but is unsure of the best approach to acquire it. The role of an investment banker is to assist them in raising funds by selling firm shares to investors or arranging loans.

They also advise on purchasing other businesses or combining with them. In short, they are the financial intermediaries who connect firms with the funds they require to expand.


What is an Investment Banking Course?

The course helps you in learning about how to analyze finances, value companies, and structure deals. The courses can additionally cover how to obtain funds for firms by selling stocks or bonds, as well as how to advise corporations on acquisitions or mergers.

These courses can be taken up at different levels based on your background and needs. It ranges from online certifications to part of a college degree program, or even intensive training offered by investment banks themselves. By the end of the program, you will be equipped to tackle the world of finance, assist businesses in meeting their objectives, and improve the skills required for a successful career in investment banking.


Why Launch Your Investment Banking Career in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is rapidly becoming a global hub for finance. This means that professional investment bankers are in high demand to manage the financial activities of regionally developing enterprises.

Investment banking is anyway well known for its high earnings, and Abu Dhabi proves to be no different. One can easily expect a potentially larger base income here, compared to some other financial centers.  Additionally, the UAE also boasts a tax-free environment for personal income, improving your savings.

Investment banks collaborate closely with Abu Dhabi-based companies to build finance solutions, raise finances, and carry out important transactions that support their economic agendas. This cooperation contributes to economic growth and expansion in the region, boosting profitability in its sector.

An additional advantage for Abu Dhabi is its prime location. This brings in capital inflows into Abu Dhabi and strengthens its economic linkages with global markets.

Adding to its benefits, the UAE government actively promotes the growth of the financial industry. This translates into a strong infrastructure, an ideal atmosphere and solid rules to carry out investment banking operations.

Furthermore, Abu Dhabi has outstanding infrastructure, modern amenities, and a strong emphasis on safety and security, all of which contribute to a high standard of living. The market’s rapid expansion gives several prospects for job progression as you gain expertise, allowing you to rapidly advance through the ranks and build a career for yourself.

Necessary steps to build a career in investment banking in Abu Dhabi.

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How to Become an Investment Banker in Abu Dhabi

There are different notions of investment banking in Abu Dhabi. One must keep in mind the level and authenticity of the institution that aided the completion of your investment banking program to secure a good placement opportunity. Here are certain preliminaries and requirements to start your investment banking career in Abu Dhabi.

What Are the Necessary Educational Requirements?

The best way to start is by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business administration, or a similar discipline. The sector strongly stresses the requirement of a strong quantitative skill set and analytic thinking. If you have completed your education from a prestigious college in the United States or Europe, your opportunities in the field of investment banking in Abu Dhabi will be significantly higher.

An MSc in Finance or a specialized program in Investment Banking can further give you a competitive advantage, especially if your bachelor’s degree is not linked to it.


How to Boost Your Skillset in the Sector?

To obtain a thorough understanding of the industry, consider taking investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi through colleges, training institutes, or online platforms to learn the specifics and enhance your resume. Seeking certifications in the finance field like the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) will additionally help to build your experience and demonstrate your commitment and expertise.

Another way to gather experience is by opting for internships or entry-level positions in investment banking or finance industries.  Networking and building necessary contacts with industry professionals will benefit you and provide additional understanding, insights and connections.

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How to Gain Employment and Build Networking?

The first step for seeking employment opportunities in Abu Dhabi is to research and select investment banks and financial institutions in the country. Identify all the big players in Abu Dhabi and their specific demands and see which of them aligns best with your goals and expertise.

Then, customize both your resume and cover letter to emphasize your relevant knowledge, skills, and experience according to each job application.

For potential employment opportunities, seek out and check online job boards and build connections on professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Attending industry events is also a great way to gain a better understanding of the industry and propagate a connection with the industry people.


How to Prepare for the Hiring Process?

The recruitment procedure in Abu Dhabi is highly competitive so make sure to be thoroughly prepared for facing aptitude tests and interviews.  It would be wise to look up and research common investment banking interview questions and to practice your answers or responses.

Additionally, it is essential to be up to date with financial news and trends in the region.  It is thoroughly advisable to develop and practice your communication skills as it is an important aspect of this field and being familiar with the language of the region will add to your benefits. Internships and courses prove to be the best way to complement your career as it will help you gather experience and prepare you for the long run.


Salary and Roles in Investment Banking

The salaries and incomes will differ and be determined by the status of your job, experience and knowledge in your career. The respectability of your finance firm is also an important factor. Despite having a high price range, the salary will be classified on your input and expertise. However, working and earning in Abu Dhabi does give an added tax benefit which further adds to your savings.

Here are some details about the average income of investment bankers in Abu Dhabi and the various job profiles in this sector.

A Vice president’s role in an investment banking firm is to oversee groups of analysts and associates as well as monitor the implementation of deals. They also make sales pitches to prospective investors and businesses along with assisting managing Directors and Directors with intricate transactions. Their average income can range between $160,200-$235,900.


The job of an associate of an investment banking sector in Abu Dhabi is mainly examining the finances of businesses to deduce their market value as well as being abreast of developments in your sector and competition. They also participate in client meetings and interactions and their annual income can range from $114,600-$192,100.


A senior analyst is someone who conducts In-depth financial modeling, does thorough market research and participates in presentations and client conferences. They often have to step in as an interface or a liaison between junior analysts, associates and vice presidents due to their experience. Their average income usually goes between $ 98,100 – $120,000.


An analyst in the IB sector usually helps senior bankers with a range of duties, including data analysis, financial modeling, and presentation creation. They are also responsible for compiling market research data, drafting deal reports along carrying out deals via assistance in paperwork, communication, and due diligence. Their average expected income is around $75,200 – $106,800.


The managing director is the head of the pack. This job requires a lot of experience and expertise as not only does it lead or supervise the entire team, but it also guides them and helps them navigate the thriving investment banking market of Abu Dhabi. They also tackle and oversee the implementation of high-value and complex deals. Their salary is usually the highest and ranges between $271,400 – $400,100.


The role of a compliance director is to ensure the legal aspect of banking. Their job is to verify that the bank handles transactions according to all financial guidelines. The compliance director supervises a group of compliance officers that keep an eye on things and identify potential violations, verify that newly formed agreements and transactions adhere to the rules and inform upper management of compliance-related matters.

The monthly salary of a compliance officer can range from $2,180 to $6,400. Along with leading the division, a compliance director checks and makes sure that investment activities adhere to regulations, hence keeping the bank safe and compliant. Their estimated salary goes between $130,800 – $228,900.



Best Investment Banks Located in Abu Dhabi

Top International banks in Abu Dhabi

Top Local Banks of Abu Dhabi

o   Citigroup Global Markets Limited

o   Commerzbank

o   Credit Suisse AG

o   Deutsche Bank

o   Goldman Sachs International

o   HSBC Financial Services

o   JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association

o   Julius Baer Limited

o   Merrill Lynch Bank S A

o   Morgan Stanley and Company International

o   Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

o   First Abu Dhabi Bank

o   ADCB Macquarie Corporate Finance

o   Al Mal Capital

o   Daman Investments

o   Emirates Investment Bank

o   Emirates NBD Capital Limited

o   Noor Capital

o   Rasmala Investment Bank Limited

o   SHUAA Capital


Top 5 Investment Banking Courses In Abu Dhabi With Placements



It is one of the top online education technology companies which is globally renowned and recognized.  It provides many options for the best professional courses that you’d want to pursue such as finance, marketing, analytics and writing, offering certification for the same. You can easily get enrolled in these courses for a reasonable price.

Despite being a beginner or a professional, IIM Skills programs are ideal for upskilling, as they include lifetime access to their Learning Management System which contains classroom presentations, recorded lectures, and other training resources and tools for better conceptual grasp and comprehension.

It is also inclusive of more than 100 hours of practical assignments in addition to 70+ hours of live online lectures. They cover the course following a series of eight modules spanning all facets of investment banking covering all its principles from basic to complex. It is one of the best investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi to set you on foot for your banking career.


Name of course Investment Banking Course
Eligibility·       Bachelor’s degree in business or a related field (BBA).

·       Keen interest to work in the investment banking industry.

·       Basic knowledge of statistics and finance

Duration3 months of training
Fees1756.80 Dirham
Curriculum8 modules covering all aspects of the investment banking sector; refer website for more information
Mode of learningOnline
Internship2 months (unpaid)
Placement help100% placement support
ContactEmail: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9580 740740

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]


2. The Knowledge Academy

It offers professional development courses in a variety of subjects, including Information Technology (IT), Business Management, and Project Management and is accredited by renowned exam institutions all over the world. Their wide array of courses caters to both individuals and companies and their quality-infused learning methods are tailored to suit all preferences.

It is amongst the leading investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi as it provides both onsite and online learning experiences like Classroom learning, Online classes, and Instructor-led and Self-paced classes.

This investment banking training course is especially advisable for those who want to enhance their financial skills and knowledge in a shorter period. This course provides a thorough learning experience at a very reasonable price in Abu Dhabi, offering training sessions from experienced instructors for better understanding.

The course does provide certification in Investment Banking Training along with a Digital Delegate Pack.  If you want to upskill yourself in the field of investment banking, The Knowledge Academy would be a suitable choice to consider.

Name of the courseInvestment banking training course
EligibilityNo formal prerequisites required
Duration1 day
Fees4756 AED
Curriculum8 modules covering all aspects of the investment banking sector; refer website for more information
Mode of LearningOnline and Onsite
Placement helpNo
Contact24/7 assistance

Phone: +971 8000311193


3. NobleProg

NobleProg is a renowned multinational training and consultancy group. They provide live, instructor-led training on the latest technologies for businesses. They deliver courses onsite and online. Their investment banking course covers all the necessary modules to hone your knowledge within a short duration.

It also includes a user-friendly online learning management system for continued learning and development. Overall, NobleProg is one of the most recommended options when it comes to investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi.

Name of the courseInvestment banking course
EligibilityBackground in the Financial field

Basic knowledge + keen interest in the banking industry

Duration21 hours
FeesContact Institution
Curriculum11 modules covering all aspects of the investment banking sector; refer website for more information
Mode of learningOnsite and online
Placement helpNo
ContactEmail: [email protected]

Phone: +971 4871 6715



A great option when it comes to investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi is FINXL. It is highly regarded and offers a variety of services including courses, classes, training, and certification. Their Investment Banking Certification Courses in Abu Dhabi cover both the functional and practical aspects of investment banking.

The program is designed in such a way that enables learners to apply theoretical knowledge practically and learn to navigate the challenges and roles of being an investment banker. The best part of this program is that you can avail 3 certifications in one course.

You also get added benefits such as lifetime access to their LMS along with placement guidance. FINXL is a highly recommended choice if you want to build experience and practical knowledge and would be a great option to invest when looking for investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi.

Name of the courseInvestment Banking Course FINXL
EligibilityNo prior knowledge required
Duration4 months
Fees884 AED
Curriculum5 modules covering all aspects of the investment banking sector; refer website for more information
Mode of learningClassroom or online training
CertificationYes, 3 certifications available
Placement helpYes
ContactEmail: [email protected]

Phone: (+91) 915 888 2688


5. Udemy

Udemy is a globally acclaimed online learning platform which delivers courses all over the world at highly accessible prices. It provides an array of courses that you can browse from. It not only offers an enormous collection but also provides quality learning accessible anywhere with an internet connection, including Abu Dhabi.

The courses at Udemy cover and span a variety of areas, including banking, programming, marketing, data science, and personal development. It is among one of the most accessible investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi. You can easily take the course any time and from anywhere you please. There are many investment banking courses in Udemy that you can look up according to your requirements.

‘The Complete Investment Banking Course 2024’ is one course that proves suitable for learning the core concepts of investment banking. It covers all of the fundamentals of investment banking and helps you improve your understanding of the area. It provides over 13 hours of lessons and multiple materials that can be studied at your speed.

While residing in the country. Udemy is one of the top mediums to pursue investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi and is a great option to explore if you want to specialize in the field.

Name of the courseThe Complete Investment Banking Course 2024
EligibilityNo experience needed

Keen interested to learn

Duration13.5 hours on-demand video
Fees138 AED
Curriculum30 sessions covering all aspects of the investment banking sector; refer website for more information
Mode of learningOnline
Placement helpNo



Q1) What are the prospects after an investment banking course in Abu Dhabi?

After up taking Investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi many prospects and opportunities open up for your career. Along with boosting your skills, it adds experience and equips you with all the mandatory knowledge about the sector. It opens the gates for a successful career in the finance and banking sector as well as can help in attaining a promotion in your job.

Q2) Who can take up this course?

Anybody with a keen interest and determination in the investment banking realm can take up this course. However, it would be beneficial if you have an existing degree or completed your education in the field. There are many investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi that you can take to start your investment banking journey in the region.

Q3) How much experience is required to start up a career in investment banking?

Anybody interested in the banking or finance sector with apt qualifications and skills can build a career in investment banking. Though some amount of experience would aid you in the long run. An education degree, an internship or an investment banking course would be a good tool to hone your skills and build your experiences.

Q4) What degree do you require?

It is advisable to get a bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Arts in finance or in economics and a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance to secure a job in an investment banking firm. Along with this investment banking courses will help add up your skills and boost your experience in the long run.



The Investment banking sector has been developing and growing over the years, providing a huge market for those who want to pursue the profession. This article aims to provide you with some information about the field of investment banking along with guiding you with the 5 best investment banking courses in Abu Dhabi to boost your career graph and expertise in the industry.