Data Science is a constantly evolving landscape of the modern age which creates immense prospects for individuals. Dehradun with its modern lifestyle provides a fostering environment for data science. Data science proves to be an active career there and offers opportunities in multiple sectors. It is a popular choice among businesses and various industries due to its endless applications such as search engine optimization, data visualization etc. In recent times, technology such as artificial intelligence has become more integrated, and the demand for trained experts to understand data and guide its use also grows. By creating a solid foundation of suitable skills and staying current, you can position yourself smoothly for a data science career in Dehradun’s dynamic market sphere. This opens up new possibilities for individuals with strong analytical abilities and an aptitude for problem-solving.




If you wish to explore data science courses in Dehradun then, this article is intended for you. In the below article, we have covered every necessary detail about data science and have listed the best data science courses in Dehradun to aid and assist you in making the best decision for your data science journey.


What is Data Science?

It is viewed as the analysis of data to draw conclusions and insights. It is a field of study that deals with the management and organizing of data using statistical methods such as regression analysis, t-tests, etc along with artificial intelligence, and other resources. It encompasses skills from various fields such as mathematics, computer science, and statistics. It then uses the processed and grouped data to detect patterns, create forecasts, and assist in making educated decisions across industries. It is a dynamic field that is constantly growing and developing, making it a great career option for those who want to work in this sector.

Where Is Data Science Used?

Data science assists firms by gaining insights and knowledge to make better decisions, optimize processes, and construct models that can drive industrial improvements. It is used across sectors and industries aiding them to understand consumer’s mindsets and stay up to date with their needs and demands. It is used in traditional industries like finance, retail and health as well as in the digital sphere.


Importance Of Data Science

The growing importance of data science and its multiple applications is visible in any sector. Data science has become a medium of growth and development in many industries. Its countless applications in both traditional and technological industries are generating a growing demand for skilled data scientists.

Data science is used in many domains such as digital sites and streaming services, like Netflix, which uses data science to advise and recommend episodes and movies depending on consumer preferences and activities. Many social media networks like Instagram or Facebook also employ data science and analytics to tailor and personalize your experience and content.

In the traditional domain, data science has endless applications. Data science aids businesses in leveraging consumer purchase history to recommend products to clients. Similarly, banks employ data science and analytics to examine financial information and accounting records to detect unusual activities preventing fraud. The health industry also utilizes this medium to assess patient data and medical records to detect patterns and warning signs for certain diseases.

It is a growing stream with versatile and never-ending applications facilitating opportunities for learners to explore and progress their careers.

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Who are Data Scientists?

Data scientists assess and analyze data to get business insights using statistical tools and data analysis methods. there are many aspects of data science as a career which are classified into:

Research Oriented

Here, they transform data, which typically leads to the implementation of new machine-learning approaches. It uses scripting languages. Python and JavaScript are 2 such examples.

Commercially Focused

This is more business-oriented. They apply recognized scientific approaches to make data-driven judgments. It entails understanding business problems and how to use data to address them.

It employs programming languages- python and C++, statistical tools such as R, and data visualization like Power BI, and Tableau to identify appropriate analytical ways for advancing data and solving problems.


They enable large-scale use of data and expand data science processes for applications.


What Are Data Science Courses?

These courses deliver a structured learning method that focuses on training and teaching individuals the fundamental techniques, basic theories, and advanced tools of data science. Some tools include statistics, programming, machine learning, data visualization, and data analysis.

They offer everything you need to start your data science career and prepare for real-world challenges. These can be taken up by both beginners with little to no background in data science and professionals looking to enhance or broaden their skills. You can pursue data science courses in both online and offline settings.

Some universities and institutes offer data science courses for onsite learning while certain internet-based platforms enable distance and flexible learning.


Top 8 Data Science Courses In Dehradun With Placements



In India, one of the best online institutions for data science is IIM Skills. It is among the top Indian online ed-tech companies and has become one of the most prominent platforms when it comes to professional courses and learning. It offers data science courses in Dehradun and all around the globe.

At a relatively affordable fee, they provide courses in different domains such as writing, analytics, finance, and marketing. They also provide certifications upon course completion and they are globally acclaimed. You can easily opt and enrol for these courses to enhance your skills and career for advancement.

You can easily opt for data science courses in Dehradun despite being a beginner or a professional. IIM SKILLS training programs are considered ideal for upskilling, as they include lifetime access to their Learning Management System which contains many training resources such as classroom presentations and recorded lectures for better understanding.

Their ‘Data science master course’ encompasses 160+ hours of lectures, 100+ hours of practical assignments, 16+ live projects, 7+ tools and 10+ case studies to fully prepare and equip you for the data science world. The curriculum is divided into 8 modules that cover and are inclusive of all the necessary topics and aspects of data science, making it among the best and most flexible data science courses in Dehradun.

Name of the CourseData Science Course
Duration11 months of training
Eligibility·       Foundational and general knowledge of analytics and data

·       Pursued computer science in high school and graduation

·       Dedication and passion to work in the field.

Fees₹99,900+ 18% GST
EMI availabilityYes
Curriculum8 modules covering all topics of data science; refer website for more information
Mode of learningOnline
Placement helpFull placement support
ContactEmail: [email protected]

Phone: +91 9580 740740

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Information:

Phone no: +91 9580740740


E-mail: [email protected]


2. Great Learning

Great Learning is a widely recognized learning forum for individuals looking to pursue data science courses in Dehradun. It provides a range of courses in data science, from basic to advanced level. Whether you’re just starting or wanting to upgrade your skills, they provide you with the tools and guidance you need for a career in data science. They are a renowned institution globally and offers various courses catering to individuals across domains.

Their ‘PG Program in Data Science and Business Analytics course’, provides quality-infused learning for all working professionals. The course covers all necessary domains and tools of data science like Python, Tableau, SQL, ChatGPT, machine learning, predictive modelling and many more. This course provides the added benefit of dual certification and online mentorship guidance. You can enrol and take this course from anywhere and upskill yourself in the realm of data science.

Name of the CourseData Science and Business Analytics Course
Duration12 months of training
Eligibility·       Bachelor’s degree

·       Basic knowledge of maths, statistics and programming

FeesRefer website
EMI availabilityNot mentioned; refer website
CurriculumRefer website for that information
Mode of learningOnline
Placement helpYes
ContactEmail: [email protected]

Phone: 080 4711 1120


3. Data Trained

A great option when it comes to data science courses in Dehradun is Data Trained. It is highly regarded in India and offers many courses in the field of technology like machine learning and data science.  Their programs range from simple certification to multi-month PG programs, you can easily opt for a program aligning with your needs.

Their ‘PG program In Data Science, Machine Learning & Neural Networks’ covers both the functional and practical aspects of data science. The program is designed in such a way that enables interactive online classes with live elements and mentorship support for learners.

It offers a 6-month period of live internship along with a 100% placement guarantee. The course consists of over 300 hours of learning, practice tests, specialization of 5 domains along with a certificate upon completion. This course encompasses practical learning as well with 40+ projects and case studies and proves to be ideal for both fresh graduates and working professionals wanting to pursue data science courses in Dehradun.

Name of the courseData Science Course Data Trained
Duration12 months of training
EligibilityNot mentioned
Fees₹160000 + 18% GST
EMI availabilityYes
CurriculumThe curriculum is divided into 7 modules covering all aspects of data science; Refer to website for more information
Mode of learningOnline
Placement helpYes
ContactEmail: [email protected]

Phone: +44-744 142 7157

A Few More Data Science Courses That You Should Explore Near You:


4. Alma Better

Another option, while surfing for data science courses in Dehradun is Alma Better which is a reputable online learning platform offering several courses in data science and its related fields. This platform offers both certification courses and master’s programs as well. They highlight and emphasize live online classes focusing on practical learning with application through projects and case studies. They offer a unique feature of payment after placement highlighting a performance-oriented payment model.

Their ‘Certification in Full Stack Data Science and AI course’ is a certification program featuring advanced certification from institutions like E&ICT Academy, and IIT Guwahati. It is a 6-month learning program with online classes enabling flexible learning for students.

The curriculums are designed in such a way that will fully equip you for the working sector and make you job-ready. They offer 100% job assistance and facilitate learning experiences from institutions like IIT Guwahati. The course also facilitates distanced learning and self-paced learning helping students to understand and comprehend concepts at their place and time.

The course covers intensive data science concepts from basic to advanced and is ideal for graduates, freshers and early beginners prepping to be a competent data scientist in the sector.

Name of the courseCertification in Stack Data Science and AI
Duration6 months
Eligibility·       No prior coding experience is needed

·       Basic understanding of mathematics, statistics and data

·       Graduation degree for placement

Fees2 Payment plans

·       ₹30,000 + 18% GST

·       ₹60,000 + 18% GST

Refer website for additional details

EMI availabilityYes
CurriculumThe curriculum divided into 6 modules covering all aspects of data science; Refer to website for more information
Mode of learningOnline
Placement help100% job assurance

Phone: +91 888-400-8800


5. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is another online learning platform offering data science courses in Dehradun. They offer data science courses ranging in different levels of difficulty from basic introductions to advanced courses. You can easily enrol yourself in the course of your choice according to your level and needs.

They provide a comprehensive learning experience by partnering with IBM propelling you to advance your expertise in the data sector. The course consists of and covers a range of topics like Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Generative AI, and Tableau.

It emphasizes application-based learning focusing more on the practical side of data science by conducting 25+ projects and interactive live sessions to ensure a thorough understanding of concepts. This is one of the top choices for data science courses in Dehradun as this course encompasses 14+ tools, 15+ skills and industry projects in a very affordable price range. Not only that, but you also get many added advantages like lifetime access to the course content which also enables self-paced learning along with certification upon course completion adding to your experience and expertise.

Simplilearn is the best option to consider when looking for data science courses in Dehradhun as not only do you get practical learning but also interact and learn from industry experts boosting your skills and knowledge about the sector.

Name of the courseData Science Course- Simplilearn
Duration11 months
EligibilityBasic knowledge and understanding of mathematics, statistics and programming language.
EMI availabilityYes
CurriculumCurriculum available on the website; refer website for more information
Mode of learningOnline Bootcamp
Placement helpYes
ContactPhone: + 1800-212-7688


6. Brillica

Brillica is a learning institution that provides a range of online courses in the IT industry with an emphasis on data science, data analytics, and other IT skills. In India, it is one of the top choices for learning programs as with its certified instructors and both online plus onsite learning they allow the individuals to upskill themselves in interested domains according to their comfort.

One such data science course named ‘best data science course’, is delivered through pre-recorded video lectures, practical experience and guided mentorship equipped with all the latest tools and techniques for preparing learners to tackle the work sphere.

They have a specially designed and curated curriculum facilitating comprehensive and holistic learning for students. Some tools covered in the course are Python, OpenCV, git, SciPy, SQL, Scikit learn, pandas, NumPy and TensorFlow. They also provide placement support along with certification.

You can take this course both online and offline mode despite being a beginner or a professional in the field. You can easily enrol yourself in this course and hone your skills and abilities in the domain of data science.

Name of the CourseData Science Course Brillica
DurationNot mentioned
EligibilityBasic knowledge of data, algorithms, statistics and programming language
FeesNot mentioned
EMI availabilityNot mentioned
CurriculumThe curriculum is divided into 7 modules spanning all aspects of data science; refer website for more information
Mode of learningOnline and onsite
Placement helpYes
ContactPhone: 8882140688, 8979544473

Also, You Must Explore These Very Popular  Courses Available in Dehradun:


7. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known online learning portal offering courses at very affordable prices to students all over the world. You can look through the variety of courses it offers from its vast collection according to your requirements. It also offers high-quality education that can be accessed from any location with an internet connection, including Dehradun.

Udemy offers courses in many domains and subjects, such as data science, marketing, programming, banking, and personal development. The course is easily accessible from anywhere at any time making it convenient and flexible for students.

‘The Data Science course: Complete Data Science Bootcamp 2024’ is a course that encompasses all the core concepts of data science. It covers all of the fundamentals of the subject and helps you improve your understanding. Along with certification it also provides lifetime access to its learning materials. If you’re interested in specializing in data science, Udemy is a great option to consider for pursuing data science courses in Dehradun.

Name of the CourseThe Data Science course: Complete Data Science Bootcamp 2024
Duration31 hours 46 minutes on-demand video
EligibilityNo prior experience required
EMI availabilityNot mentioned
CurriculumThe course curriculum is divided into 66 sections covering all aspects of data science; refer website for more information
Mode of learningOnline
Placement helpNo


8. EdX

EdX is a well-known online educational platform that provides a large variety of courses, including data science courses, from prominent colleges and organizations across the globe. Its programs are recognized by accrediting authorities and is a top choice when considering data science courses in Dehradun.

This platform’s distinctive feature is that the majority of the courses are created and taught in partnership with reputable universities like IBM, Microsoft, Harvard and MIT. This not only elevates your educational experience but also adds additional value to your resume and workplace. Since EdX courses are usually self-paced, this will enable you to tailor your training to fit your schedule and learning objectives.

Their ‘HarvardX’s Data Science Professional Certificate’ course covers all the necessary modules of data science to hone your knowledge and skills. The curriculum is specially curated and covers all the essential tools of data science such as the fundamental R programming skills, statistical concepts and many more.

You will also learn data visualization and data wrangling and will learn to work and be familiar with the tools and techniques of data scientists. They focus on both in-depth knowledge of theories of data science as well as practical case studies. Overall, this course will prepare you to face the real world as a competent data scientist and is a great platform to pursue data science courses in Dehradun to upscale your career.

Name of the courseHarvard’s Data Science Professional Certificate
Duration1 year 5 months
EligibilityNo prerequisites for the first course
EMI availabilityNot mentioned
CurriculumThe program is divided into 9 courses covering all aspects of data science; refer website for more information
Mode of learningOnline
Placement helpNo
ContactRefer website



Q1) What are the prospects of data science courses in Dehradun?

After completing data science courses, you will discover that many new job opportunities will open up for you. Along with refining your skill set, it adds experience while offering you all the essential information about the industry. It paves the way for newcomers to have a successful career in the field and helps working professionals advance in their careers.

Q2) What are the preliminaries for these courses?

Anyone with a keen interest and aptitude for data science can go for the course. Adequate knowledge in mathematics, programming, and statistics is crucial. Possessing a degree in a relevant field is advantageous, but not required. Irrespective of your background, you can enrol in institutes and programs to help you learn the skills required to establish your career as a data scientist.

Q3) What is the average salary of a data scientist in Dehradun?

Data scientists in Dehradun likely earn up to ₹7.4 lakh per year to ₹27 Lakhs per year. The precise amount differs and depends on your background, skill set, experience and the kind of organization you work for.



Today’s dynamic rapidly growing data science industry offers a plethora of opportunities for individuals seeking to build a career in the field. This article aims to provide you with some information and guidance about the realm of data science and help you choose the best course to upskill yourself and advance your career. You will gain the necessary knowledge to be a proficient data scientist in the industry and learn to rightfully navigate your data science journey.