Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Suriname With Placements

Data analysis has been the secret ingredient driving success from the Sumerian civilization to the modern big data boom. Whether optimizing block angles for the pyramids or picking players for  SVB Eerste Divisie Football League, it’s all about mastering the art of converting raw data into strategic insights. Today’s digital boom has seeped into every Business and organization irrespective of scale or industry in Suriname and the world over data mining is key to minimizing risks, optimizing operations, and accelerating growth. Driving this growth requires skilled Data miners, which in turn is driving the demand for data analytic courses in Suriname and worldwide.




Let’s explore the top data analytics courses in Suriname.

Located on the Northeastern coast of South America Suriname is an ethnically diverse

upper-middle-income country. Suriname has a population of less than a million, with the Indian-Surinamese making up 27.4%. It is rich in natural mineral resources such as bauxite, oil, and gold. Two-thirds of the Surinameses people reside in the urban areas. It ranks high in terms of gender equality in both the health and education sectors.

Modelled on the Dutch educational system, Suriname has a literacy rate of 90% for ages 15 and older are literate. While Primary education is free and compulsory Suriname struggles with challenges of infrastructure, quality teachers, language, etc. for the higher education programs.

There has been a push to integrate technology into education to overcome these challenges by providing schools with computers and internet access. With an active labour force of 54.2% of the total population, The service sector in Suriname employs 65.49%  of its labour force, a larger share than any other sector.

Suriname is working towards enabling its workforce to maximize its potential to drive growth in business and industry. Data Analytics is an integral component of bringing this to fruition. Online education has made the best Data analytics courses in Suriname available to aspiring learners.


What is Data Analysis and Why is It an Important Function in Organisations and Businesses?

Data analytics is the core key function that enables businesses and organizations to maximize their potential and grow. Data analysis entails making sense of raw data and drawing connections/correlations by studying the patterns, market trends, and the impact of strategic decisions and initiatives. Thus, providing actionable insights to the decision-makers.

It is a critical function, that drives innovation and lays the foundation for informed, intelligent strategic decisions to boost growth across industries and organizations. A data analyst is responsible for identifying and discovering patterns, customer preferences, and market trends. Create a ‘small actionable capsule’ of information from analysis of huge databases.

These insights are the scaffolding that enables decision-makers to work towards filling the gaps by improving products and services, enhancing customer experience, streamlining operations, and mitigating risks. It gives the organizations a pulse of the markets and the impacts of various decisions.

The demand for experts in this pivotal function is growing and there are world-class data analytics courses in Suriname to facilitate the same.



What Are the 4 Fundamental Stages of Data Analysis:

Data Analytics has 4 Fundamental Progressive Functions essential for effective strategic decision-making for any Organization to define and achieve its goals.

1)Descriptive Analysis: This function entails the collection, interpretation, and analysis of raw data to identify patterns and trends over a defined timeline. This could be weekly/monthly/annually. The primary goal of descriptive analysis is to encapsulate ‘What happened in the past?’ In terms of success/failure of a particular target/action.

It provides essential insights into past performances.

2)Diagnostic Analysis: Following the understanding of ‘what happened’ the data is further studied and analyzed in-depth to identify any anomalies in the trends and outcomes.With the primary goal to encapsulate ‘why did it happen in the past?’ Detailed analysis and comparison of divergent data sets using statistical tools and methods to help identify the cause for the distinct outcome.

3)Predictive Analysis: This stage entails the study of historical data, identifying trends, predicting future trends, and answering ‘What will happen in the future?’

Statistical and machine learning techniques are utilized to make informed predictions of the company’s performance like risk assessments, sales forecasts, etc.

4)Prescriptive Analysis: This is the most advanced stage of Data Analysis. Taking into account the insights and patterns revealed from all previous analyses in terms of needs and opportunities; the future course of action ‘How we can make it happen?’ is defined. This knowledge and understanding equip the key decision-makers to make well-thought-out, evidence-based business decisions, to accelerate efficiency and performance and maximize profitability and growth.

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What is Steering the Demand for Data Analytics Courses in Suriname and the World in 2024?

Decisions based on data-driven insights are the norm as business and all economic activity is digitally driven. Hence the increasing demand for skilled data analysts, data scientists, etc. While there has been speculation about certain functions of data analysts being replaced by Artificial Intelligence; the industry has also witnessed an exponential increase in data collection and the advancement of analytical tools.

For businesses, it is important to leverage these technical advancements to their advantage and enhance competency. These are indicators of an upward trend in demand for data specialists.

Traditionally the core skills in focus for Data analysts were technical skills like mastery of statistical analysis, programming languages, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization. However, current trends indicate an increasing demand for soft skills like data storytelling and effective communication.

With upskilling being the mantra for being relevant and ahead of the curve there is an increased demand for data analytics courses in Suriname.


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Suriname With Placements



A leading online educational platform providing Globally recognised certified courses IIM Skills has emerged as a trusted online education platform since its inception in 2015. Their learning modules are updated as per the industry requirements.

Designed by industry veterans and experts in various fields such as data analytics, finance, marketing, and writing the course provides internship opportunities and guidance for practical application.

Contact Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 20152.26 Suriname Dollar + Taxes

The course has been extensively designed to include core knowledge and subject expertise. The modules are designed to focus on developing the requisite on-the-job skills and include industry-relevant case studies to gain a practical understanding and application of tools and technologies like Python, Power BI, Tableau, etc.


Freshers/ Undergraduates/ Post Graduates/ Professionals. Basic computer knowledge.

Course Details:

The course is divided into 8 modules that are focused on skill development and understanding of the latest Tools in the field of DA:

-Basic and Advanced Excel.

-Introduction to Data Handling and Visualisation.

-Concept of Data Analysis and Reporting.

-Understanding Data manipulation

-Introduction to VBA

-Components of Programming language.

-Object and Memory Management.

-Procedures and Functions of VBA

-Understanding SQL

-Introduction to the RDBMS Concept

-Data-Based Object Creation

-SQL Server Reporting and Integration

-Introduction to Power BI

-Understanding Data Preparation and Data Modeling

-Concept of Data Analysis Expression

-Introduction to Mathematical Foundation and Basic Statistics

-Understanding Analytics and Data Science

-Introduction to Python essential

-Concept of Cleansing Data with Python

-Data Analysis & Visualisation Using Python

-Understanding Advance Visualisation Tools

-Introduction to Data Analytics using Tableau

-Concept of Data Analysis with R

-Data Science Using Alteryx


Live sessions with experienced mentors; lifetime course access; internship and real-time data analytics projects. Guidance for resume building; interview and placement assistance. This course is a comprehensive choice for  Data Analytics courses in Suriname.

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]



2) Course Era:

This platform is an industry leader that provides quality Online educational courses. Their certifications are well-recognized worldwide and the courses are designed by experienced industry veterans and Global universities. They provide several data analytics courses in Suriname that move from basic to advanced levels. Their top-ranked data analytics courses in Suriname are:

Course name: Google  Data  Analytics  Certification  Program.

Developed by highly experienced Google employees and Data Analytics experts, this program offers a comprehensive foundational learning base aiming to make learners industry-ready. The instruction modules include multiple case studies and practice-based assessments. And a Professional Certification in Data Structure and Algorithms (edX).

Medium of Learning: Online (self-paced)

Duration: 6 months

Course Fee: 472.6SRD/per week.


Freshers/ Undergraduates/ Post Graduates.Basic Computer knowledge.

Course Details:

-The course modules are structured to build foundational knowledge, skills, and tools of -Data analytics principles; Data types, data strategy, data integrity, data cleaning, data aggregation, data analysis, and best practices for information sharing.

– Creating case studies

– Understanding of spreadsheets/ Meta databases.

-Structured Query language/programming concepts

-Data visualization and dashboards

– Designing of Machine learning algorithms.

– TOOLS: Excel spreadsheets, SQL, R Programming, and Tableau.

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3) Course Era:

Google Advanced Data Analytics Program

This is an Advanced Professional Certification a 7-part series.  The learning modules are focused on the in-demand skills of Statistical analysis, Python, regression models, and machine learning. At the end of the program, learners earn degree credits and employer-recognized certificates from Google.

Medium of learning: Online (self-paced)

Duration: 6 months

Eligibility: Advanced.

Course Fee: 10,144 SRD.

Course Details:

The course is focused on enabling learners to develop skill sets to collect/analyze/interpret and manipulate extremely high volumes of data using advanced analytics including machine learning, predictive modeling, and experimental design.


Jupytr Notebook, Kaggle, Python and Tableau.

Module 1: Foundation of Data Science includes an understanding of industries using advanced data analytics.Data Analysis in decision-making/  Data privacy and ethics/ team building projects. Python programming/ statistical analysis. Effective communication/ Predictive modeling.

Module 2: Getting Started with Python: how Pythin is used by data professionals, python programming, Jupyter Notebook, coding, Using code to enhance code readability, and Data visualization.

Module 3: Go beyond the Numbers: Translate data into insights.Application of exploratory data analysis (EDA) process. Data structuring and cleaning, Data investigation using Python. Data visualization using Tableau.

Module 4: The Power of Statistics: Explore and summarise datasets, Statistical analysis using Python, Machine learning, Technical Interview Preparation, and Executive Summaries.

Module 5: Regression Analysis: Simplify Complex Data Relationships: Data investigation and Identity regression model assumptions. Use Python to perform Linear and Logistic regression. model evaluation and interpretation.  Probability distribution, Statistical analysis, Statistical hypothesis, and testing. Effective communication.

Module 6: Machine Learning; characteristics of machine learning. Machine learning models for data preparation. Python to build and evaluate supervised and unsupervised learning models. Model and metric selection for a Machine Learning Algorithm.

Module 7: Google Advance Analytics Capstone: Identification of patterns and trends by examining data. Model building using machine learning. Create Data visualizations. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). Explore career resources.

Bonus: Access to Interview practice tools; mock interviews; resume-building workshops; and career coaching sessions; Connect with 150+ US-based employment opportunities affiliated with the Google Career Certificate.


4) Polytechnic College Suriname:

Established in 1997 Polytechnic College Suriname is well known for its Bachelor’s / Masters/professional certification Programs in various streams.

Course Name: Masters in Data Analytics & Data Science.

Offered in collaboration with Praxis Business School, this is one of the most extensive Data Analytics courses in Suriname. The course modules are designed for in-depth knowledge in Data Analytics technological skills, statistical modeling, and deep learning techniques in Data-driven decisions; Application of quantitative modeling techniques for business problem solving; Machine learning; and Issues in Data security, privacy, and integrity.

Medium of learning: Online

Duration: 2 years/640 hours


Graduates (minimum 60% from any discipline from a recognized University- BE/ B.Sc. with Mathematics/Statistics as one subject choice.

Pre-College Master’s Program: this is a 4–6-week bridge course to update learners’ requisite knowledge in math and statistics.

Course Fee: 2,36,694.50 SRD

Course Details:

The Program Modules Are Taught Over 4 Semesters.

Module 1: In-depth exploration of Machine learning; Mathematics for Machine learning; Python; Statistics; Data warehousing; Power BI techniques in Data visualization.

Module 2: Topics explored in this unit are: Time series forecasting; Econometrics; Advanced Machine Learning; Big Data& Internet of things with Spark and SQL; Tableau; and Introduction to R programming.

Module 3: Units focus on Retail Market Analytics; Deep learning; Data Engineering and Modeling; Finance Analytics; and Deployment.

Module 4: Capstone Projects, case studies, and portfolio building.

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5) ONLEI Technologies:

Onlei Technologies is a leading Online learning platform offering structured learning opportunities under Industry mentors via live online learning sessions. This is one of the leading Data analytics Courses in Suriname.

The Program includes comprehensive learning modules; real-time projects; lifetime support and Job placement assistance. Making it a popular choice for aspirants looking to start a career in Data analytics.

Course name: Data Analyst Certification Course.

The course modules equip the learners with skills in Database concepts; Data analysis concepts; Functions, charts, slicers; and Data visualisation. Tools and technologies like  Excel, Tableau, Power BI, MySQL, Business statistics, Python, R Programming, SAS, Large language models(LLM), and Chatgpt.

Medium of Learning: Live Online Sessions—lifetime access to Course materials.

Duration: 6 months.


Beginners/ Graduate/ Post Graduates; Basic Computer knowledge.

Course Fee: NA

Course Details:

The modules are focused on developing Industry-ready learners. With comprehensive knowledge of Data analysis; Data interpretation; Statistical analysis; Effective Data Visualization; Predictive modeling; and Application of Machine learning algorithms.

Data cleansing and deep learning concepts with Python programming languages. Internship opportunities on real-time projects for practical application of knowledge and Portfolio building.


Job Assistance Program. Having tie-ups with top global companies like TCS, Wipro, Amazon, and 1800+ other hiring partners. Support in resume building, interviews, and placement assistance with company partners.

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6) Learn Bay:

A veteran in Data analytics courses in Suriname, Learn Bay’s programs are designed in collaboration with IBM by industry experts. The learners receive an IBM certification at the end of the course and end-to-end job placement assistance.

Course Name: IBM Certified Business Analytics and Data Analytics Program for Working Professionals.

Medium of Learning: Online (Includes Live lectures) or Hybrid: Online mode for theoretical classes; Classroom mode for all capstone projects and interview preparation sessions.

Duration: 9 months (275 hours)


Bachelor’s degree (good grades). Minimum 6 months IT/Non-IT work experience. Early- Mid-career professionals.

Course Fee: 34,435.71 SRD+ GST

Course Details:

This immersive program is designed for working professionals with more than 1 year of experience in any domain. The Program modules are constantly updated as per industry demands. The course is divided into 4 terms.

The course modules include the application of Techniques of Data storytelling; Programming and Statistical techniques application; Programming and Statistical concerts and BI tools training such as Tableau, Power BI, and Advanced Excel; and database management SQL.

Term 1:


-Fundamentals of Programming

– Fundamentals of Statistics.

– Python Programming; Basic& Advanced Python.

Term 2:


-Machine Learning.

Term 3:

-Data Analytics Tools: SQL; MongoDB; Tableau; Power BI; Big Data & Sparks Analytics; Time series.

Term 4:

-Excel: Basic and Advanced.

– Data Analysis and Pivot tables.


Real-time industry-specific Data analytics project with experience certificates from MNCs. Guaranteed interview calls and doubt sessions.


7) Simplilearn:

Is a leader in digital skills training. Their blended programs are aimed to enhance learner engagement and hold the baton for the highest completion rates.

Course Name:

Data Analyst Master Program in collaboration with Purdue University and IBM. The program concludes with an IBM certification; Learning modules focus on data visualization tools like Excel, Power BI, and Tableau. And Programming Languages like Python, R, and SQL. and application of learning on Capstone Projects.

Medium of Learning: The blended Program includes Online self-paced videos live virtual mentorship sessions hands-on projects and labs.

Duration: 8 months


Graduate in any discipline with 50% or higher marks. Experienced Professionals from programming and non-programming backgrounds.

Course Fee: 23,088.9 SRD

Course Details:

The course is extensive and deep to prepare upskilled industry-ready analysts.

The Units Include:

-Introduction to Business Analytics and Business Analytics with Excel.

-Analysing Data and pivot tables.


– Data analytics using Statistics.

-Power BI

-OOPs concepts.

-Programming fundamentals of Python


– Mathematical computing using NumPy.

-Data Manipulation with Panda

-Model Building

-R Programming

-Data Analytics with R

-Data Structures and visualisations.

– Regression Analysis

It is one of the all-inclusive data analytics courses in Suriname. The program outcomes are designed and tailored to the advancements in the business landscape.

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8) eCornell

Data Analytics Cornell Certification Program

Designed by expert Cornell faculty, this program aims to equip its learners with detailed and meaningful insights and the latest skills in demand for data analysis and differentiate themselves. And facilitate opportunities for job-related applications.

The platform offers multiple courses that cover  Data Analysis with SQL, Tableau, and Data Science with Python, BI, and R Programs.

Course Name: Data Analytics Cornell Certificate Program

Medium of Learning: Online (self-paced)

Duration: 9 weeks with 3-5 hours of study/per week.


Graduates/ Post Graduates/ Professionals. Basic knowledge of  Statistics and Excel.

Course Fee: $2730 (USD)

Course Details:

The course curriculum is designed to equip the learners with the basic knowledge of Business Analytics and develop the skills to:

– Generate statistical summaries and data visualizations.

-Build and substantiate regression models

– Utilise Databases to make educated decisions and reduce risks.

– Create and explicate statistical summaries and information visualisations.

– Devise business questions that can be tested using statistical methods.

– Use data to describe and reduce ambivalence in decision-making.

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9) IMarticus Learning:

Delivered by expert faculty, IMarticus programs include interactive modules and hands-on training to prepare job-ready Data scientists and Analysts for roles like financial controller, Business Intelligence Analyst, etc.

Course Name: PG Program in Data Science and Analytics.

Medium of Learning: Live Online and classroom training.

Duration: 6 Months.

Eligibility: Graduate/ Early career professional with a tech background.

Course Fee: 87,091.76 SRD

Course Details:

The Job specific curriculum design includes Introduction to Programming; Variables and Arithmetic Expressions: Functions: Data types; Conditions and Conditional Statements; Lists; OOPs; Data Analysis; Business Analysis; Practical Applications of Data Science; Python; SQL; Data Analytics; Power BI; Tableau. 25 Capstone projects and case studies. Participation in live coding Hackathons to tackle complex business problems.


Interview Preparation; resume building; job recommendations.10 guaranteed interviews with over 500 partner companies.


10) The Knowledge Academy:

With over 30000 courses in 1000+ locations, across 190 countries. Knowledge Academy is an established learning platform offering multiple short data analytics courses in Suriname. Courses are facilitated via live training sessions by world-class trainers.

Course Name: Data Analytics with R

Medium of Learning: Online (self- paced), Online(instructor-led)/ Classroom

Duration: 8 hours

Eligibility: Graduates/ Professionals.

Course Fee: 2495 SRD

Course Details: –

-Introduction to Data Analytics; Phases of Data Analytics; Types of Data Analysis, Data Analysis characteristics.

-Business Intelligence and Analytics

-R Programming Languages.

-Importing Data

-Machine Learning.

On completion, learners receive a Data Analytics with R Certificate.



1) How is data analysis useful in optimizing decision-making?

Strategic decisions arising from informed intelligence result in increased revenues, operational efficiency, and better-optimized marketing campaigns all targeted to enhance and bolster customer satisfaction.

-Businesses can create personalised business experiences and develop digital products with the high volume of data available.

-Tools like predictive analysis allow the business to innovate and create products and services that match the emerging market needs and gain a competitive advantage over business rivals. Comparing historical and new information, utilising internal systems and external data sources allows for real-time analysis.

-Data analysis can help Organisations to weed out unnecessary expenses and identify cost-saving opportunities within the organization.

– Data analysis is an important tool that helps identify and mitigate risks by detecting anomalies, fraud, or compliance issues.

– Improve security – tools like parsing, analysis, and auditing logs allow identification of vulnerabilities and security breaches.

Q. What kind of companies hire data analysts?

Organizations of all kinds, in industries as varied as entertainment, finance, health care, tech, education, etc. In the healthcare industry- data analysis is utilized by healthcare providers to predict the outcomes of a treatment or disease outbreak, make informed decisions and decide the treatment strategies, enhance patient care, etc.

In retail, it can be used to study market trends, and customer preferences and work to build and launch new products to cater to the same. In finance, data analysis is used for risk assessment, fraud detection, and investment decision-making. There are multiple data analytics courses in Suriname. However, only a few are comprehensive mentorship and placement assistance.

Q. What expertise do future-ready Data Analysts need to have?

The job description of a Data analyst is likely to be dynamic with Artificial Intelligence seeping into various functions. The demand for upskilled professionals who can interpret and apply AI-generated insights in inferring and strategic decision-making is forecasted to increase. Thus, driving the demand for quality educational data analytics courses in Suriname.

Analytical thinking, communication, data visualization skills, understanding of business context, and AI ethics considerations in data usage are essential skillsets for Data Analysts. Keeping oneself proactively updated and aware of trends like the increasing use of automated machine learning (AutoML) is vital to keep up with the demands of the evolving business landscape.

In the future Analysts may assume more strategic roles, in the effective integration of AI insights with company goals, ensuring data quality.


Data analytics is a dynamic and pivotal function in all organizations and businesses. With the rise of ‘Big Data’ and potential opportunities on the horizon organisations across the board in all sectors are focused on maximising the optimisation and efficiency of operations.

Hence, the a surge in demand for skilled professionals who can analyse, and interpret large data sets to gain insightful scaffolding for making informed business decisions. Going forward we need to buckle for becoming lifelong learners and constant skill upgradation to keep up with the technical advancements. Luckily we live in times where learning from the best data analytics courses in Suriname is just a click away.