Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria With Placements

Data analytics is the process of optimizing raw data that can help any business grow and guide in predicting future business events. It also helps to make positive and effective decision making. With the data recording, it can be proven valuable in rich areas. Analytics is based on the concurrent usage of data statistics, programming, and research for a good amount of performance. You can learn all the necessary tools and techniques with the data analytics courses in Nigeria mentioned in the article.

List of best data analytics courses in Nigeria

Organizations use data analytics to predict and improve business based on previous data or we can say with the help of previous data.

There Are 5 Types of Data Analytics 

  • Descriptive analytics
  • Diagnostic analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Perspective analytics
  • Cognitive analytics

1. Descriptive Analytics:

Descriptive analytics is the use of old data and based on those historical data, it draws comparisons. It has the answers to what happened with your raw data. Descriptive analytics is easy to use and most organizations use it daily with the help of basic software like Microsoft Excel or Google charts and Tableau. These help to phrase data and the relationship between variables and visually display information. So basically this is useful for a change of communication and the use of trends for further analysis.

2. Diagnostic Analytics:

Diagnostic analytics is the usage of data to regulate the causes of trends and the relationship between variables. Diagnostic analytics can be done by using Microsoft Excel or also can be done manually. By usage of data, analytics organizations can get detailed causes of patterns they have observed in their data and use them accordingly. To identify the deep cause of trends, companies need to examine additional data and potentially include data. Diagnostic analytics also help us to look at external data about competitors’ activities.

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3. Predictive Analytics:

Predictive analytics can be used for making predictions about future outcomes and the performance of the business organization. It looks at the present and old data patterns to decide if those data will emerge again in the future. This helps organizations where they can use their resources and get advantages of future events. This can also increase efficiency and reduce risk.

It is a series of techniques that can make these decisions including AI, data mining, machine learning, etc. These predictive models can be used for weather forecasts, creating video games, translation of the text to voice, and investment portfolio development.

4. Perspective Analytics:

Perspective analytics is to use data to decide on an excellent course of action. As per past business numbers, it asks “What do we need to achieve this?” It helps to make decisions on any time horizon for any period. It completely relies on AI techniques, like machine learning to understand and advance from the data it acquires, adapting all the while.

5. Cognitive Analytics: 

Cognitive analytics is like human intelligence for certain tasks and brings numbers together with several intelligent technologies like AI, deep learning, and machine learning. By application of such a technique, cognitive analytics can get smarter and more effective over time by learning with data and with humans.

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Importance of Data Analytics

In today’s data-driven world, to make the right decision for your business, and to succeed in your business, data analytics is so important for your business organization. So the thing is if you use data with more accuracy, it can be valuable for your organization. Data analytics leads to intelligent business decisions and more efficient business operations.

In the end, these all are benefits of data analytics. Under the extremely competitive atmosphere in the corporate sector, the need to deal with customers and build relations with them can be possible with data analytics, with the help of customer data like phone no. email and addresses.

With the help of prominent data from valid sources where anyone can put their opinions, combined with analytics, they can help companies to understand their client’s needs and can trace what is needed in the market before market request. Several companies are not good enough to cope with structured data and the instability that customers created via digital platforms, data analytics can help them in many manners.

So if you are an aspirant in data analytics, there are data analytics courses in Nigeria that will help you to take your first step toward your career.

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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria



Vaibhav Kakkar started IIM SKILLS in the year 2015 with his very first skill development course in Content writing. Now they have introduced a wide range of courses that are leading the top position in the market. If you are in Nigeria and want to take a data analytics course, then you must consider IIM SKILLS as they rank top for offering data analytics courses in Nigeria.


Many promising ed-tech companies assure you to offer the best courses but IIM SKILLS are known for their quality teaching services and their commitment during the course and after the course is commendable.

Data Analytics Course by IIM SKILLS is a comprehensive certified training course of 6 months and an additional 2 months of internship which is optional by choice. The fees are also within budget and come with interest-free EMI.

You can avail 100% refund if you are not satisfied after the 1st session of the course and an additional 10% offer for those who make group registrations for the course.

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Following Tools Are Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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2. The Way Training Institute (TWI)

The Way Training Institute is a UAE-based training program that has approved and maintained accreditation with Scottish Qualification and National Qualification Centres. The Way Training Institute provides the best quality education that matches all the requirements of the recent market.

The course that they provide is for anyone who is an aspirant to becoming a data analyst. If you want dedicated training, their data analytics courses in Nigeria will help you to be the best in business.

Key Features:

They have trainers who have been in the business for years. They also have the best infrastructure and lab facilities which will give you the best practical training as well. Your training will be based on the latest industry standards with educational materials and course videos.

Fees are pretty affordable and easily accessible as well. This course is customized with different learning options with free demo classes with a complimentary lecture. They will also prepare you for the industry with mock interviews.

These Courses Are Also Provided by This Institute

Python: coding for beginners

Microsoft BI

Fees for the Course: 225,940 NGN

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3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online education training provider. They provide training based on standard industry terms from the best educators who are best in the industry so that their students can achieve their goals and be the best in business. Their placement guidance and job offers are from the top industries in the market. This program is exclusively developed in collaboration with IBM.

IBM is the largest technology and consulting employer with 350,000 employees and clients in 170 countries. This program gives students a premium experience and helps them excel in AI, so this can be considered one of the best data analytics courses in Nigeria.

Tools You Will Have After Completing This Course

They have their cloud platform developed in collaboration with IBM that has IBM Watson, you will have a certificate that is valid in the industry with the title of master of data analytics. The most exotic 1200 USD worth of IBM cloud that you can use for your personal experience.

Data Analysis Courses in Nigeria Objectives

These data analytics courses in Nigeria will help you with a strong portfolio and master data analyst skills like inferential statistics, regression analysis, data blending, inferential statistics, data extracts, etc. You will also have a brief knowledge of data visualization techniques by using Tableau and Power BI.

This course will give you detailed knowledge of data analytics via demos and projects through the cloud lab. After completing data analytics courses in Nigeria, you will be a certified data analyst.


Skills You Will Learn in This Course

With Simplilearn, you will learn the measure of central tendency, dispersion, correlation, and regression with concepts in Excel an SQL-like query tool. With Python, you can learn to use variables, strings, functions, loops, and conditions. For understanding Python’s list in detail sets, there will be dictionary conditions and branching classes.

With the help of pandas, work on data with Python like reading and writing files and loading and saving data. You can convert your data into arrays in NUMPy, bamboozle data frames in padas by using scipy library of maths routine, and implement learning by using scikit-learn.

Use Python libraries and work as data analysis. Get knowledge about data visualization libraries like Matplotlinn, seaborn, and Foliumm. Write your own R scripts on the basis of R language. Use the knowledge of linear and non-linear regression models and different styles of methods in terms of data analysis. Get access to upgraded Microsoft analytic tools and visualization tools.

To Whom These Courses Can Be Beneficial? 

  • IT sector
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Supply chain network
  • Beginners in data analysis
  • UG/PG students

Job Opportunities After Data Analytics in Nigeria

  • Analytic manager
  • Data analyst
  • Business intelligent analyst
  • Business intelligent engineer
  • Various managerial roles



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4. Abuja Data School

Abuja Data School was established for aspirants of data analytics courses and trained them to be the best data analytic engineers. They prepare them to be professional and to work in a competitive and challenging environment with a good amount of pay. These courses are taken by industry professionals and working experts.

The practical sessions will amplify the ability of the aspirants to become an expert and professionals in data analytics. These courses will take you on the journey from learner to master stages. Abuja Data School makes sure that every participant can learn with flexibility and comfort with different instructional guides using graphics as well as videos and flip boards with personal trainers.

Students can access their material, and take personal sessions via virtual mode as well as a physical mode for ensuring their comfort in a busy profession. At Abuja Data School, they are building the biggest data analyst pool across the capital territory of Nigeria and provide expert support and professional help.


How Does This Course Work?

There will be pre-class first, pre-course learning, pre-course assignment, technical setup, and device setting. For physical classes, there will be instructor-led physical classes, technical support, assignment, and exam registration support. For post-class, there will be a study group, access to class recording, certificate, exam registration support, practice questions sessions, mock exams, ongoing support, etc.

R Analytics

R is a programming language used for major statistical computing or graphics. This is often used in data analysis and mining and for identifying patterns and building practical models. This will help you to analyze business data with more accuracy.


Python is a high-level data programming language. In this language, you will get expertise in how to read data from sources like CSVs and SQL and how to use libraries like pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn to process the data.


Stata is exclusively for data handling, automation in reporting, and visualization developed by StataCorp. Stata is basically for analyzing data to visualization data.


Statistical package for social science is a powerful tool specially used to manage data and analyze data from difficult sources. It is developed by spss.

Matlab A matrix laboratory is a computing atmosphere with multiple programmed functions which is used to manipulate and implement data. It can be used with different OS mostly used by teachers and engineers.

Tools You Will Learn With This Course

Spreadsheet tools like MSExcell and Google spreadsheet which are good for inputting and viewing data. Databases like MS Access, SQL Server, and Oracle are built for transactions and storage while columns, raws, and documents are for views. Databases do not analyze data nicely data visualization tools like Tableau, power BI, qliksense, and  AWS Quicksight. This is designed for people who don’t know how to code.

In programming languages like R, Python, and Spark, normally big data is too big to be stored on a computer which takes to be shared among various computers. Cloud tools are AWS, MSAzuree, andGoogle Cloudd.


Knowledge cannot be more spotlighted. certification, badges, and tags that validate your determination are important to earn. At Abuja Data School, you will be getting a proper certificate as a data analyst professional.

Contact Details

[email protected]


5. Piston and Fusion 

Piston and Fusion were mainly established to provide training to the executive, professional, and certification programs to the aspirants who are keen to gain knowledge. These pieces of training are for corporate executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, fresh graduates, and corporate members.

They work globally with 200 corporate clients and have already trained more than 5000 aspirants to the professionals. P&F is one of the best data analytics courses in Nigeria.

Why Piston and Fusion?

Piston and Fusion are blessed with more than 6000+ professional trainers who have more than 10 years of industry experience. These tutors are certified and experienced. They also give you training placement advice and personal support.

Piston and Fusion offer several courses related to data analytics like advanced data analytics, excel, and BI. Some tools will help you become a master in data analytics in every aspect.

Data Analysis Courses in Nigeria Overview 

This course is specially designed for those who want to gain skills and start a career as a data analyst. This course will teach you how to operate the Excel function for analyzing data which is used for data visualization and an Excel chair for reporting.

Program Outline

You will be taught how to handle data with advanced Excel and Excel statistical functions. You will be learning how to search user information in a table using VLOOKUO & HLOOKUP. Also, how can you increase the readability and efficiency of function just by naming rays will be taught. Make group records and make logical comparisons with nested if statements allow.

How you can find data by using multiple errors and find functions. How you can report data and visualization in Excel. How you can use chart visuals for impactful storytelling. You can summarize and analyze data by using the pivot table. You will learn how to sort filter and slice business data for analyzing impactful insights.

How to create a dashboard for visualizing business data and storytelling with your data. How you can do data reporting and visualization with the power of BI. How to insert basic charts and visuals, manage and view roles, etc. You will be getting acclaimed withExcell, you will be taught basic formulas and functions inExcell, text times and date data formats analyzing data with amazing pivots tables, and data reporting withExcell charts.


Why Did Piston and Fusion Rank Among the Best Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria?

They have trained over 6000 professionals to date. And most importantly they are having experience of 10 precious years in the market. Their faculties are the best in this business and they also provide post-training career and placement advice.

Fees: 140,000 NGN

Contact :

[email protected]



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the career path after data analytics courses in Nigeria?

After completing data analysis courses in Nigeria, as a fresher, you might get a job as a junior analyst for an entry-level. With the experience and some expert skills, you will be promoted to data analyst. Before applying to any job, you have to make sure that you have skills that are required for that particular position skills as SQL, R, python, etc. After gaining experience as a data analyst, you will get opportunities to advance in your career.

Positions you might get as

  • Data scientist
  • Data manager
  • Data Specialist
  • Data consultant
  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Marketing analyst
  • System Analyst
  • Health care analyst
  • Chief data analyst
  • Senior data analyst

2. Where can I pursue data analytics courses in Nigeria?

Several institutes offer the best data analytics courses in Nigeria. If you are an aspirant in data analytics then this article will make things easy for you. Here I am mentioning some most recommended institutes.

  • The way training institute
  • Simplilearn
  • Abuja data school
  • Piston and Fusion
  • Coursera
  • Udemy

3. What are the important things you should know before joining data analytics courses in Nigeria?

  • Choose one course and move with it and try to get maximum from that particular one, don’t change tutorial from the tutorial.
  • Practice makes you perfect, pick a project based on your interest and work on it and learn by making mistakes.
  • Be part of a group, discuss with the community and work on that, communicate with them, and try to put your input into informative conversation, it will make your learning fun.
  • Stay there, you will get it, keep doing what you doing. Do not give up hard work always pays off.

4. Why is data analytics will be in demand in the future?

Data analysis is the next best thing in the future because these data analysts know how to create a tremendous impact on marketing and business strategy. Job opportunities are high for this profile because the demand for this profile is high but supply remains low. Soon shortly, every company will need a data analyst desk at their office, so this makes it a wise career move that has a future in business.

Also, this particular field provides the best freelancing opportunities, because as we know this is mainly connected to the IT field, which needs good internet. This will also help you in your work-life balance. In case you are doing office work most employees feel a lack of decision-making. This is the main reason behind job dissatisfaction, here with your unique role within the company, you will be a vital part of business policies and future strategies. Thus making it a very rewarding career, so you can choose data analytics courses in Nigeria.


This article looks into data analysis courses in Nigeria. This article also provides brief details of what data analytics is, an overview of data analytics, the importance of data analysis courses in Nigeria, and an understanding of tools that can be used in data analytics. Also, this article will make it easy for you to choose the institute because here we provide brief information about institutes offering data analysis courses in Nigeria.

The major factor will be the usage of data analytics tools you will be using after completion of this course because, with the help of these tools, you will doing your main job in this field. That is why we also have the shortly mentioned tool so you get an idea of what is and how that works. In this technical era, it is definite that the future of business strategy will depend on data and how business people use that data to optimize their business.

So this is a pretty good time to take a step into data and start a career in data analytics. This article contains most of the things about data analytics to get an idea about how things work in the data analytics industry in Nigeria. Data analytics majorly deals with numerical, in a corporation, this is the most important factor as we discussed briefly. So here we have provided some basic information so that aspirants ultimately decide which institute is good for data analytics courses in Nigeria.