Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses In Finland With Placements

Finland stands out for its outstanding quality of life, with more than 75% of its land covered in forests, hosting the world’s largest archipelago and the most extensive lake district. It’s no wonder it’s recognized as one of the happiest countries globally. Finland’s picturesque beauty extends beyond its natural landscapes. Helsinki, its capital, is celebrated for its world-class design and architecture. The growing digital economy of the world has created a booming opportunity for digital marketing in the country. There is a great range of digital marketing courses in Finland that job seekers can undertake to upskill themselves in this growing field.




Top Digital Marketing Courses In Finland With Placements



IIM SKILLS  is one of the best courses worldwide and thus their digital marketing courses, conducted in Finland, are one of the best in the world. IIM SKILLS entered the education field in 2015 and has hence steadily moved from having a few courses in 23 cities in India to having a global presence in cities such as Singapore and Dubai.

Course Details:

Course Name: Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 3 Months Of Online Training Program + 2 Months Of Paid Internship

Fees: 333.17  Euro + Taxes

The Institute offers several unique features that make it stand out, including live classes with student participation. Students are also given full assistance in their work. Besides classes, the Institute also conducts an internship program for students.

The Institute is helmed by highly experienced and professional faculty. Students are taught by a system of practical concepts, projects and usage of tools worth more than 79000. At the end of the course, a certification is provided to students, which is government-recognised.

IIM SKILLS also helps students to prepare for 13 other certificates, from Google, Meta and HubSpot. Upon completing the course, students are also assisted in preparing for interviews and in building Resumes.

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Contact Information:


Phone number: +91- 9580740740

Email Id: [email protected]

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2. Aalto University 

Alto University stands as one of Finland’s premier institutions, renowned for its cutting-edge research endeavours. Nestled in Espoo, it was founded in 2010 and swiftly gained acclaim for its innovative approach to education.

At the heart of Aalto University’s distinction lies its interdisciplinary philosophy, blending expertise across various domains such as technology, business and the arts. This unique fusion positions it as an ideal hub for offering the best digital marketing courses in Finland, that capitalise on diverse perspectives and insights.

Within Aalto University, the Department of marketing, spearheads the digital marketing course, charting a curriculum that diverges from traditional exam-centric approaches. Instead, the course is meticulously crafted to immerse students in the dynamic realm of contemporary online trends and their profound implications for marketing strategies. 

A focal point of the program is its emphasis on technical proficiency, equipping students with state-of-the-art analytical tools to decipher market dynamics and refine existing strategies. Central to the course is the cultivation of the skill to orchestrate desired marketing outcomes across a spectrum of digital channels.

Moreover, the curriculum adopts a holistic stance, intertwining discussions on consumer privacy throughout its modules, thereby nurturing a comprehensive understanding of ethical considerations in digital marketing practices. 

The digital marketing course at Aalto University is expansive, covering a breadth of topics essential for navigating the digital landscape. It endeavours to instil practical competencies vital for success in digital marketing roles.

Concurrently, the program delves into strategic frameworks, empowering students to conceptualise, execute and evaluate digital marketing initiatives in the online sphere.

An integral component of this educational journey, is the incorporation of analytics, enabling students to harness data-driven insights to refine their marketing endeavours. Dubbed “Digital Marketing and Analytics”, the course comprises an array of modules designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience.

  1. Digital Marketing Communications
  2. Digital Marketing Technological Innovation in Service
  3. Data-Driven Marketing
  4. Managerial Marketing Analytics with AI
  5. Digitalization of Markets and Consumption
  6. Integrated Marketing Communications
  7. Driving creativity and Innovation in marketing
  8. Survey Research

Each module serves as a building block, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

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3. Business College Helsinki Digital Marketing Diploma

The third oldest educational institution in commerce and administration, Business College Helsinki was founded in 1881 with the mission of raising the bar of business education in Finland. Thus it easily passes off as one of the best digital marketing courses in Finland.

The institution focuses on creating educational programs for adults by implementing several vocations and specialised vocational qualifications. The esteemed institution boasts of famous alumni from the presidents of Finland to top trade advisors. 

    The course is designed as a vocational qualification course which can take upto 1.5 years to complete, with full-time day studies.

Attendance is mandatory for the course and an English language entrance exam also needs to be submitted. The digital marketing course is taught as part of the “ Vocational Qualification in Business “ program.

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4. The Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Established in 1992, Laurea University is a prestigious public university, located in the Uusimaa in the southern part of Finland. The university consists of a total of six campuses and is selective in the admission process, with an admission rate of only 7%.

The next best digital marketing courses in Finland are offered by Laurea University. This is a very well-known university in Finland. The courses offered by them are distinctive, in the sense that they are online and so can be done according to one’s schedule and at the pace that suits the students.

This university is a part of (MOOC) which is a Massive Open Online Course for students. It is a course that lasts for around three months if done regularly. 

Being an online course, it is advantageous to students as they do not have to pay for this course. The course is free of charge. The curriculum includes all the basic concepts of Digital Marketing and its tools.

Students also learn how to analyse current trends in digital services. It also teaches students how to plan and use digital sales channels as well as how to use digital tools to support marketing.

All the course material is made available to students at the Laurea Fima library. They can go and access it at their convenience, making it one of the most popular digital marketing courses in Finland.

This university has six campuses, with over 9900 students and over 660 staff members. The emphasis in this university is on people and interaction. The biggest campuses of this University are in Tikkurila and Espoo. The campuses can be reached by train as well as buses.


5. IE Business School

IE Business School was founded in 1973, This private university, also known as Instituto de Impresa, boasts a rich history of academic excellence. Located in Madrid, it stands as an internationally renowned institution with a primary focus on fostering an entrepreneurial environment.

Specialising in business education, the university offers a range of programs including BBA, MBA, Executive MBA and degrees in finance and management.

With a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, the University prides itself on having one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Finland.

These courses cover a comprehensive curriculum including strategic marketing, digital marketing tools, practical hands-on education and essential managerial leadership skills to face real-world challenges. 

Spanning for ten months, students emerge equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the ever-changing field of digital marketing.

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6. Dublin Business School

Established in 1975, Dublin Business School stands out for its exceptional array of digital marketing courses, which are supposed to be some of the best digital marketing courses in Finland. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the institution prioritises the delivery of dynamic and adaptable learning experiences.

Through a blend of cutting-edge curriculum and practical training, Dublin Business School ensures that students are well-prepared to thrive in today’s competitive job market. By fostering a culture of innovation and flexibility, the school empowers individuals to develop the skills and expertise necessary to succeed in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing.

This Institute offers online as well as offline Diplomas and degrees. Some of the courses can also be done part-time. This is done to ensure that students have flexibility in their curriculum and can also pursue other courses or jobs side by side, thus enhancing their careers.

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7. Future Talent 

 Future Talent is one of the best digital marketing courses in Finland, in the sense that they offer a sponsorship known as the  Future Talent Sponsorship. This is helpful to many students who want to pursue further studies in various courses including digital marketing.

This draws in a large number of students and makes the course so popular. The course entails a fifteen-day intensive training, led by experts in the industry. As a result, students are enabled to gain access to essential skills and real-world situations, that make them leaders in the job market and help them to get jobs easily. 

This comprehensive hands-on course helps students to master the fundamental concepts of digital marketing including basic concepts of social media marketing, content and article planning and writing, visual content creation, video marketing, influencer collaboration, SEO, Google Analytics, conversion rate optimization and many more such topics.

Anyone seriously interested in digital marketing should not lose out on an opportunity to join this course.


8. Coursera 

This is another of the best digital marketing courses in Finland since it is an online course. It is based on self-paced learning, where students are provided with course material online and are allowed to learn at their own pace.

This enhances a student’s desire to learn and hence students can put in more hours to study the core concepts of digital marketing, which is very essential in today’s fast-paced, digital-oriented world. Information provided to the students remains with the students to refer to and study as and when the need arises.

They can also work or pursue other fields of study along with this online, self-paced method of learning. In this comprehensive course, students will gain insights into core concepts of topics such as digital marketing, marketing, market analysis, media strategy and planning, social media, data analysis, market research, advertising and so on.

All these concepts will enable them to access real-world situations and become masters of digital marketing roles in the jobs that they take up in the industry.


9. Metropolia 

This is one of the most popular digital marketing courses in Finland, in Finland’s largest University of Applied Sciences. It is very useful for people who want to pursue higher education. There are various other services also provided by the university. It offers courses for summer studies as well as various courses for immigrants.

The most popular course taught here is a course on social media. It is an online course, which students can do according to their schedule and at their own pace. The Ministry of education and Culture of Finland, funds this course. Students of this university are at an advantage since they learn at their own pace and about what interests them.

No prior experience is needed to join this course. Students can also get acquainted with various domains. Since it is an online, self-paced course, once they complete this course, students are accredited to further studies.

Learning is easy in this online course and thus, it is also free of cost. Students can also get certificates at the end of the course, in topics such as social media marketing, which covers Instagram as a marketing tool, how to become a YouTuber and TikTok as a marketing tool.

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10. University of Eastern Finland

The University of Eastern Finland was founded in 2010. It is a public university with about 3200 staff members and over 16000 students. This University was founded out of a mutual collaboration of the University of Joensuu and the University of Kuopio, under the Ministry of Education’s program for the structural development of Finnish higher education systems. 

Classes were formally started at the University of Eastern Finland, in January 2010, thus ending the individual rights of the University of Joensuu and the University of Kuopio to hold classes. The board of the University of Eastern Finland oversees its operations.

It is spearheaded by ten members, out of which, four are external members. The university has a multi-disciplinary format. There are Bachelor, Master and doctoral degrees, which are offered in twelve fields of study.

This university provides one of the best digital marketing courses in Finland. The Digital Marketing and Analytics course is offered as a Masters degree programme. This is especially for students who wish to inculcate business and market knowledge along with digitalisation. This enables students to be successful in their respective fields and the knowledge can be gained through a set of special skills.

This course does just this. It enables businesses to understand the market as well as consumer behaviour in a digitalised world. This course enhances the knowledge of how to convert information into marketing campaigns to be a leader in the business.

The emphasis in this course is on digital marketing, data analytics, platform economy, sensory marketing and customer behaviour.  This enables students to get a headstart in the field of digital transformation. This course is a degree course, which can be completed in two years. It offers state-of-the-art academic and teaching methodologies.

It provides students with the knowledge of how to integrate marketing insights and meaningful data. Once students complete this course, a plethora of job opportunities open up for them. They can get jobs as marketing managers, digital marketers, system designers, data analysts, researchers, consultants, entrepreneurs and global business experts. 

The course also enables students to pursue a career in academics and to study further and go in for a Doctoral degree. Upon completion of the course, students are conferred a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration. Students also get 120 credits for this course. 

 The medium of instruction for this course is English. There are various advantages to studying at this University. It offers various teaching methodologies which makes learning both challenging and motivating.

The faculty at this University is internationally recognised and the teaching is through state-of-the-art research aids, provided by highly qualified business managers, who teach through real-life experiences.

This University is a member of AACSB International’s Global Business Education Network. Hence the quality of education is very high, along with business education intelligence and they also provide various learning and development services to organisations all over the world.

The master’s degree course of this University, along with Digital Marketing and Analytics, ensures that students get an in-depth knowledge and understanding of real-world business situations.

This helps students learn how to integrate data-driven marketing with traditional techniques, thus satisfying customer needs and achieving business success. This is a two-year degree course and there is also a fee waiver for the top fifty percent of students who join. All these points make it one of the best Digital marketing courses in Finland.


11. University of  Jyvaskyla

This University offers a degree program in Digital Marketing and Corporate communication. This course equips students with the knowledge needed to work in non-profit organisations as well as the corporate sectors.

As a marketing and communications expert, one needs knowledge of the digital environment and how to select methods that impact target groups. That is exactly what this course does. It arms students with such knowledge and skills.

This course has a unique blend of marketing knowledge with real-life situations, making it easily one of the best digital marketing courses in Finland. Finland is among the world leaders in the use of Information and Communication Technology(ICT).

Nearly all citizens of Finland make use of online facilities such as mobile banking and everyone has a smartphone. Thus the mobile data prices in Finland are the lowest in the world. Thus, studying digital marketing and communications at one of the prestigious universities in Finland is beneficial to those who want to make a career in digital marketing as well as use it in business.

This is a two-year course. It is a full-time course, in which students get 120 ECTS credits. The medium of instruction is English. Usually, the course begins in September. After completion of this course, students are conferred upon, the degree of Master of Science(Economics and Business Administration) with a major in corporate communications. 

Once students complete this course, they are equipped with detailed and in-depth information about how to plan and execute strategic and tactical activities in managerial and expert positions, relating to marketing, sales and corporate communications, in the dynamic world of digitalization.

The teaching faculty of this course are experts working in the digital marketing and research group at JSBE. They are all nationally and internationally acclaimed.  

This is thus, one of the best digital marketing courses in Finland. Students who complete this course successfully, usually get jobs in managerial positions such as Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, Consultant, Sales manager, Communications planner, Business coach, Marketing Coordinator and so on.

There are various topics taught in collaboration with industry experts and students such as group work, case studies etc., as well as faculty research(research projects, research visits etc.). Collaboration with industry practitioners makes the course more hands-on, and practical-oriented and also provides students with the necessary platforms for networking.

To be eligible to apply at this University, students must possess a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree of higher education or equivalent from a recognised university. English is mandatory and certain criteria about the knowledge of the English language need to be met at the time of admission. 

The Jyvaskyla University School of Business and Economics(JSBE) is an AACSB-accredited business school. It is one of the six faculties of the University of Jyvaskyla. This is an internationally renowned university, known for its high-quality research and innovativeness in the fields of teaching and learning methods. 

This university aims at excellence in research and the main emphasis is on research-based teaching, especially in the field of economic sciences. All these factors make this university count among the best digital marketing courses in Finland.



Q. Is the University of Eastern Finland free?

The University offers tuition waivers and scholarships for international degree students, for whom it is compulsory to pay tuition fees. Citizens of EU and EEA, however, are not required to pay tuition fees.

Q. How good is the University of Eastern Finland?

This university is ranked 487 in Best Global Universities, which is ranked according to various accepted parameters of excellence.

Q. What is the acceptance rate of the University of Eastern Finland?

The acceptance rate of the University of Eastern Finland is 12%.


we can say that in the times to come, Digital Marketing is going to have great scope. In today’s industry, we can see the growing popularity of Digital Marketing., in countries all over the world, especially in Finland.

Finland has seen the growth of data communications since more and more people are taking to mobile data and communication. Thus the best digital marketing courses in Finland have sprung up in various universities.

Digital platforms are becoming very popular these days, due to the ease that they offer. It saves people the time and effort of going out of their homes or offices, to buy goods and services.

Hence digital channels like influencer marketing are on the rise since people these days rely more on personal recommendations, rather than someone selling them something at a shop.

Hence the growing demand for digital marketing courses, to meet the ever-increasing demand for digital marketing experts. Besides this, websites also allow sellers to meet the demands of the customers to a large extent and hence form a stronger bond with valued customers.