Top 10 Renowned Financial Modeling Courses in Indore

Are you a commerce graduate looking for opportunities in the field of finance or an aspiring MBA student who wants to take on a career in finance? Start your career with financial modeling courses in Indore with the topmost institutes. Financial analysts can investigate, analyze, and forecast how upcoming events and choices they make will impact a company’s performance with the aid of the financial model. There are scores of financial modeling courses in Indore that help us to understand financial modeling, its theory, and where it is applied.

List of best financial modeling courses in Indore 

Brief Explanation of Financial Modeling

The method of estimating the financial performance of a project or organization using all key variables, growth and risk assumptions, and analyzing their effects is known as financial modeling. It makes it easier for the user to easily be informed about all the factors involved in financial forecasting.

Financial modeling includes developing a model from the beginning or sustaining the existing Model by bringing about newly added data to it. As you can see, each of the aforementioned financial circumstances is intricate and unstable.

It aids the user in fully comprehending each element of the difficult scenario. Financial modeling is the process of using numbers to illustrate the operations of a business in the past, present, and anticipated future.

These models are designed to help make decisions. They might be used by top management to calculate the expenditures and profitability of a proposed new project. It is creating a summary of expenses and earnings using a spreadsheet. One simplest example is current sales by a company.

The company prognosticates future sales based on consumer behavior. The income statement and cash flow statement are all prepared with the use of financial modeling. The most complex models include sensitivity analysis, leveraged buyouts, mergers, and acquisitions (M&A), discounted cash flow analysis (DCF), and leveraged buyouts (LBO).

The future financial state of a corporation is virtually always examined through financial models. These models’ developers frequently seek to know how financial forecasts will appear in the future.

For instance, what will the total cash flow be in four years if an organization grows at the same rate? These models are perfect for scenario and sensitivity studies as they are designed to make predictions.

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How Financial Modeling Adds Value to the Organization

1) Understanding of Business 

In-depth insights into a company’s operations, financial events, and decisions are given by financial analysts using their analytical and critical thinking abilities. By understanding and controlling your business model, you can secure it against threats.

2) Evaluating Performance Regularly

To comprehend how a business performs in a given economic context, financial analysts do a variance analysis. By comparing the company’s actual outcomes to the budget, the financial model aids analysts in performing variance analysis. 

3) Deciding on Fund Strategy and Requirement

An organization’s anticipated cash inflows and outflows can be determined with the aid of a financial model. These models are employed by financial analysts to evaluate and pinpoint the funding source for their corporate goals. 

4) Evaluating Business

To measure the value of a business, financial analysts look at economic trends. The assets and free cash flows of a business that they estimate will arise at a particular point in time are used to compute the average price of the business. This process will be most valuable for attracting outside events or investors to the stake. 

5) Risk Minimization

By indicating the economic impact of specific business activity, a financial model aids in the company’s due diligence process. With the help of this technique, analysts can recognize potential dangers or hazards within an organization and offer countermeasures. 

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6) Speedy Output

Answers to specific financial queries or pending business decisions may take a company several months to receive. By quickly examining the effects of economic actions, the financial model aids in speeding up this process.

7) Financial Forecasting and Budgeting 

When developing financial budgets and forecasting how certain economic decisions or events will affect a company, business data derived from financial models is a valuable resource.

8) Increased Business Growth 

By suggesting areas where greater earnings can be made, the financial model aids in corporate expansion. These models enable financial analysts to conduct cost-effective studies of new projects and stop businesses from spending a lot of money on low-budget initiatives. 

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Requirement for Learning Financial Modeling

The development of a financial model will only be successful if the output it produces is reliable and accurate. One needs to possess a specific set of abilities to prepare a model effectively. What are such abilities, then?

1) Clarity of Accounting Concepts

The financial data used in the building comes from a corporation or market and is strictly financial. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), US GAAP, and other specialized accounting principles are among the concepts and rules that apply to the financial sector globally. It is good to have a strong accounting base before joining the Financial modeling course.

2) Excel Knowledge

Preparing a Financial Model involves a variety of intricate calculations scattered across numerous tabs that are linked to illustrate their relationships. When creating a model, having a thorough working knowledge of Excel’s formulas, keyboard shortcuts, presentation styles, VBA Macros, etc. is essential. The financial Modeling course gives an advantage over these abilities.

3) Combining Financial Model Statements

Three statements Interlinking financial modeling is necessary. The interlinking enables crucial Model data to move from one statement to the next, completing their interrelationship and providing us with a complete picture of the company’s financial status.

4) Estimation

The knack for financial Modeling is significant since it often aims to understand the potential future of any financial situation. A Financial Modelling course further helps the analyst to get a good notion of how appealing the investment or firm will be in the future by making fair assumptions.

5) Presentation

Small print, numbers, and complicated calculations are prevalent in financial modeling. Managers of operations, management, and clients are some of the groups that use it. If the Model appears jumbled and difficult to comprehend, these folks will be unable to interpret any significance from it.

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Career Options in Financial Modeling 

You won’t have any trouble obtaining employment in this area, that much can be guaranteed if you are skilled at what you do! But if you are proficient in company appraisal, where exactly should you start your employment search? To put it another way, who creates financial models?

1) Investment Banking

When spreadsheet models first came into use, this was the field. Whenever a company is being valued for mergers and acquisitions or capital raising, investment bankers have historically employed financial models created in Excel.

2) Equity research

To determine whether or not their clients should invest, equity researchers must produce reports. These reports frequently have financial model sections.

3) Corporate Development

The polar opposite of your more well-known investment bankers is corporate development groups. They must collaborate on transactions. However, all corporate developers must be top-notch in terms of financial development to complete the aforementioned transactions. In other words, if this is the position you’re interested in, you must be at the top of your game!

4) Financial Modeling in Real Estate

It will be your responsibility as a real estate developer to construct intricate financial models that assess how profitable the project you wish to invest in is actually. The most crucial point for you to comprehend is that you will need to discover real estate statement models as a junior and senior real estate developer.

5) Financial Estimations for New Establishment

Regarding this one, it makes no difference if you work in finance or not. Every single entrepreneur who owns a startup is required to make predictions (a startup financial model) about the future performance of his or her business. The CFO, the firm founder, or the person in charge of the financial team will be responsible for carrying out the cash flow valuation in this situation. To figure out startup costs, cash flow, balance sheets, and other things, you can also utilize a financial forecast template.

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Top 10 Institutes Offering Financial Modeling Courses in Indore 



IIM Skills is a top-notch organization renowned for its range of skill-development programs. Whether you are a student, working professional, homemaker, beginner, or business starter, all of you will be welcome to further your understanding regarding your expertise through IIM Skills professional courses.

Eligibility: Anyone who is willing to learn and develop in their career is welcome to enroll in the course; there are no specific entry criteria. The ability to understand concepts more readily will come from having a foundation in business, though.

Financial Modeling Course Highlights

  • First, the course is entirely online, which is advantageous for students, professionals who are also working, or homemakers. They are not required to spend their valuable time traveling. 
  • All of the classes are interactive. Any time is a good time to ask questions.
  • They have a great network of allies. You can get help from the special placement cell in finding the job of your requirements.
  • Additionally, you will receive lifelong access to the LMS, which includes a completely new recorded and updated session, ensuring that you do not miss any crucial updates.
  • You will be certified with the government-recognized IIM Skills Certification.
  • The course curriculum is excellent.

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  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Accounting Concepts
  • Ratio/ KPI Analysis
  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Modeling
  • Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Types of Financial Modeling

Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration: 3 Months

Hours of the Course: lectures 50+ hours, practical assignments 100+ hours

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2. Finoptions Institute of Financial Studies, Indore 

One of the top schools in Indore for financial modeling education is the Finoptions Institute of Financial Studies. They provide certificates for CFA International, financial modeling, and project financing programs. They also work in collaboration with NSE to offer certificate programs like NISM and NCFM.

Eligibility: Those interested in pursuing a career in core finance or earning practical experience before joining the industry can opt for this program. Minimum requirement- 12th passed /pursuing undergraduate/any other program

Total Hours: 400 hours 

Internship– 45 days to 2 months

Regular– 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Online duration– 3 months -6 months 

No. of hours– 400 hours (3 hours a day)

Highlights of the Financial Modelling program-

  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Equity Research
  • Investment Banking
  • Credit Rating
  • Project Finance


1. Accounting Fundamentals- This section includes Basic Accounting Concepts, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Analysis of Financial Ratio, Income Statement

2. Economic Analysis- It includes Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at large.

3. Financial Management- It covers topics such as Cost of capital, Capital Structure, Dividend Policy, Working Capital Requirements, Risk and Return, and Equity and Industry Analysis.

4. Financial Market- This has Equity Market Analysis, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, Equity Market Structure, Financial Markets, and Intermediaries.


3. Maheshwari Institute of Careers & Research

MICR (Maheshwari Organized of Careers and Investigate) offers both Classroom and Online Financial Modeling Courses in Indore. It is managed by a team of qualified professionals (CFAs, MBAs, and CAs) who are eager to put in their knowledge and expertise.

They provide popular international skills including CFA (US), FRM, and many others. Additionally, they have developed short-term courses that are entirely focused on the knowledge, competence, and development pillars.

Training Highlights-

1) Classroom Training

  • 2 Months Duration
  • 100% Practical Training
  • A hard copy of the Study Material
  • Working on Live Projects
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 30-45 days internship in a bank, broking, or financial research
  • 12+ years of corporate and teaching experienced faculty

2) Live Online Training

  • 2 months duration
  • Financial Model creation from scratch
  • E- study material through a mobile application
  • Financial model preparation for industries
  • Placement assistance
  • Highly experienced faculty

Hours: 60 or more


4. Udemy

Udemy offers one of the best financial modeling courses in Indore. Financial modeling is perfect for staying ahead of the competition, whether you’re pursuing a job in investment banking or want to expand a small business. Join a financial modeling course on Udemy to pick up skills from renowned teachers that will help advance your career.

About the course- 

  • They believe in the caliber of their content, so offer an unequivocal 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • To effectively comprehend the course and gain from its content, no prior experience is necessary.
  • Access to all course materials for an unlimited time in the future.

Hours: 30+hours


5. Coursera

Financial Modeling courses in Indore by Coursera allow students to get unlimited access to 7,000+ courses from across the world, practical projects, and certificate programs that will prepare them for employment. Coursera provides a range of financial modeling courses in Indore and a student can choose a course based on their experience and knowledge. 

To begin, you can either browse the courses and choose the one you wish to begin, or you can enroll immediately in your area of expertise. When you enroll in a course that is a component of specialization, you also enroll in the entire specialization.

You are limited to one course. You have the option to stop learning or end your subscription. To monitor enrollment and progress in a course, go to the Learner Dashboard.

Key learnings

1. Create your quantitative models

2. Understand the measurement and management of risk

3. Harness the power of spreadsheets to map and predict data

4. Structure your decision-making for optimum results

Course Duration– Completion in 6 months (2 hours per week)


6. The Wall Street School INDIA

The name of the financial modeling courses in Indore offered by this institute is “Financial Modeling and Valuations”. The course is offered both classroom training and live online classes.

Eligibility Criteria for the Course-

  • CA students (30%)
  • MBAs/CFA’s(27%)
  • Engineers(18%)
  • Graduates( 18%)
  • Other working  professionals(7%)

Highlights of the Program

1. Basic to Intermediate Excel

2. Advanced Excel and PowerPoint

3. Basic Finance Concepts

4. Feasibility Study

5. Comparable Company Analysis

6. Precedent Transaction Analysis

7. Discounted Cashflow Valuation

8. Merger Model

9. Leveraged Buyout

10. Mock Interviews and Resume Edits

Duration of Course – 6 weeks

Hours– 180+Hours

Timing- Mon- Fri (9 am- 3 pm)

Certification– The widely praised and well-recognized certification from The Wall Street School can help you demonstrate your skills.



FINXL provides the best financial modeling courses in Indore. Investment banks and financial modeling firms do not consider fresh graduates since they lack the minimal practical experience necessary for employment.

Therefore, FINXL guarantees that students will become specialists, have real experience constructing financial models, forecasting, and appraising them, and be able to employ resources right away when they start working.

By gaining the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience from our Financial Modeling Courses in Indore, learners from other fields, such as back-office operations, finance operations, account receivables, account payables, reconciliations, accounting, taxation, sales, and marketing, can change their field to the core of financial modeling.

Key Features of the Course-

1. Certified financial modeling training with 100% Job Support

2. 4 months internship with a firm that conducts equity research

3. Investment bankers are preparing for technical interviews in real time.

4. Learn the industry’s most effective financial modeling techniques.

5. Create 5 financial models from scratch for the selected public corporation.

Duration – 4 months


8. Talent Mark Academy

Talent Mark Academy offers Financial Modeling courses in Indore that cover 40% of the CFA course.

Course Name– Financial Modeling using Excel 2019

Course Curriculum– The starting point for a career in business analysis, investment banking, credit research, and project financing. Learn Excel modeling so you can analyze forecasts and value various firms. Creating snapshots of financial research and assessing various sectors.

The Course Covers the Following Topics in Detail

1. Accounting Fundamentals

2. Economic Analysis

3. Financial Management

4. Financial Market

Duration of the Course– Nearly 500 hours to complete the Financial Modelling training.

100% Scholarship– They offer full scholarships to students who meet the two requirements listed below.

Condition 1: In your 12th grade, you should have received a grade of at least 90%.

Condition 2: The school must be CBSE, and the current annual fees for the 12th grade should not be more than $50,000.


9. Go Skills-

Go Skills offers 2 online financial modeling courses separately for beginners and experienced candidates.

Course for Beginners- Financial Modeling Basics 

Course for Experienced- Financial Modeling Techniques.

Highlights of the Program-

1. 59 useful tutorials.

2. Familiarise yourself with the many sorts of financial statements and their important line items.

3. Together with the model, connect the three financial statements.

4. Be aware of the role of control accounts.

5. How to incorporate the worksheet system for checks to maintain the accuracy of your model.

6. Calculating modifications to working capital and revenue models.

7. The four distinct input techniques should be distinguished from one another.

8. Adding COGS, OPEX, and CAPEX to the financial statement.

9. For debt and interest payable, determine the control account.

10. How to compute taxes, including tax expenses, depreciation, and losses.

11. The formula for Net Operating Cashflow utilizing the Indirect Cashflow Method


10. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin also offers Financial Modeling Courses in Indore. The trainers with global accreditation with over 24 years of industry experience have trained more than 857 people worldwide. The uniqueness of their financial modeling courses in Indore is that a candidate can join multiple training sessions with multiple trainers.


1. Matchless brand presence and recognition

2. Comprehensive Curriculum

3.100% Practical Training

4. Get regular job calls and earn alumni status 

5. Claim 100% money return after the first session, if dissatisfied

6. Certified trainers with industry experience of more than 18 years

7. Membership period offers unlimited batches with multiple trainers 

8.100% placement Guarantee support after successful completion of the program

9. Access to E-Learning tools and techniques, video content, and assessments.

10. Get a certificate with a hallmark of CFMP next to your name. 

Hours: The duration of Live Interactive Online Classroom Sessions is 40 Hours



1. What skills are required before joining financial modeling courses in Indore?

Strong Excel skills, understanding of how to link financial statements, the ability to develop projections, problem-solving abilities, and clear presentation skills are all necessary for financial modeling. Numerous introductory courses are available to aid in enhancing these abilities.

2. Are the Financial Modeling courses in Indore difficult for beginners?

There are several financial fields where calculations might be positive or negative. For instance, back calculations are a prominent theme in all financial reports. This is done to document the past and relay that information to various parties. Shareholders, suppliers, tax authorities, etc. Both operational accounting and cost accounting are effective at the same time.

This financial procedure establishes a budget to keep track of potential future events. All of the numbers in these plans are projections, not real figures based on historical events. The difficulty with financial modeling is that it must both be forward-looking and optimistic. It is necessary to extract some components of financial modeling from the financial report and others from the cost plan. 

3. What is the importance of financial modeling?

An essential tool for efficiently evaluating business ideas and risks is financial modeling. Financial modeling is a process that gives a company’s financial status an appealing depiction. 

4. What is the difference between financial modeling and investment banking?

Purchase prices or IPO prices may be considered when making decisions at investment banks. The financial model is created with the different variables that affect these choices in mind. Editing historical financial data is a step in financial modeling that helps us recognize historical trends.

5. Who can join financial modeling courses in Indore?

Commerce stream graduates ages 19-24 years can join the financial modeling courses in Indore. Final year exam appearing students from the commerce stream can also apply.