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Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore

Technical writing entails writing on a specific subject in which you have extensive understanding and through which your readers or students gain knowledge. We have been following the path of gaining information through books, professors, and mentors for a long time. There may be selected individuals who are exceptionally gifted and capable of learning on their own. However, if you have an extensive understanding of a subject, we recommend you enroll in technical writing courses in Coimbatore.

Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore Advisor Uncle

Naturally, if you have the expertise, you will be able to write properly. However, with the advancement of technology, it is preferable to have a mentor who can teach you how to write articles, books, technical reports, and other documents so that your presence will be highly visible in the world of the internet.

What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is a method of connecting with end-users or consumers so that they may comprehend your product clearly and easily. It all starts when you purchase a television, which will come with a catalog. The catalog outlines the components of television as well as how to use it.

Technical writing cannot be restricted to manuals, catalogs, etc. Technical writing has penetrated many businesses in this digital age, and it is used to create contracts, demonstrations, how-to guides, Policy Documents, Project Documents, white papers, requirement specifications, API documentation, and so on.

Apart from these documents and lot more documents will be taught in the technical writing courses in Coimbatore. Exercising examples is the most effective method of teaching. The stock market in India has recently seen a major increase in automated trading and algorithmic trading. Brokers began charging their customers a small fee for access to their API.

Due to the technical nature of the Broker API, connecting it to place orders is challenging for customers. This API Documentation goes into great detail and is one of the best examples of API documentation available. The technical writing courses in Coimbatore teach you how to write this document.

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List Of Institutes Offer The Best Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore



In general, when it comes to writing courses, IIM SKILLS beats other institutes. The very first institute that comes to mind for the Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore is IIM SKILLS. It is because their expertise is completely in writing.

Many institutes come up with training, but IIM SKILLS is the institute that provides internships after the training and also offers lifetime support whenever you face some issues during your career or in freelancing service.

Another good thing about IIM SKILLS is that they ask you to create a portfolio. The portfolio here is a collection of your articles published on various websites, portals, and so on. When you apply for a job, this portfolio helps the employer or the client gain confidence in your writing ability.


The heart and brain of the course are, that it teaches you how to find clients if you are a freelancer, or how to get a job by applying to companies if you want to be an employee of a company. I am sure the portfolio stands out as being different when compared to the other candidates who applied along with you.

What Do You Learn in IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore?

There are different types of technical reports and they are produced based on the products offered. Each technical report has its convention that has to be met at the end of the report generation.

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Below are the types of content that will be taught in the course:

  • How to develop the content thought process and how to convert it into writing
  • Technical Reports
  • White papers/Journals
  • DDLC (Document Development life cycle) and Versioning
  • Conversational writing
  • Reviewing and publishing
  • API Documentation
  • Datasheets, user manuals, and application notes
  • Effective writing
  • Medical writing
  • Case study writing

What Are the Benefits of the IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Courses in Coimbatore?

One should always feel and realize the benefits of the courses once they are completed. IIM skills benefits are unique because of the blend of theoretical and practical ways of executing them during the time of the course.


There are a plethora of practical sessions, which make the students attend the classes without fail. The important benefit of the course is that it makes the students job and business-ready.

List of the benefits that as a student you would be receiving:

  • Guaranteed internship of one month, which will rule out the fear of the student for a job and freelancing
  • Portfolio development
  •  blog in Time of India blog
  • Publishing a white paper
  • Lifetime support
  • Practical exposure
  • Lifetime access
  • Placement assistance

The benefits offered by IIM SKILLS are jaw-dropping because of the dedicated support they offer to their students. Likewise, if you have a passion for becoming a technical writer, the first step is to join the IIM SKILLS technical writing course. The duration of the course is 5 weeks of a live online course, which includes 20 hours of teaching and 60+ hours of practical assignments.

Course Name – Technical Writing Master Course

Duration – 5 Weeks

Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST


Other professional courses you must know about:


2.  ECT

ECT has been offering a wide variety of courses, and they offer technical writing courses as well. This would be the third institute that offers technical writing courses in Coimbatore. When it comes to writing, some are good at storytelling, some are good at writing novels, etc.

If you are a working professional, irrespective of the industry you are in, at some point in your career, your boss might ask for some reports to be made. At that time, when you are presenting the report with the right convention and nicely curated phrases, it will be easy for everyone to understand the report.

If luck favors you, then you might get a promotion or salary hike because of the technical writing skills you possess. In this fast-moving world, one should allocate some time to understand technical writing and to practice it.

To go with technical writing, the next institute offers technical writing along with teaching technology (HTML + CSS + JavaScript). The technology is very much optional, but if you are a technical person and want to write more in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, then this is the best course that you can choose and pursue.

Benefits of learning in ECT

The main benefit of ECT’s technical writing course is having two options. The first option covers the types of technical documentation and how it needs to be structured, which is a very good option for students who are working as analysts and are not exposed to the technology part.

The second option includes the lessons taught in the first option plus technology like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which will also be taught. The second option is good for students who are already working as developers and want to hone their writing skills. This will be a killer talent in the market.

Below are some other benefits of ECT:

  • 32 hours of live training
  • Six assignments
  • Six live projects
  • 12 quizzes

These assignments and live projects will make you job-ready for the industry.

List of modules covered in the ECT technical writing courses in Coimbatore

Below is the list of modules that are covered in this course:

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Grammar and Styling in Technical Writing
  • Information Architecture
  • Master a Markdown language
  • Learn XML (Extensible markup language)
  • Learn JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Learn DITA (Darwin information typing architecture)
  • Document Authoring Tool – Oxygen XML editor
  • Technical Authoring Tool – Adobe framework
  • API Documentation
  • Agile documentation strategy
  • Careers in technical writing
  • Contributing to open-source projects
  • Other useful and beginner-friendly tools
  • Introduction to the Web Development Fundamentals
  • Setting up the Development environment
  • Learning HTML5 – Elements & structure
  • Learn HTML – tables
  • HTML Forms
  • Semantic HTML
  • Learn CSS
  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Learn JavaScript Conditionals
  • Learn JavaScript Functions
  • Learn Java script Scope
  • Learn JavaScript Arrays
  • Learn JavaScript loops
  • Learn JavaScript objects
  • Learn JavaScript iterators
  • Learn JavaScript class
  • Learn JavaScript modules
  • Errors and debugging in JavaScript
  • Concept of DOM
  • DOM events with JavaScript
  • Building an interactive website with JavaScript
  • Async JavaScript and HHTP requests

This course has come up with two options in terms of pricing as well. For those who want to choose technical writing alone, the cost is 19,999 rupees. In the case of technical writing plus HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the cost is 39,999 rupees.

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3. Information Developers Foundation

There are many different document types in technical writing, and the same has been mentioned in the introduction of this article. One can infer from the institute’s name that this institute might offer training or provide consulting to prepare technical documents for developers who are in the information technology industry.

Yes, this institute offers training specifically on how to write API documentation, DITA (Darwin information typing architecture), and Agile documentation. All these documents are prepared by developers and business analysts who are working in information technology companies.

This will be the next institute that offers technical writing courses in Coimbatore. The main purpose of these documents is to communicate the information to the end-users, developers, stakeholders, etc. Without these documents, it is difficult to come up with working software, and also, it serves its purpose of knowing the ins and outs of the software for the customers, stakeholders, users, etc.

If you are a fresh or experienced professional in the information technology field, then you must understand the use of the document and also how to prepare it. It will give you an edge over others, and you will stand out when compared to others. because the documentation of software is a tedious one.

Below is the list of the documents that are taught at the Information Developers Foundation Institute:

  • Agile Documentation:

There is a misconception in the information technology industry that if you are working in an agile way of working, there is no need to produce documentation. Whereas, agile means minimal documentation. So, if you want to break the misconception and want to understand the list of documentation that needs to be prepared for agile ways of working, then do attend this session.

Course Outline

  • Define Scrum roles, activities, and artifacts
  • Describe the process of defining done
  • Understating done and acceptance criteria
  • Estimation of scrum and documentation
  • Challenges of the Technical Communicator
  • Working together as one team
  • Collaboration – an in-depth look at the way agile teams work together
  • Define pair writing
  • DDLC – Redefining DDLC in a scrum environment
  • Information gathering
  • Review process
  • Doc Delivery
  • How to survive in a cross-functional team
  • Challenges
  • Pitfall

Fees: 4000 rupees.

  • API Documentation:

API stands for the Application Programming Interface. To define an API with an example, if you want to download the bank statement for the last six months, you will be logging in to the bank’s Internet banking application, and when you click on the bank statement to choose the last six-month statement, this request is sent to the bank’s server.

Now the server interprets the data based on the query you sent and sends it back to your internet banking screen. The API sits between the Internet banking screen and the server to facilitate the query for you.

Who is the course for:

  • Those who have experience in programming and want to learn API documentation
  • Those who have expertise in technical writing and want to learn API documentation
  • DITA (Darwin information typing architecture) Documentation:

Consider that you are running two different e-commerce websites and you are tired of updating the information for the same product on two different websites. Now, you have a technology or a server that is common to both of your websites. All you have to do is update the information in a commonplace and the information will be automatically published on two different websites for the same product.

The advantage of DITA is that, earlier, you had to update manually in each place where your product was available. Now, you have to update in a common place to get the changes reflected in all the places where the product is available.


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4. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

The traditional way of studying has lost its touch in the recent past. There is no problem with the traditional way of teaching children, but one missing part of traditional education is the acquisition of one particular skill. Nowadays, one can still master the particular skill they wish to acquire and continue their education.

There are institutions offering courses to develop a particular skill in a short period and a longer period as well. One such institute is the Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning. But, to enroll in the technical writing course in Symbiosis, you should hold a bachelor’s degree, and to compete in the technical writing course takes 2 years.

The career opportunities after completing the course range from technical writer to online technical writer, business writer, technical web writer, usability tester, information designer, etc. The advantage of the course is that its registration period is valid for four years. And, it is the fifth institute that offers technical writing courses in Coimbatore.

Program Structure

It takes 2 years to complete the program, and it is structured in a semester way. There are four semesters, each taking six months to complete. Below are the modules that will be taught in each semester:

Semester 1 Modules:

  • Introduction to technical communication
  • Information development life cycle – I
  • Information Development Life Cycle II
  • Technical writing style and editing
  • English grammar

Semester 2 modules:

  • Technical communication software tools
  • Advanced concepts in technical communication
  • Technical communication project management
  • Principles and practice of management

Semester 3 Modules:

  • Business communication
  • Instructional design for business communication
  • creative writing
  • Advanced documentation

Semester 4 Modules:

  • Advanced technical writing tools
  • Research Methodology
  • Project

The fee for the course is 50000 rupees.

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5. Henry Harvin

Another institute famous for technical writing courses in Coimbatore is Henry Harvin. After the COVID pandemic, the world has witnessed the growth of online jobs in leaps and bounds. If you want to make an income online, there are many jobs available in the market.

Technical writing is one of them, and with the growth of websites in the field of developing technical skills, it is also on the rise. Because most people prefer to attend online classes rather than offline ones, Even schools and colleges have adapted to teaching online.

Henry Harvin provides an online technical writing course for its students. Henry Harvin offers the practical technical writing course with access to training, projects, internships, certification, placement, and gold membership for a year.

The gold membership of Henry Harvin provides the students’ membership for their writing academy, which provides live projects, guaranteed internships, weekly job support, recorded videos, monthly brush-up sessions, interview skills, and career services.

Learning benefits of Henry Harvin

The Benefits of learning in Henry Harvin is listed below:

  • Prepare comprehensive research proposals
  • Learn different types of Literature Review
  • Effectively communicate the technical details to non-technical people
  • How to write the thesis and research papers for journals
  • Learn a writing process to achieve a better paper in less time
  • Know what to write in each section of the research paper
  • The teachers with 15-plus years of experience
  • The trainers have delivered over 350 lectures and are currently empaneled as domain experts
  • Free Boot camp sessions for 1 year
  • Placement guarantee support for 1-year post successful completion of the course
  • 32 hours of live online interactive classroom sessions
  • E-learning access with abundant tools and techniques, video content, assessment, and more

List of tools that will be used for technical writing in Henry Harvin

  • Authoring Tools
    • MS word
    • Notepad +++
    • Google Docs
  • Image editing tools
    • Paint
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Snagit
  • Spell check and Grammar Check Tools
    • Grammarly
    • Languagetool.org
  • Technical Writing Software Tools
    • Microsoft word
    • Macromedia RoboHelp
    • Adobe FrameMaker
    • Snag IT
    • Ms. Visio
    • PowerPoint
    • Photoshop
    • Overview of the DITA tool
    • Overview of API documentation
    • Overview of XML

The cost of the course is Rs. 15000 when you choose the live online instructor-led course. In the case of choosing the self-paced course, the cost is 13500 rupees.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Do I need to know any specific programming language?

No, you don’t need to know any specific programming language to become a technical writer. There are a lot of business analysts in information technology companies who come from non-technical backgrounds and perform better in technical writing.

2. Do I need any specific degree to get admission to technical writing courses in Coimbatore?

Unless the institute asks for it. You do not need any specific degrees to be completed to become a technical writer.

3. How long does it take to become a too-technical writer?

If you are very dedicated to doing your assignments given by the tutor diligently, then it will take no more than three to five months.

4. Is it possible to find clients for technical writers and is it covered in the course?

Yes, one can find the client on their own. Also, you can register yourself on freelancing websites and that would be another way to find clients. The course will also teach you how to find a client on your own.


Although we have seen the five best institutes for technical writing courses in Coimbatore and their modules, Still, more institutes are offering technical writing in Coimbatore. My suggestion would be to choose the best institute and enroll. After enrolling, dedicate yourself for the duration of the course and implement whatever has been taught by the instructor without fail.

Because I see a lot of students nowadays enrolling in a course and not executing what has been taught to them, they jump to other courses, and the cycle repeats. Mastering a skill takes a lot of time. Practice and execution are the only ways to harness the skill and see success. I hope this helps you to find the best institutes for technical writing courses in Coimbatore

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