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Top 9 Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Investment banking training institutes in Hyderabad are extending elite training as well as placement services these days. In the financial services sector, Investment banking is a specified kind of banking that assists Governments, Business Houses, and Institutions in raising funds and finally executing financial transactions. These banks also help them raise their capital by extending services like management of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), offering financial advice, and facilitating Mergers and Acquisitions.

List of best investment banking training institutes in Hyderabad

Unlike retail banks, which primarily focus on financial transactions for individual consumers, Investment Banks deal with transactions like the issuance of securities and Mergers and Acquisitions. The history of Investment Banking can be traced to the late 19th century which witnessed the emergence of Investment Banks with the objective of financing the expansion of industrial America.

Since then, there has been no looking back for the Investment Banks. They have evolved as powerful financial institutions, which serve as Advisors to Corporate Houses and various Governments across the globe.

Functions of Investment Banks

Investment Banking services can be categorized into two broad categories:

  • The Sell-Side: These are the services offered by the Investment Banks to businesses that are looking forward to raising their capital, such as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and debt or equity offerings.
  • The Buy-Side: On the other hand, the buy-side involves advisory services by the Investment Banks to the investors, like private equity firms and hedge funds, on the availability of investment opportunities.

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The Functions of the Investment Banks Are Broadly Highlighted Below:

1. Underwriting securities is one of the most significant roles of Investment Banks. It is the process of guaranteeing the sale of new securities issued by a Business, Government Agency, or other entities, in exchange for a fixed fee. An Underwriter is an official who is responsible for the pricing of the securities and selling them to investors who could be public or institutional investors. On the underwriting fee, Investment Banks get a commission, which is calculated as the percentage of the total value of the securities.

2. Financial advisory services are also offered to Governments, Corporate Houses, and other establishments. The advisory could be on Capital Structure, Strategic Planning, or Risk Management.

3. Apart from this, these banks also provide Research and Analysis services in industries and other related sectors to assist their clients in making informed investment-linked decisions.

4. Yet another critical function of Investment Banks is Advisory Services on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). This predominantly means the consolidation of two or more companies or assets, by means of various financial transactions which might include consolidations, mergers, acquisitions, purchase of assets, tender offers, and management acquisitions. Acting as Advisors to both the companies (the Target Company and the Acquiring Company), Investment Banks provide services like Valuation, Financial Analysis, and Negotiation services.

5. The issuance of new securities is another arena where Investment Banks play a vital role. This can include the issuance of stocks, bonds, and other debt instruments. Investment banks help their clients determine the most appropriate securities to be issued and offer guidance in the field of pricing and marketing of these securities.

Types of Investment Banks

Parameters such as the size of the Investment Bank, the kind of services provided by these banks, and their coverage area are considered while classifying them. The Investment Banks are classified into four levels which are mentioned below:

  1. Bulge Bracket Investment Banks

This type of Investment Bank is the largest of all types of Investment Banks. They are Multinational Investment Banking Firms having a domestic as well as global presence. They offer their services around the world. Some examples of this type of bank are Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, etc.

These magnanimous banks hire a huge workforce and provide all kinds of Investment Banking services. These mammoth banks have large corporate clientele. Most of their clients belong to Fortune 500 companies. They usually deal with multibillion-dollar M&A projects of these Corporate Houses.

They are also termed Full-service Investment Banks because, in terms of the services they offer, they have a broader scope as compared to the other types of banks.

They primarily focus on providing all types of Investment Banking services like Financing, Equity Research, Issuance, Trading, Asset Management, and Merger and Acquisitions services. They also cross-sell their financial products through their Commercial and Retail Banking Divisions to generate additional sources of income.

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  1. Elite Investment Banks

These are the banks that closely resemble Bulge Bracket Banks in relation to size and presence. They have a noticeable nationwide and global presence. Evercore, Lazard LLC, and Moelis & Company are some of the distinguished elite investment banks.

  1. Middle Market Investment Banks

They have fewer rooms compared to Bulge Bracket Banks but have more room than Regional Banks. Geographically, they can be located in multiple regions, but lack a comparable stature of a multi-national level bank in the true sense.

Regarding financial services, although they deal in a wide range of Investment Banking operations akin to bulk bracket Banks, they specialize in only a few of them. Some of the prominent banks listed under this category are Spark Capital, William Blair, Equirus Capital, etc.

  1. Regional Investment Banks

At the lowest wrung come the Regional Investment Banks. These banks operate at the Regional Level. They are the smallest in size amongst all the banks in terms of deal as well as bank size.

They have their presence across smaller regions. They specialize in one or two Investment Banking services such as M&A deals and refrain from providing all the Investment Banking services owing to their small size. Some examples of such banks are MAPE Advisory Group, Avendus, O3 Capital, etc.

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High-Ranking Investment Banks Around the World

Some of the dominant names in the Investment Banking sector are mentioned below:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Barclays
  • CitiBank
  • Bank of America
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Deutsche Bank
  • SBI Capital Markets Limited

Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Investment Banking is a lucrative industry these days. Investment Bankers receive high salaries with good perks and wonderful growth opportunities. Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana and also the de jure capital of Andhra Pradesh in India. In recent years, Hyderabad has evolved as a financial hub.

As a consequence, a number of Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad are harbored. The city hosts innumerable Training Institutes that offer Investment Banking courses to aspiring candidates.

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Top 9 Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad



IIM SKILLS ranks the number one position on the list of top investment banking training institutes in Hyderabad. IIM SKILLS was started by Vaibhav Kakkar in the year 2015 with their first course in content writing. Since then they have expanded with a wide range of courses that enhance professional skills.


The Investment Banking Course is a certified 3-month course that comprises live training with weekly practical assignments followed by a 1 month of guaranteed internship. They also share their learning materials with students with no additional charges for access.

These materials are free. Also, a live recording from every training session is shared with students which gives them flexible learning. The students can also take guidance for their career-building and professional goals.


You also get guaranteed job placements with reputed companies once you complete your training in investment banking.

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What are the Key Features Of IIM SKILLS:

  • 3 Months of Live online training sessions plus 1 month of guaranteed internship.
  • Globally recognized certifications.
  • 100% job placements.
  • The mentors are highly efficient and talented.
  • The course curriculum is best designed for students from beginners to working professionals of all levels.
  • Full assistance and guidance for career building.
  • Learning materials with lifetime free access.
  • Additional 10% discount on group registration for the course.
  • Refund if you are not happy with their first session of the course.
  • Affordable fees with zero-interest EMI payment options.


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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2. The E&ICT Academy

IIT Guwahati and The E&ICT Academy have collaborated with Intellipaat to design this highly advanced online Certification Course. They constitute one of the best Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad.

This course run by them is an essential component of one of the countless initiatives of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India.

The course was formulated by a team of Professors from IIT-Guwahati with an aim to offer high-quality education programs. This course offers industry–level skills to the aspirants. Hiring partners regard this institute as one of the best Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad.

Achievements of IIT Guwahati

  • IIT-Guwahati has a global rank of 41 in Economic Times 2021 Rankings –Economic Times
  • It is ranked in the top 7 by the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) India Rankings 2021 – NIRF

Key Features

  • Five Months of Live Sessions
  • Sessions conducted by Industry Experts
  • 1 Industry Capstone Project
  • Career Services by Intellipaat
  • Certification from IIT-Guwahati and E&ICT
  • Essential Training for Soft Skills
  • Course Fee – INR 98,040
  • Candidates can attend as many batches as they wish for a lifetime.


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3. Data Trained

Data Trained is the choice of many candidates regarding the Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad. This Institute with global recognition trains learners with highly in-demand techniques, tools, and technologies required for Investment Banking.

Key Features

  • Highly exhaustive Program in the field of Investment Banking.
  • Program Duration – 6 months
  • Course conducted by domain experts.
  • Data Trained provides industry-recognized certification.
  • This course makes the student industry-ready with the required skill set.
  • Offers weekend classes for Working Professionals.
  • Complete Career Assistance is provided
  • Practical case studies are included in the courseware.
  • 100% guaranteed placement.
  • 200+ hours of learning.
  • Classroom and Live online training sessions.
  • Course Fee INR 90,000 + GST
  • Placement Success Fee: INR 50,000
  • Enhanced upskilling available
  • 400+ hiring partners
  • Practice Test Included in the curriculum.

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4. Imarticus Learning

It is one of the leading Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad. To help the learners build a successful career in the field of Investment Banking, Imarticus has designed such courses that equip the students with practical knowledge and skills.

Both online and classroom-based training programs are offered by Imarticus. A list of  some of their Investment Banking courses is as follows:

  1. Financial Modeling: The creation of financial models using Excel, which is an essential skill for Investment Bankers, is the core of this program.
  2. Investment Banking Operations: The operational aspects of Investment Banking like Settlements, Trade Processing, and Risk Management constitute this course.
  3. iii. Valuation: Various valuation techniques, such as Discounted Cash Flow Analysis are taught in this course. Students are also taught how to value companies.
  4. Mergers and Acquisitions: This course includes the entire process of Mergers and Acquisitions like Deal Structuring, Post-merger Integration, and Due Diligence.

Key Features

  • Flexible learning options, including live online classes, online self-paced courses, and classroom training.
  • The institute provides practical learning which includes Trading Simulations and Case Studies.
  • Offers industry-aligned curriculum.
  • Provides networking opportunities with industry experts and alumni of the Institute.
  • Seamless, online Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Tech–aided classroom sessions
  • Assured placements.
  • Executive program in Investment Banking by IIM-Kolkata
  • Course Fee Structure: INR 1,40,000.


5. EduPristine

Yet another of the many eminent and oldest Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad, imparting quality training in the field of finance is EduPristine.Their well-structured courses cover a vast range of topics such as Financial Modeling, Investment Banking, Valuation, Financial Analysis, and Corporate Finance.

This Institute provides both online and classroom-based training programs. It is the official Becker content partner. Here, extensive training for the ACCA exam is offered by ACCA/CA-qualified trainers.


Some of their courses related to the finance sector are as follows:

  • Investment Banking: This program provides an overview of the concepts of Investment Banking and includes topics like Equity Research, Underwriting, and Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • Valuation: Various Valuation Techniques, are taught in this course. This program also includes lessons on how to value companies.
  • Financial Modeling: The creation of Financial Models using Excel is an integral component of this program. It is a critical and much sought-after skill for Investment Bankers.
  • Corporate Finance: The courseware of this program includes Capital Structure, Financial Statements Analysis, Capital Budgeting, etc.

Key Features

  • Exam-oriented content
  • 24*7 dedicated discussion forum
  • Customized career guidance
  • Placement assistance
  • Training by qualified professionals
  • Soft skills training
  • Flexible learning options
  • Course Duration: The course duration varies from 3-6 months.
  • Course Fee: The fee range is from INR 20,000 to INR 1,50,000.


6. Planet Finance Business School

An excellent provider of Investment Banking and Finance training courses, Planet Finance Business School is one of the most distinguished Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad. It is a leading Institute and PGDM college in Hyderabad. It offers a short-term Investment Banking Analyst Program.

Key Features

  • The Institute provides extensive coaching to Graduates, Post Graduates as well and Working Professionals in the core areas of Investment Banking, Securities Markets, Fund Accounting, Derivatives and Data Analytics, Mutual Funds, etc.
  • High-quality training sessions and industry interactions are encouraged.
  • Offers a practical approach to learning through interactive learning sessions like FINTEST, Just a Minute (JAM) Sessions, Quantitative Tests, and Mock Interviews.


7. SmartSteps Consulting Private Ltd.

SmartSteps is dedicated to the objective of enabling employability and equipping learners for the challenges of life. Out of the many Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad, SmartSteps has been working in the field of Training and Campus Consulting, Skill Development, and imparting education and employability solutions for the last 8 years.

The core team members of this Institute are from Premier Indian Business Schools like IIM-A, FMS, ISB, and IRMA. The Global Accounting and Finance Program run by SmartSteps is a boon for those who look forward to working as an expert Investment Banker.

The world-class services rendered by them open new avenues for aspiring candidates and job seekers to acquire the appropriate competencies for a successful career in Investment Banking.

Key Features

  • Industry-approved curriculum on Investment Banking Operations
  • The courseware includes Pearson’s Global English Program (10 Levels)
  • Speed Typewriting
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Preparation
  • Placement Assistance


8. EduBridge

EduBridge is India’s noted Workforce Development Platform that assists aspirants in building careers. Their course curriculum is at par with most of the leading Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad.

Their vision is to bridge the gap between economically backward youth and the skill requirements of digital-age companies and government agencies. Known to be one among the many Ed-tech companies, EduBridge has fabricated a talent pool par excellence.

Its Certification Program in Investment Banking Operations empowers students in areas like Trade Cycle, Derivative Products, etc. so that they can transform into seasoned professionals in the field of Investment Banking Operations.


Key Features

  • 326 hours of learning
  • 100% online
  • Learning with a Master Trainer
  • Dedicated Placement Manager
  • Fee Structure: INR 45,000
  • Access to EduBridge job portal
  • Career Fairs
  • Focused recruitment drives
  • Guest Lectures of industry experts
  • Domain-focussed curriculum
  • Soft skills training


9. National Stock Exchange (NSE)

The National Stock Exchange is an institution of national repute with commendably high standards of Corporate Governance. The Post Graduate Program in Investment Banking and Capital Markets (PGP IB & CM) involves comprehensive learning and preparation for CFA Level 1 offered by NSE Academy.

It is a special program that is crafted to impart practical training to aspiring candidates. It is one of the most sought-after Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad.

Key Features

  • Both classrooms, as well as live virtual classes, are provided.
  • NSE has joined hands with Proschool, an IMS initiative to provide guaranteed placement assistance.
  • Course Duration: 12 months full-time classroom program followed by Corporate internship of 3 months.
  • Offers Student Exchange Program (SEP) with well-acclaimed partner institutions.
  • Coveted NSE Certification in Investment Banking is granted.
  • The curriculum includes Live Projects, Socially Relevant Projects (SRPs), and Dissertation Work.
  • Program conducted by subject matter experts of NSE Academy.


Frequently Asked Questions About Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Q1. Is investment Banking a good career?

Investment Bankers are predominantly one of the highest-paid professionals in the entire finance industry. The base salary itself is very good, and the incredible perks add more value to the basic salary. In India itself, salaries in the Investment Banking sector fall in the range of  INR 25 lac to 50 lac per annum. The salaries show a manifold increase in the Multinational Investment Banks. Such lucrative benefits are adequate to make Investment Banking one of the most coveted career options for people having a penchant for finance.

Q2. How do I get into Investment Banking?

Most Investment Bankers kick-start their careers as Investment Banking Analysts. After a span of at least two to three years, they hop to an Associate-level position. For fresh Finance Graduates/Post-graduates who are eyeing a career in the domain of Investment Banking, then the role of a Financial Banking Analyst is the one they will most likely get. In later years, they can transcend to senior positions in the hierarchy of the Business House they are working in.

Q3. How do Investment Banks make money?

Investment Banks harvest lucrative profits through their multiple branch-out activities which include Underwriting, Advisory Fees (Mergers & Acquisitions), Trading, Capital Raising, and countless research-related activities. Further, revenue generation is done by them by means of buying and pooling assets and finally selling them for much higher prices. Investment Banks have multiple revenue streams. Loss of one source of income does not affect the operations of the firm in any way. Their diversified sources of income create a steady in-flow of income for them.

Q4. What should I study for Investment Banking?

Irrespective of any stream at the graduation level, an MBA in Finance is a good-to-go qualification to become an entrant in any Investment Banking Institute. This Post-graduate management program covers all the prerequisites of the Investment Banking sector. Disciplines like Financial Analysis, Business Management, Accounting, Marketing, etc. prepare a good backdrop for a successful career in Investment Banking.

Q5. What are the Pros and Cons of a Career in Investment Banking?

Following are the various advantages of working as an Investment Banker:

  • Higher Earning Potential

According to PayScale, the average salary for an Investment Banking professional is INR 4 lakhs per year. Further, in this sector, the potential to earn over INR 28 Lakhs per year with bonuses and incentives is observed. It is considered to be one of the most lucrative job options in the financial sector.

  • Dynamic Work Environment

Investment Banking is an exciting and fast-paced career that involves continuous adaptation as well as innovation. The work on high-profile deals, IPOs, Mergers, and Acquisitions makes the work environment challenging and dynamic.

  • Prestige

The work done by Investment Banking professionals is highly valued by companies, stakeholders, and investors. The prestige associated with this field is matchless.

  • Learning opportunities

Investment Banking experts work with a diverse range of projects and clients, thus, allowing them to be exposed to newer growth opportunities through a continuum of learning.

The cons of working as an Investment Banking expert are as follows:

  • Long Working Hours

It is a usual feature for Investment Bankers to work 12-16 hours per day. There is no respite for them even on weekends.

  • Restricted Work-life Balance

Investment Banking professionals are seen to have limited work-life balance. Their high-pressure jobs consisting of excessive workloads make them encounter challenges to perpetuate a healthy work-life balance.

  • Limited Job Security

Investment Banking is subject to market fluctuations, so, there is minimal job security. Their job security is often linked with the success of the deals they work on and also the performance of the market. In times of recession, investment banking jobs can be at higher risk.


There are several prestigious Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad that offer well-structured programs for students who are interested in pursuing a career in Investment Banking. It has been observed that the effectiveness and quality of these Training Institutes can vary widely.  Hence, it’s mandatory on the aspirant’s part that he/she conducts research before getting enrolled in any program.

Some factors to be considered while evaluating the Investment Banking Training Institutes in Hyderabad include the qualifications of the trainers of the Institute, the reputation of the Institute, the course curriculum, the placement record of the Institute, and finally the level of support and practical training imparted by the Institute.

Although, Investment Banking is such a career choice that offers high earning potential, prestige, and exciting work opportunities. Ultimately, the success of a candidate’s investment banking career will depend on a variety of factors, including the skill set he owns, his work experience, and his networking abilities. While professional training in Investment Banking can help construct a solid foundation, it’s imperative to maintain a continuum of learning in order to grow throughout one’s career to stay competitive in this sector.

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