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Top 6 Investment Banking Courses In The World

If you are looking for some of the best investment banking courses in the world, your research ends here. In this article, you will learn and understand what exactly investment banking is. What is the need for investment banking? How does investment banking work? After completing the article, you will be able to tell the difference between investment banking and commercial banking, you will understand the roles and responsibilities of investment banking and, you will explore all the amazing career prospects investment banking offers.

List of best investment banking courses in the World

What is Investment Banking?

Let’s imagine you have a dream of doing something big, you have a dream of starting something of your own. It could be a great start-up idea or an invention you want to share with the world. So, you start with whatever resources you have in terms of money, infrastructure, and all, and slowly- slowly you start seeing profit in your business.

Now, you want to upscale your business. You borrow money from your friends and family. Your business is running great, eventually, you need more money. So, you took a small loan from the bank and fulfilled your financial needs. Now, you have a mid-size business working great.

Now you want to upscale your business to a further extent. You may want to build a lot of factories and build your presence in the entire country or even abroad. You go to the bank asking for a loan, and they show you a very high-interest rate because of a lack of a huge amount of money and less credibility.

So where will you go now? Don’t you think it would be a great idea if somehow you could borrow money from the public at a lesser interest rate and offer them a higher interest rate in return which they are currently getting from banks in fixed deposits, or other investments?

This is the problem that investment banks solve. Investment banks create a bridge to ensure a successful and secure flow of capital (resources and money) to and from the investors- the public and the businesses and organizations that need capital to grow, expand, and finance their operations.

Investment banks also provide a range of other financial services to corporations, governments, and organizations like raising capital through stocks or bonds, advising on mergers and acquisitions, and providing strategic financial advice.

In this article, you will learn what is investment banking, you will learn all about investment banking courses in the world, and explore the various institutions and the investment banking courses they offer.

Best online courses you must check:


Investment Banking vs Commercial Banking

Investment BankingCommercial Banking
Provides services related to raising capital for business, advising on mergers and acquisitions, providing strategic financial adviceProvides services such as accepting deposits, making loans, and other financial services to individuals and small businesses.
Focused on providing financial services to large corporations, governments, and organizations.Focused on providing financial services to individuals and small businesses
Involved in high-risk investments like securities and derivatives which if often more volatileInvolved in low-risk assets such as government bonds and providing loans with collateral to mitigate risk


Roles and Responsibilities of an Investment Banker

If you are looking for a career in investment banking, isn’t it good to know all the things you will be involved in and working for before making a decision? As an investment Banker, you will be working in financial advisory services which aims at understanding clients’ financial situations and planning and creating structural financial plans and advice.

As an investment Banker, you will be helping your clients with raising capital by underlying securities offerings such as initial public offerings (IPO), bonds, and other debt instruments. As an investment Banker, you will enjoy researching and analyzing financial markets, companies, and industries. Which helps clients make informed investment choices.

As an investment Banker, you will be involved in sales, trading, and customer relationship management. You will be involved in making client relationships, identifying new businesses, and providing ongoing support to clients. As an investment Banker, you will be designated with job titles like Analyst, Associate, Vice President, President, and Director.

To become a successful investment banker, you will need quality education in mathematics, finance, economics, and commerce. To make the process easier for you, we will be discussing some of the best investment banking courses in the world later in this article.

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Investment Banking Career Prospects

Investment banking is a global industry. So, its future depends on the rise of the global financial industry. The planet has witnessed a mass level of globalization in recent years. What used to take months to travel from one country to another is now possible in just a matter of a few hours.

Industries in all sectors like healthcare, defense, science, research, sports, business and commerce technology, and communications are growing rapidly and will continue to grow. With high growth in these industries, there will always be a demand for investment bankers to support the financial needs of the various industries.

So, if you are planning a career in investment banking. Be assured that you will have a promising career in this field. To have a successful career in Investment banking you must study investment banking, some of the best courses are later discussed in the article.

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Investment Banking Companies

You will be amazed to see some of the Top investment Banking Companies in the world.

  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Citigroup
  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Barclays

Investment Banking Course Curriculum

Before you make a final decision to choose your career as an investment banker, it’s important that you know the curriculum of the best investment banking courses in the world. Though an investment banking career is a promising one, it’s full of challenges, you must be sure that the course you choose is right for you.

While the Curriculum varies from institution to institution and country to country, there are a few common topics that the best investment banking courses in the world cover, we have done thorough research just for you and sorted a few common topics that all the institutions have in common.

You will find some of them in the following.

Must check out these top-ranked:


As an aspiring Investment Banker:

  • You will study financial accounting concepts and principles, financial statement analysis, valuation, and financial modeling.
  • You will study corporate finance principles, capital Budgeting, financial analysis, and capital structure.
  • You will study investment Banking including its role in the financial industry, different types of investment banks, and various functions of investment bankers.
  • You will study in-depth exploration of various techniques, including discounted cash flow analysis, relative valuation, and option pricing models.
  • You will study financial markets and instruments, including equity and debt securities, derivatives, and structured finance products.
  • You will study an overview of the mergers and acquisition process, including deal structuring, due diligence, and negotiation.
  • You will study the IPO process, including the role of investment bankers, regulatory requirements, and underwriting.
  • You will study the principles of risk management, including risk identification, analysis, and mitigation.
  • You will study ethical and professional standards in the financial industry, including the role of investment bankers in maintaining the integrity of the market.
  • You will develop the professional skills and competencies necessary for success in the investment banking industry, including communication, teamwork, and leadership.


Top 6 Investment Banking Courses In The World



IIM SKILLS is an ed-tech company started in the year 2015 by Vaibhav Kakkar. Their first launched course was a content writing course. In these many years, they have expanded with a wide range of courses in different sectors across the world.

IIM SKILLS is a Delhi-based educational company that operates globally through an online platform. Among all their recommended courses IIM SKILLS is top-ranking in investment banking courses in the world.


The course syllabus covers all the important topics as per the current market trends and is regularly upgraded. They have a team of the most talented and efficient mentors who are professionally experienced and domain experts.

Course Details: 

Course Name: Investment Banking Course

Duration: 3 Months of Comprehensive Online Live Training Session Followed by 1 Month Of Guaranteed Internship

Fees: INR 39900 + Taxes

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Why IIM SKILLS is Recommended For Best Investment Banking Courses in the World:

  • All their courses are online which gives flexibility in learning.
  • Their courses are certified and have global recognition.
  • The course curriculum is regularly upgraded and it covers all the important topics.
  • Weekly assignments give practical learning experience.
  • The learning materials given have lifetime free access.
  • Recordings of every live session are shared with every student for future reference with zero charges.
  • The fees are extremely within budget and with zero-interest EMI payment options.
  • Also, you can ask for a refund after the first session of your course if you are not satisfied.
  • You can avail of their 10% discount if you make a group registration for the course.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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Dig in to find the other rewarding courses for career upliftment:


2. Investment Banking Institute (IBI) Online

You will be pleased to know that the Investment Banking Institute (IBI) founded in 2003 has been a leading financial educator and financial consulting service provider for nearly two decades. IBI works with a philosophy that “the future of finance will be led by those who keep learning.”

They help companies, organizations, and institutions develop and upskill professionals at all stages of their careers with tailored educational experiences designed by financial experts. Some of the best investment banking courses in the world are provided by IBI which are given below:

1. Financial modeling essentials bundle

The financial modeling essentials bundle will cost you 249$. For 249 $ you will learn the most relevant financial methodologies and financial modeling techniques which are taught to analysts and associates at banks, private equity firms, and hedges. The Bundle includes four independent programs which can also be purchased separately. Their details are given below.

Building a Three Statement Financial Model. 89$
Financial statement overview and analysis
Constructing a Three Statement Model- Modeling Practicum
Valuation Modeling              89$
Valuation Overview
Comparable Company Valuation Modeling
Precedent Transactions Model
DCF Model
LBO Modeling   89$
LBO Model Explained
Constructing the LBO Model
M & A Accretion/ Dilution Modeling     89$
M & A Concepts
Accretion-Dilution Model
Financial Modeling Essentials certification Exam.


2. Series W

Series W from IBI stands for Finance Education by Women, For Women. Their mission is to give women like you financial professionals the skills and confidence to rise.

Must check out the best:


3. New York Institute of Finance (NYIF)

The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) provides one of the best investment baking courses in the world. You will be surprised to know that NYIF has a legacy of over 100 years. The NYIF was founded by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1922.

For people like you and people of various backgrounds, NYIF offers more than 300 courses delivered in various formats including classroom, Online, and Virtual mode. NYIF has 100+ Classroom Programs, 200+ Online Programs, and 15+ Virtual Classroom Programs.

1. Chartered Investment Banking Analyst (CIBA)

NYIF provides a chartered Investment Banking Analyst Program which costs 13,116 $. The CIBA curriculum comprises five professional certificates. When you do this program, you’ll learn the following.

1.       Financial Accounting Professional Certificate2.       Credit and Credit Risk Professional Certificate
1.       accounting Concepts1.   Overview of Credit
2.       Measuring Income2.  Credit Analysis Fundamentals
3.       Recording Transactions3. Business and Industry Analysis
4.       Accrual Accounting and Financial Statement Formats4. Rating Agencies
5.       Accounting for Sales5. Ratios and Credit Statistics
6.       Cash Flow6. Cash Flow Analysis
7.       Inventory7. Historical Financial Analysis
8.       Long-lived assets and depreciation8. Off-Balance Sheet Items
9.       Deferred Taxes9. Additional Risks to Consider
10.   Equity10. Forecasting
11.   Free Cash Flow11. Structuring and Documentation
12.   Accounting for Investments12. Derivatives
13.   Pension accounting and accounting for stock options13. Presentations
14.   Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis14. Desk Ready Skills Knowledge Check
15.   Desk Ready Skills Knowledge Check


3.       Corporate Finance and Valuation Methods Professional Certificate4.       Financial Modeling Professional Certificate.5.       Mergers and Acquisition Professional Certificate.
1. Introduction and Overview1. advanced Excel for financial modeling1. Mergers and Acquisitions – Concepts and Theories Part I
2. Project Analysis2. financial modeling2. Mergers and Acquisitions – Concepts and Theories Part II
 3. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation3. basic valuation techniques3. Free Cash Flow Modelling
4. Terminal Value4. valuation4. Mergers and Acquisitions – Structuring the Deal
5. Cost of Capital5. special valuation issues, desk-ready skills knowledge check5. Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions
6. Capital Structure6. Desk Ready Skills Knowledge Check
7. Financing the Corporation (and transactions)
8. Desk Ready Skills Knowledge Check


4. National Stock Exchange- NSE Academy India

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) is one of the leading Stock exchanges in India. It was founded in 1992 and has since become the largest stock exchange in India. You will be delighted to know that NSE introduced an educational and training arm of NSE called NSE Academy, which was established in 2016, with the aim of providing financial education and training to investors, students, and professionals.

NSE Academy today provides one of the best Investment banking courses in the world. You will find the details for the same in the following.

Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) in Investment Banking

Post Graduate Certificate in Management (PGCM) in Investment Banking by NSE Academy is a 15-month full-time program that includes 12 months of full-time classroom program followed by 3 months of corporate internship. If you are a Graduate of any discipline with a minimum of 50 % marks in Graduation you are eligible to apply for this program.

The course fee for the entire program is 5,90,000 rupees.

When you apply for this program, you will learn the following:

1. Financial Reporting and Analysis1. Corporate Finance1. Investment Banking1. Computer Applications in Investment Banking
2. Marketing Management2. Costing for Decision Making2. Mergers and Acquisitions2. Financial Valuation and Modelling
3. Human Resources Management3. Marketing Research Methods3. Capital Market Operations3. Credit Research
4. Information Technology for Management4. Operations Management4. Mutual Funds and Fixed Income Securities4. Technical Analysis
5. Business Data Analysis5. Economics (Micro + Macro)5. Investment Advisory5. Taxation and Money-laundering
6. Organization Behaviour6. Management Information systems6. Equity Research6. Quantitative Techniques for Investment Banking Dissertation Project
7. Business Communication7. Business in Global Markets
8. Essentials of Business Analytics8. Social Relevant Project at NGO / Organization
9. Introduction to Financial Markets


5. E & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati- IntelliPaat- Investment Banking Course.

The government of India in association with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati, Established the Electronics and Information and Communication Technology (E & ICT) Academy which aimed at developing industry-relevant skills and enhancing employability in the fields of electronics and information and communication technology (ICT).

The E&ICT Academy has partnerships with leading companies and organizations in the electronics and ICT sectors. Thus, be assured that you won’t be facing any gaps between academia and industry. You will be getting the courses that are industry-relevant. One such program is the Investment Banking Course which is one of the best investment banking courses in the world in the online format.


Investment Banking Course.

Investment Banking Course by intelliPaat is a 5-month online program where you will receive one-to-one interaction with mentors. You will work on 1 industry-based capstone Project. If you are a Graduate with a bachelor’s degree and want to make a career in finance, banking, and investment you are eligible to apply for this program.

You will have to pay 98,040 Rupees for the entire course. As a Part of this program feature, you will receive job Assistance after successfully completing the Program. As a Learner, you will be Learning the following:

M1: Preparatory Sessions- Data Transformation Using MS Excel
M2: Fundamentals of Investment Banking
M3: Cash Equities and Fixed Income
M4: Introduction to Foreign Exchange and Money Markets
M5: Derivatives Markets
M6: Introduction to Reference Data Management
M7: Corporate Action
M8: Asset Management and Concepts
M9: Introduction to ISDA and Reconciliation
M10: Stock Borrow Lending and Related Concepts
M11: Managing Collateral
M12: Trade Life Cycle
M13: Regulatory Environment and Risk Management in Investment Banking
M14: Customers and Anti-Money Laundering


6. The complete Investment Banking course 2023- Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform. It will offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and advance your career through self-paced video lectures, quizzes, and assignments. Udemy works with the mission of improving lives through learning. It’s a platform for you to learn and share what you know.

Udemy as of now has 59 million + learners, 70,000+ instructors, 200,000 + courses, and 800 million plus course enrollments. Udemy has one of the best investment banking courses in the world for absolute beginners. The details you will find in the following.

  1. The Complete Investment Banking course 2023.

The Complete Investment Banking Course 2023 is a 13.5-hour introductory program, with 7 articles and 228 downloadable resources. You will have to pay 3,800 rupees for the entire program.


When you enroll in the program, you will learn the following:

1.       Introduction2.       The Ascendance of investment banking services
3.       The four main areas of investment banking activity4.       Strategies pursued by investment banks.
5.       Capital markets- Equity capital markets6.       Capital markets- debt capital markets.
7.       Advisory services- Mergers and acquisitions8.       Advisory services- Restructuring
9.       Trading and Brokerage10.   Asset management
11.   A step-by-step guide to company Valuation12.   Financial Modeling Fundamentals
13.   DCF Valuation- introduction14.   DCF Valuation- Forecasting of key P&L items
15.   DCF Valuation-Forecasting key Balance Sheet items16.   DCF Valuation- Calculating unlevered cash flows and net cash flow
17.   A guide to leveraged buyouts18.    Building a comprehensive LBO model.


These were some of the best investment banking courses in the world. Though we have done a thorough research and provided the best content there are always chances of errors. You are advised before you make any decision to confirm the details from the institution’s website as the details are subject to change over time.

If you still have some questions regarding which are the best investment banking courses in the world, then you must check the FAQs section which is as follows.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs.

1. There are many programs available, which are the best investment banking courses in the world?

Well, we understand it must be a little overwhelming for you to choose from so many options. The best investment banking courses in the world are the ones that suit your needs. You must narrow down your research based on the following points:

  1. Time duration
  2. Mode of delivery
  3. Placement opportunities
  4. Fee and scholarships
  5. Country of residence

2. How much do investment bankers earn per year?

That’s an important question. If you are working as an investment banker your salary will vary depending on various factors like location, experience, and types of work. The Average Base salary for an investment banker in the United States is around 1,00,000 $ per year. Investment bankers are known for their high salaries. Be assured that in whichever country you will be working as an investment banker you will have a high salary and lucrative bonuses.

3. Are online programs for investment banking any good?

Online Programs for investment banking are great options for you if you don’t have the time or resources to attend a regular program. Online programs offer flexibility and convenience over regular modes of delivery. However, not all online programs are created equal, by equal we mean not all online programs are meant for the same audience. While choosing an online mode of program you must do extensive research and look that your requirements resonate with the program offered. You must check for the reputation, accreditation, faculty, instructor, and testimonials of the institute. This is how you choose the best investment banking courses in the world.

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