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Top 11 Renowned Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

Financial modeling is often confused with financial statement forecasting and is a useful tool for determining a company’s financial success. Through the financial statement analysis, the entire process produces a mathematical model that aids in the firm’s direction and decision-making. If you are staying in Mumbai and looking for the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai then you are at the right place! This article will share the list of institutes that provide practical training in financial modeling. But before, let us understand the concept of financial modeling.

List of the best Financial modeling courses in Mumbai

How Does Financial Modeling Function and What Does It Entail?

A financial model is a summary of a company’s performance based on a set of characteristics that aid in forecasting future financial performance. To put it another way, it allows a corporation to evaluate the anticipated financial consequences of an action in mathematical terms.

Knowledge of the company’s operations, accounting, corporate finance, and Excel spreadsheets were among the measurements and abilities utilized to develop the model. These models are a combination of those talents that are put together based on performance and then used to forecast how a company will react to various economic scenarios or events.

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These are frequently used to predict the outcome of a given financial choice before a corporation invests any money or resources into it.

An income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and accompanying schedules are all part of financial modeling, as are sophisticated models like discounted cash flow analysis (DCF model), mergers and sensitivity analysis, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and leveraged buyouts (LBO).

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What Does “Having a Good Financial Model” Imply?

  • Good Assumptions: 

The result of a forecast is a financial model. As a result, it is predicated on previous data. If the assumptions in this model are unrealistic, the company may become disappointed if such goals are not achieved (because of obvious reasons).

Furthermore, if the company’s capabilities are undervalued, it will be difficult to assess its complete potential.

Both of these scenarios are detrimental to a business; as a result, the individual developing the financial model should exercise caution when making assumptions, since they can have long-term consequences for the company. They must also ensure that the model’s assumptions and results are obvious.

  • Flexibility:

A solid financial model needs to be adaptable. Not simply in terms of design, but also in terms of the methods employed. Financial statements are calculated using a variety of approaches and procedures. Depreciation, for example, can be estimated in a variety of ways, including the straight-line technique and the declining balance method.

As a result, the methodologies utilized should be carefully studied, as financial models are dynamic, and a tiny error can cost a company a lot of money. It should be changeable so that it may be updated and altered regularly to reflect current characteristics and trends. This will also lessen the likelihood of making irrevocable errors.

  • Simple to follow: 

We don’t want the person looking at our models to become confused or uninformed. As a result, those who create financial models should ensure that the model is created in such a way that a layperson or someone with only rudimentary expertise may understand it. To make the context understandable, templates might be used.

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Some of the Implementations of Financial Modeling Are as Follows:

  • Obtaining funds (debt and/or equity)
  • Buying (or selling) businesses and/or assets
  • Trying to expand the company naturally (e.g., opening new stores, entering new markets, etc.)
  • Allocation of funds (priority of which projects to invest in)
  • determining the worth of a company
  • ratio analysis/financial statement analysis
  • Accounting for management

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Who Should Take a Financial Modeling Course?

As a result, financial modeling can be advantageous to anyone in the business world. For certain people, however, learning this talent is very necessary if they want to be successful in their industry. Some of the people who need to know about financial modeling are as follows:

  • Those seeking to bridge a knowledge gap.
  • Bankers who want to brush up on their technical knowledge.
  • Financial strategy teams are employed.
  • Graduates getting ready for a job interview in the financial sector.
  • Students are interested in a career in finance who are in business school.

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Top 11 Financial Modeling Courses in Mumbai

The Financial Modeling Course is an essential program to bring out the talent that plays a critical part in all enterprises and firms, therefore learning it before entering the corporate world is a good idea.

Having a resume that states you have studied Financial Modelling will help you stand out from the crowd and save the firm time from having to teach it throughout the induction process. This is one of the most comprehensive financial modeling courses in Mumbai.

If you operate a business and want your staff to learn this skill, these courses are a good option because you won’t be able to complete all of the duties on your own and will likely need help. Some of the most popular financial modeling courses in Mumbai are listed here:



One of the most highly-rated institutes for diverse professional courses, IIM SKILLS offers the most detailed financial modeling courses in India encompassing all vital aspects of the financial modeling process.

With industry-expert mentors who have incisive knowledge of financial models, practical assignments, case studies, and immersive learning pedagogy, this financial modeling course empowers you with the learning that enables you to apply for the most coveted positions in the financial modeling domain.

Course Name – Financial Modeling Course 

Course Name – Rs 39900 + GST

Course Topics

  • Types of Financial Models
  • Valuation Methods
  • Accounting Principles And Statements
  • Analysis of Three Statements
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Understanding The Essentials of Key Performance Indicators
  • Forecasting
  • Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Business


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The LMS is a storehouse of all class recordings and case studies. learning materials, and updated information on financial modeling concepts. Furthermore, you acquire communication skills, presentation skills, and verbal and written communication skills. The team helps with creating infographic resumes and preparing for interviews in top organizations for financial modeling roles.

Contact: +91 9580 740 740, [email protected]

Find here the highly-rated:


2. Imarticus

It is regarded as one of the best financial modeling courses in Mumbai. They also provide a wide range of programs in this area. ‘Financial Analysis Prodegree’ is the most relevant course that teaches Financial Modelling.

This course lasts four to five months and will prepare you for employment by combining experience and blended learning. Students will learn about the topic through case studies, classroom lectures, and hands-on projects. They’re also known for their top-notch job placement services.

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3. Proschool

The leading financial modeling service supplier in India is IMS Proschool. It offers training on weekends and weekdays, making the course accessible to both students and working professionals. Students are taught by professionals in the sector.

Online learning material is always available to students. A 70-hour training program is required. Live projects are assigned to students to provide them with real-world exposure to the industry.


4. EduPristine

One of the best Financial Modeling courses in Mumbai is offered by EduPristine. MS Excel will be taught to you from the ground up. You will be able to construct financial models on your own by the end of the course. There are two kinds of training programs available:

  • Classroom training is a type of training that is more general.
  • Corporate training is a type of training that is more tailored and specialized.


Discussion forums, pre-recorded videos, 24-hour assistance, and access to online content are all included in the Financial Modeling course (online).


5. Jaro education

One of the major financial modeling courses in Mumbai is its ‘Certification Program in Corporate Finance & Analytics.’ This course includes six months of virtual learning, as well as usage and expertise with a variety of tools and technologies, peer networking, and more than 100 hours of interactive learning.

This program will assist you in developing the analytical and financial management abilities necessary for a company to analyze and regulate its income and expenses to meet long-term objectives.


6. Udemy

Udemy offers one of the most comprehensive financial modeling courses in Mumbai. Its ‘Beginner to Pro in Excel’ course is regarded as one of the best in the field of financial modeling. It covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of financial modeling, such as working on it with Excel.

It will enable you to do your activities faster and more successfully. They’ll also show you how to create more appealing and complicated Excel sheets and charts. Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Excel 2016, and Microsoft Excel 2020 are the only programs required.


7. CFI

It is well-known as a provider of financial modeling courses in Mumbai. They teach numerous forms of financial models in their financial modeling classes, which will help you understand what types of models a firm where you may work in the future could require.

The goal of this course is to learn about accounting, MS Excel, finance, forecasts, presentations, and strategy, among other things. For two years, you’ll have access to their course collection, which includes over 120 downloadable templates to help you create better, more self-explanatory, and more appealing models and charts.

The training lasts six months. All you’ll need is a PC or Mac, Microsoft Suite (2016 or later), and a steady internet connection.


8. The Wallstreet School

The Wall Street School offers renowned financial modeling courses in Mumbai. You’ll also get some hands-on experience here. All of the academics are experts in their fields. The training materials are current, and case studies are solved to help students grasp diverse ideas.

Batches are available on weekends as well as during the week. This is a 6-week course with a total time commitment of 180+ hours. You can access the study materials and numerous relevant elements at any time if you choose an online self-paced video format.

They may also be able to assist you in finding employment. CA’s, MBA Finance students, engineers, and students with a B.com/BBA degree can all benefit from this course.


9. BSE

It offers financial modeling courses to help companies boost their performance in related areas by providing an effective management approach. Prior knowledge of spreadsheets and Excel is not required of their students, and the two-day curriculum begins with a lesson on the fundamentals of spreadsheet modeling. 


10. Academy of Financial Training

The Academy of Financial Training offers one of the most well-known financial modeling courses in Mumbai. More than 1000 hours of instruction will be provided to you here to ensure your entire development. They have around 25 professionals in several fields and a well-known financial modeling faculty. They have trained approximately 6000 pupils thus far. 


11. ATM Training

The Academy of Financial Training offers one of the most well-known financial modeling courses in Mumbai. More than 1000 hours of instruction will be provided to you here to ensure your entire development. They have around 25 professionals in several fields and a well-known financial modeling faculty. They have trained approximately 6000 pupils thus far.


Common Types of Financial Models

A balance sheet or a profit and loss statement is only part of financial modeling. It can be made in a variety of ways and contains a mix of different types of recordings. The following are some of the most common financial models:

  • Three Statement Model
  • Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • Merger Model
  • Initial Public Offering Model
  • Leveraged Buyout Model
  • The sum of the Parts Model
  • Consolidation Model
  • Budget Model
  • Forecasting Model
  • Option Pricing Model


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is financial modeling included in the CFA program?

Ans: In Financial Modeling, you can apply the theoretical knowledge you gained in CFA studies to real-world situations. Based on your understanding of CFA ideas, you can develop a financial model. Financial Modeling, likewise, can be taught independently of CFA topics.

2. What does financial modeling pay as a beginning salary?

Ans: In India, the average income for a Financial Modeler is Rs. 7,77,831. To view Financial Modeler wages in your area, sort by location.

3. Is it possible to find a job after completing a financial modeling course?

Ans: The majority of work prospects accessible after completing the Financial Modeling course are in the industry of finance. A candidate can begin working in businesses such as stock research firms, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private finance firms.


There are a variety of financial modeling certifications to choose from. If you are unable to attend the workshop owing to financial constraints. Then you can participate in financial modeling online courses via Live Video Conferencing, which you can do from any location. A laptop or desktop computer, as well as an internet connection, are required.

The most significant benefit of financial modeling is that it allows employees to work on financial models that are beneficial to enterprises. The analytical model generates a spreadsheet for financial managers that may be customized using various filters.

The ideal credential for a financial manager is the Financial Modeling certification. One can use Excel to brush up on his financial modeling skills. Professional financial modeling courses are generating a wide range of high-paying international careers. I hope this article has helped you to choose the best training institute for the institute of financial modeling courses in Mumbai.

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