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Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Tembisa

Digital marketers are now essential because of the rise in internet usage, the development of new technologies, and businesses wishing to invest in their digital capabilities. Africa is showing a high demand for qualified digital marketers, just like many other nations around the world. However, the talent pool in the sector is still rather small. To meet the industry requirements, you should consider enrolling in digital marketing courses in Tembisa.


List of best digital marketing courses in Tembisa


Are you considering a career in digital marketing? It is a brilliant pick! I can say this without a doubt. Anyone can enter the fascinating world of online marketing at any time, regardless of prior experience. Hunting for digital marketing courses in Tembisa? To deepen your knowledge of digital marketing, we’ve listed the top 7 digital marketing courses in Tembisa.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the umbrella term for all marketing initiatives that use digital media to reach consumers and advertise products, services, and brands. Examples of such digital media include websites, social media, search engines, mobile apps, email, text messages, and more.

The objectives of digital marketing can be just as diverse: creating a brand or corporate identity, reaching out to customers, running informational campaigns, enhancing user engagement, turning browsers into buyers, raising sales, etc.


What Do Digital Marketers Do?

Let’s start by discussing the idea and concepts of digital marketing. Digital marketing comprises the use of internet marketing channels for marketing activities, as opposed to traditional marketing, which depends on offline channels including print, direct mail, and phone calls. This makes it simple for digital marketers to target and win over new clients.

Driving brand awareness and lead generation through digital platforms is the responsibility of digital marketers. They spend their days developing, posting, or revamping content, handling social media, or implementing numerous different tasks in an attempt to strengthen a company’s digital presence.

A day in the life of a digital marketer commonly entails managing social media marketing campaigns, working on search engine optimization or search engine marketing initiatives, supervising email campaigns, and coming up with ideas for a company blog.

A digital marketer uses online platforms to connect with customers, boost brand recognition, and promote goods and services. Due to the complexity of various tasks required for their position, digital marketers must juggle several roles.

To keep up with the rapidly expanding digital media platforms they need to develop, implement, monitor, and assess campaigns, they need to become proficient in a wide range of skills and tools. Day to day tasks of a Digital Marketer depend upon the nature of the job or business, along with where you are at in your career.


10 Simple Steps To Launch Your Career in Digital Marketing 

Following these 10 steps will help you start your digital marketing career right away:

  • Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing
  • Build your website
  • Master SEO
  • Earn a Google Ads Certification
  • Study Facebook Ads Marketing
  • Advance your Google Analytics skills.
  • Get a legitimate internship.
  • Pursue a career in freelance digital marketing
  • Keep up with innovations and never stop learning
  • Develop knowledge about digital marketing tools.


Skills Required to Become a Digital Marketer

The technology-driven economy of today requires marketers and business owners towards becoming familiar with digital marketing. The skills needed to thrive in digital marketing are numerous and diversified because the field incorporates traditional marketing, web design, SEO, social media marketing, content creation, and much more.

How would you as a digital marketer differentiate yourself from your rivals in a market where so many businesses are using digital marketing strategies and hiring digital marketing experts?


Let’s Examine the Top Qualifications Needed to Work as a Digital Marketer:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Customer Relationships Management (CRM)
  • Video Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Email advertising
  • Data Analytics
  • Design planning
  • Planning Strategically
  • Selling and Influence


Top Tools in Digital Marketing 

A digital marketer deals with a wide range of responsibilities and marketing channels, which includes quite several related tools and software. These tools are used to build and track campaigns, evaluate data, and set advertising campaigns. Some of the key resources for a digital marketer to be familiar with are:

  • Google Ads 
  • Google Analytics
  • Taboola or Outbrain
  • SEMrush 
  • MailChimp
  •  HubSpot
  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Canva 
  • Facebook Insights
  • WordPress


It’s essential to become familiar with some of these tools if you’re considering a career in digital marketing.


How To Learn Digital Marketing

Now that you’ve decided that a career in digital marketing, it seems to be the best pick for you. You need to become competent in the in-demand skills that will land you a job. There are countless offline and online digital marketing courses in Tembisa available these days.

You must opt for one of the digital marketing courses in Tembisa and begin your path in digital marketing. You now have the choice of paying for digital marketing education or learning it for free. If you are new to digital marketing, choose the paid approach; however, if you are already familiar with the fundamentals, you can learn digital marketing using Google.

The paid digital marketing courses in Tembisa will provide you with practical knowledge and assist in job placement. You’ll also be qualified to receive a wide range of digital marketing credentials at the end of the course, which could also enhance your resume.

 Fortunately, aspiring digital marketers have a lot of options. Some countless colleges and organizations offer digital marketing courses in Tembisa, many of which are highly credible in the eyes of recruiters.

7 Digital Marketing Courses in Tembisa

  • IIDE
  • Digital School of Marketing
  • Damelin Online & Digital Marketing Institute
  • Oak fields College
  • University Of Cape Town
  • Vega School Of Brand Leadership 



One of India’s leading online educational institutions, IIM SKILLS has locations in 23 Asian cities. It offers a variety of professional courses that cover both basic and advanced topics and delivers 180 hours of comprehensive digital marketing training from qualified instructors and experts.

Additionally, they assist students with job placement and resume writing. An ever-available Learning Management System (LMS) is one of IIM SKILLS’ most notable features. The LMS provides all lesson materials as well as upgrades and new features.

The course is instructor-led, and it needs three months of in-depth live training to complete. A 2-month internship with a guaranteed stipend is also offered. IIM SKILLS’s Digital Marketing Course also aims to prepare students for 15 other key certification courses, including the Google, HubSpot, and Facebook Blueprint courses.


Course Highlights 

  • 180 hours of comprehensive training
  • Tools net worth INR 79000+
  • Lifetime access to learning management
  • Global placement support 
  • 60 hours of practical assignments
  • IIM Skills Master Certification
  • Certificate preparation: google, HubSpot, Facebook, blueprint
  • 15+ live projects
  • 10+ case studies


Course Syllabus 

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • WordPress development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Integrated digital marketing strategy
  • Web analytics
  • Online reputation management
  • Content writing and advanced blogging
  • Media buying and planning
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Digital infographics resume creation



Contact Details

Number: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


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2. IIDE – The Digital School

IIDE is currently one of the top institutions for digital marketing. IIDE is setting new standards for quality education around the world after being named the “Best Digital Marketing Institute” by the World Education Congress Awards 2021. More than 2,35,000 students from nations including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, UAE, and others have received their training.

Additionally, IIDE provides a thorough online digital marketing course with more than 13+ certificates and cutting-edge instruction. Students learn from self-paced video courses which are carefully curated and taught by domain experts.

Tutors also conduct one-on-one tutoring sessions and weekly live online sessions to thoroughly address students’ questions and concerns and engage them in fun active learning.


Digital Marketing Course Highlights

  • 100+ Hours of Live Class
  • 50+ Hours of Videos
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions
  • 20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  • In-Class Live Presentations
  • 7+ Live Projects & Practice Assignments
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Resume & Interview Training


Course Syllabus

  • Digital Scenario in India
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How to Monetize Your Blog
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google Ads
  • Content Marketing
  • Advance Content Strategy
  • Design Essentials
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Web Analytics
  • Creative Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • Soft Skills
  • Email Marketing
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Website Planning & Development
  • AD Psychology
  • Copywriting


Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 96199 58615

Email ID: [email protected]


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3. Digital School of Marketing

The leading provider of recognized digital marketing education in South Africa is The Digital School of Marketing (DSM). This educational school stands out because (MICT SETA), the Media, Information, and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority, has accredited all its marketing courses. They are moreover a part of the IAB South Africa.

The institute provides a wide range of digital marketing courses in Tembisa at a fairly affordable rate. All digital marketing courses in Tembisa offer simple and flexible methods of payment. Each course has been carefully created and tailored to meet the needs of the digital marketing sector.


Course Highlights

  • Infographics built with Learning Outcomes in Mind
  • Videos specially made for the Learning Program
  • Every lesson’s eBook is available for download.
  • You will receive a Certificate upon completing each module
  • Formative and Summative Assessments


Course Syllabus

  • WordPress 
  • Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) 
  • Social Media Marketing Management 
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Digital Copywriting
  • Content Marketing 
  • Marketing Management


Contact Details

Phone Number: 0861428710

Email ID: [email protected]


4. Damelin Online & Digital Marketing Institute

Damelin Online has teamed with the Digital Marketing Institute to deliver internationally acclaimed digital marketing courses in Tembisa to aspiring digital marketers. One can easily advance in their career path by expanding their skill set with this great range of online digital marketing programs.

Take digital marketing courses in Tembisa that emphasize continued growth in the realm of digital marketing to hone your overall marketing skills. You can develop your profession by taking this course, which will teach you in-depth information about certain marketing programs. 

They are one of the top providers of digital marketing courses in Tembisa and around the globe, and they have a track record of improving the skills of digital professionals to help them grow successful careers and encourage continual learning, which will help mold the workforce of the future.

Their certification programs are sponsored by some of the leading industry organizations, including the American Marketing Association, and therefore are widely recognized programs. By earning one of the most renowned digital marketing certifications in the industry, you may advance your career and keep up to date.


Course Highlights

  • 8 in-demand skills including “The Art of Persuasion”
  • Improved UX and supporting content library
  • Live sessions with an industry expert 
  • Interactive exercises and practice exams to jog your memory
  • All the latest digital platforms including Tik-Tok is covered
  • B2B Marketing content learning
  • Access to all course upgrades 


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Paid Search (PPC) Using Google Ads 
  • Display and Video Advertising 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Website Optimization 
  • Analytics Using Google Analytics 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy


Contact Details

Phone Number: +1 917 6365832


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5. Oak fields College

Since its founding in 2006, Oak Fields College has evolved into a flourishing and diversified institution. They credit their tutors’ highly effective teaching strategies and their extensive professional expertise for their accomplishments. To ensure students’ success, they establish smaller batch courses and provide each one of them with individualized attention.


Course Highlights

  • Interactive course material
  • Leverage strategies to gain a digital competitive advantage 
  • Learn to increase return on investment 
  • Latest digital technologies, techniques, and tools
  • Face-to-face lectures
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Local case study
  • Small group discussions
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • Career Guidance
  • Learn from Experts
  • Live Q&A
  • Resume & Interview Training


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing 
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Strategy and Planning


Contact Details

Pretoria Campus: 012 361 0416

East Rand Campus: 010 591 7314

Somerset West Campus: 021 850 0383


6. University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is South Africa’s oldest university and one of the finest in both research and education. It was originally established in 1829 as a school before being transformed between 1880 and 1900 into a university. They are ardent advocates of safeguarding human rights and think that everyone should have an equal opportunity.


Course Highlights

  • Practical expertise in web design, analytics, SEO, online copywriting, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing. 
  • Understanding of the many components and channels that make up a comprehensive digital marketing plan.
  • The ability to apply learning across a wide range of situations, businesses, and career levels.


Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Website design and development
  • Web analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Online copywriting
  • Online advertising and PPC
  • Social media and web PR
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital marketing strategy


Contact Details    
Phone Number: +27 87 551 8063


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7. Vega School of Brand Leadership

Vega is an educational institution founded in 1999 by the Independent Institute of Education. Their primary objective was to educate South Africa’s youth to stay up with the rapidly evolving, new global environment. This institution is ideally positioned to meet the industry’s rapidly expanding needs.

Giving pupils the conceptual, strategic, and practical skill sets needed to tackle future issues helps achieve this. IIE-Vega is fortunate to have an esteemed council of advisers that provides thoughtful criticism and guidance on its programs.

Their Digital Marketing Courses in Tembisa are created for individuals who have the responsibility of creating or executing brand and marketing strategies on digital platforms.


Course Highlights

  • Experiential learning with the choice of an Industry Immersion program with businesses.
  • Empowers learners with the latest digital competencies.
  • Develop the knowledge and abilities needed to create, manage, and evaluate digital campaigns.
  • Multidisciplinary teams of students take on real-world brand challenges.


Course Syllabus

Year 1

  • Digital Marketing 1
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Marketing 1
  • Business Management 1
  • Economics 1
  • Accounting 1
  • Applied Communication Techniques


Year 2

  • Digital Marketing 2
  • Online Marketing 2
  • Business Management 2A: Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management 2B
  • Project Management
  • Economics 1


Year 3

  • Digital Marketing 3
  • Business Management 3
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Information Systems Strategy
  • Introduction to Research
  • Business Project
  • Research Practice


Contact Details

Phone Number: +27 (0)11 521-4600

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing is a wonderful career path. We now live in a digital world, and marketing budgets are flowing away from traditional marketing channels and more toward digital advertising. Businesses must strengthen their digital presence, and there is a growing market for digital marketing roles globally. Digital marketing is perfect for anyone wishing to build a firm or work as a full-time freelancer because you don’t have to be physically present in a certain location.


Q2. How much does a Digital Marketer earn?

For many people, a good career is measured by compensation, and digital marketing earnings are more than competitive. According to a recent study by Credo, the average hourly wage for digital marketing consultants globally is $140. However, you won’t be able to charge this amount right away; there are several factors that can influence the rate, including years of experience, the client’s industry, geographic location, etc. The demand for digital marketing consultants is rising quickly, and there is money to be made in the field of digital marketing.


Q3. Is there a demand for Digital Marketers?

Yes, there exists a demand for digital marketing professionals as it is one of the industries with the fastest growth rate. According to HubSpot, 70% of businesses now spend money on content and social media marketing, and 64% of marketers reported that their marketing budgets increased this year. In fact, according to Bullhorn Inc, 71% of hiring managers experience trouble locating candidates with the necessary digital marketing skills to fill their positions. Hence the demand for skilled digital marketers increases rapidly. 


Q4. How to Get into Digital Marketing?

You should enlist yourself in a digital marketing boot camp or course to advance your marketing expertise and skills. You should also look for marketing networking opportunities and start looking for entry-level digital marketing jobs and internships.


Q5. Is it possible to get into digital marketing with no experience?

Although it is possible to enter the field of digital marketing without any prior experience, you must first acquire the necessary skills of a digital marketer and be capable of demonstrating them before you can call yourself a digital marketer. If you don’t have any work experience, you can highlight the outcomes of the real-life projects you completed for your digital marketing courses in your portfolio.


Key Learnings

Starting a career in digital marketing is an excellent move, given the need for digital marketing experts is growing globally, and the pay is good (depending on experience). If you’re just getting started, strengthening your skills should be your primary concern. Digital marketing is not something you can just learn by taking a course and getting started. Digital marketing is made up of many different disciplines, and if you want to work in a job where earnings are higher, you should be an expert in every one of those.

Building your own website as a practice platform is the best way to master digital marketing. Start your career as a freelancer and gradually grow your clients and business if you wish to work independently or launch your own digital marketing agency. We hope that you found the details on the Digital marketing courses in Tembisa to be helpful and that they have given you the information you need to successfully apply for the courses. All of these institutions offer many other courses with their standards.

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