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Top 12 Digital Marketing Courses in Tamworth With Placements

Are you willing to study digital marketing courses in Tamworth? Then go through the shortlisted top digital marketing courses designed for you. When Tamworth itself is called the “ First Town of LIGHTS, “ why are you delaying illuminating yourself? In the past couple of years, Tamworth has witnessed an unexpected surge in the field of digital marketing. The demand for digital marketing courses has immensely escalated and it is not going to shrink anywhere in upcoming years.


List of best digital marketing courses in Tamworth


Why There is Demand for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the process of marketing products or brands through digital platforms like websites, social media channels, SEO, email, etc. with the use of the Internet. In this era of digital media individuals from all age groups across the world spend most of their time on the Internet.

There is a quantum leap from offline mediums like TV, Newspaper, and radio to online mediums like blogs, YouTube, email marketing, and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram for marketing the brands and products to ensure the connection of larger audiences globally which helps in accelerating engagement, increasing revenue, and scaling up the business. To become well-versed in this particular program, you can enroll in any digital marketing courses in Tamworth.


Scope of Digital Marketing in Tamworth

Digital marketing is the next frontier as it not only provides better career growth and employment but will also facilitate your skills for advanced opportunities as well. Whenever a product is launched, a campaign is required to reach the right target audience at the right time. To accomplish the campaign there is a prerequisite to interact and understand the audience and advertise based on their action and preferences.

With the advent of shorts and reels the audience’s attention span has comparatively reduced. People are no longer interested in lengthy and boring advertisements. Digital marketing is the way you can psychologically convince the potential customer within a short period. Digital marketing routes the narrowing of the gap between company and customer. It is beneficial for the company and equally favorable for the customer to shop at their home without any hassle.


Career Options in Digital Marketing in Tamworth 

Career options after doing digital marketing courses in Tamworth are skyrocketing. You will get hired as a digital marketing Assistant, Digital Marketing Coordinator, digital media manager, e-commerce, administration, marketing executive, SEO specialist, content creator, social media marketer, and email marketer. You will be the one who can Elevate the company’s growth by aligning with its business goal. You can even successfully establish your own business from local to multinational by branding your stories and aims with great precision.


Salary in the Digital Marketing Profession

After completion of digital marketing courses in Tamworth, you may expect a salary between AUD 48073 to 75378 with an average salary of AUD 26580. At entry level, you get a salary of around AUD 33000 which n will increase with experience with an expected salary of AUD 78906. This is about the job Sky’s limit for business income in digital  marketing


Top 10 Places Where You Can Learn Digital Marketing in Tamworth

Digital marketing is booming and expanding as a new trend and a necessity for a business in today’s world. You too can give wings to your career and explore your strengths as well as a digital marketer.  You can enroll yourself in any of these institutes and transform your life.


1. Digital Marketing Courses by IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS has grown immensely as an online platform that has groomed the learners with their variety of courses with certifications along with other preparation with Google, Facebook(meta)& HubSpot. Digital Marketing Master Course is among the outstanding courses, comprising 5 months, and 180 hours of training conducted live with 10+ case studies.

Moreover, it offers free toll worth 79000+ and lifetime access (LMS) to the material. You will get hands-on assignments every week as well as feedback on the submitted task. You will get to learn about brand building, digital audience aggregation, etc.


  • Course duration – 3-month program with 2 months paid internship.


Web development at WordPressWeb analyticsMedia buying and planning
Search engine optimizationOnline reputation managementAffiliate marketing
Email marketingE-commerce MarketingVideo Marketing
Inbound MarketingQuora marketingMarketing automation
Social media marketingGraphic DesigningDigital infographic creation
Integrated digital marketing strategyContent writing and advanced bloggingSearch engine marketing


  • The program includes– a paid virtual internship, a certificate of completion from IIM SKILLS, lifetime access, and placement support.

What can you expect after the course– solid portfolio, build a social media calendar for Starbucks and a professional blog on WordPress, can write your first SEO-friendly article on Medium.com.

  • Course fee– AUD 546.34


2. Digital Marketing Courses by Udemy

Udemy is one of the top picks for digital marketing courses in Tamworth. The course type is online with over 20 hours of training and practical steps which will pave your path to a career in digital marketing. Various topics of digital marketing are well explained by the trainers, combined in a single course. Sign up for this course to gain clarity on the digital media market. Highly recommended for a beginner who is looking forward to a job or thinking of starting their own business.


  • Course duration- 22h43min with over 247 lectures.


  • Modules covered –
Market researchYouTube marketingInstagram marketing
Make a websiteFacebook marketingLinkedIn marketing
Email marketingTwitter marketingFacebook Ads
copywritingQuora marketingApp Marketing
Search engine optimizationGoogle adsSearch engine marketing


  • The program includes- Udemy certificate of completion, lifetime access to course updates
  • What can you expect after the course- knowledge of marketing strategies across online marketing channels, and website owners to drive traffic and sales.


• Course fee- AUD 60.27


3. Digital Marketing Courses by University of Liverpool, U.K.

Do you want an offline digital marketing course then the University of Liverpool offers programs like an MSc in digital marketing, a PG Diploma, and a PG Certificate based on the credits. A well-designed course will incorporate theoretical knowledge and practical application, preparing you for the industry with required skills such as consumer behavior, digital communication, social media marketing, brand creation, and core business skills.


  • Course duration- 30 months part-time and online
  • Entry requirement- minimum of a 2:1 in any subject of bachelor’s degree.

                                    professional work in a related field

IELTS Score-6.5.


  • Modules covered- digital marketing strategy and practice, becoming a leader, ethical and sustainable business practice, finance and data analysis for the manager, digital communication, social media, marketing, brand creation, and management research methods.
  • What can you expect after the course- well equipped with knowledge, skills, and confidence to become an effective manager to align and influence an organization’s strategy and practice?
  • Course fee- MSc-AUD 16,065

                      PGDip-AUD 10,710

PGCert-AUD 5,355

  • Contact info-+44(0)1517942000


4. Digital Marketing Courses by Coursera

Coursera is an online institute that provides 6 courses for digital marketing specialization. It consists of a variety yet the finest digital marketing courses, taught by industry experts, which one can select according to one preferences. The convenient part for you is you can learn at your own pace. Their designed modules help you to push forward your acquired knowledge of digital marketing.


  • Course duration for this program is- 3 months at 10 hours a week
  • Modules covered-
Fundamental of digital marketingContent brandingTwitter marketing
Market researchSales psychologyQuora marketing
Setting up your websiteCopywritingFreelance Projects
Email marketingDigital marketing channelsSearch engine marketing
Google AnalyticsGoogle adsWordPress SEO
Search engine optimizationYouTube and Facebook AdsLinkedin marketing
Digital marketing strategySocial media channel marketingSocial media campaign


  • What can you expect after the course career certificate, learn in-demand skills, master the tool and deep understanding of concepts, and experience on hands-on projects?

• Course fee-AUD 76.77


5. Digital Marketing Courses by IIDE

IIDE is one of Tamworth’s finest online ed tech institutes that provides digital marketing courses with AI-powered training supply hand learning in key areas of digital marketing, suitable for anyone be it freshers, small businesses, owners, influencers, freelancers, or working professionals. IIDE offer two type of digital marketing course- Post graduation in digital marketing and a certificate advanced online digital marketing course as well.

Their MBA-level program will help you understand the nuts and bolts of the core principle of digital marketing. The curriculum is thoughtfully designed to deliver a variety of range of skills and aims within digital media..


  • Course duration- 4 months for Advanced Certification in Digital Marketing and 6 months for Professional Certification in Digital Marketing and Strategy.


  • Modules covered
COURSE-1Marketing fundamentals

Introduction to agencies and department

COURSE-2Website basics

Search engine optimization

Google Ads


Corporate soft skills

Reporting and excel training

COURSE-3Social media organic

Brand reputation management

Social media paid

Influencer marketing

Resume & LinkedIn building

COURSE-4Lead generation & nurturing

Google Analytics

Capstone project

COURSE-5Media planning

Conversion rate optimization

Customer relationship management

Blogging, AdSense

Freelancing economics

Personal brand building


COURSE-6Art of pitching

Client servicing

Campaign planning

Project management

Multimedia case studies

Conflict resolution skills


  • What can you expect after the course- 100% placement assistance, prepare you for demanding industry jobs like SEO associate, campaign manager, social media associate, content writer, etc.
  • Course fee-AUD 2166.51 to AUD 3014.28


6. Digital Marketing Courses by Simplilearn

Master the concept of digital marketing with Simplilearn at your convenience, which will furnish you with a skillful and well-versed digital marketer. Simplilearn offers digital marketing courses to suit experimental needs and make their student industry-ready. Simplilearn course will help to create a strong foundation in brand strategy skills within the digital landscape.

  • Courses duration- 12 months access self-paced course
  • Modules covered- mastering SEO, content marketing, PPC, digital analytics, Mastering Social Media, Mobile Marketing, advanced web analytics, advanced SEO, digital marketing capstone
  • What can you expect after the course- boost your career and business, specific insight into analytical topics, job assistance program.
  • Course fee- AUD 1209.48


7. Digital Marketing Courses by UpGrad Campus

UpGrad Campus is a class apart from engaging online digital marketing courses in Tamworth.  Sign in to get in-depth knowledge and practical tools to navigate the various aspects of digital marketing.

They have thoughtfully designed the curriculum to keep the demand of the market, hence incorporating generative AI Tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, etc. in the module of digital marketing courses.


• Course duration- 5 months

  • Modules covered- digital marketing channels and metrics. Blog creation project, remarketing. SMM, SEM, web analytics, designing and building web presence, 20+ case studies.
  • What can you expect after the course- networking opportunities, freelancing and communication skills, upgrading your resume, ready for a job?

• Course fee- AUD 753.57


8. Digital Marketing Courses by Hubspot Academy 

To fuel your digital marketing skills Hubspot Academy is the best place for online digital marketing courses in Tamworth, from developing skills to creating content and everything that you need to excel in your career. Their courses comprise search engine optimization, ranking websites organically, advertisement strategy for the growth of the business, and many more are available in their library with access to free tools.


• Courses duration – 5:25 hours

  • Modules covered
Content managementSearch engine optimization strategy for business promotionVideo marketing strategy
Content marketingInbound MarketingPay per click
Email marketingEnhancing website performanceAdvertisement skill
Lead generationWriting top-quality blogsRanking strategy for website


  • What can you expect after the course- you will be able to create a successful video marketing strategy. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded with globally recognized certification.
  • Course fee-free registration with AUD 200 and AUD 99 per month.


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9. Digital Marketing Courses by Udacity

The City Nano degree program is one of the leading online digital marketing courses in Tamworth which masters your skill and elevates your technology career with no prerequisite knowledge.

Udacity courses provide a wide range of in-depth knowledge in Marketing fundamentals, marketing data, and technology such as Google Analytics, social media marketing, SEO essential, SEM essential, digital advertising, and email marketing topics.


• Courses duration- 3 months

  • Modules covered-


Fundamentals of marketingContent marketing and strategy
Social media marketingSEO optimization
Google Ads & Google AnalyticsEmail marketing
Display advertisingMeasuring and optimizing results.


  • What can you expect after the course- advance your career and help in landing high-paying roles, prepare you as an entrepreneur.

• Course fee- AUD 290.12


10. Digital Marketing Courses by ClickMinded

ClickMinded is a well-designed online digital marketing course that will train any beginner for a job as well as owners to drive and grow traffic. This course is flexible, you can manage your prior commitments and work life as well. Moreover, convenient for expanding the depth and breadth of the knowledge. The mentor will guide you to the invaluable clarity of the digital marketing domain. After completion of the course, you will receive the digital marketing certification.


• Course duration- 3-6 hours

  • Modules covered- SEO Course, Web Analytics Course, email marketing course, sales funnels course, paid advertising course, and social media course.


  • What can you expect after the course- Transformational Growth in Career? Certification after finishing the course and passing the final exam, train to build a system that makes money.


  • Course fee- AUD 1000


11. Digital Marketing Courses by ALISON

Sign in Alison digital marketing courses in Tamworth that offer different courses in various disciplines like diploma courses, certificate courses, and short-term certification. They provide certification in different categories like marketing health, business management, etc.

It has more than 20 million learners and 3000+ courses will help to flourish skills related to fundamental and advanced digital market domain. They will not just teach you but make you ready for industry jobs with real-time project training.


Course duration- a few hours

Modules covered– fundamentals of marketing

marketing management

social media marketing

digital advertising

email marketing

online marketing.


What can you expect after the course- free certification and furnishing you to create compact marketing strategies and ideas?

Course fee- free


12. Digital Marketing Courses by ISB

ISB- expand your skills with in-demand digital marketing courses in Tamworth, an online platform with real-world experience,  guide you to develop target content strategies, create stimulated campaigns, optimize key performance metrics, and manage campaign budget.

This program is especially for marketers looking for more ROI, employees seeking to make a comeback after a significant break from a career, and entrepreneurs looking for expansion of their business.

You will get the chance to sharpen your skills, evolving as a digital marketer with their extensive and innovative course material.

  • Course duration-12 weeks online/ 4-6 hours/ week
  • Who can apply– any graduation/diploma holder


Modules covered under the course

Module -1 Marketing in the Digital World

▪        Growth and benefits

▪        Traditional marketing

▪        4Ps of marketing

▪        The long-tail effects

Module -6- email and social media ad campaign

▪        Building an engaging social media

▪        Analyse strategies

Module-2 Customer in the Digital World

▪        Role of peer influence

▪        Easy access to information

▪        Case study

Module -7– metrics, and ROI

▪        Analyse metrics of a campaign

▪        Key KPIs, financial understanding of challenges

▪         Trade-offs between short-term and long-term.

Module -3 Customer Journey

▪        Digital marketing funnel

▪        Customer persona

Module -8- digital strategy and analytics

▪        Optimizing campaigns using Data Analytics

Module -4- Reaching and engaging the customer

▪        Exploring the  – paid, owned, and earned, media domain


Module-9- Strategy, planning and execution

▪         Content production

▪        Launching effective campaign

Module -5- Making Digital Work Strategies

▪        Planning framework for paid ad campaigns

▪        Ideas in PPC

Module -10 – emerging technologies

▪        IoT and Robotics

▪        Impact of artificial intelligence




Is a digital marketing course best for online or offline?

Online and offline courses are equally good Online provide flexibility and are beneficial for working people whereas offline give structured guidance but will require investment of your time. So search for the best available digital marketing courses in Tamworth and choose according to your convenience.


Any prior qualifications required to take a digital marketing course. 

No prerequisite qualifications or experience are required to take this course. Anyone can unlock their new skill at any time. You just need to have that willingness to learn and conquer a completely new domain.


Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing is an impressive career in today’s time where the whole world is floating online. You can expect an exceptional career uplift and lucrative employment even after completing any digital marketing courses in Tamworth.  Digital marketing is the gateway of numerous available jobs with decent pay scales.


What is the scope of digital marketing? 

Digital marketing is trending as one of the Sought professions, allowing you to become an entrepreneur, scaling your business by reaching specific target groups from specific niches.  In this time from shopping to dining, people use the internet, and digital marketing is the stepping stone to creating and selling yourself in the market.


Which is better: MBA or Digital marketing? 

No doubt the MBA program is a remunerative course across the globe to facilitate a stable job and high income whereas the Digital marketing courses in Tamworth is a short span course of 3-4 months that prepares you readymade for the jobs.


How to choose the best digital marketing courses in Tamworth?

Check the shortlisted top digital marketing courses. Go through their website, compare the modules, course duration, fees, and reviews, and choose the one that suits you best.



Digital marketing is an emerging field that equips you with enormous opportunities and massive rewards. Knowing the needs of the audience and presenting the best possible invention before the world proves to be beneficial for both the giver and receiver, to scale up your business as well as to make hassle-free life of the audience. The make and break of any brand, industry, or organization are on the shoulders of digital marketers to showcase their marketing skills in creative ways, to boost traffic and increase engagement with mobile customers. Reward yourself with a well-established career in a digital marketing generation. Learn the roadmap and sign up for digital marketing courses in Tamworth.

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