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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Tunisia With Placements

The set of technologies and analytical tools is used to handle quantitative and qualitative information or data—the main objectives are organizational help, government support, and building accurate results for businesses and companies. The data analytics courses in Tunisia explore the meaning of data analytics with its types with live cases for business organizations.



Let us begin to explore the top institutes that offer the best data analytics courses in Tunisia.


Benefits of Joining the Data Analytics Courses in Tunisia

The data analytics jobs are evergreen and to grow in the future. Businesses and companies are hiring people as data analytics or data scientists also find trends, patterns, and data relationships. This career provides top-level jobs to people with an excited mindset.

Increase Productiveness

Businesses and organizations use data for different processes and increase the output of production. In minimum time create ads and useful content businesses and companies utilize data analytics to improve efficiency in operational, data developer sections.

Eg. Gathering and analyzing the data about malls on which different companies create an identity where sometimes delays or bottlenecks can help to decide where the problem will occur in the future and how to prevent them.

Decision -Making

The benefits of data analytics are the use of information and loyalty to business decisions. Starting with productive analytics it can help to predict what will happen in the future which is based on collected data.

In perspective analysis, it indicates how the business responds to changes.

Data analytics minimizes manual work. By selecting absolute data and marketing strategies or producing the newest product. The data can be used by organizations to make better decisions. For customer satisfaction outcomes are aimed and achieved.

Enhance the Customer Support line

Data analytics provide different services to customers with requirements. It strengthens customer relationships. Allow you to produce top-level services and product recommendations. It can reveal data about customer’s concerns and preferences with minimum price.

Fruitful Marketing

Data analytics brings insights into the success of your career. Get customer’s requirements to engage the campaign and convert them into leads. It provides an analysis of customer needs, behavior, and trends including age and location. Data analytics enables strategies for customers uniquely.



Abilities Required for Data Analytics Courses in Tunisia

The different skills required for data analytics from multiple fields. The beginners acquire knowledge of data analysis with software skills. The job list gives first preference to the candidates with degrees in any field:

  1. Engineering
  2. Computer Degree
  3. Computer Science and Mathematics
  4. Statistics and computational maths

The students, beginners, and employees can understand that data analytics can change rapidly. The educational qualification in data analytics requires the candidate to build a career. Large businesses and companies are willing to take candidates with good qualifications.

To learn new skills in data analytics to become a data analyst or data scientist we provide top institutes in Tunisia.

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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Tunisia With Placements



The Data analytics courses in Tunisia provide one of the top institute IIM SKILLS. This institute gives detailed knowledge and practical training on data analytics. The data analytics works under Power BI, a data visualization tool, Tableau, and Python. IIM SKILL offers free demo lectures for beginners. The beginners can gain experience through demo lectures if they are satisfied then they can enrol in the course for deep die in data analytics.

This institute builds insights through knowledge and training in data analytics. The modules provided by the course are as follows,

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest-Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 1867.29 Tunisian Dinar + Taxes

Core Modules

  1. Data Visualization
  2. Fundamentals of tools
  3. Basics of data
  4. The architecture of data visualization
  5. Blocks of data
  6. Data performance

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 5)

  1. Python Programming
  2. Time series analysis
  3. Network Working
  4. Data analytics in finance
  5. Mathematics

Why You Should Join Data Analytics

It is one of the top-ranked institutes in Tunisia. It offers part-time and full-time study modes. The part-time course details involve weekend or night classes it can be attended from remote places by online sessions and full-time includes a year course with detailed study and training through offline and online modes without interrupting classes.

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Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com


2. Tunisia Metropolitan University

This course offers technical, practical, and theoretical skills necessary to do a job as a data analyst. Start your career as a data scientist after graduation or post-graduation. Thankful to the teaching staff, for working on projects, for unlimited access to software, and for guidance on tools.

Why You Should Study Data Analysis Courses in Tunisia From Tunisia Metropolitan University?

Data analytics includes data mining, mathematics, statistics, and visualization all of the modules will be taught at this university. This program helps beginners gain knowledge of key resources at industry levels and live project cases.

Core Modules

  1. Data strategies
  2. Fundamentals of Excel
  3. Basics data cleaning
  4. Operations on data
  5. Advanced data analytics
  6. SQL queries
  7. Learn database with queries
  8. Import data
  9. Large data sets with operations

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 5)

  1. Tableau Programming
  2. Storytelling on data modules
  3. Dashboards on tableau
  4. Finance and maths for tables
  5. Statistical building blocks

Objectives of Data Analysis Courses Are as Follows:

  • Students acquire the basics of programming
  • Get knowledge in designing and coding
  • Beginners can develop practical skills in the data analytical section
  • Improve problem-solving methods and reasoning example
  • Employees can have expertise in data analysis

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3. BrainStorming Academy

The analytics courses in Tunisia help to begin your career as a data analyst. It helps to build the skills required to succeed in the workplace. The experience as data scientists will expose beginners to data analytics tools and datasets helping to increase knowledge and data skills.

The instructors have experience as data professionals who worked at top companies. The BrainStorming Academy helps to create portfolios in data analysis. This institute conducts live and specialist in data science.

Core Modules

  1. Evolution of data visualization techniques
  2. Historical perspective
  3. Perception, cognization and design
  4. Signification of visualization
  5. Overview of visualization tools
  6. SQL with data visualization
  7. Preprocessing
  8. Single variable using visualization techniques
  9. Relationship using multiple variables
  10. Complex statistical modules and distributions

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 6)

  1. Analyzing time series data
  2. Patterns and trends
  3. Real-time data streams and updates
  4. Reducing dimensionality
  5. Integrating data visualization with storytelling
  6. Data-driven narratives and presentations

Advantages of Data Analytics Course

  1. Helps with decision-making
  2. Handle risks during projects
  3. Better customer experience
  4. Easily detect fraud
  5. Easy problem-solving methodologies
  6. High-campus recruitment facilities
  7. Interview preparation to crack
  8. Face-to-face question-answer sessions
  9. Build confidence with practical
  10. Studying in a self-paced environment


4. Knowledge Assembly

The knowledge assembly data analytics courses in Tunisia are developed based on real-world projects. Through this course, it helps to translate raw data into beneficial insights. For completion of the course, students can mandatory to complete projects and case studies in learning mode. The study can include online and offline modes.

 Why You Should Join the Knowledge Assembly’s Data Analysis Courses in Tunisia?

The course provides an online mode to beginners, and lessons to get them success. This course gives live training on projects to students and allows them to join with batchmates. Students can gain vocabulary through the course.

 Core Modules

  1. Methods of collecting primary data
  2. Strategies for collecting secondary data
  3. Error solving methods
  4. Difference between primary and secondary data
  5. Data transformation
  6. Data reduction
  7. Data Visualization with Python
  8. Preprocessing of data
  9. Visualization techniques for case studies
  10. SQL Relationship by using variables
  11. Simplex and complex statistical methods

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 6)

  1. Predictions
  2. Regression for outfitting
  3. Multiple parameters testing by using grid algorithms
  4. Basic outlier
  5. Transforming data
  6. Array with types

Scope of Data Visualization Courses in Tunisia

Data gathering is soaring due to the internet world, IOT, and digitization. It generates emergence for professionals to transform raw data into insights.


  • Industry Applications: In healthcare, e-commerce, and manufacturing departments use data visualization techniques.
  • Government Sectors: The digital world promotes data analytics and data scientists, fueling the demand for excellent professionals
  • Data-based Decisions: Businesses increasingly plan on data insights for informed decision-making, and visualization needs.
  • Career Opportunities in Data Science: Designations like data visualization scientists, data analysts, and business intelligence analysts are experiencing high demand and promising growth.


5. Government Section

Do you want to become a data analyst? Why worry…come and join us for the data analytics courses in Tunisia. This course provides free demo lectures to beginners, students, and employees with zero fees. You can gain knowledge by doing a free-of-cost registration. They teach you SQL, Python, and Power BI with training. Top data analysts from government sections will guide you for the campus drive.

Based on your performance and hard work on capstone projects during an internship, they are hired by top companies on that basis also, beyond that they provide free training sessions.

Core Modules

  1. Basic business environment
  2. Introduction to MS-Excel
  3. MS-Excel Connectivity to Power BI
  4. Fetching data from multiple data sources like Excel, SQL, Oracle, and MySQL
  5. Creating Numpy-Numpy array and Data types
  6. Numpy slicing and indexing
  7. Swapping and transposing array
  8. Set login and unique sorting methods

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 6)

  1. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  2. Masterclass for industrial experience
  3. Case studies
  4. Basic live projects
  5. Programming
  6. DataBase relationship


  • Data Quality: Check reliable data sources for visualization.
  • Skill Gap: Bridging the gap between the demand for skilled professionals and the available talent pool is vital.

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6. Prisha Foundation

The foundation of your career begins at Prisha Institute. It is one of the high-level institutes in Tunisia. The lakes of great learning begin from here in different subjects like Machine learning, Data Visualization, and business structures. The Prisha Foundation secured 2nd rank in Data analytics courses in Tunisia. Today they are offering data analytics courses in online mode one-month teaching and a three-month internship and in offline mode they are providing full-time courses.

Core Modules

  1. Fundamentals of Matplotlib
  2. Functions of Seaborn
  3. Line, bar, and scatter plots
  4. Scatter, categorical plot
  5. Distribution plot and joint plot
  6. Panda and Panda series
  7. Panda data frames
  8. Panda operations like selection, filtering and dropping
  9. Text frames -reading and writing data using text frames

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 6)

  1. Linear regression
  2. Coefficient and derivation
  3. Techniques for decision-making
  4. Data analysis methodologies
  5. Learning classification
  6. Supervised and unsupervised learning methods

Tools for Data Visualization Include:








Amazon Web Services




Power BI


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7. Edureka

The data analytics courses in Tunisia provide the Edureka Institute with knowledge in data analytics. They offer training in online and offline modes. You can learn and acquire knowledge at your own pace. It helps to become an analyst or scientist in data techniques.

Core Modules

  1. Statistics for data analytics
  2. Programming in data analytics
  3. Training in data analytics
  4. Essentials for analytics
  5. Amazon certification (live class)
  6. Mapping functions
  7. Descriptive statistics
  8. Piecharts and errorbars
  9. Membership with value count and value roundoff

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 6)

  1. Installation of Power BI and SQL
  2. Components and architecture of Power BI
  3. Power BI certification training
  4. Data Loading
  5. Azure Basic
  6. Working with Azure

Features of this Course:

  • The students can get jobs with 12 to 20 lakh per annum after completion of the course
  • Training on modules has more than 120 hours
  • You can easily access study material and video lectures lifetime.
  • Experts from Top Business sectors and Industries guide you in the data analysis journey
  • Learning Management System updates regularly portal for student’s beneficial
  • Real-life projects on data analytics through online mode


8. Analytics Career 2K24

Analytics Career 2K24 offers data analytics courses through various modes of learning by online and E-learning classrooms and offline case studies. The training centre is provided with Data analytics courses in Tunisia, which is beneficial for professionals who want to do a career in analytics.

The data science course covers concepts and techniques useful for data analysis.

Core Modules

  1. Introduction of Business Intelligence
  2. Power BI building blocks
  3. Power BI features
  4. Data refreshing
  5. Data modelling
  6. Data models and data view
  7. Desktop Power BI formatting
  8. Relationship operations
  9. Power BI table operations like insert, delete, and sorting
  10. Weekly 2 assignments and projects

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 5)

  1. Internship in three months
  2. Learning in 50 hours with self-paced
  3. Free online demo sessions (6 hours)
  4. Column operations-Renaming, deleting, and reordering
  5. Value filtering

The Goals of This Module Include:

  • Students can acquire skills in Numpy and data frames
  • Gain practical therapies for project completion
  • Expertise in statistics and data analysis
  • Beginners are comfortable to grasp concepts and visualization techniques
  • Live teaching and learning method gives a better understanding of tools and installation techniques


9. DreamTechnology

It provides a data analytics program for analyzing raw data to bring accurate results and insights. This program allows you to create, prepare, and manipulate correct and accurate data for making the right decisions. From this course program, you will learn with fun and earn certifications for catching a dream job in data analysis with various roles.

Core Modules

  1. DAX Basic
  2. Operations on DAX
  3. Measures with types-Multiple, aggregate, Math, logical, and string
  4. Matrix operations in Power BI
  5. Subtotal and total in matrix

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 4)

  1. Python and SQL connectivity learning in 15 hours
  2. Certifications in data modules
  3. Reasoning questionnaire-solving methodologies
  4. Tableau certifications with training in 20 hours

 Data Analytics Programming

The pillar of programming in data analytics strengthens student’s careers.

Modules include programming in Python and SQL queries, control structures, input and output, and handling errors. Course contents focus on manipulation of data and data presentation for analysis. Integrated modules teach how to prepare data, dashboards, and reports using programming modules like Python. Students can also learn data extraction and panda on SAAS technology.


10. 2K24 Ambitions

The data analytics courses in Tunisia offer ambitions for a data analytical career through online learning classes. Different programs can come under data science with guaranteed placements. This course provides training on tools and after completion of the course, students can gain certificates for career opportunities. It is one of the richest institutes for data analytics certifications in Tunisia.

Core Modules

  1. Data visualization Map
  2. Introduction of charts with their types
  3. Introduction of dashboard
  4. Dashboard creation with function
  5. KPI introduction – Visualize KPI, layout, requirements, and uses of KPI

Choice-based Modules/ Elective Modules

(Select any 3 modules from 4)

  1. Python learning in 10 hours
  2. Data cleaning with types
  3. Live training on dashboard creation in15 hours
  4. Data visualization certifications with training in 20 hours


This module permits employees and learners to complete the task. With this, they also provide rewards for new creativity.

The training session includes multiple forms with different subjects. Students can easily adopt skills in tools of data visualization. The professionals can easily complete case studies and projects of government sections and industries.



Which tools are used for Data Visualization?

Tableau:-It is a very popular tool. It is powerful and easy to use. Create charts, maps, and graphs through Tableau
Power BI:-Power BI focuses on creating data for businesses and transforming data into insights
Google charts:- Create visualizations using Google charts. It is a JavaScript-based tool.
Datawrapper:- It is a visualization tool with zero coding. You can easily create charts and maps and publish them.
Infogram:-Big industries and companies need data in a particular format. Create a format in the form of an interactive dashboard and projects using Infogram. It is a web-based tool used for message communication.
Python:-Execute Python programs in Power Import result dataset directly in Power BI performing operations on tables and creating meaningful reports.

What are the basic objectives of data analytics courses in Tunisia?

  • Understanding data visualization concepts and machine learning modules, processes, and algorithms
  • Data analytics problems can be solved using mathematical and statistical methods.
  • Compare the techniques and tools of multiple types of data.
  • Students can get live training experience on solving real-world data analytics problems.
  • Provide practical knowledge for project completion
  • Improve programming skills and coding through weekly assignment
  • Career opportunities session makes beginners perfect for future jobs

What are the opportunities in data visualization?

Job roleDescriptionSalary
Data ScientistUtilize machine learning and statistical methods to extract useful data, Data visualization works on relationships and communication among a lot of data3.5 to 14 LPA
Data AnalystIdentify patterns and trends of the largest datasets.2.5 to 12.5 LPA
Business intelligence analystCollect, interpret, and analyze data to bring actionable output for business improvement. Getting visualization tools to create meaningful reports and dashboards4 to 15.5 LPA
Data Visualization SpecialistRepresent simple and complex data through visualization tools. Making decisions on data using visualizations


 2.7 – 18 LPA
Marketing AnalystsStudy market facilities and custom needs, and utilize strategies with Python and Tableau to analyze key performances. 3- 12 LPA
Financial AnalystsEvaluate Financial raw data to help planning, using visualization formulas to get accurate results and trends. 4- 11.5 LPA
Healthcare AnalystsExamine healthcare data to increase resources and patient health care, apply visualization techniques and methods to observe outcomes of patient’s health and various trends in the healthcare department. 2.3 – 9.5 LPA



Data Analytics courses in Tunisia provide one of the advantageous careers for a bright future. This article’s top listed courses in Tunisia help to take a jump in Data Analytics. Beginners, learners, and students can easily learn data visualization and earn more. Through this course start your career as a data professional.

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