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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Palau With Placements

At the earliest, every day, businesses and industries are created and jumbled with some big data. Referred as organizations on the other hand converts into basic knowledge by using procedures and approaches. These procedures and approaches refer to analytics and a subset of analytics. This article describes the fundamentals of data analytics. It also includes basic information on the best data analytics courses in Palau.



Let’s begin with the list of top-ranking institutes that offer world-class data analytics courses in Palau.


For effective data operations, enhance all aspects of data. Businesses focus on data analysis. Data visualization companies widely generate 8 to 9 billion USD in sales by 2023, displaying a 9.88% rise over the preceding four years. You can learn how to make informed decisions, and future events, and study big data analytics is expanding continuously.

Data analytics involves three stages: Collecting and storing data, Organizing and processing data, and visualizing and analyzing data.

In another way, it starts with logically recognizing the data, at the end it helps to build data using multiple patterns and trends that have understandable meaning.



Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Palau With Placements



IIM SKILLS is a leading global ed-tech institute providing an educational platform for learning data visualization methodologies and professional courses in Asia.

All courses get certified and recognized globally by the government. The syllabus is continuously updated and designed for advantages and the assurance of the full promise of the best coaching to the students.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees- 598.13 United States Dollars + Taxes

Data Analytics Course Modules:

1Power Business IntelligenceIntroduction to Power BI, Fundamentals and advantages, uses, Architecture, Power BI installation steps, applications of Power BI, History of Power BI
2Excel with Data visualizationCreating tables with performing operations, Extracting and merging data from Excel to Power BI, Power BI arithmetic, logical, mathematical, and statistical operations on tables
3SQL with Power BIData definition and data manipulation queries in SQL, data fetching from SQL to Power BI, Database connectivity from SQL to Power BI
4TableauTableau introduction, syntax, Tableau basics, Tableau with Data tool, Tableau installation, Tableau output, Tableau programs
5AlteryxIntroduction to Alteryx, user environment, and understanding Alteryx, Data filtering and processing, Data cleansing and data models using Alteryx, random sample and joining data from multiple sources
6PythonPython basic, fundamentals and Python programs, Python with Power BI, extracting data from Python to Power BI, Python foundation, core Python

It is one of the recommended courses of all professional courses. This course offers 3 months of comprehensive training in online and offline mode and 2-month internship which provides training on live projects. The course fee is an absolutely good price which is an affordable and justifiable service.

Data Analytics Covers the Following Tools

  1. Excel
  2. Power BI
  3. SQL
  4. Python
  5. Tableau

The eligibility criteria for the data analytics course in IIM SKILLS is graduation or post-graduation, fresher, or UG for doing the course and getting more benefits. Beginners and Professionals can easily apply for this course from any background like the Banking, Finance, and Sales sections.

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Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

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2. QuickXpert Institute

Advanced data analytics courses focused on career training programs from QuickXpert Institute. It is available to beginners and companies for professional coaching from specialists in person or online sessions. Widely this institute’s furnish and placement offers helped students seek careers in IT fields from IT or non-IT sectors.

In today’s high society, each organization accesses a large volume of data. Data scientists, data analytics, and business analysts work in cooperation resulting in insights from raw data into the forms of reports, charts, dashboards, and other data visualization tools that help to expand business and make decisions for their organization.

Vast Data Analytics Courses in Palau will teach you how to install tools and programming languages, including Excel, SQL, Python, Tableau, etc. to execute data analytics.

Data is an important part of the organization’s growth, and Quickxpert easily understands it. Wiser management can fetch pertinent information from raw data in the form of summary charts, dashboards, etc. to understand the organization’s future achievement and performance.

Blend SQL with Power BI with tools like Python, Tableau, and advanced Excel to meet data visualization needs.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Data visualization technique
  2. Tableau operations
  3. Table organization
  4. SQL connectivity
  5. Advanced Excel
  6. Basic Excel

Course Features

  1. Online learning methods
  2. Industry based projects
  3. Online tutors
  4. Mentoring Guide
  5. Immense learning from online sessions
  6. Job placement support

These essentials can met by this institute with advanced data analytics courses in Palau, which build the best market ever. You can acquire skills technologies and tools, that make you a great applicant for seeking recent hires. IT and non-IT applicants looking for jobs highly profitable, with low programming knowledge required for fields like data analytics and data scientists whether you are new or experienced in the industry.

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3. 360DigiTMG

Course Name-Enhanced Data Analytics Courses in Palau

360DigiTMG is a leading industry supplier of the world’s top training and among the top 15 suppliers of data analytics solutions in 2019. This institute was established in 2015 and has become high for offering a course in data analytics.

Using data analytics tools like Excel, and SQL, and data visualization tools like Power BI, and Tableau, beginners who enroll in training courses will empower themselves with different skills.

The students in data analytics courses in Palau will gain a pertinent grasp and knowledge of many approaches when working with data sets with data science. To analyze large amounts of data we go through different technologies.

As per the data analytics syllabus, beginners, students, and professionals are expected to gain multiple techniques for studying unsorted or arranged data as well as building a visual story using Tableau and Power BI.

To get in-depth knowledge of data frames you must take admission to this course. The four-month training course covers Python, advanced Excel, and tools like Tableau.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Business Analytics
  2. R Programming
  3. Data science statistical method
  4. Mathematical methodologies
  5. Classification
  6. Regression
  7. Statistical analysis
  8. Data collection with types
  9. Working with raw data
  10. Classification and regression methods

Course Features

  1. Learn and study with the help of live lectures, videos, and case studies
  2. Attend multiple exams to get certifications
  3. Gain knowledge through one-to-one mentorship
  4. Complete your projects with the help of top experts
  5. Prepare a resume and appear for an interview

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4. Seed Talentedge

Course Name- Advanced development data analytics courses in Palau using Excel and Power BI

It is Palau’s topmost educational company based on the latest technologies. After establishing in 2013, the institute began to provide different courses in leadership and management. Students can get a wide level of data analysis courses in Palau and they will use data frames to create insights for companies and industries by using a whole set of processes for data science. They preferred R, SQL, and Python tools.

This course aims to acquaint you with a basic knowledge of statistics can appreciate and understand.

The goal of this institute is to remove all external components of data science and codes. Teach you methods through real-life examples with basic knowledge and circumstances that can appreciate.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Vectorized computation
  2. NumPy fundamentals- NumPy array-n dimensional array, arithmetic NumPy array
  3. NumPy Datatypes
  4. Universal functions- elementwise mathematical and statistical functions
  5. Slicing, Indexing-Swapping, and transposing arrays
  6. Panda programming
  7. Panda data frames, Panda series
  8. Creating data frames from Excel and CSV file
  9. Python-Python dictionary, Python lists, and Python tuples
  10. Operations on Data frames
  11. Matplolib and Seaborn-Basics of Bar, scatter, and line
  12. Statistics plot- Triangular plot, Density plot, categorical plot, and density plot

What You Can Learn and Earn From This Course

  1. Build confidence through cracking demo interviews
  2. Creating a resume with new tricks and adding new concepts makes the resume stronger which is beneficial for job opportunities
  3. Earn certifications at national and international levels by getting high scores on tests
  4. Experts from the institute bond during project sessions and learn new methods for completing project capstones prosperously


5. Prisha 

Complete your dream to become a data scientist or data analytics at our institute. This is one of the top institutes in Palau which is the government recognized at national and international level. It was founded in 2017 with only 100 faculties and 500 students.

As demand grows excellent faculties for some courses in this institute today are rising students nearly 5000+ students are currently enrolled and 1000+ faculties are in the teaching and guiding field.

The Prisha data analytics training was merged with IIM SKILLS in 2020 since students can earn certificates from IIM SKILLS and Prisha Institute.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Building workbook
  2. Formulas of Excel
  3. Data formatting
  4. Edit charts
  5. Call referencing with types
  6. R programming Bolts and nuts
  7. Looping functions and debugging
  8. Simulation programming and profiling in R programming
  9. SQL database building
  10. Entity relationship modeling in SQL
  11. SQL subqueries and adding records in a table
  12. SQL injections and Data manipulation


  1. Improve customized experience
  2. Thread line operations
  3. Valuable patterns and insights
  4. Effective decision making
  5. Latest Strategy for updated concepts

Dashboard in Data Science with example

  • Sales-The sales dashboard is useful for understanding data, Performance, and tricks of achieving the target
  • Marketing-In customer tour marketing plays an important role and it helps to study stages of marketing
  • Product- The product dashboard is useful for businesses such as how and which type of product is used and what the response of the product
  • HR- For recruiting, and tracking company details, the HR dashboard help teams visualize progress


6. Simplilearn

To guide business strategies and decisions is crucial given the increasing importance of data analytics and data science. Join Simplilearn’s advanced data analysis courses in Palau to become a specialist in the field and handle the growth of your businesses and companies. It is renowned institutions that provide internationally accredited courses.  You can enroll in any one of these programs to learn and study under the largest in the world.

Aims to give career builders like data analysts, data scientists, computer programmers, software developers, and machine learners. Along with gaining practical knowledge of AI, Python, Excel, and SQL. Employees are enthusiasts in gaining practical knowledge and experience with creating nest generation business models and highly challenging issues of businesses may also search this program is helpful.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Introduction to machine learning
  2. Data preprocessing
  3. Linear regression
  4. Decision tree
  5. Data mining
  6. Reinforcement learning
  7. Supervised and unsupervised learning
  8. Python generators
  9. Exception handling and operators in Python
  10. Python exception handling

Course Highlights

  1. Training on various modules of Analytics
  2. Beneficial to freshers, graduates, and postgraduate students
  3. Interactions, workshops, and seminars are included in the course
  4. Online certification is accepted anywhere


7. Palau University

Course name- Data analytics course in Palau

This university assembled data analytics with degree levels like BCA and BCS. After successful completion, graduates and postgraduates may request Institute of Analytics (IOA) membership. Data science experts are from the international level. This institute provides a chance to join industries, learn about career opportunities, share knowledge, access the programs for lively-going professional development courses, and display designation.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Data analytics overview
  2. Descriptive analysis
  3. Statistical analysis
  4. Perspective analysis
  5. Diagnostics analysis
  6. Graphical techniques
  7. Measure of dispersion
  8. Benefits of data analytics
  9. Sampling variation
  10. Box plot

Here Are Some Tools You Can Learn in Advanced Data Analytics Courses

  1. SQL
  2. Excel
  3. Power BI
  4. Python
  5. Agile
  6. Tableau


8. Datamites

Course name- Comprehensive data analytics courses in Palau

It is renewed as data analytics institute offers unique analytics courses

In various subjects, including Python, Data science, Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, and Machine learning.

It provides the greatest knowledge aims in the field of data science and machine learning. The primary function of data analytics courses in Palau provided by Datamites is to shape people who can face the challenges of the data analytical world.

A basic understanding of modern technology can be beneficial in many ways. Freshers, technical professionals, and analytical-oriented applicants can take data analytics courses in Palau which are offered by Datamites at low prices and live training on projects. In the technological era pillars of knowledge and abilities to operate new technologies.

The course is equipped to conquer the field because it is knowledgeable.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Spatial data
  2. Temporal data
  3. Text analytics
  4. Forecasting analytics
  5. Algorithms
  6. Relational database management system
  7. Customer analytics
  8. Supply chain analytics
  9. Optimization
  10. Simulation

Learning Outcomes of Advanced Data Analytics Courses in Palau:

  1. In the technological industry, the data scientist becomes knowledgeable and able to give online training
  2. Simply learn coding, and apply it to statistical data analysis
  3. Get training from qualified experts from reputable corporations that have many years of experience
  4. Teachers are experts in deep learning architecture, SQL connectivity, creating dashboards, and ensuring updated trends that are running in the job market
  5. Virtual practice classes, instruct you on how to use skills in every situation

Here Are Some Tools You Can Learn in Advanced Data Analytics Courses in Palau

  1. Matplotlib
  2. Panda
  3. Excel
  4. NumPy
  5. Python
  6. Seaborn
  7. Charts
  8. Plots

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Course name- Certified data analytics courses in Palau

Data science is an integrative field of revolution that combines logical strategies, computations, and creating bits or facts of expertise from data that are data mining in accurate systems, it may be trained or structured data. You can enroll in a data science course and be certified in an advanced data analytics course that will provide you access to talents, facts, methods, strategies, and readiness.

Different configurations likeability, designs, and knowledge of data science are equal to mining.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Data analytics in Power BI
  2. Importance of data visualization
  3. Data science framework
  4. Big data
  5. Hadoop
  6. Machine learning
  7. R programming
  8. Data visualizing techniques
  9. Data controlling and exploring
  10. Time series
  11. Vector machine
  12. Logistics regression

Course Highlights

  1. Stage 1-Learn with the help of videos and books
  2. Stage 2-You can go online coaching
  3. Stage 3- During the mentorship, you will be guided by specialists on your case studies


10. Basent Technology

This is one of the prestigious institutes that offers data analytics courses in Palau. This institute is government-certified and experts from government industries teach you different modules of data visualization with tools.

Perform practicals on company-based projects. You need the basic knowledge of computers and maths to join this course.

This course consists of 4 months of teaching and 3-month internship. You can spark in Pandas and Python. You can get full placement cell support for a job with mock interviews. This course is suitable for technical and non-technical graduates.

Data Analytics Course Modules:

  1. Machine learning
  2. Different parts of the data
  3. Tableau practical sessions
  4. Tableau with Power BI
  5. SQL with data science connectivity and perform operations
  6. R programming
  7. Case studies
  8. Practicals on modules
  9. Real-life examples of data analytics

Course Highlights

  1. Live training on projects
  2. Demo lectures for students
  3. Course enrollment with lower price
  4. Remote jobs are given through placement cells
  5. Study material is available on the website 24*7 hrs.
  6. Lecture videos and case studies can be lifetime accessible


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. After the course completion can I get a job as a data analyst professional?

Right now, the hardest decisions are made in business, the data analyst professional is costly, and the interest is only when there is a lot of data from various sources.

Q2. Describe data analytics in detail.

In the contemporary world, the data includes sales, marketing, and expenses data analysis. Observing and establishing data on what is essential and what is not may be arduous and tedious. In the actual picture, the data analyst acquires data, carries out an in-depth study, converts it into correct information, and makes decisions about companies and businesses.

Q3. I and my friend have been a postgraduate recently we are freshers. Are we able to apply for data analytics courses?

In the earliest days, employers are looking for applicants with degrees and expertise who are qualified in data analysis, due to the gap between demand and supply for data analytics in the industry. Plenty of possibilities in the field of data analytics for graduates and post-graduates.

Q4. What is the difference between a data scientist and a data analyst?

Data ScientistData Analyst
Take data from SQL or Excel and clean it using techniques before delivering itData scientist assists in completing data science projects.
The career track of data analyst is transferring to data scientistData scientist is a top-level designation
Data is provided by the data analyst to the data scientistPython and Tableau-based machine algorithms built by data scientist
Works on Excel, SQL-based moduleWorks on Python-based module



Coming to the last point, the data is the main role that we heard surely. The data is used properly in companies and big businesses. Data management is a great strategy in today data data-centric world.

Industries begin to realize data science’s importance for the sharpness of industries. Correct choices result in more effective industry operations and enhance all aspects of business and industries. Moving to the point, get knowledge in problem-solving with the help of new tricks of data visualization suits. The listicle provided you to select a wiser institute of data analytics in the city.

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