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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Monaco With Placements

In this article, we shall discuss and deliberate Data Analytics as a top-of-the-line modern career option and provide you with the top 10 data analytics courses in Monaco. The world has shifted gears since the turn of the last decade, and new technologies and innovations are being brought into existence at an astronomical pace. At the heart of such progress and oracular didacticism lies an ocean of data, acting as a fulcrum point for modernity. In hopes of staying afloat and navigating such a metaphorical ocean, it has become necessary to synthesise and process the vast quantity of data. 



Let us begin with the list of top data analytics courses in Monaco.


Definition of Data Analytics:

A standard definition for Data Analytics can be found here:

What is Data Analytics?

Without going into too much technicality in defining the terminology behind Data Analytics, we can impart a basic understanding of the topic. Data Analytics is the simple process of data collection, analysis and interpretation used to extract insights, patterns and trends. This assimilation of synthesised knowledge is then utilised in the guidance of decision-making processes and to overcome multilayered global obstacles that plague humanity.



Relevance of Data Analytics:

The metaphorical ocean of data the world has generated and keeps generating is a fundamental sign of society moving into modernity and by proxy, the digital age. Our online transactions and interactions have amassed themselves into an indigestible Goliath known as Big Data.

To properly defragment and analyse said Goliath into valuable insights and guidance patterns, we need the help of Data Analytics. Data Analytics has become a ‘genius loci’ of the modern world, ushering in the dawn of a new age of digital efficiency.


Scope of Data Analytics:

The modern world, in keeping pace with faster rates of digitalisation needed a long-term solution for the amassing of a long-term logistic problem. The pathway through such obstacles came from the study of Data Analytics. Every specialised route in Data Analytics comes with a pillar of responsibility, skill requirements, and salary expectations.

Some of the Most Promising Pillars of the Field Are as Follows-

  • Financial Analysts
  • Healthcare Data Analysts
  • Sports Analysts
  • Environmental Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Operations Analysts
  • Crime Analysts
  • Economic Analysts
  • Social Media Analysts


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Monaco With Placements



About: IIM Skills is dedicated to providing the best guidance and professional mentorship through its Master Certification courses. The 6-month Data Analytics Master course is designed to make you job-ready within the aforementioned period. Along with lifetime access to resource materials and session recordings, IIM SKILLS also guides future jobs. The chance at a guaranteed internship coupled with experienced faculty members makes IIM skills one of the best at providing Data Analytics courses in Monaco.

Course Details:

Name: Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 months of training +2 months Internship

Fees: 557.44 Euro + Taxes

EMI: Interest-Free

Certification: yes


A simple Bachelor’s degree acquired in any field of study with a basic understanding of computers and technology

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Data Analytics Using Advance ExcelAn Introduction to Data Handling
Data Visualisation
Data Manipulation
Data Analysis and Reporting
Overview of Dashboards
Create dashboards
Data Analytics Using VBAIntroducing to VBA
Key Components of Programming language
How VBA Works
Programming constructs in VBA
Functions & Procedures in VBA
Objects & Memory Management in VBA
Communicating with Your Users
Data Analytics Using SQLBasics RDBMS Concepts
Utilising The Object Explorer
Data Based Objects Creation
Data manipulation
SQL Server Reporting Services
SQL Server Integration Services
Data Analytics Using Power BIAn Introducing Power BI
Data Preparation and Modelling
Data Analysis Expressions
Visuals in Power BI
Data Analytics Using PythonIntroduction to Statistics
Introduction to Mathematics
Introduction to Analytics & Data Science
Python Essentials
Operations With NumPy
Overview of Pandas
Cleansing Data with Python
Data Analysis Using Python
Basic Visualization Tools
Visualizing Geospatial Data
Data Visualization with Python
Advanced Visualization Tools
Statistical Methods and Hypothesis
Data Analytics Using TableauGetting Started
Data Handling & Summaries
Building Advanced Reports and Maps
Table Calculations
Calculated Field
R For Data ScienceData Importing and Exporting
Data Manipulation
Data Analysis
Data Visualization
Using R with Database
An Introduction to Statistics
Linear Regression
Data Analytics Using AlteryxVisit website for more information

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

Explore more about the in-demand:


2. Sprintzeal

About: Sprintzeal offers a well-respected training course to graduates and professionals all over the world. From Government firms to corporate companies and multinational organisations, Sprintzeal’s main focus is to provide high-quality training to all kinds of aspirants. Sprintzeal is without a doubt one of the best providers of Data Analytics courses in Monaco.

Course Name: Big Data Analytics Training Course in Monaco

Training Mode: Online or Classroom

Eligibility: No specific criteria have been mentioned, but a general familiarity with computer and technology handling can prove beneficial

Duration: 4 Days

Program Fee: Live Online – EUR 1154

Classroom – EUR 5699

Website: www.sprintzeal.com

Contact: IND: +91 9036108289

USA: +1 315 666 4287

UK: +44 7700174870

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Module 1:Course Introduction
Accessing Practice Lab
Module 2:Big Data
Big Data Analytics
What is Big Data
Four Vs of Big Data
Case Study – Royal Bank of Scotland
Challenges of Traditional System
Distributed Systems
Introduction to Hadoop
Components of Hadoop Ecosystem
Commercial Hadoop Distribution
Module 3:Hadoop Architecture HDFS and YARN
High Availability Cluster Implementation
Data Block Split
Data Replication Topology
Resource Manager
Application Master
Tools for YARN Developers
Module 4:Data Ingestion into Big Data Systems
Apache Sqoop
Apache Flume
Apache Kafka
Producer Side API
Consumer Side API
Kafka Connect
Module 5:Distribute Processing MapReduce
Advanced MapReduce
Data Types in Hadoop
An Introduction to Pig
Components to Pig
Pig Data Model
Pig Interactive Modes
Pig Operations
Apache Pig
Module 6:Apache Hive
Hive SQL over Hadoop MapReduce
Running Beeline from Command Line
Module 7:NoSQL Database
Module 8:Basics of Functional Programming
Programming with Scala
Scala REPL
Module 9:Apache Spark
Limitations of MapReduce in Hadoop
Hadoop Ecosystem vs Spark
Module 10:Processing RDD
RDD in Spark
Caching and Persistence
Storage Levels
Linage and DAG
Aggregating Data with pair RDD
Module 11:Spark SQL
Interoperations with RDDs
RDD vs DataFrames vs Dataset
Processing DataFrames
Module 12:Spark MLLib
Analytics in Spark
Machine Learning
Overview of MLLib
Module 13:Stream Processing Frameworks
Real Time Processing of Big Data
Data Processing Architecture
Spark Streaming
Design Patter for using ForreachRDD
State Operations
Windowing Operations
Structured Streaming APIs
Spark Streaming
Module 14:GraphX in Spark
Graph Operators
Join Operators
Graph Parallel System
Algorithms in Spark
Pregel API
Use Case of GraphX

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3. The Knowledge Academy

About: The Knowledge Academy offers a very distinct course experience, formulated to train professionals and aspirants into a skilled and competent workforce. They provide a broad selection of training modes designed and curated to the needs of every individual. They’re easily one of the first choices for working professionals trying to journey through the promising world of Data Analytics courses in Monaco.

Course Name: Data Science Analytics – Monaco

Training Mode: Online or Classroom

Eligibility: No specific criteria have been mentioned, but a general familiarity with computer and technology handling can prove beneficial

Duration: 1 Day

Program Fee: starts from EUR 2295

Website: www.theknowledgeacademy.com

Contact: [email protected] (+44 1344 203 999)

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Module 1:What is Data Science?
Types of Data
Data Science Pipeline
Module 2:Data Wrangling Workflow
Data Acquisition
Data Collection Process
Data Enriching
Data Cleansing
Module 3:Data Analysis within Business
Confirmatory Data Analysis
Exploratory Data Analysis
Data Analysis Files
Module 4:An Introduction to Data Mining
Regression Analysis
Module 5:An Introduction to Data Visualisation
Psychology of Charts
Module 6:An Introduction to Data Manipulation
Intra-record Structuring
Inter-record Structuring
Module 7:What is Big Data?
Fundamentals of Big Data
Data Tools
Methods of Sampling
Chunking Principles


4. Le Wagon

About: Le Wagon has strived to teach people the skills they need to land their dream job, change careers, or launch their startups since early 2013. They provide a life-changing learning experience through their immersive boot camps in data analytics and web development. Le Wagon seeks to deliver a promising opportunity for aspirants hoping to delve deep into the world of Big Data, as one of the top providers of Data Analytics Courses in Monaco.

Course Name: Data Analytics Course

Training Mode: Online or In-person

Eligibility: No specific criteria have been mentioned, but a general familiarity with computer and technology handling can prove beneficial

Duration: Fulltime: 2 Months

Parttime: 7 Months

Program Fee: Signup on the Website to learn about the fee structure

Website: www.lewagon.com

Contact: Visit the website and sign up to receive further communication details

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Preparation workIntroduction to Python
Introduction to SQL
Introduction to Google Sheets
FoundationsIdentify the data sources
Build a sales funnel
Analyze campaign performance
Analyze customer retention
Google Sheets
Language of Data AnalystsSQL
Data ExtractionZapier
Google Tag Manager
Data VisualizationPower BI
Looker Studio
Data ManipulationPython
Google Colab
Project WeeksData analysis projects with real partner data
Career ServicesTailored guidance throughout and beyond


5. Simplilearn

About: One of the best boot camp institutes that provide top-of-the-line education and training, Simplilearn is one of the most well-renowned providers of Data Analytics courses in Monaco. The Master’s program in Data Analytics brought to you by Simplilearn in collaboration with IBM is designed to help students and working professionals achieve their goals and prepare them better for future career opportunities.

Course Name: Data Analyst Master’s Program (In Collaboration with IBM)

Training Mode: Online

Eligibility: No specific criteria have been mentioned, but a general familiarity with computer and technology handling can prove beneficial

Duration: 11 Months

Program Fee: INR 57,000 as a one-time payment

Or INR 4,750/Month

Website: www.simplilearn.com

Contact: 1800-212-7688

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Business Analytics with ExcelAn Introduction to Business Analytics
Data Analysis with Pivot Tables
Data Analysis Using Statistics
Power BI
SQLFundamental SQL Statements
Restore and Back-up
Selection Commands
Aggregate Commands
Group By Commands
Conditional Statement
Views and Index
String Functions
Mathematical Functions
Date and Time Functions
Pattern (String) Matching
User Access Control Functions
PythonPython Environment Setup and Essentials
Python Programming Fundamentals
Data Analytics Overview
Statistical Computing
Mathematical Computing using NumPy
Data Manipulation with Pandas
Data visualization with Python
Intro to Model Building
R ProgrammingR Basics
Data Structures in R
R Programming Fundamentals
Working with Data in R
Stings and Dates in R
Analytics with RData Structures
Data Visualization
Statistics for Data Science
Regression Analysis
Tableau TrainingAn Introduction to Tableau
Core Tableau in Topics
Creating Charts in Tableau
Working with Metadata
Filters in Tableau
Applying Analytics to the worksheet
Dashboard in Tableau
Modifications to Data Connections
Level of Details in Tableau
CapstonesOpportunities for skill implementation under dedicated mentoring sessions
Power BIDevelop Your Data-Nerd Prowess
Generate Reports and Dashboards
Tips & Tricks
ProjectsAssistance and guidance in future projects


6. Imarticus Learning

About: Imarticus Learning believes that learning is a lifelong venture, and its goal is to organise knowledge with advanced technology to prepare a global learning community for the aspiring minds of the future. They pride themselves on making learning engaging and accessible by providing Data Analytics courses in Monaco.

Course Name: Postgraduate Program in Data Science and Analytics

Training Mode: Classroom and Online Training

Eligibility: The course is designed for fresh graduates and early career professionals with a Tech background in mind

Duration: 6 Months

Program Fee: INR 1,98,000 Inclusive of all Taxes (Can be paid in instalments)

Website: www.imarticus.org

Contact: [email protected]

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

ExcelBasics of MS Excel
Reporting using Excel
SQLBasics of SQL
Advanced SQL
PythonIntroduction to Python
Python Objects
List Comprehension
User defined and Lambda functions
Data Frame Manipulation
Statistics for Data ScienceIntroduction to Statistics
Probability Theory
Probability Distributions
Hypothesis Testing
Statistical Tests
Machine LearningIntroduction to Machine Learning
Linear Regression using OLS
Logistic Regression
Model Tuning Techniques
Decision Trees
Random Forest
K – means Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering
Principal components Analysis
Time Series Modelling
Cloud Basics
ML on Cloud
Deployment on Cloud
Topic Projects
Data VisualisationTableau
Power BI
Project – Mortgage Analysis
Project – Stock Data Analysis
Capstone Project
Specialisation Track SelectionAdvanced ML Track
Data Analytics and ML Track
Career Services

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7. Emeritus – ISB Executive Education

About: Emeritus provides a vast array of collaborative courses with more than 80 world-renowned universities to make quality training and education available to students and working professionals alike. In partnership with ISB Executive Education, Emeritus brings us one of the most well-designed Data Analytics courses in Monaco.

Course Name: Applied Business Analytics

Training Mode: Online

Eligibility: Any Graduate or Diploma holder, with a minimum of 1-year work experience

Duration: 12 Weeks

Program Fee: INR 1,08,000 + GST

Websites: emeritus.org (online-em.isb.edu)

Contact: [email protected]

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Business Analytics
Leveraging Generative AI
Data Preliminaries
Descriptive and Predictive Analytics
Statistics and Hypothesis Testing
Regression Analysis
Logistic Regression and Classification Analysis
Factor Analysis
Visualisation – Perceptual Mapping
Cluster Analysis
Text Analytics
Causal Inference and Experiments
Capstone Projects


8. Imperial College Business School

About: The Imperial College Business School is a part of Imperial College London, which is a leading figure in global science and technology. They seek out excellence in social transformation and global business through a remarkable fusion of technology and entrepreneurial mindset. The Imperial College Business School provides one of the most commendable Data Analytics courses in Monaco, covering every individual educational need to arises during their tutelage.

Course Name: M.sc. Business Analytics

Training Mode: Online

Eligibility: A long list of eligibility criteria has been provided on the website. A short rundown of the requirements would be an Honours undergraduate degree in science stream and proficiency in Mathematics and Statistics.

Duration: 24 – 36 Months

Program Fee: For Fees structure and scholarship information, it is required to visit the website

Website: www.imperial.ac.uk

Contact: T: +44 (0)20 7589 5111

F: +44 (0)20 7823 7685

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Programme preparationA combination of online pre-study modules accompanied by induction week
Core modulesData Structures and Algorithms
Data structures
Programming constructs
An introduction to Python
Machine Learning
Maths and Statistics Foundations
Linear algebra
An introduction to R
Optimisation and Decision Models
Statistics and Econometrics
Regression analysis
ElectivesAdvanced Machine Learning
Data Analytics and Visualisation
Decision Analytics
Digital Marketing Analytics
Emerging Technologies in Marketing
Energy Analytics
Financial Analytics
Fundamentals of Database Technologies
Healthcare & Medical Analytics
Leadership in Analytics
Logistics and Supply-Chain Analytics
Network Analytics
Retail & Marketing Analytics
Strategic Market Management
ProjectsWork-Based Project
Analytics Project
Individual Research


9. EU Business School

About: EU Business School promises to deliver an outstanding education in business and high-level academics. Aspirants will gain privileged insights into how companies function, providing them a competitive edge in today’s fast-growing market. Master the foundations of advanced analytics and gain an opportunity for excellence in one of the best Data Analytics courses in Monaco.

Course Name: Master in Business Analytics & Data Science

Training Mode: Online

Eligibility: No specific criteria have been mentioned, but a general familiarity with computer and technology handling can prove beneficial

Duration: 3 Terms/ 1 Year

Program Fee: EUR 5,200

Website: www.euruni.edu

Contact: [email protected]

T: +34 93 201 81 24

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Term 1Data Science and Analytics
Unlocking the Power of Big Data
Winning strategies for Market entry
Tools for Success
Business immersion week
Term 2Machine Learning and AI
Data Visualisation and Communication
Strategic development for business success
Developing a leadership edge
Business immersion week
Term 3Business Intelligence
From Data to KPI
New product development for growth
Building successful teams
Business immersion week
GraduationFinal Capstone project

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10. Berlin School of Business and Innovation

About: The Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) focuses on preparing students to become exceptional leaders in their chosen fields and helps them attain their dream jobs. Their programmes enable students with an entrepreneurial mindset to find success in their initiatives. BSBI seeks to deliver a spectacular opportunity for students wanting to delve into the world of Big Data, as one of the leading providers of Data Analytics Courses in Monaco.

Course Name: M.sc. Data Analytics

Training Mode: Onsite

Eligibility: Completion of Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university

Duration: 18 Months

Program Fee: EU students EUR 8,000 – 8,450

International students EUR 12,600 – 13,250

Website: www.berlinsbi.com

Contact: [email protected] (+49 3058 584 0959)

Data Analytics Curriculum in Monaco:

Term 1Fundamentals of Data Analytics
Predictive Analytics
Machine Learning
Term 2Enterprise Data Warehouse
Database Management Systems
Big Data Analytics
Term 3Data Visualisation
Computer Vision
Artificial Intelligence
Term 4Dissertation



Q1. What’s the difference between Data Science and Data Analytics?

The research and synthesis of data used to divine insight from Big Data is known as Data Science. The conversion of said Big Data into bite-sized segments for amalgamation and processing into plain English, to draw important conclusions can be called Data Analytics.

Q2. Is Data Analytics a difficult subject to get into?

The journey to learn something new can always be harrowing to initiate. And the first steps towards Data Analytics can be fraught with many obstacles and challenges. It ultimately falls to the perseverance and persistence of the aspiring student, whether they can comprehend and put into practice what they learn en route to their destination towards excellence.

Q3. Is a career in Big Data a good option in today’s world?

Big Data is one of the most daunting complexities faced by our modern world. Our very digital footprints from transactions to interactions have paved the way for what we now know as Big Data. Data Analytics, Data Science and Data Engineering are the three prongs of the same trident that we use to deal with said complexity. So, it is indeed a very promising career opportunity looking at present times and towards the potential future.



There exists a constant ebb and flow of chaos throughout the lifespan of the Human civilisation. As we keep pushing ourselves towards our stellar destiny, these tides of progress and setbacks shall become ever more imposing. The study and pursuit of Data Analytics can be our pole star, guiding us through the chaos to the shores of providence. We sincerely hope that this article has been able to guide you to the best Data Analytics courses in Monaco, and wish you the best of luck in the wonderful educational journey that awaits you.

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