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Top 10 Excellent Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad

What do you think is the science that makes any available data carrying the specific information understandable and user-friendly? Thus, in return making the data easily accessible for the user. The raw data cannot be used by humans in the same way. It has to be converted into a human-friendly form. The science that works on this specific function is called Data Analytics. With the help of data analytics, business houses, and various organizations can make decisions more perfectly. Data analytics work on raw data and bring out and infer the information that the datasets carry. The hidden arrangements are turned into valuable information. This article will discuss the various options available for data analytics courses in Hyderabad.

List of best data analytics courses in Hyderabad

What is Data Analytics?

There are two words, Data and Analytics. The word Data has been derived from the Latin language, its plural is Datum which means ‘thing given’ in a nutshell, we can say that these are observations given. Data is the information changed into the form that can be processed. The information that is available in digital or binary form is changed into a more human-centric and understandable form.

So that the people using it can easily read it and access it for valuable purposes. Talking about the meaning of Analytics, the word is borrowed from the Ancient Greek language. It originates from the word ‘analutika’ meaning science of analysis. Other meanings could be interpretation, discovery, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

Together we can say that it is providing observation by giving meaningful patterns. The computers perform various activities with these recorded electrical signals and provide meaningful information. These facts are the basis of many decisions.

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Types of Data Analytics:

1. Predictive Data Analytics: This branch of analytics deals with making predictions for future outcomes by taking into consideration historical data in combination with statistics, data mining, and machine learning. This turnout helps chalk out the opportunities and possible risks of the future.

2. Prescriptive Data Analytics: This type aids the course of action to be followed. All factors are considered and then what to be done next is decided. This is a very helpful tool as it helps in data-driven decision-making.

3. Diagnostic Data Analytics: Diagnostic analytics is used to figure out “why something happened?” There are various techniques for this.

4. Descriptive Data Analytics: Descriptive analytics works on current and historical data to identify trends and relationships. It is the simplest form of analyzing data because it describes trends and relationships but does not go too deep down.

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What is the Role of Data Analytics?

Data Analytics work together on technology, stats, and business. With the help of a combination of these fields, the business and organizations grow and develop and later on find success. The performance is improved and more efficient work is done.


What is The Scope of Fata Analytics?

With the help of Data Analytics, various governmental and non-governmental organizations get hands-on data and later benefit from it once the interpretation is done. They can make better decisions and more efficiently apply those interpretations for their business growth.

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Opportunities in the Field of Data Analytics:

It is a highly in-demand profession these days. Huge salaries are offered and many perks are given to data analysts. Even as freshers, there are so many possibilities. At present, there are fewer trained people although the demand is very high.

What is Data Analysis?

This is the action through which data is analyzed, and various techniques and procedures are applied to mark out, demonstrate, and figure out the data. When the past and future happenings are taken into consideration before taking any particular decision, the decisions are based on this. Various techniques and approaches are used to analyze trends in different fields. This in return helps for effective business decisions.

Difference Between Data Analytics and Data Analysis:

Data analytics is the umbrella term whereas data analysis comes under it as a subcategory. Data analytics is not just a process whereas the other one is a process. Data analytics consists of both the process and the later use of the outcome which is left after the data analysis process.

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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad:



IIM SKILLS is a top-ranked institution based in New Delhi and provides data analytics courses in Hyderabad online which are rated no.1. Their 6 months of Data Analytics Course covers a number of subjects that are the core of the industry. Their course is completely online and is led by the top industry leaders who know the ins and outs of data analytics.

As the instructors are experts and have years of experience, they are aware of what doubts the students must have, hence, their classes are so well that cover every little and broad topic in depth so that no one will leave with any doubt. Still, if the students have doubts, they can reach out to the trainer or a dedicated person. IIM SKILLS always stays ahead to help their students.


One of the best features they have is they have a 2-month internship following the course that is designed with a deep study. During the internship period, they assign different projects to the students. A dedicated team reviews their projects and informs them so that they will know what mistakes they are making and what areas they need to work on.

The entire program is cured in a way to meets the learning needs of every student. Don’t think twice about enrolling in IIM SKILLS whether you are at any stage professionally or just entering this field. You will be taken care of by them even after the course completion. Once you are their student, you can leverage the benefits they provide to become a professional data analyst.

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Course Name: Data Analytics Master Course

Course Fees: 49,900 + GST

Course Duration: 6 Months + 2 Months Internship

Core Modules:

Data Analytics Using Advance Excel (9 Hours)
Data Analytics Using VBA (15 Hours)
Data Analytics Using SQL (36 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Power BI (24 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-1(10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Python-2 (10 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Tableau (15 Hours)
R For Data Science (20 Hours)
Data Analytics Using Alteryx (18 Hours)

Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


Grow fast with these best:


2. UpGrad

UpGrad provides one of the best data analysis courses in Hyderabad, which is a data science course. The duration of the course is 12 months and 12-15 hours per week is needed. Freshers can also apply. To apply for their courses, no prior coding experience is required. The eligibility criteria is a bachelor’s degree with 50% marks.

The fee Starts at INR 6,736/month and EMI options are also available. Students can choose from 5 specializations, as per their background & career aspirations. Industry mentorship, dedicated career support, learning 14+ programming tools & languages & much more are the key highlights of the course.

A dedicated career assistant receives 1:1 career counseling sessions & mock interviews with hiring managers. There are 300+ hiring partners. Student Support is available 24*7. This is one of the good options available for data analytics courses in Hyderabad.

The Unique Specialisations To Choose From:

  • Deep Learning/Natural Language Processing
  •  Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  • Business Analytics/Data Engineering

Students are always provided with high-level assistance.

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3. Coursera

Coursera is providing a data analytics course designed with Google. Here the students are turned into skilled professionals. They become equipped with the day-to-day practices and processes. The various skills learned are (data cleaning, analysis, & visualization) and tools (spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, Tableau), etc.

  • Cleaning the data and organizing it are taught during the training.
  • Learn how to use visualization platforms.
  • 8 courses are provided.
  • Students are prepared for jobs.

At least 10 hours per week are needed and the course can be completed in 6 months. You will prepare yourself for jobs that include junior or associate data analyst, database administrator, and more. The fee is INR 1108/month. The certificate can be completed in less than 6 months of part-time study.

In this course, the learner learns to work on real-life situations that are necessary for professional success. With the help of this program, more than 180 hours of training are provided. Students get equipped with hundreds of practice-based assessments.


This is one of the most chosen data analysis courses in Hyderabad among others. Spreadsheets, Tableau, SQL, and R Programming are the tools covered. This is one of the available options for data analytics courses in Hyderabad.

 Skills You Will Gain

  • Spreadsheet
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization (DataViz)
  • SQL
  • Questioning
  • Decision-Making
  • Problem-Solving
  • Metadata
  • Data Collection
  • Data Ethics
  • Sample Size Determination

Course Features:

  • Conducted by well-known institutes
  • Affordable
  • Both theoretical and practical knowledge
  • Student-centric
  • Course readings and videos
  • Tests and projects
  • Certificate is issued

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4. UnCodemy

They are providing an online data analytics course. This course is for freshers and people who want to grow professionally. This course consists of all the options needed to meet the required needs. The various options are available to the learners once they do this course. High-level training is given to the students to make them proficient in their work.

  • Learners get first-hand experience on various topics.
  • Weekend classes are given.
  • Experienced instructors are always there for the students.
  • 100% placement is provided.
  • Students learn from live projects.
  • The internship is also provided.
  • Study material is provided.
  • 24*7 help is provided.
  • A certificate is also issued.

This is another best option for data analytics courses in Hyderabad.

Contact Details:

Ph: +91 7701928515

Email ID: [email protected]


5. Simplilearn

This is again an excellent platform to learn data analysis courses in Hyderabad that are IBM sponsored. Many data analytics tools and techniques are taught in the course. SQL database administration, R and Python programming, etc, and the use of statistics and predictive analytics in a business setting will also be practiced. It teaches students how to analyze data and introduces them to a blended learning approach that is fully integrated.

The course duration is 1 year.

The course fee is 54,000.

Certification is provided at the end.

Various tools covered in this course are Microsoft Excel, NumPy SciPy, Power I, Python Tableau MySQL Programming. They are known as the world’s largest technology firm. If a learner goes for this course, he will get once in a lifetime opportunity. You can opt for this lifetime opportunity for data analytics courses in Hyderabad.


6. Udemy

One other option for data analytics courses in Hyderabad is a course offered by Udemy. The course is designed to cater to all the requirements of data analytics studies. The mode of the course is online. The learner is prepared fully with overall knowledge.

The learner is educated by teaching maths, Python, different data types and their memory usage, completing data cleaning exercises on absenteeism expanding knowledge of NumPy – statistics and pre-processing, etc.

The course offers to learn how to create pie, bar, line, area, histogram, scatter, regression combo charts, etc. This is one of the highest-rated courses by the academy. The course starts from basics so no experience is required. The learner is instructed to go step by step. The frequently asked questions in the interviews are also told to the students.


The various topics covered are- Theory about the field of data analytics, Basic Python, Advanced Python NumPy, Pandas working with text files, Data collection, Data cleaning, Data pre-processing, Data visualization, and Final practical.

  • The learner gets a program worth $1,250.
  • Question-answer support is provided.
  • A certificate of completion.
  • Access to future updates and practical training


This course is for beginners and professionals who want to update their knowledge. Thus, in return enhances the career.


7. Learnbay

This is one of the options available for data analytics courses in Hyderabad. It has successfully transitioned almost 10 thousand careers. Both beginners and professionals can opt for this course.

  • Career support is provided to all students.
  • Assured placements from top recruiters.
  • A completion certificate is provided. This certificate is provided by IBM.
  • Programming and mathematics are taught.

All data analytic sessions are covered practically with real-time industrial projects and case studies. The highlights are- 180+ Hours of Live sessions, Real-TimeLine Industrial Projects, Lifetime accessibility, and Live project experience. The fee for the course is made affordable to the students by various budget and financing offers.

It makes the course more economical for the masses. EMI options are also available. The fee is 65,000 GST. Students get hold of the latest tools, real-world experience, and, 5+ projects.

In online classes, students get access to interactive classes, and weekend and weekday classes are also available. Doubt clearance sessions and Project-based learning are provided. The various tools covered in this course are Python, jupyter, Excel, and SQL.


8. Applied Learning Project

This is a fully online course. Anybody with an interest in data analytics can go for the course. A total of 10 hours of online classes are provided to the learner. The schedule is flexible according to the needs of the learners. The medium of course is English. It is a beginner’s level course, hence, no prior degree or experience is required.

  • A certificate is provided after completion of the course.
  • 180 hours of instruction and practical assignments which are based on assessment are given.
  • Real-world scenarios are dealt with.

The content is interactive and is developed by highly proficient and experienced Google employees. Learners get a chance to go through case studies, videos, tools, and other learning materials. Students get equipped with the required introductory knowledge of data analytics. Various skills learned are Data cleaning, problem-solving, critical thinking, data ethics, data visualization, etc.


The platforms and Tools Include- Presentations, Spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau, and R Programming.

In addition to tools and other things, the learner gets a case study which can be later showcased to the employer as a new skill set. Employer comes to know about the top skill you have you have learned. A shareable certificate is given to the learner. This is another good option for data analytics courses in Hyderabad.


9. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is one of the highly renowned platforms that provide excellent data analysis courses in Hyderabad. Their courses are thoroughly designed while considering the nuances of the subjects and the needs of the students and industry so that they can be successful in transforming their students into professional data analysts.

The various subjects covered under this course make learners aware of R programming, Power BI, Presto, SQL, etc. This course is offered in collaboration with CCE, and IIT Madras.

  • 50+ live online classes which are covered in 7 months.
  • Self-paced videos are provided.
  • Project and exercise for 200 hours are given.
  • Private sessions with industry mentors are provided.
  • Online classes are provided.

This institute is considered one of the best options for data analytics courses in Hyderabad because they provide multiple programs related to data analytics to meet the student’s needs. The courses are mentioned below.

  • Big Data Analytics Courses
  • Business Intelligence Courses
  • Data Science Courses
  • Cloud Computing Courses Certification Training
  • Salesforce CRM Certification Training
  • Mobile Development Certification Training
  • Database Certification Courses Training
  • etc.


10.  Edenbridge

This is a great platform for learning data analysis courses in Hyderabad or anywhere in the world as it is a 100% online course. The extremely effective course provided by the Edenbridge Institute comes with a 110% job guarantee. The learners are given 488 hours of teaching. Dedicated and master instructors take care of students.

The various topics covered are Data Analysis, Data visualization, Spark, Python, Scala, etc. A certificate is provided at the end. This is one of the best options for data analytics courses in Hyderabad.

With their highly experienced instructors, you will develop advanced analytics and decision-making skills with real-world projects and assignments. Among the various courses, this course is again a few of the courses that must be on your list.



Why You Should Enroll in the Data Analysis Courses in Hyderabad

This is not a matter of concern that to be proficient in any skill, we need training, or if not, at least experience, because experience makes us perfect and confident. Considering this fact, it is quite clear that enrolling in a course is a must to gain good experience and improve the flaws within you.

There are multiple courses available in all mediums, online, offline, or both. The data analytics courses in Hyderabad are curated by industry professionals who have decades of experience and expertise in their domains, hence, enrolling in a course will truly make you skilled and knowledgeable to ace in your area of expertise.

Data analytics is not a subject that you can easily master while just watching video tutorials. In order to ace this, you need proper guidance and a lot of practice as this field demands accuracy. Data analytics training programs allow you to work on live projects and put you in a situation where you have to force your mental power to make decisions so that you can understand how things work.

There are languages in the analytical world that cannot be learned while speaking but by experimenting and putting them into action, and this will happen only when you enroll in the courses. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, you just have to decide to enroll in the course and give your 100% to master the skills, and the rest will be taken care of by the trainers.

The other benefits of enrolling in a course are they support you with employment and assist you in landing your desired firm. Most of the training programs also provide internship opportunities that work as a grace for the students and make them highly skilled and confident in the working environment.

So, it is now crystal clear how courses work and transform you into a professional. After gaining enough information, it is time you make your choice and enroll in the course listed above to give a great boost to your skills and career.


1. What are the eligibility criteria for the data analytics courses in Hyderabad?

The learner should be well acquainted with maths and computing. Should be able to evaluate and analyze available data. Problem-solving ability is needed. Should be able to put the findings to use. Focus and continuity are needed for successful course completion.

2. How difficult is the course? Are there many options available for data analytics courses in Hyderabad?

The course needs more practice. The more you practice, the better you can use the knowledge acquired. This course is a bit difficult. But once you practice it more, you will not find it very difficult. Yes, there are many options.

3. What is the salary range for Data Analysts?

It is a well-paid job profile. But the rates could be different from place to place. The salary mainly depends on experience level. The average salary in various countries is: India: 440846, US: $74,229 New Zealand: $70,000, Canada: $61,766.

4. Can beginners opt for this course and what is the first thing to do?

Anybody who has an interest in working on analyzing data can opt for this course. There are beginner’s courses also. Most of the courses start from the base level. The analyst should be well aware of his objective. The learner has to figure everything out before starting anything.

5. What does a data analyst do?

Analyzing data using statistical techniques and providing reports. They synthesize the data. Acquiring data from primary and secondary sources and maintaining data systems, Identifying, analyzing, and interpreting trends or patterns in complex data sets.


From the above-mentioned options for data analytics courses in Hyderabad, one can choose any course as per their requirement. This is one of the most in-demand job profiles these days. The need for data analyst professionals has created a demand for more jobs. Various organizations talk about the less availability of people with this course background. People are opting for more courses. After completing this course, they gain the required skills, and on the other hand industry needs are also met. There are various online and offline institutes offering data analytics courses in Hyderabad and in other cities too. You just need to explore thoroughly and pick up the most appealing one.

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