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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses In Gujarat With Placements

Data analysis is a growing profession of the 21st century. Today’s youth is very much connected to technology. So, it is obvious that the youth is more interested in doing technology-related jobs. The data analyst job is one of them. Do you also want to be a data analyst? If yes, then this article is really helpful for you because the article lists the best institutes providing data analytics courses in Gujarat.

List of best data analytics courses in Gujarat

Data analysts are very much in demand and well-paid. In the future, there will be a high demand for data analysts, so doing a data analytics course is worth it today. There are some top Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat we are going to know about in the article below. Go through the article thoroughly to get a complete understanding of the Data Analytics Courses mentioned here.

Introduction To a Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is a person who gathers and analyses or interprets the data of a particular company. Data analysis is a profession required in each field and industry nowadays. Every company or organization needs a Data Analyst in this century, as setting up and interpreting the data is essential in the commercial industry to gain profit, increase the company’s turnover, and solve some specific problems.

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What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is a process of changing and cleaning the raw data to extract important information about the business which helps in making better decisions for the future. It helps in decreasing the risk for the business and knowing where the company needs more attention and where they are performing well enough. It is often presented with the help of charts, images, graphs, and tables.

Generally, when we make any decision in our life, we always think about our past and keep the future also in mind. Similarly, a company also analyses what happened in the past with their business and how it can grow in the future, based on this, a company makes future decisions for the business. Data analysis helps a company to do this all.

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How Someone Can Become a Data Analyst?

As we already talked about who a Data Analyst is and what he does, if you want to choose Data Analyst as your profession then for sure you need to search about Data Analytics courses around you. Find the best course for yourself and start learning and practicing Data Analytics. After completing the course, you will earn a certificate that makes you a professional Data Analyst.

There are multiple institutes and colleges providing certification courses and bachelor’s/master’s degrees for Data Analytics. You can find any affordable course for yourself and enroll in it. Additionally, there are many online courses also available on the IIM Skills, Edx, Coursera, and Udemy websites.

You can do them at your own pace, sitting at your home, taking lectures, and listening to videos from experts from different universities and colleges.

What Do You Learn in a Data Analytics Course?

  • Data Analytics process
  • Differentiation between different data roles
  • Gathering, mining, wrangling, analyzing, and visualizing the data
  • Python Programming
  • Data cleaning exercise on absenteeism rate
  • Creating pie, bar, line, area, histogram, scatter, regression, and combo charts
  • Practice with real-world data
  • Data Visualization
  • Learning NumPy, Pandas, basics, and advanced
  • Different data types
  • Coding exercises
  • Working with text files and data
  • Demonstrating your understanding of analyzed data.

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What is the Scope of Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is a career required in almost all types of industries nowadays. As in this developing era, growth is happening so rapidly in sectors such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, retailing, and many more, and hiring a Data Analyst has become a need of each industry.

For the growth of a business, Data Analysts are the key to success. In the future, the Data Analyst career will be at boom. They are highly paid and will be the backbone of companies. So, growing as a Data Analyst is a great choice for you.

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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat

Now after getting the gist of a Data Analytics course, let’s see the top 10 universities and colleges providing online/offline data analysis courses in Gujarat.



IIM SKILLS was started by Vaibhav Kakkar in the year 2015 and has its headquarters in Delhi. They function as an online platform globally. Hence all the courses with IIM SKILLS are online and offer flexible learning. Their data analytics courses in Gujarat are on top ranking for best practical learning.


This is a 100% tool-oriented course that gives a complete professional learning experience. Their Data Analytics Course is a 6-month live training session with an additional 2 months of optional internship at a minimum budget fee of INR 49900 + taxes.

This is a completely refundable course in case you are not happy with their first session. They also provide interest-free EMI payment options & an additional 10% discount for group registrations.

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The Types Of Data Analytics Tools Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI


Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

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Grow fast with these best:


2. Adani Institute of Digital Technology Management

Course Provided- PGDM In Big Data Analytics

Course Fees- INR 10.5 Lacs (includes Refundable Caution Deposit of INR 50,000/-)

This course is for 2 years (Full Time). In this course, 6-8 weeks of industrial internship and a 4-month capstone project are included. For getting enrolled in this course, students who have completed their graduation and are pursuing their final year of graduation can apply. This is one of the top Data Analytics courses in Gujarat provided by the Adani Institute of Digital Technology and Management.

This university holds a 4.6 rating out of 5 in terms of providing the best Data Analytics courses in Gujarat. Candidates who have completed a Bachelor’s degree should have at least 50% marks from any recognized university.

Admission Process-

  • Interested candidates can fill online application form with all the required information
  • Candidates who are eligible need to appear for the CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT/GMAT/ATMA exams.
  • Based on the score/rank achieved in CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT/GMAT/ATMA exams, candidates will be invited for an institute-based Online Assessment and Personal Interview.
  • Selection of the candidates will be based on the exam scores and performance of the Personal Interview & Institute-Based Online Assessment.


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3. ITM (SLS) Baroda University

Course Provided- Bachelor’s in Technology in Computer Science and Engineering (Data Analytics)

Course Fees- INR 3.40 Lacs

This is a 4-year (Full Time) course. Students who have completed their 12th, JEE Main, and GUJCET can apply for this course.

Eligibility Criteria-

  • 12th pass students should carry at least 45% marks in mathematics and physics in addition to Chemistry/Biology/Computer Science/IT/Electronics/Technical Vocational subjects.
  • The minimum age should be 17, not less than that.
  • For JEE Main and GUJCET, no criteria apply.

After completing the Data Analytics courses in Gujarat from ITM University, the candidates get placements at top companies such as Amazon, Cisco Systems, Apollo, Axis Bank, and many more.

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4. MICA, Shela (Ahmedabad)

Course Provided- Online Advanced Certificate Program in Market Research & Data Analytics (ACPMRDA)

Course Fees – INR 1 Lac

This course is for 11 months (Online-Real Time). In this course, you get a 3-day On-Campus module at the university, where participants and faculties interact in person and experience the campus in real time. Additionally, the classes are held on Saturdays & Sundays from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM IST.

For this course, the registration fee is INR 30,000. (For Indian students) To get enrolled in the course, one should have at least 50% aggregate marks in graduation (in any discipline) from any recognized university. (For International students) one must have completed graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized university in their country (respectively).

Process of Admission-

  • Interested candidates can easily apply online with the required information. A statement of Purpose (in 200-250 words) is compulsory to get admission to this college.
  • There will be an analysis of the statement of purpose and marks obtained in graduation because admission will be based on these 2 things.

MICA provides placements in Amul, Casio, Deloitte, Flipkart, HU, Puma, and some more top companies after completing Data Analytics courses in Gujarat.


5. Indirashil University

Course Provided- Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics

Course Fees- INR 56.6 K

Indirashil University provides this 1-year online PG Diploma course in Business Analytics. This course offers specialization in Business and Data Analytics. The university holds a rating of 3.2 out of 5 in providing Data Analytics courses in Gujarat. The university provides the facility to stay in a hostel as well.

Candidates who cannot travel so long or come from different states can avail of this facility if they wish. The hostel fee is 70,000 Rs. for one year. 30 seats are available for this course. To get admission in this PG diploma course, a candidate should have graduated from any recognized university with 50% aggregate marks.


6. Narayana Business School

Course Provided- Data Science & Analytics

Course Fees- INR 10.85 Lacs

This course is for 2 years (Full-time). It is a PG Diploma course. This course generally provides Specialization in Business Analytics, data management, machine learning, theoretical and practical learning, and AI. 60 seats are available for this course.

Prerequisites for the Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat:

  • The candidate enrolling in this course must be a graduate with at least 50% or any other equivalent exam in any discipline.
  • If a candidate belongs to a reserved category, at least 45% marks are required.
  • Students appearing for their final year’s exams or waiting for the result can also apply for this course.
  • Candidates belonging to the IT/Engineering/Statistics field should have at least 60% marks.
  • No compulsion to work experience, but if you hold any work experience, it will be added as an advantage in the selection.

The Narayana Business School generally helps in getting placed at Berger Paints, Bajaj Allianz, HDFC Bank, India Mart, and more companies after doing Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat.


7. Kaushalya The Skills University

Course Provided- Certificate in Data Analytics

Course Fees- INR 750 Rs.

This course duration is 8 hours (full-time). This course has equal value to NSQF Level 6. The course is delivered in the English language and has explanations in Gujarati/Hindi. 20 seats are available for this course. The candidates who have completed a CS/IT/EC background pursuing a Diploma, B.Tech/B.E, BCA, B.SC IT or equivalent + ACF can apply for this course. This is also a very well-known university for providing Data Analytics courses in Gujarat. No prerequisites are required for admission.


8. Gujarat University

Course Provided- Certificate Course in Introduction to Data Analysis

Course Fees- INR 10 K

This particular course is for 4 months (Full Time). 30 seats are available for this course. Candidates must be graduates from a recognized university in any stream and can apply for this course. Gujarat University is a state university providing Data Analytics courses in Gujarat. This university provides 4 different courses in Data Analytics, including the above one. The fees of all the courses differ accordingly. You can explore more about these 4 courses on the university’s official website.

The 4 Courses Are-

  • Sc. in Big Data Analytics
  • PG Diploma in Data Analysis
  • Certificate course in Introduction to Data Analytics
  • PG Diploma in Advanced Data Analysis

These Data Analytics Courses in Gujarat from this state university helped in get placements at Infosys, Wipro, Zydus Candilla, and some more companies.


9. EDX

Course Name- Data Analytics Basics for Everyone

Institution- IBM (International Business Machines Corporation)

Course Fees- Free/INR 8073 Rs.

This course is provided by IBM, an American technology corporation on the official website of edX. Edx provides a lot of courses free of cost. Many are paid too. Just an amazing thing here is, that you can choose to enroll yourself free or in a paid version, learnings and concepts will be the same.

In the free version, you don’t get a certificate after completing the course, but in the paid version, you earn the certificate for the course after completing it. In this course, you get to learn the fundamentals of Data Analytics and understand the data ecosystem, process, and lifecycle of Data Analytics.

You get to know about career opportunities, and different paths of learning that can help you to be a Data Analyst. Additionally, you will learn the differentiation between different data roles such as Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst, and Business Intelligence Analyst.

The key learning of this course is explaining the use of different types of data repositories, the ETL process, and Big Data platforms. Moreover, describing and demonstrating the process and tools for mining, analyzing, wrangling, gathering, and visualizing the data. The cherry on the cake is, that you will get to know a lot of career opportunities in Data Analysis and resources to get skilled in this particular domain.


10. Coursera

Course Name- Introduction to Data Analytics

Institution- IBM

Course Fees- Free/Pay Differs accordingly

This course is also provided by IBM on Coursera’s official website. Coursera also provides many free courses on the website, and many of them are paid too. Similarly, to EDX, Coursera also doesn’t provide any certificate for a free version, but for a paid surely. They provide 9 courses in the program Data Analytics. This course is the first one. If you want to do other courses in this program, you need to enroll yourself in each course one by one after completing them. The 9 courses are here.

Course 1: Introduction to Data Analytics

Course 2: Excel Basics for Data Analysis

Course 3: Excel and Cognos Data Visualization and Dashboards

Course 4: Python for AI, Data Science, and Development

Course 5: Data Science Python project

Course 6: Python Data Science with Databases and SQL

Course 7: Data Analysis with Python

Course 8: Data Visualization with Python

Course 9: IBM Data Analyst Capstone Project

If you want to do any course of them, you can enroll in that course. You need not follow the sequence. If you go for a free version of this course (Introduction to Data Analytics), then you need to select the audit course option, otherwise, you need to pay the amount according to the months you take to complete this course. If you choose a 1-month duration to complete it, you need to pay INR 3,087 Rs. If you choose 3 months, you need to pay INR 6,174 Rs. If you choose 6 months, you need to pay INR 9,261 Rs.

In Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat, You Will Learn-

  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Role of a Data Analyst
  • Tools to perform daily functions
  • Understand the ecosystem of Data and the Data Analysis Fundamental
  • Soft skills to effectively communicate your data to stakeholders
  • Difference between the role of a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Engineer
  • Responsibilities of a Data Analyst
  • Exploring more tools on-premise and in the cloud
  • Exploring Big Data Platforms, Hadoop, Hive, and Spark
  • Visualizing the data and understanding the different career paths for a Data Analyst


11. Udemy

Course Name- The Data Analyst Course

Institution- 365 Careers

Course Fees- INR 3,499 Rs.

This course is provided by 365 Careers on the Udemy official website for online courses. Udemy is also one of the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platforms where you can explore whatever you want to learn. Unlike EDX and Coursera, Udemy doesn’t provide free courses.

All the courses on Udemy are paid for. You get lifelong access to the courses and earn a certificate after completing the courses. But from time to time, Udemy keeps giving discounts to its students to do the courses at affordable prices.


In Data Analysis Courses in Gujarat, You Will Learn-

  • Introduction to a Data Analyst
  • Role of a Data Analyst
  • Learn beginner and advanced Python
  • Learn NumPy, Pandas, and their statistics and preprocessing
  • Data Visualization and coding exercises
  • Cleaning data with Pandas series and DataFrames
  • Different types of Data and memory usage of them
  • Working with text files
  • Obtain information from an API with a simple script
  • Learn to create different charts to represent your data well
  • Solve a final capstone project

Prerequisites for This Course-

No prior experience is required. Start from the very basics

Install Anaconda. The course will teach you how to use it step by step.



1. What skills a Data Analyst should possess?

A Data Analyst should possess the skills of –

·       Data Visualization

·       Machine Learning

·       Data preparation and statistics

·       Critical Thinking

·       Structured Query Language

·       Domain Knowledge

·       Data Interpretation

·       Data Mining

·       Statistical programming language

·       Spreadsheets

·       Presentation

·       Communicating with stakeholders

2. Can anyone from the commerce or art stream do the data analysis courses in Gujarat?

Anyone can do the Data Analytics course. It is just how keenly you learn and grow yourself as a Data Analyst. Students from commerce have a great understanding of business operations and they possess quite strong quantitative skills which help them to be unique and successful Data Analysts. Finance professionals having data analysis skills are highly competitive and paid in the industry.

3. Do online Data Analysis courses in Gujarat have the same value as physical classroom courses?

Yes, online Data Analytics courses are valuable and worthy. When you do an online course, you get a verified certificate from the university which provides that course. That certificate can be used and linked with your LinkedIn profile and resume/CV to portray your skills.

4. Which companies pay the highest salary to a Data Analyst?

These are some top companies paying the highest salary to a Data Analyst.

·       Cisco Systems

·       Facebook

·       Google

·       Microsoft

·       Qualcomm

·       Target

·       LinkedIn

·       Fractal Analytics

·       Deloitte

·       IBM

There are many more companies paying quite competitive salaries to Data Analysts. These are the top 10. There are different types of Data Analysts such as Market Research Analysts, Business Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, Quantitative Analysts, Operations Research Analysts, and many more. The salary differs for each type of Data Analyst.


As the demand for Data Analysts is going to boost in the next few years all over the country, the companies will also increase the pay of Data Analysts. So, the future of Data Analytics is considered going to be great. More technology, more data, more information, and more requirements for Data Analysts. This article helps you learn about the top 10 Data Analytics courses in Gujarat, so you can easily find the best university/platform with the best courses. Through this article, from all over the country, people can learn about the best universities providing the best Data Analytics courses in Gujarat.

Even online courses you can do sitting at home. Earn certificates/degrees in Data Analytics courses and build a strong and bright future ahead for yourself. All the courses listed in this article possess great value and give a number of benefits to their students in terms of learning and skill development. These courses are the pathway that will take you to your goals while fulfilling all your education needs. If you want to grow fast, must enroll.

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