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Top 12 Data Analytics Courses In Colombia With Placements

Online learning has become more popular than offline over the last few years after the COVID-19 pandemic. Students seek new opportunities to improve their knowledge and get better job offers. But you can do this only if you have a transparent idea about the data analytics course curriculum-the major topics you are going to study or in other words, the totality of the course experience. Therefore, data analytics courses in Colombia are in high demand amongst students who choose to stay safe and learn from home. The majority of the students are looking for university-level courses. There are many online classes and programs to gain more knowledge for students at prestigious universities such as Colombia.



Before we begin with top data analytics courses in Colombia, let us first understand data analytics.


What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the systematic computational analysis of raw data. It is used for the discovery of practical data and leadership in various fields such as marketing, management, finance, online systems, information security, and software services. Data analytics can require extensive computation of big data.

The areas within the range of data analytics tools include descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and cognitive analytics. The algorithms and software analytics harness the most current methods in computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

Data Analytics has also become better at allocating resources and optimizing their technology. It is a continuous process for these individual organizations to monitor data metrics, gauging their efficacy for better management through data collection being the first step where they gather data, check their quality, and move to filter it error-free for accurate analysis.

Data Analytics (DA) is the science collection, and transformation of analyzing raw data to make conclusions about that information analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is likewise used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of significant styles in data.

Data Analytics which convert raw data into actionable insights. It includes a range of tools, and technologies, using data by solving problems and trends by processes. Data Analytics can also shape your business by processes, to improve your decision-making and foster business growth.



An Overview of Data Analytics

Data Analytics facilitates the studies and improvement group of an employer in approving or rejecting medical models, theories, and hypotheses. It also helps to improve a company’s or industry to become successful in data analysis and collaboration and how to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

The Scope of Work (SOW) is the project outlined by the students. It helps to define project outcomes or the details about the work and the schedules that stakeholders can expect. The scope of data analytics is growing!. In other words, Java script has three types of scope: Global scope, Functional scope, and Block scope.

Data Analytics levels have three dimensions (User-level, Session-level, and Hit-level), and combine metrics of different scopes. The details of the data analytics courses in Colombia will be statistical thinking for data science and analytics courses are exactly what you need.

Data Analytics Courses in Colombia Are:

Business Statistics:

You will understand how to correlate and forecast trends with business statistics. Some important subdivisions are-

  • Data Cleaning technique
  • Correlation
  • Regression
  • Sampling distribution
  • Probability
  • Imputation
  • Types and Basics of data analytics
  • Descriptive analysis
  • Predictive analysis
  • Prescriptive analysis
  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Measures of data
  • Graphical technique
  • Sampling funnel
  • Sampling Variation


The data spreadsheet software enables users to seamlessly import and organize data from various sources, facilitating a structured foundation for analysis. Data analytics courses in Colombia versatile implications cleaning becomes an intuitive process with Excel’s capabilities, allowing users to identify and rectify issues like missing values and duplicates. The sub-points of Excel are:

  • Text to columns
  • Absolute cell
  • Data Validation
  • Data formatting
  • Usage of conditional formatting
  • Filtering a pivot table
  • Formatting updating pivot table
  • Creating and modifying charts
  • Chart type
  • Pie chart
  • Range name
  • Text functions

Data Analytics Courses essential tools Are:

  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Python


Top 12 Data Analytics Courses In Colombia With Placements



IIM SKILLS is for students who are individuals looking to strengthen their careers. The capstone projects are well-defined and delivered by expert faculty verified and easily shareable, so you can add the certificate to your CV or resume who have practical experience in the market.

There is no doubt that you will be achieving all those theoretical data analyst courses in Colombia that are packed with an internship. Live classes are provided and also study materials for free revisited anytime for future reference.

In data statistical techniques are in high demand across various domains in which you’ll be able to gain valuable knowledge. This is the best gateway for anyone willing to enter data analytics jobs. It is necessary skills and a good understanding of data collection, analysis, and interference sought by a budding or professional data analyst.

Course Details:

Name: Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 months of training +2 months Internship

Fees: 2472636.26 Colombia Peso + Taxes

EMI: Interest-Free

Certification: yes

Have a Look at its Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Basic and Advanced Excel

Introduction to Data Handling

Data Manipulation Using Functions

Data Analytics and Reporting

Data Visualization in Excel

Overview of Dashboard

Module 2: Visual Basic Application

Introduction VBA

How VBA Works with Excel

Key Components of Programming Language

Programming Constructs in VBA

Functions & Procedures in VBA

Objects & Memory Management in VBA

Error Handling

Controlling Accessibility of your code

Communicating with Your Users

Module 3: SQL

Basic RDBMS Concepts

Utilizing the object Explorer

Data-based object creation (DDL Commands)

Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT

Optimizing your Work

Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Services

Basic of SSRS

Creating Parameters

Understanding Visualization

Creating Visualization Using SSRS

Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services

Understanding Basic of SSIS

Understanding Packages

Creating Packages to Integrate

Creating Project Using SSIS

Module 4: Power BI


Data Preparation and Modeling

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Reports Development (Visual in Power BI)

Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python

Introduction to Basic Statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

Introduction to Analytics & Data Science

Python Essentials (Core)

Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)

Overview of pandas

Cleansing Data with Python

Data Visualization with Python

Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing

Module 6: Tableau

Getting Started

Data Handling & Summaries

Reports Development (Visual in Tableau)

Module 7: R for Data Science

Data Importing/Exporting

Data Manipulation

Data Analysis

Using R with Databases

Data Visualization with R

Introduction to Statistics

Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems

Module 8: Alteryx

The Alteryx course and Fundamental Concepts

Using the Tool to Rename Fields, Change the Data Type

Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings

Filtering Data/Data Processing

Blending /Joining Data from Different Sources

Data Cleansing

Impute Values

Random Sample

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

Explore more about the in-demand:


2) Colombia University

Name of the Course:

Master of Science in Applied Analytics

About the Data Analytics Institutes in Colombia:

Colombia University has a school of professional studies on pursuing data analytics, where you are in your professional journey. Our data analytics course program requires you with the fundamental tools and skills you need to accelerate your career, high-quality practical learning with competence to carry out extensive research work in the field. Data analytics courses at Colombia University initiated a partnership between Colombia business as a central hub and an innovation centre for this need.

Structured Flexibility:

Our program is designed to give you the flexibility you need the structure and support you need to achieve your career goals to balance your work-life.

Innovative Instruction: The live interactive virtual classes are led by skilled instructors in our online data course.

Real-World Projects: Our Colombia industry-driven curriculum teaches you the most known examples of in-demand skills through real-world

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3) EdX

Name of the course:

Analytics of Data through Microsoft Excel

About the Data Analytics Institutes in Colombia:

It is a self-paced course that will give you an internship opportunity to examine real datasets through Microsoft Excel with more practice. The process of data analytics Excel Spreadsheets have become an essential tool. High-end practical learning in laboratories, demonstrations, and videos will give you exceptional education quality to international students. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel is most important in helping you to build your career in data analytics.

Data Analytics Courses in Colombia by EdX:

  • You will have a clear knowledge of the practical data and leadership skills to succeed.
  • You will understand the significance of data quality with the leadership, management, and communication principles, and tactics.
  • You will build a data comprehensive portfolio along the way to deliver insights.

Study Data Analytics Courses in Colombia:

  • Network worldwide: 560+ employers looking to hire fast and span to access the network.
  • The success of the students: 24/7 customer support facilities. Students prefer research opportunities to a life-altering learning experience.
  • Credentials: On completion of a recognized university earn your certificate.

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4) Babson College

Name of the Course:

Analytics for the Motive of Decision-Making

About the Data Analytics Institutes in Colombia:

Dealing with data science and using it for your business, the short course is for you to be enlightened about modern data. You are going to have a glimpse of making statistical reasoning in this direction and that is going to assist plenty in handling data.

Data Analytics understanding variation in data analytics courses is greater than ever. All the practical aspects of data analytics will be discussed during the course. Data analytics can help students become essential in any organization so it is in demand for today’s entrepreneurial thinkers.

Data Analytics program in Colombia:

  • The course offers access to generous merits awards for part-time and full-time programs.
  • You’ll discover ways to address quantitative issues higher after this course.
  • The Duration of the course is 4 weeks.


5) IBM

Name of the Course:

Data Analytics Foundations for Everyone

About the Data Analytics Institutes in Colombia:

The process of data analysis, recognition, examination, and mine will be dealt with thoroughly for your solid foundation of the concept. The opportunities in this field are unlocked with this course. These analytics have demonstrated the advanced level of the data ecosystem, career options, and design of complex processes within cross-functional areas.

You are going to have a broad idea about big Data Analytics besides the understanding of data analytics tools and techniques.

Data Analytics Courses in Colombia by IBM:

  • Different roles of data analysts might be mentioned within the course scientists, enterprise analysts, data engineers, and data analysts.
  • Each step of the facts evaluation system could be elaborately taught so that newcomers can realize the fundamentals of the data analytics course.
  • This is a five-week long self-paced course.
  • The data analysts discussed in the course are scientists, business analysts, data engineers, and data analysts.

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6) Ritz

Name of the Course:

Data Visualization and Analytics in Health Care

About the Data Analytics Institutes in Colombia:

Data analytics and statistics are in demand for that reason and this course is the best solution for anyone to work in this field. Students performing data analytics courses are the best solution to find professionals who can use data and deliver insights through analytics. Data-driven strategies are a must to track patient records, insurance claims, and financial data. Data has taken big healthcare services to new heights. Data analytics is used to change the health care, medicine, and global healthcare disparities.

Course Snapshots:

  • Clinical workflow, fitness IT, data visualization, artificial intelligence, and targeted manner of data analytics are a few critical modules of the data analytics course.
  • The course deals better with consumer health, clinical processes, evidence-based treatment, population health, etc.
  • You will come to know about the various visualization tools and data analytics tools necessary in the healthcare industry.
  • The general length of this route is eight weeks.


7) University of California, San Diego

Name of the Course:

Big Data Analytics through Spark

About the course:

This Data Analytics Course is all about learning how to analyze gigantic databases. Knowing the application for the spark will add an edge to your bio-data as a budding analyst. This university you will be taught about the Jupiter Notebook, Spark, MapReduce, etc. It is one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Colombia jobs that others are willing to do.

Course Snapshots:

  • The overall period of this course is 12 weeks.
  • The data analytics course will be guided by a trainer at his/her pace.


8) Colombia University

Name of the Course:

Enabling Technologies for statistics technology and analytics: The Internet of Things

About the Course:

You will come to learn about the procedure of data accumulating via this era and examine and segregate them eventually. You will come to learn about this technology and analyze data gathering through this technology.

Course Snapshots:

  • The course will help you to understand the process of decision-making using software.
  • The Data Analytics course highlights the correlation between data science, natural language, and audio-visual content analysis.
  • The self-paced course is 5 weeks long.


9) Georgia Institute of Technology

Name of the Course:

Data Analytics Courses in Colombia by Georgia Institute of Technology for business analytics.

About the Course:

This Data Analytics Course in Colombia enables you to learn data analytics in business, and analytics from your external projects or internal projects to gain real-world experience. This path pursues to enhance your know-how of commercial enterprise analytics and make you a professional chief within the field. You’ll get expertise on ways statistics analytics goes to beautify your business.

Course Snapshots:

  • Through this new knowledge, the program pursues an area of specialization.
  • You’ll be capable of producing new enterprise analytics ideas.
  • The duration of the Course is 4 months and 2 months internship.


10) Michigan University

Name of the Course:

Presentation of Data Analytics for Managers.

About the course:

In this data analytics course, Microsoft Azure on business application, usage of statistical methods, SQL, and machine learning are the main pillars of this concise course on data analytics.  In this Michigan university, everyone who wants to know about the fundamentals of data analytics and their application in business is one of the best ones.

Data analytics courses in Colombia:

  • The course offers managers a brand new path, making them capable of using data analytics in commercial enterprise even without a history within the same.
  • Data science methodologies and their practical usage through case studies with best-in-class skills needed for the fast-growing customer insights industry.
  • This is a 2-month long self-paced course.


11) Colombia College

Name of the course:

Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics

About the course:

This Data Analytics Courses in Colombia students with the skills and knowledge for strategic planning according to harnessing the power of data to uncover insights to gain the demands of business, model assessment, and system analysis. The course is centred on the corporate world database and interprets them with strategies. In demand in the global job market will be increased after graduating from the prestigious course.

Course Snapshots:

  • The course will be successful in handling data management tools.
  • The online data analytics course will provide you with a conventional classroom experience in a traditional college.
  • During the internship, you’ll get an opportunity to go to industry sites.
  • Their business analytics in business analytics B.S Major course certificate follows a slightly different depth of the subject.


12) Colombia University

Name of the course:

Big Data Degrees

About the course:

This is an undergraduate Data Analytics Course in Colombia to study data collection, evaluation, and manipulation. Colombia University is presenting a data analytics course as a subset of the computer technology program. They also learn different techniques and a brief understanding of linear algebra, algorithms, statistics, and economics.

Course Snapshots:

  • You can sooner or later maintain your better research in technological data science and attain graduate and master’s programs.
  • Applying Big statistics is a powerful device in business analysis.
  • You’ll achieve an online certificate of professional achievement.



1)    Which Data Analytics Courses in Colombia are preferred by students?

This course provides a compulsory internship opportunity which is advantageous in getting you a job in today’s aggressive job market. They have also trained 65,000 professionals in different fields. The data analytics master course at IIM SKILLS Colombia is one of the most well-received data analytics.

2)    What do you learn from one of the Data Analytics Courses?

You’ll develop the skills of an expert in data analysis by the end of the course. After studying data analytics courses, you will get a complete understanding of the data analysis process, the tools and techniques required to accomplish the big task, and learn Python programming using variables, and functions. This Data Analytics Courses in Colombia play a major role in developing your career.

3)    Name the major programming languages you cover in the data analytics curriculum.

The programming languages in data analytics have made it possible for data analysts to execute such work efficiently in less time. The data process is a lengthy one with lots of techniques and mechanisms.



A particular data analytics course in the Colombia data analytics curriculum also gives you insights into the key concepts before taking admissions. This prior knowledge of the subject will ensure better retaining of the course essential to any course experience. We hope our discussion on such a broad topic has provided you with a basic understanding of the true scenario and has helped you find the best one accordingly. Examining the Data Analytics key before taking admission to a particular course in Colombia.

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