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Top 12 Data Analytics Courses In Bahrain With Placements

In this article, we have listed the top data analytics courses in Bahrain. The field of data science is expansive for beginners to navigate. According to a recent survey by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be a surge in the demand for data analysts by 35% between 2022 and 2035. Therefore, the statistics reinstate that data analytics will be the most sought-after and in-demand profession in the coming years.


But, before we begin with the list of top data analytics courses in Bahrain, let us first understand data analytics.


What is Data Analytics?

In layman’s language, data refers to numbers and information. Analytics is a part of computer science involving maths, statistics, and machine learning to find meaningful patterns from the data collected. Data Analytics means analyzing the data collected to gather insights and help businesses make informed decisions.



Why Choose a Career in Data Analytics?

Informed decisions are made based on the data collected. The ability and skills to think critically and adopt an objective analysis an essential traits required for this job profile. Not just large-scale businesses but also small-scale businesses deal with a lot of data. Therefore, to increase employability and become an asset for the company, data analytics is a discipline to be mastered.


Top 10 Fields Where Data Analytics Are Widely Used:

  • Healthcare Industry – Data analytics proves beneficial for improving the healthcare sector. Nowadays, many apps use data to monitor patients’ pulse rates, oxygen levels, etc. daily. Many doctors use various technological apparatus to monitor patients’ medical history. Treatments for diseases such as cancer can also be determined by conducting an appropriate data analysis. The results are based on analyzing the data provided as it becomes more and more essential that the analysis of data is done accurately. The importance of data analytics has become very essential in our lives.
  • Finance Industry – The banking industry has witnessed a tremendous change over the years with computers and machines making way in this field. With the help of data analysis, there is a surge in building predictive models that can easily map customer needs and provide customized services. Predictive models prove to be beneficial in maintaining security as they can be used to check fraudulent activity or a security breach in a user’s account.
  • Retail Industry – The retail industry is another industry that has benefitted due to automation. The shopkeepers maintain data of all their stock on computers and laptops. With data analytics, it becomes easier for the customers to understand customer preferences and buy the stock accordingly. Many groceries have their apps as well and online stores also have their apps, which makes it possible to send personalized recommendations to customers for their next purchase.
  • Media and Entertainment Industry – With the rise of AI, the media and entertainment industry aims to provide quality personalized entertainment. Companies such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, Instagram, and TikTok collect data from customers. Customer preferences can be understood by analyzing the data obtained. By leveraging the power of AI, they send notifications of similar content to customers based on the content they have consumed as a viewer. This ensures retaining customers as they feel compelled to continue using the apps.
  • Education Industry – The education sector has evolved over the years; adopting a student-centric approach to teaching and learning. The pandemic acted as a catalyst in shifting our focus to online education and e-content generation. AI has helped to create immersive learning experiences for students which improves the quality of learning. Flexibility and credibility have made online courses popular. Many ed-tech companies offer online courses on a variety of subject domains and skills. These companies gather data from users and with the help of data analysis, they can provide options and suggestions to students to choose the course they need.
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain – Many companies ranging from oil, natural gas, and agriculture work around large amounts of data. Providing innovative data analytic solutions is the job of a data analyst. The manufacturing industry also uses AI to guide decisions so that no issues within the supply chain hinder operations.
  • Travel and Tourism – Many applications such as hotel–booking apps use chatbots and AI to manage demand with real supply in real time.
  • Fashion Industry – Data analytics and AI are widely used in the fashion industry. It gives ideas to create innovative designs. It also aids in supply chain management and for quality control purposes. Data analytics also use AI to provide customized experiences to users.
  • Marketing Industry – Data analytics and AI are beneficial to marketers for organizing their advertisement campaigns. AI algorithms can provide ideas for advertisements, as well as play a key role in leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Real Estate Industry – Understanding market trends, and predicting customer behaviour can be achieved through data analytics and AI.



Bahrain, an island country in West Asia is also known as The Kingdom of Bahrain. The meaning of Bahrain is al-barayn, meaning ‘two seas. While Arabian is the native language, English is the language used for business communication.


Top 12 Data Analytics Courses In Bahrain With Placements



IIM SKILLS is a well-known institute in the digital world. The institute offers courses in various domains such as digital marketing, data analytics, etc.

IIM SKILLS aims to upskill individuals by creating a learning platform that offers courses by trained mentors and experts at affordable prices.

IIM SKILLS offers practically oriented Data analytics with placement guidance.

Course Details:

Name: Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 months of training +2 months Internship

Fees: 225.13 Bahraini Dinar + Taxes

EMI: Interest-Free

Certification: yes

The Various Modules of the Course Include:

  • Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel
  • Data Analytics Using VBA
  • Data Analytics Using SQL
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI
  • Data Analytics Using Python
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau
  • R for Data Science
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx

Courtesy: Data Analytics Course – IIM Skills

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Contact: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.iimskills.com

Explore more about the in-demand:


2. Great Learning

Among the well-known ed-tech platforms, it offers free as well as online courses. It was founded by Mohan Lakhamraju along with others. It also provides mentorship by experts, interactions with peers as well as a dedicated placement cell for students. The topics of the course include –  Analytics, Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning.

If you want free data analytics courses in Bahrain, this course can be a perfect start!

Course Name and Details: Introduction to Analytics

The Various Modules of the Course Include:

  • What is Business Analytics?
  • Examples
  • What Constitutes Analytics
  • Amazon Recommendation
  • Spectrum of Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Data Science vs Data Analytics

A beginner in Data Science can avail of their data analytics courses in Bahrain. This course is self-paced with two hours of video lectures, free lifetime access to the course content, and a completion certificate at the end of the course.

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3. MIT Professional Education

MIT Professional Education is a leading educational platform which offers many professional courses. Data analytics is one of the in-demand domains. If you want to pursue the best data analytics courses from a globally recognized institution, then MIT Professional Education is the right choice.

Course Name and Details:

Applied Data Science Program: Leveraging AI for Effective Decision-Making


  • Understanding Python
  • Knowing Machine Learning
  • Learning Deep Learning
  • Understanding Neural Networks
  • Knowing Artificial Intelligence
  • Learning Recommendation Systems

Their data analytics courses in Bahrain also provide a capstone project of three weeks providing learners with practical experience. Additionally, you get to work on two hands-on projects.  A certificate from a globalized university can help in creating an impact on your resume.


4. MS Madrid Software

MS Madrid Software is a digital platform which offers both online and offline courses on various domains and in-demand skills.

If you are interested in pursuing the best data analytics courses in Bahrain, do consider MS Madrid Software.

Course Name: Data Analytics Course Training in Bahrain

The Different Technologies Include:

  • Understanding Python Concepts
  • Understanding Analytics Numpy Concepts
  • Understanding Analytics Pandas Concepts
  • Understanding Matplotlib Concepts
  • Learning about Data Visualization
  • Learning about Data Cleaning Techniques
  • Jupyter
  • Understanding Text Analytics
  • My SQL
  • Learning Data Manipulation Techniques
  • Doing Predictive Analytics
  • Learning about Case Studies

The data analytics courses in Bahrain is beneficial for beginners and professionals as it provides an in-depth overview of data analytics and its concepts.

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5. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a well-known institute offering various online courses including digital marketing, data analytics, business communication, etc.

The institute boasts of training one million delegates. The course is trained by expert subject matters who have wide experience in teaching and are motivated to provide a valuable experience.

Course Name and Details: Data Science Analytics – Bahrain

The Learning Objectives of the Course Include:

Understanding data science and its types, understanding data collection and data cleaning. The course also equips individuals with analyzing data for business and knows the concept of data mining.

The ability of a data analyst to provide accurate data analysis with effective presentation skills such as preparing charts, graphs and maps. The course aims to equip the participants with these skills.

These data analytics courses are beneficial for both beginners and professionals who wish to not only upgrade their skills but also increase their career prospects.


6. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an ed-tech platform offering many online courses in various domains such as digital marketing, finance, data analytics, etc.

Simplilearn has trained over 3,00,000 professionals. The institute offers skill-focused, and industry-acknowledged knowledge to its students which provides them with an edge over others.

Course Name: Data Analyst

Learning Format: Online Bootcamp

Duration: 11 months

Fees: 21.45 BHD

Rating by TrustPilot – 4.5

This data analytics course in Bahrain is offered in association with IBM. Along with getting a certificate, the professionals also get the requisite skills to become a data analyst expert. Moreover, the participants will get job guidance through its dedicated placement cell.

The various modules of the course include using Excel for Business Analytics, a certification in SQL, understanding the basics of programming with Python R Programming with the help of data science, data analytics with R, training in data visualization tools such as Tableau, and a capstone project to work on.


  • PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Certification Training
  • Industry Master Class – Data Analytics

It is one of the best data analytics courses in Bahrain for aspiring individuals.


7. Intellipaat

Intellipat is an online platform providing reliable courses from eminent universities worldwide. Its approach is unique in terms of ideation and creation of the content. Moreover, Intellipaat offers lifetime access and lifelong support for the course materials.

If you are interested in pursuing data analytics courses in Bahrain, Intellipat should be considered as your top notch choice.

Course Name and Details:

Executive Post Graduate Certification in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Fees: 677.453 BHD

The course includes eleven modules and it deals with data transformation, Python Libraries, understanding natural language processing as well as machine learning among others.

It is one of the best data analytics courses in Bahrain which can help passionate individuals upskill themselves and become professionals.

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8. Croma Campus

Croma Campus has established itself as a leading educational platform that provides courses on in-demand skills and topics.

Croma Campus is known to provide facilities such as – instructor-led online training, Fly-Me-A-Trainer, Corporate Training, 1-1 Training, and Tailor-made Training according to the needs of the students. It also provides campus training for the students.

Big Data, Cloud Computing, Salesforce, Data Science, Analytics, Google Cloud, AWS, DevOps, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Database, and ServiceNow are the various technologies taught.

Course Name: Data Analytics Online Training in Bahrain

The Different Modules of the Course:

  • Python for Data Analyst
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Databases – MS SQL and SQL Series
  • Statistics for Data Analysts
  • Analytics with Excel
  • Analytics Microsoft Power BI
  • Analytics with Tableau
  • Cloud: AWS (Amazon Web Series)
  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
  • Data Analyst: Live Projects

The learners are trained by industry experts and are provided with training on hands-on projects. You can avail of the course online, offline, or in a self-paced manner. If you wish to upgrade a few skills, you can customize the curriculum to suit your needs.

Upon completion of the course, you will get a certificate as well.


9. Coursera

Coursera was co-founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in 2012 to provide access to learning and career development opportunities from eminent universities and colleges to learners worldwide.

To upskill themselves, individuals can find a wide plethora of courses which they can avail from Coursera.

If you are an aspiring individual dreaming of pursuing data analytics courses in Bahrain, from the comforts of your home, there is no other better platform than Coursera.

Course Name and Details: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Course

Instructor and Professional–level Trainer: Google

Duration: 6 Months

Mode: Online

Modules Covered:

  • Data and its fundamentals
  • Problem-solving approach in making Data-driven decisions
  • Factors Regarding Data Collection
  • Data organization and cleaning using spreadsheets, SQL, and R programming
  • Presentation of Data Analysis

This data analytics certificate course in Bahrain also provides beginners and individuals with hands-on training with capstone projects, case studies, and portfolios.

If you are a college-going student then this certificate has an ACE recommendation, which makes it eligible for getting credits at any college in the USA. It also offers placement support.


10. University of Bahrain

The University of Bahrain is a reputed university that offers a variety of courses not only in traditional disciplines as well as recent domains such as finance, digital marketing, and data analytics, etc.

If you wish to have a certified degree in data science and data analytics, then the University of Bahrain is one of the best institutions to apply to.

Course Name: MSc in Big Data Science and Analytics

Mode: Offline

To apply for this course, a bachelor’s degree is essential. Hence, it serves as a golden opportunity for professionals interested in pursuing post-graduation in data science can avail of this course.

Their data analytics courses in Bahrain offer a comprehensive syllabus that involves understanding various research practices, studying statistical data analysis, machine learning, data mining, understanding high computer processing, etc. The detailed study plan is available on their website. The learner also gets an opportunity to write a thesis.


11. Al Nada Training Centre

Al Nada Training Centre is a leading institute in Bahrain providing a wide variety of online courses such as digital marketing, accounting and finance, leadership and language, etc.

Al Nada Training Centre is known for offering different courses on Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Leadership, and Language.

If you are looking for data analytics courses in Bahrain, then Al Nada Training Centre could be the best institute as they have a reputation for providing excellent education.

Course Name: Data Analytics Course

Eligibility: Anyone passionate to upskill themselves!

Mode: Offline

Modules Covered:

  • Understanding digital marketing
  • Digital information, media, channels and devices
  • Digital marketing and the marketing mix
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Personal effectiveness and communication
  • Learning the legal and technical requirements for digital marketing.

Furthermore, the learners also get a Pearson 3 certificate on completion from the UK. It is one of the best data analytics courses for aspiring individuals in Bahrain.


12. Bahrain FinTech Bay

Bahrain Fintech Bay is a well-known institute in Bahrain. It offers professional programs and workshops in the fields of finance, technology, and data analytics.

The workshop named ‘Data Analytics Program’ which was co-hosted by Bring and Bahrain FinTech Bay helped the participants gain an understanding of data interpretation to help them make informed business decisions, recognize trends, detect outliners, summarise data sets, and analyze the relationship between variables.

Kindly check the website to know more details.



  • Are data analytics courses in demand?

The sector of data analytics has grown exponentially over the years. Healthcare, manufacturing, finance and technology are the many sectors in which data analytics is widely used. The data analyst is responsible for data analysis and strategic decision-making. Therefore, data analytics courses are in demand.

  • What do data analysts do?

Interpretation and analysis of data require expertise and drawing strategic solutions from the data received is the key role of a data analyst.

  • Why pursue a data analytics course?

Though having mastery over mathematics, statistics and computer science could prove advantageous in the domain of data science and analytics; however, to become proficient a data analyst needs to know the application of various software applications and programming languages which a data analytics course can offer.

  • Are data analytics and data science the same?

Data science refers to an umbrella term that encompasses many areas of study including data analytics, machine learning, data engineering, etc. Data science comprises data analytics.

The work of a data scientist includes building models based on data to develop new algorithms. Whereas data analysts are strategists who derive solutions and help companies make informed decisions by analyzing the previous data.

  • Can data analysts be replaced by AI?

The job of a data analyst involves not only organizing and analyzing data but also making strategic, innovative and creative decisions that can benefit companies which only a human brain can do.



Traditionally, Bahrain is a country well-known for oil exports and tourism. However, in recent years, Bahrain has been progressing and is implementing many in-demand skills courses and workshops to empower the youth.

According to an article by Bahrain EDB (Economic Development Board), there would be a need for 10,000 data-processing engineers. To capitalize on the increasing demand for data analysts, the Bahrain government is making efforts by providing courses and programs in upcoming lucrative fields such as data analytics, digital marketing, etc.

Almost 2,500 young adults have signed up for their AWS Educate program, which reinstates the growing need and aspirations of the youth to enter the field of data analytics.

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