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Top 6 Certificate Courses in Investment Banking

Investment Banking works like a consultancy to make its clients aware of the financial risk they are taking. It helps to assist individuals, institutions, and government organizations in complex and big and small investments. Investment banking studies the financial aspects of the banks themselves and the clients. This article is a complete guide to the best certificate courses in investment banking.

List of best certificate courses in investment banking

Investment banking provides underwriting, and merger and acquisition services.

Underwriting: This is the process through which one raises money by selling shares stocks or bonds to investors.

Merger and Acquisition: A big company wants a small company to be merged into it. Investment banking steps in to play the role of a mediator between a seller and a buyer.

Investment banking plays an important role when any organization wants to make any kind of financial decision or wants to invest big or small amounts or raise funds to grow businesses.

Investment banking helps any business in marketing and raising funds. The present article gives detailed information on the top 5 certificate courses in investment banking.

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Careers in Investment Banking

1. Investment banking is a growing and popular field to work in but it’s a bit challenging to enter in it. There are several reasons why it is in demand and many want to enter the field. Because it offers various opportunities to get handsome salary packages. If you are interested in investment banking, there are a few career paths available and waiting for you out there.

Discussion about those paths may give you a clear idea of what path you want to choose or fit in. In this article, you will get to know about a few career paths you may look for or knowledge about these paths may clear your understanding of what career option you may choose in this field.

2. Bankers: They are corporate financial advisors to advise their clients; investors and banks, look after the management of investment portfolios and accounts, and help design financial portfolios on the basis of clients’ financial needs and risk-taking capacity. They may play an important role in sanctioning/ approving loans and big transactions.

They must have knowledge of government regulations. They are a direct point of contact for clients, meaning they have front-door duties. They find prospective and potential targets and advise the companies in merging and acquisition.

Bankers are highly paid jobs but require consistent efforts and long working hours to reach the targets. They also work in sales and marketing which require good communication and presentation skills. They offer solutions to their client’s financial needs.

3. Investment banking analysts: Aspirants who have completed certificate courses can become investment banking analysts. They have back office or door duties. They do research and prepare presentations or small pitches that bankers or authorities present.

Their role is really important as they work on the basics and foundation for the presentation. They study and evaluate the current financial condition of the company, its market position, and its prospects.

They study the current economic trends for the clients to decide their stock prices. It is an entry-level job and it requires long working hours. It also offers a good salary package for freshers or beginners in the investment banking field.

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4. Investment banking associate: After working as an analyst for a few years one can be promoted or acquire an investment banking associate position. They are responsible for the crosschecking of analysts’ work. They may also guide them in their presentations and pitches.

Their duty is more on the side of checking than doing. They play the role of a mediator between the VP MD, and analysts. They are also responsible for answering queries from the client’s side.

They need to have good knowledge of PowerPoint as they might need to edit the presentations done by an analyst, sometimes even drafting of the presentations may require. An investment banking associate is a handsomely paid job profile though reaching there needs a lot of hard work and requires consistently long working hours.

5. Financial advisors: Advise their clients about the kind of investments their clients can make or other financial actions they can take. When one needs advice from a financial advisor, it is not limited to investments but it can be for insurance, savings, and also tax policies/ tactics.

They make financial plans according to the client’s financial aims and work for individuals as well as any institution or organization. In a way, they may have a lot of job opportunities if they upgrade themselves with a piece of prior knowledge in finance. Financial advisor studies about client’s present financial condition including income, investments, budget planning, savings, tax management, etc

6. Client associate: Connects with clients directly. S/he answers clients’ phone calls or queries. S/he also works on the necessary documentation, tracking money transactions, preparing important forms filing them properly, etc. S/he manages or schedules meetings meets the customers and also takes their feedback.

The client associate is responsible for building healthy relations with clients. S/he needs to be active and prompt in answering the clients’ queries by sending them emails or talking with them in person or on the phone.


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7. Financial modeler: It is a very impressive and famous career path in investment banking. One can enter the field by completing any certificate courses in investment banking. A financial modeler is responsible to do research and prepare financial models based on the evaluation and analytical research of the financial execution of an organization or a company.

The modeler studies and analyses market tendencies and gives her/his client accurate guidance and direction. They play a crucial role in advising companies or organizations through mergers and acquisitions. A modeler is also responsible for maintaining the financial health of his/her firm/bank.  S/he must have analytical skills and knowledge of IT to do research and make accurate needful presentations.


Top 6 Certificate Courses in Investment Banking



Vaibhav Kakkar is the founder of IIM SKILLS. He started this company with the very course in the year 2015. They are headquartered in Delhi, India, and function globally through the digital platform.

They have students from all over the world. IIM SKILLS is the most recommended online platform that has a top rating as the best educational company that offers a wide range of courses in sectors like banking, data science, finance & digital.


Course Information:

Name: Investment Banking Course

Duration: 3 Months of Live training + 1 month of guaranteed internship and also assured job placements.

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Fees: INR 39900 + Taxes

  • EMI facilities are available with zero percent interest.
  • Money back if the participant is not happy after the first session of their course.


  • The course is conducted on a digital platform which is recorded and shared with all their students which offers flexibility in learning. The course learning material also has a access for lifetime with zero charges.
  • The students are additionally assisted and guided on their professional goals which are cost-free. The students can seek help for their portfolio-building and interview preparations.

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Contact Information:

+919580740740, [email protected]


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2. IIM Calcutta

Course: Executive Programme in Investment Banking and Capital Markets

About the Course:

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM Calcutta) is globally reputed and renowned. The government of India established it in 1961. This one of the certificate courses in investment banking by IIM Calcutta has been launched to train the participants in the investment banking field and to equip them with in-depth knowledge of this area and a deep understanding of the global financial markets.

The course is designed to fulfill all the requirements of deep knowledge and understanding of investment banking and its importance in the financial markets.

It enhances the participants’ knowledge of the vital concepts and essential techniques to become better and sustainable and makes them professionally well-knowledgeable in the field of finance and banking so that they can enter the area with full understanding and knowledge.

Course Duration and Mode: The mode of the course is online and the duration is one year. Besides candidates can visit the campus twice during the course duration.

Course fee: the course fee is Rs. 3,26,000/- + GST

Eligibility: Any graduate/ postgraduate with a minimum of 50% marks can apply for this course. Any professional in finance, accountancy, or other field related to finance with prior knowledge or experience in the field can apply for the course.

Syllabus/ Curriculum: The course provides nine modules divided into foundation and advanced modules. Candidates get to learn all the modules in detail with live examples and case studies. Foundation modules include two modules;

  1. Financial Management
  2. Analysis and Financial Accounting


Advanced modules include seven modules;

  1. Trading and Securities Market Sales
  2. Market Research and Valuation
  3. Debt Capital Markets
  4. Securities Market Regulations
  5. Acquisitions, Advisory, and Mergers
  6. Equity Capital Markets
  7. Portfolio Fund Management

Job hiring companies or job opportunities – Innumerable job opportunities are available for candidates who have successfully completed the course. They can be analysts, financial modelers, brokers, financial advisors, etc.

  • Morgan Stanly
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Barclays Bank
  • Citi Bank

This is the list of some reputed companies the candidates should apply to for a job after completing the course.

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3) BSE Institute Limited (BIL)

Course: Certificate Programme in Investment Banking

About the Course:

BSE Institute Limited proposes this course which has the agenda to make students well-aware and well-equipped in the field of investment banking. The course aims to make students able to face rigorous and tough challenges in the field.

The investment banking field has been creating a lot of job opportunities and it will be a flourishing area that will be creating a lot more opportunities in the future for newcomers and working professionals who have an interest in the investment banking field and want to launch themselves in this field.

After completing certificate courses in investment banking with BSE Institute Limited, students will find themselves with a deep knowledge of financial modeling skills, risk management, financial markets, etc.


Course Duration and Mode: The course duration is 7 months and the mode of the course is online.

Eligibility: Any graduate or anyone who possesses an equivalent degree from a recognized university or institute can apply for the course. Professionals who are already working in investment banking can also apply.

Syllabus/ Curriculum: The course syllabus includes three main topics; risk management, financial markets, and investment banking. Each of these topics includes sub-topics, which are as follows.

Risk Management

  1. Resolution Plan and Recovery
  2. CCAR
  3. DFAST
  4. Risk Management
  5. Introduction to Regulators

Financial Markets

  1. Financial System
  2. Equity
  3. Investment Banking
  4. Debt
  5. Foreign Exchange
  6. Money Market
  7. Securitization
  8. Derivatives
  9. Commodity Markets

Investment Banking

  1. Investment Banking
  2. Corporate Actions
  3. Collateral Management
  4. Reconciliations
  5. Settlements and Global Security Operations
  6. Reference Data Management
  7. Trade Life Cycle
  8. Asset Management

Job hiring companies or job opportunities: The certificate courses in investment banking operations open numerous opportunities to work since the investment banking field is profit-making though challenging. Below is the list of companies that are recruitment partners of BSE Institute Limited.

  1. Axis Bank
  2. Motilal Oswal
  3. Angel Broking
  4. Morgan Stanly
  5. VCreatek
  6. AnandRathi
  7. BNB Paribas
  8. Integreon
  9. Standard Chartered
  10. Morningstar

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4) BSE Institute Limited (BIL)

Course: Post-Graduate Programme/Course in Banking and Finance

About the Course:

BSE Institute Limited proposes certificate courses in investment banking and finance. This advanced-level course gives intuitions into several facets of banking and finance. Due to its massive contribution to the world economy, investment banking is a rapidly growing sector.

The course is designed to give practical as well as theoretical knowledge of not only banking and finance but also money management, economics, and information technology. BSE Institute Limited is a well-known training center among the popular centers in India.

This post-graduate certificate program is globally recognized which gives students detailed practical knowledge of the area. It opens a gate for plenty of job opportunities.

Course Duration and Mode: The course duration is one year and the mode of the course is offline/classroom.

Eligibility: Any graduate who has scored 60% in their graduate or anyone who possesses an equivalent degree from a recognized university or institute can apply for the course. Professionals who are already working in investment banking or interested in investment banking can also apply.

Syllabus/ Curriculum:

Since it is a post-graduate certificate course in investment banking and finance having an offline mode, it is delivered in two semesters.

Semester I

  1. Microsoft Excel Basic
  2. Macro Economics
  3. Mathematics  for Bankers
  4. Introduction to Financial Markets
  5. Commercial Banking Operations
  6. Introduction to Financial Accounting Bank
  7. Technical Analysis
  8. Leadership Development part-I
  9. Credit Management and Legal Aspects of Banking
  10. Financial Management Principles and Practice

Semester II

  1. Introduction to Investment Banking
  2. Leadership Development-II
  3. Rural Banking
  4. Information Technology Related to Banking
  5. Relationship Management and Customer Services
  6. Money Management
  7. Derivatives and Commodities
  8. Marketing Financial Products
  9. International Finance/Banking and Foreign Exchange Markets
  10. Intro to Financial Spreadsheets
  11. Fixed Income Securities in India
  12. Internship

Job hiring companies or job opportunities: This Post-Graduate certificate courses in investment banking and Finance is the gate to numerous work opportunities in the flourishing and challenging investment banking field. Below is the list of companies that are recruitment partners of BSE Institute Limited.

  1. Axis Bank
  2. Motilal Oswal
  3. Angel Broking
  4. Morgan Stanly
  5. VCreatek
  6. AnandRathi
  7. BNB Paribas
  8. Integreon
  9. Standard Chartered
  10. Morningstar


5) Imarticus Learning

Course: Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional

About the Course:

As we have seen in the article before, the investment banking field has become the most wanted and popular to work in. Many aspirants fancy themselves as an investment banker. It is a dream job for many aspirants who are ready to work hard, surrender themselves to long working hours, want to earn good money, have big dreams, and are very passionate about this field.

This professional one of the certificate courses in investment banking operations makes a candidate prominent in understanding stock markets, fluctuations in financial markets, financial and investment management, knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, knowledge of equity finance, and investment-related bits of advice.

A candidate with this course may start her/his career as an analyst and can become an associate after 2 -3 years. S/he may become an investment banker, a financial modeler, a financial consultant, a financial advisor, a broker, etc.

Course Duration and Mode: The course duration is 2 months for aspirants who apply for a full-time course including weekday sessions and 3 months for aspirants who apply for Saturday and Sunday sessions. The mode of the course is a classroom/ live online training.

Eligibility: The certificate courses in investment banking are the best for learners who have o-3 years of professional experience in an investment banking field or any finance, commerce, and business management graduate, or anyone who possesses an equivalent degree from a recognized university or institute can apply for the course.

Syllabus/ Curriculum:

The syllabus of the professional certificate courses in investment banking operations covers important topics which are as follows;

Introduction to Financial Markets

  • Introduction to Investment Banking
  • Fixed Income and Cash Equities
  • Foreign Exchange and Money Market
  • Derivatives Market

Trade Life Cycle

  • Reference Data Management
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Action
  • Stock, Borrow, and Lending
  • Introduction to ISDA
  • Collateral Management


Risk Management

  • Resolutory Environment and Risk Management
  • KYC and anti-money Loundering

Besides these main topics, the course also covers Job Readiness sessions after every topic which include interview preparations and developing communication skills required for the job profiles in an investment banking field.

Job hiring companies or job opportunities: Imarticus Learning is one of the prestigious institutions. There are some reputed companies the learners may seek opportunities to work in.

  1. Goldman Sachs
  2. Cap Gemini
  3. BNB Paribas
  4. Bank of America
  5. RBS
  6. UBS
  7. Morgan Stanley
  8. J.P. Morgan
  9. Genpact
  10. Citi Bank


6) E & ICT Academy IIT Guwahati

Investment Banking Course

About the Course:

This one of the certificate courses in investment banking gives aspirants deep knowledge of financial management, cash equities, fundamentals of investment banking, financial consultation, etc. It also provides career services through Intellipaat. Live sessions will be conducted by industry professionals.

This certificate course may open an ample range of career opportunities as a freelancer as well as in various companies. Interested candidates may start their career in investment banking because they are financial experts.

Course Duration and Mode: The duration of the course is 5 months and the mode of the course is live online.

Eligibility: Professionals who are already in the field of finance or business management who want to dive deep into investment banking can apply for the course. Any student who is interested in investment banking can apply for the course.

Syllabus/ Curriculum:

The course is divided into 15 modules. And 15th module is followed by the important session, Job Readiness. The modules are as follows:

Module 1: Preparatory Session – Data Transformation Using MS Excel

Module 2: Fundamentals of Investment Banking

Module 3: Cash Equities and Fixed Income

Module 4: Introduction to Foreign Exchange and Money Market


Module 5: Derivatives Markets

Module 6: Introduction to Reference Data Management

Module 7: Corporate Actions

Module 8: Asset Management and Concepts

Module 9: Introduction to ISDA and Reconciliation

Module 10: Stock Borrow Lending and Related Concept

Module 11: Managing Collateral

Module 12: Mergers and Acquisitions

Module 13: Trade Life Cycle

Module 14: Regulatory Environment and Risk Management in Investment Banking

Module 15: Customers and Anti-Money Laundering

Job hiring companies or job opportunities:

There are many reputed companies one can seek a job after completing this course.

  1. Amazon
  2. Google
  3. Microsoft
  4. Genpact
  5. Saint Gabbain
  6. Ericsson
  7. Sony
  8. Wipro
  9. Adobe
  10. TCS
  11. FedEx
  12. Persistent
  13. PayPal
  14. Bosch



Below are the FAQs about certificate courses in investment banking.

How do I become an investment banker?

Though the investment banking field is glamorous and attracts aspirants towards it, entry into the field is not an easy task. But no limitations and nothing is impossible for ambitious and passionate candidates. Candidates who have a bachelor’s degree and are already enrolled or want to enroll themselves for certificate courses in investment banking, MBA in Finance or Banking, CFA, CA, etc. are welcome in the field. With a prior degree or certificate, one must have financial and analytical ability, good knowledge of PowerPoint, MS Excel, stock market, taxation, and capital markets, and good management and communication skills.

What duties should I have as an investment banker?

  • The duties of an investment banker are listed here
  • S/he is responsible for researching the stock market and financial fluctuations in the market.
  • S/he is responsible for presentations and pitches given to the clients.
  • S/he is responsible for making financial models for the clients.
  • S/he is responsible for solving the queries of clients and giving them appropriate information about the current market situation.

How many courses do I need to complete to enter investment banking?

  • If one is appearing for the CA exam, qualifying will be sufficient to enter investment banking.
  • Anyone who has a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting may also start his/her career as an investment banker
  • CFA level 1 qualified candidate is eligible and fully prepared to enter this field
  • CPAs can also be a part of investment banking since they are proficient professionals in finance and accounting.
  • Any PG or course ensures their entry into this field.
  • MBA in finance or banking are suitable for the various job profiles in investment banking

Is choosing investment banking as a career option the right path for me? Why?

It is the right career path for the graduates. Since Investment banking organizes large, complex financial transactions investment banker works on a fixed and variable salary. Variable salary has no limits. Investment banks earn through mergers and acquisitions on a commission basis that can be in millions. In investment banking,  a team of 4-5 people looks after deals worth millions in a way they receive a good commission after every successful deal.

Which set of skills are required to become a successful investment banker?

  • To become an investment banker, one should have a very good knowledge of PowerPoint as s/he needs to prepare or edit presentations and pitches for every client. And also have advanced knowledge of MS Excel as s/he needs to make Excel Sheets of numerical financial data.
  • Good financial management skills should be an asset for an investment banker.
  • An investment banker must have analytical abilities, and mastery over accounting and should know the basic and needful maths.
  • S/he should have good communication skills and convincing power since they deal with investors and businessmen and need to convince them to put their money into it.

Why certificate courses in investment banking are important to enter investment banking?

The field requires deep practical knowledge about financial strategies and current market status, related to finance. One can choose a particular certificate course to dive into deep knowledge about that particular job profile. One can rely on courses for knowledge and understanding in order to enter this extremely competitive field with confidence.

These certificate courses in investment banking provide a disciplined structured curriculum that can help the aspirants to grasp detailed knowledge systematically and also help to acquire must required practical skill set for investment banking. And also last but not least, the students can test their ability to row their steps in this field.

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