Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In France With Placements

Unbind your potential with a Data Analytics certification course in France. Data analytics is a challenging and rewarding career that offers a good work-life balance and the opportunity to make a real impact on an organization’s success. Data analytics jobs come with competitive salaries and benefits. Our article is designed by experts who provide you with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of Data analytics and will help you with the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France.




France is a learning station that has more than 25 universities that offer Data Analytics certification courses in France. France’s academic domain and style influence thousands of students every year. France provides a combination of both chances to enroll in the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France and pay the lowest fees worldwide.

Drive into the real world of data analytics and build a comprehensive portfolio that will lead you to success and make you stand in the world of technology.

As an advisor in this write-up, we will try to highlight your attention to the key factors like the meaning and understanding of data analytics, the need, and the role of data analysts. We will also focus on the career and future of data analysts as per market growth and most importantly we will filter the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France.

Before indulging in the course it’s important to understand the meaning of it. Let’s understand what data analytics is.


What is Data Analytics?

Have you ever thought measuring water to make a morning cup of tea, examining weather forecasts before dressing up, or tracking health reports from fitness trackers are all forms of evaluating data? It is a process of collecting, processing, analyzing, and interpreting large data by using various techniques like statistical and predictive modeling, and quantitative methods to identify market trends that help organizations in improving business performance.

Daily companies use data in the form of transactional data, logbooks, and internet domains. They also use data from various customer-related sites like social media. Thus organisations use data for business strategies by analysing the past for a better future.  Now the question arises how do data analysts work? Will these top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France be fruitful?


Process of Data Analytics

The process of data analytics includes-

  • Collection of Data- The process through which data is collected from various sources like opinion polls, surveys, and many more.
  • Amendment of data- – The process through which data collected is amended from errors and makes it reliable to use.
  • Allocation of Data- The process through which data and information are classified according to the requirements of the organization.
  • Data Analysis- A process in which various important information such as customer behaviour, and market trends is adopted from data using various tools.
  • Visualization of data- After receiving all the information from the database the analyst prepares the report, thus helping the organization in decision-making.
  • Counsel- The data analyst makes the report and sends it to the concerned authority for the smooth running of the business.


Who is a Data Analyst?

The person who extracts raw data organizes it, analyses it, and finally transforms data into valuable information is called a data analyst. The data analyst gives his recommendation for the smooth running of the business. He is the person in charge of rectifying all the issues and challenges that arise within the organization.

The top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France make sure that with their best faculties and technology, they produce highly professional Data analysts in the market.

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Why Data Analytics is Important in Today’s Era?

In today’s world of business, the data analytics role is of vital importance. Every business, every firm, and every sector of industry needs the knowledge and experience of a data analyst to increase their revenue, strengthen their productivity, improve business performance, predict risk, find opportunities, decision making, customer satisfaction, feedback, and many more.

Data analytics uses various tools and structures to use the unorganized data effectively and efficiently henceforth making it useful for the organization. Data Analytics certification courses in France are designed keeping in mind the current market requirements.


Types of Data Analytics

Following are the types of data analytics, namely;

  • Descriptive analytics-  It works on the formula- ‘WHAT HAPPENED’

The job of a data analyst is to gather the data and analyze it from the information that has happened in the past. The technique used by a data analyst is aggregation and data mining.

  • Diagnostic analytics- It works on – ‘WHY DID IT HAPPEN’

Firstly the data analyst will identify peculiarities within data and then by using additional sources would try to find the reason and source why such peculiarity arose.

The Techniques Used by Data Analytics Are:

Probability theory

Regression analysis

Filtering and

Time series data analytics

  • Predictive analytics-  It’s based on WHAT IS LIKELY TO HAPPEN IN FUTURE’

Here the data analytics job is to judge what is likely to happen in the future by using actual data and probability theory. By doing a predictive analysis product’s future, the company’s revenue and growth at a certain period can be forecast.

Prescriptive analytics- It is based on WHAT IS THE BEST COURSE OF ACTION’’

The job of a data analyst is to advise the company on the decisions and actions to be taken. The tools involved are algorithms, machine learning, and computation modeling procedures.

Don’t get confused, choose the Data Analytics certification courses in France based on the work you are engaged in. This article will guide you in understanding and choosing the best course from the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France.

Role of Action as a Data Analyst

  • Knowledge discovery in data.
  • Maintaining and arranging databases
  • Alliance with other teams
  • Predictive analytics
  • Preparing reports
  • Guidelines


Tools Used in Data Analytics

  1. Python- The language is flexible and can manage data quickly. It is used in many organizations for achieving their is mainly used for machine learning, data manipulation, and statistical analysis.
  2. SQL- It’s most commonly known as Statistical Query language which is used in data analytics for carrying information and data. It is used to pull out complex data.
  3. R Language- R language is a universally used tool. Data analytics uses this tool for data manipulation and data visualization. It holds different structures for the data.
  4. SAS- Statistical Analysis Software digs out valuable information from data banks through data collecting, reporting, manipulating, and obtaining concrete results which will help organizations in making difficult decisions. This software is used in many sectors like finance, government, medical care, and many more.
  5. Tableau- When there is a need to create complex reports, graphical charts, and graphics the need for Tableau arises. It helps in taking out the results quickly, smoothly, and effectively.
  6. Microsoft Excel –It is software that authorizes you to calculate data using formulas within a spreadsheet system. This tool is used by data analysts for solving queries and for creating charts, graphics, and many more.
  7. Power BI- Power BI is a business tool. It is the solution that helps in visualizing the data and sharing the vision of the organization.

Keeping in mind the importance of these tools, the Data Analytics certification course in France is outlined, and the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France managed to equip all the required tools in their syllabus.


Eligibility Criteria for Becoming a Data Analyst

Aspiring applicants who are studying graduate or undergraduate degrees in mathematics, computer science, and statistics can pursue Data analytics courses from any institute in the nation and abroad. The top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France contain the same criteria in the first instance.

After passing class 12th board exams one can apply for the course, by following the steps given below-

Students who pass 12th and want to pursue data analytics certification courses in France have to first clear entrance exams and enrol in a bachelor’s degree program.

The candidate also has the option to enrol in other fields like BCA, BSC in computer science, and BSC in mathematics.

Throughout the degree, the candidate has to maintain an average grade of 65 per cent.

Candidates opting for post-graduate programs must take the GATE exam.

Post Graduate Program

After completion of the undergraduate course, the candidate can apply for the post-graduation program by following the steps-

The first candidate has to take the GATE exam. This entrance exam is tough for many students. Every year only 15 to 20% of students clear the exams.

Based on the interest one must select the area of specialization.

The candidate who has completed the Post-Graduation program can continue with their education by enrolling in the PhD program.

When we talk about the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France with the above-mentioned eligibility criteria the applicant must succeed in one of the English language competence exams such as TOEFL, or IELTS. Applicants who want to study abroad must also submit an SOP i.e. Statement of Purpose. Candidates who want to pursue a post-graduate program must get at least 80 per cent in graduation exams.


Career as a Data Analyst

Data analysts are high in demand within the job market. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected in its report that a career in data analytics will rise by 23 per cent between 2022 and 2032 and will be one of the highly paid salary professions. In today’s scenario efficient data analysts are less in the market compared to the demand of the profession.

Various roles as data analysts are available in the market at every stage. At entry level careers in data analytics include junior data analyst, associate data analyst, and junior data scientist. As you gain more experience you may take the role of Data Architect, Data Engineer, Business Analyst, and Marketing Analyst.


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In France With Placements

After going through a lot of research work our experts came up with the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France that provide different Data Analytics Certification courses



IIM Skills is an online portal that provides professional courses for a highly rewarding career and one of the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France. The course is equipped with various tools like Python, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, and many more. It also includes techniques important for the students to excel in the market of data analytics.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees: 545.97 EUROS + Taxes

Benefits of Enrolling with IIM SKILLS

  • Provides access to the LM
  • Provide institute assistance
  • Internship for students and prepare them for real work challenges
  • Training consists of a bundle of case studies
  • Placement support
  • A 100% money-back guarantee is available
  • Portfolio building
  • Provide personalized guidance
  • Career assistance 24 by7

List of other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Phone Number- + 919580740740

Email id- [email protected]



2. EDHEC Business School

According to the Financial Times EDHEC Business School consistently ranks among the top10 European business schools and placed third in France. Other than MSC in data analytics EDHEC also offers other programs like Master in Management, International finance, and many more.

EDHEC in its nutshell provides MSC in data analytics and artificial intelligence. They not only equip you with programming skills but also master your statistics and data analysis. They help in increasing the critical thinking required to solve real-world data-related issues.

Procedure Includes-

  • Core curriculum
  • Blended learning
  • Applied learning
  • Personal performance coaching

Points to be Noted are-

To apply for admission you have to clear the EDHEC Free GMAT exam.

The tuition fee is Euro 26000 which includes academic exchange, and access to the EDHEC career centre with personal coaching. Lifetime access to EDHEC Lifetime Community

Curriculum Includes-

  • Fundamentals of data management
  • Analysing of data
  • Market strategy
  • Financial analytics track

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3. Rennes School of BUSINESS

The MSC in Data and Business Analytics is designed to meet the demands of the industry and tackle business challenges.

Benefits of joining Rennes School of Business-

  • They teach key analytical methods and tools.
  • They give keen importance to both theoretical and practical aspects.
  • They offer MSC data analytics as a techno-managerial twinning program.
  • Throughout the year students will be provided with privileged interlocutors.
  • Provide placement opportunities.
  • Organise events for students with top-level management of the organization.

Five Reasons to Join the Program Are-

  • They customize the program as per the current market analysis.
  • They keep a balance between technical knowledge and business skills.
  • Updated the latest industry software.
  • An international and multicultural program located in France.
  • Graduates are highly employed.

Curriculum Includes-

Financial Data Track

  • Deep learning and neural network.
  • Coding and data science.
  • Financial data infrastructure
  • Financial commodity trading
  • Blockchain and crypto assets

Data and Business Analytics Task

  • Data project management
  • Case studies in business analytics ethics and risk.
  • Data-driven demand planning
  • Big data and business analytics.


4. Paris School of Business

The Master of Science in Marketing Analytics and Data Intelligence is designed to give students the skills to analyze customer data to drive successful market decisions. Here graduates will learn how to forecast and make business decisions depending on the information provided by analyzing techniques, modeling, and customer information.

Why Choose the Paris School of Business

  • Helps in discovering and practicing Python
  • Master in data management with Excel.
  • Data visualization via tableau.
  • Improved decryption of market environment.

Key Points

  • It’s a one-year course where they provide innovative fields of study.
  • Mastery of data and marketing.
  • Business trip to London.
  • Proficiency in English is compulsory.
  • Tuition fees are between Euro 14500 and 18000.


5. Data Science Tech Institute

Data Science Tech Institute is known as a front-runner in data and artificial intelligence in France. Its MSc program holds RNCP7 accreditation. It provides full-time, part-time, or blended study choices.

The Key Objectives for Enrolling for Msc in Data Analytics Are-

  • The program is built to provide a strong analytical mindset.
  • Provide unique skills in various database technologies.
  • Gain proficiency in machine learning with practical applications.
  • Gain mastery in data software.
  • Improves understanding of IT and software management.
  • Provide 45 hours of support sessions and a six-month, mandatory internship.

Course Includes –

Warm-up Courses –

  • Fundamental applied mathematics
  • Data structure and applied machine learning using Python and R.
  • Computer science lab
  • Clean IT
  • Excel basics
  • Introduction to AI awareness, data management, and networking.

Data Analytics Include –

  • Python machine learning lab
  • Big data processing with R
  • Applied mathematics with data Science

Databases Include-

  • Data warehouses and ETL
  • Data Pipeline
  • Graph database

Data Management and Visualization Include-

  • CRM data management
  • Reporting and visualisation
  • Data analytics and machine learning with advanced Excel.

Explore more about the in-demand:


6. Grinoble Ecole De Management Data

MSC in digital marketing and data analytics course is a full–time 1 to 2-year course. Its main objective is to empower students to succeed in the world of technology by indulging in their data-driven business decisions.

The course is designed keeping in mind the global environment. It also helps in generating innovative and adaptive ideas and solutions to overcome the changing environment.

Program Highlights-

  • Both theoretical and practical learning are included in the curriculum.
  • Students are trained through projects, case studies, and professional experience.
  • Enhance skills by using tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Python, SPSS, and many more.
  • Helps in making ethnic leaders.
  • Help in boosting career by networking
  • Help your mind and explore the journey with professional guest speakers.


  • Provide 12 months of professional experience anywhere in the world.
  • Personal career watching and soft skill training.
  • Acquire a full array of CV interviews.

Course Includes:

  • Marketing analytics with R
  • Digital Marketing
  • Language
  • Deep learning and machine learning
  • Advanced research method
  • Data marketing


7. EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science

The data analytics course is designed for students to acquire a technical and theoretical foundation that will help them in the future to become versatile developers. The program is offered entirely in English language. Graduates of this program will be awarded a National BACHLORS DEGREE.

Course Include-

  • Predictive analytics and data mining
  • Business intelligence.
  • Big data infrastructure and cloud computing
  • Data reporting and visualization.
  • Neural network and deep learning of Python.


8. CY Tech

CY TECH is primarily an engineering graduate school. The mission of CV TECH is to meet the rising needs of both students and industry. Through innovative programs and faculty, exchanges they provide students with an attractive educational experience.

It offers an extensive and diversified curriculum that meets the expectations of today’s world. It provides a master’s program in business analytics. The program includes mathematics, and a wide range of computer-based tools, which help to bring efficient algorithms and solutions.

The Course Will Make Students Familiar With Three Main Pillars-

  • Modelling, operational research, and decision support
  • Data analytics and data mining
  • Business intelligence

Curriculum Includes-

Computer Technologies

  • SQL
  • Machine learning
  • Advanced database2

Data Exploitation

  • Data mining approach
  • Social network analytics
  • Neural network

Business Intelligence

  • Advanced BI and data visualization

Operational Research

  • Forecasting models
  • SAS analytics

Foreign Language

  • FFL French as a foreign language

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9. IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique provides a Master of Science specialization in data analytics that lasts for two years. The first semester is taught in English and subsequently the other in French language. The aim of designing the MSC program is to build data analyst experts in data mining, knowledge extraction, and decision-making.

Curriculum Includes-

  • Communication network basics.
  • Mathematical tools.
  • Data Science
  • Workshop for the students.
  • Fundaments of computer science.


10. Berlin School of Business Innovation

MSC in Data Analytics is a post-graduate program in the field of data analytics. In this 18-month course, they enhance knowledge, skill, and confidence in the students which is required to pursue entrepreneurial dreams.

They are well equipped with the latest technology and research development. They also provide live sessions from industry guest speakers and provide opportunities to contribute to the world of technology.

Curriculum Includes-

  • Fundaments of data analytics
  • Python language is used for Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Database management system
  • Visualization using Tableau
  • Artificial Intelligence and computer vision

The above-mentioned top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France contain in its purview both online and offline classes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any age limit for pursuing data analytics as a career?

It is a myth that age is any criterion for being a data analyst. In an industry like this experience counts not age. It’s the field of expertise skill, and knowledge of tools and techniques, and whoever has this in hand is the master of data analytics and can stand in front of the younger generation.

The top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France do not contain any age criteria for admission.

What are the expectations from an Entry Level Data analyst?

The job of Entry Level Data Analyst commonly includes-

  • Collecting and cleaning data
  • Making a detailed report by data procured or by finding using tools MS Excel.
  • Develop dashboard.

Which form of data analytics is more in demand in the market?

Prescriptive analytics has the greatest value in the market in terms of advancement. It not only predicts the future but also recommends the course of action to be taken to achieve the desired goal.

Is artificial intelligence a threat to data analytics jobs?

Artificial Intelligence will not replace but work hand in hand with data analytics and help them to work efficiently. It helps data analytics in decision-making and focuses on market trends. Artificial intelligence and data analytics are the future of world advancement in terms of technology.

Is coding required for data analytics?

The answer is sometimes, yes. Data analytics is required to be an expert in coding languages like SQL, R, and Python. Having coding language in your resume will enhance your job opportunities and the top 10 Data Analytics courses help in building a resume and providing job assistance.



Data Analytics is fast growing field and skilled data analysts are in great demand. Research has shown that there is a huge demand for professionals with advanced skills in data analytics in the global market. It is a discipline that blends technical skills with business knowledge to wrench out meaningful vision from data.

Thus, the data analytics certification course is worth it and to find the best option for the course top 10 Data Analytical Courses in France is designed. Till the time businesses continue to rely on data for decision making the demand for the data analytics profession will grow, making it a promising field and France will provide the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in France.

Top 10 Data Science Courses In Nungambakkam With Placements

Data science courses in Nungambakkam are one of the most demanding professions and act as an edge to your hunger for achieving goals and dreaming high to iron the path of success. Nungambakkam is a downtown city of Chennai that is accompanied by many top-rated institutes offering the most prestigious program of Data Science Courses both online and classroom offering placement assistance.



In this article, we will unbox why to enrol in these top 10 Data Science courses in Nungambakkam, the importance of learning Data Science, the future of Data Scientists, and the job opportunities.



Nungambakkam, a downtown city of Chennai, is abundant with Multinational commercial establishments, important government offices, a Cultural centre, and shopping malls. Due to this, it witnesses a boom in demand for skilled Data Scientists and brings many top-rated Institutes offering Data Science courses in Nungambakkam into the purview. If you want to be part of one of the most prestigious programs, Nungambakkam is the place to be.

In this era of innovation and expansion data has become the key to success for the business all over the world. Over the past few years, the volume of noise has changed its way of handling, managing, and buffering the core area of business. A few years back, handling data used to be a difficult task but now it’s just a one-click away with the emergence of Data Analytics.

Before indulging in any course it’s important to understand the core subject and decide whether the amplitude of industry is one for you.


What is Data Science?

Data Science is an academic field that uses statistics, scientific methods, computer science, and algorithms to extract knowledge from unstructured data. It is a sphere that deals with mass data using tools and techniques to find implied patterns and bring out solutions which is indeed beneficial in business decisions.

The data comes from various sources and formats. The professional who handles the whole process and monitors that everything is running smoothly is called a Data Scientist. Thus we can say Data Science is a combination of science, a research method, a discipline, and a profession.

Data Scientists work in six stages. Foremost is to understand the role of the Data Scientist.


Roleplay of Data Scientist

  • Understanding the business problem
  • Collecting of data
  • Exploring data analysis
  • Model building and evaluation
  • Communicating results and
  • Deployment and maintenance of data.
  • Understanding and deep study of the subject is prior important.

Now the question arises about the eligibility criteria for entering into the course of Data Analytics.


Eligibility for Pursuing Data Science Course

Data science is an emerging course that is available in various universities and certified institutes of Nungambakkam. It can be learned seemingly as well as with various specializations like Python, AI, and Data Analytics.

Online Data Science courses act as a good option for a fresher for a better understanding of Data Science. A person who has a Bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science, statistics, mathematics, or engineering can also apply for Data Science Courses.

After pursuing 12th, students from science backgrounds can also be eligible for any Data Science course may be graduation, diploma, or certification. All these facilities are quite available in the Top 10 Data Science Courses in Nungambakkam.


Skills Require to Learn to Be a Data Scientist

While searching for a good institute one must know about the skills required to be a good Data Scientist as it is the prerequisite requirement in finding the best out of the Top Ten Data Science Courses in Nungambakkam.

So to Be a Data Scientist One Must Pursue the Following Skills:

  • Knowledge of programming is a must to be a Data Scientist i.e. Python, SQL, and languages like Java, and C++. This will be very helpful at times of scripting, manipulating, and extracting data.
  • Statistical Analysis- A data scientist should know how to implement correct statistical models.
  • Machine learning algorithms are the backbone of data. Data Scientists should know how to build and implement models and utilize them for production.
  • Pre-processing of Data-It’s very important that the data generated is of good quality and usability and for the same the professionals have to be well equipped.
  • Technology use- They should be at their best when it comes to technology. They should be capable of using various tools like Spark, and Hadoop and cloud platforms like AWS, and GCP.

Not all the skills you have to learn in one instance, but the more you are in practice with these tools the more options will be open for you in the market at large.

Keeping all these perceptions in mind the syllabus of Data Science has been designed by the Top 10 Data Science institutes of Nungambakkam.


Why Pursue Data Science as a Career in Nungambakkam?

Data science is a wide subject and for the same proper training, expertise knowledge, and guidance are required. Nungambakkam is the place where all your questions will be answered, all your requirements will be fulfilled. They use the best modern teaching methods. They provide in-depth knowledge of the subject, and cover techniques like data collection, extraction of data, cleaning of data, integration, and mining.

You are trained well on how to deal with Python, and R programming languages to handle data science models, statistical models, and hypothesis testing. In Nungambakkam, the faculties constantly be with their students and try to make them learn new technologies, and terminologies and make them flexible enough to use them with practice.

They prepare students by giving theoretical knowledge as well as practical training. On time to time basis they give students exercises and real-world projects to build confidence in them. The best part is they provide government-affiliated certificates and a hundred per cent placement to their students. That means before leaving the campus they have jobs in their hands. So all this makes these top ten Data Science courses in Nungambakkam one of the best Data Science course hubs in India.

Explore These In-demand Data Science Courses Near You:


Job Opportunities Available in India and Abroad

The role of Data Analytics is highly transferable and is available in both private and public sectors including finance, manufacturing consultation, government education, and many more. This can easily be figured out by seeing that every day approx. 2.5 billion population Google search globally or something or other.

Lakhs of stories come on Instagram on an hourly basis, and thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube or Netflix. Data is generated widely in all these areas and to handle this Data Scientists are required. Data Science professionals believe in a smart workforce. They act as a chain between the business and the end consumers.

In the present scenario, Data Science has become one of the top career options for people with a technology background. A study was taken and the figure that came out showed the huge requirement and need for Data Scientists in the coming years, say more than double. They are the decision maker and backbone of any company.

The company’s progress and meeting consumer requirements is all in the hands of the Data Scientist and for all these criteria the remuneration of the Data Scientist is very high. Data Scientists are among the most highly paid professionals all over the world.

They are in great demand in different sectors including banking, financial services, entertainment, health, retail, automobile, telecommunication, and many more. Every month approximately five thousand positions are open for them.

The average salary of a Data Scientist is Ten Lakh per annum and if a data professional is well learned with Python, R, and Machine learning, he can earn more than above. The remuneration varies with the expertise, knowledge, and skills of the professional. It is anticipated to have more job options in the future for Data Science professionals like:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data infrastructure
  • Research work
  • Application Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Machine Learning Scientist

Hope this information will find the best to your knowledge to help you kick-start your career in the field of Data Science. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top ten Data Science courses in Nungambakkam along with necessary details regarding their syllabus, duration, and much more information that will be helpful for you.


Top 10 Data Science Courses In Nungambakkam With Placements



IIM Skills is one of the growing online institutes providing education at a reasonable price. IIM SKILLS is known for its courses which are designed by skilled professionals. It provides government-authorised certification in the Data Science Courses.

The course is designed to cover all the important topics in depth. The course is conducted of 6 months of live sessions and 2 months of internship. In addition to this, they give rigorous training with practical assignments.

Course Duration: 11 months.

Course Fee: INR 99,900/- + 18% GST.

The Benefits of Pursuing a Data Science Course in IIM SKILLS Are;

  • Live lectures.
  • Doubt-solving sessions.
  • Assured internship
  • 24*7 online support
  • Practical Training
  • Lifetime access to recorded study material.
  • Knowledge of tools and software
  • Interview Preparation

Their Syllabus Includes;-

  • SQL, Python, Jupyter Chat GPT, Regression, Model selection, Web-based interface analysis, Tableau, and Alteryx.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting, Data Visualization in Excel, Overview of Dashboard, VBA, RDMS Concepts, and Power BI.

They provide the best learning experience with knowledge and skill.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Contact Details:

Phone number: +919580740740

Email address: [email protected]



2. Imaticus Learning Centre

Imarticus Learning is a Chennai hub, which provides certification courses in Data Science and Analytics. They provide 6 month course both online and classroom with 100% placement assurance. The classes are scheduled for 300+ hours with 25+ projects are equipped with 10+ tools and have 400+ hiring partners.

The Syllabus Covered Are –

  • Practical applications of Data Science.
  • Expertise knowledge in Python, SQL, Data Analytics, PowerBI, and Tableau.
  • Their expert faculties deliver robust curriculum using interactive modules and fit-on training methods.

The highlight of pursuing a Data Science course here is it helps in making a resume and helps you participate in coding Hackathons learn to tackle complex business problems and get opportunities to compete in a national level competition.


3. Besant Technologies

Ranked as No. -1 Data Science Training institutes with certification in Chennai. It has 15+ experience in software training and placement. Besant Technologies has around 20+ branches in Chennai and Bangalore. They are available both online and in classrooms.

The Syllabus Covered Under their Data Science Courses in Nungambakkam:

  • Data Science with Python.
  • Machine learning
  • SQL
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep learning, NLP
  • Tableau, Tensor flow, Jupyter

Besant Technologies has award-winning faculties in the domain from top IT backgrounds. They prepare students with industry experts and make them on board for placements. They have a dedicated program manager who ensures students’ progress and makes them learn to build real-life projects in Data Science.


4. Great Learning

They are one of the known online classes for providing PG Programs in Data Science and Business Analytics. It is a 12-month course with dual certification and 100% placement. The syllabus is designed by the faculty at UT Austin Mecombs School of Business and Great Lakes.

  • The syllabus covers tools and techniques like Python, Tableau, SQL, Chat GPT, Machine learning, and Predictive Modelling.
  • They assist with projects and concepts through weekly live sessions.
  • They also provide online videos in case you miss the lecture.
  • Their dedicated team is always there to guide you with your queries.
  • Faculties are highly qualified and experienced.

A Few More Data Science Courses That You Should Explore Near You:


5. 360 DigiTMG

To acquire a successful career as a Data Scientist one can switch to 360 DigiTMG. It provides 184 hours of intensive classroom training in the classroom as well as online.

They Offer:

  • Access to 150 + hours of practical assignments.
  • 2 Capstones Live projects.
  • Assurance of Job Placement Assistance.

Accelerate your career with 360DigiTMG and become a Data Scientist by indulging in Data Scientist Course Certification and gaining mastery in area-specific skills, tools, and techniques. It is designed to meet the requirements of both work professionals and beginners.

This course will equip students with a strong understanding of fundamental concepts of Data Analytics. Here students will learn advanced Data structure, Data collection process, and programming abilities.

Students will gain expertise in working with all kinds of Data unstructured or structured. They learn to build effective Data Visualisation.


6. LIBA [Loyola Institute of Business Administration]

LIBA provides a diploma in AI with Data Science. The course will run for 5 months. It has both online and classroom sessions. The course is based on a hybrid model of 100+ hours [classroom + virtual].

The Benefits of Choosing This Institute Are:

  • They provide expert and career coaching sessions.
  • They offer a thorough knowledge of case studies and help in building confidence.
  • Students have a convenient learning format, placement assistance, and have hybrid mode of delivery.
  • The program is designed for both freshers and working professionals.
  • Offer support 24*7, 7 days a week.
  • Anyone with having Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% or equivalent passing marks can apply for enrolment.


7. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is one of the best known for online Data science courses. It provides an 11-month certification program and enables candidates to work on real-world projects using aligned tools.

The Benefit of Enrolling is Simplilearn:

  • They provide an IBM certificate.
  • Live sessions are conducted by industry experts.
  • The key feature is they have AMA (Ask Me Anything) which is conducted by IBM leadership.
  • Candidates learn Python, SQL, Machine Learning, and Generative AI.
  • The program is designed keeping in mind the journey of students as Data Scientists.

For more details check its website-


8. Coursera

If you are interested in joining the Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science Course, then Coursera is the right place.

The Key Features of Coursera Are:

  • They provide courses like Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Probability, and statistics.
  • Teaching is done online with professional faculties.
  • The syllabus contains learning of Python, SQL, Statistics, and R Programming.
  • For beginners, the course is for 3 to 6 months.

Candidates who want to invest their money and time for a Bachelor’s degree may apply here.


9. Indian Institute of Management

Indian Institute of Management offers Executive Post Graduate Diploma program in management and Artificial Intelligence. Their main aim is to assist the candidate by enhancing their skills. The curriculum is designed by industry experts and award-winning faculties from IIM, Indore.

Their Syllabus for Data Science Courses in Nungambakkam Covers –

  • Analytics Framework and Decision-making
  • Business strategy
  • Programming like Python, R.
  • Data Visualization
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Text mining and more.

The Key Features for Enrolling in IIM Are-

  • They provide self-assessment assignments for better understanding.
  • Case studies are given to understand the concepts better.
  • Highly experienced guest lecturers are invited.


10. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy provides Post Graduate Certificate Program in both Data Science and Machine learning.

The Benefits of Indulging in Jigsaw Academy Are-

  • The course is said as PGCP IN DSML WITH a 100% placement guarantee.
  • The duration of the course is 9 months of live sessions.
  • They provide certification from the Manipal Institute of Technology.
  • They enhance Artificial Intelligence and emphasize Machine Learning for the creation of intelligent machines.
  • Students work on 7 intensive projects + 2 Capstone projects.

So to get a comprehensive program blended with knowledge and concept learning you may adopt Jigsaw Academy.

After going through a lot of research and taking feedback from faculties and ex-students,  the five best recommendations for Data Science courses in Nungambakkam both online and classroom are:

  1. IIM Skills, Nungambakkam
  2. Imarticus Learning Centre
  3. Besant Technologies
  4. 360DigiTMG
  5. Simplilearn



Can the Data Science Course be pursued after the 12th?

Yes, a candidate who has cleared 10+2 from any recognized board in Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics can apply.

Why Nungambakkam is one of the best choices for a Data Science Course?

If you go with the statistics, Chennai is one of the top three IT hubs in India. It is a privileged city in terms of academics. The next four to five years are indicated as a rainbow time for the Data Science students.

Many renowned national and international companies like Adani, and Netmagic are functioning here. So the opportunities are more in Nungambakkam and they have the best-trained faculties from IT to teach. For better understanding can refer to the above Top 10 Data Science Courses of Nungambakkam.

Which is a better option Data Science Course online or offline?

Data Science is a course that can be done online as well as offline (classroom). Both online and offline classes have their advantages and disadvantages. For people who want flexibility in time and comfort may opt for online classes.

Those who prefer to gain experience face-to-face may opt for offline classes. So, the ball is always in your court as it is a matter of once own priorities, preferences, and needs. Keeping in mind both the options Top 10 Data Science Courses in Nungambakkam is designed.

Which company hires Data Scientist?

In today’s world, the requirement of a Data Scientist is not specified to any particular industry but it is spread widely. Data scientists find opportunities where a lot of data has to be handled like Banks, Insurance Education, and many more. Companies like Delloite, PwC, and Microsoft also hire data scientists. So the jobs related to Data science are endless.

What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Data Science?

Artificial Intelligence makes computers think like humans while Data Science deals with data methods, scientific analysis, and statistics and suck out meaningful data from the data provided.



If we forecast the world of business for the next 10 + years will find data as a lifeline of the business community. A company’s success and failure all depend on the knowledge and usage of data. By assimilating Data Science techniques in business, companies can now forecast future growth, predict potential problems, and build strategies for success. This Data Science is based on the 5 ‘P (Purpose, People, Process, Platform, and Program).

The government has also collaborated with experts in the academic and business fields to create a centre of excellence that will act as a hub for Data Science innovation and training. These initiatives enhance the position of India as a focal point for Data Science hence, contributing to the economic and technological growth of the country.

To survive in business adoption of Data Science is of prime importance for the business, individuals, and company. In this digital era of science and technology, India can create new opportunities for growth and innovation by transforming Data Science in the modern world. India is growing rapidly to become a leading centre for Data Science.

These Top Ten Data Science Courses in Nungambakkam will excel you in skills and techniques with certification.