Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Bangalore

In today’s world, when organizations rely on data analysis to construct financial models and forecast future trends, financial modeling skills are in high demand. It is considerably distinct from typical accounting and auditing occupations, it offers a lot of scope in several financial services and related segments. It is one of the most promising job paths for those interested in financial modeling and data analysis. Financial modeling certification equips you with the skills and confidence to handle large amounts of data and also helps you to advance in your career. The best financial modeling courses in Bangalore are discussed here.

List of best financial modeling courses in Bangalore

What is the Finance Modeling Course and Why It’s Becoming So Popular?

In its most basic form, financial modeling is the technique or approach of summarizing a business’s income and expenditure in the form of a worksheet, which is then used to quantify the impact of upcoming developments and management decisions on the company’s financial performance.

A financial model is designed to highlight the performance of the company in terms of cash inflow and outflow, allowing analysts to spot present problems and recommend relevant solutions. 

The purpose of the Specialization in Financial Technology modeling is to provide practical experience to people who believe in the power of sound investing and wealth creation. It’s a way of displaying financial information and investments using models.

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Why Opt Certification Finance Modeling Course?

The scope and purview of occupations in the financial services industry have increased over the last two decades. Financial modeling is for you if you want to work in finance but don’t want to go the traditional way. It’s not as similar to age-old auditing or accounting services.

It necessitates the analysis of data and the creation of financial models to foresee and predict market movement in the future. You can learn financial modeling without following a formal course framework, but it will require more effort and time than taking a class.

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To Become An Expert in Financial Modeling, You’ll Need to Master The Following Abilities:

Understanding of Accounting Fundamentals – It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of accounting concepts in the financial model. This encompasses ideas like the matching principle, income and expenses, valuations, and non-cash items like depreciation and amortization. To understand accounting information, evaluate it, and recreate it, you’ll require basic accounting understanding.

Advanced Excel Skill – For financial modeling, solid Excel abilities are required. Developing financial models might be much of aesthetic than technology at times. To save time and create models as rapidly as possible, you’ll need to master all of the essential keyboard shortcuts. It is important to know all the formulas and techniques of Excel to compute the financial analysis on a sheet

Problem-Solving Ability – A smart financial expert is capable of thinking critically and in a systematic manner. It’s essential to follow a systematic information flow when creating a financial model so that other people can instantly grasp what you’ve done when they open your Excel file.

Strategy Planning and Execution -With ease, a trained analyst can focus on exceptional levels of complexity in a framework and then expand out again to elevated corporate strategy. This is important to plan the next move for any corporate house.

Learning financial modeling on your own takes more time and effort. Free lessons on accounting concepts and complex Excel activities are available. However, you’ll almost always need to do some research to uncover useful lecture videos or materials.

It’s also difficult to build abilities on top of each other as you develop. With properly developed curriculums, online courses make the process easier. The courses will cover all the key aspects and use real-world case studies, with each session building on the previous one to help you progress.

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Advantages of Financial Modeling Course

Effective Decision Making – It lets organizations know what is coming when they make particular decisions by offering fast solutions to jobs that could take months or years to complete. When a modification is made to the financial model, all of the linked numbers and formulae are automatically updated.

Risk Analysis – Companies can reduce their investment risk by evaluating their projects with financial models. Financial models assist business owners in determining that when they do this, this is what would most likely happen. Businesses can use these models to see the influence of marketing efforts, the price of entering a foreign market, and the impact of price fluctuations on the industry, to name a few.

Performance Assessment – Financial models also aid in the creation of monthly estimations of the company’s actual performance against what the budget or plan expected. This is critical information, particularly for young entrepreneurs or start-ups who are unfamiliar with the planning or budgeting process. Advanced Excel financial modeling assists business owners in making modifications that ensure the company makes a profit at the end of the day.

Sustainable Results – Financial modeling exercises produce predictable results. A choice to take out a loan, for example, will raise funds for market expansion, if the business owner takes the loan now or in the future. Furthermore, the risks associated with obtaining a loan will be identical.

Many businesses consider financial modeling to be a mission-critical duty. Having skilled financial professionals on a financial consulting team may make a CFO’s life easier, streamline decision-making, and help achieve a competitive advantage. As a result, it’s critical to hire experts in this field.


Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Bangalore



IIM SKILLS, India’s top online innovative educational university, offers some of the greatest professional course programs. These programs assist you in making the best decisions for you and rebuilding your career based on your preferences. The institute’s educational system provides candidates with essential information and understanding.

Through theory and practice, the training programs here analyze the most fundamental cutting-edge ideas. Industry-relevant courses are designed by IIM Skills. To enable learners to upskill and receive the best training possible, meticulous research is used to create the syllabus for every skill enhancement course.

Experts, learners, professionals, new job hunters, and homemakers can benefit from IIM Skills’ employment-oriented course programs. The institute has educated over 25,000 individuals in various professional courses and provides placement assistance.

The courses offered here equip students for work from home and full-time employment. You can also use it to establish yourself as a freelance consultant. The following are the course specifics for IIM Skills’ Financial Modeling courses in Bangalore:

Course: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration: 3 Months Live Online

Fee: ₹ 39,900 + taxes (Charges include exam and certification fee)

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The following are some of the distinguishing characteristics that make the IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course one of the best financial modeling courses in Bangalore:

  • Live interactive online course
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Assignments on each topic post-live class
  • Dedicated faculty to assess the assignments
  • On-time feedback on assignments
  • Practical education
  • 100% interview guarantee with a dedicated placement cell
  • Practical learning based on tools
  • Mentorship from high-ranking professions
  • Lifetime membership to LMS
  • LMS includes both live and recorded classes
  • 100% Money back guarantee, in case you don’t like the course
  • Recognized master certification from IIM Skills
  • Learning and technical support round the clock

The following Tools and Modules Are Covered in the Course:

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  • KPI Analysis
  • Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Various Types of Financial modeling
  • Business Valuation

Who All Can Join the Course:

  • Students / Graduates (From Any Sector)
  • Accounting Professionals
  • Working Professional (From Any Field)
  • Home Makers


You can get more information about the Financial modeling courses in Bangalore by calling the institute at:

Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740

Email Id: [email protected]

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2. FinTree Education Private Limited

FinTree has strong ties with several Indian equity research firms, as they have a strong alumni base. After completing the financial modeling course, many candidates are offered internships or jobs. You’ll also gain exposure to other marketplaces throughout the world as Fintree has candidates from all over the world.

The following are the details of FinTree’s Financial modeling course:

Course: Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration: 3~4 Months

Fee: Information Not Available

Financial modeling Courses in Bangalore by Fintree Contain the Following Modules:

  • Basic & Advanced Excel
  • Stock Picking Training
  • Financial Model Infrastructure
  • Forecasting
  • Valuation and Report Writing

You can get more information about the Financial modeling training in Bangalore by calling the institute at:

Phone Number: 18008906779 

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3. EduPristine

EduPristine has established a powerful online platform and a network of campuses across India, catering to self-paced, online, and classroom study. The EduPristine Financial Modeling courses in Bangalore will teach you how to design successful financial models using MS Excel. You will be able to develop models on your own by the end of the study.

The following are the specifics of the course:

Course: Financial modeling

Course Duration: 1~3 Months

Fee: 12600/-

EduPristine’s Financial modeling courses in Bangalore Include the Following Curriculum:

  • MS Excel Tips
  • M&A I & II
  • FMCG’s Case Study
  • Macros, Charting, and Project Finance
  • Accenture Case Study
  • Theory & Practical Training
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Market Ready

Pre-requisite for the financial modeling courses in Bangalore, suggested by EduPristine:

To enroll in the Financial modeling course, no prior experience is required. However, due to the course’s complexity, students with a background in mathematics, statistics, or economics will find it easier to comprehend the idea of Financial modeling.

You can get more information about the Financial modeling program in Bangalore by contacting the institute at:

Phone Number: 1800 200 5835

Email Id[email protected]


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4. IMS Proschool Pvt. Ltd.

Preschool offers real knowledge and expertise at an affordable price and in the quickest period possible. These courses will prepare you for jobs in Financial Services, Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Capital Raising, Market Research, Budget Preparation and analysis, and other related fields.

Solid financial concepts, the capacity to develop financial models, and self-confidence in job interviews are all required to work in the field of financial modeling.

Course: Financial modeling

Course Duration: Information Not Available

Fee: 40,000 INR.

Modules and Topics Covered in the Curriculum of Financial Modeling Courses in Bangalore Offered by IMS Preschool:

  • Basics of Excel
  • Problem-Solving
  • Analytical Research Techniques
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Investment Banking and Equity Research
  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Various Types of Financial Models
  • Understanding of Financial Strategy and Its Practical Implementation

You can get more information about the Financial modeling program in Bangalore by contacting the institute at:

Phone Number: 7892295842


5. KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut offers proven scholastic training and support for on-demand courses, as well as high-quality global training solutions.

Course: Financial modeling

Course Duration: Information Not Available

Fee: Information Not Available

The module Included in the Course is as follows:

  • Financial Bootcamp
  • Accounting Structure
  • Basics of Excel

You can get more information about the Financial modeling program in Bangalore by contacting the institute at:

Phone Number: +91-84484-45027


6. Imarticus Learning

This 180+ hours of the skill-building program develops competence in a variety of key finance operations. The program provides you with an endorsed curriculum, dynamic faculty, and experiential sessions, including over 25+ hours of delivery from KPMG specialists, owing to a relationship with KPMG in India.

This fascinating financial modeling course emphasizes ‘learning by doing’ through case studies, seminars, and hands-on projects. It simplifies corporate valuation processes, financial modeling approaches, and financial analyst abilities into easily digestible chunks of information.

Course: Financial Modeling

Course Duration: 3~4 Months

Fee: Information Not Available


The curriculum at Imarticus Learning financial modeling course contains the following modules: 

  • Accounting and Financial Structure
  • Valuation and Corporate Strategy
  • Equity Research
  • M&A
  • Job Readiness

You can get more information about the Financial modeling Courses in Bangalore by contacting the institute at:

Phone Number: +91 6364921385


7. Ernst & Young Global Limited

Candidates will learn how to develop efficient, resilient, and flexible investment strategies for reporting and analyzing historical data, preparing future projections, and presenting combined income reports, key financial ratios, and outputs in a logical, concise, and effective manner.

Candidates will be able to comprehend and apply this knowledge by using examples that have been specifically designed to explain alternative methods of computing various financial metrics.

Course: Financial modeling

Course Duration: Information Not Available

Fee: 10,000 INR (Taxes Not Included)

The curriculum at Ernst & Young Global Limited’s financial modeling course contains the following modules: 

  • Structure and design of financial models
  • Building Macros
  • Various approaches to valuation and their practical implementation
  • Tax Calculation
  • Financial Statements
  • Excel and PowerPoint

You can get more information about the Financial modeling program in Bangalore by contacting the institute at:

Phone Number: +91 9811638456


8. Udemy

The financial modeling course at Udemy offers you a variety of small-duration courses to learn and grow your knowledge. You can choose the models based on your requirements and the time available to do the course.

Course: Financial modeling

Course Duration: You can choose the course based on the time duration that suits your schedule

Fee: Starting from 3499 INR and varies according to the module you choose

You will get to learn the following things from Udemy’s financial modeling course:

  • Go from beginner to pro in Excel
  • Valuation Model
  • Project Finance & Infrastructure
  • PowerPoint
  • Practical Implementation of Financial Modeling Tips

You can get more information about the Financial modeling program in Bangalore by contacting the institute at:

Phone Number: Information Not Available


9. Leoron Professional Development Institute

A short-duration financial modeling program by Leoron enables candidates to take on their professional journey after this certification program. It equips with you the basic knowledge and practical knowledge based on which you can start applying for a job or start freelancing.

Course: Financial modeling

Course Duration: Five Days

Fee: Information not Available

You will get to learn the following things from Leoron’s financial modeling course:

  • Corporate Finance Strategies
  • Finance Management Strategy
  • Excel and VBA Software
  • Model Building
  • Best Practices

You can get more information about the Financial modeling program in Bangalore by contacting the institute at:

Phone Number: +971 4 447 5711


10. Delphi Star Training Center

This is also a short-duration program with quick tips and practical implementation to gain maximum in a short time. This is suitable for those who want to know the basics of financial modeling but don’t have much time to spend on classes.

Course: Financial modeling

Course Duration: Four Days

Fee: Information Not Available

Course Curriculum Includes Following Main Topics:

  • Principle of financial modeling
  • Basics of valuation
  • Advanced operation tools, and charting
  • Macros and VBA

You can get more information about the Financial modeling Courses in Bangalore by contacting the institute at:

Phone Number: +971 4 396 3634


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it tough to learn financial modeling?

Financial modeling might be difficult to learn if you are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of finance. When you only have a basic understanding of financial modeling, trying to study it on your own can be exhausting and complicated. So, professional classes are preferable since you will receive competent direction and, more importantly, a certified degree for your future aspirations.

Q2. What are the best financial modeling courses in Bangalore?

In India, some of the best academies provide Financial modeling programs. Below are some of the best financial modeling courses in Bangalore:

  • IIM Skills
  • FinTree Education Private Limited
  • EduPristine
  • IMS Proschool Pvt. Ltd.
  • Imarticus Learning
  • Ernst & Young Global Limited
  • KnowledgeHut
  • Udemy
  • Leoron Professional Development Institute
  • Delphi Start Training Center

Q3. What are the job opportunities after completing the financial modeling courses in Bangalore?

In today’s competitive work environment, it is among the top career alternatives in Finance. There are so many career options available after completing the financial modeling course. Namely, Investment bankers, Equity Research Analysts, Financial Planning and analysis, Credit Analysts, and Stock market & personal finance are among the few.

Q4. What is the salary package for a financial modeler?

In India, the average income for a Financial Modeler is Rs. 7,60,644. But, again this varies from industry to industry and is based on the year of experience an individual has.

Q5. What is the importance of financial modeling in a business?

Financial models are used to estimate a company’s worth or to compare companies to their peers in their industry. They’re also utilized in strategy planning, future investments, resource allocation, and checking a company’s position in the market. Hence, finance modeling is important to every business and industry irrespective of its domain.


Financial modeling is distinct from financial accounting, auditing, tax collecting, and a variety of other finance-related positions. Financial modeling applications cover a wide range of decisions, including acquisitions and mergers, project finance, organizational management, accounting, prediction, investments, and valuation. Although no formal education is required, still, commerce grads, CAs, CFAs, Engineers, and MBAs are recommended. It is advisable to enroll in the renowned institute to get hands-on experience and become a certified financial modeler.

Based on the current situation, financial modeling has a bright future because the majority of firms and organizations prefer quick and trustworthy data analysis and forward-thinking strategies that help them comprehend future market situations and the company’s position within them. The pay and profits of a financial modeler are expected to rise significantly over time as a result of this.