10 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Scotland

Digital is redefining marketing by deploying automation and similar technologies more frequently. Digital marketing is also known as Internet marketing and online marketing. The promotion of businesses, goods, or services using various print and electronic media is known as digital marketing. If you are interested to make a career in it, must enroll in the listed digital marketing courses in Scotland.


List of best digital marketing courses in Scotland


Digital or print media formats include banners, social media, mobile, websites, etc. Digital marketing targets a specific audience and boosts effectiveness and productivity. It is less expensive, and the communication is more personalized and multidirectional. Companies have direct contact with consumers.

Both parties have the opportunity to converse and listen to one another. The demand for digital marketing courses is rising globally. Anyone, regardless of prior experience or a certificate/diploma in marketing, can begin working in this industry. Digital marketing courses in Scotland are some of the leading programs available.


Here is a Comprehensive List of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Scotland



One of the top digital marketing courses in Scotland is provided by this Institute. The curriculum seeks to equip students with the skills necessary to compete in the digital business world, become innovative change agents in digital marketing, assess, persuade, and take the lead in using digital, all while being socially conscious and responsible marketers in the digital era.

With an emphasis on both domestic and international markets, the curriculum provides knowledge and skills in digital marketing management. It also looks ahead to the future of digital marketing, examining various digital tools like searches, online networks, and a couple of other things against an ever-expanding large volume of data.


Course Offered: Digital Marketing Course

Study Period: Online for five months

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: The program is open to everyone. They could be graduates, entrepreneurs, working professionals, online marketers, college dropouts, and so on.

Tuition Fees: 353.70 Pound sterling


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) Students will learn about branding in the context of the digital world since it is crucial to a company today, adds value to the enterprise, has an impact on the corporation as a whole, and is connected to the results of any digital activity.

2) Students will have a deep understanding of consumers, their psychology, and human ties, which is crucial to achieving basic business and marketing goals because firms desire customer contact.



Course Module Offered:

1) Introduction – Digital Marketing

2) Web development – Word Press

3) Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

4) Search Engine Marketing – Google Ads

5) Email – Marketing

6) Inbound – Marketing

7) Social Media – Marketing

8) Integrated – Digital Marketing Strategy

9) Web Analytics – Google Analytics

10) Online – Reputation Management

11) Content Writing – Advanced Blogging

12) Media Buying – Planning

13) Affiliate – Marketing

14) Video Marketing – Youtube

15) Marketing – Automation

16) Digital Infographics – Resume Creation


Phone Number: +91 9580 740 740


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2) University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Scotland. With this digital marketing master’s degree, you may deepen your knowledge of marketing, improve your social media abilities, and use industry data to analyze and comprehend the environment in which you work.

Improve your general business knowledge and prepare for a job in marketing. Learn about marketing ideas and concepts in class, then put what you’ve learned to use with real-world projects and simulations. You can apply for this program without having studied marketing.

Students will be trained in all parts of digital marketing and will be able to specialize in marketing issues. Big data, customer experience, social media marketing, brand identity and reputation, and marketing sustainability and ethics are just a few of the subjects you’ll study.


Course Offered: MA Digital Marketing

Study Period: Full-time: One year / Part-time: Two years

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: UK, EU, and international students can enroll in this course.

Fees: Full-time: £17,000 / Part-time: £8,500 per year (may be subject to annual increase)


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)Improve your digital, social media, and marketing skills.

2)Concentrate on specific aspects of digital marketing

3)Consider looking at subjects like big data, consumer experience, social media, marketing ethics, and sustainability.

4)Take advantage of possibilities to earn micro certifications, including Google Garage

5)Utilize and analyze the same data as industry experts.

6)Improve or jump-start your marketing career

7)Learn from faculty members who have experience in the relevant field, such as research and consulting.

8) Tap into their extensive network of connections in the industry and listen to their guest speakers.


Course Module Offered:

1)Marketing Essentials

2)Marketing of Contemporary Issues

3)Insight & Analytics – Consumer

4)Marketing – Social Media

5)Marketing of Digital Strategy

6)Project on Collaborative Marketing

7)Project on Independent Marketing Research


Phone Number: +44 23 9284 8484


3) Queen Mary – University of London

In our ranking of the best universities for digital marketing courses in Scotland, Queen Mary University of London has the best program and ranks third. The MSc Digital Marketing program is designed in a way that tends to get students ready for an innovative, outlandish, and competitive environment.

Any graduate from any field is eligible to apply. Students who desire to start a new career or create their own business should take this course. They will pick up the ability to analyze data and derive consumer insights.

Additionally, they will learn how to apply this research to areas like ad campaigns, goods, and services. They will be digital marketing experts by the end of this course. The top digital marketing specialists around the globe will train each and every student.


Course offered: MSc Digital Marketing

Study period: One year

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: UK, EU, and international students can enroll in this course.

Tuition Fees: Home: £14,250 / Overseas: £28,950


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)The skill to derive unfettered conclusions from learning and research.

2)Ability to examine different ideas and opinions critically and justify conclusions.

3)Capability to work in complex and dynamic management and business situations.

4)Communication skills that are both effective and sensitive to contextual elements, such as culture.

5)Work ethics and responsibility.


Course Module Offered:

Compulsory Modules

1)Network and Relationship marketing.

2) Introduction – Marketing – Theory & Concepts

3)Marketing of Research Methods.

4) Digital Marketing

5) Marketing – Dissertation

6) AI – Business

7) Business – Digital Analytics

8) Integrated Digital Campaigning and Communications

9) Business – Game


Elective Modules

1)Social Marketing – Social Justice

2)Digital Age – Brand Storytelling

3) Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability Marketing


Phone Number: +44 20 7882 5555


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4) Northumbria University, Newcastle

One of the top two-year digital marketing courses in Scotland is offered by Northumbria University. The primary goal of the MSc Digital Marketing course with Advanced Practice is to improve student comprehension of the function that digital marketing serves in modern marketing.

The digital marketing courses in Scotland concentrate on the significance of marketing analytics, utilizing analytical tools to gauge effectiveness. Location-based marketing, user experience, customer journey mapping, and mobile marketing are some of the topics included in the master’s degree in digital marketing.


Course Offered: MSc – Digital Marketing

Study period: Two years

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: The minimum requirement for applicants is a 2:2 honors degree in any field, or they must have significant job experience in a corporate organization.

Tuition Fees: Full UK Fee: £14,250 / Full EU Fee: £22,000 / Full International Fee: £22,000


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)Students will graduate with useful skills such as teamwork, managing business intelligence, and project management, in addition to specific knowledge.

2) To train students for the workplace, this program equips both the detail-oriented “hard” skills (such as campaign analytics) and the people-oriented “soft” skills (such as understanding and communicating with digital clients). Students will depart with an attractive, industry-relevant portfolio for potential companies.

3)This postgraduate study provides a strong basis for a future in marketing or digital marketing management.

4)Candidates will establish a track record of success that will make them stand out from other job seekers.

5)As students achieve more, they will be able to build a resume of successes that will make them stand out from other job candidates.


Course Module Offered:

1st Year

1)Marketing Analysis and Metrics

2)Business Practice – Research Analytics & Methods

3)Postgraduate Business Students – Academic – Language skills

4)Management & Leadership Development

5)Digital Era – Strategic Marketing

6)Digital – Customer Journey – Data, Profiling & CRM

7)Digital Media and Campaign Management


2nd Year

1)Applied Management – Work Investigation

2)Master’s – Study Abroad

3)Business Clinic – PG Group – Consultancy – Project

4)The Newcastle Business School – Masters Dissertation

5)Master’s – Management – Enquiry


Phone Number: +44 191 232 6002


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5) University of Chichester

This university, which is ranked number five on our list, unquestionably offers the top digital marketing courses in Scotland. They concentrate on the abilities that businesses require in this fast-paced industry. After students complete this course, they will have access to a wide choice of employment prospects.

They get to learn about things like worldwide marketing, customer analytics, and campaign strategy. In the context of global marketing, this course offers a critical awareness of several aspects of digital marketing techniques, such as website construction and analytics, consumer behavior, digital campaign planning, and branding.

Candidates get to know about real-world digital marketing examples from multinational organizations. Group discussions in class will expose students to current problems in digital marketing. They will be able to grasp and investigate marketing decisions encountered by marketing professionals by the end of this course.


Course Offered: MSc – Digital Marketing

Study period: One-year full time

Language: English is the medium of instruction

Requirement: A 2:2 in a suitable course, a professional certification of an equal level, or extensive, provable, and subject-related work experience are the minimum requirements for applicants.


Tuition Fees: UK fees For this course (per year) £9,450 / International fees For this course (per year) are £16,065


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)This course helps students to prepare for a wide range of marketing jobs, including client-facing employment and agency work. Along with valuable soft skills like cooperation, time management, and communication, they will graduate with a highly specialized knowledge of digital marketing.

2)By tackling issues in the real world, they will obtain exposure abroad.

3)All the students would be encouraged to offer perceptive advice, pose thought-provoking queries, and discuss viable business solutions.


Course Module Offered:

 1)Introduction – Digital Marketing

2)Research Methods

3)Consultancy Project or Dissertation

4)Digital Campaign – Planning

5)Customer Insight

6)Global  – Marketing

7)Brand Management


Phone Number: (+44) 01243 816000


6) Liverpool John Moores University

John Moores University is acknowledged as a member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). The LJMU MSc Digital Marketing program will increase conventional marketing expertise while also giving students access to cutting-edge data and approaches for communicating with online audiences.

This University School is located in Liverpool, England. Graduates and working professionals who want to begin careers in digital marketing should take this course. By providing the upcoming generation of digital marketing professionals with the theoretical knowledge and practical abilities required to plan, coordinate, and direct a digital marketing campaign, the curriculum is designed to address market expectations.

On our list of the top ten digital marketing courses in Scotland, this university comes in at number six. You will have the chance to look into, comprehend, and use the concepts, theories, and technologies of digital marketing.


Course Offered: MSc – Digital Marketing

Study period: Full-time: One year / Part-time: Two years

Language: English is the medium of instruction



1)A decent second honors degree in any relevant field

2)Along with applicable industry expertise, IDM and CAM credentials will be taken into consideration.

3)Applicants with a minimum of five years of experience working in a marketing-related field may be exempt from the requirement of a second-class honors degree.


Tuition Fees: Home (full-time, per year):£8,350 / Home (per credit):£46.39 / International (full-time, per year):£16,900


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) 96% of postgraduates at LJMU are employed or enrolled in further education six months after graduation, demonstrating the university’s high employability rate (HESA 2018).

2)University students are thoroughly equipped for the job upon graduation. They become smart and know where to use their knowledge in a real-world setting, thanks to practical learning methodologies and excellent industry ties.

3)The curriculum will prepare them for careers in digital agencies, large corporations, and SMEs, as well as self-employment. Following graduation, a large number of graduates have landed lucrative jobs in the field of digital marketing.


Course Module Offered:

1) Digital Era – Experiential Marketing

2) Digital Marketing  – Communications

3)Data Application and Analysis

4)Digital Marketing – Planning and Strategy

5)Digital – Consumer Psychology

6)Digital Marketing – Research Methods

7)Research Project

8)Digital – Industry Clinic


Phone Number: +44 151 231 2121


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7) Manchester Metropolitan University

The pleasant, motivating, and encouraging environment at Manchester Metropolitan University makes it possible to pursue a postgraduate degree there. According to our ranking of the top ten digital marketing courses in Scotland, this school is in the ideal location for students to explore Manchester, a city known for its warm, multicultural, and creative atmosphere.

It provides a variety of activities, from renowned cultural and sporting attractions to first-rate leisure, shopping, and entertainment facilities. It is diverse, friendly, and courteous. This part-time digital marketing course will give a solid foundation of marketing concepts.

University will expand on this foundation to teach candidates how to implement these ideas in a digital setting to produce a strong and compelling campaign. Participants will learn how to use social media and sophisticated digital marketing tools, as well as how to develop intricate digital marketing campaigns.

Teachers will also instruct their students on how to target specific audiences with marketing. This enables them to produce effective campaigns and track and assess the effects of their digital marketing efforts.


Course Offered: MSc – Digital Marketing

Study period: Part-time – 33 months – distance learning

Language: English is the medium of instruction



1)A high level of work experience in pertinent senior jobs or a UK honors degree (at least a 2:2).

2)To benefit the most from the MSc course, students must have two or more years of professional experience working in a role that is suitable.


Tuition Fees: £11,497


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)The part-time structure of this course allows pupils to continue working while completing their assignments.

2)This Business School is triple-accredited(EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA)and is one of the top business schools in the world.

3)Students can earn an industry-recognized master’s degree with MMC Learning, a professional qualification provider.

4)Virtual learning is boosted by live in-class support from experienced digital marketing instructors.

5)Students with newly learned skills can find a new job in this rapidly evolving profession. They can improve their self-confidence as a digital marketing strategist, or rise to a higher level in their present marketing position.


Course Module Offered:

1)Digital Masters – Level Learning

2)Strategy – For Integrated Communications

3)Acquisition – For Paid & Organic Channels

4)Conversion – Strategy

5)Digital Value – Proposition design

6) Content Marketing – Strategy

7) Evaluation & Analytics

8) Retention – & – Relationships

9) Advanced – Digital Marketing – Dissertation – Research Proposal

10) Digital Marketing – Dissertation


Phone Number: +44 (0)161 247 2000


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8) Robert Gordon University

The highly practical MSc in Digital Marketing degree from Robert Gordon University will provide pupils with the knowledge and abilities needed to conceptualize, execute, and assess successful marketing strategies.  The MSc Digital Marketing program provides students with a thorough understanding of the current situation as well as a wide range of technology and methods.

The university gives students the option to study modules separately if they wish to develop new skill sets but are unable to learn or commit to the full program. The projects and courses were developed in collaboration with industry professionals and in compliance with industry standards. This university offers one of the most up-to-date and relevant digital marketing courses in Scotland.


Course Offered: MSc – Digital Marketing

Study Period: Full time: One year

Language: English is the medium of instruction



1)Applicants are expected to have a 2:2 undergraduate honors degree or its equivalence in any discipline.

2)On a case-by-case basis, applicants with lower degree classifications and/or appropriate job experience will be taken into consideration.

3)Additionally, candidates who complete the RGU Pre-Masters Graduate Certificate in Creative and Cultural Business are qualified to apply for this Master’s program.

4)If English is not their first language, applicants must have an overall IELTS score of 6.5 with no component scoring.


Tuition Fees: UK Fees (Per year) £6180 / International fees (Per year) £14,130


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)Students will gain new knowledge and skills in the area of digital marketing campaigns while working on actual client projects.

2)The dissertation project will be interesting, and fascinating. It will be tied to a commercial issue and will not be like standard research projects.

3)Students will understand the essence of PR in the world of digital marketing and learn how to manage them effectively.


Course Module Offered:

Semester 1

1)Search  – Marketing    2)Digital Marketing –  Strategy

3)Professional – Skills – Enhancement

4)Digital Production – Tools – & – Techniques

5)Methods – Metrics – & – Analytics


Semester 2

6)Professional – Skills – Enhancement

7)Digital – Public – Relations

8)Digital Production – Tools – & – Techniques

9)Methods – Metrics – & – Analytics


Semester 3

10)Research – Project


Phone Number: +44 1224 262000


9) The University of the West of Scotland

This university offers the best MSc digital marketing courses in Scotland. A successful career in this rapidly expanding worldwide industry is possible for students who complete the MSc in Digital Marketing degree. This curriculum offers graduates the opportunity to establish a lucrative career in the rapidly expanding worldwide field of digital marketing.

It was created per current industry standards to fulfill the increasing demand for professionals in this field. This curriculum will provide students with the necessary skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience to meet market demand.


Course Offered: MSc – Digital Marketing

Study Period: One to two years full time

Language: English is the medium of instruction


1) Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent training, experience, or qualifications from an educational institution, industry, or another relevant field.

2) The University establishes a minimal English Language competency level for applicants whose first language is not English.


Tuition Fees: Scottish Students £8,500 / For the Rest of the UK (English, Northern Irish, Welsh) & the Republic of Ireland £11,250 /  International £14,500


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1)This course intends to create digital marketing experts who can support organizations at every stage.

2)After completing the course, students will have the theoretical and practical knowledge required to be successful in their chosen field.

3)Along with well-known content management systems, students will also be taught content development platforms and channels.

4)Thanks to the variety of modules and tests provided, MSc students will build their own creative digital marketing portfolios that will be helpful to them once they graduate from college. They can demonstrate their skills in digital marketing to potential employers with the help of this portfolio.


Course Module Offered:

1)Digital Marketing – Practice

2)Branding People – Places – & – Spaces

3)Future – Marketing – & – Transformational – Technologies

4)Digital Marketing – Theory

5)Creative – Research

6)Content Media – Management

Students have the choice to complete either one of the:

7)Marketing – Events – & – Tourism – Dissertation – Module

8)Developing Professional – Practice


Phone Number: +44 1698 283100


10) Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University ranks tenth in our list of top ten universities offering digital marketing courses in Scotland. Students who pursue an MSc in Marketing with Digital Strategy course will be better prepared to satisfy the market’s growing need for professionals who can thrive in the digital business environment by receiving both digital literacy and marketing management skills.

This course is appropriate for candidates with no prior marketing knowledge; this higher degree will boost their employability by giving them the knowledge and confidence to meet businesses’ present and future marketing needs.

Students will be given the cutting-edge digital skills needed to create new business and marketing opportunities. As part of this course, all applicants will have hands-on experience in social media and digital analytics, considerably increasing their professional chances.


Course Offered: MSc Marketing with Digital Strategy

Study Period: One year

Language: English is the medium of instruction



1)Students must have a 2:2 or above in their Bachelor (Honours) degree.

2)Applicants must hold a degree in any discipline to be eligible for the program.

3)Candidates with weaker academic credentials can apply, but they should have significant professional job experience.


Tuition Fees: Scottish Students £8,040 / International Students £16,075


The Program’s Key Highlights Include:

1) Digitally oriented marketing skills are fast becoming a prerequisite for work. All the necessary digital marketing tools for business will be taught and provided to students through this curriculum.

2) A MSc in Marketing and Digital Strategy will increase job opportunities and give applicants the assurance they need to strengthen their careers.


Course Module Offered:

1)Consumer –  Insights

2)Digital Analytics  – Strategy

3)Digital Marketing –  Strategy

4)Marketing – Communications

5) Marketing  – Principles – & – Practice

6)Research – Methods

7)Social Media – & – Content Marketing

8)Strategic – Brand  Management


Phone Number: +44 333 900 6040


FAQs About Digital Marketing Courses in Scotland


Q1) Does Scotland have a job market for digital marketing?

Almost all universities offer digital marketing courses in Scotland. They deliver top-notch education. They have affordable prices, a vibrant culture, and stunning scenery. There is a demand for digital marketers in Scotland.


Q2) Is Scotland good for studying digital marketing?

In the Scotland job market, there is a high demand for the role of a digital marketing manager. The ideal candidate for this position is someone who is extremely organized yet creative and interested in the digital industry. Anyone who enjoys watching businesses thrive would be a fantastic fit for this position. The finest digital marketing courses in Scotland are mostly offered by all the colleges.


Q3) Who can enroll in digital marketing courses in Scotland?

Even people with no prior experience can start a career in digital marketing. People must be well-versed in the topic. Participants must understand how things function and be equipped with the necessary skills to work as digital marketers. The best way to start a career in digital marketing is by joining a course. Regardless of whether they have a digital marketing certificate, this profession is ideal for professionals with relevant work experience.