Top 10 Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore

Business analytics is one of the booming fields of current times. As the information on the internet hikes, the volume of data across the Internet also increases, which demands highly efficient professionals in this field. The domain is aiding small to big businesses globally to eradicate their problems by recognizing the root causes, and the patterns of data using different methods of data analysis, and quantitative and statistical models. A background in data is an addition; if you don’t possess it, you can develop the requisite skill set from business analytics courses in Bangalore.


List of best business analytic courses in Bangalore


Before we move ahead to get informed about the institutions offering Business Analytics Courses, we need to understand a few things:-


What is Business Analytics?


Business analytics combines and processes all your data by implementing various statistical analyses and iterative methodologies to convert the data into the understanding of business. The most crucial aspect of this field is you need to be able to transmute the data to the client’s needs.


In the present times in businesses, guesswork is not of any use anymore, and you need a precise and accurate business analysis to track the progress of your business. Intending to guide business planning, business analytics integrates procedures, abilities, and technology to gather, examine, and show the company’s past performance based on data.


Large volumes of historical business data are essentially what business analytics uses to provide insights into how well a business is doing. Business analytics uncover unexpected insights or problems before they arise to deliver new business value. Business analytics can be used to develop new procedures for resolving issues in the workplace and boosting effectiveness, productivity, and income.


Different Types of Business Analytics


Before getting into business analytics courses in Bangalore, let’s get an idea of different types of business analytics first. Depending upon the numerous stages of processing and the necessity of data analysis, there are four types of Business Analytics:-


  1. Descriptive Analytics

This one is the simplest form of data analytics. The high volume of big data is beyond the grasp and during the initial stages involves crumbling the data into understandable parts. This type aims to brief the results and understand what the insights are.


  1. Diagnostic Analytics

It is used to define particular patterns in the past. It features drill-down, data discovery, correlating models, and data mining techniques. It takes an inner look and goes to the root causes of events. It uses principles of probabilities, prospects, and division of results from the analysis.


  1. Predictive Analytics

This one is used to estimate future results. It is essential that it can predict any event’s occurrence shortly, but it only indicates the possibilities of the events happening. A predictive model is formulated in the initial stages to determine the probability of the outcomes. The prime role of predictive analytics is to make the models so that the present data can be understood to predict future data further. One of its typical applications is analyzing the sentiment and viewpoints on social media collected and analyzed to estimate the person’s opinion on a specific area.


  1. Prescriptive Analytics

This is fundamental to predictive analytics, but it works beyond the three types of business analytics. It pinpoints the future results according to the particular duration of the tie and estimates the time duration to get a specific outcome. It uses a review system that consistently updates the link between the action and the results. The computation involves boosting the factors related to the products. Suggestion engines also use these prescriptive analytics.


Why Pursue Business Analytics?


The roots of Business Analytics/ Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore have been there for a long time, starting from the computational and breaking the complicated part of any procedure into understandable pieces by analysis. However, there were few courses or full-fledged programs for students or professionals who wanted to be part of this field.


The opportunities and professions it generates are growing and evolving along with the digital world. Every online conversation and customer purchase leaves a data path to potentially profitable information. The large amount of data created has a cutting-edge probability for business analytics, and here the tech-savvy market analyst cleans the bulk of “big data” for hidden niches.


Most big organizations are using business analytics worldwide. They are treasured in Silicon Valley, where digital startups are eager to take advantage of any data-driven advantages that may help them enter the mass market. Wide business analytics firms provide their services on a consultancy basis, although some larger enterprises might not have internal business analysts.


A master’s in business analytics is a must due to the growing need for business analytics in the tech industry. Most of the institutions in the QS Business Analytics Rankings are from the US, which is understandable given that American universities and schools have primarily been responsible for this rise.


Scope of Business Analytics


There should be no confusion among the learner when discovering the proper Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore. Opportunity and scope are abundant in the field of Business Analytics. As a business analyst, you can assist in enabling client relationship management—customer relationships based on excellent customer service and a positive customer experience.


Implementing the necessary changes and guaranteeing customer retention is much simpler when a company can reliably monitor and quantify customer service aspects and consumer satisfaction. If any company depends on a supply chain must manage its inventory. Even when earnings rise, poor inventory management skills can destroy profitability.


Merchandise tends effectively to maximize profits and increase customer satisfaction. Market basket analysis uses performance-based data to identify association rules. This has made it easier to recognize users who make large purchases. Investigating these user types has enabled businesses to forecast future consumer behavior.


HR Professionals: HR professionals can use data to learn about the educational history of highly qualified candidates, the staff decrease rate, the number of years employees are employed, and information on age, gender, and other factors. The banking and finance sector is entirely rebuilt by technology.


Due to the Internet and the rise of mobile devices and applications, today’s economic organizations must deal with escalating customer demands, more rivalry, and the need for stringent control and risk management in a market undergoing frequent change.


One can kick start their career as a business analyst by completing any of the Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore. These courses provide the learner with working experience as a fresher in this field. If one is already part of any organization, then indeed, their skillset will only be advanced by these courses.


To reach a top-notch position in any field, one needs to be strongly backed with knowledge and practical expertise in this field. So if the learner is ready to take their analytics and business knowledge to greater heights, find the best-suited course for themselves.


This article is for learners who wish to pursue a career in the field of Business Analytics and are confused about where to start and which course they should follow. Also, who is wondering What Exactly A Bussiness Analyst Does?


Here you will find the other most opted courses in Bangalore


The Top 10 Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore Are:-


1. Business Analytics Certification Course at 360 DigiTMG


The CPBA certification is an expert-driven course offered by 360 DigiTMG in Bangalore. It covers all the basic to advance techniques in necessary analytical and statistical learning that are requisite for managerial roles. The courses are drafted wisely with ongoing technology and trends in mind. The trainers are alumni of prestigious institutions like IITs, ISB and IIM.


The course curriculum walks the learner through the comprehensive learning of the subject. This course guides professionals passionate about learning analytics and who want to become more profitable for their firm. Also, this course serves different objectives to different learning audiences for the student; it gives the foundation to formulate niche-specific data analytics skills.


It is the famous professional certificate in Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore. It offers an extensive 72hrs of classroom and virtual learning sessions. In addition, they offer 100+ hours of practical assignment-based Learning.


What Else Does One Get?

One gets to work on two capstone live projects; post the course completion, the learner receives a certification from a top university-UTM in Malaysia. Along with the learning, you get placement assistance and every new role in the industry. The total duration of the course is four months.



  • Computer Skills
  • Fundamental Mathematical Concepts
  • Analytical Reasoning


2. Analytixlabs 


With its success in other areas now, Analytixlabs has launched its business analytics courses in Bangalore too. It is one of the best courses in the country, which has successfully trained thousands of students and professionals nationwide. It is for everyone who has the willingness to learn. The rest of the prior experience in the field is not required.


If one is looking to switch or start a career in business analytics, this course is for them. After completing this program, the learner will feel confident enough to participate in the organization’s decision-making. It gives the learner flexibility in learning via fully interactive virtual mode and constant doubt assistance.


In addition, classroom and boot camp choices are also available for Bangalore-based learners. Another key feature of this program is one of the top recommendations by eminent publications like AIM & Higher Education. This complete course offers 360+ hours of learning with 33 live classes.


The Course Fee Structure is Like This:-

  • Interactive live virtual classes-$465.47+ taxes
  • Self-paced-learning-$342.+ taxes
  • Classroom & Bootcamps-$465.47+ taxes


This course has demo sessions for new learners.


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3. Certified Business Analytics Training Program – ExcelR


ExcelR, one of the elite places for business analytics courses in Bangalore, has developed a course that accurately meets the industry’s demand and direction. This course offers live virtual classes of about 180+ hours of Learning.


Who Should Do This Course?

  • Any individual can pursue regardless of their streams
  • Freshers from any stream with sound logical reasoning and analytical skills
  • Fintech background professionals
  • Professionals from a management background


This course costs $551.20, which provides a learning experience with top trainers from the industry. This course has 60+ assignments to give you hands-on expertise. In addition, they are networking across 350+ companies. Bonus card-getting access to 350+ classroom/virtual classes for one year.


4. Business Analytics Certification – Simplilearn


Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading boot camps and top skill development providers. They have a vast network of collaboration and partnerships with organizations and individuals to fulfill their needs, and they assist students and professionals in attaining their career goals.


It does offer a business analytics course; those who are looking for business analytics courses in Bangalore can consider this one. This course is established in collaboration and partnership with the Carlson School of Management. It emphasizes building a foundation of analytics concepts and honing the learner’s credibility to execute it to real-time business intricacies.


The course offers rigorous training where the learner gets to work on a capstone project from three domains and twelve plus hands-on projects.


5. Business Analytics Course – IntelliPaat


This course by IntelliPaat is one of the best business analytics courses in Bangalore, designed to help the learner adapt to the various tools and methodologies of Business Analytics.


The Key Feature of This Course Are:-

  • 130 hours and 7+ courses
  • Collaborative Learning with peers makes Learning interactive and exciting.
  • Timely submission of assignments guarantees assured interviews with more than five hundred hiring collaborators.
  • Learners get access to placement with acknowledged startups.


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6. Business Analytic Specialization – Coursera


This course is offered by one of the leading online learning platforms, Coursera. The faculty of different international institutions provide these courses. This course helps draw the learner’s critical insights from the complex data available on the Internet today. This course focuses on the managerial role of aspirants and the professionals present in executive positions.


The University Of Illinois offers this course at $84.6.


The Key Feature of This Course Are:-

  • Six courses in thspecializationon
  • It is 100% online
  • Flexible Learning learn at your own pace
  • Any fresher can also do it; no prior experience is necessary.
  • Approximate six months for completion


7. MicroMasters Program in Business Analytics – Edx


This course is offered at the online learning platform Edx in association with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It aims to propel the learner with the desired skills and verified certification.


  • One can learn this course as per their schedule.
  • Learners get demo sessions before they pay for these courses.
  • The learner receives an opportunity to learn and interact with faculty and peers all around the globe.
  • This course is self-paced on average; it would take six months to finish.
  • The price is $ 2,893.21


8. Certified Business Analytics Courses – Udemy


Udemy is another online platform offering beginners advanced Certified Business Analytics Courses. Some require a little bit of prior experience, while others don’t.


  • These courses include an average duration of about 4-5 hours.
  • It is self-paced, and one gets all the resources.
  • Few of the methods in the category require an exam before the certification.
  • The average price of these courses at Udemy is $ 5.50.


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9. Business Analytics Course


The online learning community skillshare offers this course, which offers several Business Analytics courses.


  • These courses are self-paced.
  • Few require intermediate expertise in the field, while others demand advanced skills.
  • The average price of these courses is $12.25


10. Certification Program in Business Analytics – Upgrad


This program is presented by one of the leading online platforms Upgrad for beginners; it has 50+ live classes and 150+ hours of recorded content, with one and one interaction with the trainer.


Key Features of the Program:-

  • One learns to strategize data-driven decision-making to eradicate business problems.
  • Learners get mastery over tools like SQL, Tableau, and Excel, quintessential for business analysts.
  • Gives hands-on experience on live projects to implement the course learning into real-time projects.
  • We are getting fantastic job opportunities in renowned companies with expert mentorship.
  • Grades and non-grades assignments to give experience in industrial scenarios.


Commonly Used Tools in Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore


There are plenty of tools used by companies these days, but the basics tool that is crucial for statistical modeling, data analysis, and extractions are given below:-


  • R

It is one of the industry’s most comprehensive tools, and most organizations are switching to it. Its strength lies in its credibility in handling large chunks of data and incorporating it with other platforms. In addition, it is an open programming language that is statistically functional to generate extensive analysis.


  • Tableau

 It is one of the crucial tools for business intelligence, effectively providing strength in data visualization and being user-friendly. The interface is compatible, and multiple analyses finish simultaneously. It gives deep insights and is one of the most evolving tools in business analytics.


  • Sisense

 This tool goes well for businesses in the context of the strategic aspect because it collaborates with data efficiently and helps the user navigate the system. Moreover, this tool is quite adaptable; it provides a customer report that enables the implementation of analytics. Another core feature of this tool is data crunching.


It is a free tool, it is widely used for an extensive array of statistical use, and this feature makes it an ideal tool for analysis. Most people have moved to this tool with the formulation of statistical and analytical libraries. It is an open-source programming language, but companies use it for business analytics and intelligence fields due to its flexibility.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics the same?

Business intelligence is the use of data for handling daily operations in a business. The professionals apply tools and experts in this field when they wish to collect in-house data about current operations, therefore producing instructive reports and attaining their current business standards. On the other hand, Business analytics has commonly more aligned with statistics, and here, data experts use quantitative tools to predict and formulate future strategies for growth. E.g., business intelligence tells the business leader what their present consumer looks like, whereas business analytics tells what their forthcoming customers are doing by various models.


2. What is the expected average salary of a Business Analyst in India?

There is generally a question that strikes the learner’s mind about how rewarding this course will be regarding skills and remuneration. Don’t worry; these business analytics courses in Bangalore are highly enriching. The salary depends on company size, popularity, job role, location, educational qualification, and experienced or fresher individual. Most renowned companies like Accenture, Deloitte, Amazon, and TCS pay lavish salaries. But, to reach there, one has to be from a reputed institution to get directly placed there. The other way could be the individual’s journey, experience, projects, and background should be impressive to make the panel believe in his credibility. If we look at the survey conducted by LinkedIn, the average salary of a business analyst is around INR 13.5 lakh, with salaries ranging from INR 5.3 lakh to 22.1 lakh.


3. Is Business Analytics a good career switch?

Yes, it is a good career switch if you are passionate about it. It is a career that is continuously growing and developing with technological advancement. This career path will assist you with outlining and making the right choices when you land managerial roles. As a business analyst, you will meet new professionals and expand your horizon. You will develop communication and leadership skills, and you can also manage multiple people. It could be possible by pursuing one of the business analytics courses in Bangalore.


Endnote on the Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore


Is the future of business analytics shimmery or dark? We can say that it is shimmery enough to eradicate any confusion or gloom. With adding features like customization, artificial intelligence, quality of data management, and more, the world of business analytics is lively and stronger than ever before. On the other hand, with the increasing volumes of data, companies will focus on privacy and security in business analytics. Therefore, being part of this field, any of these courses will surely land you in a good position. You need to straighten your back and focus on your learning journey with complete devotion.

Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Brighton With Placement

“Creative Writing” is one of the most natural forms of writing. It is the direct interpretation of one’s thoughts and emotions and is considered one of the best forms of writing. It comes naturally to the person, so they choose to scribble it on the paper. Many individuals in Brighton are looking to brush up on their creative writing skills. So, if you are one of those looking for creative writing courses in Brighton, we get you covered.


List of best creative writing courses in Brighton


What is Creative Writing?

Before moving ahead and looking into creative writing courses in Brighton, let’s first understand this field. “Creative Writing” is writing that takes an adorned and out-of-league approach beyond physical boundaries. It is opposite to academic, technical, and professional writer based on facts.

Whenever we talk about creative writing, the initial things that strike our minds are fiction and poetries, but many writers have been writing creative non-fiction for a long time; biography and memoir fall in a similar category based on true incidence where everything is presented creatively.


What Are the Different Types of Creative Writing?

Over time, creative writing has taken various forms to let’s see in depth what these forms are all about. The creative writing courses in Brighton discussed ahead are highly aligned with the different forms of writing.


Free Writing: This is a form of creative writing. Whether you have a single page or your phone, tab, or laptop, you just felt the urge to jot down your thoughts. You allow your words and imagination to find their way down to the page. It is one of the rawest forms of creative writing.

Journals: These days, journal writing is prevalent. Some people keep a gratitude journal, while others maintain a memory or schedule journal. Keeping these journals helps people track their activity time; journals can be used for multiple things, from free writing to brainstorming and planning projects.

Diaries: Diary is a type of journal in which one writes about the daily events of their life. Many logs are written in letter format, which the writer addresses as (Dear Diary). This kind of creative writing is good if you ever want to write a memoir for the future.

Letters: No matter how old school it may sound, letter writing will never lose its essence. It is one of the creative writing skills. Besides writing letters to family and friends, one should be clear while drafting professional business letters. In addition, many newspapers and journals these days publish writing entries in notes.

Memoir: It is the type of genre that comes under creative non-fiction memoirs, books, or excerpts with personal experiences. For example, one can write about a particular incident, memory, or travel.

Essays: Essays are more associated with academic writing, but there are various kinds of essays, including personal papers, academic essays, and persuasive essays, which one can write creatively but are not factual.

Journalism Copies: More often, journalists are one of the most creative writers when they infuse their storytelling art into the paper. Today most editorial columns in the newspaper columns are covered by writers. These pieces are sometimes sarcastic, other times compelling and convincing.

Poetry: Poetry is a unique type of creative writing and one of the most artistic pieces of paper. Poetry can be four-liner, micro tale, long-form, rhyme, or free-form. It depends on the person and what kind of poetry they want to write, but it is always better to first write whatever you feel, and it will surely turn out to be poetry.

Lyrics: Besides the music, the main thing that captivates any person to any music is its lyrics. Writing lyrics is complementary to writing poetry, and many times, the person singing is the one who composes the beautiful songs.

Scripts: Scripts are one of the most creative pieces of writing robust scripts that ensure the sticking of the audience to that particular type of content. The most common types of hands for film, video games, television, and youtube. The other reason that makes scriptwriting crucial is it drives the non-reading audience.

Storytelling: Storytelling roots back in our granny parents’ homes. Other than that, today, we can discover it in fiction and non-fiction writing. Most loved forms of the invention involve flash fiction, novels, and short stories, and there is an abundance of genres out there, mythology, romance, thriller, spirituality, and many more. Storytelling is an essential skill that can be found in the realm of different forms of writing, from fiction to poetry to speech writing.

Speeches: Whether inspirational or factual, compelling lessons writing can take one to greater career heights in most fields. One can write with a creative flair. You can write farewell speeches for graduation ceremonies or events like weddings or award functions.

Vignetted: A vignette is a short, creatively descriptive writing piece of personal accounts, portraits, photography, stories, etc. They are short snippets of anything one is aiming to write about.

Personal Blogs: A personal blog is another platform where you can maintain your creative writing exercise. Keep going here. Whatever you post is creatively drafted by you here; you can write travelogues, book reviews, journeys, or anything that comes to your mind. Also, it is one of the great places to boost your audience.


What Are the Critical Elements of Creative Writing?


  • Character

The technique of giving a character in literature a personality, a sense of depth, and impulses that carry them through a narrative is known as character development. Credible characters are distinctive and three-dimensional. Each has believable qualities that help people relate to them, such as appearance, personality, and past. In addition, a character’s motivations influence their choices and actions, shaping the story’s narrative arc.


  • Action

Action should take place for a cause in creative writing; characters’ decisions should be influenced by their motivations, worldviews, and prior decisions. A protagonist’s actions should continually advance them toward their primary objective in a manner connected to the current plot developments. A character’s goals impact their development, causing them to adapt and alter as your story’s events progress.


  • Intensity

Intensity is necessary for a story to progress. The audience will lose interest if nothing is at stake because a person’s decisions won’t matter. Your account will need more suspense if you consistently give your characters what they desire. When the central character’s defining desire contends with a barrier on the inside or outside, there is intensity in the story. The core intensity shapes the journey your feelings will follow.


  • Dialogue

Effective dialogue serves a variety of purposes in creative writing. It sets your characters’ speech patterns, establishes their voices, and divulges essential details without being overly didactic. The realistic conversation also reveals the hidden feelings that drive characters.


  • Genre

The genres of romance, mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy, and children’s novels are all examples of genre fiction. Readers are drawn to popular genre literature by its reliance on well-known tropes, character archetypes, and templates, yet the best works make inventive and surprising use of these components. Compared to literary fiction, genre fiction appeals to a broader, more populist audience. Literary fiction typically has a unique plot structure with incorporated allegory and symbolism.


  • Plot

A plot is the series of events that make up a story in creative writing. For example, an incident that compels the main character to act and start a quest is known as the inciting incident, marking the beginning of a plot. Along the way, tension and conflict erupt to help the property take on a narrative arc. Each of the five components that make up a plot—exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution—serves a crucial purpose in the novel’s overall structure.


  • Scene

A scene is a self-contained narrative section inside a complete story. Levels are constructed from backgrounds. Most reports consist of several locations that advance the plot in various settings. Sometimes, a short story (or even a lengthier narrative) will just contain one scene. Good scenes have conflict and tension and advance the story.


  • Style

A writer’s voice, personality, and general tone all contribute to defining their writing style, reflecting their distinctive verbal communication style. Depending on the genre and audience for the work, a writer’s style may alter. For instance, a memoirist will write considerably differently from a writer of children’s books.


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What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Creative Writing Course?

To pursue a creative writing course, you don’t need a degree in literature or any other specific field. All you need is a will and a quest for writing. Then, as per your interest, you can opt for creative writing courses in Brighton in various genres through various short-term-based methods.

You get to hone your writing skills with multiple assignments, prompt challenges, and projects, get proper feedback and discuss with your instructor. Below are a few pointers that show


  1. Enhance Observation and Reflection

Observation is the key to writing. Whether you want to write something new or find your niche, the best way is to observe and reflect on the kind of writing you love the most. To explore your best fit, you must try each type of writing and decide what piques your mind. Then, with the help of creative writing courses, your innovative and observatory skill sets get strengthened.


  1. It makes You More Aware and Empathetic.

One of the sole purposes of writing and reading is it makes one empathetic. You put yourself into others’ shoes whenever you read or write something. While reading any piece of paper, you go through the words and the emotions in which it is crafted. We think about that person’s perspective at that moment, and as our reading journey continues, it makes us feel more connected to the other.

Reading is like practicing empathy. It takes effort and patience to go through something, someone’s story. Practicing creative writing develops empathy. We write stories of the emotions and instances we witness around us, and most people experience them. So, a creative writing course helps to become more aware of feelings.


  1. Creative Writing Is Fun

If you doubt whether opting for a creative writing course will be right for you, let me tell you creative writing is fun. Whether you are starting from a poetry course, memoir, fiction writing course or script. Creating new plots, thrills, characters, and humor is always fun; in creative writing, you dare not to feel bored.


  1. Improved Self-Expression

Writing is a kind of communication. When you pause, think, and write, this process is not only limited between yourself and the paper, but you incorporate it into your daily life. Subconsciously you integrate effect words in your daily communication with colleagues, clients, everyday relationships, etc. You choose precise words, and as you have been practicing creative writing for a while, it leads to a better flow of communication and no sense of hesitation.


  1. Enhanced Word-game

Practicing creative writing enhances vocabulary. There is a variation in the terminology of different kinds of creative writing. Writing in various niches would help you explore particular words that enhance your language.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Now we will see all the top five creative writing courses in Brighton you can check out while considering joining any new creative writing courses.



IIM SKILLS is a reputable and experienced training provider for aspiring and seasoned writers. After completing the course, the subsequent three-month internship involves mentoring on writing and releasing your first book on Kindle. In addition, their Content Writing Course includes a creative writing section.

IIM SKILLS has maintained a distinct position among competitors in the content writing sector in a short time. It is a well-known company that teaches students numerous other skills necessary for various careers in the content writing sector, in addition to the finest online creative writing course.

The most excellent online creative writing courses in Brighton offered by IIM SKILLS can teach you all the skills needed for producing most types of material.



2. Masters in Creative Writing University Of Oxford

When looking for creative writing courses in Brighton, you can check out this two-year part-time master’s degree course offering a unique blend of high learning hours with niche specialization and matching with the creative horizon. The focus of the course is on different genres.

This course will help you to pour creativity concerning the global context. This program will is based on clustered learning layout. You get five residences, two mentored retreats and one research placement for two years. The research placement is one of the crucial aspects of the course, which assist you with between one and two weeks of in-house experience in writing in a real-world scenario.

The project’s first year emphasizes poetry, prose fiction, dramatic writing, and narrative non-fiction. In addition, one must go through a considerable amount of reading and analysis, which is connected to exploring different genres. In the second area, one can specialize in novels, short fiction, poetry, radio drama, TV drama, and narrative non-fiction.

The residence part serves extensive workshop-seminar-oriented learning. These workshops help you interact with other individuals to whet your analytical skills. You get to work under the supervision of one of the faculty during the final year project—the distinguishing feature of the course where you get one-to-one feedback and discussion with the discussion.


3. EDX Creative Writing Course

Numerous creative writing courses on edX can help you develop your writing style and unleash your creativity. These creative writing courses in Brighton can help you with this; for example, you can take several fiction writing courses at the University of British Columbia to assist you in creating novels, even your first one.

It provides you with a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge to design your book and see it through, covering everything from character development and planning through the first draft. English literature studies, a requirement for many BFA and MFA programs, are another possibility. You could also look at long-form journalism or American poetry to broaden your expertise.


Why this Course?

They place a lot of emphasis on establishing careers, but studying creative writing can benefit you in various other areas. You can think creatively by using writing exercises, character development, and other techniques. You can concentrate and improve your communication abilities by reading creative nonfiction.

You can learn to make a great point, even from a short story. In addition to these abilities, creativity plays a crucial role in the human experience. Writing abilities are a part of liberal arts, which allow you to view the world from different perspectives and help you communicate.  You can enroll in these online creative writing courses in Brighton with edX to broaden your horizons via the arts.


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4. Future Learn

If you are looking for short-time online creative writing courses in Brighton, you can check out the classes at Future Learn. There are many different ways to learn on FutureLearn. You may find various writing courses and online degree alternatives when it comes to writing.

You can learn more quickly through lectures, which generally take a few weeks. You can examine the fundamental ideas and subject matter in much more detail with a degree.


Why choose this course?

  • A writing course may be the best if you want to spark your imagination, develop your storytelling skills, or even focus on reading comprehension. Additionally, studying online has a tonne of advantages.
  • You can study whenever and wherever you want with online writing classes. Planning your study time throughout your week allows you to have fewer interruptions and more uninterrupted time.


What are the different kinds of writing courses available?

They provide vast choices in the courses:-

  • Fiction Writing
  • Screen Writing
  • Poetry Writing
  • Non-fiction


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


5. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best online platforms for learning various skills. Consider this program if you are looking for online creative writing courses in Brighton. The short story, the narrative essay, and the memoir are three primary creative writing forms covered in this specialization.

You will gain the skills necessary to craft a gripping narrative with recognizable characters in an engaging environment presented in a novel description manner. You will assess peer writing critically and analytically. Finally, you will begin, revise, and finish writing a sizable original narrative in the genre of your choice for the capstone project.

Anyone interested in writing, from aspiring short story writers to seasoned novelists, can enroll in these classes. This Specialization gives you the tools to accomplish your goal, whether you have a finished manuscript on your desk that needs a new perspective or has had the seed of an idea for ten years.

In addition, you will improve your ability not just to improve your writing but also to critique writing in general and find inspiration in the paper you are already reading through four courses, each of which focuses on a crucial part of writing and may be taken in any sequence you want.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Creative Writing Courses in Brighton


1. Is there any specific background required to complete these creative writing courses?

No, one can pursue these courses regardless of your background. You just need to have a zeal for writing and learning. Then, rest everything will fall into place. You have to make reading and writing, your routine habit, which will surely help you excel in these courses. Creative writing courses in Brighton are specifically designed to hone your existing imagination. So, all you have to bring is a passion for reading and writing with an add-on of observatory skills.


2. Who are the instructors of these courses?

Online or offline creative writing courses in Brighton have eminent instructors. Elite professors and authors in the writing industry teach the instructors of these courses. In addition, they have published authors whose work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and The Oprah Magazine. You can check out their background below their profiles in the mentioned courses.


3. How can I develop my brand as a creative writer?

These creative writing courses in Brighton help you develop your creative writing abilities, make you more distinctive, and help you create your unique brand. Many writers find success when producing blogs, podcasts, or video material with their talent for telling compelling stories and capturing audiences with vivid language. In addition, writing about what you are passionate about will help you build a readership, whether it be cuisine or sports. You can even create your brand if you do blogging as a side hustle.



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Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong

Data analytics is currently one of the sectors experiencing the fastest growth. As the amount of information on the internet grows, so does the volume of data being transferred across it, necessitating the services of highly skilled individuals. A field that helps companies worldwide solve their problems by identifying the underlying causes and data patterns utilizing various data analysis methods, such as quantitative and statistical models. If you still need a foundation in data, you can pick up the necessary skills from data analytics courses in Hong Kong.

List of best data analytics courses in Hong Kong

What is Data Analytics?

Before going ahead with what are the different Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong, let’s first understand Data Analytics. Analyzing raw data to find patterns and offer solutions is the definition of data analytics, which covers a wide range of topics. However, it comprises a variety of tactics with a variety of goals.

The data analytics process only requires a few stages to handle multiple projects. By combining these factors, a smart data analytics application will show you clearly where you are, where you have been, and where you should go.

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Is There a Distinction Between Data Science and Data Analytics?

“Data science” and “data analytics” are often used interchangeably. However, they represent two distinct fields and two distinct professional paths. Additionally, they all affect the company or organization exceptionally differently. Data scientists and analysts differ greatly in two key ways: their actions with the data and the outcomes they produce.

A data analyst will try to address specific problems that have been identified and are well-known inside the organization. They achieve this by looking for trends and patterns in huge databases. Dashboards, graphs, and charts are used to “visualize” the findings after that. On the other hand, a data scientist considers the questions the business should or could be asking.

They construct algorithms, create prediction models, create new data modeling techniques, and do specialized analyses. For instance, they may create a machine to use a dataset and automate particular tasks depending on that data; they would then, through continuous testing and monitoring, improve and optimize that machine as much as possible as new patterns and trends emerge.

In summary, data scientists design tools to automate and optimize the organization’s overall operation, whereas data analysts focus on specific problems regarding data and solve them frequently upon request. This results in insights that other stakeholders can act upon.

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Another important difference is the equipment and skills required for each activity. Employers prefer data analysts who are proficient with the Excel program and, occasionally, with programming and querying languages like Python, R, SAS, and SQL. Analysts must be at ease with these tools and languages to perform data mining, statistical analysis, database management, and reporting.

On the other hand, data scientists might need to know Hadoop, Java, Python, machine learning, and object-oriented programming in addition to software development, data mining, and data analysis. Despite their differences, it’s critical to understand how data science and data analytics complement one another and how both significantly impact business.

You can read more about the distinctions between a data scientist and a data analyst in this guide, and we’ll go into more detail regarding the data analyst role in section three.

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What Are the Types of Different Data Analytics?

Before delving into the hunt for Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong, you must have an overview of the types of data analytics. In a word, analytics is the process of turning data into knowledge to improve decision-making. Data analytics aims to obtain actionable insights that lead to wiser decisions and improved business outcomes.

Therefore, a data warehouse or Business Intelligence (BI) architecture that offers a flexible, multifaceted analytical ecosystem geared for quick ingestion and analysis of extensive and varied data sets is essential to design and build.

The Different Types of Data Analytics Are:-

  • Predictive (forecasting)
  • Descriptive (business intelligence and data mining)
  • Prescriptive (optimization and simulation)
  • Diagnostic analytics

Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics transforms data into valuable, practical knowledge. Data is used in predictive analytics to calculate the likelihood of a disease developing or the anticipated outcome of an event. Predictive analytics uses several statistical approaches to anticipate future events, from modeling to machine learning, data mining, and game theory. The following methods are employed in predictive analytics:

  • Linear Regression
  • Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
  • Data Mining

There Are Three Fundamental Cornerstones of Predictive Analytics:

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Decision Analysis and Optimization
  • Transaction profiling

Descriptive Analytics: Descriptive Analytics examines data and analyses prior events to understand how to approach future events. Analyzing historical data examines previous performance and calculations performed to determine what caused past success or failure. This analysis is used in almost all management reporting, including sales, marketing, operations, and finance.

For example, the descriptive model quantifies relationships in data to categorize consumers or prospects into groups. Descriptive analytics uncovers a variety of interactions between the client and the product, in contrast to predictive models that concentrate on forecasting the behavior of a specific customer.

  • Data Queries
  • Reports
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Data dashboard

Prescriptive Analytics: To produce a prediction, prescriptive analytics automatically combines extensive data, mathematical science, business rules, and machine learning. They then propose a choice alternative to capitalize on the prediction. Prescriptive analytics goes beyond forecasting outcomes by recommending actions that will benefit from the forecasts and outlining the implications of each decision option for the decision maker, in addition to predicting what will happen and when prescriptive analytics also considers why it will happen.

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Additionally, prescriptive analytics can recommend options to seize a future opportunity or lessen a future risk and explain each option’s implications. Prescriptive analytics, for instance, can improve strategic planning in the healthcare industry by utilizing analytics to harness operational and usage data mixed with external data. 

Diagnostic Analytics: In this study, historical data is typically preferred over other data to provide an answer or resolve a query. We look for any dependencies and patterns in the past data related to the specific issue. For instance, businesses employ this analysis since it provides excellent insight into a problem. They also maintain extensive information about their disposal because otherwise, data collecting could be time-consuming and individual for each issue.

The Following Are Typical Methods for Diagnostic Analytics:


Top 6 Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong


Rank #1. Data Analysis Courses in Hong Kong


IIM SKILLS ranks at the number 1 position and leads the top data analytics courses in Hong Kong. They were formed in the year 2015 by Vaibhav Kaka, with their first course in content writing followed by a wide range of courses that are top-rated professional & skill developing courses in the world.

To date, since they started their journey as an ed-tech company, IIM SKILLS has been leading with most prominent courses across the world. In a short period of time, they have the highest number of passports and are the most recommended online learning platform globally.


All the courses with IIM SKILLS are 100% certified and authorized by the government. They have the most efficient team of mentors who are known to have years of experience and are experts in their domain. The course curriculum is personally designed by these mentors with the latest market trends which are best suited for the level of the learners.

The Data Analytics Course is a 6-month course followed by a 2-month internship which is optional for those who wish to extend their practical learning experience. The course fee is extremely minimal and also has a free EMI option. If you are a group of 3 or more friends and wish to take this course, you can avail of an additional 10% discount.


Also, you get lifetime free access to their learning materials and 24*7 full career guidance in portfolio building. With all these perks IIM SKILLS also offers a 100% refund benefit if you are not happy in the 1st session of the course.

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The Types Of Data Analytics Tools Covered:

  • Python 1 & 2
  • R
  • Basic & Advance Excel
  • VBA
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • SQL
  • Power BI

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


Contact Details:

+919580740740, [email protected]

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Rank #2. Data Analysis Courses in Hong Kong

2. Simplilearn

Take unique IBM-sponsored Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong to advance your data analysis profession. The instructor for this course is a renowned authority in applying data to address practical issues. This data analyst course covers Tableau, Python, Hadoop, Spark, and R tools.

According to the Forrester Wave survey conducted in September 2018, IBM was recognized as the second-largest global provider of machine learning and predictive analytics solutions. This data analyst course aims to give students the tools they need to succeed as analysts and problem solvers.

One of the top cloud platform providers in the world, IBM is headquartered in Armonk, Hong Kong. In addition to holding ten inductions into the U.S. Inventors Hall of Fame, IBM is a technology innovator and a market leader in consulting services.

What Can You Anticipate From This IBM-developed Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong?

First, students will receive certifications from IBM and Simplilearn after completing these Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong. The certifications will serve as proof of your expertise in data analysis. Additionally, you will have constant access to IBM cloud platforms that house various technologies in addition to IBM Watson.

Industry-recognized Simplilearn Master’s degree in data analysis. What more can you anticipate from the IBM and Simplilearn-created Data Analyst program? Once you have finished your Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong, IBM, and Simplilearn will award you a certificate of completion.

You’ll be on the fast track to success after you receive your certificate proving that you passed the Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong offered by Simplilearn. In addition, if you complete the course, you will also have these things with you:

  • Access to IBM cloud systems that include software such as IBM Watson.
  • Simplilearn’s industry-recognized Master’s degree in Data Analyst.
  • IBM cloud credits of USD 1200 are available for you to use for practical experience.


What Are the Goals of This Program?

By taking the IBM-sponsored data analyst course, you can enhance your knowledge and analytical abilities. Data extraction, regression analysis, data blending, descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, and forecasting are all topics covered in this Hong Kong data analyst course.

With the aid of this course, you can quickly become an expert in data analytics if you have a basic comprehension of mathematical concepts.

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Rank #3. Data Analysis Courses in Hong Kong

3. Coursera

Data extraction, regression analysis, data blending, descriptive and inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, and forecasting are all topics covered in their Data Analytics courses in Hong Kong. Experience or academic background is optional to prepare for a new job in the rapidly expanding field of data analytics.

However, you will receive specialized training created by Google and have the chance to network with leading employers. With a $74,000 median entry-level income, there are 380,000 data analytics job openings in the United States. The process of gathering, transforming, and organizing data to make inferences, forecasts, and guiding well-informed decisions is known as data analytics.

Learn in-demand skills to help you land an entry-level job throughout eight courses. You’ll gain knowledge from Google employees whose careers in data analytics started with solid foundations. You can finish this program within six months if you work at least ten hours weekly.

You’ll get ready for careers such as database administrator, junior or associate data analyst, and more. After earning the certificate, you can apply for positions directly with Google and more than 150 U.S. companies, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya.

What’s Unique About Their Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong?

With the help of this program’s more than 180 hours of instruction and hundreds of practice-based tests, you’ll be able to practice the real-world data analytics situations essential for professional success. Highly interactive, only Google workers with extensive data analytics knowledge created the content.

In addition, you will learn about analysis tools and platforms and the essential analytical abilities needed for an entry-level position through videos, exams, and hands-on laboratories.

  • Data cleaning, problem-solving, critical thinking, data ethics, and data visualization are skills you’ll learn.
  • You will gain knowledge of platforms and tools like presentations, spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau, and R programming.
  • You’ll complete a case study that you can share with potential employers to highlight your new skill set, expert training, and practical assignments. Acquire valuable skills that top employers are currently looking for.

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Rank #4. Data Analysis Courses in Hong Kong

4. Hong Kong Baptist University

While checking out for Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong, you can check out the Master of Science (MSc) in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (Approved Programme under UGC’s Targeted TPg Programmes Fellowships Scheme).

The curriculum offers three topics for advanced information systems and focuses on the theories and practices of information systems (namely, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Intelligent Information Systems).

Students learn solid concepts and gain hands-on skills in these themes to apply these concepts and skills to solve real-world information system problems. On completion of this program, you will be able to achieve the following program-intended learning outcomes (PILOs):-

  • You will become adept with the fundamental ideas and techniques of intelligent information systems, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.
  • You will Apply data analytics, AI, intelligent information systems, and related technologies to applications and problem-solving.
  • Describe the business needs and the methods for converting them into information systems using data analytics, artificial intelligence, and other relevant technologies.


Rank #5. Data Analysis Courses in Hong Kong

5. Intellipat Data Analytics Course

While looking for Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong, you can get the upper hand in data analytics with this Intellipaat and CCE, IIT Madras training program. You will learn business domain knowledge, data transformation, storytelling, how to use algorithms to solve complex business challenges, optimization strategies, data science project execution strategy, and data visualization in these online data analytics courses.

What Can You Expect From This Course?

  • Excel for Data Analysis in Microsoft
  • Analysis of Data Using SQL
  • Introduction to Statistics and Data Science
  • Presto (SQL Query Interface) (SQL Query Interface)
  • Data Science, Project Life Cycles, and Data Analysis in Practice.
  • Techniques for project rollout, experimentation, and evaluation.
  • Business case studies with Power BI
  • Approaches for Machine Learning
  • The Capstone Project in Data Science


  • Non-IT professionals work in finance, marketing, sales, and human resources.
  • BI Specialists
  • Data Analytics Specialists
  • Project Directors
  • Software Professionals
  • Architects of Information
  • Undergraduates and Recent Graduates apply for The Course


Rank #6. Data Analysis Courses in Hong Kong

6. Edx

While checking out Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong online, you can learn data analysis through online courses and obtain a data analysis credential. Of course, data analysis classes will differ depending on the provider’s objectives, the industry they are targeting, and other elements. However, at Edx, they push students to anticipate learning fundamental knowledge like:

  • The Entire Data Analysis Process, Including Data Collecting and Distribution of the Main Conclusions.
  • Data Sources, File Types, and Data Structures.
  • Instruments for collecting, managing, mining, and interpreting data
  • Data Visualisation to Communicate Insights from Data Analysis to Stakeholders.

The usage of particular data analysis tools is also necessary for aspiring data analysts, and this can be taught through various courses. Start by using the following essential data analysis tools: Microsoft Excel: spreadsheet software that allows you to collect, clean, organize, and analyze data sets.

An advanced data analysis course can also be an option for those with a focus. For instance, a comprehensive data analysis course can equip analysts with the skills to understand sizable, varied data sets to support wiser business decisions.

A student might also be drawn to a particular field of data analysis, like bioinformatics, which focuses on interpreting biological data for scientific endeavors like medical research. Many data analysis courses are devoted to this field of study and other specializations.

Why is Data Analytics important?

Business-to-consumer applications require data analytics (B2C). Organizations compile information gleaned through their consumers, enterprises, economy, and experience. Following the data collection, it is processed, classified according to the needs, and then analyzed to examine purchase trends, among other things.

The goal is to understand your data, analyze it, and share improved company possibilities for the near future. The best way to do this is by using analytics techniques. In data science, trends, patterns, and relevant information are extracted from existing data that would only be useful with analysis.

It is a type of business intelligence that is now applied to increasing earnings and improving resource utilization. Additionally, this might enhance managerial processes and propel organizations to new heights. If not correctly analyzed, this data will be squandered. Still, properly diagnosed can help us uncover the potent enough knowledge to change how business is currently operating or is going.


Consider a source of information that has been released; you still need to delve in to grasp it. With the data, your company can use it as a competitive advantage and achieve great things. This will draw out information that will give a company or organization a competitive edge in the market. Data and information are increasing, and the information we will have access to shortly will be unforeseeable.



1. What is Big Data Analytics?

The often challenging process of analyzing large amounts of data to find information might assist businesses in making wise decisions about their operations, such as hidden patterns, correlations, and markets. Big data analytics includes customer preferences and trends.

Organizations can use data analytics technologies and procedures to examine data sets and discover new insights. Business intelligence (BI) queries answer fundamental questions about the operation and performance of businesses. Big data analytics is a subset of advanced analytics, incorporating features like predictive models, statistical algorithms, and what-if analysis supported by analytics tools.

2. Why start a career in the field of Data Analytics?

Taking any of these Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong will boost your career. Businesses of all sizes repurpose themselves for the Internet marketplace. Therefore, adopting big data is the top goal of the company, opening doors for growth in telecommunications, banking and insurance, healthcare, and other industries.

Improved marketing, B2B market connections, and coordinated operations and manufacturing were all part of the transition. The future of big data analytics is significantly brighter because of the constantly changing data and its fruitful results. The need for more individuals with the necessary skill set: Despite the industry booming with data analytics job profiles, there is a substantial talent gap between available data analysts and qualified individuals.

3. What are the programming languages required for Data Analytics?

There are many different programming languages available, but if you’re just getting started and have your heart set on being a data analyst, it is recommended to learn Python and SQL. Additionally, you will learn Python and SQL as part of the Data Analyst Career Path to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in entry-level employment.

Finally, consider learning R if you are already comfortable with Python for data analysis. Naturally, you can learn more languages and libraries to expand your knowledge, but it’s a good idea to start with the fundamentals and become familiar with these three.

4. What is the average salary of a Data Analyst?

The amount of experience is one of the main variables affecting your pay. You may anticipate making more money as a data analyst the longer you work in the field. According to Glassdoor, the experience might affect your data analyst salary: Senior Data Analyst: 2 to 4 years: $98,682, Senior Data Analyst IV: 5 to 7 years: $112,593, and Principal Data Analyst: 8+ years: $138,031. In addition, your earning potential can increase even more if you take a leadership position. According to Glassdoor, analytics directors make $180,392 a year, while analytics managers make an average of $129,076.

5. What are the different types of Data Analytic tools?

It doesn’t matter which course you choose; Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong: will assist you with the expertise in several tools a data analyst needs. However, you’ll need to be skilled in at least some of the tools listed below if you want to work as a data analyst. Using formulae in a spreadsheet, Microsoft Excel is a software that lets you arrange, format, and calculate data. Data analysts may use Microsoft Excel to run basic queries and create pivot tables, graphs, and charts.

Excel comes with a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The popular data analytics and business intelligence program Tableau is primarily used as a tool for data visualization. Tableau helps analysts visualize raw data in dashboards, workbooks, maps, and charts. By making the data more understandable and accessible, data analysts can communicate their findings and suggestions better.

A command-driven software program called SAS performs sophisticated statistical analysis and data visualization. A software program called RapidMiner is used for text mining, machine learning, predictive analytics, and data mining (finding patterns). With the help of the business analytics tool Power BI, you can share insights throughout your organization and display your data.


The discipline of data analysis is expanding every day. Data analysis is used by all firms, which is why this position pays quite well. This field has enormous potential because it requires significantly fewer workers than there are now on the market. Enrolling in online or offline Data Analytics Courses in Hong Kong can open the door to a prosperous and bright future. The course is also becoming increasingly popular among working people because it can be completed online and helps their careers.