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Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Brighton With Placement

“Creative Writing” is one of the most natural forms of writing. It is the direct interpretation of one’s thoughts and emotions and is considered one of the best forms of writing. It comes naturally to the person, so they choose to scribble it on the paper. Many individuals in Brighton are looking to brush up on their creative writing skills. So, if you are one of those looking for creative writing courses in Brighton, we get you covered.


List of best creative writing courses in Brighton


What is Creative Writing?

Before moving ahead and looking into creative writing courses in Brighton, let’s first understand this field. “Creative Writing” is writing that takes an adorned and out-of-league approach beyond physical boundaries. It is opposite to academic, technical, and professional writer based on facts.

Whenever we talk about creative writing, the initial things that strike our minds are fiction and poetries, but many writers have been writing creative non-fiction for a long time; biography and memoir fall in a similar category based on true incidence where everything is presented creatively.


What Are the Different Types of Creative Writing?

Over time, creative writing has taken various forms to let’s see in depth what these forms are all about. The creative writing courses in Brighton discussed ahead are highly aligned with the different forms of writing.


Free Writing: This is a form of creative writing. Whether you have a single page or your phone, tab, or laptop, you just felt the urge to jot down your thoughts. You allow your words and imagination to find their way down to the page. It is one of the rawest forms of creative writing.

Journals: These days, journal writing is prevalent. Some people keep a gratitude journal, while others maintain a memory or schedule journal. Keeping these journals helps people track their activity time; journals can be used for multiple things, from free writing to brainstorming and planning projects.

Diaries: Diary is a type of journal in which one writes about the daily events of their life. Many logs are written in letter format, which the writer addresses as (Dear Diary). This kind of creative writing is good if you ever want to write a memoir for the future.

Letters: No matter how old school it may sound, letter writing will never lose its essence. It is one of the creative writing skills. Besides writing letters to family and friends, one should be clear while drafting professional business letters. In addition, many newspapers and journals these days publish writing entries in notes.

Memoir: It is the type of genre that comes under creative non-fiction memoirs, books, or excerpts with personal experiences. For example, one can write about a particular incident, memory, or travel.

Essays: Essays are more associated with academic writing, but there are various kinds of essays, including personal papers, academic essays, and persuasive essays, which one can write creatively but are not factual.

Journalism Copies: More often, journalists are one of the most creative writers when they infuse their storytelling art into the paper. Today most editorial columns in the newspaper columns are covered by writers. These pieces are sometimes sarcastic, other times compelling and convincing.

Poetry: Poetry is a unique type of creative writing and one of the most artistic pieces of paper. Poetry can be four-liner, micro tale, long-form, rhyme, or free-form. It depends on the person and what kind of poetry they want to write, but it is always better to first write whatever you feel, and it will surely turn out to be poetry.

Lyrics: Besides the music, the main thing that captivates any person to any music is its lyrics. Writing lyrics is complementary to writing poetry, and many times, the person singing is the one who composes the beautiful songs.

Scripts: Scripts are one of the most creative pieces of writing robust scripts that ensure the sticking of the audience to that particular type of content. The most common types of hands for film, video games, television, and youtube. The other reason that makes scriptwriting crucial is it drives the non-reading audience.

Storytelling: Storytelling roots back in our granny parents’ homes. Other than that, today, we can discover it in fiction and non-fiction writing. Most loved forms of the invention involve flash fiction, novels, and short stories, and there is an abundance of genres out there, mythology, romance, thriller, spirituality, and many more. Storytelling is an essential skill that can be found in the realm of different forms of writing, from fiction to poetry to speech writing.

Speeches: Whether inspirational or factual, compelling lessons writing can take one to greater career heights in most fields. One can write with a creative flair. You can write farewell speeches for graduation ceremonies or events like weddings or award functions.

Vignetted: A vignette is a short, creatively descriptive writing piece of personal accounts, portraits, photography, stories, etc. They are short snippets of anything one is aiming to write about.

Personal Blogs: A personal blog is another platform where you can maintain your creative writing exercise. Keep going here. Whatever you post is creatively drafted by you here; you can write travelogues, book reviews, journeys, or anything that comes to your mind. Also, it is one of the great places to boost your audience.


What Are the Critical Elements of Creative Writing?


  • Character

The technique of giving a character in literature a personality, a sense of depth, and impulses that carry them through a narrative is known as character development. Credible characters are distinctive and three-dimensional. Each has believable qualities that help people relate to them, such as appearance, personality, and past. In addition, a character’s motivations influence their choices and actions, shaping the story’s narrative arc.


  • Action

Action should take place for a cause in creative writing; characters’ decisions should be influenced by their motivations, worldviews, and prior decisions. A protagonist’s actions should continually advance them toward their primary objective in a manner connected to the current plot developments. A character’s goals impact their development, causing them to adapt and alter as your story’s events progress.


  • Intensity

Intensity is necessary for a story to progress. The audience will lose interest if nothing is at stake because a person’s decisions won’t matter. Your account will need more suspense if you consistently give your characters what they desire. When the central character’s defining desire contends with a barrier on the inside or outside, there is intensity in the story. The core intensity shapes the journey your feelings will follow.


  • Dialogue

Effective dialogue serves a variety of purposes in creative writing. It sets your characters’ speech patterns, establishes their voices, and divulges essential details without being overly didactic. The realistic conversation also reveals the hidden feelings that drive characters.


  • Genre

The genres of romance, mystery, thriller, horror, fantasy, and children’s novels are all examples of genre fiction. Readers are drawn to popular genre literature by its reliance on well-known tropes, character archetypes, and templates, yet the best works make inventive and surprising use of these components. Compared to literary fiction, genre fiction appeals to a broader, more populist audience. Literary fiction typically has a unique plot structure with incorporated allegory and symbolism.


  • Plot

A plot is the series of events that make up a story in creative writing. For example, an incident that compels the main character to act and start a quest is known as the inciting incident, marking the beginning of a plot. Along the way, tension and conflict erupt to help the property take on a narrative arc. Each of the five components that make up a plot—exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution—serves a crucial purpose in the novel’s overall structure.


  • Scene

A scene is a self-contained narrative section inside a complete story. Levels are constructed from backgrounds. Most reports consist of several locations that advance the plot in various settings. Sometimes, a short story (or even a lengthier narrative) will just contain one scene. Good scenes have conflict and tension and advance the story.


  • Style

A writer’s voice, personality, and general tone all contribute to defining their writing style, reflecting their distinctive verbal communication style. Depending on the genre and audience for the work, a writer’s style may alter. For instance, a memoirist will write considerably differently from a writer of children’s books.


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What are the Benefits of Pursuing a Creative Writing Course?

To pursue a creative writing course, you don’t need a degree in literature or any other specific field. All you need is a will and a quest for writing. Then, as per your interest, you can opt for creative writing courses in Brighton in various genres through various short-term-based methods.

You get to hone your writing skills with multiple assignments, prompt challenges, and projects, get proper feedback and discuss with your instructor. Below are a few pointers that show


  1. Enhance Observation and Reflection

Observation is the key to writing. Whether you want to write something new or find your niche, the best way is to observe and reflect on the kind of writing you love the most. To explore your best fit, you must try each type of writing and decide what piques your mind. Then, with the help of creative writing courses, your innovative and observatory skill sets get strengthened.


  1. It makes You More Aware and Empathetic.

One of the sole purposes of writing and reading is it makes one empathetic. You put yourself into others’ shoes whenever you read or write something. While reading any piece of paper, you go through the words and the emotions in which it is crafted. We think about that person’s perspective at that moment, and as our reading journey continues, it makes us feel more connected to the other.

Reading is like practicing empathy. It takes effort and patience to go through something, someone’s story. Practicing creative writing develops empathy. We write stories of the emotions and instances we witness around us, and most people experience them. So, a creative writing course helps to become more aware of feelings.


  1. Creative Writing Is Fun

If you doubt whether opting for a creative writing course will be right for you, let me tell you creative writing is fun. Whether you are starting from a poetry course, memoir, fiction writing course or script. Creating new plots, thrills, characters, and humor is always fun; in creative writing, you dare not to feel bored.


  1. Improved Self-Expression

Writing is a kind of communication. When you pause, think, and write, this process is not only limited between yourself and the paper, but you incorporate it into your daily life. Subconsciously you integrate effect words in your daily communication with colleagues, clients, everyday relationships, etc. You choose precise words, and as you have been practicing creative writing for a while, it leads to a better flow of communication and no sense of hesitation.


  1. Enhanced Word-game

Practicing creative writing enhances vocabulary. There is a variation in the terminology of different kinds of creative writing. Writing in various niches would help you explore particular words that enhance your language.


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Now we will see all the top five creative writing courses in Brighton you can check out while considering joining any new creative writing courses.



IIM SKILLS is a reputable and experienced training provider for aspiring and seasoned writers. After completing the course, the subsequent three-month internship involves mentoring on writing and releasing your first book on Kindle. In addition, their Content Writing Course includes a creative writing section.

IIM SKILLS has maintained a distinct position among competitors in the content writing sector in a short time. It is a well-known company that teaches students numerous other skills necessary for various careers in the content writing sector, in addition to the finest online creative writing course.

The most excellent online creative writing courses in Brighton offered by IIM SKILLS can teach you all the skills needed for producing most types of material.



2. Masters in Creative Writing University Of Oxford

When looking for creative writing courses in Brighton, you can check out this two-year part-time master’s degree course offering a unique blend of high learning hours with niche specialization and matching with the creative horizon. The focus of the course is on different genres.

This course will help you to pour creativity concerning the global context. This program will is based on clustered learning layout. You get five residences, two mentored retreats and one research placement for two years. The research placement is one of the crucial aspects of the course, which assist you with between one and two weeks of in-house experience in writing in a real-world scenario.

The project’s first year emphasizes poetry, prose fiction, dramatic writing, and narrative non-fiction. In addition, one must go through a considerable amount of reading and analysis, which is connected to exploring different genres. In the second area, one can specialize in novels, short fiction, poetry, radio drama, TV drama, and narrative non-fiction.

The residence part serves extensive workshop-seminar-oriented learning. These workshops help you interact with other individuals to whet your analytical skills. You get to work under the supervision of one of the faculty during the final year project—the distinguishing feature of the course where you get one-to-one feedback and discussion with the discussion.


3. EDX Creative Writing Course

Numerous creative writing courses on edX can help you develop your writing style and unleash your creativity. These creative writing courses in Brighton can help you with this; for example, you can take several fiction writing courses at the University of British Columbia to assist you in creating novels, even your first one.

It provides you with a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge to design your book and see it through, covering everything from character development and planning through the first draft. English literature studies, a requirement for many BFA and MFA programs, are another possibility. You could also look at long-form journalism or American poetry to broaden your expertise.


Why this Course?

They place a lot of emphasis on establishing careers, but studying creative writing can benefit you in various other areas. You can think creatively by using writing exercises, character development, and other techniques. You can concentrate and improve your communication abilities by reading creative nonfiction.

You can learn to make a great point, even from a short story. In addition to these abilities, creativity plays a crucial role in the human experience. Writing abilities are a part of liberal arts, which allow you to view the world from different perspectives and help you communicate.  You can enroll in these online creative writing courses in Brighton with edX to broaden your horizons via the arts.


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4. Future Learn

If you are looking for short-time online creative writing courses in Brighton, you can check out the classes at Future Learn. There are many different ways to learn on FutureLearn. You may find various writing courses and online degree alternatives when it comes to writing.

You can learn more quickly through lectures, which generally take a few weeks. You can examine the fundamental ideas and subject matter in much more detail with a degree.


Why choose this course?

  • A writing course may be the best if you want to spark your imagination, develop your storytelling skills, or even focus on reading comprehension. Additionally, studying online has a tonne of advantages.
  • You can study whenever and wherever you want with online writing classes. Planning your study time throughout your week allows you to have fewer interruptions and more uninterrupted time.


What are the different kinds of writing courses available?

They provide vast choices in the courses:-

  • Fiction Writing
  • Screen Writing
  • Poetry Writing
  • Non-fiction


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


5. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best online platforms for learning various skills. Consider this program if you are looking for online creative writing courses in Brighton. The short story, the narrative essay, and the memoir are three primary creative writing forms covered in this specialization.

You will gain the skills necessary to craft a gripping narrative with recognizable characters in an engaging environment presented in a novel description manner. You will assess peer writing critically and analytically. Finally, you will begin, revise, and finish writing a sizable original narrative in the genre of your choice for the capstone project.

Anyone interested in writing, from aspiring short story writers to seasoned novelists, can enroll in these classes. This Specialization gives you the tools to accomplish your goal, whether you have a finished manuscript on your desk that needs a new perspective or has had the seed of an idea for ten years.

In addition, you will improve your ability not just to improve your writing but also to critique writing in general and find inspiration in the paper you are already reading through four courses, each of which focuses on a crucial part of writing and may be taken in any sequence you want.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Creative Writing Courses in Brighton


1. Is there any specific background required to complete these creative writing courses?

No, one can pursue these courses regardless of your background. You just need to have a zeal for writing and learning. Then, rest everything will fall into place. You have to make reading and writing, your routine habit, which will surely help you excel in these courses. Creative writing courses in Brighton are specifically designed to hone your existing imagination. So, all you have to bring is a passion for reading and writing with an add-on of observatory skills.


2. Who are the instructors of these courses?

Online or offline creative writing courses in Brighton have eminent instructors. Elite professors and authors in the writing industry teach the instructors of these courses. In addition, they have published authors whose work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times and The Oprah Magazine. You can check out their background below their profiles in the mentioned courses.


3. How can I develop my brand as a creative writer?

These creative writing courses in Brighton help you develop your creative writing abilities, make you more distinctive, and help you create your unique brand. Many writers find success when producing blogs, podcasts, or video material with their talent for telling compelling stories and capturing audiences with vivid language. In addition, writing about what you are passionate about will help you build a readership, whether it be cuisine or sports. You can even create your brand if you do blogging as a side hustle.



To start your journey as a creative writer, you must check out these creative writing courses in Brighton. Whether you are a novice or an experienced person, these course modules led by eminent instructors will surely help you to get out the best of your potential on paper. Also, the pricing of these courses is affordable. So, go ahead with your creative writing journey.

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